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Title: Souvenir Map and Guide for Tourists in the Black Hills of South Dakota - Maps prepared especially for the use of Automobile Tourists
Author: Company, Dakota Engineering, Mather, Edward K.
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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          Managing Engineer                  Associate Engineer

                       Dakota Engineering Company

                  Automobile Map and Guide Department



                             In Preparation


          And Other Cross State Road Maps and County Road Maps

 311 Western National Bank Building                      MITCHELL, S. D.


            Souvenir Map _and_ Guide _for_ Tourists _in the_
                              BLACK HILLS
                           _of_ South Dakota

      Maps prepared especially for the use of Automobile Tourists

                                 BY THE

                       DAKOTA ENGINEERING COMPANY

                         MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA

 The Mitchell Pub. Co., Mitchell, S.       Copyright, 1913, by Edward K.
 D.                                                        Mather, C. E.


The possibility of motoring through various sections of the Black Hills
for pleasure and business has long been known. The idea is new, however,
of selecting good automobile routes to reach the larger cities and
points of scenic interest in this region, and of platting the same as a
guide to the stranger who may be easily lost amid the windings and
branchings of the roads in forest, mining camp or city. The strenuous
efforts of various localities and counties along these routes to improve
them during the last two years has made them now such as may be
travelled with pleasure.

The natural scenery on a scale majestic in size, yet of readily
appreciated magnitude; the proximity of the primitive forest to the
noise and rush of the mining or industrial center; the strange thoughts
on realizing that here lies the richest tract one hundred miles square
on earth, all serve to make the trip through the Black Hills a memorable
one; even to him who has traveled far and near across ocean, desert
sands or broad plains in search of nature’s beauty spots.

From a personal standpoint, the renewed vigor, and quieted nerves that
result from rest among such pleasant surroundings, breathing pure air,
laden with the odor of the pines, bathing in or drinking mineral waters
all make it a trip well worth while.

It is hoped that to the stranger to the Black Hills region this book
will bring some idea of the pleasure and profit to be found amid such
surroundings, and that it will be an aid to him in the proper enjoyment
of the same.


[Sidenote: CLIMATE]

Moderate temperature, winter and summer, abundance of sunshine and
clear, dry air make the Black Hills particularly desirable from a
tourist’s standpoint. The altitude ranging from 3500 to 8000 feet above
sea level. Absolute freedom from mosquitoes in many parts of the hills
and cool, dry nights make it an ideal country for camping.

[Sidenote: GAME]

In the wilder portions, bears, wild cats, wolves, silver foxes, and
other large game may be found. Special provision has been made for
re-stocking the Forest Reserve at frequent intervals with deer and elk
which, together with legal protection for these animals from December
1st to November 1st makes them very plentiful. Plover, partridges,
pheasants, grouse, ducks and geese may be easily had in season. Although
many kinds of fish are found in the mountain streams, trout are the most
common. The streams are restocked at frequent intervals from the
Government Fishery at Spearfish with Brook, Locklaven, Speckled and
Rainbow trout, so that fishing will continue to be one of the leading
diversions of the pleasure seeker. From November 1st to May 1st when
trout fishing is prohibited in South Dakota, the sport may be continued
across the line in Wyoming where no such restriction exists.


Residents of other states using their cars in South Dakota will not be
required to re-register their cars in South Dakota providing they have
complied with all laws regarding registration of automobiles in the
state from which they came, and providing such state extends a similar
privilege to South Dakotans.

Automobiles must be driven in a careful and prudent manner, at a rate of
speed such as not to endanger the property, life or limb of any person,
provided that a rate of speed in excess of 25 miles per hour is
presumptive evidence of driving at a rate of speed which is not careful
and prudent, in case of injury to the person or property of another.
Local authorities may limit speed to a rate of 10 miles per hour
provided proper notices or warnings are placed in the public highway
indicating such limitation of speed.

The raising of the hand, by anyone who is leading, driving or riding a
horse or other draft animal, as a signal to stop shall cause the driver
of any automobile thus signalled to, to stop his car until the danger of
frightening such animal is past.

[Sidenote: DEADWOOD]

Perhaps the best known city in the Northern Hills is Deadwood, the
center of the industrial and mining interests of this section. Most
excellent hotel and garage accommodations, its convenience to
surrounding points of scenic interest, and a general spirit of genuine
western hospitality toward all will continue to make it a most popular
tourist center. Although high in the Hills it is connected with the
plains outside by a good road of easy gradient.

[Sidenote: RAPID CITY]

At the point of entrance to the Black Hills from the east, Rapid City
has become a leading industrial and railway center. Good hotel and
garage accommodations make this a pleasant stopping place in the
foothills. The trip westward into the Hills along Rapid Creek to Pactola
by auto, or by rail to Mystic, should not be overlooked by any tourist
in this territory.

[Sidenote: SPEARFISH]

Spearfish is located on the northern margin of the Hills, close to the
mouth of Spearfish canyon, to Sand Creek, to Higgins Gulch, Crow Peak
and other fishing and hunting resorts. It has good hotel and garage
accommodations, and is visited by thousands of tourists each year.


Twenty-eight miles north of Deadwood and close to the 100,000 acre
government irrigation project is a thriving county seat town of 3000
population. It has been a noted shipping point for those interested in
cattle and sheep raising in years gone by and is now becoming the
principal center of business for the adjacent irrigated districts.

[Sidenote: WHITEWOOD]

A thriving village at the point of entrance into the Hills which will be
remembered by the tourist going by rail or auto to Deadwood, Lead,
Spearfish or other points in the northern Hills.

[Sidenote: HILL CITY]

This has been one of the leading towns in the heart of the Black Hills
district since the early days of the Black Hills history. Numerous tin,
mica and other mines and considerable rich agricultural land are found
near here. About 45 miles from Deadwood, Rapid City and Hot Springs it
is a convenient stopping place for tourists travelling through this


The largest gold mine in the world, employing an average of 3500 men and
producing from $5,000,000 to $8,000,000 worth of gold bullion per year,
has its principal properties and mines at Lead.

The Elliston Hoist, the largest now operated by the company, is 1850
feet deep. The 1200 H. P. hoisting engine with its hoisting rope, a 7¾
inch by ⅝ inch flat laced steel cable weighing 7 pounds to the foot,
lifting a load of 10 tons, not including the weight of the cable from
the bottom of the mine to the surface in a few seconds, is an
interesting sight. Nearby are two air compressors, one delivering air at
80 pounds pressure for the use of rock drills and other machinery; the
other compressing air to 850 pounds pressure for use of compressed air
haulage motors.

Across the gulch the drill sharpening shop where 3000 drills are
sharpened each day, and the foundry and machine shop are points of
interest. The noise of operation of the stamp mill night and day, 365
days in the year make its location easily determinable. Here 240 stamps
each weighing 900 pounds and dropping at the rate of 90 times per minute
crush to a powder 1000 tons of ore each 24 hours. To each ton of
powdered rock is added 2400 gallons of water which wash it over the
silver plated copper plates. In another building it is re-ground, and
the coarsest portion or sands sent to the Cyanide Plant. Here solution
is accomplished by the addition of potassium cyanide, and the gold then
precipitated by the addition of zinc dust. The finer portion of the
powder or the slime is piped to the Slime Plant at Deadwood, where the
gold bearing powder is caught in filter presses and the gold then
extracted as before.

The Homestake Pumping Plant at Hanna, 6 miles from Lead, and the
Hydro-electric plant at Spearfish, 15 miles from Lead, furnish the water
and power used in the Homestake properties. The Hydro-electric Plant is
the largest of its kind in the Hills. The water is carried in a tunnel 5
miles long from the river in Spearfish Canyon, at a point 8 miles from
Spearfish, to the reservoir on top of the ridge overlooking and directly
south of the city. The three surge towers, on the pipe lines leading
from the reservoir down the 700 foot drop to the power plant, may be
seen for many miles.


There is probably no other scenic place in the Black Hills which has
been given as much attention by tourists, photographers, and magazine
writers as Spearfish Canyon. The Royal Gorge in Colorado, the Palisades
of the Hudson and many other points of national scenic wonder may be
found reproduced here on a scale perhaps less grand, but making up in
beauty all that is lost in magnitude. Good automobile roads traverse
long stretches of this canyon, entering it from Deadwood, and from
Spearfish as platted herein. It is anticipated that in a few years the
road will be made suitable for auto traffic the entire length of the

[Sidenote: CRYSTAL CAVE]

Crystal Cave, in the Northern Hills, is resplendent with stalactite and
stalagmite formations and is quite different in general structure from
Wind Cave. During 1913 it is expected that the construction of a new
road from Deadwood will make this cave accessible to automobile


One of the most interesting places in the Hills from a scenic point of
view is located about midway between Deadwood and Hot Springs. Harney
Peak, the highest point in the Hills from which can be seen four states,
the hundreds of Needles, some rising as much as 500 feet in cathedral
tower like grandeur, the great varied vistas, and the quiet beauty of
Sylvan Lake surrounded by monstrous rock walls and pine clad heights,
all bring to one the realization of the real wonder and beauty of
nature. Excellent hotel accommodations at Sylvan Lake makes this region
justly popular as a tourist resort.

[Sidenote: SAND CREEK]

This is a typical Black Hills stream in Wyoming close to Deadwood and
Spearfish. The fact that Wyoming laws allow trout fishing at all seasons
of the year makes this stream the rendezvous of the fisher both summer
and winter.

[Sidenote: WIND CAVE]

One of the great sights of this region, in many respects excelling the
famous Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, is Wind Cave. Over 200 miles of
passageway and many thousands of rooms have been explored, some of these
over 600 feet below the entrance. Yet, apparently neither the bottom nor
the sides of this cave have been reached. The great abundance of “frost
work” and “box work” in many forms make this cave unusually attractive
and interesting. Guides will take parties into the Cave each day at 9:00
A. M. and 2:00 P. M. and occasionally at other times.


As a health resort the Southern Hills have gained a National reputation.
A sanitarium for treatment of tuberculosis patients has been established
by the State near Custer, 29 miles north of Hot Springs. At the latter
city is the State Home for Old Soldiers, and the Government Hospital for
Disabled Volunteer Soldiers and Sailors. Also numerous private
sanitariums, for the treatment of various maladies, which are filled
throughout the year.

[Sidenote: HOT SPRINGS]

The city gets its name from the hundred springs near there which give
out large quantities of water at a temperature of 98 degrees F. or
warmer. The water from these and from certain cold springs have been
found to contain unusual mineral elements very valuable in the treatment
of rheumatism of all kinds, nervous complaints, indigestion and
intestinal disorders, pulmonary affections, diseases of the urinary
organs, gout and skin diseases. Particularly noticeable have been the
curing of parties affected with rheumatism.

Besides the small swimming pools at the various sanitariums, two immense
pools have been constructed which are centers of attraction during the
summer months. These are the “Evans” and the “Mammoth Springs Plunge,”
both of which are enclosed in large buildings, and contain individual
dressing rooms and all other possible conveniences.

One of the largest and finest equipped hotels in the state is located

[Sidenote: EDGEMONT]

Edgemont is a busy railway division point on the C. B. & Q. Ry. It is
located on the Cheyenne River southwest of the Black Hills. To those who
have seen the prairies of eastern South Dakota, the Bad Land and Black
Hills formations, a new type of topography is presented extending to the
south and west of Edgemont.

[Sidenote: THE BAD LANDS]

East of the Black Hills, and within easy reach, is scenery, somewhat
mountainous in nature, yet very different from anything in the Black
Hills or in other mountainous regions. To anyone who has not travelled
the “Scenic Highway through South Dakota,” a two days trip eastward from
Rapid City over this road is well worth while.

The tourist enters the Bad Lands near the town of Scenic, 45 miles east
of Rapid City. From this point the next 50 miles is in the midst of some
of the strangest and most wonderful scenery known. Broad grass covered
basins are dotted with bare rounded hillocks or great irregular shaped
buttes and ridges. Along the northern border of this region and much of
the time within sight of the road is “The Great Wall” several hundred
feet in height, appearing against the sky line to be a succession of
domes, towers, pinnacles and precipitous walls and gulches. The soil
varies in color through the shades of white, buff, yellow, red and
green. The valleys and flat plateaus on the tops of the ridges or buttes
are usually grass covered while the slopes stand out most prominent
because of their sheer height and nakedness. It is a scene that cannot
be properly described; strange and wonderful in the extreme. At first
seemingly grotesque, then strangely beautiful, impressions are left on
the mind that will never be forgotten.

Pictures and more detailed description of this region, also a complete
guide of the road from Rapid City eastward will be found in our “_Map
and Guide of the Scenic Highway through South Dakota_.”

No tourist should leave the Black Hills until this trip has been taken
either by automobile or rail. In either case he should go as far east as
the towns of Interior or Kadoka, and actually go through Cedar Pass
which is five miles northeast of Interior.

[Illustration: _Auto Roads in the Black Hills._]


                               RAPID CITY

Rapid City, the gateway to the Hills, lies on Rapid Creek for which it
is named, midway between its source in the Western Black Hills and its
mouth, where it empties into the Cheyenne river. Its location is ideal
from the standpoint of natural environment embracing, as it does, the
rugged backbone of the hills and a foreground of rolling prairie. In
early days pioneers were quick to see the natural advantages of the
location for a town and their selection proved the later choice of
railroad engineers, who have made it the central point for two great
systems in western South Dakota. Four distinct lines radiate from Rapid
City, viz: The Omaha division of the Northwestern providing connection
with Deadwood on the North and the great South and Southeast. The Pierre
division running to the state capital and Chicago. The Milwaukee has its
terminal here. It runs southeast through the Bad Lands, the only
railroad traversing this Wonderland of Nature, and on to Chicago. The
Rapid City, Black Hills & Western has its headquarters in Rapid City,
and is one of the most wonderfully constructed railroads in the country.
It follows Rapid Creek west to Mystic, about thirty-five miles where it
connects with the Burlington system. This is called the “Scenic” route
of the Hills and affords tourists one of the grandest of pictueresque
views to be had in the world. It is Colorado and the Grand Canyon in

[Illustration: _Rapid River just West of Rapid City_]

Located as it is in a country blessed by nature Rapid City provides more
amusement to lovers of the out door life than most cities. With a
climate ofttimes as equitable in January as that of Southern California
and with rainfall usually confined to the spring months out of door life
finds here its perfect environment. The nights, owing to the altitude of
nearly thirty-two hundred feet, are always cool, there being few in the
hottest of the summer months when blankets are not needed. The absence
of dew makes camping a delightful pastime and there is trout fishing,
for those who enjoy the gentle art of Isaac Walton, as good as the
country affords anywhere. Deer are plentiful in season and game birds,
including grouse, partridge, quail and duck, are plentiful enough to
make it worth the while of any follower of Nimrod.

Rapid City itself being thus favorably located is the center of business
activity radiating east as far as the Missouri river and west, north and
south to the boundaries of the Black Hills. It has the three requisites
of a progressive and up-to-date growing city—first-class hotels, a new
up-to-date theatre and a live newspaper. From the city all of the
interesting points in the Hills can be reached by railroads, or by
automobiles over roads which are being constantly improved.



                               Stop With

                         Canfield Holcomb & Co.

                      While You are in Rapid City

                             Best Equipped

                         Repair Shop and Garage

                              In the Hills



                              Full Line of
                         Accessories and Tires
                              Machine Work
                          Auto Livery Service

                     Agency for the Famous Overland


                             The New Harney

                           RAPID CITY. S. D.

                  One of the largest and best equipped
                  hotels in the Black Hills. Centrally
                  located to points of scenic interest
                  and the irrigation district. * * * *

                         MIDWEST HOTEL COMPANY


                           Bangs and Henderson


 Polarine, Gasoline, Packard Oils and Accessories, Buick Cars Repair Shop

 RAPID CITY,                                                    SO. DAK.


              FILMS      Developed and Printed by Experts

                             A full line of
                   Cameras and Photographic Supplies

                          Mail Orders Promptly
                          Filled.      Try Us

                               C. H. RISE

 Formerly Harney Stat’y Shop                                  RAPID CITY

           One block south and one block east of Harney Hotel





[Illustration: _To Fort Mead_ _See Page 87_ _STURGIS_]


                             Geo. H. Kilker

                      Machine Shop and Auto Garage

         Tires, Supplies, Accessories, Prest-O-Lite, Repairing

           All Work Done by Practical and Experienced workmen

                     Oxy-Accetylene Welding Plants

                      Trouble Wagons Always Ready

                         Telephone Either Shop

 BELLE FOURCHE                   STURGIS                          NEWELL


[Illustration: Bear Butte]


                        Whitewood, South Dakota

     The prettiest spot in the Foot Hills. Adjacent on the west to
 magnificent mountain scenery, and on the east overlooking rich farming

                  Junction on C. & N. W. Ry. for
                  Deadwood, Lead, Belle Fourche and
                  all points on Government Irrigation
                  project. Headquarters for Stage
                  Lines to Vale and Spearfish.


  Modern Hotel equipped with steam heat, Baths and electric Lights. Auto
 garages and repair shops. Complete system of rural and city telephones.



[Illustration: _DEADWOOD-SPEARFISH JCT._ _Distances Figured in each
direction from this point_]

[Illustration: _DEADWOOD_]


                  Where Will You Spend Your Vacation?

                           The Hotel Franklin

      At Deadwood, S. D., the Center of the Beautiful Black Hills

                  European Plan. Rates, $1.00 per day
                  and upwards. Unexcelled Cafe and
                  Lunch Room in connection. Modern
                  Garage within one block of Hotel.

The Hotel Franklin is recognized as the finest hotel in the state and is
the headquarters for tourists. Deadwood is in the heart of the
pictueresque “Playgrounds of South Dakota”, where fishing, hunting,
camping and fine automobile roads through the pine clad Hills and
Canyons form a part of the attractions that make it the Mecca of
Tourists. Mosquitos and heat are unknown. The hub of all points of
interest in the Hills is Deadwood. The famous Homestake, the largest
gold mine in the world, and Crystal Cave, the great underground cavern
that extends for miles are reached from Deadwood.


                   For further information, address
                               F. W. MEDBERY, Manager

[Illustration: THE FRANKLIN HOTEL]

[Illustration: DEADWOOD—The Commercial and mining center of the
wonderfully rich and beautiful Climate—Scenery—No
Mosquitos—Hospitality—Good Roads—Trout Fishing.]

[Illustration: DEADWOOD is a thoroughly modern, enterprising city, well
lighted with cluster lights, good water, good church, school and lodge
facilities, unusually handsome buildings and paved streets on which are
up-to-date stores with large stocks.]


     The best auto roads                         Autoists
   in the Hills lead out        DEADWOOD         can visit:



                      With its U. S. Fish Hatchery

                              Crystal Cave
                          Well worth exploring

                              Rapid Canyon

                            Spearfish Canyon
                 One of the most Beautiful in the west

                            Spearfish Falls

                              Sylvan Lake

                              Hot Springs

    Belle Fourche, with its big irrigation project is easy of access

Over eight millions a year in gold bullion passes through Deadwood from
this part of the Black Hills. See it in the assay office in gold brick
form. See it in the treatment plants as the gold is extracted, see it in
the mines whence it comes from the earth. All within easy reach of



Do You Love

        the mountains?

        scenery and good roads by which to see it?

        the cooling breezes as they blow from the green pine clad hills,
          with their health-giving tendencies?

 Do You Know that                           DEADWOOD                            is never too hot?
                                                                                has the best hotels in the state,
                                   and a $25,000 auditorium, erected especially for conventions?


                  Black Hills Garage and Supply House

                            DEADWOOD, S. D.

                      Black Hills Headquarters for

                  Automobile Supplies and Accessories

                        LARGE FIRE PROOF GARAGE

             Complete Equipment for All Kinds of Repairing

                     Competent Mechanics in Charge


                            LEAD CITY GARAGE

                      Lower Main St., Lead, S. D.

 Repairing                                                       Storage

                               Auto Livery

              A Complete Line Ford Repairs Always in Stock

                    Packard Oil, Tires and Supplies

                               METZ “22”
                      Best Low Priced Car on Earth

 Geo. Caughron                                              L. M. Larsen
                                M. Larsen

                           TELEPHONE NUMBERS:
             Garage, B2286. Office, 2033. Residence. B2185


[Illustration: WHITE ROCKS]

[Illustration: '_LEAD_]



[Illustration: SPEARFISH FALLS]

[Illustration: _Spearfish Falls, Black Hills, S. Dak._]

[Illustration: _Bridal Veil Falls, Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, S. D._
_Beauty Scene in Spearfish Canyon, Black Hills, S. D._ _Little Spearfish
Canyon, Black Hills, S. Dak._]

[Illustration: _Homestake Pumping Plant at Hanna._ _Moulding Gold
Bricks. Homestake Mine, Lead, S. D._ _Cyanide Plant No. 2. A portion of
Central City in the distance._ _Homestake Power Plant—Spearfish_]

[Illustration: _Golden Star Stamp Mill, Homestake Mine, Lead, S. D._
_Cyanide Plant, Homestake Mine, Lead, S. D._]




[Illustration: Cathedral Spires, Harney Peak District, Black Hills, S.



  _Harney Peak Hotel_

  EUGENE LITTLE, Proprietor
  Hill City, South Dakota

  _Good Meals_

  To Make You Feel at Home, Day or Night, is Our Endeavor


                        HILL CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA

Hill City is situated on the Burlington Railroad, and is right in the
midst of the mining district of the Southern Black Hills, it is
surrounded by fine mountain ranches, that have suffered only one crop
failure in 25 years. These ranches produce 60 to 70 bushels of oats per
acre that weigh from 40 to 48 lbs. to the bushel, wild and timothy hay
grow abundantly, as well as potatoes, all without irrigation.

Hill City being the half way point on the Scenic Highway north and south
through the Hills makes it the ideal point for a noon or night stop for
automobilists, there being first-class hotels and restaurants to provide
comfort and good meals for the tourists. By the opening of the season of
1913 the town will be equipped with a garage at which can be had gas,
oil and minor repairs.




[Illustration: _Sylvan Lake_]

[Illustration: _Sylvan Lake by Moonlight. Black Hills, So. Dak._ _The
Needles, Sylvan Lake, Black Hills_]




_Entrance to Wind Cave, S. D._]

[Illustration: HOT SPRINGS]


                            HUMMEL’S GARAGE


                  Tourist Headquarters In Hot Springs

                  One-half Block from the Evans Hotel


                Auto Supplies and Accessories Repairing


                            THE EVANS HOTEL


                         HOT SPRINGS, SO. DAK.


[Illustration: _An Automobile Party at Hot Springs_]


                   _The Greatest Delight of the Trip_

     in automobiling over this part of the west is your sojourn at

                      _Hot Springs, South Dakota_

Everybody who knows will tell you this, and those who don’t know it
should lose no time in finding it out. Plan for it and don’t fail. Ample
hotel accommodations suitable to your tastes and desires—$1.00 a day up;
$5.00 a week to $20.00. Delightful auto drives to Wind Cave, Cascade
Springs, Cheyenne Falls, etc. The Hot Springs to Deadwood Scenic
Highway, right through the very heart of the Black Hills, one of the
best and most fascinating roads in the state, a charming day’s run, will
be one of the most memorable of your life. Plan for it. Don’t miss it.

                              Booklet Free

            Hot Springs Commercial Club, Hot Springs, S. D.



[Illustration: _Fall River Falls_— _A Hot Springs Plunge_— 3236.
Administration Building: Battle Mountain Sanitarium. The National Home
Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Hot Springs, S. D. _THE BIG SPRINGS, HOT

[Illustration: _Harney Peak, 8,200 feet. Beauty Scenes and highest Point
in Black Hills, S. D._]




[Illustration: Harvest Field in the West.]




[Illustration: The Spearfish HOTEL.]

         Steam Heated, Thoroughly Ventilated, Electric Lighted

                     Good Dining Room in Connection
                           Prices to Suit You

          Trout Fishing Best on Earth Three Blocks From Hotel

                  Good “Large Game” Hunting in Season

                          Stop A While With Us

                        JESSIE A. CONNERS, PROP.


                         R. V. Wolzmuth Garage

                            SPEARFISH, S. D.

                  Gasoline and Auto Supplies,
                  Prest-O-Lite, Inner Tubes Vulcanized

                              Auto Livery

             Good Cars and Careful Drivers to All Points of
                      Interest in the Black Hills


[Illustration: Spearfish Falls]

                       You Are Cordially Invited

                               To Come To

                          Spearfish, So. Dak.

We have excellent schools, four churches, modern business blocks,
cluster street lamps, about ten miles of cement walks, and a modern
gravity system of water works.

The adjacent valley is the richest farming land in the western part of
this state. It will only be a short time until this country will develop
into the richest dairy section of the state.

                       Come and See For Yourself


[Illustration: Fishing Scene, Spearfish River]

                         _Camp, Fish and Hunt_

                In Spearfish Valley and Spearfish Canyon

We have ideal camping grounds, good water, fine trout fishing, shady
groves, excellent weather and lots of scenery. This is an ideal place
for spending a vacation. Bring your camp outfit, your camp clothes, your
camera, your fishing tackle, etc. You will like the place.





                 _Crystal Springs Ranch on Sand Creek_

               J. H. GARDNER, Proprietor, Beulah, Wyoming

Over a mile of the BEST TROUT FISHING stream in Wyoming. Three big
artificial fresh water ponds containing millions of trout. Streams are
restocked every season. 34 miles from Deadwood, 19 miles from Spearfish,
25 miles from Belle Fourche. Fine camping spots, or board and lodging
may be obtained at my NEW MODERN BUNGALOW.




                             P. W. Lambert


         Fire Proof Garage, Repairs and Supplies. Auto Livery.

 Spearfish,                                                     So. Dak.



[Illustration: _BELLE FOURCHE_]


                           _Ashcroft & Moore_

                          Belle Fourche, S. D.

                          WELL EQUIPPED GARAGE

                  Large Stock of Automobile Sundries.
                  Complete Line of Ford Parts and

                  Free Air for Your Tires. Gasoline
                  Station. Oils of Every Description.
                  All Sizes of Tires and Inner Tubes.
                  Prest-O-Lite Exchange

                  Telephone, 77, day, or L20 at night

         All work and material guaranteed to be as represented


                             Geo. H. Kilker

                      Machine Shop and Auto Garage

         Tires, Supplies, Accessories, Prest-O-Lite, Repairing

           All Work Done by Practical and Experienced workmen

                     Oxy-Accetylene Welding Plants

                      Trouble Wagons Always Ready

                         Telephone Either Shop

 STURGIS                      BELLE FOURCHE                       NEWELL


[Illustration: KENNEFICK HOTEL Belle Fourche, S. D. American Plan Rates,
$1.50 and up]



                         CITY OF BELLE FOURCHE

The City of Belle Fourche, the County Seat of Butte County, is located
in the Belle Fourche Valley upon the Belle Fourche and Redwater rivers.
The city was established in the days of Count de Mores and Theodore
Roosevelt upon the western prairies and was one of the stations on the
De Mores trail between the Black Hills and New England and De Mores, N.
D. It bears the distinction of being the greatest primary cattle market
in the world. Its trade is drawn from the ranges of Montana and Wyoming
as well as the fertile valleys of South Dakota. It is surrounded by
beautiful valleys which extend to the foot of the Bear Lodge and Black
Hills. From the first cattle town in the state it has grown to be one of
the first cities of the state. Its citizenship is progressive and its
business men are working for the best interests of the community. It has
one of the best hotels in the state and its public buildings would be a
credit to a much larger community. It is the gateway to the Belle
Fourche and Spearfish valleys. The diversion dam of the Belle Fourche
Irrigation Project is almost within the city limits. This dam diverts
the water from the Belle Fourche river into the great reservoir covering
over 8000 acres of land and holding over 200,000 acre feet of water.
This water is held by the largest earth dam in existence, being in
height 115 feet and over 6000 feet in length and retaining sufficient
water to irrigate 100,000 acres of land. This dam is one of the marvels
of the age. It is worth one’s time to visit the same. The Spearfish
valley is older in irrigation and has an abundance of fruit. Within six
miles of Belle Fourche is the largest natural water power plant in the
northwest, where the power for the great Homestake mine is generated
from the waters of the Redwater river. A beautiful highway logged herein
connects Belle Fourche with all the valleys and the famous trout fishing
streams of South Dakota as well as the picturesque Sand Creek of
Wyoming. In order to reach these streams in the most acceptable manner
take the logged highways from Belle Fourche.





[Illustration: 67. “Belle Fourche Irrigation Reservoir,” largest earthen
embankment in the world, 115 feet high, 1⅛ miles long, faced with
concrete Blocks, irrigates 100,000 acres, Western South Dakota. $50,000
Irrigation Diversion Dam, Belle Fourche, Black Hills, S. D.]








[Illustration: _Corinne’s Wall, Rapid Canyon, Black Hills_]

[Illustration: _Sunrise Cottages and Fishing Scene Spearfish Creek Black
Hills, S. D._ _Spearfish Canon on B. & M. R. R., seven miles climb to
gain one-half mile. Black Hills, S. Dak._ _Little Spearfish Falls, Black
Hills, S. Dak._]



[Illustration: EDGEMONT]

                           DENVER TO DEADWOOD
                               AUTO ROUTE

The increased demand of tourists for a good auto route between these
scenic centers has resulted in an organized effort to build and maintain
such a road by way of HOT SPRINGS, EDGEMONT and CHEYENNE

Tourists contemplating such a trip should inquire as to this road.


Edgemont, is situated on the Burlington Railroad, a divisional point,
and the terminal of the Black Hills branch of the celebrated C. B. & Q.

It is the deep well town of the United States, having one well flowing
400,000 gallons of hot water every day, with a pressure of 90 pounds at
a depth of 2988 feet and another well in course of construction now 2835
feet deep.

To the north of the town lie the celebrated Black Hills, the Forest
Reserve, and a few miles away is the great Wind Cave, and government
park, soon to be stocked with buffalo and elk.

East, south and west of the city lie great belts of rich agricultural
lands now in course of development. A short distance from the town is
the government Experimental farm, where all kinds of seed and methods of
cultivation are tried out for the benefit of settlers. Government land
can be secured within a few miles of the city. The city has four
churches, seventy businesses represented, one of the finest school
buildings in the state, with a competent corps of teachers, a large
garage, 50 by 120 feet, containing all the latest machinery for
repairing autos, including the new autogenous welding machine, an
immense bridge over the Cheyenne river, admitting of travel the year

Twenty trains leave Edgemont every day, among which are six passenger
trains—four of them trans-continental, fully equipped with all
conveniences for the traveling public.

The finest melons grown in any country are produced here and are in
competition with the Rockey Ford product of Colorado.

The Fall River County Fair Association has its headquarters in the city,
possessing one of the best race tracks in the state. Several thousand
dollars will be expended upon this proposition the present year for the
accommodation of exhibitors.

For business locations and pleasure, Edgemont has few equals. The town
is the official gateway to the Black Hills for the Denver to Deadwood
auto road.

[Illustration: _Fall River Falls_ Log furnished by Hot Springs
Commercial Club]



                      MEMORANDA OR EXPENSE RECORD


       EDWARD K. MATHER, C. E.               ORIN L. KIPP, C. E.
          Managing Engineer                  Associate Engineer

                        Dakota Engineering Company

                             Civil Engineers

 Our work for individuals, City, County and State Officers has included:


         In all parts of the state

   In over thirty-five cities and towns

   For counties, townships and cities

           Bridges and buildings

   For steam and electric railways

   In cases where engineering investigation or testimony is required

 309–311–313 Western National Bank
 Building                                                MITCHELL, S. D.
 No. 2269. Dakota Central Telephone


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