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Title: A Short History of Birds & Beasts, for the Amusement and Instruction of Children
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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[Illustration: THE LION.]

  The Lion, the King of all Beasts,
    How famous for Courage is he!
  And you, as the King of Good Boys,
    To learn your Book diligent be.

  Amusement and Instruction

  Adorned with Cuts.


  Printed by F. Houlston and Son.

  Price One Penny.




  The _Cock_ doth crow to let you know,
  If you be wise, what time to rise.

There is no bird treated with so much cruelty as the _Cock_; for he,
poor thing, (without the least offence,) is tied to a stake, and
thrown at by a set of idle, wicked, barbarous fellows, till he is
beaten in pieces. This is a custom the very heathens would blush at;
and therefore I hope you, who are a christian, will never be guilty of
any thing so inhuman.




  The _Parrot_ prates he knows not what,
  For all he says is got by rote.

The _Parrot_ is a chattering bird, he talks a great deal, yet knows not
what he says; and is therefore not unlike some silly boys, who prate
without thinking, and learn their lesson without looking at their book.



  The _Cuckow_ tells a merry tale,
  Upon the hill and in the vale.

There’s the pretty _Cuckow_! This good-natured bird comes a long
journey once every year to see all his friends, and sing them a song.
And after he has obliged them with his company about three months, he
takes his leave, and returns to his own country again.



  Early the _milkmaid_ to the meadow hies,
  And the _red Cow_ her empty pail supplies.

This is the good-natured _Cow_ to which we are all so much obliged. She
comes, poor thing! in the morning, and brings her udder full of milk
for our breakfast, and the same at night for our supper. To her we are
indebted for our custards, cheesecakes, curds and cream, as well as for
our milk, butter, and cheese.




  The _Nightingale_ doth sweetly sing,
  To welcome in the cheerful spring.

What a pretty bird the _Nightingale_ is! How sweetly she sings! I could
wish ’twas summer all the year for the sake of her good company.



  The little _Lamb_ doth skip and play,
  Always merry, always gay.

See the little _Lamb_! how innocent he looks! he never did any harm,
and therefore is beloved by every body: but the fox and the wolf, who
are always in mischief, are hated and despised.



  The _Lion_ ranges round the wood,
  And makes the lesser beasts his food:
  Thus tyrants on their subjects prey,
  And rule with arbitrary sway.

Though the _Lion_ is such a strong devouring creature, yet _Daniel_ was
thrown into a den among several of them, and received no harm. For he
was punished on account of his religion and virtue, he prayed unto God,
and the Lord delivered him.




  The _Whale’s_ the monarch of the main,
  (As is the lion of the plain):
  He keeps the lesser fish in awe,
  And, tyrant-like, his will’s his law.

When the prophet _Jonah_ attempted to fly over sea from the presence of
the Lord there arose a great storm, and he being cast into the deep,
was swallowed by this great fish, in whose belly he repented sincerely,
and prayed unto God; wherefore the Lord commanded the fish, and he swam
to shore, and cast him upon dry land.




  The _Butterfly_ in gaudy dress,
  The worthless coxcomb doth express,
  Who not regarding whence he rose,
  Is proud of what?--of his fine clothes.

This gaudy _Butterfly_ owes its being to a poor worm, and has nothing
to boast of but his fine wings, which perhaps will be lost the first
frosty day: and then his case will be much like the coxcomb’s, who
having lost his fine hat and bag wig, has nothing to support him but a
head full of emptiness.




  The _Crocodile_, with watery eyes,
  O’er man and every creature cries,
  Then feeds with pleasure on his prey;
  So hypocrites their friends betray.

This terrible creature is said to weep over his prey before he devours
it, as if he was unwilling to destroy any thing; but in truth, that
whining is only to bring other creatures to see what’s the matter,
that Mr. _Crocodile_ may get another snap for his belly.




  The _Ass_, tho’ mean, will by his bray
  Oblige your _horse_ to run away.

Though this animal makes such a mean figure, yet _Sampson_, with the
jawbone of an _Ass_, slew a thousand men. But then the Lord was with
him, and God Almighty can do any thing.



  The little _Ant_ no labour spares,
  Wisely preventing future cares;
  For ere the hoary frost comes on,
  Her stock’s laid up, and business done.

This little creature was a great favourite with the wise king
_Solomon_, who much admired her industry and carefulness, and
recommends her to the consideration of every idle person.

‘Arise thou sluggard, go to the _Ant_, consider her ways, and be wise.’


Houlstons, Printers.

  65, Paternoster-Row, London;
  and at



SCRIPTURE HISTORIES; from the Creation of the World to the Death of
Jesus Christ. With a Description of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. Price

WILLIAM and GEORGE. The Rich Boy and the Poor Boy; or, A contented Mind
is the best Feast. Price 1_d._

The WILD-BEAST SHOW. Price 1_d._

NOTHING at ALL. Price 1_d._

The FAITHFUL DOG. A Tale. Price 1_d._

GLEANINGS from NATURAL HISTORY: for the Amusement and Instruction of
Youth. Price 1_d._


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