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Title: Salt ... or No Salt ...
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
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                                Salt ...

    [Illustration: Table setting]

    [Illustration: Spice tray]

                     AMERICA’S NEW TABLE SEASONING

A new trend in food and nutrition is the fast-increasing use of fresh
lemon juice as an all-purpose table seasoning. Fresh lemons have long
been recognized as an indispensable flavoring for pies, tomato juice,
tea, fish and seafood. Now millions are discovering that a squeeze of
fresh lemon improves a long list of foods.

This new seasoning idea started with the thousands of people on low-salt
and reducing diets. The _real_ problem of these diets was to find some
table seasoning to compensate for the loss of salt. Fresh lemons with
their tantalizing tang and aromatic flavor are a wonderful help,
patients report.

But you don’t have to be on a special diet to enjoy the wonderful lift
lemons give to food flavors. Soups, salads, meats, vegetables—_in fact,
practically all foods_—are made instantly more flavorful, more delicious
with a good squeeze of fresh lemon added at the table.

                         A SQUEEZE OF LEMON ...

Whether or _not_ you salt your food, try adding the tang and aroma of
fresh lemon juice. You know what lemons do for fish and seafood, tomato
juice and tea. Now see what appetizing zest and sparkle they add to the
many foods illustrated on this page.

    [Illustration: List of foods]


A squeeze of lemon added right at the table brings out the full, natural
flavors of the food itself. Lemon’s tantalizing tang and wonderful
“lemony” aroma stimulate the taste buds, make every bite taste better.

Serve a dish of lemon wedges right on the table every meal.

_Season all foods with fresh lemon juice—a marvelous aid to appetite._


Salt or no salt, these tips and suggestions on lemon seasoning will add
flavor and appeal to nearly everything you eat. Try them on your family.


    [Illustration: Salad bowl]

Marinate cucumber slices and onion rings in lemon juice—add sugar if

A good flavorful combination is made of endive, lettuce, radishes, green
pepper and tomatoes—serve with lemon French dressing or salad dressing.

Green bean salad is good with lemon juice, oil, chopped parsley and

Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and sugar to top a fresh tomato salad.
Good also on other fresh vegetable salads.

Use honey mixed with lemon juice for a simple sweet fruit salad

Add orange chunks and pineapple chunks to cabbage and mixed green
salads—good with a low-sodium French dressing.

Unsalted nuts add flavor and texture to fruit and vegetable salads.


    [Illustration: Soup tureen]

Float thin slices of lemon on tomato bouillon—a sprig of parsley pulled
through the center of the slice of lemon adds glamour and appetite


    [Illustration: Dessert servings]

Easiest and quickest desserts for dieters are those made of fresh
fruits—and there’s a trick to varying these too:

Try a squeeze of lemon on cantaloupe or muskmelon to bring out the
delicate flavor.

Sliced fresh peaches, sprinkled with lemon juice and then sweetened with
sugar, are delicious.

If you sprinkle sliced bananas with lemon juice, then sweeten with
honey, you’ll have a pleasant taste surprise. Add color and texture
contrast with juicy orange chunks.


    [Illustration: Fish dish]

Usually, juicy lemon wedges are enough to serve with fish—no other
seasonings are necessary. However, for a lively flavor, fish may be
sprinkled with lemon juice and paprika before broiling.

To eliminate odor, rub fish inside and out with fresh lemon before
cooking. Adds flavor.


    [Illustration: Vegetable dish]

Green beans, squash, baked potatoes, all are more flavorful when served
with lemon juice, butter[1] and a bit of grated onion or chopped chives.

For steamed cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower—try lemon juice
and butter[1] with a dash of dry mustard and marjoram.

Carrots taste better when seasoned with lemon butter[1], chopped fresh
parsley and nutmeg.

Squash—mash it with lemon juice, butter[1], sugar and cinnamon for a
real flavor treat.


    [Illustration: Meat dish]

  Lean beef—squeeze lemon juice on the meat, sprinkle with dry mustard
  and pepper.

  Hamburger patties—season by squeezing lemon juice right into the meat
  before cooking and add chopped onion.

  Lean pork chops—sprinkle with lemon juice and dust with paprika before

  Liver—broil, but before turning, brush with a mixture of lemon juice,
  butter[1] and grated onion—fit for a gourmet.

  Chicken breast—sprinkle on a little paprika for color, baste with
  lemon juice, butter[1] and fresh parsley. Or, use freshly ground black
  pepper and thyme. Or, baste broiled chicken with a sauce of lemon
  juice, olive or salad oil and a crushed clove of garlic.

[1] Use sweet butter if on low-salt diet.

    [Illustration: Condiments]


Fastest way to perk up the flavor of salt-free foods is with lemon
butter. Like the wave of a magic wand, a pat of this seasoned butter
transforms a flat-tasting food into something quite special. Versatile,
too, with five variations on this basic mix:

  1-1/2 teaspoons boiling water
  2 tablespoons sweet butter, softened
  1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Add boiling water to softened butter. Mix well. Add lemon juice and whip
mixture until smooth and creamy. Makes enough for 2 cups of vegetables.

Variations—to basic mix add:

1. 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley ... for sandwich spread; also fine
      for meats and vegetables too.

2. 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs or 1-1/2 teaspoons approved dried
      herbs ... use on meats and vegetables; vary amounts to individual

3. 1 tablespoon grated onion or chopped chives ... excellent on baked
      potato; try also on green beans and squash.

4. 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard and 1/4 teaspoon marjoram ... very good on
      steamed cabbage.

5. 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg ... good on cooked carrots.

    [Illustration: Lemon garnish]

A decorative lemon garnish with that wonderful “lemony” aroma and that
bright, gay color can give your ordinary meals a real gourmet quality
both in flavor and looks. The decorative designs and garnishes pictured
here are easily made with a sharp knife or scissors. To heighten effect,
the lemon itself may be garnished with chopped fresh parsley or with
paprika ... but, regardless of the decorative uses, always include lots
of easy-to-squeeze lemon wedges so that everyone can get plenty of that
wonderful lemon tang.

                        THE LOW SODIUM COOK BOOK
                        SPECIAL SUNKIST EDITION

    [Illustration: Cookbook]

Introduced last year, _The Low Sodium Cook Book_ has been
enthusiastically received by patients and doctors as the most complete
and authoritative cook book of its type ever published.

Because of the growing popularity of fresh lemons as a table seasoning
substitute for salt, Sunkist has made a quantity purchase of this cook
book. Regularly selling for $4.00 in bookstores, Sunkist is making it
available at the amazingly low price of only $1.25.

If you, or someone in your family, is on a prescribed low-salt or
low-sodium diet, you’ll find this 480-page book an invaluable aid in
making meals palatable and interesting.

While supplies last, you can order this cook book by sending $1.25,
preferably by check or money order, to Sunkist, Box 2706, Terminal
Annex, Los Angeles 54, California.

                          FRESH Sunkist LEMONS


                   CODE NO. C-455 LITHO. IN U. S. A.

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