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Title: W. Kent & Co's Annual Catalogue, April 1859
Author: Unknown
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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                             APRIL, 1859.

                            W. KENT & CO'S

                         (LATE DAVID BOGUE'S)

                           ANNUAL CATALOGUE.



=The Merrie Days of England=; Sketches of the Olden Time. By EDWARD
M'DERMOTT. Illustrated with Twenty large Engravings from drawings by
ornamented with numerous initial letters and tail pieces by HARRY
ROGERS. Handsomely bound in cloth, decorated in the manner of the
Elizabethan period. Crown 4to, 21s. cloth gilt, or 34s. morocco elegant
or antique.

=Dreamland.= By MARY ELIZABETH. Illustrated by JESSIE MACLEOD, and
Printed in Tints by Hanhart. The list of Illustrations comprises The
Poet's Dream--Youth's Dream of Ambition--The Exile's Dream--Age's
Dream of the Past--Dream of the Criminal--The Conqueror's Dream--The
Merchant's Dream--The Miser's Dream--The Murderer's Dream--A Dream of
Happiness--A Dream of Plenty--A Dream of Peace--The Dream of the Brave
Knight. This book, from the very exquisite manner in which it is got
up, deserves a place on every drawing-room table. Demy 4to, richly
bound, 21s. plain; 42s. highly coloured.

=The Loves of the Poets=; or, Portraits of Ideal Beauty: being a series
of original Steel Engravings, drawn by the most eminent Artists, and
engraved by MOTE, with Illustrative Text by TENNYSON, WORDSWORTH, etc.
Demy 4to, richly ornamented, 21s. plain; 42s. coloured.

=The Miller's Daughter.= By ALFRED TENNYSON. Illustrated with Seventeen
Steel Engravings, drawn by A. L. BOND, and engraved by MOTE. With
a Portrait of the Author. Small 4to, handsome cloth binding, 16s.;
morocco, 24s.

=The Fables of Æsop and Others.= Translated into Human Nature, with
Twenty-five humorous Illustrations by CHARLES H. BENNETT, author of
"Shadows." Small 4to, ornamental boards, 6s. plain; 10s. 6d. coloured.

"A more amusing, and else a more instructive work, it is not easy to

=Christmas with the Poets=: A Collection of English Poetry relating to
the Festival of Christmas. Upwards of Fifty Engravings from Drawings
by BIRKET FOSTER, and numerous Initial Letters and Borders printed in
gold. New Edition, with additional Embellishments, super-royal 8vo,
richly bound, 21s.; morocco, 31s. 6d.

=Merry Pictures by Comic Hands=; being a Collection of Humorous
Illustrative Text. Oblong folio, handsome cover by Crowquill, 12s.

=Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso=: with upwards of Thirty
Illustrations, drawn and etched by BIRKET FOSTER. The text printed in
red. Super-royal 8vo, neatly bound, 21s.; morocco, 31s. 6d.

"Altogether one of the handsomest and most beautiful books which has
come under our notice; it deserves a place on every drawing-room
table."--_Morning Post._

=Longfellow's Poetical Works, Illustrated.= New and Enlarged Edition.
Including "Evangeline," "Voices of the Night," "Seaside and Fireside,"
"The Golden Legend," and other Poems. With One Hundred and Seventy
Engravings on Wood, from Designs by BIRKET FOSTER, JANE E. HAY, and
JOHN GILBERT. Crown 8vo, 21s. cloth; 30s. morocco.

"Evangeline," separately, 10s. 6d. cloth; 16s. morocco. "Voices of the
Night," "Seaside," &c., 15s. cloth; 21s. morocco.

=Longfellow's Golden Legend, Illustrated.= A New and Revised Edition,
with numerous Alterations and Notes by the Author. Illustrated by
BIRKET FOSTER. Crown 8vo, 12s. cloth; 21s. morocco.

=Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Standish=, and other Poems.
Illustrated by JOHN ABSOLON, BIRKET FOSTER, and M. S. MORGAN. Crown
8vo, 7s. 6d. cloth gilt.

"No reader can fail to perceive how natural and charming is this

*** For other Editions of Longfellow's Works see pages 9 and 10.

=Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.= Profusely Illustrated by WILLIAM HARVEY;
with Memoir by the Rev. GEORGE CHEEVER, D.D. Third Edition, crown 8vo,
12s. cloth; 18s. morocco; large paper, 42s. cloth; 60s. morocco.

=The Christian Graces in Olden Time=: A Series of Female Portraits,
beautifully engraved by the best Artists, with Poetical Illustrations
by HENRY STEBBING, D.D. Imperial 8vo, 21s. richly bound and gilt; 42s.

=The Heroines of Shakspeare=: Forty-five Portraits of his principal
Female Characters. Engraved under the superintendence of Mr. CHARLES
HEATH, from Drawings by the best Artists. Imperial 8vo, handsomely
bound in morocco, 42s.; Coloured Plates, £3 13s. 6d. Proofs before
letters, on large paper, £5 5s., handsomely bound.

=Poetry of the Year=: Passages from the Poets, Descriptive of the
Seasons. With Twenty-two Coloured Illustrations, from Drawings by
WEIR, DAVID COX, and other eminent Artists. Imperial 8vo, large paper,

=The Cartoons of Raffaelle=, from Hampton Court Palace. Engraved by
JOHN BURNET. With Descriptive Letterpress and Critical Remarks. Seven
large Plates (24 inches by 34). In wrapper, 31s. 6d.; or coloured, 63s.

=The Gallery of Byron Beauties=: Portraits of the Heroines of Lord
Byron's Poems, from Drawings by the most eminent Artists. Super-royal
8vo, morocco, 31s. 6d.; highly coloured, £3.

=Heath's Waverley Gallery.= Portraits of the principal Female
Characters in the Writings of SCOTT. Thirty-six highly-finished Plates.
Super-royal 8vo, splendidly bound in morocco, 31s. 6d.; with coloured
Plates, £3.

=Gallery of the Graces=; or, Beauties of British Poets. Thirty-six
beautiful Female Heads by LANDSEER, BOXALL, F. STONE, &c., illustrating
Tennyson, Campbell, Rogers, Landon, &c. Super-royal 8vo, 31s. 6d.
morocco; with coloured Plates, £3.

=Portraits of Ladies of Distinction=, at the Court of Her Majesty Queen
Victoria. A Series of charming Portraits of the Young Female Nobility,
beautifully engraved by the most eminent Artists. Proof impressions,
impl. 4to, price £2 2s., handsomely bound.

=Curiosities of Glass-making=: A History of the Art, Ancient and
Modern. By APSLEY PELLATT, Esq. With Six beautifully coloured Plates of
Antique Vases, &c. Small 4to, cloth, 12s.

=Museum of Painting and Sculpture=: A Collection of the principal
Pictures, Statues, and Bas-reliefs in the Public and Private Galleries
of Europe. This work, which contains Engravings of all the chief works
in the Italian, German, Dutch, French, and English Schools, includes
TWELVE HUNDRED PLATES, and is an indispensable _vade-mecum_ to the
Artist or Collector. In 17 handsome volumes small 8vo, neatly bound,
with gilt tops, £4 14s. 6d.

=The Bible Gallery=: Eighteen Portraits of the Women mentioned
in Scripture, Engraved from Original Drawings, with Letterpress
Descriptions. Imperial 8vo, handsomely bound, 21s.; with Plates
beautifully coloured, 42s.

=The Women of the Bible.= Eighteen Portraits (forming a Second Series
of THE BIBLE GALLERY). Handsomely bound, 21s.; coloured, 42s.

=The Language of Flowers=; or, The Pilgrimage of Love. By THOMAS
MILLER. With Eight beautifully coloured Plates. Second Edition, small
8vo, cloth, 6s.; morocco, 7s. 6d.

=Milton's Poetical Works.= Paradise Lost and Regained, Comus, Samson
Agonistes, L'Allegro, &c.; with Essay on Milton's Life and Writings, by
JAMES MONTGOMERY. Illustrated with One Hundred and Twenty Engravings,
HARVEY. Two volumes, crown 8vo, 24s. cloth; 34s. morocco.

=Cowper's Poems.= With Life and Critical Remarks by the Rev. THOMAS
DALE; and Seventy-five fine Engravings by J. ORRIN SMITH, from Drawings
by John GILBERT. Two vols. crown 8vo, 24s. cloth; 34s. morocco.

"The handsomest of the editions of Cowper."--_Spectator._

=Thomson's Seasons and Castle of Indolence.= With Life and Critical
Remarks by ALLAN CUNNINGHAM; and Forty-eight Illustrations by SAMUEL
WILLIAMS. 12s. cloth; 17s. morocco.

=Beattie and Collins's Poetical Works.= With an Essay on their Lives
and Writings; and Illustrations, engraved by S. WILLIAMS, &c., from
Drawings by JOHN ABSOLON. Crown 8vo, cloth, 12s.; morocco, 17s.

=Sir Walter Scott's most Popular Works=--

_Tilt's Illustrated Editions._

  4. ROKEBY.

These elegant volumes are uniformly printed in fcp. 8vo, and
Illustrated with numerous Engravings on Steel. Price 7s. cloth; 10s.
6d. morocco elegant.


=Men of the Time=: or, Biographical Sketches of Eminent Living
Characters--Authors, Architects, Artists, Composers, Capitalists,
Dramatists, Divines, Discoverers, Engineers, Journalists, Men of
Science, Ministers, Monarchs, Novelists, Painters, Philanthropists,
Poets, Politicians, Savans, Sculptors, Statesmen, Travellers, Voyagers,
Warriors. With Biographies of Celebrated Women. Greatly Enlarged
Edition. With Several Hundred additional Memoirs, small 8vo, 12s. 6d.

=The Life and Remains of Douglas Jerrold.= By his Son, _Blanchard
Jerrold_. Containing, also, a quantity of Interesting Correspondence
with some of the principal Literary Men of the day. With a Portrait on
Steel. Crown 8vo, 12s., cloth.

"Here we have Jerrold at Home, and a more beautiful and winning
portrait of a man of letters does not, we think, exist."--_Athenæum._

=The Heroes of England=; or, England's Warriors by Sea and Land. Being
Stories of the Lives of the most celebrated Soldiers and Sailors from
Edward the Black Prince to the present time; with Illustrations by JOHN
GILBERT, and a Portrait on Steel of General Havelock. Fcp. 8vo, 6s.,

=A Boy's Book of Modern Travel and Adventure.= By M. JOHNES, Author of
"Children's Bible Picture-Book," "Historical Tales," etc. Illustrated
with Eight Engravings from Drawings by William Harvey. Fcap. 8vo, cloth
gilt, 5s.

=Relics of Genius=: Visits to the Last Homes of Poets, Painters,
and Players: with Biographical Sketches. By T. P. GRINSTED. With
Illustrations. Square 16mo, 6s., cloth gilt.

"The fondness for literary gossip is one of the most marked
characteristics of our times, and to those who would indulge
in it we can hardly recommend a pleasanter companion than Mr.
Grinsted."--_Morning Herald._

=The Wars of the Roses=; or, Stories of the Struggles between York and
Lancaster. By J. G. EDGAR. Beautifully Illustrated. Fcap. 8vo, 5s.,

"These tales somewhat remind us, in their easy and picturesque style,
of Sir Walter Scott's celebrated and fascinating performance. It is the
very book to put into the hands of a manly boy."--_Critic._

=The Boyhood of Great Men as an Example to Youth.= By JOHN G. EDGAR.
With Cuts by B. FOSTER. Fourth Edition, 3s. 6d. cloth; 4s. gilt edges.

"It would have been a matter of regret to see such a book badly
executed. That regret we are spared, for this little volume is simply
and well done. The biographies are numerous and brief, but not too
short to be amusing; and as thousands of boys thirst for greatness
which is acquired by ones and tens, there will be thousands glad to
read a book like this."--_Examiner._

=Footprints of Famous Men=; or, Biography for Boys. By J. G. EDGAR.
Cuts by FOSTER. Fourth Edition, 3s. 6d. cloth; 4s. gilt edges.

"A very useful and agreeable volume. It is useful as biography is
always an important ally to history; and it is useful, because it
gives another blow to the waning idea, that any eminence has ever been
attained without severe labour."--_Standard._

=Boy Princes=; or, Scions of Royalty Cut off in Youth. By JOHN G.
EDGAR. With Illustrations by GEORGE THOMAS. Fcp. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

=History for Boys=; or, Annals of the Nations of Modern Europe. By JOHN
G. EDGAR. With Eight Illustrations. Fcp. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

=Southey's Life of Nelson.= Illustrated with numerous Engravings on
Wood, from designs by DUNCAN, BIRKET FOSTER, RICHARD WESTALL, &c. Crown
8vo, 6s. cloth; morocco, 10s. 6d.

=The Boat and the Caravan=: A Family Tour in Egypt and Syria. With
Engravings on Steel from Original Drawings. Fourth Edition. Fcp. 8vo,
cloth, 5s.; morocco, 8s. 6d.

=A Ramble through Normandy=; or, Scenes, Characters, and Incidents in a
Sketching Excursion through Calvados. By GEORGE M. MUSGRAVE, M.A. Post
8vo, with numerous Illustrations, 10s. 6d. cloth.

=The Wonders of Travel=; containing Choice Extracts from the best Books
of Travel. Fcp. 8vo, Plates, 3s. 6d.

=Curiosities of Modern Travel.= Being Year-Books of Adventure. 4 vols.,
fcp., 14s. cloth.

=Romance of Modern Travel.= 3 vols., fcp., 10s. 6d. cloth.



=An Analysis of Gothick Architecture.= Illustrated by a Series
of upwards of Seven Hundred Examples of Doorways, Windows, &c.;
accompanied with Remarks on the several Details of an Ecclesiastical
Edifice. By R. and J. A. BRANDON, Architects. Two large volumes, royal
4to, £5 5s.

=The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages.= Illustrated by Perspective
and Working Drawings of some of the best varieties of Church Roofs;
with Descriptive Letterpress. By R. and J. A. BRANDON. Royal 4to,
uniform with the above, £3 3s.

=Parish Churches=; being Perspective Views of English Ecclesiastical
Structures; accompanied by Plans drawn to a Uniform Scale, and
Letterpress Descriptions. By R. and J. A. BRANDON, Architects. Two
volumes large 8vo, containing 160 Plates, £2 2s.

=Winkles's English Cathedrals.= ARCHITECTURAL AND PICTURESQUE
Edition, with the MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL. 186 Plates, beautifully
engraved by B. WINKLES; with Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the
various Cathedrals. In three handsome volumes, imperial 8vo, cloth, £2

*** The Third Volume, comprising Lichfield, Gloucester, Hereford,
Worcester, Durham, Carlisle, Chester, Ripon, Manchester, and the Welsh
Cathedrals, may still be had separately, to complete sets, price 24s.
in 8vo.

=Glossary of Architecture.= Explanation of the Terms used in Grecian,
Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture, exemplified by many Hundred
Woodcuts. Fifth Edition, much enlarged. Three volumes, 8vo, 48s.

=Introduction to Gothic Architecture.= By the Editor of the "Glossary;"
with numerous Illustrations, 4s. 6d. cloth.

=Domestic Architecture.= Illustrations of the Ancient Domestic
Architecture of England, from the XIth to the XVIIth Century. Arranged
by JOHN BRITTON, F.S.A. With an Historical and Descriptive Essay. Fcp.
8vo, 5s. cloth.

=Gothic Architecture.= Details of Gothic Architecture, Measured and
Drawn from Existing Examples, by JAMES K. COLLING. 2 vols., medium 4to,
£5 5s.

=Gothic Ornaments,= Drawn from Existing Authorities, by JAMES K.
COLLING. 2 vols., £7 10s.

=Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture.= By MATTHEW H.
BLOXAM. With an Explanation of Architectural Terms, collected from
Building Contracts and other sources, prior to the Reformation.
Tenth Edition, greatly enlarged, and Illustrated with 300 Woodcuts.
Beautifully printed in small 8vo, 7s., cloth. _Nearly ready._


=Longfellow's Poetical Works.= New and Complete Edition, including
"Miles Standish." With a fine Portrait, and other Engravings. Fcp., 6s.
cloth; 10s. 6d. morocco.

=The Courtship of Miles Standish=, and other Poems. New Edition, fcap.,
5s., cloth gilt; cheap Edition, with Illustrations, 1s., boards.

=The Song of Hiawatha.= By H. W. LONGFELLOW. New Edition, with the
Author's latest Corrections. With Illustrations. Cheap Protective
Edition, fcp., 2s. 6d., cloth gilt; 2s. sewed.

=The Golden Legend.= By H. W. LONGFELLOW. 2nd Edition. Fcp., 5s. cloth.
Cheap Edition. 1s. 6d. cloth; 1s. sewed.

=Poe's (Edgar Allan) Poetical Works.= With a Notice of his Life and
Genius by JAMES HANNAY, ESQ. Printed on superfine toned paper, and
beautifully Illustrated by Wehnert, Godwin, Harrison Weir, and Anclay.
Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 5s.

=Goldsmith's (Oliver) Poetical Works.= With a Notice of his Life and
Genius by E. F. BLANCHARD, ESQ. Printed on superfine toned paper, and
Illustrated by John Absolon, Birket Foster, James Godwin, and Harrison
Weir. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 5s.

=Poems.= By ALEXANDER SMITH. Fifth Edition. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 5s.

=Sonnets on the War.= By ALEXANDER SMITH, and by THE AUTHOR OF
"BALDER." 1s. sewed.

=Griselda=, and other Poems. By EDWIN ARNOLD. Fcp., 6s. cloth.

=Robert Burns=; A Centenary Song, and other Lyrics. By GERALD MASSEY.
4to, 3s. sewed.

=The Ballad of Babe Christabel=, and other Lyrical Poems. By GERALD
MASSEY. Fifth Edition, 5s. cloth.

=Craigcrook Castle=: A Poem. By GERALD MASSEY. Second Edition, Revised,
fcp., 5s. cloth.

=Rev. Thomas Dale's Poetical Works.= Including "The Widow of Nain,"
"The Daughter of Jairus," &c. New and Enlarged Edition, fcp. 8vo, 7s.
cloth, morocco elegant, 14s.

=Poems.= By EDWARD CAPERN, Rural Postman of Bideford, Devon. Third
Edition, with Additions, fcp., 5s. cloth.

=Ballads and Poems.= By EDWARD CAPERN, author of "Poems." Fcp. 5s.

=Egeria=; or, The Spirit of Nature. By CHARLES MACKAY, LL.D. Fcp. 8vo,
3s. 6d. cloth.

=Town Lyrics.= By CHARLES MACKAY. Crown 8vo, sewed, 1s.

=Lorrin, and other Poems.= By G. T. COSTER. Fcp. 8vo, 3s. cloth.


=Old Faces In New Masks=; a Series of Literary, Scientific, and
Humourous Essays. By R. BLAKEY, Ph. D., Author of the "History of the
Philosophy of Mind," with an Illustration. 8vo, 7s., cloth.

=Longfellow's Prose Works.= "Hyperion," "Kavanagh," and "Outre-Mer."
Fcp. 8vo. Uniform with Longfellow's Poetical Works. With numerous
Engravings. 6s. cloth; 10s. 6d. morocco.

=The Traditions of London=; Historical and Legendary. By WATERS, author
of "Recollections of a Police Officer." Crown 8vo, 5s. cloth.

=Parlour Magic=; A Manual of Amusing Experiments, Transmutations,
Sleights and Subtleties, Legerdemain, &c. New Edition, revised and
enlarged with the addition of several Tricks from the performances of
Houdin, Robin, &c. 4s. 6d. cloth.

=Acting Charades=; or, Deeds not Words. A Christmas Game to make a long
evening short. By the Brothers MAYHEW. Illustrated with many hundred
Woodcuts. 5s. cloth.

=A Cracker Bon-Bon for Christmas Parties=: A Collection of Humorous
Dramas, Poems, and Sketches. By R. B. BROUGH. Profusely Illustrated by
HINE. Cloth, 3s. 6d.

=Round Games for all Parties.= A Collection of the greatest Variety of
Family Amusements for the Fireside or Picnic--Games of Action--Games
of Memory--Catch Games--Games requiring the Exercise of Fancy,
Intelligence, and Imagination--Directions for Crying Forfeits, &c.
Second Edition. 5s. cloth gilt.

=Shadows.= Twenty-five Amusing Engravings. By C. H. BENNETT. Ornamental
Wrapper, 2s. 6d.; coloured, 4s. 6d.

"Where's Shadow? Here, Sir. Shadow!"--_Shakspeare._

"The notion that has seized Mr. Bennett's fancy is an odd one, and he
has worked it out with great humour. A comic figure makes a shadow
really more comic than itself, and it excites an amount of agreeable
curiosity and gratification on seeing the one figure, to imagine
how the artist will contrive to make it reflect another."--_Morning

=Grimm's Household Stories.= All the most Popular Fairy Tales and
Legends of Germany, collected by the Brothers GRIMM. Newly Translated,
and Illustrated with Two Hundred and Forty Engravings, by EDWARD H.
WEHNERT. Complete in One Volume, crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. cloth.

=Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, complete.= Reprinted from the Original
Edition, with Illustrations by Stothard. Crown 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d.

=The Young Lady's Oracle=; or, Fortune-telling Book. A Fireside
Amusement, with Plate, 1s. cloth.



=Etiquette for the Ladies.= Forty-first Edition.

=Etiquette for Gentlemen.= Thirty-fifth Edition.

=Etiquette of Courtship and Matrimony=, with a complete Guide to the
Forms of a Wedding.

=Language of Flowers=, with illuminated Covers, and coloured

=Handbook of Pencil Drawing= (Plates).

=A Shilling's Worth of Sense.=

=The Weather Book=: 300 Rules for Telling the Weather.

=The Ball Room Preceptor= and Polka Guide.

=Ball Room Polka=, with Music and Figures.


=Lectures on the Great Exhibition=, and its Results on the Arts and
Manufactures. Delivered before the Society of Arts, by some of the most
EMINENT MEN of the day. In Two Series, price 7s. 6d. each, neatly bound
in cloth.

=Suggestions in Design=; including Original Compositions in all
Styles, with Descriptive Notes for the use of Artists and Art Workmen,
containing nearly 600 Hints for Workers in Metal, Wood, Ivory, Glass,
and Leather, the Potter, Weaver, Printer in Colours, Engraver,
Decorator, &c. By LUKE LIMNER. 4to, 16s. cloth.

=Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art=; exhibiting the most important
Discoveries and Improvements of the Year, and a Literary and Scientific
Obituary. By JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A., Editor of "The Arcana of Science."
Fcp. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

*** This work is published annually, and contains a complete and
condensed view of the progress of discovery during the year,
systematically arranged, with Engravings illustrative of novelties in
the Arts and Sciences, &c. The volumes, from its commencement in 1839,
may still be had, 5s. each.

"This book does for us what we have not done for ourselves--it
stores up every useful bit of information to be found in the records
of learned societies or announced through scientific and news

"Ably and honestly compiled."--_Athenæum._

=The Literary and Scientific Register and Almanack= for 1859; with
an ample Collection of Useful Statistical and Miscellaneous Tables.
Dedicated, by special permission, to H.R.H. the Prince Consort. By
J. W. G. GUTCH, M.R.C.S.L., F.L.S., late Foreign Service Queen's
Messenger. Price 3s. 6d. roan tuck.

"As perfect a compendium of useful knowledge in connection with
Literature, Science, and the Arts, as it is necessary everybody should
have acquaintance with. It is, in short, a little volume which will
save the trouble of hunting through many books of more pretension,
and supply off-hand what, without it, would require much time and


=Webster's Quarto Dictionary, unabridged=; containing all the Words
in the English Language, with their Etymologies and Derivations. By
NOAH WEBSTER, LL.D. Revised by Professor GOODRICH. With Pronouncing
Vocabularies of Scripture, Classical, and Geographical Names. New
Edition, carefully printed in a large 4to volume, 31s. 6d. cloth; 42s.

*** The only _complete work_. All the octavo editions are Abridgments.

"All young persons should have a standard Dictionary at their elbow;
and while you are about it, get the best: that Dictionary is Noah
Webster's, the great work unabridged. If you are too poor, save the
amount from off your back, to put it into your head."

"We can have no hesitation in giving it as our opinion, that this is
the most elaborate and successful undertaking of the kind which has
ever appeared."--_Times._

"The veteran Webster's work is the best and most useful Dictionary of
the English Language ever published. Every page attests the learning
and talent, the sound judgment and nice discrimination, the great
industry, profound research, and surprising perseverance of the author.
It is a very manifest improvement on Todd's Johnson, and contains many
thousand more words than that or any other English Dictionary hitherto

=Webster's Smaller Dictionary.= Condensed and adapted to English
Orthography and Usage from various sources. By CHARLES ROBSON, crown
8vo, 5s. embossed.

=Webster's Pocket Dictionary.= 32mo, 3s. 6d.

=Miniature French Dictionary=, in French and English, English and
French: comprising all the words in general use. The remarkably
comprehensive nature and compact size of this little Dictionary
admirably fit it for the student and tourist. Neatly bound in roan,
4s.; morocco, gilt edges, 5s. 6d.



=My Sketch-Book=; containing more than Two Hundred laughable Sketches.
By GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. In Nine Numbers. 2s. 6d. plain; 3s. 6d. coloured.

=Scraps and Sketches.= In Four Parts, each 8s. plain; 12s. coloured.

=Illustrations of Time.= 2s. 6d. plain; 5s. coloured.

=Illustrations of Phrenology.= 8s. plain; 12s. coloured.

=The Bottle.= In Eight Large Plates, 1s., and on large paper 2s. 6d.;
or printed in tints, 6s.

=The Drunkard's Children.= A Sequel to The Bottle. Eight large Plates,
1s.; printed in tints, 6s.

*** These two works may be had stitched up with Dr. Charles Mackay's
illustrative Poem, price 3s. The Poem separate, 1s.

=The Comic Alphabet.= Twenty-six Humorous Designs. In case, 2s. 6d.
plain; 4s. coloured.

=The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman.= With Twelve Humorous Plates.
Cloth, 2s.

=The Bachelor's Own Book=: Being Twenty-four Passages in the Life
of Mr. Lambkin in the Pursuit of Pleasure and Amusement. 5s. sewed;
coloured, 8s. 6d.

=The Comic Almanack=, from its commencement in 1835 to 1853.
Illustrated with numerous large Plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, and many
hundred amusing Cuts.

*** Any of the separate Years (except that for 1835) may be had at 1s.
3d. each.

=Comic Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck=: Wherein are duly set forth the
Crosses, Chagrins, Changes, and Calamities by which his Courtship was
attended; showing, also, the Issue of his Suit, and his Espousal to his
Ladye-love. Large 8vo, with Eighty-four Plates, 7s. cloth.

=The History of Mr. Ogleby=: Showing how, by the Polish of his Manners,
the Brilliancy of his Repartees, and the Elegance of his Attitudes, he
attained Distinction in the Fashionable World. 150 Designs, 6s. cloth.

=Shadows.= Twenty-five Amusing Engravings. By C. H. Bennett. Ornamental
Wrapper, 2s. 6d.; coloured, 4s. 6d.

"Where's Shadow? Here, Sir. Shadow!"--_Shakspeare._

"The notion that has seized Mr. Bennett's fancy is an odd one, and he
has worked it out with great humour. A comic figure makes a shadow
really more comic than itself, and it excites an amount of agreeable
curiosity and gratification on seeing the one figure, to imagine
how the artist will contrive to make it reflect another."--_Morning

=The Fables of Æsop and others.= Translated into Human Nature, with 25
Humorous Illustrations by Charles H. BENNETT, author of "Shadows." Demy
4to, ornamental boards, 6s. plain; 10s. 6d. coloured.

"This will be a popular book. Mr. Bennett's first venture, the
grotesquely-treated "Shadows," was a decided hit, and he seems to have
the knack of combining comicality and fancy in such proportions as
shall be appetizing and digestible for the public."--_Spectator._

=The Sandboys' Adventures=; or, London in 1851, during the Great
Exhibition. By HENRY MAYHEW and GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. 8vo, cloth, 8s. 6d.

=The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg=; from the Stuffed Animals in
the Great Exhibition. Square, cloth, 3s. 6d.; coloured, 6s.

=Comical People= met with at the Great Exhibition, from Drawings by J.
J. GRANDVILLE. Small 4to, 3s. 6d.; coloured, 6s.



=Schooldays of Eminent Men.= With Sketches of the Progress of Education
from the Reign of King Alfred to that of Queen Victoria, and Memoirs of
the School and College Days of the most Eminent Men in British History.
With Illustrations, 5s.

=Curiosities of Science=; Past and Present. Contents--Physical
Phenomena--Sound and Light--Astronomy--Geology and
Paleontology--Meteorological Phenomena--Physical Geography of the
Sea--Phenomena of Heat--Magnetism and Electricity--The Electric
Telegraph. With Frontispiece and Vignette. Price 3s. 6d.

=Popular Errors Explained and Illustrated.= An entirely New Edition.
With Frontispiece and Vignette. Price 3s. 6d.

=Curiosities of History=; with New Lights. With Frontispiece and
Vignette. Price 3s. 6d.

"A cabinet volume, well stored, well arranged, pleasant to read, useful
to consult; containing a multitude of historical elucidations, neatly
stated, and judiciously grouped."--_Leader._

=Things Not Generally Known= Familiarly Explained. With Frontispiece
and Vignette. Price 3s. 6d.

"Any one who reads and remembers Mr. Timbs's encyclopædic varieties
should ever after be a good tea-table talker, an excellent companion
for children, a well read person, and a proficient lecturer; for Mr.
Timbs has stored up in this little volume more knowledge than is to be
found in 100 books that might be named."--_Athenæum._

*** A Second Volume of "THINGS NOT GENERALLY KNOWN" is nearly ready.

=Curiosities of London=; exhibiting the most Rare and Remarkable
Objects of Interest in the Metropolis, Past and Present, with nearly
Fifty Years' Personal Recollections. In a volume of 800 pages, price
14s., with a Portrait of the Author from a Painting by T. J. Gullick.

"A wonderful little Dictionary of London is this volume by Mr.
Timbs. There is so much out-of-the way reading in it, such apt
introduction of personal experience, and such a quantity of agreeable
illustration, drawn both from books and men. We heartily commend this

=Painting Popularly Explained=, with Historic Notices of the Progress
of the Art. By THOMAS JOHN GULLICK, Painter, and JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A. In
small 8vo, 6s.



=The Young Yägers=; a Narrative of Hunting Adventures in Southern
Africa. By CAPTAIN MAYNE REID, Author of "The Boy Hunters," "The Young
Voyageurs," &c. Second Edition, with Twelve Illustrations by WILLIAM
HARVEY. Fcp., 7s. cloth.

=The Bush Boys=; or, the History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer and
his Family in the Wild Karoos of Southern Africa. Second Edition, with
Twelve Illustrations. Fcp., 7s. cloth.

=The Desert Home=; or, English Family Robinson. With numerous
Illustrations by W. HARVEY. Sixth Edition, cloth, 7s.; with coloured
plates, 9s.

=The Boy Hunters=; or, Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo. With
numerous Plates by HARVEY. Fifth Edition, cloth, 7s.; coloured, 9s.

=The Young Voyageurs=; or, Adventures in the Fur Countries of the Far
North. Plates by HARVEY. Second Edition, cloth, 7s.; with coloured
plates, 9s.

=The Forest Exiles=; or, Perils of a Peruvian Family amid the Wilds of
the Amazon. With Twelve Plates. Third Edition, 7s. cloth; with coloured
plates, 9s.

=The Plant Hunters=; or, Adventures among the Himalaya Mountains.
Plates by HARVEY. Cloth, 7s.

=Ran Away to Sea=: An Autobiography for Boys. With Twelve
Illustrations. Cloth, 7s.

"As a writer of books for boys, commend us above all men living to
Captain Mayne Reid! Wherever his new book goes this new year, there
will be abundant delight for hours of reading, and plenty to talk of by
the evening fire. Toils and adventures, dangers, darings and sufferings
are narrated in the most vivid manner--thoroughly fascinating the mind
of the reader, and retaining it in fixed and eager attention till a
crisis of some kind is reached. Take our word for it, boy friends, if
you become Captain Mayne Reid's 'boy readers' on our recommendation,
you will thank us for it with all your hearts, and praise the book more
enthusiastically than we have done."--_Nonconformist._


=The Wonders of Science=; or, Young Humphry Davy (the Cornish
Apothecary's Boy, who taught himself Natural Philosophy, and eventually
became President of the Royal Society). The Life of a Wonderful
Boy, written for Boys. By HENRY MAYHEW, Author of "The Peasant-Boy
Philosopher," &c. With Illustrations by JOHN GILBERT. Second Edition.
Fcp., 6s. cloth.

"A better hero for a boy's book Mr. Mayhew could not have found, and
no writer would have treated the story more successfully than he has
done. We have long been in want of a 'young people's author,' and we
seem to have the right man in the right place in the person of Mr.

=The Story of the Peasant-Boy Philosopher=; or, "A Child gathering
Pebbles on the Sea-shore." Founded on the Life of Ferguson the
Shepherd-boy Astronomer, and showing how a Poor Lad made himself
acquainted with the Principles of Natural Science. By HENRY MAYHEW,
Author of "London Labour and the London Poor." With Eight Illustrations
by JOHN GILBERT, and numerous Drawings printed in the text. Third
Edition, 6s. cloth.

"Told with the grace and feeling of Goldsmith, and by one who has that
knowledge of science which Goldsmith lacked. It is as if Brewster
and poor 'Goldy' had combined to produce this instructive and
beautifully-told tale."--_Era._


=The Wars of the Roses=; or, Stories of the Struggles between York and
Lancaster. By J. G. EDGAR. With Six beautiful Illustrations. Fcap., 5s.

=The Boyhood of Great Men= as an Example to Youth. By J. G. EDGAR. With
Cuts by B. FOSTER. Fourth Edition, 3s. 6d. cloth; with gilt edges, 4s.

=Footprints of Famous Men=; or, Biography for Boys. By J. G. EDGAR.
Cuts by FOSTER. Fourth Edition, 3s. 6d. cloth; 4s. gilt edges.

=Boy Princes.= By JOHN G. EDGAR. With Illustrations by GEORGE THOMAS.
Fcp. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

=History for Boys=; or, Annals of the Nations of Modern Europe. By J.
G. EDGAR. Fcp. 8vo, with Illustrations by GEORGE THOMAS, 5s. cloth gilt.

=The Heroes of England=; or, England's Warriors by Sea and Land. Being
Stories of the Lives of the most celebrated Soldiers and Sailors from
Edward the Black Prince to the present time. With Illustrations by JOHN
GILBERT, and Portrait on Steel of Havelock. Fcp. 8vo, 6s., cloth.

=A Boy's Book of Modern Travel and Adventure.= By M. JOHNES, Author of
"Children's Bible Picture Book," "Historical Tales," etc. Illustrated
with Eight Engravings from Drawings by WILLIAM HARVEY. Fcp. 8vo, 5s.,
cloth gilt.

=The Home Lesson-Book.= Illustrated with nearly 300 Engravings.
Containing--"The Home Primer," "The Home Natural History," and "The
Home Grammar," in 1 vol. Handsomely bound in cloth gilt, gilt edges,
fcp., 3s. plain, 5s. 6d. coloured.

=The Home Story-Book.= Beautifully Illustrated. Containing "The Well
Bred Doll," "The Discontented Chickens," and "The History of Little
Jane." In 1 vol., handsomely bound in cloth, gilt edges, fcp., 3s.
plain, 5s. 6d. coloured.

=The Boy's Own Book=: A complete Encyclopædia of all the
Diversions--Athletic, Scientific, and Recreative--of Boyhood and Youth.
With several hundred Woodcuts. New Edition, greatly enlarged and
improved. Handsomely bound, 8s. 6d.; morocco, 14s.

=The Little Boy's Own Book=, an Abridgment of "The Boy's own Book" for
Little Boys. 3s. 6d. neatly bound.

=Grimm's Household Stories.= All the most Popular Fairy Tales and
Legends of Germany, collected by the Brothers GRIMM. Newly Translated,
and Illustrated with Two Hundred and Forty Engravings by EDWARD H.
WEHNERT. Complete in One Volume, crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. cloth; with gilt
edges, 8s. 6d.

=The Rival Kings=; or, Overbearing. By the Author of "Mia and Charlie,"
&c. With Illustrations by WILLIAMS. Fcp., 4s. 6d. cloth.

=Mia and Charlie=; or, a Week's Holiday at Rydale Rectory. With Eight
Engravings by B. FOSTER. Fcp., 4s. 6d. cloth.

=Sidney Grey=: A Tale of School Life. By the Author of "Mia and
Charlie." With Engravings, fcp., 6s. cloth.

=The Heroes of Asgard and the Giants of Jotunheim=; or, Christmas Week
with the Old Storytellers. By the Author of "Mia and Charlie." With
Illustrations by C. DOYLE. Fcp. cloth, 5s.

=Southey's Life of Nelson.= Finely-illustrated Edition, with Engravings
from Drawings by DUNCAN, B. FOSTER, and others, partly printed in the
text, and part in tints on separate pages. Small 8vo, 6s. neatly bound,
and morocco, 10s. 6d.

=Memorable Women=; the Story of their Lives. By Mrs. NEWTON CROSLAND.
Illustrated by B. FOSTER. Fcp. 8vo, 3s. 6d.

=The Boat and the Caravan=: A Family Tour in Egypt and Syria. With
Engravings on Steel from Original Drawings. Fourth Edition. Fcp. 8vo,
cloth, 5s.; morocco, 8s. 6d.

=The Young Student.= By Madame GUIZOT. With Engravings. Fcp., 3s. 6d.

=Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, complete.= Reprinted from the Original
Edition, with Illustrations by Stothard. Crown 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d.

=The Whaleman's Adventures in the Southern Ocean.= By the Rev. HENRY T.
CHEEVER. Edited by the Rev. W. SCORESBY, D.D. Fcp. 8vo, 4s. 6d.

=Parlour Magic.= New Edition, revised and enlarged, with the addition
of several Tricks from the Performances of Messrs. Houdin, Robin, &c.
4s. 6d. cloth.

=The Young Islanders=; a Tale of the Seaward-House Boys. By JEFFERYS
TAYLOR. Tinted plates, fcp., 3s. 6d. cloth.

=Child's First Lesson Book.= Many Cuts, square cloth, 3s. 6d.; coloured
Plates, 6s.

=Bingley's Tales about Birds=; illustrative of their Nature, Habits,
and Instinct. Plates, 3s. cloth.

=Bingley's Tales about Travellers=; their Perils, Adventures, and
Discoveries. Plates, 3s. cloth.

=Bingley's Tales of Shipwreck=, and other Disasters at Sea. Plates, 3s.

=Bingley's Stories=; illustrative of the Instinct of Animals, their
Characters and Habits. Plates, 3s. cloth.

=Bingley's Stories about Dogs=; illustrative of their Instinct,
Sagacity, and Fidelity, with Plates by THOMAS LANDSEER. 3s. cloth.

=Bingley's Stories about Horses=; illustrative of their Intelligence,
Sagacity, and Docility. Plates, 3s. cloth.

=Bingley's Bible Quadrupeds=; the Natural History of the Animals
mentioned in Scripture. Plates, 3s. cloth.

=Original Poems for My Children=; by THOMAS MILLER. Profusely
Illustrated, 2s. 6d. cloth.

=George Cruikshank's Fairy Library.= Edited and Illustrated by GEORGE
CRUIKSHANK. 1. Hop o' my Thumb, 1s. 2. Jack and the Bean Stalk, 1s. 3.
Cinderella, or the Glass Slipper, 1s.

=Harry's Ladder to Learning.= Picture Books for Children. Price 6d.
each, plain; 1s. coloured:--


Or the Six bound in one volume, 3s. 6d. cloth; or with coloured plates,

=Bertie's Indestructible Treasury.= Printed on Calico, and Illustrated
with 100 Pictures. Square 16mo, 3s. 6d. cloth.

=Little Mary's Books for Children.= Price 6d. each, profusely


=Little Mary's Treasury=, being Eight of the above bound in one volume,
cloth, 5s.

=Little Mary's Lesson Book=; containing "Primer," "Spelling," and
"Reading," in One Volume. Cloth, gilt, 2s. 6d.

=Comical Story Books=, with Coloured Plates. 1s. each.



_In cloth, One Shilling each, Coloured, 2s. 6d._

=Home Lesson Books.=

  THE HOME PRIMER, nearly 200 Cuts.

Or, in One Vol., gilt edges, plain 3s., coloured, 5s. 6d.

=Home Story Books.=


Or, in One Vol., gilt edges, plain 3s., coloured 5s. 6d.


=Indestructible Lesson Books=, price 1s. each.

  2. PRIMER.

=The Indestructible Lesson= Book; being the above five in One Volume,
with 125 pictures, price 5s.


_One Shilling each, Coloured._

   1. BO-PEEP.


_One Shilling each, neatly Printed and Illustrated._

1. =Manual of Flower Gardening for Ladies.= By J. B. WHITING, Practical
Gardener. Second Edition.

2. =Manual of Chess.= By CHARLES KENNY.

3. =Manual of Music.= By C. W. MANBY.

4. =Manual of Domestic Economy.= By JOHN TIMBS.

5. =Manual of Cage Birds.= By a Practical Bird Keeper.

6. =Manual of Oil Painting=, with a Glossary of Terms of Art.

7. =Manual for Butterfly Collectors.= By ABEL INGPEN. Plates.

8. =Manual of Painting in Water Colours.=



=Studies of Heads=; by Mons. JULIEN, Professor of Drawing in the
Military School of Paris. Lithographed by T. FAIRLAND. Six Numbers, 2s.
each; or cloth, 14s.

=The Human Figure=: A Series of Progressive Studies, by Mons. JULIEN.
With Instructions. Six Numbers, 2s. each; or cloth, 14s.


=Drawing Book of Objects=: Nearly 500 Subjects for young Pupils and
Drawing-classes in Schools. Six Numbers, 1s. each; cloth, 7s. 6d.

=Drawing Book of Figures=: Sketches from Life at Home and Abroad.
Several hundred Figures. Six Numbers, 1s.; or bound, 7s. 6d.

=English Landscape Scenery=: Sketches from Nature for finished Copies.
Six Numbers, 1s. each; cloth, 7s. 6d.

=Little Sketch Book=: Easy Studies in Landscapes, Figures, etc.
Improved Edition. Fourteen Numbers, 6d.; or two vols., cloth, 4s. each.


=Early Drawing Book=: Elementary Lessons. Six Numbers, 1s. 6d.; or in
cloth, 10s. 6d.

=Phillips's Etchings of Familiar Life.= Three Numbers, 1s. 6d.

=Sutcliffe's Drawing Book of Horses.= Six Numbers, 1s.; cloth, 7s. 6d.

=Worsley's Little Drawing Book of Landscapes, etc.= Fourteen Numbers,
6d.; or 2 vols. cloth, 4s. each.


=Williams's Symbolical Euclid=, chiefly from the Text of Dr. Simson.
Adapted to the use of Students, by the Rev. J. M. WILLIAMS, of Queen's
College, Cambridge. New Edition, 6s. 6d. cloth; 7s. roan. An 8vo
Edition may also be had, 7s. cloth.

*** This edition is in use at many of the Public Schools.

=King's Interest Tables=, on Sums from One to Ten Thousand Pounds.
Enlarged and improved, with several useful Additions. By JOSEPH KING,
of Liverpool. In one large vol. 8vo, 21s.

=Health for the Million= and Manual for the Toilette, with Hints on the
Physical Training of Children, and the Treatment of Invalids and Old
Age; also the Means of Averting the Noxious Agents in general use in
the principal Arts and Trades. By WM. JONES, F.S.A., Author of "How to
Make Home Happy." Fcp., cloth, 4s. 6d.

=How to Make Home Happy=; or, Hints and Cautions for All. With Five
Hundred Odds and Ends worth remembering. By WILLIAM JONES, F.S.A. Small
8vo, 4s. 6d. cloth.

=Panoramic View of Palestine=, or the Holy Land, before the Destruction
of Jerusalem, depicting the sites of the various localities mentioned
in Scripture. With References. In a folding cloth case. Plain, 2s. 6d.;
coloured, 3s. 6d. On sheet, plain, 1s. 6d.; coloured, 2s. 6d.


  =1. Dr. Johnson's Lives of the English Poets.=
  =2. Boswell's Life of Johnson.=
  =3. Oliver Goldsmith's Works.=
  =4. Hervey's Meditations and Contemplations.=

*** These Works are clearly and beautifully printed by Whittingham;
each comprised in a handsome fcp. 8vo volume. Their elegance and
cheapness render them very suitable for Presents, School Prizes, or
Travelling Companions. Price 6s. each, neatly half-bound in morocco;
or, 9s. calf extra.

"TILT'S EDITION" must be specified in ordering the above.

=The Book and its Story=; a Narrative for the Young. By L. N.
R., dedicated to the British and Foreign Bible Society, with an
Introductory Preface by the Rev. T. Phillips, Jubilee Secretary.
Eleventh Edition, on fine paper, with a new Plate, "The First Reading
of the Bible in Old St. Paul's," engraved expressly for this edition.
Crown 8vo, cloth, price 4s.

=The Book and its Story.= Twelfth and People's Edition. Seventy-second
Thousand. Price 2s. in paper boards or limp cloth; 2s. 6d. cloth
boards; ditto, gilt edges, 3s.; handsomely bound in morocco, 8s.

=The Book and its Story, in the French Language=, having been issued
by the Société des Livres Religeux à Toulouse, the Publishers of the
English Edition have imported a quantity for the use of Schools, and
Students of the French Language. Price 4s.

=The Book and its Story, in the German Language=; with a Preface by Dr.
F. W. KRUMMACHER. Price 4s. cloth.

"This is an entire translation of that noble English work, of which
Dr. Osterlag, of Basle, had already given us an abstract. No one would
suspect from the simple headings of this attractive and popular volume,
that they are the doors to such treasure-houses of instruction and
edification."--_German Review._

=The Book and its Missions, Past and Present.= A Monthly Magazine,
of which three volumes are already published; containing not only a
survey of the progress of the Bible among Heathen nations, but France,
Brittany, Spain, Italy, and Sardinia also pass under review. The
particulars of the FEMALE BIBLE MISSIONS, which are now beginning to
excite general interest, and which are being carried on in St. Giles's,
among the dust-heaps at Paddington, in Westminster, Spitalfields,
Clerkenwell, etc., are at present only to be found in these volumes.
Demy 8vo, cloth, 3s., gilt edges, 3s. 6d. each. Continued in Monthly
Parts, at 2d.

=The History of the Painters of all Nations.= By M. CHARLES BLANC,
late "Directeur des Beaux Arts" of France. The Illustrations executed
under the artistic direction of M. ARMENGAUD, of Paris. In one handsome
volume, half-roan, royal 4to, price 30s.

*** Only a few copies of this splendid work remain in print.

=Memoirs of the Queens of Prussia.= By EMMA WILLSHER ATKINSON. This
work especially includes the period between 1701, the date of Frederic
the First's assumption of the title of King, and the present time, and
is intended to describe the lives, and as much as can be ascertained of
the private history of the six Princesses who bore the titles of Queens
of Prussia during that period. Demy 8vo, price 10s. 6d. cloth.

=St. Leonard=; or, The Missionary: A Vision. The scene of the Poem is
laid in India in the days of Akbar; the hero suffers death at an _auto
da fé_ at Goa. Price 3s. 6d., 12mo, cloth.

=The Ladies' Drawing-room Book=; Containing upwards of Thirty
magnificent Engravings, with Sixty-four Pages of appropriate Text.
Also, 104 Pages of full Directions for working in Crochet, Point Lace,
Embroidery, &c.; with Explanatory Engravings, consisting of nearly 100
Patterns in every department of Ladies' Work. Price 10s. 6d., elegant
cloth, gilt edges.

This beautiful work will never be reprinted, and but a very few copies
remain in print.

=Daniel Webster's Great Orations and Senatorial Speeches=; comprising
his Eulogies on Adams and Jefferson; Orations on the First Settlement
of New England; on the Bunker-Hill Monument; and his Reply to Hayne on
the Sale of Public Lands, &c. With a beautifully-engraved Portrait of
Mr. Webster. Price 2s., in handsome cloth boards.


=Shreds and Patches=; or, Pathos and Bathos. A Tale of Fashionable
Life. By JANE KENNEDY. Crown 8vo, handsome cloth, 3s. 6d.

"The work is admirably written, and being pervaded by a healthy and
improving tone, it may safely be placed in the hands of the young of
both sexes."--_Morning Post._

=The Balance of Beauty=; or, The Lost Image Restored. By JANE KENNEDY,
Author of "Sketches of Character," "Julian," "Young Maids and Old
Maids," "Things New and Old," &c. Price 3s. 6d., neatly bound in cloth.

"Miss Kennedy may take it for granted that those who judge purely
upon the merits of her literary performances, and with thorough
impartiality, will do her the justice to inform the public that her
last tale shows abundant proofs of cleverness, a shrewd appreciation of
character, and an earnest disposition to be useful for the promotion of
sound learning and accurate religious training. We have come to this
conclusion after a careful perusal of 'The Balance of Beauty,' and have
much pleasure in recording such an opinion of its merits."--_Weekly

=Lionel Fitzgibbon and his Parrot.= Illustrated. By the Author of "The
Balance of Beauty," &c. A nice Present for Boys and Girls. Price 3s.
6d., cloth gilt.

=The Angler's Complete Guide= to the Rivers and Lakes of England.
By ROBERT BLAKEY, Ph. D. New and Revised Edition, fcap., with an
Illustration by Birket Foster, and an Illustrated Wrapper. Price 2s.,

=The Life of Alexis Soyer.= By his Two Secretaries. Containing a number
of Receipts never before published; a complete system of Vegetarian
Dietary; a proposition for a College of Domestic Servants, etc. Price
2s., ornamental boards.

"To read the book is to learn that the life of a cook may not be
without high aspirations and entertaining incidents."--_Morning Post._

"The unpublished receipts and odds and ends of gastronomy are worth the
money charged for the whole affair."--_Morning Herald._

=Hints for the Table=; or, the Economy of Good Living, with a few words
on Wines. Price 2s. 6d.

"This is a wonderful book."--_Morning Star._

=The Gourmet's Guide to Rabbit-Cooking=; or, How to Cook a Rabbit in
One Hundred and Twenty-four different ways. Price 1s.

=Seven Hundred Domestic Hints= in every branch of Family Management. By
a Lady. Price 2s. 6d.

=The Wit and Opinions of Douglas Jerrold.= A Collection of the Bright
Thoughts, Pungent Sarcasms, and Words of Wisdom uttered by this
celebrated man. Edited by his Son. Small 8vo. In the press.

=Recollections of a Detective Police Officer.= Second Series. By
WATERS. Being a Collection of Incidents of the same thrilling interest
as those contained in the First Series. In the press.


=The Cottage Gardener's Dictionary.= Describing the Plants, Fruits,
and Vegetables desirable for the Garden, and explaining the Terms and
Operations employed in their cultivation; with an Alphabetical List
of Synonyms. Edited by G. W. JOHNSON, Esq., Editor of "The Cottage
Gardener," &c. &c. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, strongly bound in cloth,
8s. 6d.

=Glenny's Handbook to the Flower-Garden and Greenhouse=; comprising the
Description, Cultivation, and Management of all the popular Flowers and
Plants grown in this country; with a Calendar of Monthly Operations for
the Flower-garden and Greenhouse. Just published, a new and thoroughly
revised Edition. By GEORGE GLENNY, Editor of the "Gardener's Gazette,"
and the "Gardener and Practical Florist," &c. &c. Crown 8vo, cloth,
gilt edges, price 5s. 6d.

=Glenny's Catechism of Gardening.= Containing the Elements of Practical
Gardening, or Plain Questions and Answers. Arranged for the use of
Schools, by the Rev. J. EDWARDS, Second Master of King's College,
London; and particularly adapted for Agricultural and Village Schools.
18mo, sewed, 9d.

=Glenny's Garden Almanac=, and Florist's Directory for 1859--22nd year;
containing the Management of an Amateur's Garden during the Year; New
Plants, Flowers, &c., to come out in the Spring, and other useful
information. Price 1s.

=The Vegetable Kingdom, and its Products.= Serving as an introduction
to the natural system of Botany, and as a Text-book to the study of
all vegetable products used in the arts, manufactures, medicine, and
domestic economy, arranged according to the system of De Candolle.
Illustrated with nearly 300 Engravings, and containing an enumeration
of 7,000 Genera, and 4,000 Synonymes, representing about 100,000
species of Plants. By ROBERT HOGG, author of "British Pomology," "The
Manual of Fruits," and Co-editor of "The Cottage Gardener." Crown 8vo,
handsome cloth, 10s. 6d.

=Manual of Flower Gardening for Ladies.= By J. B. WHITING, Practical
Gardener. Royal 24mo, sewed, price 1s.


=German Without a Master.= Sixth Edition. A Course of Lessons in the
German Language. FIRST SERIES: Containing Introductory Exercises
in READING, WRITING, and SPEAKING GERMAN, as well as a simplified
Method of Declining the Nouns, never before published; together with
full Instructions for the Guidance of the Learner in pronouncing the
Language. Price 2s.

SECOND SERIES: Containing Advanced Exercises in READING, WRITING, and
SPEAKING GERMAN; together with Rules for Conjugating the Verbs, and
Directions for making use of the GERMAN WRITTEN CHARACTER. Price 2s.

THIRD SERIES: Containing Concluding Exercises in READING, WRITING, and
SPEAKING GERMAN; and Directions for the Learner in continuing the Study
of the Language. Price 2s.

The whole Course of Eighteen Lessons may be had, neatly bound in cloth,
lettered, price 7s. 6d.

=French Without a Master.= Fiftieth Thousand. A Course of Lessons in
the French Language, Containing an Explanation of the chief Idiomatic
Difficulties of the Language, a Practical Introduction to French
Conversation, and a complete Treatise on the Pronunciation. Intended
for the Use of Persons studying the Language without the aid of a
Teacher. Price 2s.

=Spanish Without a Master.= Fourth Edition. A Course of Lessons in the
Spanish Language: Containing, a General View of the Construction of the
Language, together with a Practical Exposition of the Pronunciation.
For the Use of Persons studying the Language without a Master. Price 2s.

=Latin Without a Master.= New Edition. A Course of Lessons in the Latin
Language: Containing a General View of the Structure of the Language,
Exercises in Reading and Speaking Latin, together with a complete
Treatise on the Modern English Pronunciation of the Language. Price 2s.

=Italian Without a Master.= A Course of Lessons in the Italian
Language. Price 2s.

=English Without a Master.= A Course of Lessons in the English
Language. Price 2s.

_Price One Shilling, Monthly_,


A Journal devoted to Literature and Art, and equally an organ of
both--an Art Magazine, but not one to which Literature is merely
incidental; a Literary Magazine, but not one to which Art is a mere

Attractiveness of subject and of treatment is studied in every
department. Tales by acknowledged authors occupy considerable space;
reviews; essays; varieties of travel and adventure; humorous sketches;
and occasional reports of public matters, find due place; thus forming,
altogether, whether regarded from a literary or an artistic point of
view, a Magazine of surpassing interest and beauty. Four Volumes,
handsomely bound, price 7s. 6d. each, have been already published.

Vol. V., just published, handsome cloth gilt, 7s. 6d. Cases for
binding, 1s. 6d. each.

_Price Twopence, Monthly_,


Dedicated to the British and Foreign Bible Society, and to the friends
of Bible Circulation throughout the world. Edited by L. N. R., author
of the "Book and its Story." The plan of this cheap periodical, which
has obtained a wide circulation, is distinct from that of any other,
and it aims at a character less ephemeral. THE BOOK OF GOD itself
is shown to map out the whole world into five divisions by its own
reception in it.--Past and Present. It may be traced to the ANCIENT
CHURCH, which primarily received it--to the lands where the PRIESTS NOW
HIDE IT FROM THE PEOPLE--to those where a FALSE BOOK has supplanted
it--to those where it is YET UNKNOWN--and finally to the PROTESTANT
countries, from whence it goes forth to be the Light of the Earth. This
progress is illuminated in THE BOOK AND ITS MISSIONS by historical and
geographical details, carefully collected from the best authorities,
in order to interest the general reader, and to afford, especially
to the young, a more realising sense of the mighty work the Bible is
accomplishing "afar off," and "near home." It is very suitable for
circulation in SCHOOLS. While the principles of the Bible Society do
not permit its office bearers to accept the responsibility of editing
such a magazine as the present, it yet enjoys their unqualified
recommendation, and much of the matter passes under their direct

Published Monthly, Price 2d. Nos. 1 to 40 are all in print; also in
Vols., cloth, plain, 3s.; or gilt edges, 3s. 6d. Vols. I. II. III. are
now ready.


    Acting Charades, 10

    Architectural Works, 7

    Arnold's (Edwin) Poems, 9

    Balance of Beauty, 26

    Ball Room Polka, 11

    ---- ---- Preceptor, 11

    Beattie and Collins, 5

    Bertie's Indestructible Treasury, 21

    Bible Gallery, 4

    ---- Women of the, 4

    Bingley's Tales, 21

    Boat (The) and the Caravan, 7, 20

    Blakey's Angler's Guide, 27

    Bloxam's Architecture, 8

    Book and its Story, 25

    ---- and its Missions, 25, 30

    Boswell's Johnson, 24

    Boyhood of Great Men, 6

    Boy Princes, 6

    Boy's Book of Modern Travel, 6, 19

    Boy's Own Book, 19

    Brandon's Architectural Works, 7

    Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, 3

    Byron Beauties, 3

    Capern's Poems, 10

    Capern's Ballads, 10

    Cheever's Whaleman's Adventures, 20

    Child's Drawing Books, 23

    Child's First Lesson Book, 20

    Christian Graces in Olden Time, 3

    Christmas with the Poets, 2

    Colling's Gothic Architecture, 8

    ---- ---- Ornament, 8

    Comic Works, 14

    ---- Almanack, 14

    Comical Creatures from Wurtemburg, 15

    ---- People, 15

    ---- Story Books, 22

    Coster's Lorrin, and other Poems, 10

    Cottage Gardener's Dictionary, 28

    Cowper's Poems, 4

    Cracker Bon-Bon for Christmas, 10

    Crosland's Memorable Women, 20

    Cruikshank's (Geo.) Works, 14

    ---- ---- Fairy Library, 21

    Curiosities of Modern Travel, 7

    Dale's Poems, 10

    Dictionaries, 13

    Domestic Architecture, 8

    ---- Hints, 27

    Drawing Books, 23

    Dreamland, 1

    Edgar's Boyhood of Great Men, 18

    ---- Footprints of Famous Men, 18

    ---- Boy Princes, 18

    ---- History for Boys, 18

    ---- Heroes of England, 18

    ---- Wars of the Roses, 18

    English without a Master, 29

    Etiquette for the Ladies, 11

    ---- ---- ---- Gentlemen, 11

    ---- of Courtship, 11

    Euclid, Symbolical, 24

    Fables of Æsop, 2, 15

    Footprints of Famous Men, 6

    French Dictionary, Miniature, 13

    ---- without a Master, 29

    Games for Christmas, 10

    German without a Master, 29

    Glenny's Handbook to Flower-garden, 28

    ---- Catechism of Gardening, 28

    ---- Garden Almanac, 28

    Glossary of Architecture, 8

    Goldsmith's Poetical Works, 9

    Goldsmith's Works, 24

    Gourmet's Guide to Rabbit Cooking, 27

    Graces, Gallery of the, 4

    Grimm's Household Stories, 11, 19

    Guizot's Young Student, 20

    Gutch's Scientific Pocket Book, 12

    Handbook of Pencil Drawing, 11

    Harding's Early Drawing Book, 23

    Harry's Ladder to Learning, 21

    ---- Book of Poetry, 21

    Health for the Million, 24

    Heath's Waverley Gallery, 3

    Heroes of Asgard, 20

    ---- of England, 6, 18

    Heroines of Shakspeare, 3

    Hervey's Meditations, 24

    Hints for the Table, 27

    History for Boys, 7

    Home Lesson Books, 19, 22

    ---- Story Books, 19, 22

    How to make Home Happy, 24

    Indestructible Lesson Books, 22

    ---- Pleasure Books, 22

    Introd. to Gothic Architecture, 8

    Italian Without a Master, 29

    Jerrold (Douglas) Life of, 5

    ---- ---- Wit and Opinions of, 27

    Johnson's Lives of the Poets, 24

    Julien's Studies of Heads, 23

    ---- Human Figure, 23

    King's Interest Tables, 24

    Ladies' Drawing-Room Book, 26

    Language of Flowers, 4, 11

    Latin Without a Master, 29

    Lectures on the Great Exhibition, 12

    Lionel Fitzgibbon, 27

    Little Boy's Own Book, 19

    ---- Mary's Books, 21

    ---- ---- Treasury, 21

    ---- ---- Lesson Book, 21

    Longfellow's Poems, 2, 9

    ---- Hyperion, 2

    ---- Golden Legend, 2, 9

    ---- Kavanagh, 2

    ---- Prose Works, 10

    ---- Song of Hiawatha, 9

    ---- Miles Standish, 3, 9

    Lorrin, and other Poems, 10

    Loves of the Poets, 1

    Mackay's (Charles) Egeria, 10

    ---- ---- Town Lyrics, 10

    Manuals of Instruction, 22

    Massey's (G.) Babe Christabel, 9

    ---- ---- Craigcrook Castle, 10

    ---- ---- Burns (Robert), 9

    Mayhew's Acting Charades, 10

    ---- Peasant Boy Philosopher, 18

    ---- Sandboys' Adventures, 15

    ---- Wonders of Science, 18

    Memoirs of the Queens of Prussia, 26

    Men of the Time, 5

    Merrie Days of England, 1

    Merry Pictures, 2

    Mia and Charlie, 20

    Miller's Daughter, 2

    Miller's (T.) Poems for Children, 21

    Milton's Poetical Works, 4

    ---- L'Allegro and Il Penseroso, 2

    Museum of Painting and Sculpture, 4

    Musgrave's Ramble in Normandy, 7

    National Magazine, 30

    Ogleby's Adventures, 15

    Oldbuck's Adventures, 15

    Old Faces in New Masks, 10

    Painters (The) of All Nations, History of, 25

    Panoramic View of Palestine, 24

    Parlour Magic, 10, 20

    Pellatt on Glass-making, 4

    Phillips's Etchings of Familiar Life, 23

    Poe's Poetical Works, 9

    Poetry of the Year, 3

    Portraits of Ladies of Distinction, 4

    Queens of Prussia, Memoirs of the, 26

    Raffaelle's Cartoons, 3

    Recollections of a Detective. Second Series, 27

    Reid's (Capt. M.) Desert Home, 17

    ---- ---- Boy Hunters, 17

    ---- ---- Young Voyageurs, 17

    ---- ---- Forest Exiles, 17

    ---- ---- Bush-Boys, 17

    ---- ---- Young Yägers, 17

    ---- ---- Plant Hunters, 17

    ---- ---- Ran away to Sea, 17

    Relics of Genius, 6

    Rival (The) Kings, 19

    Robinson Crusoe, 11, 20

    Romance of Modern Travel, 7

    Round Games, 11

    St. Leonard, 26

    Scott's Poems, 5

    Shadows, 11

    Shakspeare, Heroines, 3

    Shilling's Worth of Sense, 11

    Shreds and Patches, 26

    Sidney Grey, 20

    Smith's (Alex.) Poems, 9

    ---- ---- Sonnets on the War, 9

    Soyer (Alex.) Life of, 27

    Southey's Life of Nelson, 7, 20

    Spanish without a Master, 29

    Suggestions in Design, 12

    Taylor's (Jeff.) Young Islanders, 20

    Tennyson's Miller's Daughter, 2

    Thomson's Seasons, 5

    Timbs's Curiosities of London, 16

    ---- Curiosities of History, 16

    ---- Popular Errors, 16

    ---- School Days of Eminent Men, 16

    ---- Things Not Generally Known, 16

    ---- Curiosities of Science, 16

    ---- Painting Popularly Explained, 16

    Traditions of London, 10

    Vegetable Kingdom, 28

    Wars of the Roses, 6, 18

    Waverley Gallery, 3

    Weather Book, the, 11

    Webster (Daniel) Orations, 26

    Webster's Quarto Dictionaries, 13

    ---- Smaller Dictionary, 13

    Williams's Euclid, 24

    Winkles's English Cathedrals, 8

    Women of the Bible, 4

    Wonders of Travel, 7

    Worsley's Little Drawing Book, 23

    Year Book of Facts, 12

    Young Lady's Oracle, 11

THOMAS HARRILD, Printer, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London.


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  altered to 'else'.

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  Obvious typos were silently corrected.

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