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Title: Slater's [1859] Shropshire Directory
Author: Slater, Isaac
Language: English
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Transcribed from the 1859 Slater’s edition by David Price, email

                   [Picture: Public Domain book cover]

                  SLATER’S [1856] SHROPSHIRE DIRECTORY.

                          Printed and Published


                               Isaac Slater

                                 1859 {1}

                                * * * * *


THIS is an inland shire, bounded on the north by Cheshire and a detached
portion of the Welch county of Flint; on the east by Staffordshire; on
the south by the counties of Radnor, Hereford, and Worcester; and on the
west by those of Denbigh and Montgomery.  In length, from north to south,
it is about forty-five miles, and its extreme breadth about thirty-five:
its circumference is computed at one hundred and sixty miles, comprising
an area of 1,341 square miles, or about 826,055 statute acres.  In size
it ranks as the sixteenth English county, and in population as the

NAME and EARLY HISTORY.—The derivation of the name Salop, or Shropshire,
has not been with any degree of certainty established; indeed, so vague
and various are the opinion of writers upon this subject, that to attempt
to dispel the obscurity of its etymology would be to assume a task more
critical than useful.  This part of the Island was originally inhabited
by the Celtic tribe _Cornavii_, and their chief city (which was situated,
not far from the site of the present town of Shrewsbury), after its
conquest by the Romans, became a station of the latter people, called
_Vriconium_, and was fortified by them to secure the passage of the
Severn.  Under the Roman dominion Shropshire was included in the division
called _Flavia Cæsariensis_.  Shrewsbury is the principal, as it is the
county town of Salop; yet, although no doubt can be entertained of its
high antiquity, there is no authentic record of its origin: conjecture
has, however, assigned that event to the fifth century.  About this time
Shrewsbury was esteemed the most important position on the Marches of
Wales, and a strong fortress at this point continued for several
centuries to be one of the principal places of rendezvous for the English
armies, and hence was often visited by successive monarchs of the Saxon
and Norman dynasties.  In the military and political events connected
with the county, Shrewsbury appears to have been a large participator.
In the reigns of John and Henry III. it was taken by storm, being
defended, on the latter occasion, by the adherents of the Empress Maude;
and in the same Henry’s reign it was partly burnt by the Welch.  In the
reign of Edward I. a parliament was holden here, and David, the last of
the Welch princes, beheaded.  In this neighbourhood was fought a bloody
battle between the army of Henry IV., commanded by his renowned son, and
the forces of the fiery Henry Percy (surnamed ‘Hotspur’), in which the
latter was slain, and after his interment his body was taken from the
grave, and beheaded, as was his uncle, the Earl of Worcester.  Richard,
Duke of York, and George Plantagenet, sons of Edward IV., were born in
Shrewsbury.  Oswestry (corrupted from _Oswaldstree_) was conspicuous as a
border town, and frequently became the scene of contest, first, between
the Saxons and Britons, and afterwards between the latter and the
Normans: the remains of its ancient castle, even in their present ruined
state, are sufficient to attest its original prodigious strength.  In the
great civil war of the seventeenth century, Shropshire was the scene of
much violence and bloodshed.  In 1651, when Charles II. was fleeing,
after the disastrous issue of the battle of Worcester, he, on the 4th of
October, took refuge in White Ladies’ Priory, on the eastern side of the
county; from that place he was conducted to Boscobel House, and, the day
after his arrival there, was concealed, in company with Colonel Careless,
in the ‘Royal Oak,’ in an adjoining wood, from whence he removed to a
more secure hiding-place in Staffordshire.  The last hostile movement
made in the county was an ineffectual attempt, in 1654, by Sir Thomas
Harris and others, to surprise the castle of Shrewsbury for the king.

SOIL, CLIMATE, and AGRICULTURAL, &c.  PRODUCE.—Few counties possess a
greater variety of SOIL, or are more diversified in appearance: divided
into nearly two equal parts by the Severn, its south and west portions
assume the mountainous character exhibited by the counties of Montgomery
and Denbigh; whilst the northern half approaches the resemblance of a
level, agreeably relieved by a few single hills and romantic valleys,
finely wooded.  The meadows on the side of the Severn are remarkably
fertile, being occasionally enriched by the overflowing of that river,
which is navigable throughout its whole course.  The famed _Wrekin_
mountain, celebrated for the magnificent and extensive prospects which it
commands, rears itself singly out of the plain to the height of nearly
1,200 feet above the level of the Severn, near which it rises.  To the
east of the Wrekin, and on the eastern border of the county, lies the
coal district of Coalbrookdale, which extends, from north-east to
south-west, about eight miles in length and two in breadth.  The CLIMATE
is considered highly salubrious; the air is pure, although in many
situations sharp and piercing.  The PRODUCTIONS of the county are various
and valuable; the breed of cows and sheep deserve particular notice—the
former yielding abundant quantities of milk, while the sheep, fed upon
its hilly tracts, afford some of the finest fleeces obtained in the
kingdom.  The whole county is in general well cultivated, furnishing
liberal supplies of grain; its southern border produces excellent hops,
agreeably varied with fine healthy orchards.  The crops most common in
Shropshire are wheat, barley, oats, peas, and turnips.  Rye was formerly
cultivated extensively, but it has been superseded by wheat.  In the
eastern part of the county turnips are almost universally grown, as also
on the rocky lands of the western side of it.  Potatoes are generally
cultivated—hemp and flax rarely, and beans but in inconsiderable
quantities.  The principal artificial grasses are the broad-leafed
clover, Dutch clover, trefoil, and ray grass.  Shropshire is not
particularly famous for its dairies: in that part of it lying to the
north-east of the Severn they are small, and, as much butter is made, the
cheese is not of the first quality.  On the north-western side of the
same district the dairies are much larger, and more cheese is made—some
of a very superior quality, rivalling the ‘Cheshire.’  Clun Forest, an
extensive sheep walk contains about 12,000 acres.  There are some large
rabbit warrens upon the Longmynd and Brown Clee hill.  In the
neighbourhood of Clun great numbers of turkeys are reared, as are geese
on the commons.  This county has at various times been denuded of its
timber, great supplies having been furnished for the purpose of
ship-building at Bristol; but there are still numerous fine woods of oak,
and extensive coppices of the same kind of timber: much of the latter,
after eighteen years’ growth, is cut and made into charcoal for the
various iron works.

MINERALS and MANUFACTURES.—Rich as this county is in the productions of
the field, the treasures extracted from its bowels are not of less
importance.  Lead, iron, limestone, pipe-clay, and coal are found in
great abundance; and in the hundred of North Bradford are salt springs;
whilst, on the eastern side of the county, are extensive iron-works, that
give employment to hundreds of hands.  The chief MANUFACTURE is
porcelain, which is of great excellence and in proportionate demand.  In
the neighbourhood of Shrewsbury are extensive iron foundries, and it was
here the noble Menai bridge was cast.  In the parish of Madeley are iron
works of great magnitude; the stupendous iron bridge that bestrides the
Severn at this place was constructed here: there are also two at
Oswestry.  At Coalport are china manufactories of great celebrity, and
the manufacture of chain is carried on here, and also at Cradley; at
Bridgnorth carpets and porcelain are manufactured; at Broseley various
descriptions of pottery ware, including tobacco-pipes, held in great
estimation; at Hales Owen (which is now incorporated with Worcestershire)
nails and pearl buttons are made, and there are also some extensive iron
works; and Ludlow and its vicinity derive considerable prosperity from an
extensive malting trade.

RIVERS of this county are the Severn, the Tern, and the Rodan; the
smaller ones are the Teme, the Colun, the Warren and the Rea, besides
numerous inconsiderable streams and brooks, the waters of almost all of
which finally reach the Severn.  The noble Severn enters Shropshire at
Melverley, about eleven miles from Shrewsbury—flows pass the latter town,
and, after visiting Coalbrookdale, Madeley and Bridgnorth, enters
Worcestershire at Bewdley.  The Tern rises in Staffordshire, and enters
the north part of the county, where, after receiving the waters of the
Rodan, it runs into the Severn near Brompton Ferry.  The Rodan has its
source in the north of the county, and joins the Tern near Walcott.  The
LAKES, though neither numerous or of great extent, form a variety in the
landscape not often met with in the midland counties; that adjoining
Ellesmere covers nearly one hundred and twenty acres, and there are
several others in the neighbourhood, but of smaller dimensions.  Near
Whitchurch are two other lakes or meres; while, on the northern side of
the Severn, are those of Fennymere, Llynclys-pool, and Ancot.  On the
western side of the county is Marton-pool, covering about forty acres;
and at Shrawardine is a fine piece of water of nearly the same extent:
there is another Marton pool on the northern side of the Severn, of
nearly the same size as the former.  South of the Severn, and a few miles
from Shrewsbury, is Beaumere, a small but lovely sheet of water; and
almost adjoining it is Shomere.  There are MEDICINAL SPRINGS of different
qualities at Smeithmore and Moreton-Say, in the hundred of Bradford, and
at Admaston, two miles and a half north-west from Wellington, in the
parish of Wrockwardine.  At the latter, and near to the Wrekin hill, is a
capital Inn and Baths, called the ‘Admaston Spa Hotel and Boarding
House.’  There are other springs near Ludlow, at Broseley, and in the
vicinity of Wenlock.  About two miles to the south of Shrewsbury, and
close to Sutton village, is a spring, the waters of which are saline and
chalybeate, and somewhat resemble those of Cheltenham.  The CANALS which
pass through Shropshire are the Ellesmere, the Shrewsbury, the Kington,
the Donington Wood, and the Dudley Extension; all in a greater or less
degree important, and perhaps essential to the carrying trade of the
county.  RAILWAYS, for the conveyance of heavy articles, have for years,
and to a considerable extent, been in use in this county.  The extensive
iron and coal tract about Coalbrookdale is intersected by numerous
tram-roads, leading from the coal works to the different foundries, and
the wharfs on the banks of the canal and the river Severn.  The
Shrewsbury and Chester Railway proceeds from the latter city, by way of
Wrexham, Rhuabon, Clun, and Oswestry, to Shrewsbury, where it meets the
Shrewsbury and Hereford railway: this line visits Ludlow, and soon after
leaves the county for that of Hereford.  The communication by rail
between the Metropolis and Liverpool includes Salop in the advantages
consequent thereupon, by the opening of the Shrewsbury and Birmingham
line, and the Shrewsbury and Chester; while a direct intercourse is
maintained with Staffordshire and the Pottery district by means of the
Shrewsbury and Stafford branch of the Shropshire Union railway.  There
are also two other lines projected, or in progress; one to be called the
Crewe and Shrewsbury Extension, the other the Severn Valley Line; the
latter will pass through the extensive coal and iron district before

the province of Canterbury, and includes parts of the several diocesses
of Hereford, Lichfield and Coventry, and St. Asaph.  It is included in
the Oxford circuit, and divided into fourteen hundreds or districts,
comprising two hundred and fourteen parishes, and eleven parts of
parishes, containing one county town (Shrewsbury), and sixteen other
market towns.  The whole county, before the Reform Bill passed, returned
twelve members to parliament, namely, two each for Bishop’s Castle,
Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Shrewsbury and Wenlock, and two for the shire.  The
new act deprived Bishop’s Castle of its ancient privilege, and gave two
additional members to the county at large; the number of representatives
is, therefore, the same as heretofore.  The shire is divided into two
representative districts, named the Northern Division and the Southern
Division.  The former comprises the hundreds of Oswestry, Pimhill, North
and South Bradford, and the liberty of Shrewsbury; and the Southern
Division includes the hundreds of Brimstrey, Cherbury, Condover, Ford,
Manslow, Overs, Purslow (including Clun and Stoddesdon), and the
franchise of Wenlock.  The return of members for the Northern Division of
the county is made from Shrewsbury, and for the Southern from Church
Stretton.  Besides the place of return, the Northern Division polls at
Oswestry, Whitchurch, and Wellington; and the Southern Division at
Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Bishop’s Castle, Clun, Shiffnall, and Wenlock.  The
members returned at the general election in 1852, for the Northern
Division, were William Ormsby Gore, Esquire, of Porkington Hall,
Oswestry, and John Whitehall Dodd, Esquire, of Cloverley Hall,
Whitchurch, both in this county; and for the Southern Division, the
Honourable Robert Henry Clive, 53, Grosvenor-street, London, and Viscount
Newport, Wilton-crescent, London (all four re-elected).

POPULATION, &c.—By the returns made to Government at the census of 1851,
Shropshire contained 114,340 males and 115,001 females—total 229,341;
exhibiting an increase, over the returns of 1841, of 3,521 persons.  The
annual value of Real Property in this county, as assessed to the Poor
Rates in 1850, amounted to £1,195,032.

                                * * * * *

Distance Table of Towns in Shropshire.

 _The Asterisk_ [*] _attached to the name of a Town denote the number of
  Representatives it returns to Parliament_; _the Italic letters signify
                            the Market Days_.

The names of the towns are on the top and side, and the square where both
                         meet gives the distance.

                                                                                                                                                                              _Distance from
                     Bishop’s Castle, _f._                                                                                                                                                   157
Bridgnorth**             33  Bridgnorth, _s._                                                                                                                                                139
Church Stretton          12      21  Church Stretton, _th._                                                                                                                                  153
Cleobury Mortimer        30      13      27  Cleobury Mortimer, _w._                                                                                                                         137
Clun                      6      36      18      27  Clun, _tu._                                                                                                                             157
Drayton                  39      31      32      39      45  Drayton, or Market Drayton, _w._                                                                                                151
Ellesmere                37      36      29      52      42      23  Ellesmere, _tu._                                                                                                        169
Hales Owen (Wcstr)       51      18      39      23      50      43      51  Hales Owen, _m._ (Worcester)                                                                                    117
Ludlow**                 19      20      16      11      16      48      45      34  Ludlow, _m. w. f. and s._                                                                               143
Madeley                  34       8      19      21      40      22      30      23      26  Madeley, _f._                                                                                   147
Newport                  39      21      29      34      45      11      31      31      37      13  Newport, _s._                                                                           139
Oswestry                 38      38      31      51      44      30       8      53      47      32      37  Oswestry, _w. and s._                                                           171
Shiffnall                39      13      25      26      45      19      34      25      32       5       8      36  Shiffnall, _tu._                                                        136
Shrewsbury**             20      20      13      33      26      19      16      35      29      14      19      18      18  Shrewsbury, _w._ & _s._                                         153
Wellington               31      14      20      27      37      16      28      29      31       6       9      29       7      11  Wellington, _th._                                       140
Wem                      30      30      23      43      36      13       9      45      39      24      22      17      28      10      21  Wem, _th._                                      164
Wenlock**                26       8      13      20      32      27      28      26      20       6      20      30      11      11      11      22  Wenlock, _m._                           148
Whitchurch               40      40      33      53      46      13      11      52      49      28      21      19      28      20      22      10      33  Whitch.                         161


BISHOP’S CASTLE is a borough corporate, market town, and parish, having
separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of Purslow, 157 miles N.W.
by W. from London, 20 S.W. by S. from Shrewsbury, and 8½ S.E. from
Montgomery (North Wales).  It is situated partly on the summit, but
chiefly on the steep declivity of a hill, in the midst of a fertile
country, abounding with pleasing views.  The town, which is irregularly
built, and the habitations, for the most part, detached, derives its name
from a castle, that stood here, belonging to the Bishop of Hereford—but
of which the site (now a bowling green belonging to the Castle Inn), and
some small portions of the walls, only can be traced.  The government of
the town, by charter granted in the 15th year of Elizabeth, and confirmed
and extended by James I. is vested in a bailiff, recorder, and fifteen
capital burgesses, assisted by a town clerk, a serjeant-at-mace and
subordinate officers: the bailiff, late bailiff and recorder are justices
of the peace.  The corporation hold a court of session quarterly; and
Bishop’s Castle is included in the twenty-seventh circuit of County
Court-towns, under the acts passed for the recovery of debts not
exceeding £50.  The town hall, a plain brick edifice, erected by
subscription of the burgesses in 1750, has a prison on the basement for
criminals, and above it one for debtors.  The elective franchise was
conferred in the 26th of Elizabeth, from which time it sent two members
to parliament, till the Reform Bill deprived it of that privilege, but
made it a polling station at the election of representatives for South

About ten miles distant from the town are some considerable lead mines;
but those works have no influence upon the trade or prosperity of the
place—the former being entirely of a local nature, without manufacturing
establishments of any kind.

The parish church of Saint John the Baptist, is a fine old structure,
principally in the Norman style, with a square embattled tower, crowned
with pinnacles; it was burnt by Cromwell in the parliamentary war, and
was re-built without a due regard to the original style of its
architecture.  The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Earl Powis
and Rev. William Morgan Rowlands is the present vicar.  There are places
of worship for Independents and Primitive Methodists.  The free school
here was founded in 1737 by Mrs. Mary Morris, and endowed with £1,000. in
the three per cents., for the instruction of twenty-five boys and
twenty-five girls in reading, writing and arithmetic, and the girls also
in plain sewing.  There are some handsome seats within a few miles of
Bishop’s Castle—Walcott, the property of the Earl Powis, is about four
miles distant; Linley Hall, the seat of Thomas Frederick More Esq. is
about the same distance, and nearer the town is Oakeley, belonging to the
family of that name.  The market is held on Friday; and the fairs on
March 26th, and 27th, the first Friday after May 13th, the second Monday
in June, July 5th, Friday before July 13th, September 9th, and November
13th.  By the government returns for 1841 the borough and parish
contained 1,781 inhabitants, and by those for 1851, 1,961

POST OFFICE, Market cross, Edward Griffiths, _Post Master_.—Letters from
LONDON, LIVERPOOL, BRISTOL and all parts, arrive every morning at eight,
and are despatched thereto every evening at six.


Beddoes Mr. John, Greenfields

Bright Rev. John B. Totterton

Bright Mrs. —, Totterton

Downes Mrs. Sarah, Castle st

Gellion Miss Mary, Welch st

Gilliard Mr. —, Ivy House

Griffithes Miss Fanny, Church st

Griffithes Thomas Jones, Esq. near the Church

Hamar Mr. William, Church st

Hammond the Misses Martha and Sarah, Welch street

Luther Mr. Robert, Acton

More Rev. Frederick, Linley

More Thos. Frederick, Linley Hall

Oakeley Rev. Arthur, Oakeley

Owen Rev. Richard, Slanner

Owen John, Esq. Broadway

Powis the Honble. Earl, Walcott

Rogers Rev. John, Home

Rowlands Rev. Wm. Morgan, Vicarage

Sayce Miss Elizabeth, Castle st

Wellings Mrs. My. Ann, School House

White Robert More, Church stoke

Williams Rev. George, Welch st


Bright Mary, (boarding), Church st

Griffiths Sarah, (day), Market cross

Meridith Richd. (boardng), Castle grn

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Back lane,—James Fulcher, master


Griffiths Thomas, Welch st

Pardoe Frederick, Market cross


Gough Jno. (& confctionr.), Church st

Richards Mary, Church st

Williams Thomas, Market cross


NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANKING COMPANY, Church st—(draw upon the London &
Westminster Bank)—Samuel Bright, manager


Bird John, Union st

Lewis Thomas, Back lane

Partridge John, Union st

Richards William, Union st

Robinson William, Union st


Dubber William, Corn market

Griffiths Edward (and auctioneer), Market cross


Davies John, Church st

Francis William, Castle st

Home John, Church st

Luscott Samuel, Church st

Minton Andrew, Church st

Minton Henry, Church st

Phillips George, Church st

Sayce John, Church st

Thomas Francis, Welch st

Tomlins Edward, Market cross


Edwards George, Church st

Green John, Church st

Home Herbert, Church st

Norton John, Salop st

Robinson William, Church st

Sayce James, Church st


Bright Edward, Welch st

Green Richard, Church st


Dyer John, Church st

Walker Thomas, Church st


Norton John, Church st

Spoonley Edward, Church st


Davies Edward, Market cross

Bell J. C. Salop st


CLERICAL, MEDICAL & GENERAL, William Dubber, Church st

NATIONAL PROVIDENT (life), Thos. Griffiths, Welch st

SALOP, William Harris, Church st

SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH WALES (fire), Edwd. Davies, Market cross

STANDARD (life), James H. Bright, Church st

SUN (fire) Thos. Griffiths, Castle st


Bailey Thomas, Church st

Bore & Harris, Market cross

Bowen John, Welch st

Bright Edward, Church st

Bright Mary, Welch st

Butler Mary Ann, Church st

Davies, Legge & Co. (and drapers), Market cross

Hetet Mary, Church st

Home Edward, Welch st

Johnston John, Market cross

Knill Thomas, Market st

Minton Andrew, Church st

Nicholas Mary, Church st

Norton Robert, Church st

Peplow Mary, Union st

Playfair Thomas, Church st


Black Lion, Edwd. Home, Welch st

Boars Head, Howard Greenhouse, Church street

Bull, James Robinson, Bull st

Castle Inn. (commercial & posting), James Newbery, Castle square

Harp, Francis Hamar, Church st

King’s Head, John Starr, Church st

Plough, John Davies, Market cross

Red Lion, William Home, Church st

Six Bells, William Farmer, Church st

Three Tuns, John Anstey, Salop st

White Horse, Thomas Bluck, Market cross


Norton Robert, Church st

Phillips John & Co. Market cross


Bright John, Church st

Norton Charles, Church st

Pritchard James, Church st

Pugh Edward Nicholas, Church st

Pugh Richard, near the Bull Inn


Griffithes Thomas Jones, near the Church

Newill Joseph, Librey


Bore and Harris, Market cross

Bright Thomas, Market cross

Davies, Legge & Co. Market cross


Beddoes John, Cabin

Beddoes Richard, Welch st

Harris Ann, Church st

Howell George, Union st

Norton Mary, Church st


Davies James, Cox

Hamar William, Brockton

Tomlins John, Snead

Williams John, Lydham


Dayas Agnes, Church st

Northwood Mary, Church st

Powell Mary Ann, Welch st

Sayce Mary, Church st


Bowen John, Market cross

Jenkins George Harley, Church st

Nicholas —, Church st


Griffiths James, Church st

Lewis Richard, Market cross

Norton Richard, Church st


Davies William, Market cross

Newill Elizabeth, Market cross

Norton Robert, Church st

Phillips John & Co. Church st


Collins John, Castle green

Home George, Castle st

Lockley Richard, Castle green

Nicholas Edward, Church st

Nicholas Samuel, Castle green

Richards Samuel, Castle green

Sayce John, Market cross


Dayas Agnes, Church st

James Eliz. (& stay maker) Church st


Brook Henry, Church st

Jackson William, M.D. Welch st

Medlicott Jeremiah, Prospect place


Bright Edward, Church st

Horton John, Castle st

Palmer Francis, Church st

Palmer John, Church st

Pugh Thomas, Church st

Pugh William (& draper), Salop st

Sayce John, Church st


Bond Henry C. Market cross

Matthews John, Market cross


Bird Samuel, Union st

Davies John, Church st

Hammond William, Cabin


Jones & Harris, Church st

Norton William Davis, Church st


Bowen John, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, Welch st

Bowyer Richard, relieving officer, Salop st

Bright Samuel, bank manager, Church st

Downes Elizabeth, beer retailer, Union st

Green Mary, skinner, near the Church

Hall George, brazier, Church st

James Elizabeth, stay maker, Church st

M‘Minn David, hop merchant and tea dealer, Market cross

Newill Joseph, agent to the Earl of Powis, Librey

Norton Mary, tanner, Church st

Pugh Edwd. Nichls. beer retailer, Church

Syce James, beer retailer, Castle green

STAMP OFFICE, Market cross—Elizabeth Newill, sub-distributer

STATION HOUSE—Stephen Surman, superintendent

Vickers John, cooper, Church st

Walker Thos. earthenware dealer, Church st

William John, hair dresser, Salop st


                           WORKHOUSE—Union st.

_Governor_—John Waidson

_Matron_—Mary Waidson

_Schoolmaster_—Henry Trubshaw

_Chaplain_—Rev. George Williams

_Surgeon_—Henry Brook

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—Frederick Pardoe

_Relieving Officer_—Richard Bowyer


                          OFFICE, Market cross.

_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett Esq.

_Clerk_—Frederick Pardoe

_High Bailiff_—Thomas Griffith

_Sub Bailiff_—Edward Bright


The nearest Station is at Craven Arms, on the Shrewsbury & Hereford Line,
twelve miles distance


To CRAVEN ARMS, Thomas Bluck, from the White Horse, Monday, Wednesday &

To HEREFORD, Gibson and Co’s Waggon, once a week

To NEW TOWN, John Jones, from the Three Tuns, every Friday

To SHREWSBURY AND NORTH WALES, per the Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway
Company, Gibson & Co. agents


BRIDGNORTH is a market town and borough, both corporate and
parliamentary, having separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of
Stoddesdon; 139 miles N.W. from London, 20 S.E. from Shrewsbury, 13
N.N.W. from Kidderminster, the like distance W. by S. from Wolverhampton,
and 27 W. by N. from Birmingham.  It is charmingly and romantically
situated on the banks of the Severn, which river divides it into two
parts, called the Upper Town and the Lower Town.  The Upper Town lies on
the summit and steep declivities of a rock, rising abruptly to the height
of one hundred and eighty feet from the western bank of the river, and
presents an appearance singularly picturesque.  The river is crossed by a
handsome stone bridge of six arches, leading into the Lower Town.  This
place, according to some authorities, was anciently called _Brugia_,
_Brug_, and (including Little Brug) _Bruges_, deriving its name from a
bridge over the Severn, built by the Saxons and destroyed by the Danes.
Upon the erection of a new bridge, about a mile and a half to the north
of the former, it obtained the appellation of _Brug North_, whence its
present name is deduced.  Mr. Smalman’s opinion respecting the derivation
of the name, ‘Bridgnorth,’ is somewhat opposed to this statement; we
therefore refer the reader to that gentleman’s ‘History of Quatford,’ as
well meriting the attention of the etymologist.  This town appears to
have obtained some consequence as early as the time of Ethelfleda, wife
of King Ethelred, and was fortified and furnished with a castle by Robert
de Belesme.  This fortress was of great magnitude, and was of much
importance so late as the civil war, when it sustained great damage in
the struggle for its possession by the royalists and parliamentarians.

The trade of Bridgnorth, to a certain extent, may be said to arise from
the navigation of the river, which affords every facility for the transit
of goods.  At one period it had a good iron trade, which has declined;
and the principal manufactory now existing here is that for carpets,
carried on by two establishments.  The malting business is a branch in
which many persons are employed, and the article produced is of a very
superior quality.  There is at present (1856) in the course of erection,
at the bottom of High-street, a large and elegant Town Hall, which will,
when completed, be a great ornament to the town.  There are two good
commercial Inns, the ‘Castle’ and the ‘Crown,’ both in High-street.
About three miles to the south of Bridgnorth, on the western bank of the
Severn, are the Eardington Iron Works, being one of the most extensive
establishments for the manufacture of charcoal-wire iron in the kingdom.
The inhabitants of this town received a succession of charters from the
reign of Henry I. to that of James II.  Under the latter the borough was
governed until the Municipal Act, passed in 1835, vested the jurisdiction
in a mayor, four aldermen, and twelve councillors, assisted by a recorder
and town-clerk.  The mayor and borough magistrates hold a court of record
in the Town Hall, every alternate Monday, for the trial of petty offences
committed within the borough.  The county magistrates meet at the
justices’ hall every alternate Saturday, to determine cases which occur
without the liberties of the borough; and quarter sessions are held for
the borough, before Uvedale Corbett, Esq. the recorder, who is also the
judge of the County Court, which latter is held monthly in the Town Hall,
for the recovery of debts and damages not exceeding £50.  This town
received the elective franchise in the 23rd year of Edward I, and from
that time has continued to return two members; the mayor is the returning
officer.  The gentlemen returned to sit for the borough, at the general
election in 1852, were Henry Whitmore; Esq. White House, and J.
Pritchard, Esq. Broseley.  The Boundary Act defines the limits of the
borough to comprise ‘the old borough of Bridgnorth, and the several
parishes of Quatford, Oldbury, Tasley, and Astley Abbotts;’ and the same
act appoints Bridgnorth a polling station at the election of members to
represent South Salop.  By charter of King John, the burgesses are exempt
from tolls, or other duties, in all cities, towns, fairs, or markets in
England, except the city of London and its liberties.

There are two parish churches—that of Saint Mary Magdalene and that of
Saint Leonard.  The first named is a modern edifice, in the Grecian style
of architecture, with a lofty tower, surmounted by a cupola, and stands
near the site of the chapel formerly belonging to the castle.  The church
of Saint Leonard, formerly collegiate, was originally a very magnificent
and spacious structure, comprising seven different chapels; it suffered
greatly while in the possession of the parliamentarians during the civil
war, and now consists only of a nave, one aisle, and a chancel.  The
chancel has lately been in part restored, and a beautiful painted window
furnished on the south side—the gift of an individual.  Both the livings,
which were formerly perpetual curacies, are now rectories, the tithes
having been made over to them by the liberality of the late Thomas
Whitmore, Esq. of Afley.  There are places of worship for Independents,
Wesleyan Methodists, Baptists, Irvingites, and Roman Catholics.  The free
grammar school here was founded by the corporation in 1503; it has three
exhibitions to either University.  The other free schools are a blue coat
school, and two conducted upon the national plan.  An infirmary and
general dispensary, a savings’ bank, a subscription library, and a
mechanics’ institution, are the other principal public establishments.
The market is held on Saturday; and the fairs on the third Mondays in
January, February, and March, the 1st of May, the second Monday in June
(for wool, stock and cheese), the second Monday in July, the third
Mondays in August and September, the 29th of October (for stock, hops,
butter, and cheese), and the second Monday in December.  The October fair
is a very large one for cattle, butter, and cheese, the December fair is
for nearly the same commodities, on a smaller scale.  The borough of
Bridgnorth, exclusive of the parishes added to it by the Boundary Act,
contained, by the returns made to Government in 1841, 6,198 inhabitants,
and in 1851, 5,724.

QUATFORD is a parish, consisting of two portions, under the same
parochial management, partly divided by the river Severn; the eastern
division, consisting of the township of Quatford, in the liberties of
Bridgnorth; and the western, of the township of Eardington, in the
hundred of Stoddesdon.  The village is situated close to the Severn,
within a mile and a half from Bridgnorth.  ‘The ancient history of this
place,’ says Mr. Smalman, ‘has been misrepresented by most modern
writers, and strangely applied to Bridgnorth, before the latter could
possibly exist.’  The modern interest of Quatford has arisen from
considerable architectural additions, made with reference to the natural
character of the place, since the larger portion of it became the
property of the late Mr. Smalman, and the site of his former building
establishment.  The parish of Quatford, including the township of
EARDINGTON, contained in 1841, 553 inhabitants, and in 1851, 692.

POST OFFICE, West Castle-street, BRIDGNORTH, Charles Edward Macmichael,
_Post Master_.—Letters from LONDON and all parts (except ALVELEY,
BURWARTON, and CHELMARSH) arrive (from SHIFFNALL) every morning at six,
and are despatched thereto at a quarter before eight in the
evening.—Letters from ALVELEY, BURWARTON, and CHELMARSH arrive (by
foot-post) every evening (Sunday excepted) at half-past five, and are
despatched immediately after.

A _Day Mail_ arrives at half-past six in the evening, and is despatched
at half-past seven in the morning.


Acton Sir John Emerich Edward Dalbery, Bart. Aldenham Hall

Austin Mr. William, Norton

Bache John, Esq. Chesterton House

Baker John, Esq. East Castle st

Bellett Rev. George, St. Leonard’s churchyard

Boddington Rev. Thomas, Badger

Bolland Rev. Henry, High st

Brasier Captain —, Bradney

Broadbent Rev. C. F. Roughton

Carr Rev. Edmund, Quatt

Cheney R. H. Esq. Badger Hall

Child Mr. Henry, Joseph, Saint Leonard’s churchyard

Clarke Rev. John, Morville

Clayton Mr. John, Quarford House

Cooper Rev. John H. East Castle st

Corser Mr. John, St. Mary st

Davenport William Sherrington Esq. Davenport

Deeton Mrs. Mary, High st

Dickinson Joseph, Esq. Albynes House, Astley Abbotts

Edwards Mr. Vincent, Farmcott

Evans Rev. David D. near Oldbury villa

Gatacre Colonel Edward L. Gatacre Hall

Griffiths Rev. Edward, Quatford Castle

Hall Mrs. George Pass, East Castle st

Hanbury Mr. George, West Castle st

Hazlewood Mr. John, Tower House

Herbert Rev. Richrd. Chetton rectory

Isaacson Rev. Stuteville, Stockton

Isaac Rev. Charles Powis, High st

Kettle Geo. M. Esq. Dallicott House

Lampet Miss Mary, East Castle st

Law Captain James Horton, High st

Lewellyn Mr. Richard Thomas, St. Mary street

Lucas Mr. William, Castle Hill

Marshall Rev. William Knox, East Castle street

Merriman Rev. Henry G. Saint Leonard’s churchyard

Moore Miss Elizabeth, the Green

Moore Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Leonard’s churchyard

Oldbury Mrs. Mary, Eardington

O‘Neil Rev. Francis, R.C. High st

Parkes Mr. Joseph, Wyken

Pilkington Miss Mary Ann, East Castle street

Pritchard John Esq. M.P. Broseley

Purton Rev. John, Oldbury Rectory

Purton Thomas Pardoe, Esq. Faintree Hall

Richards Mr. Henry Slater, St. Mary

Skelding Mr. Thos. Oldbury Wells

Shepperd Miss Mary, Fir grove, Quatford

Sing Mr. John, Quatford

Stokes Mrs. Michael, Roughton

Stringer Mrs. Ann, Salop st

Stringer Mrs. Catherine, Church la

Taylor Henry C. Chicknell Hall

Tilley Rev. Alfred, Vine cottage

Wall Mr. James, Severn cliff

Wasey Rev. Geo. Leigh, Tan House

Whitmore Rev. Charles, Stockton Rectory

Whitmore Rev. George, Kemberton Rectory

Whitmore Henry Esq. M.P. White House, Coalbrookdale

Whitmore Thomas Charlton Esq. Apley Hall

Whitmore William Wolrych, Esq. Dudmaston Hall

Wier Mr. John, Squirrel cottage

Wolryche Stephen, Esq. Quatford


Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Baker Ann, (boarding), High st

BLUE COAT SCHOOL, Northgate—William Bower, master

EARDINGTON SCHOOL, Eardingtn—Charles Bazley, master; Mary Jane Bazley,

GRAMMAR SCHOOL, St. Leonard’s churchyard—Rev. Henry G. Merriman, master

Kirtland Mary, Whitburn st

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Listley street—Samuel Jackson, master; Hannah Burrows,

NATIONAL SCHOOL (St. Mary’s), Spital street, Low town—William Carter,
master; Elizabeth W. Carter, mistress

NORTON SCHOOL, Norton—Charles Medcalf, master

QUATFORD SCHOOL, Mary Lambert, mistress

Thompson Margaret (boarding), Castle hill

Tilley Lindsey, Listley st


Backhouse Richard Onions, Whitburn street

Gitton Thomas, High st

Hardwick Thomas B. Whitburn st

Haslewood Edward Wm. (& clerk to the borough magistrates), East Castle

Potts & Gordon, High st

Smith John Jacob (& town clerk), St. Leonard’s churchyard

Sparkes Arndell Francis (& notary public, and clerk to the board of
guardians), St. John st, Low town

Vicars Henry East Castle st


Nock & Wilson, High st

Perry & Phillips, High st


Austin Benjamin, High st

Baker John, Cartway

Evans John, High st

Lee William, Underhill st

Lewis John, East Castle st

Long Henry, High st

Matthews Thomas, Listley st

Ormerod William, High st

Peters Ann, Listley st

Roberts Wm. St. John st, Low town

Warman William, Whitburn st

Weale George, Listley st


Cooper & Purton, High st—(draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London)

Pritchards’ Boycott and Nicholas, Waterloo terr.—(draw on Barnetts’,
Hoares’ & Co. London)

SAVINGS’ BANK, Bank st—Alfred S. Trevor, secretary


Arkinstall Abraham, Norton

Binnall Francis, Whitburn st

Binnall John, Whitburn st

Bishop John, Back lane

Brown John, Morville

Fryer John, Eardington

Phillips Walter, Underhill st

Pope Alexander, Mill st. Low town

Tonkiss John, Listley st

Wellings Benjamin, St. John st. Low town


Edkins Clement (& publisher of the Bridgworth Journal), High st

Gitton George Robert (printer and commission agent), High st

Partridge Charlotte, Waterloo terr

Rowley Brothers (& music sellers), High st


Badham Henry, High st

Badham Joseph, East Castle st

Beman Richard, High st

Bright Samuel, St. Mary st

Elcock James, Mill st. Low town

Felton John, High st

Gregory John, Oldbury wells

Hartley John, Cartway

Harrison John, Cartway

Hughes Edward, West Castle st

Hughes John, St. John st, Low town

Lewis Ann & Son, High st

Lloyd Fredck. St. John st, Low town

Milner William, Waterloo terrace

Reynolds Thomas, Whitburn st

Ringwood James, Bernard’s hill

Wall Francis, Morville

Whatmore John, High st

Williams James, Listley st


Baker James, Listley st

Broadfield William, Cartway

Coley Thomas, Whitburn st

Glase Joseph Minton, High st

Hill William Whitehouse, High st


Bate John, Listley st

Case James, Pound st

Foxall Francis, East Castle st

Gower Thomas, New town

Heyward Michael, Bernard’s hill

Sutton George, St. John’s street


Baker George, Whitburn st

Boaler Enoch, High st

Boaler Valentine, Cartway

Bowen Edmund Farmer, Castle terr

Brown Charles, High st

Brown Thomas W. St. Mary st

Cureton Benjamin James, High st

Edwards John, St. Mary’s st

Hall John, St. John st, Low town

Maun Thomas, Bridge st, Low town

Milner William, Listley st

Perry William, St. Mary st

Reynolds John, High st

Roberts Thomas, Listley st

Rowley William, Underhill st

Townshend William, High st


Cartwright Richd. (& carver), High st

Harrop William, Whitburn st

Jones Dodo Davis, High st

Perry & Phillips, High st


Grierson Jas. B. & Thos. (& worsted spinners), Pale Meadow Mill

Southwells & Co. (and worsted spinners), TOWN MILLS, and 29 Cannon st.
West, _London_


Load—Thomas Augustin Jackson, manager


Coley William, Mill st, Low town

Fisher George, High st

Leake & Smith, High st

M‘Michael Elizabeth & Son, High st

Steward William, High st

Yate Joseph, Waterloo terrace


Liner William, Bridge st, Low town

Meredith Richard, High st


Lateward John, West Castle st

Pearce Frederick, Northgate

Warner John, New town


Bradley Samuel, Underhill st

Brown William, Underhill st

Doughty Richard (& bricks, Roman cement &c.), Underhill st

Doughty William (& bricks, Roman cement &c.), Underhill st

Hayward Alfred, Underhill st

Longmore Henry, Underhill st

Pickard John, Whitburn st

Preece William, Friar st

Reese William, River side

Rutter Solomon, Listley st

Salt Mary, St. John st, Low town

Wilson Andrew, Mill st, Low town


Cox John, Listley st

Lewis John, East Castle st

Long Henry, High st

Roberts Wm. St. John st, Low town

Southwell George, High st


Gwynn Charles, Cartway

Hayes Charles, Listley st

Jones Elisha, Mill st, Low town

Yardley Daniel, Whitburn st


Lewis Francis, Underhill st

M‘Michael Charles Edward, West Castle st


BIRMINGHAM, Elizabeth M‘Michael & Son, High st

CROWN, Richard Taylor, High st

GLOBE, Jos. Lloyd Whatmore, High st

MANCHESTER, John L. Bennett, West Castle st

PHŒNIX, Charlotte Partridge, Waterloo terrace

SALOP, Nock & Nelson, High st


SUN, William Reynolds, St. John st, Low town


Davis Thomas (and fishmonger & dealer in game), High st

Tyler George, Northgate


Jones Dodo Davis, High st

Watford William, Cartway


Bromage Thos. Mill st, Low town

Mann John, Bridge st, Low town

Wright John, Northgate


(_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._)

Baker John, Cartway

Burton William, High st

Callant George, High st

Coley William, Mill st, Low tows

Cook Richard, High st

Fisher George, High st

Instan Ann, Bridge st. Low town

Jefferies & Co. High st

Lewis Francis, Underhill st

M‘Michael Elizabeth & Son, High st

Mathews Thomas, Listley st

Southwell Rbt. Baker, West Castle st

Yate Joseph, Waterloo terrace


Botwood Beniah, Waterloo terrace

Botwood Benjamin, Mill st, Low twn

Botwood Benjamin, High st

Botwood Bernard, St. Mary st

Curtis Thomas, Bridge st, Low town

Evason Edward, St Mary st

Milner Thomas, Cartway


Ellis Langslow, High st

Whatmore Joseph Lloyd, High st


Bangham Thomas & Benjamin, St. Leonard’s churchyard

Deighton Thomas, Castle terrace

Mapp Thomas, Mill st, Low town

Smith James (seed), West Castle st


Bowen Henry, Waterloo terrace

Edwards Matthew, High st

Hughes Wm. Bridge st, Low town

Nock Edward, High st

Whatmore Joseph Lloyd, High st


Castle, Samuel Whitefoot, High st

Crown and Royal (and posting), Thomas Whitefoot, High st

Raven, Charles Clayton, Whitburn st


Barker Joanna (and brass), Underhill st

Pope Alexander, Mill st, Low town


Gill Robert (& gas fitter), High st

Glase Joseph Minton, High st

Hill William Whitehouse, High st

Turnbull James, High st


Andrews John, New town

Baker John, West Castle st

Gittins John, New town

Hallding Samuel, East Castle st

Lewis John, West Castle st

Lewis Richard, Northgate

Overton William, Stoneway steps

Page William, New town

Parker John, Whitburn st

Pickard John, Whitburn st

Powell Thomas, Whitburn st

Rea William, Listley st


Nock Edwin, High st

Webb George, St. Mary st


Bowen Henry, Waterloo terrace

Bromwich Thomas, High st

Corser Thomas, High st

Grierson Jas. Brown, Waterloo terr

Pidduck William, High st


Hardy John, Cartway

Piper Thomas, Cartway


Boucher Benjamin, St. Mary st

Deighton Thomas, Castle terrace

Jones William, Underhill st

Lewis John, East Castle st

Mann John, Bridge st, Low town

Mapp Thomas, Mill st, Low town

Oakes Francis, Underhill st

Price John, Listley st

Ridley Edwd. & Saml. Mill st, Low twn

Salt Mary, St. John st, Low town

Weston Elias, Mill st, Low town

Whitefoot Thomas, High st


Elcock William, St. Mary st

Green John, Harpsford Mill

Minchin Humphrey, Daniel’s Mill

Ridley Edwd. & Saml. Mill st, Low twn


Ball Mary Ann (and straw bonnet) High street

Banks Elizabeth, Bernard’s hill

Bates Ellen, Town’s end

Giles Harriet, West Castle st

Hughes Eliz. St. John st, Low town

Nicholas Mary Ann, St. Mary st

Nock Harriet, High st

Onions Edith, High st

Partridge Maria, St. Mary st

Pope Hannah, West Castle st

Southwell Maria (and straw bonnet) St. Mary street

Watkins Jane, St. Mary st


Brown & Crump, Whitburn st

Corser Thomas, West Castle st

Hughes William, Mill st, Low town

Nicholas Richard, East Castle st

Nichols Henry, Northgate

Norwood Samuel, St. Mary st


Jones William, Underhill st

Lewis Ann & Son, High st

Whitefoot Thomas, High st


Clayton Charles, High st

Evans Henry, High st

Garbett Thomas, Whitburn st

Jehu William, High st

Munday John Hudson, St. Mary st


Baker John, Cartway

Barker Thomas, St Mary st

Cheese Mary, Bridge st, Low town

Gower Fanny, Pound st

Hall Thomas, Underhill st

Jenkins Mary, Whitburn st

Jones John, Northgate

Jones Richard, St. Mary st

Lawley John, Bridge st, Low town

Lay Thomas, Friars st

Owen Thomas, Ebenezer place

Owen Thomas, Quatford

Page William, Whitburn st

Paget Elizabeth, Whitburn st

Perry William, St. Mary st

Peters Ann, Listley st

Ponsonby Sarah, Eardington

Robinson Walter, Norton

Scott Gabriel, St. John st, Low town

Tipton Thomas, Whitburn st

Winsley Thomas, Pound st


Collins Richard, Whitburn st

Elcock Edward, New town

Gower Thomas, New town


Ludlow William Henry, Mill street, Low town

Mathias Alfred, Underhill st

Phillips John, Whitburn st

Smith Sidney Stedman, Infirmary

Thursfield William, High st


Brown John (of roads), St. Mary st

Griffiths Robert (and architect and builder), Quatford

Taylor Richd. (& land agent), High st


                     Marked thus * are also Drapers.

* Ball Thomas, High st

Bower John, St. John st, Low town

Bradney Thomas, West Castle st

Bristow Thomas, Pound st

Brown Richard, Whitburn st

Cox William B. Pound st

Dudley Richard, Listley st

* Hall George, High st

Hall Thomas, Underhill st

Hughes Wm. St. Leonard’s churchyard

Jones William, Whitburn st

* Lyster Thomas, West Castle st

Perry Thomas, Spiral st, Low town

Pinner Hezekiah, West Castle st

Pursall James, West Castle st

Roberts Thomas, St. Mary st

Swayne James, Church steps

Swayne William, Whitburn st

Tonkiss Richard, Whitburn st

Walford William, Cartway

* Williams David, High st


Acton Arms, Ann Taylor, Morville

Ball, James Lowe, East Castle st

Bandon Arms, Mary Ann & Susanna Elcock, Mill st, Low town

Bear, John Bishop, Northgate

Bell, George Evans, High st

Bell & Talbot, Richd. Evans, Salop st

Bird in the Hand, John Parker, West Castle st

Black Horse, John Mann, Bridge st, Low town

Boar’s Head, Henry B. Yapp, Tasley

Britannia, Wm. Brown, Underhill st

Bricklayer’s Arms, Ann Piper, Listley street

Brown Bear, John Bishop, Northgate

Bull, Elizabeth Southwell, Bridge st, Low town

Bull’s Head, Elizabeth Mathews, Listley st

Commercial Inn, William Davies, Salop st

Coopers’ Arms, Addison Evans, Cartway

Cross Keys, John Reynolds, High st

Crown, Wm. Hudson, Eardington

Falcon, George Reese, St. John st, Low town

Fox, John Davies, Quatford

Fox, John Hancox, St. John st, Low town

Golden Lion, Chas. Austin, High st

Greyhound, Robt. Milner, Listley st

Harp, John Price, High st

Hen & Chickens, William Haynes, St. Mary st

Hop Pole, Henry Holt, Underhill st

King’s Head, Geo. Edwards (& posting house), Whitburn st

New Inn, Jas. Andrews, St. Mary st

Old Castle, William Hall, West Castle street

Old Friar, Sarah Adams, Friars st

Pheasant, Henry F. Langford, Whitburn street

Plough, Mary Salt, St. John street, Low town

Red Lion, Henry Longmore, Underhill st

Red Lion, Henry Wilkes, Quatford

Robin Hood, Wm. Bate, Listley st

Royal Oak, George Perry, High st

Shakspere, Francis Foxall, East Castle st

Spread Eagle, Richard Parker, St. Mary st

Squirrel, Thomas Charles Burrows, Pound st

Star, John Doughty, Underhill st

Swan, Emma Atcherley, High st

United Kingdom, Henry Wright, Mill st, Low town

Vine, Thomas Maun, Mill st, Low town

White Lion, James Cooper, West Castle st

Whitmore Arms, Margrt. Summers, Norton

Woodman, Edwd. Elcock, Newtown


Beech Rupert, St. John st, Low town

Bennett Margaret, Underhill st

Blount John, St. John st, Low town

Broadfield John H. Underhill st

Colins Richard, Whitburn st

Churms John, Newtown

Dallaway Thomas, Northgate

Doughty Richard, Underhill st

Giles Eleanor, Whitburn st

Gower Thomas, Newtown

Groves George, Salop st

Harman William, Cartway

Hayward Michael, Bernard’s hill

Lowe Edward, Bernard’s hill

Lloyd William, St. Mary st

Page William, Newtown

Perry William, Salop st

Phillips Walter, St. John’s steps

Pickard John, Whitburn st

Preece William, Cartway

Reese John, Friars st

Rutter Mary, Listley st

Thomas James, Knowl sands

Tyler John, Cartway

Walford William, Cartway

Watson Thomas, near High Rock

Wellings Elizabeth, West Castle st

Wilson Andrew, Mill st, Low town


Elcock Thomas, Mill st, Low town

Oakes William (and ship builder), Underhil st


Phillips Daniel, Foundry st

Southern Elizabeth, Whitburn st


Brickley Anne, High st

Doharty Martin, Listley st

Evason Edward, St. Mary st


Atcherley James Rennell, High st

Bradshaw Henry Ainsworth, Saint Mary street


Barber Edwin, Waterloo terrace

Burroughs Rowland K. High st

Pearson James Molesworth, (and dentist), St Mary st

Woodward Edmund J. High st


Lloyd John, Salop st

Pearce William, West Castle st

Perry John, Bernard’s hill

Preece Benjamin, East Castle st

Price Benjamin, Whitburn st


Downes John, High st

Jones William, Underhill st

Lewis Anne & Son, High st

Whitefoot Thomas, High st


Bagnall Mary, clothes dealer, Listley st

Baker James, cutler, Listley st

Baker Joseph, rope maker, Whitburn st

Batte William D. coroner, East Castle st

Bennett John L. tax collectr, West Castle st

Cureton Benjamin, registrar of births and deaths, High street

Doughty Richard, wharfinger, Underhill st

Fowles Mary Ann, dyer, Whitburn st

Goalby John, haberdasher, High st

Gwynn James, basket maker, Salop st

Hughes Ann, pawnbroker, St. Leonard’s Church yard

Jefferies & Co. tallow chandlers, High st

Jones Dodo Davis, parish clerk, High st

Nock & Wilson, corn factors, High st

Rutter Benjamin, nail maker, Bernard’s hill

Sewell John, professor of music, Church st

Sing & Macmichael, tanners, Mill street, Low Town

Williams Charles, land steward, Morville Hall

Williams Fanny Evans, Berlin wool repository, High st

Williams Thos. gun manufacturer, High st


ST. LEONARD’S CHURCH—Rev. George Bellett, A.M. incumbent; Rev. Charles
Isaac Powie, curate

ST. MARY’S CHURCH—Rev. William Knox Marshall, A.M. incumbent; Rev. Henry
Bolland, curate

ST. MARY MACDALENE’S CHURCH, Quatford—Rev. George Leigh Wasey, incumbent

ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH, Morville—Rev. George Leigh Wasey, incumbent; Rev.
John Clarke, curate

STOCKTON CHURCH, Stockton—Rev. Charles Whitmore, incumbent; Rev.
Stuteville Isaacson, curate

BAPTIST CHAPEL, West Castle street—Rev. Alfred Tilley

INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Stoneway steps—Rev. David D. Evans

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, Low Churchway

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL, High st—Rev. Francis O’Neill, priest

IRVINGITE CHAPEL, East Castle st—Rev. John H. Cooper


                         WORKHOUSE, Innage lane.

_Governor_—Seth Bennett Barber

_Matron_—Mary Bennett Barber

_Chaplain_—Rev. W. A. Marshall

_House Surgeon_—William Thursfield


_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_Clerk_—John Jacob Smith

                                * * * * *

GAOL, Whitburn st—Geo. Ross, keeper

GAS WORKS, Friars street—John Horton, manager

INFIRMARY, New Town—Sidney Stedman Smith, house surgeon

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE—George Westcott, supervisor

MECHANICS’ INSTITUTE, High street—Lloyd Whatmore, treasurer; Rev. D.
Evans, secretary

POLICE STATION, East Castle street—William Baxter, superintendent

STAMP OFFICE, Waterloo terrace—Joseph Yate, distributer

SUBSCRIPTION LIBRARY, Castle hill—Ann Pinkstone, librarian

WATER WORKS, Shiffnall road—Henry Crutchley, manager


To KIDDERMINSTER, an _Omnibus_, from the Castle Inn, High street, every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To SHIFFNALL, an _Omnibus_, from the King’s Head, Whitburn street, and
the Great Western Railway Co.’s Office, bottom of High street, every
morning at nine and afternoon at half-past three.

To SHIFFNALL and NEWPORT, the _Royal Mail_ (with parcels), every evening
at a quarter before seven.

To STOURBRIDGE, an _Omnibus_, from the Bell, High street, every Saturday
evening at five.

To WELLINGTON, an _Omnibus_, from the Castle Inn, High st, every morning
at half-past seven.

To WOLVERHAMPTON, the _Hero_, from the Crown and Royal Oak, every morning
at eight.


The nearest _Station_ is at SHIFFNALL, 10 miles N.E. from Bridgnorth, on
the Great Western line.  For conveyance thereto see above.


To KIDDERMINSTER, — Sefton, from the Star Inn, Low Town, every Mon. Wed.
and Saturday evening at five.

To MUNSLOW, a Van, from the Raven Inn, every Saturday aftern. at three.

To WENLOCK, — Jones, from the Crow Keys Inn, every Sat. afternoon at


To CHURCH STRETTON, — Jones, from the Bell, Sat. afternoon at three.

To SHIFFNALL STATION, a Wagon, from the Great Western Railway Co.’s
Office, bottom of High st, daily.

To WENLOCK, — Clayton, from the Bell, Saturday afternoon at three.

To WOLVERHAMPTON, Richard Beeston’s Wagon, from the Crown and Royal Oak,


and BRISTOL, Benjn. Devy, from — Jones’ wharf, three times a week.

To COALPORT, IRONBRIDGE, SHREWSBURY, &c. from the River side, twice a
week—Richard Doughty, wharfinger.


BROSELEY is a parish in the franchise of Wenlock—the market town is 146
miles N.W. from London, 13 S.E. from Shrewsbury, 4 E. from Wenlock, and 7
from Wellington, at present the nearest railway station.  It is situated
on the Severn, which river separates it from Madeley, Ironbridge, and
Coalbrookdale.  In ancient records it is written _Burwardesley_, probably
deriving that appellation from a family named Burward, to which it
formerly belonged.  Its extent and importance are owing to the numerous
mines of coal and ironstone abounding in the neighbourhood.  It consists
principally of one long street, with smaller ones branching off
irregularly, leading to the different collieries and other works.  The
produce of the former is chiefly appropriated to the supply of iron
foundries, and in the manufacture of fire-bricks, tiles and
tobacco-pipes—the last mentioned being an article for which Broseley has
long been noted.  The town is within the jurisdiction of the borough of
Wenlock.  Courts leet for the manor are held in the town-hall, a handsome
brick building, in April and October, at the latter of which four
constables are appointed; and a court of requests, for the recovery of
debts under 40s. was generally held on alternate Wednesdays, until the
new county court acts came into operation, by which debts can be
recovered to the amount of £50.: this court is held at Madeley, and
Broseley is included within its jurisdiction.  The parish church of All
Saints, erected on the site of Saint Leonard’s, and first opened for
divine service in 1845, is a beautiful chaste structure.  The living is a
rectory, in the patronage of Lord Forester; the present incumbent is the
Hon. and Rev. O. W. W. Forester.  The other places of worship are St.
Mary’s chapel of ease, at Jackfield, and chapels for Baptists,
Independents, and Methodists.  The market is held on Wednesday, and a
fair on the last Tuesday in April.  The parish of Broseley contained, in
1841, 4,829 inhabitants, and in 1851, 4,739.

MADELEY, or _Madeley Market_, is a parish, in the same franchise as
Broseley—the town extending to COALBROOKDALE, which is accounted a part
of it, and connected therewith in its trade and history.  The iron works
in this parish are considerable, and employ a great number of hands.  The
Coalbrookdale Company, so celebrated for the beautiful specimens of
wrought iron, which were sent by them to the Great Exhibition of 1851,
have their works here.  The famous iron bridge, which at this place
bestrides the Severn, and gives name to a part of the parish, was
constructed here in 1779.  All the principal parts were erected in three
months, without any accident to the works or workmen, or the least
obstruction to the navigation of the river.  The span of the arch is one
hundred feet six inches, and the height, from the base line to the
centre, forty feet, the total weight of iron being three hundred and
seventy-eight tons.  This fine work has every claim to attention as an
effort of great mechanical genius.  Madeley had at one time a well
attended market, which was removed by the lord of the manor (Joseph
Reynolds, Esq.) to IRONBRIDGE, a place of rising importance in this
parish, situated on the banks of the Severn.  The magistrates assemble in
petty sessions at Ironbridge every sixth week on a Tuesday, and Madeley
is included in the twenty-seventh circuit of county Court towns under the
new acts for the recovery of debts not exceeding £50.  A railway (which
will be of great importance to this district) is projected—it will run
from Shrewsbury to Kidderminster, and will be called the Severn Valley
fine.  The places of worship are the parish church of Saint Michael; the
new church of Saint Luke at Ironbridge, and one at Coalbrookdale,
dedicated to the Holy Trinity; and chapels for the Society of Friends,
Roman Catholics, and Wesleyan Methodists.  The living of Madeley is a
discharged vicarage, in the gift of Sir Edward Kynaston, Bart.  The House
of Industry, erected here in 1797, at a cost of £1,000., is a convenient

At COALPORT, two miles from Ironbridge, are the china manufactories,
which are well worth the inspection of the visitant; as indeed is the
whole of this curious and romantic neighbourhood; where may be seen
winding glens, vast hills, and hanging woods: while the bosom of the
noble Severn, which so essentially contributes to the prosperity of this
district, in bearing away the articles produced here, adds also to the
general beauty of the country through which it glides.  There is also a
chair manufactory belonging to Messrs. Edge & Son, who were awarded a
prize medal at the Great Exhibition of 1851.  The market is held on
Friday at Ironbridge, and a fair at Madeley May 29th.  The parish of
Madeley contained, in 1841, 7,368 inhabitants, and in 1851, 8,522.

BENTHALL is a parish—the village being situated within the liberties of
Wenlock, nearly four miles from the town of that name.  There are pottery
works in this neighbourhood, which give employment to many of the
inhabitants; and the river Severn, which flows through the parish,
provides the means of distributing the articles manufactured to various
parts.  The parish church of St. Bartholomew is the only place of
worship.  The living of Benthall is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of
the vicar of Much Wenlock; the Rev. William H. Wayne is the present
incumbent.  Population of the parish, according to the returns made in
1841, 587, and by those for 1851, 530.

DAWLEY MAGNA is a populous parish, comprising the townships of DAWLEY
PARVA or LITTLE DAWLEY, and MALINS LEE, and the market town of DAWLEY or
DAWLEY GREEN—the last named situated about two miles N. from Madeley, and
four miles W. by S. from Shiffnall, a station on the Shrewsbury and
Chester and the Shrewsbury and Birmingham railways.  There are extensive
coal, iron, lime, and tile works in the parish, with numerous tram-roads
or railways in connection with them.  The parish church of St. Leonard
(or the Holy Trinity) is situated in Dawley Parva, and there are chapels
of ease at Little Dawley and Malins Lee.  The living of Dawley Magna is a
perpetual curacy, in the gift, conjointly, of two private families.  The
market is held on Saturday, and a fair on the 4th of June.  The parish
contained, in 1841, 8,641 inhabitants, and in 1851, 9,201.

POST OFFICE.  BROSELEY, Fanny Baker, _Post Mistress_.—Letters from LONDON
and all parts arrive (from WELLINGTON) every morning at six, and are
despatched thereto at seven in the evening.

POST OFFICE, MADELEY, Thomas Munday, _Post Master_.—Letters from LONDON
and all parts arrive every morning at half-past six, and are despatched
at a quarter-past six in the evening.

POST OFFICE, IRONBRIDGE, Joseph Slater, _Post Master_.—Letters from
LONDON and all parts arrive every morning at half-past five, and are
despatched at five minutes before eight in the evening.

POST OFFICE, DAWLEY, Samuel Deakin, _Post Master_.—Letters from LONDON
and all parts arrive every morning at half-past five, and are despatched
at a quarter before eight in the evening.


Anstice John, Esq. (magistrate), the Lloyds

Bartlett Rev. John, Parsonage, Marnwood

Cooper Mrs. Ann, Madeley

Croker Rev. Michael George, Sutton wharf

Darby Abraham, Esq. Chesnut House, Coalbrookdale

Darby Mrs. Lucy, Dale House, Coalbrookdale

Darby Richard, Esq., Coalbrookdale

Dickenson Henry, Esq. Severn Hse

Eastwick Mr. John, Madeley

Edwards Mr. Edward, Madeley

Evans Mrs. Martha Maria, High st, Broseley

Farmer Miss Ann, Madeley

Ferriday Mr. Charles, Madeley

Forester Lord Geo. C. W. Willey Park

Forester the Honble. & Rev. Orlando Watkin Weld, Rectory, Broseley

Goodwin Mr. George, Terrace Villa, Ironbridge

Graham Mr. Thomas, Coalbrookdale

Gwyther Rev. James Henry, A.M. Vicarage, Madeley

Harris Rev. William, Dawley Green lane

Hayes Rev. John, Coalbrookdale

Jetter Rev. John, Ironbridge

Lumley Mr. Charles, Sutton

Molloy Rev. William, Madeley

Morris Rev. James Dawley

Morris Mr. John Cox, Broseley

Owen Mr. Thomas, Coalbrookdale

Pattrick Miss Mary Ann, Madeley

Pritchard George, Esq. (magistrate), Broseley

Pritchard John, Esq. M.P. Broseley

Pugh William, Esq. Coalport

Richards Rev. William, Dawley

Roden Miss Mary, Benthall

Rose William, Esq. Rock House

Rose Mrs. —, Madeley

Shepherd Mr. Levi, Dawley green la

Trigger Mrs. Elizbth., Little Dawley

Veale Rev. Henry, Broseley

Yate Joseph, Esq. Madeley Hall


Not otherwise described are Day Schools

BRITISH SCHOOL, Poole hill, Dawley—Henry Ryder, master

BRITISH SCHOOLS, Coalbrookdale—Isaac Onions, master; Anne Barton,

Fletcher James, Dawley

Harris Rev. William, Dawley Green lane

INFANT SCHOOL, Dawley—Mary Gough, mistress

INFANT SCHOOL, Coalbrookdale—Helen Barton, mistress

Johnston John (boarding & day), Brockholes


Broseley—George Ledger, master; Matilda Ryalls, mistress; Martha Ann
Ryalls, teacher of infants

Dawley Green—William Sandercock, master

Jackfield—Edwin Prior, master

Madeley—Thomas Moore, master; Ellen Moore, mistress; Rebecca Price,
mistress of infants

Malins Lee—Seth Johnson, mstr

PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Ironbridge—Jane Trigg, mistress

Parsons Aurora, the Lloyds


Timmiss Mary (boarding), Coalbrookdale

Wilson George (boarding and day), Dawley


Harvey John, Broseley

Leadbetter Enoch, Broseley

Munday Thomas, Madeley

Nevitt Enoch, Broseley

Poole James G. Dawley bank

Weare William, Ironbridge


                 (_See also Fire_, _&c. Office Agents_.)

Anstice William Reynolds (to Joseph Reynolds, Esq.), Ironbridge

Evans Edwin R. (estate), Broseley

Jones George (mining agent, and surveyor to James Foster, Esq.), Madeley

Leadbetter Enoch (house), Broseley

Milner Betsy (to Crowley & Co., carriers), Ironbridge

Pearce Francis (iron & coal), Madeley Court

Pugh Thomas (general), Madeley

Whiteley James (to the Coalport Porcelain Company), Coalport


Anstice Wm. Reynolds, Ironbridge

Potts & Gordon, Broseley


Hartshorne George, Broseley

Leadbetter Enoch, Broseley

Weare William, Ironbridge


Barclay John, Ironbridge

Clarke James, Madeley

Evans John, Broseley

Everall Elizabeth, Broseley

Jones Fanny, Dawley

Jones Samuel, Broseley wood

Lee Henry, Broseley

Milner George Jacob, Ironbridge

Onions & Son, Madeley

Onions Isaac, Madeley

Pountney Edwin, Broseley

Randles George H. Madeley

Rogers Mary, Ironbridge

Walker Henry, Madeley

Wordley John, Dawley


Pritchards’, Boycott & Nicholas, Broseley—(draw on Barnett’s, Hoares’ &
Co. London)

SHROPSHIRE BANKING COMPANY, (Coalbrookdale branch), Ironbridge—(draw on
the Union Bank of London)—Henry C. T. Dickenson, manager

SAVINGS’ BANKS, Ironbridge and Dawley—(open every alternate Monday)—Wm.
Smith, actuary


Beard Thomas, Werps

Burton John & Edward, Ironbridge

Davies James, Coalford

Davies Thomas Coalford

Dodd Andrew, Salthouse

Doughty George, Salthouse

Doughty Robert, Salthouse

Doughty Theophilus Coalford

Exley William, Jackfield

Lloyd Henry, Jackfield

Lloyd Thomas, Salthouse

Oakes Francis, Salthouse

Owen Benjamin, Ironbridge

Owen Edwd. bottom of Coalbrookdle

Parker Benjamin, Coalford

Reynolds John, Salthouse

Roden Samuel, Benthall

Transom James, Salthouse

Yates Francis & John, Ironbridge


Gwynn Enoch, Broseley

Roderick Joseph, Broseley


Brown Edward, Jackfield

Browne William, Jackfield

Cock James, Little Dawley

Davies Richard, Ironbridge

Dorsett Thomas, Madeley

Edwards John, Ironbridge

Edwards Joseph, Lloyd head

Garbett Joseph, Broseley

Gittins John, the Court

Instone Joshua, Benthall

Merrington Chas. Finger lane, Dawley

Morris Richard, Madeley

Parish Charles, Dawley

Poole James, Dawley Green lane

Robinson Thomas, Broseley

Rushton Samuel (& manufacturers of hurdles, pallisades, gates, fencing,
&c. and all descriptions of wrought iron work), Madeley

Sheward John, Little Dawley

Spragg & Hinsley, Madeley wood

Walton Richard, Ironbridge


Chune Geo. & Jos., Coalbrookdale

Gother Edward (barge), Benthall

Griffiths Thomas (canal), Coalport


                         (_See also Stationers_.)

Slater Joseph, Ironbridge & Dawley

Smith George M. (& dealer in paper hangings, oilcloths, picture frames
and patent medicines), Ironbridge


Bailey Benjamin, Coalbrookdale

Barker John, Madeley

Bate John V. Madeley

Bray Moses, Finger lane, Dawley

Burnet Isaac, Broseley

Cadwallader John, Madeley

Caswell John, Madeley

Claybrook William, Salthouse

Crowther John, Madeley wood

Cureton Richard, Ironbridge

Dodd Richard, Ironbridge

Evans Joseph, Dawley Green lane

Ford John, Ironbridge

Garbitt Robert, Dawley

Glaze Francis, Broseley

Hartshorne Edward, Broseley

Jones Thomas, Madeley lane

Littleford William, Madeley

Lloyd Robert, Dawley

Madelin John, Benthall

Mansell Thomas, Dawley

Mason James, Broseley

Mason Thomas, Dawley

Powell Charles, Broseley

Price Thomas, Madeley green

Price William, Broseley

Roberts Charles, Madeley

Roberts John, Coalbrookdale

Roberts Samuel, Ironbridge

Roberts Thomas, Ironbridge

Rogers George, Benthall

Smallman William, Broseley

Smith Richard, Dawley

Smith Thomas, Madeley

Stodd John, Ironbridge

Stodd William, Coalbrookdale

Thompson John, Broseley

Turner Richard, Madeley

Waste Samuel, Benthall

Watkin Richard, Broseley

Weeks John, Broseley

White John, Salthouse


Bartlam Charles, Ironbridge

Child Thomas, Broseley

Fenton John, Ironbridge & Broseley

Fenton Samuel, Madeley

Gill John, Dawley


Burton John & Edward, Ironbridge


Cooke Henry, Dawley

Davies James, Coalford

Davies Thomas, Coalford

Davies William, Lloyd head

Davis George & Co, Coalport

Davis Jno. Tweedale & Madeley Wood

Doughty Theophilus, Coalford

Exley William (and manufacturer of encaustic tiles), Jackfield


MADELEY WOOD COMPANY (fire brick), Madeley Wood

Maw & Co. (and manufacturer of encaustic tiles), Benthall

Onions John, Broseley

Rowland John & Son, Jackfield

Smith Samuel & Co. Woodlands, Madeley

Taylor William, Lightmore


Barclay John, Ironbridge

Farmer John, Ironbridge

Nevett Thomas & Co. Ironbridge

Nickless James, Madeley Wood

Squires Richard, Broseley


                   (_See also under the head Joiners_.)

Barclay John, Ironbridge

Exley William, Jackfield

Nevett Thomas & Co. Ironbridge

Smith Thomas, Madeley


Bailey Henry, Dawley

Bailey John, Dawley

Barnett Thomas, Ironbridge

Bills Jeremiah, Broseley

Brown William, Dawley

Cartwright Charles, Broseley and Ironbridge

Cartwright George, Madeley

Cartwright George, Broseley

Cartwright James, Broseley

Cartwright John, Broseley

Cooke Joseph, Broseley

Corfield Thomas, Broseley

Crump William, Broseley

Davis Samuel, Broseley

Delves Joseph, Ironbridge

Dyas William, Ironbridge & Madeley

Everall Robert, Broseley

Guy Thomas (pork), Dawley

Harper John, Coalport

Harvey John, Broseley

Lewis George, Dawley

Page John, Ironbridge

Page William, Madeley

Poole Charles, Ironbridge

Taylor William, Broseley & Ironbrdge

Wilcox Bernard, Ironbridge

Wilcox John, Madeley green

Wilcox William, Madeley Wood

Wotton Herbert, Broseley


Marked thus * are also Upholsterers.

* Barker John, Dawley

Currier Joseph, Madeley

* Davies George, Ironbridge

Hartshorne George, Broseley

* Jones William, Ironbridge

Lloyd Hiram, Broseley

Turley Thomas, Broseley

Watkis Miles, Dawley Green lane

* Williams James, Madeley


Edge & Son (flat & improved round chains and cables for mining purposes,
&c.) Coalport

Harris James, Finger lane, Dawley

Poole James, Dawley Green lane


                         (_See also Druggists_.)

Davies George, Dawley

Green John, Dawley

Hartshorne William H. T. Ironbridge

Sharpe Walter, Madeley


Hayman John (glass), Broseley

Higgins Mary Ann, Ironbridge

Latham John, Ironbridge

Street Herbert, Madeley


Rose John & Co., Coalport—warehouses, Newcastle street, Strand, _London_;
King street, _Manchester_, and Wyle cop, _Shrewsbury_


COALBROOKDALE COMPANY, Coalbrookdale and Horsehay

Evans George, Broseley

Foster Wm. Orme, Madeley Court & Calcut—Francis Pearce, agent

Holmes William, Broseley

Langford George & Thomas, Broseley

LANGLEYFIELD COMPANY, Langleyfield—Arthur Hinde, manager


Onions John, Broseley

Raspass, Patten & Plimbley, Clonebury Colliery, Broseley


Cox William, Ironbridge

Jones George, Broseley

Roberts Richard, Ironbridge

Williams William, Ironbridge


Bailey George, Madeley & Dawley

Burton John & Edward, Ironbridge

Cooke Henry, Dawley

Owen Benjamin, Ironbridge

Owen Edward, bottom of Coalbrookdale

Yates Francis & John (and coal), Ironbridge


Cherrington Thomas, Ironbridge

Pierce Richard R. Dawley

Stirrop Robert, Ironbridge

Summers Richard, Dawley


Deakin Thomas, Dawley

Oakley Jesse, Broseley

Roberts & Deakin, Little Dawley

Smith Charles William, Ironbridge


ALLIANCE, Thomas Graham, Coalbrookdale

BIRMINGHAM (fire), John Harvey, Broseley

CLERICAL, MEDICAL & GENERAL (life), George Mortimer Smith, Ironbridge,
and John Harvey, Broseley

CROWN, Enoch Leadbetter, Broseley

MANCHESTER, Joseph Slater, Ironbridge

MITRE (life), John A. Barnett, Ironbridge

NORWICH UNION, Edward Smith, Park lane, Madeley

SALOP, John Jones, Benthall

SHROPSHIRE & NORTH WALES, William Weare, Ironbridge

STAR (life), Joseph Slater, Ironbrdg

SUN, Edwin Robert Evans, Broseley

UNITY (fire, life & general), Edwin R. Evans, Broseley


                     (_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._)

Bailey George, Madeley & Dawley

Bailey William, Coalbrookdale

Bartley Thomas, Madeley & Dawley

Bason Edward, Dawley

Booth Thomas B. Dawley

Burnet John, Broseley

Clarke William, Coalbrookdale

Clayton Edwin, Dawley

Cooke Henry, Dawley

Davis George, Dawley

Dax William, Ironbridge

Dyas William, Madeley

Franks Benjamin, Madeley Wood

Greenhalgh William, Dawley

Hammond Thomas, Ironbridge

Harvey John, Broseley

Hill Hiram, Broseley

Humphries John, Broseley

Instone Richard (and hop dealer), Broseley

Instone Samuel, Broseley

Latham John, Ironbridge

Lewis George W. Broseley

Lewis James, Dawley

Lloyd George, Coalbrookdale

Lloyd Henry, Jackfield

Machin John, Horsehay

Milner Betsy, Ironbridge

Molineux Sarah, Madeley

Oakley Jesse, Broseley

Oliver William, Coalbrookdale

Poole James G. Dawley bank

Price Charles L. Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge

Roberts & Deakin, Dawley

Rushton Richard, Broseley

Rushton Thomas, Broseley

Rushton William, Madeley

Smith Charles William, Ironbridge

Smith Henry & Son, Ironbridge & Coalbrookdale

Taylor Richard, Dawley

Trevor Thomas (and tallow chandler), Madeley

Wall Benjamin, Madeley

Whordley Thomas, Dawley

Wilcox Ursula, Madeley Green


Baugh George, Ironbridge

Davenhall John, Dawley

Ferriday John, Dawley

Glover Edward, Broseley

Heighway John, Madeley

Pinkstone John, Madeley Green

Poole Richard, Dawley

Reynolds Richard, Ironbridge

Shaw Thomas, Broseley


Bailey George, Madeley & Dawley

Charlton Humphrey, Ironbridge & Broseley

Cooke Henry, Dawley

Millard Thos. (& gardener), Madeley

Price Charles L. Ironbridge

Smith Henry & Son, Ironbridge


Cox Benjamin, Ironbridge

Hinley William, Coalbrookdale

Jones Elizabeth, Ironbridge

Morris William, Ironbridge


Burnet Mary Ann & Hy., Broseley

Comley John, Dawley

Fox John, Coalbrookdale

Garbett John, Dawley

Greenhalgh & Ferrington, Ironbrdg

Lloyd Mary Ann, Broseley

Rushton Jane, Madeley

Smith Moses, Broseley

Thomas & Son, Broseley


(_See also Taverns Public Houses_.)

Commercial Inn (& posting house), William Hinley, Coalbrookdale

Elephant & Castle, Thomas Summers, Dawley

Tontine Commercial Hotel (& posting house), Elizabeth Jones, Ironbridge

White Hart Commercial Inn, William Morris, Ironbridge


COALBROOKDALE COMPANY (and manufacturers of wrought iron), Coalbrookdale
and Horsehay


Onions John, Broseley


COALBROOKDALE COMPANY, Coalbrookdale and Horsehay—warehouses, Severn,
Coalbrookdale, and Castle street, _Bristol_

Foster William Orme, Madeley Court—Francis Pearce, agent

LANGLEYFIELD COMPANY, Langleyfield—Arthur Hinde, manager



Bailey George, Madeley & Dawley

Cowley James, Broseley

Davies Richard, Ironbridge

Fenton John, Ironbridge and Broseley

Haywood John (and wire worker), Ironbridge

Peters Moses, Broseley

Price Charles L. Coalbrookdale

Smith Charles William, Ironbridge


                     Marked that * are also Builders.

                          (_See also Builders_.)

* Bailey William, Madeley Wood

* Barker John, Dawley

* Carver William, Dawley

* Davies George, Ironbridge

Dorsett William, Madeley

* Edwards Ezekiel, Lincoln hill

Evans John, Lloyd head

* Hartshorne George, Broseley

Hill Benjamin, Broseley

* Jenks Thomas, Ironbridge

Lloyd Hiram, Broseley

Lucas John, Ironbridge

* Nevett Thomas & Company, Ironbridge

Roden Thomas, Salthouse

* Smith Thomas, Madeley

* Watkis Miles, Dawley Green lane


Patten John, Benthall

Smith Edward (& merchant), Madeley


Bartley Thomas, Madeley

Bowyer Mary, Ironbridge

Bryan Arnold F. Madeley

Charlton Henry, Ironbridge

Garbett John, Dawley

Greenhalgh & Ferrington, Ironbrdg

Greenhalgh, William, Dawley

Harper Ann, Madeley

Leek James, Madeley

Pardoe Edward, Ironbridge

Perrin William, Broseley

Russell Joseph, Dawley

Rutter William, Ironbridge

Shinn John, Broseley Wood

Smith Moses, Broseley

Taylor Richard, Dawley

Thomas & Son, Broseley

Wall William, Madeley


Boycott George, Ironbridge

Broughall John, Kemberton

Cooke Henry, Dawley

Davies Samuel, Broseley Wood

Dyas Charles, Madeley

Lloyd Benjamin, Ironbridge

Lloyd John, Ironbridge

Lumley William, Kemberton

Onions John, Kemberton

Owen Edward, Coalbrookdale

Smith Edward (& porter merchnt), Madeley and Ironbridge

Summers Thomas, Madeley

Taylor Richard, Dawley

Turner Thomas, Broseley

Yates Francis & John, Ironbridge


Cooke Henry, Dawley

Harper Thomas & Son, Farley Mill

Roden Edward, Benthall


Amphlet Elizabeth, Broseley

Aston Mary, Ironbridge

Baugh Jane, Ironbridge

Colley Jane, Madeley

Cox Catherine, Madeley

Ferrington Martha & Sisters, Ironbridge

Foss Ellen, Coalport

Fox John, Coalbrookdale

Franks Emma, Ironbridge

Hopwood Ann, Aqueduct

Lucas Ann, Ironbridge

Poole Sarah, Dawley

Pugh Ellen, Broseley

Pugh Emily, Madeley

Rooum Maria & Louisa, Dawley

Rushton Jane, Madeley

Wild Priscilla, Ironbridge

Wilkes Elizabeth, Broseley


Jones Thomas, Ironbridge

Peters Moses, Broseley


Alker Thomas, Madeley

Branford Thomas, Coalbrookdale

Crowder Stanley, Ironbridge and Broseley

Deakin Samuel, Dawley

Deakin William, Dawley

Hinsley John, Madeley Wood green

Jacks Joseph, Madeley

Jones Richard, Broseley

Roberts William H. Dawley


Roden Adah, Benthall & Broseley

Roden Samuel, Coalford

Roden Thomas Poole, Coalford

Shaw Richard, Broseley

Southern Joseph, Broseley wood

Southern William & Co. (of the noted Regalia or Cigar pipe and of the
superior quality of fancy Broseley & Dutch pipes), Broseley

Tonkis Richard, Broseley


Smith Edward, Park lane, Madeley


Harrison George, Broseley

Mason John, Broseley


Baugh John, Dawley

Cox Robert, Broseley

Owen Thomas, Madeley

Richards Thomas, Broseley

Sandlands John, Finger lane, Dawley

Woof Edward, Ironbridge


Bailey Michael, Dawley

Bailey William, Coalbrookdale

Beddow Thomas, Broseley wood

Blocksidge John, Coalport

Brown Elizabeth, Madeley

Chirm Frederick, Dawley

Cowley James, Broseley

Davies Mary Ann, Broseley

Davis Thomas, Ironbridge

Dixon Enoch, Ironbridge

Dorsett Joseph, Coalbrookdale

Doughty Theophilus, Coalford

Evans John, Broseley

Everall Elizabeth, Broseley

Fennel Martha, Coalport

Greenhalgh Robert, Dawley

Groom John, Lincoln hill

Gunn Robert, Dawley

Harris Edward, Ironbridge

Harvey John, Broseley

Hassall John, Madeley

Herbert Daniel, Madeley

Hulett Jane, Dawley

Jones James, Dawley Green lane

Keay John, Madeley

Lees Sarah, Madeley

Mason John, Broseley wood

Mason Thomas, Dawley

Miles & Oakes Salthouse

Mitchell John, Broseley wood

Molineux Thomas, Madeley

Morgan Jeremiah, Dawley

Morgan Rebecca, Lloyd head

North Christopher, Dawley

Oakes Francis, Salthouse

Oakes George, Coalport

Oakes William, Broseley wood

Owen William, Ironbridge

Peters Richard, Broseley

Poole James, Horsehay

Pountney Samuel, Broseley

Powell Richard, Broseley wood

Raby Enos, Ironbridge

Raspass Elizabeth, Broseley

Smith Chas. W. Finger lane, Dawley

Smith John & Thomas, Madeley

Speak Thomas, Broseley

Stodd William, Coalbrookdale

Summers Margaret, Norton

Toye Elizabeth & Sarah, Lightmore

Ward Boilby, Ironbridge

Weaver Mary, Broseley

Whordley Samuel, Dawley

Wilcox Henry, Ironbridge

Wilcox Noah, Ironbridge

Williams James, Broseley

Williams Rebecca, Horsehay


Barlow William, Dawley

Parish Joseph, Dawley


                  (_See also Booksellers & Stationers_.)

Deakin John E. Dawley

Lewis James, Dawley

Munday Thomas, Madeley

Nevett Enoch, Broseley


Aston Mary, Ironbridge

Foss Ellen, Coalport

Hartshorne Julia, Ironbridge

Nevett Mary Ann, Broseley

Powell Mary, Madeley

Rooum Maria & Louisa, Dawley


Bartlem Edward Glover, Broseley

Davis George, Dawley

Edwards Edward & Benjamin, Coalbrookdale

Hartshorne Frederick, Broseley

Heighway Richard. C. (physician), Madeley

Procter Richard, Ironbridge and Madeley

Rowland Jas Wyke, Ironbridge and Dawley

Thompson John Peter, Madeley

Thusfield Richard, Broseley

Webb Matthew, Coalbrookdale


Chune George & Joseph, (timber), Coalbrookdale

Jones George, (mining), Madeley Court

Smith Edward, (land &c.) Park lane, Madeley

Smith Thomas, (and architect), Madeley


                     Marked thus * are also Drapers.

Bates Edwin, Madeley green

Blackwood Joseph, Dawley

Davies Thomas, Broseley

* Davies William, Madeley

Edwards Samuel, Dawley green

Fowler James, Broseley

Francis Thomas, Broseley

Griffiths Philip, Madeley

* Heaford Henry, Ironbridge

* Heaford Jonthn. Madeley & Dawley

* Heaford William, Madeley

* Johnson Edmund, Broseley

Jones Stephen, Broseley

Jones William Dawley

Kirby Samuel, Dawley

Lloyd Samuel, Coalbrookdale

* Lowe George, Coalbrookdale

M‘Lelland Samuel, Ironbridge

Mason William, Dawley

Morgan William, Madeley

Nevett Bryan, Broseley

Pountney Samuel, Broseley

Shotton Richard, Ironbridge

Simms John, Dawley

Smith James, Broseley

Smith Thomas, Dawley

Thomas Richard, Broseley

Yale William, Dawley


Albion, John Bailey, Broseley

Angel, James Taylor, Dawley

Barley Mow, Peter Keay, Madeley

Bird in Hand, Michael Bailey, Langleyfield

Black Swan, Charles Parker, Coalford

Blockhouse, John Heighway, Ironbridge

Brewery, Elkanah Musgrave, Coalport

Bridge House, Wm. Jones, Buildwas bridge

Britannia, Mary Gother, Benthall

Cape of Good Hope, Arthur Fawkes, Broseley

Coalbrookdale, John Bailey, Coalbrookdale

Coalport Tavern, Jos. Harper, Sutton

Coopers’ Arms, Emma Owen, Ironbridge

Crown, Elizabeth Yates, Broseley

Crown, Jno. Barker, Little Dawley

Crown, Mary Smith, Madeley wood

Crown, Thomas Evans, Dawley

Cuckoo Oak, Jas. Powell, Madeley

Dog, Susanna Amphlet, Broseley

Duke of Cumberland, Thus. Davis, Broseley

Duke of Wellington, Edwd. Cranage, Werps

Duke of York, William Watkins, Broseley

Dun Cow, Thomas Garbett, Dawley

Elephant & Castle, Benjamin Hill, Broseley

Foresters’ Arms, Ann Edwards, Broseley

Foresters’ Arms, John Machin, Horsehay

Fox, John Hayman, Broseley

George & Dragon, Isaac Thompson, Madeley Wood green

Golden Ball, John Wilcox, Madeley green

Hand and Tankard, Jane Norris, Broseley

Hundred House, Margrt. Sumners, Norton

King’s Arms, Wm. Clemson, Dawley

King’s Head, Hanh. Rufus, Broseley

Labour in Vain, Jas. Mann, Horsehay

Lake Head, Jane Yates, Ironbridge

Leopard, Eliza Jones, Benthall

Lloyd Head, Benjamin Parker, Coalford

Lord Hill, William Tranter, Dawley

Lord Hill, Eliza Weeks, Broseley

Meadow, Aaron Lloyd, Coalbrookdle

Nelson, Ann Southern, Broseley

New Church Wicket, James Poole, Dawley Green lane

New Inn, Adah Roden, Benthall

New Inn, Thomas Hopley, Madeley

New Queens’ Head, Richard Matthews, Ironbridge

Old Crown, Joseph Cooke, Broseley

Old Queens’ Head, Page Brothers, Ironbridge

Park Inn, George Oswell, Madeley

Peacock, Benjn. Garbett, Horsehay

Peter’s Finger, Francis Ketley, Finger lane, Dawley

Pheasant, Adam Jones, Broseley

Plough, James Smith, Broseley

Pudlers Arms, Edward Williams, Horsehay

Queen’s Arms, Thos. Bray, Finger lane, Dawley

Queen’s Head, William H. Bailey, Dawley Bank

Queen’s Head, Richard Matthews, Ironbridge

Red Lion, Eleaner Hughes, Dawley

Robin Hood, Jas. Bailey, Madeley wood

Rodney Inn, Susannah Lloyd, Ironbridge

Royal Oak, Catherine Deakin, Dawley

Royal Oak, Charles Dyas, Madeley

Royal Oak, Ed. Nevett, Ironbridge

Royal Oak, Henry Lloyd, Jackfield

Severn Trow, Bernard W. Colley, Jackfield

Summer House, Edward Brown, Jackfield

Swan, Elizbth. Nickless, Ironbridge

Swan, Martha Jones, Dawley

Talbot, Geo. Boycott, Ironbridge

Three Furnace’s, William Millard, Madeley

Three Horse Shoes, Thos. Wheeler, Madeley

Three Tuns, Thos Fowler, Ironbridge

Tumbling Sailors, William Culliss, Coalford

Turk’s Head, Catherine Taylor, Madeley Wood

Tweedale, Edward Bliss, Madeley

Unicorn, Saml. Nightingale, Dawley

Werps, Thomas Beard, Werps

White Horse, Ezekiel Edwards, Lincoln hill

Wickets, Elizabeth Parsons, Dawley


Amphlet Susannah, Broseley

Bagnall Sarah, Ironbridge

Baguley Elizabeth, Dawley lane

Barker Thomas, Dawley

Bill Jeremiah, Broseley wood

Bourn William, Broseley

Bray James, Dawley

Bray Mary, Finger lane, Dawley

Brown William, Dawley

Cole Patrick, Madeley

Comey Annie Wilson, Madeley wd.

Cooke Joseph, Broseley

Culliss William, Coalford

Curzon George, Madeley wood

Deakin William, Dawley

Evans Richard, Dawley

Fidler Walter, Madeley

Garbet Ann, Lightmore

Glaze George, Madeley

Griffiths James, Madeley

Guy Benjamin, Madeley

Hayman John, Broseley

Haynes James, Madeley

Hayward George, Dawley

Hillman Joseph, Madeley

Holmes William, Broseley

James Ann, Coalport

James Richard, Dawley

Jones Philip, Dawley

Lane George, Dawley

Lloyd William, Broseley

Machin Thomas, Dawley

Millington John, Dawley

Morgan George, Ironbridge

North William, Benthall

Oakes William, Broseley wood

Owen John, Dawley

Pitchford George, Dawley Green la

Poole Frederick, Ironbridge

Powis Richard, Dawley

Pugh John, Ironbridge

Pugh Joseph, Madeley wood green

Richards Elizabeth, Salthouse

Sadler Thomas, Dawley

Seager Ann, Madeley

Smallman Wm. Finger lane, Dawley

Southern Ann, Broseley

Stewart Elizabeth, Dawley

Walker John, Madeley

Wheeler Thomas, Coalport

Wilcox Susannah, Madeley wd. grn


Bray Thomas, Finger lane, Dawley

Burton John & Edward, Ironbridge

Chune Geo. & Joseph, Coalbrookdale

Duckett John, Benthall

Garbett Thomas, Dawley

Griffiths John, Broseley

Griffiths Thomas, Coalport

Owen Benjamin, Ironbridge

Owen Edw. bottom of Coalbrookdale

Smith Thomas, Madeley


                            _See Pipe Makers_.


Banks John, Dawley

Burroughs James, Dawley

Burroughs John, Ironbridge

Deakin William, Dawley

Peplow Samuel K. Ironbridge


Burton John & Edward, Ironbridge

Davies Thomas, Coalford

Exley William, Jackfield

Lloyd Benjamin, Ironbridge

Reynolds Joseph, Coalport wharf—Edward Lewis, manager


Bray Thomas, Finger lane, Dawley

Broadhurst Thomas, Broseley

Farr John, Madeley

Garbett Thomas, Dawley

Griffiths John, Broseley

Hill Edward, Coalbrookdale

Lane John, Madeley

Howe Charles, Broseley


Charlton Humphrey, Broseley and Ironbridge

Page John & James, Ironbridge

Tranter Thomas, Dawley


Barratt Charles, supervisor, Ironbridge

Bathurst Edwin, earthenware manufacturer, Benthall and Haybrook Potteries

Baylis William, engineer to the Madeley Wood Company, the Lloyds

Brown John, wood turner, Madeley

Burroughs John, rope and tarpawling maker, Ladywood, Broseley

Cock James & John, leather cutters and tanners, Ironbridge

Davies Geo. furniture broker, Ironbridge

Dunbar Sarah, smallware dealer, Coalbrookdale

Evans Thos. travelling draper, &c. Ironbridge

Fisher Jesse, manufacturing chemist, Madeley

Fox John, manager at Severn warehouse, Ironbridge

Franks Wm. furniture broker, Ironbridge

Garner Joseph, stone mason, Madeley

Hartshorne Francis, confectioner, Broseley

Haywood John, wire worker, Ironbridge

Higgins Mary Ann, toy dealer, Ironbridge

Humphries John, tallow chandlr, Broseley

Latham Jno. photographic artist, Ironbdge

Parker Ann, fruiterer, Broseley

Reynolds Robert, eating house, Dawley

Rooum Alice, toy denier, Dawley

Shingler John, hat manufactr. Ironbridge

Smith Edwd. collector of taxes, Madeley

Smith Jno. nursery man, nr Coalbrookdale

Stodd William, clothes dealer, Ironbridge

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.



ALL SAINTS’, Broseley—the Hon. & Rev. Orlando Watkin Weld Forester,

HOLY TRINITY, Coalbrookdale—Rev. John Hayes, Incumbent

HOLY TRINITY, Dawley—Rev. William Richards, incumbent

HOLY TRINITY, Malins Lee—Rev. Wm. Harris, incumbent

ST. BARTHOLOMEW’S, Benthall—Rev. William H. Wayne, incumbent

ST. LUKE’S, Ironbridge—Rev. Jno. Jetter, incumbent

ST. LUKE’S, Little Dawley—Rev. James Morris, incumbent

ST. MICHAEL’S, Madeley—Rev. James Henry Gwyther, A.M. vicar



BAPTIST, Broseley—Rev. Henry Veale

BAPTIST (General), Broseley—Ministers various

INDEPENDENT, Broseley—Ministers various

METHODIST (Wesleyan), Broseley, Madeley, Madeley wood green, Coalport,
Dawley Green Little Dawley & Coalford

METHODIST (Primitive), Dawley Green and Broseley wood

METHODIST (New Connexion), Dawley Green and Madeley wood Green

ROMAN CATHOLIC, Madeley—Rev. Wm. Molloy, priest

WORKHOUSE, Madeley Wood.

_Governor_—William Wildblood

_Matron_—Sarah Wildblood

_Chaplain_—Rev. J. H. Gwyther, M.A.

_Surgeon_—Richard Clee Heighway

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—W. R. Anstice

_Relieving Officers_—John Bailey and Warren Taylor Jones


_Superintendent_—Edwd. R. Evans, Brosely

_Registrar for Broseley District_—William Perrin, Broseley

_Registrar for Madeley District_—Benjamin Wright, Coalbrookdale

_Registrar for Dawley District_—John Barker, Dawley

_Registrar for Muck Wenlock_—William Augustin James, Much Wenlock


                             OFFICE, Madeley.

_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_High Bailiff_—Richard Thursfield

_Chief Clerk_—George Potts

_Assistant Clerk_—William Bailey

_Assistant Bailiff_—Thomas Pugh

                                * * * * *

FEMALE PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Madeley—Ann Farmer, treasurer

GAS WORKS (Ironbridge), Madeley Wood—Chas. W. Smith, managing director

GAS WORKS, Dawley—Jno. Bailey, managr

GAS WORKS, Madeley—Walter Horton, manager; Thomas Munday, secretary

MAGISTRATES’ ROOMS, Ironbridge—Geo. Burd, clerk

PAROCHIAL LIBRARY, Dawley green—Joseph Russell, librarian

PUBLIC LIBRARY, Ironbridge—George Mostimer Smith, librarian

STAMP OFFICES, Broseley—Wm. Perrin, sub-distributer; Ironbridge—Joseph
Slater, sub-distributer; Madeley—Thomas Munday, sub-distributer


_From the Tontine Hotel_, IRONBRIDGE.

To WELLINGTON, every morning at nine

To SHIFFNALL, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half-past eight


The nearest _Stations_ are at WELLINGTON, on the Shrewsbury & Birmingham
line, about seven miles N.N.W. from Broseley, and SHIFFNALL, on the
Shrewsbury & Chester line, four miles from Dawley Green.—For conveyances
thereto see _Omnibuses_


To SHREWSBURY, William Williams, from the Crown, Broseley, Tuesday and

To WAPPENHALL, Pickford & Co. from Ironbridge, daily

To WENLOCK, a Mail Cart, from Ironbridge, every morning at six


To BRISTOL and intermediate places, Francis & John Yates (in conjunction
with Danks, Venn and Sanders), from Severn warehouse, Ironbridge, &
Coalport wharf, twice a week, and Benjamin Devy, from Coalport wharf,
once a week

Yates, from Severn warehouse, twice a week, and Benjn. Owen, from
Ironbridge, monthly

To SHREWSBURY, Francis and John Yates, from Severn warehouse, and Benjn.
Owen, from Ironbridge, weekly


CHURCH STRETTON is a parish in the hundred of Munslow, comprising the
township of its name, and also, those of ALL STRETTON, LITTLE STRETTON,
and MINTON: the market town of Church Stretton is 153 miles N.W. from
London, and 13 S. from Shrewsbury; romantically seated in a valley formed
by the Caradoc, Ragleth, and Longmynd hills.  It is a station on the
Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway.  From the summit of the latter, which is
nearly 1,700, feet above the level of the sea, most extensive,
interesting, and diversified views are commanded.  Many flocks of sheep
are kept on the hills, producing large quantities of good wool.  This
place, which is distinguished by its adjunct (Church), from its
townships, as the locality of the parish church, derives its name from
_Street-Town_, from its situation, within a quarter of a mile of the
_Watling-street_, which ancient way passes in a direction parallel with
the road from Shrewsbury to Ludlow.  The town consists of but one street,
in the widest part of which stands the market hall and public room,
erected in 1839, by subscription, on the site of an old timber structure.
The most prominent branch carried on is malting.  A court leet is held
twice in each year under the steward of the manor, and the county
magistrates sit in petty sessions on the third Thursday, monthly, at the
Crown, the principal inn here.  Church Stretton is a polling station at
the election of members to represent South Salop.

The parish church of Saint Lawrence is an ancient and venerable cruciform
structure, principally in the early style of English architecture, with a
square embattled tower, rising from the centre, crowned with pinnacles.
The chancel is ornamented with richly carved oak in antique devices; and
in the central compartment of the altar, is the representation of a dead
Christ in the lap of the Virgin, finely carved.  The windows, principally
in the decorated style, with rich tracery, are embellished with stained
glass, and in the south transept the ancient carved oak roof is carefully
preserved.  A large stone coffin, having a lid, and an alabaster slab
with an inscription, not legible, were discovered some years since
beneath this transept.  The triennial visitation is held in this church,
by the bishop of this diocess, in August, and in the intermediate years
by the archdeacon, in May.  Many of the valuable embellishments of the
church have been bestowed by the rector at a considerable expense.  The
living is a rectory in the gift of C. O. Child Pemberton; the present
incumbent is the Rev. Hugh Owen Wilson.  The free school, here, was
endowed by several benefactions: the present establishment combines the
objects of a National, with the advantage of a Sunday School, and is open
to all children of the parish; the inhabitants have also the advantage of
a public library and news room.  The other charities are almshouses for
four poor people, and some bequests, from which the poor of the parish
derive benefit at certain periods.  The air of this district is
considered exceedingly salubrious; the soil is a fine gravel, and several
clear mountain streams descend impetuously into the valleys.  The
secluded and romantic situation of the place, and its proximity to scenes
of deep interest, together with its healthfulness, render it a place of
resort for parties from the neighbouring towns.  The market is held on
Thursday; and the fairs on the Tuesday before Shrewsbury March fair; May
14th, July 3rd (for wool), September 25th, and the last Thursday in
November.  The parish (including the townships before mentioned),
contained in 1841, 1,604 inhabitants and in 1851, 1,676.

POST OFFICE, CHURCH STRETTON, Margaret Broome, _Post Mistress_.—Letters
from LONDON and all parts arrive (from SHREWSBURY), every morning at six,
and are despatched thereto at eight in the evening.


Acton Mrs. Fanny Stackhouse, Acton Scott

Baldwin Mrs. —, Church Stretton

Beddoes Wm. Minton, Esq. Minton

Bray Miss Sarah, Church Stretton

Bridgman, Mrs. Clarissa, Church Stretton

Corfield the Misses Ann & Martha, Church Stretton

Darcey William, Esq. Ticklerton

Gibbon Mrs. Ann, Church Stretton

Haverkam Mrs. Mary, All Stretton

Hopwood Mr. Robt. Church Stretton

Nunn Rev. Preston (and surrogate), Church Stretton

Phillips Mrs. Maria, Church Stretton

Robinson Mrs. Eliz. Church Stretton

Tomlinson Miss Ann, Church Streton

Wainwright Mr. Richd. All Stretton

Wilson Rev. Hugh Owen, Church Stretton


Andrews Eliza, Church Stretton

FREE SCHOOL, Church Stretton—Thomas Cureton, master; Henrietta G.
Cureton, mistress

Hammond Ann, Little Stretton

Smith the Misses, All Stretton

Wilding Mary (day and boarding), Church Stretton


Hotchkiss Mary, Acton Scott

Lewis Robert, All Stretton

Lewis John, Church Stretton

Taylor William, Little Stretton

Wood Henry & Co. Church Stretton


Davies William, Church Stretton

Dodd Thomas, Church Stretton

Gwynn James, Little Stretton

Hammond Vincent, Little Stretton

Lloyd John, Church Stretton

Miles Thomas, Little Stretton

Reynolds Samuel, All Stretton

Robinson John, Church Stretton

Williams Samuel, All Stretton


Eaton —, Church Stretton

Faulkner John, Church Stretton

Langford John, Lower wood

Preen Samuel, Little Stretton


CROWN, Chas. Mott, Church Stretton

MANCHESTER (fire), James Robinson Home, Church Stretton

SALOP, John Belton, Church Stretton

SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH WALES, James Heighway, Church Stretton


Beaumond Thomas, All Stretton

Davies John, Little Stretton

Donnelly Michael, All Stretton

Downes Edward, Little Stretton

Heighway James, Church Stretton

Home Richard & Son (and tallow chandler), Church Stretton

Hughes John, Church Stretton

Lucas Mary, Church Stretton

M‘Cartney Robert (tea), Church Stretton

Meredith Lewis & Co. (& drapers), Church Stretton

Morris John, Church Stretton

Rawlins Mary, All Stretton

Robinson James H. (and draper), Church Stretton


Bellingham James, Church Stretton

Bellingham Hubert, Church Stretton


In CHURCH STRETTON when not otherwise stated.

Buck’s Head, David Evans

Crown (commercial & posting & inland revenue office), Geo. Beetlestone

Crown, Margt. Turner, Little Stretton

Grapes, John Pritchard

King’s Arms, Thomas Owen

Lion, Sarah Mills

New Inn, Thomas Millichop, Little Stretton

New Inn, Richd. Edwards, All Strettn

Plough, George Phipps

Raven, John Martin

Station Inn, William Teague, Marsh brook

San, Edward Downes, Little Stretton

Yew Tree, Wm. Hide, All Stretton


Cope Matthew, Church Stretton

Wood Henry & Co. Church Stretton


Beaumond Thomas, All Stretton

Faulkner John, Church Stretton

Hammond Richard, Little Stretton

Hammond Thomas, Little Stretton

Owen Thomas, Church Stretton

Robinson Edward, Church Stretton

Williams Richard, Church Stretton


Evans David, Church Stretton

Heighway Thomas, Lower wood

Lewis John, Church Stretton

M‘Cartney Robert, Church Stretton

Robinson James H. Little Stretton


Edwards Francis, Little Stretton

Pinches John, All Stretton


Bailey George, Church Stretton

Lewis John, Church Stretton

Lewis William, Church Stretton


Andrews Thomas, Church Stretton

Glover Edward, Church Stretton


Gough Thomas, Church Stretton

Humphries Wm. Church Stretton

Lister Edward, Lower wood


Mott Charles, Church Stretton

Wilding Richard, Church Stretton


Bromley John, Lower wood

Fewtrill James, Church Stretton

Lucas John, Church Stretton

Marston Richard, Church Stretton

Marston William, Church Stretton

Pearson Geo. B. Church Stretton

Preen Thomas, Little Stretton

Roberts William, Church Stretton

Taylor Richard, Lower wood

Taylor Thomas, Little Stretton


                     _See Joiners and Wheelwrights_.


Williams James, Church Stretton


           _The names without address are in_ CHURCH STRETTON.

Bakewell Samuel Glover, proprietor of the lunatic asylum

Beddoes John, skinner

Belton John, clerk to the Union

COUNTY CONSTABULARY OFFICE—Charles Lewis, superintendent

Everall Mary, beer retainer

Hammond Richard, pump maker and well sinker, Little Stretton

Hayes Mary, milliner

Heighway Edwd. auctioneer, All Stretton

Heighway Jas. actuary to savings’ bank

Hince Charles, cattle dealer, All Stretton

Home James Robinson, registrar of births and deaths

Lewis Charles, superintendent of county constabulary

Lewis John, beer retailer

Moore John, watch and clock maker

Morris John, leather cutter

Profit Ann, confectioner

PUBLIC LIBRARY, Church Stretton—Richard Robinson, librarian

Robinson George, cattle dealer

Simpson William, tanner, Little Stretton

STAMP OFFICE—Henry Wishlade, sub-distributer

UNION WORKHOUSE—Henry Evans, master; Louisa Howell, matron

Wishlade Henry, chemist and druggist

Wood Mary, baker



_Station_ at the east end of the town—Hugh Morgan, station master


To BISHOPS CASTLE, BRIDGNORTH and CLUN, John Jones, from his house, every
market day.

To SHREWSBURY, — Dobson, every Friday.


IS a parish in the hundred of Stoddesdon—the market town, a small one, is
137 miles N.W. from London, 33 S.S.E. from Shrewsbury, and 11 E. from
Ludlow, situated on the road from the metropolis to the latter town,
close to the southern border of the county, abutting upon Worcestershire,
and on an eminence rising gradually from the western hank of the river
Rea, which is crossed by a neat stone bridge.  The country around here is
very productive, and its fertility is promoted by the river, and by
numerous fine springs that rise in this neighbourhood.  The name of the
place is said to be derived from its situation, in a district abounding
with clay, and from the Saxon word _byrig_, a town; the adjunct, by which
it is distinguished from North Cleobury, is obtained from its ancient
possessor, Ralph de Mortimer, who held it at the time of the general
survey.  The town consists principally of one long street, in which are
some good houses, and the mutilated remains of an old cross.  The
government of the town is vested in a constable, who is annually
appointed at the court-leet of the lord of the manor, William Lacon
Childe, Esq.  This town is included in the twenty-seventh circuit of
County Court towns, for the recovery of debts not exceeding £50.
Formerly this was a place of good trade, having extensive iron works;
these have disappeared, and, with the exception of the extensive paper
works belonging to Mr. Thomas Lambert Hall, jun., and which affords
employment to a considerable number of hands, the town is not
distinguished by any manufactures.  The malting business is carried on by
a few individuals; and on the Clee hills, about three miles west, are
collieries, producing good coal, but the works have little or no
influence upon the trade of the town.

The parish church of St. Mary is an ancient structure, with a plain
square tower, surmounted by an octagonal spire of wood, and formerly
belonged to one of the mitred abbeys.  The living is a vicarage, in the
gift of the lord of the manor; the Rev. Edward George Childe is the
present incumbent.  There is a chapel each for Methodists and Roman
Catholics—the latter is attached to Mawley Hall, about a mile to the
west, the seat of Sir Edward Blount, Bart.  The locality of this hall is
very beautiful, and the prospects extensive and pleasing.  The endowed
school was founded pursuant to the will of Sir William Lacon Childe,
Knight, dated 1714; and in 1740 the ground was purchased on which the
buildings are erected: it is a well endowed establishment, and educates
upwards of two hundred pupils, of whom forty boys and girls are annually
clothed; and a fee is given for apprenticing boys on their leaving the
school.  The present income (including land) amounts to about £500. per
annum: the management is vested in ten trustees: the head master is
appointed by W. L. Childe, Esq., as representative of the founder, and
visitor of the schools.  The market is held on Wednesday, and the fairs
April 21st, May 2nd, Trinity Monday, and October 27th.  The parish
contained, in 1841, 1,730 inhabitants, and in 1851, 1,738.

POST OFFICE, William Jefferies, _Post Master_.—Letters from various
places EAST and SOUTH arrive (from BEWDLEY) every morning at eight, and
are despatched thereto at a quarter before five in the evening.


Blount Sir Edward, Bart. Mawley Hall

Botfield Mrs. Lucy, Hopton Court

Childe Rev. Edward George, Cleobury Mortimer

Childe William Lacon, Esq. Kinlet Hall

Cocks Rev. Charles Richard Somers, Neen Savage

Cooksey Mr. — Cleobury Mortimer

Crump Thomas, Esq. Chorley

Crump Thomas, jun. Esq. Cleobury Mortimer

Davis Rev. William, Bayton

Halliburton Rev. Chas. Corley Rectory

Hayton Rev. John, Cleobury Mortimer

Kemp Rev. Henry, Cleobury Mortimer

Maddison Rev. Charles, St. Hesdon Vicarage

Reynolds Mrs. Elizabeth, Cleobury Mortimer

Richardson Lieutenant Jno. Cleobury Mortimer

Ricketts Rev. Martin H. Cleobury Mortimer

Southam Phillip Saml. Esq. Cleobury Mortimer

Smith Captain—Holly Waste, Cleobury Mortimer

Wicksted Charles, Esq. Shakenhurst

Williams Rev. Jno. Farlow Parsonage

Woodward Rev. Frank, Hopton


Allday Ann (boarding & day)

ENDOWED SCHOOL—Rev. Henry Kemp, head master

INFANTS’ SCHOOL—Mrs. Tongue, Newall Emma, mistress


Pope Benjamin

Trow Adam, Prattinton


Backhouse Henry O.

Hill William


Keysell Edward

Price James

Yapp Thomas


Corfield William, Neen Savage

Harris Thomas

Potter Edward

Webb Sarah


Bodendam James

Breakwell Thos.

Hide Thomas

Whatmore Jno.

Wheeler Ann

Wheeler James


Bright Edward

Lloyd Thomas

Williams Thos.

Worrall Chas.


Bryant Robert Waller

Hodgkinson William


BIRMINGHAM (fire), James Mytton

CROWN (life), Edmund Banks, Whitcombe

SALOP (fire), William Dalls


Allen Rebecca

Beddoe Ann

Dallow James

Downes John

Jefferies Wm.

Keysell Edward

Parry Isaac Thos.

Wheeler James

Williams Elizbth.

Yapp Thomas


Bell, Hannah Vaughne

Crown, Joseph Mineall

Fountain, Thomas Breakwell

Fox, James Jones

King’s Arms, William Adams

Plough, James Ward

Red Lion, Thomas Worrall

Swan, Benjamin Dorrall

Talbot, Wm. Dorrell (inland revenue office)


Boucher James

Bourne James


Downes William

Mytton James


Beddoe Charles (& dealer in hops)

Dorrell William

Keysell Edward

Wheeler William


Dorrell Benjamin

Hall Thomas Lambert, jun. Neen Savage

Yapp Thomas


Cooper Mary Ann

Morris Caroline

Nichols Misses

Tonge Julia


Hall Thomas Lambert, jun. CLEOBURY PAPER MILL


Littler William

Palmer Samuel


Habberley William

Jones John

Potter Samuel


Jones William Weaver

Pope Thomas

Whitcombe Edmund Banks


Dallow William (and road)

Hill William


Cook Charles

Farmer Thomas

Mytton James

Pennington Geo.

Potter George


Merrick John

Williams Thomas


Cook William, high bailiff, clerk to the Union, assistant clerk to the
Magistrates, and superintendent registrar of births, deaths and marriages

Dallow James, skinner

Dearn Andrew, nail maker

Downes Thomas, beer retailer

Evans John, tin-plate worker and ironmonger

Farmer Wm. parish clerk and collector of taxes

Griffiths John, hair dresser

Hare Mary, joiner

Howell James, sawyer

Hume Benj. & Jas. painters and glaziers

Jeffries William post master

Knott Richard, cooper

Morris Elizabeth, beer retailer

Napper William, painter and glazier

Share Thomas, sawyer

Smith John, joiners

Stockell Thos. watch and clock maker

Tonge George, cattle dealer

Wainwright William, relieving officer

Watmore John, town crier

Whetstone William, beer retailer

Whitcombe Edmund Banks, registrar of births, deaths and marriages

Whitworth Thos. Milne, inland revenue officer


WORKHOUSE, Cleobury Mortimer,

_Master_—Thomas Harding

_Matron_—Sarah Harding

_Schoolmistress_—Sarah Jones

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—Wm. Cook

_Medical Officer_—C. B. C. Beale

_Relieving Officer_—William Wainwright


_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_High Bailiff_—William Cooke

_Clerk_—Adam Brattington Trow

_Bailiff_—William Farmer


The nearest _Station_ is at LUDLOW, 11 miles to the west of Cleobury
Mortimer, on the Shrewsbury and Hereford line.


To LUDLOW, Margaret West & James Wheeler, every Monday

To KIDDERMINSTER, James Jones and James Wheeler, every Tuesday


CLUN is a parish in the hundred of Purslow—the market town, which was a
borough, incorporated by the Lords Marchers, in the thirteenth century,
is 157 miles N.W. from London, 26 S.S.W. from Shrewsbury, and 16 W. by N.
from Ludlow; pleasantly and rather romantically situated on a gentle
eminence surrounded by hills of bolder elevation.  It takes its name from
the river Colun or Clun (by the Welsh called _Colunwy_), which passes
through the town, and is crossed by an ancient bridge of five arches.
The castle, according to Camden, was built by William Fitz-Alan, Earl of
Arundel in the reign of Henry III, and is supposed to have been
demolished by Owen Glyndwr, in his rebellion against Henry IV.: it
continued in the line of Fitz-Alan until the reign of Elizabeth, when, by
the marriage of Mary Fitz-Alan to Philip Howard, son of Thomas, Duke of
Norfolk, it became vested in that noble family.  It is now a most
magnificent ruin; the remains consist of the lofty and massive walls of
the keep, the banquet-hall, and part of two round towers.  This castle
and neighbourhood is conjectured to have been the scene of Sir Walter
Scott’s much admired tale of ‘the Betrothed.’  In the parish are the Caer
Ditches, or _Caer Carodoc_, the station of the renowned British hero,
Caractacus, and the scene of his last efforts against the Roman general
Ostorius; and about two miles west of the town passes the great dyke
thrown up by the Saxon king Offa in the eighth century.  The government
under its ancient incorporation was vested in a high steward, two
bailiffs, a recorder, and the burgesses, assisted by a town clerk, two
serjeants at mace, &c.  The steward is now the principal governing
officer, but the court of record for adjudicating claims has been
superseded by the new County Court, which sits at Bishop’s Castle, and
takes cognizance of debts to any amount not exceeding £50.  The Earl
Powis is lord of the lordship or honour of Clun, and holds his courts for
the same at certain periods; and Clun is a polling station at the
election of members to represent South Salop.

The parish church of Saint George is a venerable pile, partially
destroyed by Fleetwood, one of Cromwell’s generals, and never since
perfectly restored.  The most ancient part is the nave, which is of a
very early date, probably anterior to the Norman conquest.  The side
aisles are purely in the early English style, and one of them has a very
handsome roof and canopy.  In the interior are some neat monuments, and
it possesses an organ and a choir of singers.  The church is surmounted
by a low tower, containing a peal of six fine bells.  It formerly was
connected with Wenlock abbey, and at the dissolution of religious houses
the great tithes were alienated from the church, and are now in the
possession of the Earl Powis, who is the patron of the living which is a
vicarage; the present incumbent is the Honourable Rev. George Herbert,
brother of the patron.  The other places of worship are a chapel of ease
in the town, another in the township of NEWCASTLE, and the Wesleyan and
Primitive Methodists have one each.  Adjoining the town is Clun Hospital,
dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity, founded in the year 1613 by
the Right Honbl. Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton, for the maintenance
of fourteen old men and a warden.  The building consists of sixteen
distinct dwellings for the old men, a house for the warden, a chapel and
a dining hall forming a quadrangle.  The old men receive £2. per month,
are provided with a garden and fuel, and have other perquisites.  The
management is vested in the rector of Hopesay, the vicar of Clun, and the
vicar and bailiff of Bishop’s Castle; the bishop of Hereford is visitor.
The market is held on Tuesday; and the fairs, May 11th, Whit-Tuesday,
September 23rd, and November 22nd, for cattle, sheep, pigs and pedlary.
The parish contained in 1841, 2,077 inhabitants and in 1851, 2,121.

POST OFFICE, CLUN, Eliza Thomas, _Post Mistress_.—Letters from LONDON and
all parts arrive (from SHREWSBURY) every morning at nine, and are
despatched thereto every afternoon at five.


Creswell Rev. James, Newcastle

Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, Clun

Evans Thomas, Esq. Castle Cottage

Haighway Mr. Thomas, Clun

Herbert Honourable Rev. George, Vicarage Clan

Langford Mr. John, Clun

Matthews Mr. Thomas, Clun

Morgan Rev. John Jenkins, Clun

Morris Philip, Esq. the Hurst

Owen Mrs. Mary, Clun

Rogers Mrs. Ann, Clun


Davies Margaret (day)

Downes Ann (day)

FREE SCHOOL—Henry Steuart; Sarah Tallis, mistress

Rawlings Mary (day)


Baker John

Davies Mary

Harris Richard

Jackson Thomas


Evans John, Newcastle

Jones John, Chapel lawn

Jones Thomas

Morgan James, Whitcott

Price John


Addis John

Chelmick Francs.

Cottrell Richard

Francis John

Francis Thomas

Giddings Thos.

Hinse William, _Clunton_

Jones James

Price Edward

Rawlings Fras.

Whiston Edwd.

Whittall Thos.


Davis Thomas

Sarkey Richard


Haighway Harriet

James Sarah

Jones Richard, Newcastle

Jones William & Harley (& drapers)

Moore Jane (& draper)

Rawlings John (&. draper)

Thomas Eliza

Vaughan Richard


Buffalo (commercial and inland revenue office), Jeremiah Bright

Crown, John Farmer, Clunton

Crown, Richard Jones, Newcastle

Crown, Morgan Williams

Six Bells, Edwin Taylor

Sun, John Whiston

While Horse, William Lloyd

Woodcock, Samuel Baldwin, Chapel lawn


Chelmick William

Davies John

Evans Daniel

Jones James, Whitcott

Luther William

Pritchard Edward, Newcastle

Williams Richard

Williams William


Chelmick William

Cooke John

Davies John

Davies John, cooper

Hamar James (and builder and iron monger)

Haynes John


Baldwin Samuel, Chapel lawn

Bright Thomas

Evans Daniel

Jones Francis, Clunton

Luther William


Davies John, Castle Mill

Green William, Hurst Mill

Luther John, Birches Mill

Southern Robert, Newcastle

Watkins Evan

Williams John, Clunton


Beamond Mary

Blight Susanna

Hamer Elizabth

Roberts Elzbth.


Parry Thomas

Williams Morgan


Davies John

Faulkner John

Jordan Edward

Speake Samuel

Vaughan Richard

William William


Jackson William, M.D.

Shield Robert de la Fosse


Addis Richard

Harris Richard

Home John

Jones Richard

Mold Benjamin, Clinton

Tudor William


Francis John

Francis John, Whitcott

Francis Richard

Hinse Thomas, Clunton

Pitchford Francis, Newcastle


Breese Hyla, painter

CLUN HOSPITAL—Jas. D. Lewis, warden

Davies John, cooper

Davies Thomas, painter, plumber, glazier and ironmonger

Downes William, relieving officer

Edwards Edward, fellmonger

Hamar James, agent to the Royal Farmers’ Insurance Company

Lloyd Edward, fellmonger

Thomas Richard Wall, chemist, druggist and veterinary surgeon

Walters William, watch mater


ST. GEORGE’S CHURCH, Clan—the Hon. and Rev. George Herbert, vicar

CHAPEL OF EASE, Chapel Lawn—Rev. John Jenkins Morgan

CHAPEL OF EASE, Newcastle—Rev. Jas. Creswell

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPEL, Clan



The nearest _Station_ is CRAVEN ARMS, on the Shrewsbury and Hereford
line, twelve miles distant


To CRAVEN ARMS, John Bowen, from Clun, once a week.


DRAYTON, or MARKET DRAYTON, is a market town, in the parish of Drayton in
Hales—which latter is partly in the hundred of Bradford North, in the
county of Salop, and partly in the northern division of the hundred of
Pirehill, county of Stafford; 151 miles N.W. by N. from London, 19 N.E.
by N. from Shrewsbury, 20 N.W. from Stafford, 9 W.S.W. from Whitmore, a
first class station on the London and North-Western Railway, and 18 S.W.
from Newcastle-under-Lyme, which town is about a mile and a half from the
line of the North Staffordshire Railway; situated on the north-western
bank of the river Tern.  In Domesday book this place is called
_Druitune_; and the manor belonged successively to the abbot of St.
Ebrulph, in Normandy, and the abbot of Combermere in Cheshire; and it was
from the latter that it received the grant of a market and fair.  Blore
heath, about two miles from the town, was the scene of a sanguinary
battle between the houses of York and Lancaster; the latter, with a force
of ten thousand men, being defeated by the Yorkists, with only half that
number.  At one period, the town enjoyed considerable business, and had
one of the best markets in this district, but in consequence of the
construction of the Grand Trunk canal its trade declined.  Under the head
of manufactures, all that can be mentioned is that for hair-cloth; there
are several corn mills and maltings, and two iron foundries, one of
which, Messrs. William and John Rodenhurst, employ upwards of one hundred
hands.  The petty sessions for the Drayton division of the hundred are
held here monthly, and the town is included in the twenty-seventh circuit
of County Court towns, under the acts for the recovery of debts to any
amount, not exceeding £50.  The inhabitants of the Staffordshire portion
of the parish have the privilege of proving wills before a steward or
judge, appointed by the lord of the manor, which custom is recorded to
have existed prior to the year 1680.

The parish church of Saint Mary, supposed to have been erected, with the
exception of the steeple, in the reign of Stephen, consists of a nave,
aisles, a chancel, and a square tower; the latter supported by
buttresses, and ornamented with battlements and pinnacles: the living is
a vicarage, in the patronage of Richard Corbet, Esq.; the Rev. James Lee,
M.A. is the present incumbent.  Christ church, Little Drayton, first
opened for divine service, in 1847, was erected partly by subscription,
and partly by the aid of the incorporated society for building and
enlarging churches and chapels, who granted £325., and the late Mrs.
Nunneley, a benevolent lady, contributed the munificent sum of £1,000.
It is a neat structure, consisting of a nave, chancel and aisles: the
living is a perpetual curacy, at present enjoyed by the Rev. Edward
Cheere.  The situation of the parsonage is remarkably pleasant, and
commands a fine and extensive view over a delightful country.  The
charities comprise a free grammar school, founded and endowed in 1554, by
Sir Rowland Hill; several bequests for clothing the poor, an
apprenticeship fund, and two schools, conducted upon the national plan.
There are several seats and many handsome residences in the neighbourhood
of Drayton, and the country around is fertile, diversified by hill and
dale, and fine open plains.  The market, formerly of greater note than at
present, is held on Wednesday; and the fairs on the Wednesday before Palm
Sunday; the Wednesday before 22nd of June, September 19th, and October
24th, for horned cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, and hempen and woollen
cloth.  The fairs, more recently established, are held on the first
Wednesdays, in February, March and August, and the last Wednesday in
November.  The parish of Drayton in Hales contained, in 1841, 4,680, and
in 1851 (including Tyrley in Staffordshire, 784), 4,947 inhabitants.

HODNET is a parish, in the hundred of Bradford North—the village a small
one, is situated 6 miles S.W. from Drayton, on the Shrewsbury road.  The
parish church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, is a very ancient structure
and several handsome monuments ornament the interior, the living is a
rectory; the present incumbent is the Rev. S. H. Macauley.  Fairs are
held on the Monday before the second Wednesday in March, May 4th, and the
Monday before the 24th of October.  The parish of Hodnet contained, in
1841, 2,185, and in 1851, 2,087.

POST OFFICE, Beast market, DRAYTON, Mary Smith, _Post Mistress_.—Letters
from all parts arrive (from NEWPORT), every morning at half-past four,
and are despatched at a quarter to nine in the evening.

The _Letter Box_ closes at a quarter past eight in the evening.

The _Money Order Office_, open from nine in the morning, till six in the

POST OFFICE, HODNET, Edward Jones, _Post Master_.—Letters from all parts
arrived (from MARKET DRAYTON), every morning at eight, and are despatched
thereto at a quarter before six in the evening.

The _Money Order Office_, open from nine in the morning till five in the


Allen Rev. William, Muccleston

Andrews Mr. George, Stafford st

Beeston Mr. Benjamin, Summer hill

Brayn Mrs. Mary, Shropshire st

Broome Rev. Frederick, Adderley

Broughton Peter, Esq. Tunstall Hall

Buchanan Rev. Alexr. H., Hales Hall

Cheere Rev. Edward, Little Drayton

Chetwode Sir John Ludford, Bart., Oakley Hall

Cholmondeley Rev. Rd. Hugh, Hodnet

Clive Henry Beyley, Esq. Stych Hall

Clive Robert Herbert, Esq. Stych Hall

Corbet Richard, Esq. Adderley Hall

Davies Rev. Daniel, Wollerton

Dickins Miss Rachael, Shropshire st

Dodd John Whitehall, Esq. Cloverley Hall

Embray Mr. Thomas, Stafford st

Emery Mr William, Rose hill

Gladstone Rev. John, Stoke

Harding Egerton, Esq. Old Springs

Harding George, Esq. Colehurst

Harding Miss Sarah, Shropshire st

Hill Lord Viscount, Hawkstone

Hill Captain George, Peplow Hall

Hill Rev. John, Weston

Hill Thomas Esq. Almington Hall

Hinchcliffe Rev. Edward, Muccleston

Horner Charles John, Shropshire st

Johnson Rev. Bertie, Child’s Ercal

Johnson Mr. Robert, Belton

Justice Henry, Esq. Hinstock Hall

Kilmorey the Honble. the Earl of, Shevington Hall

Lee Rev. James, M.A. Vicarage

Lockett Mr. Thomas, Frog lane

Macauley Rev. Saml. Herrick, Hodnet

Masefield John, Esq. Ellerton Hall

Minor Walter, Esq. Wollerton

Minor Mr. William, Hills

Norcop Wm. Church, Esq. Betton Hall

Percy John A. C. Esq. Hodnet Hall

Powell Mr. Edward, Cotton

Pritchard Mr. Thomas Gray, Hodnet

Ratcliff Mr. William, Little Drayton

Sillitoe Mrs. —, Pellwall House

Spencer Mr. Walter Geo. the Mount

Tayleur Mrs. Frances, Field House

Tayleur Jno. Esq. Buntingsdale House

Twemlow Thomas, Esq. Peats wood

Upton Rev. Robert, Moreton-Say

Whitfield Mr. Thos. Springhill Cottge

Williams Mrs. Elizabeth, Stafford st

Wilson John Edward, Esq. the Grove


Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Ashley Ann, Hodnet

Bratton Mary Ann (bdg.), Beast mkt

Bratton Mary, Church st

Done Mary, Longslow lane

Eaton George, Cheshire st

Ellcock Frances Mary (boarding and day), Sheep market

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Churchyard—Charles Cooke, master

Green Maria, Hales

Jones Edward, Hodnet

Jones Elizabeth, Shropshire st


Hodnet—Jas. Chas. Clarke, master

Spring hill—Wm. Scott, master; Lucy Capers, mistress

Little Drayton—Charles Miles, master; Judith Ford, mistress

Wigley William Henry (boarding and day), Shropshire st

Williams Lucy, Shropshire st


(_See also Fire_, _&c._, _Office Agents_.)

Downes Thomas (tile and quarry), Hodnet

Fell Robert (for Hazeldine & Co., coal merchants), Old wharf

Frith Joseph (to Richard Corbet, Esq.), Stafford st

Gill George (to Lord Viscount Hill), Weston

Gregory John (to the Hon. the Earl of Kilmorey), Shevington Hall

Tomkinson William (for Jas. Smith), Old wharf

Warren Joseph Loxdale (to the Property Protection Society) Cheshire


Gower Andrew Woodgate & Son, Sheep market

Rodenhurst William & John, Shropshire street—(_See advertisement_) {18}


Grimley Henry, Shropshire st

Pigot Creswell, Stafford st

Warren & Onions, Shropshire st

Warren Joseph Loxdale (and clerk to the magistrates), Cheshire st

Wilkinson William M. & Joseph E. Shropshire st


Belliss Elizabeth, Hodnet

Chesters William, Shropshire st

Harper Edward H. (& confectioner), High street

Moore John, Shropshire st

Wild Thomas, Hodnet

Wright Nathaniel, Shropshire st


st—(open on market and fair days—draw on Smith, Payne & Smiths’,
London)—John Mills, manager

Saxton Brothers, High st—(draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London)

SAVINGS’ BANK, Cheshire street—(open the first Monday in every
month)—John Moore, actuary


Bruckshaw Benjamin, Old wharf

Bruckshaw Robert, Longslow

Bruckshaw William, Beast market

Duckworth Henry, Little Drayton

Edge John, Hales

Fox William, Beast market

Hughes Enoch, Bell lane

Hughes Samuel, Hodnet

Latham Henry, Hodnet

Ryder George, Little Drayton

Worrall Henry, Hodnet


Silvester & Lockett, High st

Trundle Josiah S. (and music seller and dealer in patent medicines), High


Beswick William, Stafford st

Boughey Samuel, Little Drayton

Cartwright Samuel, Hodnet

Churton Thomas, Hodnet

Corfield Joseph, Cheshire st

Done Robert, Sheep market

Duckers William, Cheshire st

Griffith John, Hales

Hughes Charles, Hodnet

Jones Joseph, Bell lane

Jones Samuel, Bell lane

Jones William, Little Drayton

Morris William, Sheep market

Mullineux John, Shropshire st

Owen Samuel, Little Drayton

Ralphs Joseph, Little Drayton

Ridgway William, Hodnet

Roylance Thomas, Little Drayton

Stanyer Samuel, Bell lane

Steventon John, Little Drayton

Vaughan Andrew, Hodnet

Williams John, Little Drayton

Williamson James, Beast market


Griffith Benjamin, Beast market

Snow Thomas & Joseph, High st

Swinchatt Geo. Williamson, High st

Walsh Joseph, Shropshire


Barratt Thomas, Sheep market

Griffith Isaac, Sheep market

Montford Thomas, St. Mary st


Barker John, Beast market

Jackson Edward, Hodnet

Jervis Joseph, Little Drayton

Lander Robert, Little Drayton

Painter Richard, Kiln bank

Parsonage John, Little Drayton

Poole Thomas Little Drayton

Sargeant Matthew, Sheep market

Tittley Charles, Hodnet

Tittley Thomas, Hodnet

Wade Hill, Little Drayton


                   Marked thus * are also Upholsterers.

* Bradshaw John, Beast market

Brown Thomas, Cheshire st

Chritchley Cornelius (& coach builder), Beast market

Griffith Isaac, Sheep market

* Harper George, Shropshire st

Jones Josiah, Shropshire st

* Montford Thomas, St. Mary st

Noden William, Cheshire st

Swinchatt Charles, Beast market

Wade Charles, Little Drayton


Drury Thomas, Shropshire st

Hall Thomas, Shropshire st

Taylor William, Sheep market


Griffiths James, High st

Groom Thomas, Stafford st

Morris Philip H. Cheshire st

Tomkinson William, Old Wharf


Hill Thos. (& tanner), Beast market

Lewis George, Little Drayton


                   (_See also Grocers & Tea Dealers_.)

King William G. Cheshire st

Morgan George E. Shropshire st

Morris Philip Henry, Cheshire st

Pritchard John & Co. Hodnet

Ridgway William, High st


Heyward Richard (& worsted dealer), Sheep market

Trueman William, Cheshire st


ACCIDENTAL DEATH (life), Bampfield Kettle, Shropshire st

BIRMINGHAM (fire), Geo. E. Morgan, Shropshire st

INDUSTRIAL AND GENERAL (life), George E. Morgan, Shropshire st

LAW, (fire), Henry Grimley, Shropshire st

LAW UNION, John Henry Onions, Shropshire st


MANCHESTER (fire) George Rodgers, High street

NORWICH UNION, Joseph Loxdale Warren, Cheshire st

PROMOTER (life), Joseph Firth, Stafford st

PROVINCIAL (Welsh), Philip Henry Morris, Cheshire st

ROYAL FARMERS’, William Derbyshire Green, Sheep market

SALOP (fire), William G. King, Cheshire street

SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH WALES (fire), Joseph Firth, Stafford st

SOLICITORS AND GENERAL (life), Henry Grimley, Shropshire st


Godwin William (and nurseryman), Kiln bank

Roberts Samuel, Beast market

Woolley Thomas, Hodnet


Barker James, Cheshire st

Eaton George, High st


     (_See also Druggists & Tea Dealers_, _and also Shopkeepers &c._)

Belliss Elizabeth, Hodnet

Crutchley Alfred, High st

Harper Edwin H. High st

Massie Thomas (& tallow chandler), Cheshire st

Moore Thomas, Cheshire st

Morris Philip Henry, Cheshire st

Pace Piercy, Hodnet

Rodenhurst Wm. & Jun. Cheshire st

Snow Thomas & Joseph, High st

Whitfield George, High st

Wild Thomas, Hodnet

Wright Nathaniel, Shropshire st


Griffiths William, Shropshire st

Monks John, Shropshire st


Jones John, Shropshire st

Stevens Thomas, Shropshire st


Massie Thomas, Cheshire

Morris Philip Henry, Cheshire st

Pace Piercy, Hodnet

Rodenhurst William & John, Cheshire street

Snow Thomas & Joseph, High st

Whitfield George, High st


Godwin William, Newtown

Haslam Jno. W. & H. Little Drayton

Ryley Edward (and curled hair and sieve manufacturer), VICTORIA MILL,


                   (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_)

Corbet Arms (commercial), Henry Thomas Smith, High st

White Bear, George Wild, Hodnet


Gower Andrew Woodgate and Son, Sheep market

Rodenhurst William & Jno. Shropshire street—(_See advertisement_)


Pace Piercy, Hodnet

Rodenhurst William & John, Shropshire street—(_See advertisement_)

Snow Thomas & Joseph, High st

Whitfield George, High st

Wild Thomas, Hodnet


Adams & Powell, Shropshire st

Bradbury Walter Andrews, High st

Brayn Joseph, High st

Lloyd Edmund, Shropshire st

Pace Piercy, Hodnet

Pritchard John & Co. Hodnet

Salter Samuel C. & Sarah, High st

Williams George, High st


Fletcher Joseph, Cheshire st and Stafford st

Key John Sayers, Sheep market

Morgan Thomas, Hodnet

Sandells Thomas, Sheep market

Whilton Thomas, Beast market

Wild George, Hodnet


Adams John, New Mills

Cartwright Richard, Hodnet

Davis Richard, Hinsley Mill

Harper William, Buntingsdale

Lea William, Moreton-Say Mill

Powell William, Stoke Mill

Ryley Edward, Victoria Mill, Newtown

Shaw Stephen, Rose Hill


Boulton Elizabeth, High st

Cartwright Martha, Shropshire st

Churton Elizabeth, Beast market

Grindrod Christina, Beast market

Hopkins Eliza, Beast market

Hudson Mary & Sarah, Stafford st

Leigh Fanny & Emma, Cheshire st

Morris Sarah & Clara, High st

Powell Mary, Hodnet

Roberts Ann, Peats wood

Salter Sarah, High st

Thompson Mary, Stafford st

Wilks Jane, St. Mary st


Cockayne Edward, Stafford st

Fox James, Cheshire st


Donkin Thomas, Hodnet

Fox James (and gas fitter), Cheshire street

Hinton Robert, Little Drayton

Parsonage Frederick, Sheep market

Pemberton Joseph, Shropshire st

Roberts William, High st


Pickering Thomas, Audley brow

Rogers George, High st

Salter Thomas, High st


Hill Henry, High st

Hill Robert, High st

Hopwood John, Cheshire st

Morris Samuel, Hodnet

Sillitoe Aaron, Beast market


Bennion Joseph, Cheshire st

Harper Edwin H. Beast market

Tomkinson William, Old wharf


Amson Samuel, Cheshire st

Bate Mary, Little Drayton

Bradshaw John, Beast market

Carver Hugh, Shropshire st

Cutler Joseph, Little Drayton

Duckers Martha, Little Drayton

Griffiths Thomas, Shropshire st

Harper George, Shropshire st

Hopkinson James, Cheshire st

Jebb George, Little Drayton

Jones Thomas, Stafford st

Jones William, Little Drayton

Lewis George, Little Drayton

M‘Manus Charles, Shropshire st

Parker William, Shropshire st

Povell James, Little Drayton

Salt George, Sheep market

Sharp Henry, Sheep market

Steele William, Church st

Wickstead William, Hales

Wilks William, Shropshire st

Woodhouse Thomas, Little Drayton

Worrall John, Hodnet


Boulton Elizabeth, High st

Bradbury Maria, Little Drayton

Bruckshaw Mary Ann, Lit. Drayton

Keeling Mary Ann, Little Drayton

Ryder Ellen, Little Drayton


Haslam Jos. Nickson, Little Drayton

Lees Barnard, Hodnet

Sandford James F. Shropshire st

Soxton William Waring, Stafford st

Simpson Harry Ernest, Stafford st

Walmsley John Allen, Hodnet

Warburton Thomas, Little Drayton


Frith Joseph (land), Stafford st

Harding George T. (land), Fern hill

Herd James (income tax) Beast mkt


Allen John, Sheep market

Arkinstall William, Shropshire st

Churton Chas. (and draper), Hodnet

Farnell John, Bell lane

Farnell Samuel, Little Drayton

Farnell William, Wollerton

Forster Alfred, Hodnet

Griffiths Thomas, Shropshire st

Heywood William, Hodnet

Moulton John, Beast market

Stanyer John, Bell lane

Stevens Thos. (and draper), Shropshire st

Williams Geo. (& outfitter), High st

Workman Richard, Church st


Cheshire Cheese, Wm. Kirkham, High st

Crown, Hy. Boulton, Sheep market

Elephant and Castle, Sarah Dale, Shropshire st

George & Dragon, Martha Barnett, Beast market

King’s Arms, Thomas Hampton, Shropshire st

Lamb, Mary Simester, Sheep market

Moon, James Beeston, Almington

Red Bull, Robert Tibbits, Sandy lane

Red Lion, Geo. Evans, Beast market

Red Lion, Thomas Morgan, Hodnet

Royal Oak, Ann and Martha Hill, Cheshire st

Star, John Sayers Key, Sheep market

Talbot, John Barnett, Old Wharf

Unicorn, Thomas Sandells, Sheep market

Unicorn, George Cartwright, Hodnet


Brasnell Thomas, Little Drayton

Edge Robert, Beast market

Hall Thomas, Shropshire st

Noden William, Cheshire st

Peake Thomas, Little Drayton

Pegg John, Little Drayton

Preston George, Little Drayton

Roden Jane, Cheshire st

Stubbs Elizabeth, Bell lane

Taylor John, Hodnet

Trevor James, Hodnet

Wade Hill, Little Drayton

Wright Nathaniel, Shropshire st


Downes Thomas (agent), Hodnet

Smith James, Old Wharf—William Tomkinson, agent


Barratt Thomas, Sheep market

Dimmock Josiah & Timothy & Co. Shropshire st

Edge Robert, Beast market


Kettle Bampfield, Shropshire st

Payne Colin Vernon, Cheshire st


Bowker George, Cheshire st

Grosvenor Robert, Church st

Rodgers George, High st


Johnson Robert, Victoria Wharf

Tomkinson William, (& corn merchant), Old Wharf


Amson Samuel, Cheshire st

Ashley George, Hodnet

Crutchley Charles, Clod hall

Crutchley William, Hodnet

Edge Robert, Beast market

Heywood Warrington, Hales

Latham Henry, Hodnet

Trevor James Hodnet

Wytcherley Samuel, Beast market


Barnett John, High st

Sandbrook William & Son, Shropshire st


Atkinson James, umbrella maker, Bell lane

Bonell James, pump maker, Sheep market

Burgess Win, clog maker, Sheep market

Carver Hugh, furniture dlr, Shropshire st

Embrey Thomas, grazier, Stafford st

Fielding Henry, clogger, Cheshire st

Gad Thos. turner & chair maker, Shropshire st

Green William Darbyshire, auctioneer, and secretary to the Castle
Insurance Association, Sheep market

Hall Henry, cutler, Sheep market

Hawley Lavina E., teacher of music, Shropshire st

Hazeldine & Co., coal merchants, Old wharf

Herd James, tax surveyor, Sheep market

Heyward Richard, hosier and worsted dealer, Sheep market

Morris Sarah & Clara, Berlin wool repository, High st

Poole William, bricklayer, Little Drayton

Robson James, stone mason, Beast market

Roden Adam, licensed to let post horses, Little Drayton

Saxton Wm. Waring, dealer in bone dust, Tyrley Mill

Sherwin Margery, stay mkr, Lit. Drayton

Shuker Edwd. bricklayer, Little Drayton

Simester John, rope maker, Sheep market

Stead John, stone mason, Hodnet


ST. MARY’S CHURCH, Church street—James Lee, M.A. vicar.

CHRISTS CHURCH, Little Drayton—Rev. Edward Cheere, M.A. perpetual curate.

ST. PETER’S AND ST. PAUL’S CHURCH, Hodnet—Rev. Samuel Herrick Macauley,
incumbent; Rev. Richard Hugh Cholmondeley, curate.

CHAPEL OF EASE, Hales—Rev. Alexander H. Buchanan.

INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Church street—(Vacant).

INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Wollerton—Rev. Daniel Davies.

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, Little Drayton.

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPEL, Cheshire st


                        WORKHOUSE, Little Drayton.

_Governor_—William Crutchley

_Matron_—Ann Crutchley


_Schoolmistress_—Martha Crutchley

_Chaplain_—Rev. Robert Upton

_Surgeon_—William W. Saxton

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—Wm. M. Wilkinson

_Relieving Officers_—James Boyden, for the Hodnet district, and George
Heywood, for the Market Drayton district


_Superintendent_—Wm. Manly Wilkinson, Shropshire st


_For the Market Drayton District_—Robt. Grosvenor, Church st

_For the Hodnet District_—James Boyden, Hodnet

_For the Moreton-Say District_—John Wainwright, Norton in Hales


                       HELD MONTHLY IN CHESHIRE ST.

_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_Clerk_—Joseph Loxdale Warren

_High Bailiff_—William Darbyshire Green

                                * * * * *

CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE DEPOSITORY, High st—Josiah S. Trundle, keeper

CORN INSPECTOR’S OFFICE, at the Corbett Arms Hotel, High st

GAS WORKS, Newtown—Thomas Owen manager

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, at the Corbett Arms Hotel, High st


NEWS ROOM, High st—Lydia Barnett, keeper

POLICE STATION, Cheshire st—William Hemming, officer

SHEEP MARKET, Stafford st

STAMP OFFICE, Cheshire st—William G. King, distributer


To DRAYTON, an _Omnibus_, from the Red Lion, Hodnet, every Wednesday
morning at eleven.

To SHREWSBURY, an _Omnibus_, from the Red Lion, Hodnet, every Saturday
morning at half-past ten.

To WELLINGTON, an _Omnibus_, from the Red Lion, Hodnet, every Thursday
morning at half past ten.

To the WHITMORE STATION, the _Victoria_, from the Unicorn, Drayton, every
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at half-past nine, arriving at the
Station in time for the trains for London, Birmingham, Manchester,
Liverpool, &c.


The nearest _Station_ is at WHITMORE, 9 miles N.E. from Drayton, on the
London and North-Western line.

Then is a Coach to the Station three times a week, as above stated.


To STOKE and TUNSTALL, George Dawson, from the Royal Oak, Wed.

To WHITMORE, Adam Roden, from Little Drayton, daily.


To all parts of the KINGDOM, the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal
Company, from the Old wharf—William Tomkinson, wharfinger; and from
Victoria wharf, daily—Robert Johnson, wharfinger.


ELLESMERE is a market town and parish, in the hundred of Pimhill, 169
miles N.W. from London, 16 N.N.W. from Shrewsbury, and 12 from Wrexham;
situate near the north-western extremity of the county, contiguous to
Flintshire.  The town is of Saxon origin, and supposed to derive its name
from the water called _Ailsmere_, i.e. the greatest mere—being the most
extensive lake in this part of the country; it covers about one hundred
and sixteen acres, and is well stocked with fish.  Its environs have two
advantages superior to other lakes; a good town borders on one side, and
the beautiful park of Oteley on the other.  A mansion, in the
Elizabethian style, erected by the owner of the property, Charles
Kynaston Mainwaring, Esq., and a tower of considerable height immediately
adjoining it (commemorative of the birth of his son and heir), form
picturesque objects from the town: the park is also a fine one,
strikingly diversified with hill and dale.  Near the mere is a house of
industry for the poor of five parishes, from which is a delightful
prospect; and on the Castle-hill is one of the finest bowling-greens in
the kingdom from which nine different counties may be seen.  The green
occupies the site of the keep of the ancient castle, a frontier fortress
during the unsettled period which preceded the final subjugation of
Wales, and was probably demolished about the close of the parliamentary
war.  Ellesmere formerly gave name to a hundred, which, with its
dependencies, was annexed to that of Pimhill, in the 27th year of Henry
VIII.  Part of the manor of St. John of Jerusalem extends to the town and
liberties of Ellesmere, which is exclusively governed by its bailiffs,
chosen annually by a jury at a court-leet of the lord of the manor.  The
ancient hundred court for the recovery of small debts has been superseded
by the new county court, in which claims are adjudicated to any amount
not exceeding £50.  The town has an aspect of respectability and comfort:
it is gas-lighted, and the houses are in general neat and well
constructed.  In 1833 a handsome building was completed for a town-hall
and market-house, the ground floor being for the accommodation of those
who have butter, poultry, &c. for sale; while the upper portion is
appropriated to public meetings and occasional assemblies.  The principal
trade of Ellesmere is malting; the barley of the neighbourhood being
remarkably good, a corresponding demand for the malt is generally
experienced; and the butter and cheese produced in this part of the
country are of the finest description.  There are several excellent inns,
the chief of which is the Bridgewater Arms.  This place is in some
measure benefited by a navigation, called the Ellesmere canal, which
forms a communication between the river Dee at Chester and the Severn at
Shrewsbury, and by collateral branches to all parts of the kingdom.  The
canal was constructed, in pursuance of an act of parliament, in the 34th
of George III.

The parish church of St. Mary is an ancient structure, in the decorative
style of English architecture, with a lofty square tower in the centre,
wherein is a ring of eight bells: the east window is a fine composition
in the later style.  The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of Lord
Alford; the present vicar is the Rev. John David Day.  The other places
of worship are for Independents, and Primitive, Association, and Wesleyan
Methodists.  The chapelries of COCKSHUT, DUDLASTON, and PENLEY (the
last-named in the county of Flint), belonging to this parish, are all
perpetual curacies.  There are two schools for children of either sex,
conducted upon the National plan.  Ellesmere is the centre of an Union
under the new Poor-Law, consisting of seventeen parishes, nine of which
are in Salop, and the remainder in Flintshire.  The population of the
Union, at the last census, amounted to 15,226.  The market is held on
Tuesday, and the fairs on the Tuesday after the 2nd of February, the
third Tuesday in April, Tuesday in Whitsun-week, the first Tuesday in
July, the last Tuesday in August, the first Tuesday in October, the third
Tuesday in November, and the first Tuesday in December.  Ellesmere parish
contained (including the chapelries before mentioned), in 1841, 6,603
inhabitants, and in 1851, 6,940.

POST OFFICE, Scotland-street, Andrew Bickley, _Post Master_.—Letters from
all parts arrive (from SHREWSBURY) every morning at ten minutes before
seven, and are despatched at a quarter before six in the evening.


Bayley Samuel, Esq. the Avenue

Bayley Mr. Thomas, Spare Bridge st

Bennett —, Esq. Sodyllt Hall

Birds Rev. David, St. John’s Hill

Blackburne Mrs. Jane, Trimpley

Burrows Rev. Samuel Hollinshed, Church st

Cust Captain —, Church st

Davies Mr. John, Dudlaston Hall

Day Rev. John David, Vicarage

Deighton Mrs. Jane, Church st

Dymock Rev. Edward, Penley Hall

Dymock Mrs. Mary, the Mount

Edwards Miss Mary, Church st

Edwards Miss Mary Ann, Trimpley

Evans Richard, Esq. Watergate st

Fallowes Mrs. Mary, Watergate st

Ferrell Lovett, Esq. the Grange

Founereau Philip, Esq. Overton

Farmston Miss Margaret, Trimpley

Hanmer Sir John Bart., M.P. Bettisfield Hall

Hughes Miss Letitia, Watergate st

Jebb Richard George, Esq. Lyth

Kenyon the Rt. Hon. Lord, Gredington

Kynaston Sir John Roger, Hardwick Hall

Langford John Davies, Esq. Chapel street

Lawrence Mr. Thomas, Hampton House

Lowe Mr. Thomas, Church st

Mainwaring Charles Kynaston, Esq. Oteley Park

Master Rev. Geo. S. Welshampton

Menlove Miss Sarah, Trimpley

More Rev. William, Hordley

Oswell Thomas, Esq. Scotland st

Peake Rev. John, Talbot st

Penny Mrs. Jane, Scotland st

Polwhwle Rev. Robert, Penley

Provis William, Esq. the Grange

Reay Miss Maria, Scotland st

Rider Mr. Thomas, New Cricket

Rider Mrs. Jane, Trimpley

Shearton Mrs. Jane, St. John’s Hill

Stanton John, Esq. Scotland st

Tyson Rev. Thomas, Chapel st

Vaughan Mr. John, Pentreh-y-lin

Wynn Mr. Richard, Chapel st


                      Marked * are Boarding and Day.
                 Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

* Birch Eliza, Trimpley

* Gough Ann & Mary, St. John’s hill

* Jenkins Sarah, Willow st

                                * * * * *


Canal wharf—Thomas George Thompson and Thomas Davies, masters

St. John’s hill—Mary Davies, mistress

Welshampton—Joseph Mansfield, master

* Ponton James Batt, Willow st

SAINT JOHN’S MIDDLE SCHOOL, St. John’s hill—Jonathan Jones, master


                   (_See also Fire &c. Office Agents_)

Cooley Charles Easter & Son, (to the Bridgewater Estate and to Sir John
Roger Kynaston), Canal wharf

Cust Captain — ( resident agent to the Bridgewater estate), Church st

Pay William (general), Church st

Pearce Charles (to the Shropshire Union Railway & Canal Carrying
Company), Canal wharf


Blackburne Edward (and clerk to the magistrates), Market hall

Dymock Robert M. the Mount

Menlove Wm. Edward, Church st

Morrall Robert, Town hall

Pritchard Peter, Chapel st

Randles William Henry, Willow st

Salter George, Swine Market st

Wace Charles Richard, Cross st


Colemere Ann, Cross st

Davies Richard, Swine Market st

Harrison Samuel, Scotland st

Hughes Thomas, St. John’s hill

Jackson Sarah, High st

Parry Thomas, Cross st


Rocke, Eyton & Co. High st—(draw on Robarts, Curtis & Co. London)

London),—John Lowe, manager

(_The above Banks are open on the market day only_, _from ten to three_).

SAVINGS’ BANK, Scotland st—(open on the second and last Tuesday of each
month, from ten to one)—William Lea, secretary


Davies Thomas, Canal wharf

Evans William, Willow st

Jenks John, Cross st

Penlington Edward, Welshampton

Robinson John, Church st


Baugh Ewd. (& stamp office), Cross st

Thompson Thomas, High st


Aaron John, Scotland st

Antley Thomas, St John’s hill

Bennett John, Watergate st

Devenport Richard, Scotland st

Gittins Thomas, Sparbridge st

Glaves Robert, Church st

Hollis William, Watergate st

Maddocks Deborah, Willow st

Morris William, Cross st

Powell Richard, Birch lane

Powell Thomas, Scotland st

Richards Frank, Watergate st

Richards Joseph, Church st

Turner Ann, High st

Turner William, Birch lane

Wellings William, Chapel st


Barlow Henry, Cross st

Povey Thomas, Son & Co. Market pl

Towler Emma, High


Howell William, Church st

Jenks Edward, Scotland st

Jenks Joseph, Cross st

Ralphs William, St. John’s hill


Clay John, Cross st

Copnall Richard, Church st

Jones James, St. John’s hill

Lowe Samuel, Church st

Phillips William, Scotland st


Taylor Richard, Trimpley

Thompson Eliza, Watergate st


Povey Thomas, Son & Co. Market pl

Roberts Robert, Cross st


Freeman Edward, Watergate st

Jones John, Watergate st

Rowland John, Scotland st

Rowland John, jun. Watergate st


Butler John, Watergate st

Gough Robert, Watergate st

Wright Henry John, Church st


ALBION (life), Edward Baugh, Cross st

AGRICULTURIST (cattle), William Pay, Church st

CLERICAL AND MEDICAL (life), Samuel Lea, Scotland st

CROWN, Edward Blackburne, Market hall

EAGLE, Chas. Richard Wace, Cross st

FARMERS’ & GRAZIERS’ Peter Pritchard, Chapel st

PROVINCIAL (Welsh), William Pay, Church st

ROYAL, Edward Jenkins & Sons, Trimpley

ROYAL EXCHANGE, Thos. Thompson, High st

SALOP (fire), Charles E. Cooley & Son, Canal wharf

SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH WALES (fire), Edward Blackburne, Market hall

SUN, Edward Baugh, Cross st


                    Marked thus * are also Druggists.

* Brotheridge Charles, High st

Colemere Ann, Cross st

Cooke Charles, Watergate st

Davies Charles, Cross st

* Lea Samuel, Scotland st

Morris Peter, High st

* Parry William, High st

* Povey Thos. Son & Co. Market pl


Baugh Ann, High st

Evans Thomas, Watergate st

Everett Simon, Cross st


                  (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_.)

Black Lion, Edwd. Jones, Scotland st

Bridgewater Arms, William Paddock, High st

Red Lion, William Pay, Church st


Barlow Henry, Cross st

Burton Richard, High st

Coffin Thos. (& cutler), Scotland st

Povey Thomas, Son & Co. Market pl


Whalley William, Church st

Williams Edward, Spare Bridge st


Burrows Stephen, Sycamore tree

Jones Edward, Frankton & Tetchill

Peake Edward, Hampton bank

Povey Thomas, Son & Co. Little mill


Davies Thomas, High st

Hampson John, Cross st

Povey Thomas junr. Scotland st

Povey Francis, Cross st

Roberts William & Co. High st

Williams Owen H. Scotland st


Bickley Robert, Birch lane

Cooke Charles, Watergate st

Freeman Edward, Watergate st

Furmston John, Scotland st

Hampson John, Cross st

Lea John, Scotland st

Morris Edward, Church st

Pearce Thomas, Swine Market st

Rodenhurst William, Cross st

Stant Richard, Watergate st

Wilkinson Jonas, Cross st

Windsor George, Spare Bridge st


Baugh Ann, High st

Haynes Sarah, Watergate st

Jones Jane M. Watergate st

Kynaston Mary, Willow st

Matthews Elizabeth, Willow st

Penberthy Jane, Willow st

Povey Ellen, Cross st

Roberts Ann, Scotland st

Roberts Jane, Swine Market st

Thompson Hannah, Church st

Williams Owen H. Scotland st

Wright Elizabeth, Watergate st


Ellis Thomas, Cross st

Griffiths John, Watergate st

Lloyd Edward, St. John’s hill

Lloyd Thomas, Watergate st

Lloyd William, St. John’s hill

Perkins John (painter), Willow st

Towler Emma, High st


Allinson John, Cross st

Jenks Joseph, Cross st

Paddock William, High st

Pay William, Church st

Povey Thomas, Son & Co. Market pl


Beckett William, Cross st

Gough William, High st

Lee William, Market place


Butter Jane, Cross st

Davies John, Welshampton

Davies Sarah, Watergate st

Jones Margaret, Watergate st

Harris James, Welshampton

Price Elizabeth, Willow st

Thompson Robert, Church st

Roberts Emma, Scotland st


Ashley John, Scotland st

Brookfield John, St. John’s hill

Howell Rowland, Scotland st


Hayes Sarah, Watergate st

Morris Elizabeth, Cross st

Roberts Ann, Scotland st

Roberts Jane, Swine Market st

Wright Elizabeth, Watergate st


Gummow Benjamin W. Scotland st

Gwynn Thomas, St. John’s hill

Monsley Thomas, Chapel st

Watson James, High st


Davies Thomas, Scotland st

Davies William, Chapel st

Humphreys Richard, Watergate st

Nunnerley Lazarus, Birch lane

Platt Frederick, St. John’s hill

Reynolds Mark, Church st

Roberts John, St. John’s hill

Roberts Robert, Scotland st

Robots William, Swine Market st

Rodenhurst Thos. St. John’s hill

Thompson Robert, Church st

Warburton William, Welshampton


Bottle, John Cartwright, Welshfrankton

Bricklayers Arms, Edward Ralphes, Scotland st

Bull & Dog, John Butter, Scotland st

Bull’s Head, John Edwards, Cross st

Canal, Edward Davies, Canal wharf

Dolphin, Thomas Copnall, Church st

George & Dragon, Mary Davies, St. John’s hill

Golden Lion, Mary Marsh, Watergate st

New Inn, Richard Taylor, Trimpley

Red Lion, Jno. Thomas, Welshamptn

Spread Eagle, Jas. Ralphes, Birch lane

Sun, Thomas Hatton, Welshampton

Swan, Jonas Wilkinson, Cross st

Talbot, Jno. Nicholls, Spare Bridge st

Three Tuns, Richard Stant, St. John’s hill

Unicorn, John Parry, Cross st

Vaults, Joseph Jenks, Cross st

Vaults, William Paddock, High st

White Hart, Robt. Bickley Birch lane

While Lion, John Pearce, Swine Market st


Dodsforth John, Spare Bridge st

Hughes Hugh, Church st

Stant Richard, Watergate st


Jones John, Canal wharf

Pearce Thomas, Swine Market st


Hampson Thomas, Spare Bridge st

Jenks John, Cross st


Cross William, Cross st

Grosvenor Robt. E. Swine Market st


Clay John, Welshampton

Edge William, Birch lane

Pearce Thomas, Swine Market st

Speake Thomas, Welshampton


Allinson John, Cross st

Jenks Joseph, Cross st

Paddock William, Watergate st

Povey Thomas, Son & Co. Market pl


Beakbane Henry, tanner, Church st

Cartwright Jno. stone mason, Canal wharf

Clay William, iron and brass founder, Canal wharf

Colmere John, miller, Ellesmere Mill

Darbyshire George, clogger, Cross st

Davies Mary, nail maker, St. John’s hill

Jenkins Edward & Son, auctioneers, Trimpley

Jones John, coal merchant, Canal wharf

Jones John, nursery & seedsman, Swine Market st

Lloyd Edward, portrait & animal painter, Willow st

Lowe Samuel L. tallow chandler, High st

Parry John, rope & twine maker, Cross st

Pemberton Richard, hatter, St. John’s hill

Ralphes Edward, bird & animal stuffer, Scotland street

Tilston John, boat builder, Canal wharf

Williams Mary, Berlin wool & fancy repository, Church st

Young John, canal inspector, Canal wharf

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.


SAINT MARY’S CHURCH, Church st—Rev. John David Day, vicar; Rev. Jno.
Peake, curate

WELSHAMPTON CHURCH, Welshampton—Rev. Geo. S. Master, incumbent

CHAPEL OF EASE, Cockshut—Rev. Samuel H. Burrows

CHAPEL OF EASE, Dudleston—Rev. David Birds, ministers

CHAPEL OF EASE, Penley—Rev. Robert Polwhwle

INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Chapel st—Rev. Thomas Tyson

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPELS, Scotland street, and Welshampton

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL Watergate st

METHODIST (Wesleyan Association), CHAPEL, Scotland st


                          WORKHOUSE, Swan Hill.

_Governor_—John Pembrey Pritchard

_Matron_—Eliza George

_Schoolmaster_—Job Darlington

_Schoolmistress_—Mary Pritchard

_Chaplain_—Rev. David Birds

_Surgeon_—Thomas Gwynn

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—Andrew Bickley

_Relieving Officers_—John Wood Jones & John Boycott


                           OFFICE, Market hall.

_Superintendent Registrar_—Robt. Morrell

_Deputy Registrar_—Edward Blackburne

_Registrar of Births and Deaths_—Thomas Bickley, Scotland street

                                * * * * *

CANAL OFFICE, Canal wharf—Charles Pearce, wharfinger


GAS WORKS, Canal wharf—John Tilston, manager

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, at the Bridgewater Arms Hotel, High st—William
Burrows, supervisor; Joseph Randles, officer

MAGISTRATES CLERKS’ OFFICE, Market hall—Edward Blackburne, clerk

MECHANICS’ INSTITUTION, Market hall—Thomas Thompson, treasurer

POLICE OFFICE, Cross st—Wm. Bowen constable

PROPERTY & ASSESSED TAXES OFFICE, Peter Pritchard, collector

STAMP OFFICE, Cross st—Edward Baugh sub-distributer


                    ON THE CHESTER & SHREWSBURY LINE.

The nearest Station is at WHITTINGTON between 5 and 6 miles south-west
from Ellesmere

There is an _Omnibus_ every morning and evening, from the Bridgewater
Arms, High street, to the Station


To WHITTINGTON & OSWESTRY, Thomas Pearce, from his house Swine Market st.
every Wednesday

To WHITCHURCH, John Barber, from the Bulls’ Head, Cross st. every Tuesday


To CHESTER, LIVERPOOL and MANCHESTER, the Shropshire Union Railway and
Canal Company, from the Canal wharf, daily

To NEWTOWN, WELSHPOOL and other parts of NORTH WALES, see Shropshire
Union Railway and Canal Company, from the Canal wharf, daily

HALES OWEN (Worcestershire),

HALES OWEN, (formerly in the county of Salop), in a market town and
parish—the latter insulated, separated from Shropshire, and entirely
surrounded by Staffordshire and Worcestershire, and extending into the
hundred of Haltshire, in the latter county, to which it was in 1844,
annexed by act of parliament; 117 miles N.W. from London, 11 S. by E.
from Wolverhampton, 5 S. by E. from Dudley, and 7 S.W. from Birmingham,
and 5 from Stourbridge—the last named is the nearest railway station, it
being on the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton line.  This place is
said to have formerly been a borough, though it does not appear to have
ever returned members to the legislature.  The town, which is seated in a
fertile valley, consists principally of one street, in which are some
respectable houses, and of several smaller streets, containing humbler
dwellings, irregularly built.  The river Stour, which rises in some hills
not far distant, passes the town, as does the Netherton canal; about half
a mile from it.  Lord Lyttleton is lord of the manor, and holds an annual
court leet, when a high and low bailiff, a constable, and head-borough
are appointed.  A court for the recovery of debts under £5., the
jurisdiction of which included Hales Owen, is held at the court-house,
Oldbury, once a fortnight, but this is now become inoperative, by the
acts of the new County Court under which debts are recoverable to any
amount, not exceeding £50.  This place has been noted for the manufacture
of nails, chains, and pearl and horn buttons.  There are also, extensive
iron works, (including the British Iron Company), and manufactories for
gun-barrels, wrought iron hinges, anvils and vices, hammers and files,
spades, shovels, &c.  The coal trade is of importance; bricks and tiles
are made to a considerable extent; and there are several maltings and
corn mills, in the town and neighbourhood.

The parish church of Saint John, (which has recently undergone a thorough
repair), is said to have been erected prior to the Conquest, contains a
beautiful monument to the memory of Major Halliday, and a plain one to
Shenstone the poet; the benefice is a vicarage, in the patronage of Lord
Lyttleton, and incumbency of the Rev. Richard Brindley Hone.  There are
places of worship for Independents, and Wesleyan and Primitive
Methodists.  The free grammar school here, was founded under a commission
for charitable uses.  At a short distance from the town are the
‘Leassowes,’ the seat of the celebrated Shenstone, who received the
rudiments of his education in the Hales Owen grammar school, it is now
occupied by William Matthews, Esq. The market, which at the present day
is of little or no importance, is chartered to be held on Monday (now
held on Saturday); and a fair on Easter Monday.  The entire parish of
Hales Owen contained in 1841, 17,376 and in 1851, 23,330 (this is
inclusive of Oldbury township which of itself contained at the last named
period 10,155.)

CRADLEY is a chapelry, in that part of the parish of Hales Owen which is
in the lower division of the hundred of Haltshire, county of Worcester;
two miles N.N.W. from Hales Owen, and three from Dudley and Stourbridge;
situated on the river Stour, which, running on the northern and western
sides of the chapelry, separates it from the county of Stafford.
Beautifully situated in a woody district, and pleasing walks, and on the
banks of a large pool or artificial lake, is Cradley Spa, where warm and
cold baths have been erected; the water is impregnated with sulphate of
soda, magnesia, &c., and is much used by invalids during the summer.  At
one period, an attempt was made to manufacture salt here, but with very
partial success.  Tin making of nails and chains now constitute the
staple of the chapelry.  The places of worship are the chapel under the
establishment, and three others for dissenters: the living is a perpetual
curacy, of which the Rev. Charles Walker Simons, is the incumbent.  A
national school, established here, is supported by subscription.  The
soil of this district is fertile, and brick clay of an excellent quality
is obtained.  The population of the chapelry, in 1851, was 3,383.

NETHEREND is a small village in Cradley chapelry, adjacent to Hales Owen;
and is chiefly to be noticed as having in its vicinity the extensive iron
works of Messrs. Evers & Sons, for the manufacture of tar, rolled, and
slit iron, for horse nails &c. which furnish employment to many hands,
and others are engaged in the malting trade, it also contains extensive
coal and brick works.  In the village is a chapel for Unitarians, and a
free school.  Population returned with Cradley chapelry.

POST OFFICE, High street, HALES OWEN, William Parkes, _Post
Master_.—Letters from all parts arrive (from BIRMINGHAM), every morning
at half-past six, and are despatched at seven in the evening.


Attwood Miss Mary Ann, Hawne

Clarke Mrs. Mary Ann, Church st

Cochrane Rev. William, Netherend

Darby Mr. William, Hasbury

Fisher Rev. —, Hales Owen

Gemm Edward, Esq. (magistrate), Belle Vue

Green John, Esq. (magistrate), Hagley st

Hayes Wm. Steele, Esq. Cornbow

Homfrey David, Esq. Witley Lodge

Hone Mrs. Augusta, Church st

Hone the Venerable Archdeacon, Church street

Horton Mrs. —, Cradley

Hunt Miss Rachael Maria, Townsend

Lyttleton the Right Honble. Lord, Hagley Park

Mason Mr. Samuel, Netherend

Matthews William, Esq. (magistrate), Leasowes

Moore Edward, Esq. (magistrate), Townsend House

Price Mr. William Bransley, High st

Simons Rev. Chas. Walker, Cradley

Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, Grange House

Stafford Rev. Robert, High st

Swindon Mr. James Evens, Cradley

Trewolla Mr. Benjamin, Cornbow

Wharton Miss Elzth. Hasbury Cott.

Wheeler Mrs. Amelia Ann, Green hill


FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Dudley road—John Lomax, master

FREE SCHOOL, Netherend—Thomas Billingham, master; Mary Billingham,

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL, Cornbow—Moses Hodgetts, master; Nancy Robinson,

INFANTS’ SCHOOL, Church st—Mary Ann Thompson, mistress

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Church st—Thomas Fox, master; Jane Fox, mistress

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Cradley—George Midgley and Isaac Marsh Jones, masters;
Mary Ann Woolridge, mistress

Westwood Joseph, Netherend


Cemm Thomas, Cradley

Hingley & Sons, Cradley

Hipkiss Joseph, Hales Owen Forge

Hipkiss Sarah, Rag Mill Forge

Rose William & Major, Forge


Evers Alfred, Cradley Forge

Hinton John, Long lane

Mole William Henry, Collygate

Partridge Charles, Runbow

Partridge William, the Grange

Standen Robert, Spring hill

Taylor Francis, Long lane

Taylor Thomas, Cornbow


Beach Thomas, Cornbow

Bell William, Hasburry

Christopher William, Cradley

Crumpton Benjamin, Stourbridge rd

Eden John, High st

Ferraby Joseph, Hagley st

Finney Joseph, Hagley st

Hawkswood Richard, Collygate

Hewit Joseph, Church st

Horner Joseph, Collygate

Jackson James, Cradley

Jones James, Cradley

Jones Thomas, Church st

Lee James, Cornbow

Smith Jesse, High road

Smith Joseph, Spring hill

Williams Robert, High st


Attwood Geo. & Sons, Hawne lane

Finney Francis, Whitehall

King William Hartley (and Stourbridge fire clay), Netherend

King Joseph & Co. (and coal masters), Netherend

Knight William, Stourbridge road

Warr Lucy, Cradley


Baskerfield William, Spring hill

Brettell John, Cradley

Brettell Samuel, Cradley

Connop Samuel, Forge lane

Grove James, Islington

Grove Thomas, High st

Hughes Isaiah, Cradley


Connop Benjamin, Church

Grove David, Townsend

Smith William, Hagley road

Withers Joseph, Spring hill

Withers Thomas, Cornbow st


Attwood Alexander, Cradley

Attwood James, Cradley

Attwood James, Netherend

Attwood William, Cradley

Cooper John, Church st

Gill Daniel, Cradley

Hodgetts Henry, Peckingham st

Hollis William, High st

Hollis William, jun. Hagley st

Jones Thomas, Cradley

Moseley George, Church st

Pearman Joseph, Spring hill

Robinson William, Peckingham

Smart Robert, High st

Tandy David, Collygate


Adams Henry, Cradley

Bloomer John, Cradley

Connop Benjamin, Church st

Grove David, Cornbow

Sargent Thos. Birchy close, Northfild

Smith William, Hagley road


Hollis Henry, Hagley street

Smith Joseph, Oaton fields


Merrick Wm. Higgins, Hagley st

White Alfred John, Cradley


Attwood Geo. & Sons, Hawn Collry

Davenport Joseph, the Hill

King Joseph & Co. Netherend Colly


Bissell Joseph, Netherend

Fellows George, Netherend


BIRMINGHAM (fire), William Hayes, Cornbow

BIRMINGHAM DISTRICT (fire), Thomas Homer, Hales Owen

CROWN, William Hayes, Cornbow

LIVERPOOL ROYAL, William Higgins Merrick, Hagley st

PHŒNIX (fire), Joseph Smith, Spring hill


Beache Noah, Cradley

Fiddian Richard, Collygate

Horner Thomas, Cradley


Clay John, Hagley st

Davis Sarah, Church st

Hurton John, High st

Jones Henry, Cradley

White Thomas, Hagley st


Attwood William, Cradley

Bayliss John, Cornbow

Bissell & Co. High st

Bridgewater John, Cradley

Carr Solomon, Hasbury

Cemm Thomas, Cradley

Cooper Thomas, High st

Corbett Amelia, Hagley st

Cross Thomas, Peckingham st

Eyles Edward, Peckingham st

Fellows John, Hagley st

Gill Daniel, Cradley

Graham George, Birmingham st

Granger Matthew Field Pearce (and druggist), Hagley st

Grove John, Collygate

Grove Richard, Peckingham st

Hawkeswood Wm. Herbert, Cradley

Hawkswood Joseph, Cradley

Hill Mary Maria, Netherend

Hodgetts Thomas, Whitehall

Horton John, Cradley

Hulston John, Spring hill

Leonard Samuel, Cradley

Neath William, Church st

Parish Thomas, Stourbridge road

Pattison Robert, Stourbridge road

Shaw William, Cradley

Smith Samuel, Cradley

Tandy George, Cradley

Tate James, Collygate

Taylor Jacob Townsend, Spring hill

Tibbets Joseph, Collygate

Walker Ann, Whitehall

Whillett George, Islington

White Richard, Peckingham st

Williams William, Islington

Wythes Joseph, Cradley


Burr John, Hayseech Mills

Rose William & Major, Hales Owen Mill


Bissell & Co. High street

Pardoe William, Peckingham st

Trewolla & Connop, High st


Hodgetts Thomas, High st

Pearhouse Joseph, Netherend

Williams John, Hagley st


Coley Thomas, Spring hill

Harris Wm. Joseph, Spring hill


                   (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_)

George, Wm. Mosley, Church st

Lyttleton Arms, Benjamin Connop, junr. High st

New Inn (commercial & posting & inland revenue office), Felix B. Granger,


Evers Samuel & Son, Cradley Iron Works

Hipkiss Sarah, Rag Mill Forge

NEW BRITISH IRON COMPANY, Corngreaves—George Thompson, manager


Gill Joseph, Birmingham st

Johnson Thomas, Hagley st

Pardoe William, High st

Salt Samuel, Hagley st


Bissell & Co. High st

Trewolla & Connop, High st

Wythes Joseph, Cradley


Cooper Joseph, Cornbow

Fellows Joseph, Cradley

Granger George, Cornbow

Jones William, Netherend

Jones William, Hagley st

Laister Thomas, Collygate

Laister William, Netherend

Lea George, Cornbow st

Moseley George, Peckingham st

Paskin George, Netherend

Tibbetts Joseph, Collygate


Fellows Joseph, Cradley

Green William, Luttley Mill

Moss Joseph, the Grange


Chorlton Mary Ann, Cornbow

Hickman Mary, Cradley

Newey Mary Ann, Church st

Sneath Eliza, Cradley


Bloomer Thomas & Son, Collygate

Coley William, Lodge Forge, Cradley

Fellows Thomas, Netherend

Hawkswood Joseph, Cradley

Hingley Noah & Sons, Cradley

Hobbs Emanuel, Spring hill

Parish Thos. & Son, Stourbridge rd

Rock William & Co. Cradley

Stephens John, Netherend

Wood Thomas, Collygate


Bayliss Joseph, Cornbow

Iddridge Joseph, Cornbow


Crumpton John, Townsend

Day Edward Green, Cornbow

Fellows John, Hagley st

Haddock John, Netherend

Round William, High st

Wyer Samuel Edward, Cradley


Newey Joseph, Cornbow

Reynolds Thomas Knight, High st


Burr John, Hayseech Mills

Clift James, Whitehall

Millward John, Bell vale Forge

Rose William Henry, Birmingham st

Vaughan William, Drew’s Forge

Wood Thomas, Collygate


Bloxham Chas. William, High st

Kenrick George, Church st

Moore Edward, Town’s end house

Phillips Benj. Erasmus, Hagley rd


Charlton Wm. Henry, Church st

Gilbert William, Church st

Moore Benjamin, Bull ring

Moore William Joseph, Church st

Young John, High st


Bishop John, Collygate

Compson Thomas, Cornbow


Black Swan, Francis Simms, Cradley

Bridge, Thomas Cemm, Cradley

British Arms, Jabez Adams, Cradley

Bull’s Head, John Smith, Hagley st

Cock, George Lea, Cornbow

Crown, Elizabeth Simms, Cradley

Crown, Wm. Stokes, Peckingham st

Fish, Thomas Fox, Cradley

Fox and Hounds, Joseph Willetts, Cornbow

Globe, George Moseley, Peckingham st

Golden Cross, Thomas White, Peckingham street

Hollybush, Isaiah Hughes, Cradley

Malt Shovel, Ann Waretts, Church st

Maypole, Saml. Leonard, Cradley

Nelson’s Arms, William Knight, Spring hill

Plume of Feathers, Moses Rose, Church st

Queen’s Head, Charles Fox, Birmingham st

Sun, Wm. Herbert Hawkeswood, Cradley

Waggon & Horses, Thomas Talbot, Cradley Forge


Attwood Alexander, Cradley

Beasley James, Cradley

Bloomer Josiah, Cradley

Fellows Thomas, Netherend

Graham George, Birmingham st

Granger Henry, Birmingham st

Granger Samuel, Birmingham st

Grove Thomas, High st

Hall Joseph, Birmingham st

Hawkeswood James, Cradley

Hawkeswood Joseph, Cradley

Hipkiss Ann, Cradley

Hobbs Emanuel, Spring hill

Hodgkins William, Spring hill

Kendrick William, Collygate

Knight William, Spring hill

Lane Robert, Whitehall

Mole William Henry, Collygate

Norbury John, Netherend

Oliver William, Collygate

Parkes Sarah, High st

Parkes William, Cradley

Rudge Joseph, Peckingham st

Shaw Williams, Cradley

Tate Abel, Collygate

Tibbets Joseph, Collygate

Williams Eliza, Netherend

Williams John, Stourbridge road

Williams Samuel, Hell hole

Williams William, Islington road

Withers Edward, Spring hill

Withers Thomas, Cornbow

Wyer Judith, Crawley


Bache William, Town’s end

Osborne John, Spring hill


Attwood George & Sons, fire-clay merchants and steel manufacturers, Hawne

Bloomer Josiah, pawnbroker, Cradley

Brittle James, mason, Netherend

Bullus John, earthenware manufacturer, Greenhill Pottery

Burr John, engineer, Highfield house

Clewes Thomas Matthew, woollen mop maker, Collygate


Edwards Thomas, inland revenue officer, Cornbow

GAS WORKS, Cornbow—John Devonport, manager

Glaze John, leather cutter, Peckingham st

Hayes & Wright, attorneys, Cornbow

Hayes William, deputy coroner for Worcestershire, Cornbow

Hemming William, policeman, Cornbow

Hodgetts Charles Ruby, woollen yarn spinner and felt manufacturer,

Hodgetts Joseph, farmer, High st

Hodgetts Thomas, stationer, High st

Howell Thomas, auctioneer, Collygate

Johnson Thos. patten maker, Hagley st

Maclow John, clothes broker, High st

O’Connor Arthur, relieving officer, Hagley st

Pardoe William, wire worker, High st

Parkes Sarah, baker, High st

Parkes William, post master, High st

POLICE STATION, Cornbow—Miles Overend, superintendent

Rogers James, watch maker, High st

Salt Samuel, general dealer, Hagley st

Siviter Thos. gas tube manufctr, Cornbow

Smith David, cooper, Hagley road

Thomson George, manager of the New British Iron Company, Corngreaves


ST. JOHN’S CHURCH, Hales Owen—The Venerable Archdeacon Hone, vicar; Rev.
George Thompson and Rev. Robert Stafford, curates

EPISCOPAL CHAPEL, Cradley—Rev. Chas Walker Simons, incumbent; Rev. Geo.
Augustus Caley, curate


INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Cornbow—Rev. — Fisher

UNITARIAN CHAPEL, Netherend—Rev. William Cochrane

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPELS, Townsend, Cradley and Hasberry

METHODIST (New Connexion) CHAPEL, Cradley Forge

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPEL, Birmingham street and Cradley


John Smith, Spring hill

Jesse Smith (deputy), Hagley road


To BIRMINGHAM, the _Independent_ (from Stourbridge) calls at the New Inn
every morning at nine.

To STOURBRIDGE, the _Independent_ (from Birmingham) calls at the New Inn
every evening at six.


The nearest _Station_ is at STOURBRIDGE, five miles distant, on the
Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton line, from whence persons may be
conveyed to any part of the kingdom.  For conveyance thereto see above.


To BIRMINGHAM, Thomas Parry from Whitehall, Tuesday, Thurs. and Sat.

To STOURBRIDGE, Richard Tildesley, from Church st, Monday, Wed. & Fri.


STRATFORD, Boats pass daily, & forward goods to all parts


LUDLOW is a market town, and borough, both corporate and parliamentary,
having separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of Munslow; 143
miles N.W. by N. from London, and 29 S. by E. from Shrewsbury, and a
station on the Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway.  It is pleasantly
situated on an eminence, in a fertile and picturesque district,
commanding a variety of beautiful prospects.  The ancient British name of
this place was _Dynan Llys Twysog_, or the ‘Prince’s Palace,’ and is
supposed to have been the residence of some prince of the country, prior
to the subjugation of Wales by Edward I.  By the Saxons it was called
_Leadlowe_, _Ludelaue_, and _Ludlowe_, which last name, with a slight
variation, it still retains.  The town is about a mile in length, and was
formerly surrounded by a wall, with towers at certain distances; some
part of the wall still remains, but the towers have long since
disappeared, as have also the gates (which were seven in number), with
the exception of one called Broadgate.  The streets are mostly wide and
well paved, lying in a diverging and inclined direction from the highest,
or central part of the town.  The houses are in general well built, and
some elegant, while all are more regularly disposed than in most inland
towns of the same antiquity.  The town is lighted with gas, and several
of the public buildings of Ludlow are remarkably neat structures.  Nearly
in the centre of the town, at the top of Broad-street, stands the cross a
handsome stone erection; and in Castle-street is the market-house, a
large building, beneath which is an area, serving as a corn-market, and
the upper rooms, which are commodious, are used for the corporation
meetings, balls, assemblies, &c.  Two handsome buildings, originating
with some spirited gentlemen of the town, were erected in Mill-street and
Castle-street, as public rooms, and they include a subscription library,
conservative reading rooms; together with spacious ball and refreshment
rooms.  The museum of the natural history society, a valuable collection,
is arranged within the building in Mill street; and here likewise are the
offices of the savings’ bank; the mechanics’ institute is in
Castle-street—they are all flourishing establishments.  The Guildhall,
where the quarter sessions and other courts are held, is a neat,
commodious, modern structure.  To the west of the church stands a range
of buildings, called the College, and there is a prison, named Gaolford’s
tower, a commodious edifice, erected by the corporation in 1764.  But the
object of perhaps the greatest interest, both to the inhabitants of
Ludlow and the visitor, and that to which the town owed its early
importance, is the castle; which stands on a bold wooded rock, at the
north-west angle of the town, and commands extensive and lovely
prospects.  It was founded according to the generally received opinion,
by Roger de Montgomery, about the year 1130, who strongly environed it by
lofty embattled walls of great thickness, with towers at convenient
distances.  This noble baronial fortress now presents a mass of
magnificent ruins, retaining, however, ample assurance of its former
extent and glory.  Along the sides of the castle eminence, are public
walks, laid out in 1772, at the instigation of the Countess Powis, Lucien
Buonaparte, his family and suite, when prisoners of war in this country,
occupied the house belonging to the Earl Powis, adjoining the castle.

The manufacture of gloves, which at one time was considerable, is now
extinct.  Malting at the present time may be taken as the principal
branch, and there are several mills for grinding corn, upon the Teme,
which river runs close to the town.  A brass and iron foundry, one
ropery, and two tanneries, may be mentioned as the other chief
branches—exclusive of the general business (supported in a respectable
town); and the inns, of which latter there are several excellent ones.
On the Clee hills, about six miles from the town, are coal mines.  The
inhabitants received a charter of incorporation from Edward IV, which
remained in force until the Municipal Reform Act (passed in 1835), vested
the government of the borough in a mayor, four aldermen, and twelve
councillors, assisted by a recorder, and other officers.  Quarter
sessions are held, at which capital offences can be tried; and there is a
court of record every Tuesday, for the recovery of debts to any amount:
in both these courts the recorder presides as judge.  The debt court,
however, has become inoperative, if not superseded by the new County
Court—Ludlow being included in the twenty-seventh circuit of towns under
the acts for recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50.  The
burgesses first exercised the elective franchise in the 12th of Edward
IV, since which time they have continued to send two members: the present
members are Lord William P. F. Powlett, 19 Curzon-street, May Fair,
London, and Col. the Honourable P. E. Herbert, 45 Berkeley-square,
London.  Races are held annually on the 17th of August, and efforts are
being made to establish races also in the month of November, and a small
theatre is open in Mill-street during the race meeting.

The parish church of Saint Lawrence (formerly collegiate), a very
spacious and elegant cruciform edifice, appears to have been built in the
reigns of Henry VII. and VIII.  From the centre rises a lofty square
tower, embattled and handsomely embellished: this tower adds, in no small
degree, to the beauty of many of the views in the surrounding country.
In the chancel are several fine monuments of the Lords Presidents of the
council of Wales, who resided in the neighbouring castle.  The living is
a rectory, in the gift of the Crown; the Rev. John Phillips is the
present incumbent, and the Rev. Robert W. Russell, B.C.L. is the
lecturer.  There are places of worship for Independents, and Wesleyan and
Primitive Methodists.  Almshouses, containing thirty-three apartments for
indigent persons, founded by Mr. John Hosier, merchant; others, called
Fox’s almshouses, erected in 1590, and a well sustained dispensary for
the sick poor, are among the charities of Ludlow.  The grammar school, an
excellent foundation, in Mill-street, is under the regulations of a
charter granted by Edward IV. by which both the ancient and modern
languages are taught; and in a national school are instructed a
considerable number of children of both sexes.  The healthful situation
of the town and the beauty of the surrounding country have been the means
of inducing numerous families, of independent fortune, to make Ludlow and
its vicinage their residence.  The principal seats in the neighbourhood
are Oakley Park, two miles hence, the property of the Hon. Robert Henry
Clive, M.P.; Ludford House, Francis Lechmere Chariton, Esq.; Caynham
Court, Sir William Curtis, Bart. and Downton Hall, Sir W. E. R. Boughton,
Bart.  The principal market, which is for grain, is held on Monday; and
the smaller markets for provisions on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
The fairs are the Monday before 13th February, Tuesday before Easter,
Wednesday in Whitsun-week, May 1st, August 21st, September 28th, the
first Monday in November, and December 6th.  Large quantities of butter
and cheese are brought to the first and last mentioned fairs, and hops,
cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs, to the others.  The municipal borough of
Ludlow (which consists of the parish of St. Laurence), contained, in
1841, 5,064 inhabitants, and in 1851, 4,691, being a decrease of 373, but
the parliamentary borough (which consists of the parish of St. Laurence,
part of the parish of Bromfield, of Stanton Lacy and of Ludford, part in
the county of Salop, and part in the county of Hereford), contained, in
1851, 5,376

BROMFIELD is a village in the parish of its name 3 miles N.W. by W. from
Ludlow.  The parish church dedicated to St. Mary is part of a larger
conventual church that belonged to Benedictine Priory, founded about
1155, a small portion of the ruins is included within the grounds of
Oakley Park.  The living is a vicarage in the gift of Earl Powis.
Population of the parish in 1851 was 682, of which number 541 was
returned for the village.

STANTON LACY is a parish 3 miles N.N.W. from Ludlow.  The parish church
is dedicated to St. Peter.  The living is a vicarage in the gift of the
Earl of Craven.  The population of the parish in 1851, was 1,556.

ONIBURY is a parish 5½ miles N.W. from Ludlow.  The parish church is
dedicated to St. Michael; the living is a vicarage in the gift of the
Bishop of Hereford.  A court baron is occasionally held here.  The
population in 1851, was 362.

POST OFFICE, Broad-street, Elizabeth Sankey, _Post Mistress_.—Letters
NORTH every morning at ten minutes before seven, and are despatched every
evening at a quarter past seven.—Letters arrive from HEREFORD, LEOMINSTER
AND TENBURY, every morning at eight, and are despatched every morning at
a quarter past six.—Letters from KNIGHTON, BUILTH AND SOUTH WALES, arrive
every evening at eight, and are despatched every morning at six.


Acton Miss Sarah, Tenbury road

Bale Mr. George, Broad st

Banks Rev. John, Mill st

Baxter Mrs. Elizabeth, Broad st

Boughton Sir W. E. Rouse, Bart., Downton Hall

Bowen Mrs. Catherine, Broad st

Bowen Mr. George, Mill st

Bowles Rev. —, D.D. Stanton Lacy

Bridges T. C, Esq. the Lodge

Butler Miss Sarah, Mill st

Charlton Francis Esq. Broad st

Childe Mr. Thomas, Corve st

Clive the Hon. Lady Mary, Oakley Park

Clive the Hon. Robert Henry, M.P. Oakley Park

Collier Mrs. Margaret, Broad st

Collinge Mrs. Sarah, Gravel hill

Curtis Sir Wm. Bart., Caynham court

Davis James, Esq. Elm Lodge

Davis Miss Mary, Mill st

Davis Mrs. Sarah, Corve st

Dillon Rev. Edward, Gravel hill

Evans Miss —, Castle Lodge

Gibbons Mrs. Hannah, Corve st

Green the Misses Frances & Sarah, Broad st

Greenhouse Mrs. Sarah, Ludford

Gregg Mrs. Sarah, Broad st

Groves Captain Edward, Broad st

Harper Mr. Charles, Castle st

Hodges Miss Maria, Corve st

Hodges Mrs. Elizabeth, Broad st

Hodges Rev. John, Onibury

Hodgson E. T. Ludford villa

Hughes Mrs. Elizabeth, Corve st

Johnstone Rev. W. Siefton

Jones Colonel —, Ludford House

Jones Miss Selina, Brand lane

Landon Rev. George, Batchcott

Lawrence Mrs. Elizabeth, Broad st

Lewis Miss Mary, Broad st

Lightbody Robert, Esq. Castle st

Longworth Rev. John, Bromfield

M‘Cann Mrs. Anne, Gravel hill

Marston Mrs. Elizabeth, Corve st

Maund Mrs. Sarah, Mill st

Meyricke Rev. Robert, Dinham

Owen Mr. John, Corve st

Page Mrs. Martha, Broad st

Pardoe Miss Isabella, Broad st

Penhorn Rev. George, Broad st

Penweane Mr. John, Mill st

Phillips Rev. John, Broad st

Poole Miss Jane, Broad st

Russell Mr. Benjamin, Hand lane

Russell Lady —, Ashford Hall

Russell Mrs. —, Broad st

Russell Rev. Robert W. Mill st

Salwey Mrs. Isabella, Dinham

Shepherd Mrs. Martha, Corve st

Sitwell G. H. Esq. Ferney Hall

Smith Misses Sarah & Elizbth. Broad st

Smith Mr. Jacob, Dinham

Struver Mr. Henry, Ludford

Swainson Rev. Edwn. Chas Broad st

Thomas John, Esq. Dinham House

Thompson Mrs. Jane, Old st

Tinson Mr. William, Mill st

Trimlistone the Honble. Lady —, Fishmore Hall

Vaughan Wm. Brettell, Esq. Castle st

Walcott Rev. Charles, Bitterley

Wellings Capt. George, Brand lane

Westcott Mr. Thos., Castle Cottage

Wheeler Mrs. Emma, Castle st

Williams Mr. John, Corve st

Williams Mrs. Mary, Mill st

Wood Frederick, Esq. Sheet


Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Copner Maria (boarding and day), Linney

Evans Thomas George, Old st

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Mill st—Rev. John Banks, master; Philip Newman,
second master

INFANT SCHOOL, Lower Gaolford—Edith Owen, mistress

Knowle Caroline, Old st

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Lower Gaolford—Henry Henwood, master, Mary Baker,

Russell Ann (boarding and day), Mill st

Russell Horatio (boarding & day), Mill st


Anderson George, Mill st

Anderson Rodney, Mill st

Clark Luttrell Lewin, Mill st

Lloyd John, Broad st

Salwey Humphrey, Mill st

Southern Francis Richard, Mill st

Urwick & Marston, Mill st

Weyman Thomas (& coroner for the county), Broad st

Williams John, jun. (& town clerk), Mill st


Bach James, Corve st

Cross John, King st

Davies William, Sand pitts

Griffiths Thomas, Bull ring

Whitwell Thomas, Mill st


Collings George, Bell lane

Collings Thomas, Raven lane

Davis John, Lower Broad st

Harris William, Harp lane

Hockey James, Old st

Leary Edward, Tower st

Lewis Thomas, Bull ring

Powell William, Old st

Scandlett George, Corve st

Watmore Emma, Broad st


LUDLOW and TENBURY BANK, King st—(draw on Barnetts’, Hoares’ & Co.
London),—Henry Whittall, managing director

Rock, Eyton & Co. Broad st—(draw on Robarts & Co. London),—W. S. Stokes,

SAVINGS’ BANK, Mill street—John Williams, actuary


Sankey Jeremiah, Ludlow and 50 Mount st, Grosvenor sq. _London_


Price Edward, Corve st

Price Joseph, Lower Gaolford


Day George, Lower Broad st

Halford Thomas, Raven lane

Knight John, Lower Broad st

Lowe Joseph, Corve st

Minton James, Bromfield

Pillinger Richard, Bull ring

Pugh Richard, Raven lane

Rollinson Elias, Upper Gaolford

Rudd Thomas, Lower Gaolford

Watkin Mary, Onibury

Wells Henry, Old st


Cross John, King st

Evans John (& fancy stationer, music seller, news agent, circulating
library & subscription reading room), Public Rooms, Castle st

Griffiths Thomas, Bull ring

Griffiths Thomas, jun. Narrows

Jones Richard, Broad st

Partridge Edward John (fancy stationer, public library, agent for the
Asam Tea Co. & Depot for the sale of books published by the Irish &
National Societies, and depository of the Society for promoting Christian
Knowledge) Broad st


Ashcroft Edward, Bull ring

Baker John, High st

Barker Thomas, Broad st

Blakemore John, Brand lane

Byrne Hugh, Old st

Evans John, Bull ring

George James, Raven lane

Jones John, Stanton Lacy

Morris Thomas, Old st

Needham John, High st

Payter Thomas, Bromfield st

Pearce Alexander, Lower Broad st

Roberts Samuel, Corve st

Robinson John, High st

Venables Charles, Broad st

Watkeys Mary, High st

Wilkes Richard, Lower Gaolford


Cobbin Joseph, Lower Gaolford

Cooper & Bluck, Castle st


Atkins Robert, Corve st

Griffiths John, Lower Gaolford

Grosvenor John, Bell lane

Smith Edward Blake way, Corve st


Chipp Samuel, Tower st

Coleman Thomas, Broad st

Crundell James, Old st

Dayus Samuel, Bull ring

Evans William Ward, Castle st

Griffiths Arthur, Old st

Harrington Charles, Raven lane

Jones Henry, High st

Jones Richard, Bull ring

Pitt George, High st

Towers John, Narrows


Bowen Thomas, Bull ring

Grosvenor George, Bull ring

Hughes Thomas, Old st

Price Edward, Castle st


Brown Charles, Tower st

Harding & Son, Narrows

Jones David, Tower st

Whatmore Emma, Broad st


Cocking George, Bull ring

Foster Edward, Castle st

Grieves John Edward, Old st

Grounds Ambrose, King st

Marston Richard, Broad st


Brown Elizabeth, Bull ring

Crump Ann, Broad st

Jolly Sarah, Broad st

Roscoe Harriet, Harp lane


Lowe Frederick, Upper Gaolford

Pardoe —, Lower Gaolford


Leary Edward, Tower st

Lewis Thomas, Bull ring

Newnham Henry, Bull ring

Taylor William, Broad st

Watmore Emma, Broad st


Bayliss Thomas, Bull ring

Cooke James, Bull ring

Jones Thomas, Bromley

Webster William, Corve st


Adney John, Narrows

Lello Thomas, Bull ring


ATLAS, Edwd. Jno. Partridge, Broad st

BIRMINGHAM, Richd. Jones, Broad st

COUNTY (fire) & PROVIDENT (life), Edward Foster, Castle st

CLERICAL, MEDICAL AND GENERAL (life), John Cranstoun, High st


GLOBE, John Edwd. Greaves, Old st

LAW (fire), Urwick & Marston, Mill st

NATIONAL, Edward John Partridge, Broad st

PHŒNIX (fire) and PELICAN (life), W. S. Stokes, Broad st

ROYAL MILITARY, Ambrose Grounds, King st

SALOP (fire), Richd. Marston, Broad st


SUN (fire) Thomas Griffiths, Bull ring

UNION (fire), Geo. Anderson, Mill st

UNITY, James Bach.  Corve st


Messer James, Bull ring

Minton Sarah, High st

Russell Robert, Old st

Williams William, High st


Evans Sarah, Narrows

Grosvenor Mary Ann, Bull ring

Minton Sarah, High st

Russell Robert, Old st

Williams William, High st


Bennett Richard, Lower Gaolford

Williams William, High st


                    (_See also Nursery and Seedsmen_).

Adams William, Dinham

Bowen Arm, Broad st

Piller Thomas, Old st

Tyler William, Old st


                     (_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._)

Bayliss Oliver, High st

Brown Charles, Tower st

Evans Charles, Broad st

Harding & Son, Narrows

Hawkins John, Broad st

Morris Thomas, Castle st

Penny William, Tower st

Pillinger Maria & Charlotte, Bull ring

Pugh George, Harp lane

Reynolds John, Bull ring

Valentine Samuel, Broad st


Anthony John, Bull ring

Crundell George, High st

Griffiths Catherine, Broad st

Wood Benjamin, Harp lane


Cooke Mary, Bull ring

Hotchkiss Elizabeth, King st

Jones Mary Ann, Broad st

Lellow Mary, Bull ring


Ashworth John, Broad st

Evans James, King st

Jones Blanche, High st

(_See also Taverns & Public Houses_.)

Angel Hotel, Alice Barrett, Broad st

Bull Hotel, Thos. Crane, Bull ring

Elephant & Castle, Benjamin Taylor, Bull ring

Feathers Hotel, Ann Prothero, Bull ring

Golden Lion, Edwd. Halfhide, Old st


Cooper & Bluck, Castle st

Egginton Edward, Bull ring

Penny Thomas, Narrows

Smith John Colerick, King st


Bennt Richard, Lower Gaolford

Davies Samuel, Raven lane

Evans John, Corve st

Gray Henry, Raven lane

Griffiths John, Lower Gaolford

Grosvenor George, Bull ring

Grosvenor John, Bell lane

Morris Benjamin, Tower st

Rewbury James, Raven lane

_See Curriers_.

Evans John, Public rooms

Griffiths Thomas, jun. Narrows



Adney George, Narrows

Evans James, King st

Gardner Robert George, Bull ring

Harding Edward, High st

Harper Albert, High st

Johnson Herbert, Butter cross

Jones Harley, High st

Leake Jane, Castle st

Stewart William & Co. Narrows


Atkins Hubert, Corve st

Badger John, Corve st

Coleman Richard, Corve st

Davies Mary (& hop dealer), Corve st

Evans Matthew, Corve st

Hand Jas. (& hop dealer), Corve st

Harding Henry, Corve st

Hockey James, Old st

Jones James, Bull ring

Lloyd Henry (& hop dealer), Old st

Penny Thomas, Corve st

Powell William, Upr. Gaolford

Rawlings Wm. (& hop dealer), Corve st

Smith John, Corve st

Whiteman William, Bull ring


Adams Richard, Lower Broad st

Blakeway Richard, Onibury

Collins Thomas, Mill st

Green Richard, Bromfield

Hockey James, Old st

Lawrence John Castle Mills

Lewis Thomas, Bull ring


Crundell Ann Harriet, High st

Crundell Eleanor, High st

Heighington Harriet H. Broad st

Penny Mary, Mill st

Weaver Mary Ann & Martha, Tower st

White Mary, Broad st


Hodges Chaplin, CASTLE MILLS

Hodges Philip, Brand lane

(_See also Gardeners_.)

Bach James, Corve st

Cox Richare, Old st

Piller Thomas, Oldgates fee

Tyler William, Old st


Barrett Edwin, Bull ring

Bowen Catherine, Broad st

Collier James, Raven lane

Cook Thomas, Old st

Gwynn William, Old st

Gwynn William (sign painter) Corve st

Osborn John, Old st

Powell Edward, Castle st

Powell Samuel, Lower Gaolford

Round James, Lower Gaolford

Wayn Philip, Corve st

Williams Richard, Brand lane


Amies Samuel, Bull ring

Barber William, Tower st

Gough John, Castle st

Hotchkiss Thomas, King st

Jones James, Bull ring

Roberts Edward & James, High st


Ball Richard, Corve st

Bready Mary, Lower Gaolford

Collings George, Bell lane

Corfield Mary, Corve st

Crundell James, Old st

Dukes Richard, Lower Gaolford

Edwards Elizabeth, Corve st

Gough Henry, Corve st

Griffiths John, Lower Gaolford

Hammond Andrew, Corve st

Harding William, Tower st

Jones David, Tower st

Jones Thomas, Lower Broad st

Lea James, Bull ring

Mason Andrew Hammond, Corve st

Owen Ann, Bull ring

Piller Thomas, Oldgates fee

Powell William, Old st

Rooke Owen, Corve st

Scandlett George, Corve st

Thomas Elizabeth, Castle st


Atkins Robert, Corve st

Berrington Benjamin, Old st

Hammond Andrew, Corve st

Russell Edward, Old st

Russell William, Old st

Stead Samuel, Castle st

Watkins James, Upper Gaolford


Baker Maria, High st

Hotchkiss Elizabeth, King st

Pearce Benjamin, King st

Pearce Sarah, Narrows

Powell Jane, Old st

Wall Anne, High st


Hodges George, Broad st

Hodges Henry, Broad st

Meymott Henry, Broad st

Southern John, Broad st

Thompson Wm. Egginton, Broad st

Valentine Richard, Hand Lane


Shepherd William, Castle st

Smith Edward Blakeway, Corve st

Tench Jno. & Richard, Church yard

Whitwell Thomas, Mill st


Marked thus * are Woollen Drapers.

* Carter John, Narrows

* Cox Jasper, Broad st

Crundell Daniel, High st

Crosse Samuel, Mill st

* Davies Edward, Narrows

Davies William, Bell lane

Jones Thomas, High st

Morgan Edwin, Castle st

Morris Joseph, Lower Gaolford

Wall Henry Arthur, Brand lane

Welsh John, Bell lane

Welsh Joseph, Mill st

Williams Henry, Harp lane


Lello Thomas, Bull ring

Urwick Benjamin, Corve st


Barleymow, William Cook, Lower Broad st

Bell, Benjamin Milner, Upper Gaolford

Bell, Wm. Smith, Lower Broad st

Black Boy, Thos. Jenkins, Tower st

Blue Boar, William Pea, Mill st

Castle, John Boden, Old st

Charlton Arms, Thomas Cantrell, Ludford

Clive Arms, James Murray, Brounfield

Coach & Horses, Hugh Greenhouse, Bell lane

Compasses John Pearce, Corve st

Dolphin, Wm. Price, Upr. Gaolford

Eagle, Edward Edwards, Corve st

Engine, Fredrick Lowe, Upr. Gaolford

Fox, John Thomas, Uppr. Gaolford

Friars’ Inn, John Hancocks, Old st

George & Dragon, Jas. Bach, Castle st

Globe, Wm. Coates, Hand & Bell lane

Grapes, John Sawyer, Hand & Bell la

Green Dragon, Thos. Hodges, Old st

Green Dragon, Wm. Price, Corve st

Greyhound, Sarah Thompson, Upper Gaolford

Half Moon, John Davis, Lower Gaolford

Hand and Bell, James White, Hand and Bell lane

Harp, Thomas Owen, Harp lane

Hop Pole, John Weems, Mill st

Horse & Jockey, Wm. Key, Old st

King’s Arms, Ann Owen, Bull ring

Lamb, John Evans, Corve st

Mitre, Robert Allum, Corve st

Nag’s Head, Sarah Evans, Corve

Paul Pry, Thomas Sheldon, Lower Broad st

Pheasant, Alice Bowyer, Tower st

Plough, Charles Yapp, Raven lane

Portcullis, Thos. Preen, Upr. Gaolford

Pound, William Blakeway, Onibury

Prince of Wales, Charles Mason, Raven lane

Queen’s Arms, Richd. Bird, Corve st

Railway Arms, Wm. Waters, Old st

Raven, Benjamin Milner, Raven lane

Raven, James Harding, Sand pits

Red Lion, Timothy Price, Hand and Bell lane

Rose and Crown, Thomas Amies, Harp lane

Royal Oak, Thos. Pearce, Tower st

Spread Eagle, Benjamin Breakwell, Corve st

Star and Garter, Thomas Coston, Corve st

Sun, William Shepperd, Castle st

Swan, William Davis, Bell lane

Talbot, Joseph Weaver, Tower st

Three Horse Shoes, Saml. T. Lugg, Upper Gaolford

Three Tuns, Robert Jones, Mill st

Trotting Horse, Richard Coleman, Corve st

Unicorn, Henry Dodd, Corve st

Wheatsheaf, Edward Morris, Lower Broad st


Botwood Jane, Sand pits

Knight John, Lower Broad st

Painter Edward, Dinham

Sheldon Thomas, Lower Gaolford

Walters William, Old st


Grosvenor John, Bell lane

Harper John, Linney

Hine James, Upper Gaolford

Sankey Jeremiah (& bark & charcoal), Ludlow & 50 Mount street, Grosvenor
square, _London_

Smith Edward Blakeway, Corve st


Adams William, Lower Gaolford

Bennett Richard, Lower Gaolford


Creswell Charles, Broad st

Jones James Brookholding, Corve st


Edwards Robert, Raven lane

Fehrenbach Benedict, High st

Griffiths William Henry, Broad st

Payne George, Bull ring


Massey M. & Son, Bull ring

Powell Edward, Castle st

Sawyer John, Hand & Bell lane

Stanway William, the Cross


Evans & Hughes, Lower Broad st

Harrison John, Mill st


Ball Richard, hay dealer, Broad st

Barsnell Francis, cutler and umbrella maker, Tower st

Boucher John, professor of music, Broad

Boucher William, music seller, Broad st

Bursnell Francis, general dealer, Tower st

Clark Edwin, road surveyor, Corve st

Cook Ann, dealer in seeds, Church yard

Crosse Jane, rope maker, Narrows

Davies John, farmer, Mill st

Down Elizabeth, clothes dealer, Tower st

Evans & Hughes, woollen manufacturers, Lower Broad st

Evans Thomas George, deputy registrar of births and deaths, Old st

Gaine Charles, dentist, Broad st

Griffiths James, coach builder, Old st

Halford Thomas, whitesmith, Raven lane

Harding William, town crier, Tower st

Hardy Jas. collector of taxes, Gravel hill

Hodges Chaplin, iron founder, Castle Mills

Hodnett Ann, lodging house, Castle st

Jones Wm. fishing tackle maker, Dinham

M‘Cartney David, travelling tea dealer, Old street

Manwaring James H. surveyor of taxes, Old st

Oliver Samuel, accountant, Old st

Owen Ann, eating house keeper, Bull ring

Penny George, machine maker, Ludford

Price John, teacher of dancing, Corve st

Price Richard Samuel, teacher of music, Mill street

Ree Adam, organist, Broad st

Russell William, bricklayer, Old st

Shepperd William, land agent, Castle st

Thomas Edward, plasterer, Old st

Urwick Benjamin, tanner, Corve st

Wade John, paper dealer and rag merchant, Old st

Walker Priscilla, stay maker, Harp lane

Wayn Philip, stamp distributer, Corve st

Weaver Joseph, fellmonger, Tower st

Wells Henry, whitesmith, Old st

Wells Thomas, agent to the Right Hon. the Earl of Craven, Onibury

Williamson Thomas, gun maker, Bull ring

Wright James, wheelwright, Gaolford


                           OFFICE, Mill-street.

_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_Clerk_—John Williams


                           WORKHOUSE, Sandpits.

_Governor_—William Harris

_Matron_—Margaret Russell

_Relieving Officers_—Thos. George Evans, James Jones, William Harding and
John Sandbrook

                                * * * * *

ASSEMBLY ROOMS, Public Rooms, Castle st

GAS WORKS, Oldgate fee—Ambrose Ground, manager

GUILDHALL, Mill street

MECHANICS’ INSTITUTE, Market Hall, Castle street


POLICE STATION, Cross—Henry Biggs, superintendent


THEATRE, Mill street


_Station_ Corve st—Charles Allen, station master


To CORVE-DALE, an Omnibus, from the Bull, every Monday, Thursday and

To KNIGHTON, an Omnibus, from the Feathers, every Monday, Wednesday and
Saturday evening.

To WORCESTER, a Coach, from the Feathers, every morning at eight; goes
through Tenbury.


To BEWDLEY, John Griffin, from Sand pits, every Tuesday.

To BRIDGNORTH, Chas Cadwallader, from the George, every Monday afternoon
at four.

To CLUN, Edwin Taylor, from the George, every Monday afternoon at four.

To HEREFORD, Geo. Hathaway, from the Bull, every Saturday morn. at ten.

To STOURPORT, John Griffiths, from Sand pits, every Tuesday.

To WENLOCK & IRONBRIDGE, Wm. Marston, from the Bull, every Monday,
Thursday & Saturday aftern. at four.

To WORCESTER, John Stead, from his house, Upper Gaolford, every Saturday


To BEWDLEY & STOURPORT, John Griffiths, from Sand pits, every Monday and

To CLEOBURY MORTIMER, Margt. West and James Wheeler, from the Portcullis,
every Monday,


NEWPORT is a borough corporate, market-town and parish, in the Newport
division of the hundred of Bradford South; 139 miles N.W. by W. from
London, and 19 E.N.E. from Shrewsbury; situated near the line of the
Roman _Watling street_, at the north-eastern border of the county, on a
branch of the Liverpool and Birmingham Junction Canal.  The Shropshire
Union Railway passes through the upper end of the town, from Stafford to
Shrewsbury; it is a branch held on lease by the London and North Western,
and was opened for traffic in June, 1849.  The town, which is seated in a
delightful part of the country, sustained, in the year 1665, damage by
fire to the amount of upwards of £30,000.—a very large sum at that
period.  Its appearance now is respectable, having many handsome
dwellings, two proprietary banking establishments, a bank for savings, a
spacious market-hall, and good inns; the principal is the ‘Royal Victoria
Hotel’ (and posting house), in Saint Mary street, which as a commercial
and family house can be classed amongst the first in Shropshire.  The
‘Raven and Bell’ in the High street, is also a most respectable inn,
affording excellent accommodation.  The principal manufactories are one
belonging to William Scott Underhill, agricultural implement
manufacturer, in Saint Mary street, and another of the same to Jones &
Aston, of Salters lane; there is also an extensive iron and brass
foundry, and two manufactories for bend ware, and various turnery, hair
sieves, &c. of the most approved description.  A newspaper is published
weekly, by H. P. & C. Sylvester, entitled ‘the Newport and North
Shropshire Advertiser,’ and enjoys a large circulation.

The liberties and privileges of the town commenced by grants, as early as
Henry I, and they have been confirmed by succeeding monarchs.  The
corporation comprises a high steward, deputy steward, two bailiffs and
about twenty-five burgesses, who are entitled to certain property within
the parish, the rents arising from which, are chiefly applied to defray
the expense of keeping in repair a water-course and pipes, by which, from
a spring about a mile distance, the inhabitants are supplied with
water—this is conveyed into five large cisterns, placed in different
parts of the town, four of which were erected and beautified under the
direction of the corporation, at a considerable expense, and are rendered
an ornament, as well as a convenience to the inhabitants.  There is also
derived from a large tract of land, a fund which is applied, amongst
other purposes, to the repairs of the streets, lighting the town, and
apprenticing poor children.  His Grace the Duke of Sutherland is lord of
the manor, and holds courts leet annually.  Petty sessions, for the
Newport division of the hundred, are held here by the magistrates, and
the County Court, under the new acts, sits one a month in the town hall,
for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50.

The parish Church of Saint Nicholas, formerly belonged to the abbey of
Saint Peter and Saint Paul, in Shrewsbury, and was alienated by
permission of Henry VI, to Thomas Draper and his heirs, by whom it was
made collegiate for a warden and four lay chaplains.  The church is
principally in the ancient style of English architecture with a square
tower, and was repaired and beautified in 1827, at a cost exceeding
£3,000, and again in 1835; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the
patronage of the Crown; the present incumbent is the Rev. William
Sandford, A.M.  There are places of worship for Independents, Roman
Catholics, and Methodists—both Primitive and Wesleyan.  The school here
was founded, and amply endowed, in 1656, by William Adams, Esq. a native
of Newport, who assigned certain lands for the support of a master and an
usher, for the endowment of four exhibitions at any of the colleges in
Oxford or Cambridge, for the erection and support of four almshouses for
that number of that number of poor persons, for annually apprenticing
three poor children, and for other purposes.  This school also enjoys the
benefit of four other exhibitions, founded by Mr. Careswell.  The land
belonging to this charity yields an annual income of nearly £1,000.
There are the town’s almshouses for four poor females, founded and
erected in 1446, by William Glover, of this town; a national school,
originating from a free grammar school of very ancient foundation, and
several other charities and funds vested in trustees.  Newport under the
new Poor Law, is the centre of an Union, comprising sixteen parishes; and
a new and commodious workhouse has been erected.  The town is indebted to
the same gentleman who so munificently endowed the free school, for its
market hall.  The country around here is very fertile, the prospects
beautiful, and enriched by many seats of note; and among other subjects
worthy of observation in the neighbourhood, are the ruins of Saint John’s
abbey at Lilleshall, about three miles hence.  The market is held on
Saturday; cattle and sheep fairs (or markets), every alternate Tuesday,
and annual fairs on the first Tuesday after Candlemas, the Saturday
before Palm-Sunday, May 28th, July 27th, Sept. 25th, and December 10th,
principally for live stock.  The parish contained, by the returns
rendered in 1841, 2,497 inhabitants, and by those in 1851, 2,906.

POST OFFICE, High street, Maria J. Stillitoe, _Post Mistress_.—Letters
from LONDON, and all parts arrive at ten minutes before three in the
morning, and three in the afternoon, and from SHREWSBURY and WELLINGTON
at eleven in the morning, and twenty minutes before eleven at night, and
are despatched to LONDON, and all parts at ten in the morning, and
twenty-five minutes past ten at night, and to SHREWSBURY, and WELLINGTON,
at two in the afternoon, and half-past one in the morning.

_A Mail Cart_ is despatched to MARKET DRAYTON, at three in the morning,
and to BRIDGNORTH, and SHIFFNAL, at four in the morning.


Adams Joseph Harrison, Esq. High st

Baddeley the Misses —, Chetwynd Aston

Barber Mrs. Sarah, High st, Wellington rd

Bill Mrs. —, Chetwynd Aston

Borough John Charles Barton, Esq. Chetwynd Hall

Boughey Robert, Esq. Park Farm

Boughey Sir Thomas F. F. Bart., Aqualate Hall, _Staffordshire_

Brookes Mr. Ambrose, Aston

Brown Right Rev. Dr. Salter’s Hall

Brown Mr. Charles B. Church Aston

Buckworth Rev. T. A. Norbury

Bunsen Rev. H. G. Lilleshall Old Hall

Burne Rev. T. H. Moreton

Burne T. H. Esq. Summer Hill

Burne Thomas Higgins, Esq. Loynton Hall

Charlton Rev. J. K. Rectory, Brockton

Clarke Rev. S. Sambroook

Cobb Mrs. Sarah, High st

Collier Mr. Thomas, Beech hill

Cooper Mrs. Mary Ann, Old Hall, Aston

Cotes John, Esq. Woodcote Hall

Crump Mr. Thos., Chetwynd Aston

Derrington Mr. Thomas, Chetwynd end

Ellershaw Thomas Phillips, High st

Emery Mrs. Ann, Summer hill House

Eyton Capt. William, Aston Hall

Heakin the Misses —, Edgmond

Heatley Miss —, Chetwynd

Higgins Mr. Robt. Chetwynd end

Hill the Honourable Maria Noel, Meertown

Hughes Mrs. Mary, High st

Humphreys Mrs. Elizbth. Stafford rd

Jellicorse Rev. W. Chetwynd end

Justice Mr. Henry, Hinstock Hall

Keeling Mrs. Sarah, High st

Kyffin Mr. Robert, High st

Leach Rev. W. B. Chetwynd Aston

Make Ralph, Esq. Longford Hall

Masefield Mr John, Chetwynd Aston

Morgan Miss Elizabeth, High st

Musselwhite Rev. T. R. Wellington rd

Norris Mrs. Martha, Chetwynd Aston

Oakes Miss —, Meeson Hall

O’Regan Rev. T. Donnington

Palin Mrs. Jemima, Chetwynd-end

Parr Rev. J. O. Hinstock

Pigot Rev. John Dryden, Rectory, Edgmond

Pigott Miss Charlotte, Chetwynd Aston

Rylands Mrs. Jane, Chetwynd Villa

Rylands Thomas, Esq. Banshee Hse

Sandford Rev. William, High st

Saxton Rev. Charles, D.D. High st

Scott Mr. Robert, High st

Sillitoe Mr. William, Chetwynd end

Smith Mrs. Ann, Aston Villa

Smith Mr. Edward, High st

Steevens Miss Mary Ann, Chetwynd end

Stoneley Mr. James, Chetwynd Aston

Sutherland His Grace the Duke of, Lilleshall Hall

Trovell Rev. Michael, Salter’s lane

Twemlow Rev. Francis C. Forton

Vickers Valentine, Esq. Ellerton Grange

Whately Rev. Thomas, Vicarage, Chetwynd

Wright Mrs. —, Chetwynd end


                 Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Atkinson & Cooke (ladies’ boarding and day), High st

Bradbury Helen Louisa (boarding and day), Upper Bar

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, High st—Rev. Charles Saxton, D.D. first master; John
Benifold, second master; Richard Crowther, third master

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL, Wellington road—Elizabeth Johnson, mistress

Lees John, High st


Lilleshall—William Diggins, master; Eliza Arnold, mistress

Church Aston—Joseph Collier, master; Sophia Collier, mistrss

Workhouse lane—Martha Ball, mistress

Forton—G. F. Warman master; Martha Warman, mistress

Pritchard Mary Ann (boarding and day), Chetwynd end

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHARITY SCHOOL, Salters’s lace—Agnes Bailie, mistress


                 (_See also Fire_, _&c. Office Agents_.)

Bott John (to Lilleshall Lime Works), Lilleshall

Bradbury Charles (ale, porter and cider), High st

Cheadle James (to the Lilleshall Coal and Lime Works), Pave lane

Holland John (general), St. Mary st

Jones Edward (to the Lilleshall Iron Bar Co), Donnington Wood

Marsh John (house), High st

Smith William (to His Grace the Duke of Sutherland), Lilleshall


              _See under the head Carpenters and Builders_.


Marked thus * are Commissioners for taking acknowledgments of Deeds by
Married Women.

Baddeley Thomas B. High st

* Fisher Henry (and deputy steward of Newport), High st

*  Heane Henry (and clerk to the commissioners of taxes), High st

Liddle William (and clerk to the magistrates and to the comity court),
High st

Smallwood Brook Hector, High st


Fieldhouse Thomas, High st

Holland John, St. Mary st


Griffiths John, High st

Rogers Stephen, St. Mary st

Sargeant Peter, High st

Tomkinson John, Stafford road

Williams Henry, Upper Bar


NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND, High street (draws on the London
Joint Stock Bank)—Alexander Fowler, manager

SHROPSHIRE BANKING COMPANY, High street,—(draws on the Union Bank of
London), William Silvester, manager

SAVINGS’ BANK, High st—(open every alternate Saturday from 10 till
1)—Charles Silvester, actuary


Allman John, Chetwynd Aston

Cook Joseph, Salters lane

Dawes James, Stafford st

Littleton John, Edgmond

Rowley James, High st

Whitmore Thomas, Forton


Icke Thomas George, High st

Silvester Henry Price & Charles (binders, and publishers of the Newport
Advertiser), High st


Allman John, Chetwynd Aston

Beeston John, Lower Bar

Blest David, Chetwynd Aston

Bolas Benjamin, Edgmond

Bolas William, St. Mary st

Griffiths William, High st

Holt William, Upper Bar

Marsh Thomas High st

Pigott David, Edgmond

Plant Stephen, St. Mary st

Stewart Robert, High st


Davies Owen, High st

Underhill William Scott, High st

Watkin John, High st


Cobb John, Chetwynd end

Pooler John, Adney

Silliter Thomas, Edgmond

Ward George Joseph (and tile merchant), Water lane


Hurd Thomas, Water lane

Williams John, High st


Barber Charles, High st

Bruckshaw Freeman, High st

Cornmell Benjamin, Marsh lane

Cornmell George, Marsh lane

Cornmell John, Stafford road

Cornmell William, Marsh lane

Doody George, High st

Gosnell John, Lower Bar

Harper John, Salters lane

Lockley James, High st

Morris Samuel, Stafford road

Rees Philip, jun. High st

Steventon Charles, High st

Steventon John, High st

Yeomans John, Vauxhall


Cobb Samuel, High st

Jenkins William, St. Mary st

Sargeant Peter, High st

Slaney Ann Jane, St. Mary st


                    Marked thus * are also Architects.

* Cobb John, Chetwynd end

* Doody Joseph, Lower bar

* Treasure John, Aston villa

Whitmore Thomas, Forton

Whittingham Joseph, High st

Williams William, High st


Brittain William, High st

Chalmers Henry, High st

Icke & Yates, High st

Jones & Aston, Lower bar

Oastler Eliza, High st

Watkin & Co. High st


Bradley James, High st

Griffiths John, High st


Allen Charles, Church Aston

Allkins Lewis (and bendware turnery, & hair sieve manufactory), MILL

Boughey Thomas (and bendware turnery, and hair sieve manufacturer),
Church Aston

Eccleshall John, High st

James John, St. Mary st

Tomkinson James, High st


Barlow James, High st

Veitch Susan, High st


BIRMINGHAM, Richard G. Lowe, St. Mary street

CROWN (life), Hy. Chalmers, High st

FARMERS & COTTAGERS’ (cattle), Joseph Doody, High st

LAW (life), Henry Heane, High st

NORWICH UNION, Thomas George Icke, High st

PALLADIUM (life) & PHŒNIX (fire), Alexander Fowler, High st

PROFESSIONAL (life), Henry Chalmers, High st

ROYAL FARMERS’, Joseph Doody, Lower bar

SALOP (fire), Henry Chalmers, High st

SHROPSHIRE & NORTH WALES (fire) Thomas Fieldhouse, High st

SUN, John Holland, St. Mary’s st


Rowring Thomas, St. Mary st

Thompson John (& dealer in game), High street


                     (_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._)

Brittain William, High st

Doody James, High st

Fieldhouse William, High st

Foxall Henry, High st

Howls & Co. Lilleshall

Huxley John, High st

Icke & Yates, High st

Jones & Aston, Lower bar

Lockley James, High st

Norton George, Lower bar

Slaney William, High st

Wild William, St. Mary st


Adderley Charles, High st

Harvey Robert, High st


Edwards David, High st

Keeling John, High st

Warner John, High st


Brittain William, High st

Doody James, High st

Hall Joseph, St. Mary st

Icke & Yates, High st

Jones & Aston, Lower bar


Allen Harry (and hearse and job coaches), St. Mary st

Franklin John Robt. Chetwynd end

Sherry Richard, High st


Icke R. & S. High st

Lowe Elizabeth, St. Mary st

Lowe Richard Gooldin, High st

Thomas Alexander, High st

Warner John, High st


                   (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_)

Raven & Bell, Fanny Ward, High st

Royal Victoria (and family and posting house), Harry Allen, St. Mary st


LILLESHALL CO., Donington Wood


Brittain William, High st

Jones & Aston (and hurdle manufacturers), Lower bar

Underhill William Scott (and agricultural implement maker), High street

Watkin John, High st


Edwards David, High st

Icke R. & S. High st

Warner John, High st

Wiggin William, High st


Bailey Robert, Forton

Barber Charles, High st

Barlow George, High st

Derrington Thomas, Chetwynd end

Doody George, High st

Fieldhouse John, Forton

Fieldhouse Thomas, High st

Lockley James, High st

Meddings John, Chatwell

Parton Benjamin, High st

Sherry Thomas, High st

Stokes William, High st

Talbot John, Forton

Ward Fanny, High st

Ward George, High st

Yeomans John, Longford


Brittain Thomas, Chetwynd end

Lockley James, High st

Paddock William John & George, Caynton


Armstrong Elizabeth, High st

Barber Sarah & Emma, High st

Belcher Sarah, High st

Bruckshaw Elizabeth, High st

Crowther Mary, High st

Gater Mary Ann, High st

Hutchinson Mary Ann, High st

Lee Alicia Harper, High st

Leech Ann & Betsy, High st

Plant Ellen, St. Mary st

Tomkinson Emma, High st

Smith Sarah Ann, High st

Sturges Sarah, High st

Veitch Susan, High st

Ward Martha & Elizabeth, High st


Massey William (and iron and brass founder), Lower bar


Jones & Aston, Lower bar

Underhill William Scott, High st


NEWPORT ADVERTISER (published weekly)—Henry Price & Charles Silvester,


Brown Walter, High st

Griffiths Job, St. Mary st

Howle Henry, High st

Sturgess George, High st


Dodd George, High st

Eardley Thomas, High st

Fishwick William, High st

Plant Thomas, Chetwynd end

Rees John, High st


Brittain William, High st

Clarke Mary Ann, St. Mary st

Felton John, St. Mary st

Icke & Yates (& guauo), High st

Morris Thomas, Chetwynd end

Wagg James, Upper bar


Appleby Martha, High st

Bott John, Donnington wood

Dawes James, Stafford st

Icke Susanna, Edgmond

James John, Edgmond

Jones Martha, Stafford st

Littleton Mary, Edgmond

Mancell Margaret, High st

Prentice Thomas, Stafford st

Steventon Jane, High st

Sturgess George, High st

Swallow Isabella, Water lane

Tomkinson Charlotte, High st

Tomkinson John, Water lane

West Samuel, Chetwynd end

Weston & Co. High st

Williams Jobs, High st


Crowther Mary, High st

Edwards David, High st

Lowe Emma, High st

Sturgess Sarah, High st

Warner John, High st


Baddeley William Edward, High st

Godby Augustus H. High st

Lindop William, St. Mary st


Doody Joseph (building), Lower bar

Doody Thomas, High st

Treasure John (and civil engineer), Aston villa


                     Marked thus * are also Drapers.

* Bradbury Charles, High st

Bratton Thomas, High st

Breeze John, St. Mary st

Doody Charles.  High st

* Gater Charles, High st

Gater William, St. Mary st

Hodson James, Stafford road

Jervis William, Upper bar

Johnson Moses, Lower bar

* Keeling James, Stafford road

Latham John, Edgmond

Morris William, Chetwynd end

* Pidgeon Thomas, High st

Tidesley John, Forton


Brittain William, High st

Fieldhouse William, High st

Wilde William, St. Mary st


Barleymow, George Ward, High st

Bell, William Lockley, High st

Bridge, Thos. Plant, Chetwynd end

Bull’s Head, Geo. Blagg, St. Mary st

Feathers, George Barlow, High st

Fox & Duck, Walter Mancell, Pave lane

Fox & Grapes, William Fox, Saint Mary st

George & Dragon, Joseph Parsons, St. Mary st

Horse & Jockey, Joseph Waldron, St. Mary st

Horse & Jockey, Katherine Mancell, Pave lane

King’s Arms, Jas. Lockley, High st

King’s Head, John Robert Franklin, Chetwynd end

Last Inn, Robert Steveson, Church Aston

Lion, John Harper, Edgmond

New Inn, John Price, Stafford road

Old Crow, Benjamin Parton, High st

Old Lamb, Thos. Wiggin, Edgmond

Old Plough, John Talbot, Forton

Pheasant, Richard Sherry, High st

Plough, John Dawson, High st

Red House, Emma Edwards, Lilles hall

Shakspere, Elizabeth Stokes, High st

Star, William Bassage, High st

Swan, James Fieldhouse, Forton

Swan, George Lamonby, High st

Sunderland Arms, George Pearce, Muxton

Unicorn, William Walker, High st

Wharf Tavern, Elizabeth Ward, Water lane

White Horse, John Wakefield, St. Mary st


Birks Thomas, Chetwynd Aston

Cornmell Benjamin, Water lane

Edwards Joseph, High st

Glover Alfred, St. Mary st

Harper John, Lower bar

O‘Shaughansey Manus, High st


Allkins Lewis, Mill Works

Boughey Thomas, Church Aston

Cobb John, Chetwynd end

Ward George Joseph, Upper bar

Whitmore Thomas, Forton


Allen Charles, Church Aston

Allkins Lewis (turners of bendware), MILL WORKS

Boughey Thomas, Church Aston


Norris William, High st

Northwood James, High st

Whiston Joseph, High st

Whiston Thomas, High st


Goodwin George, Chetwynd Aston

Miles Joseph, Chetwynd end

Shaw John, Water lane

Whitmore Thomas, Forton


Allen Harry, High st

Bradbury Charles, High st

Walker William, High st

Ward Fanny, High st


Bradbury Chas. soda water manufr.  High st

Chettter John, rope mater, Upper Bar

Dawson John, basket maker, High st

Ford & Thompson, woolstaplrs, Stafford rd

Matthews Charles, veterinary surgeon, Chetwynd end

Rogers Eliz. tanner, Water lane

Sergeant Wm. carrier and leather cutter, High st

Tipping Richard, gun maker, Upper Bar

Trubshaw William, stone mason, Forton

Woods William B. accountant, High st


ST. NICHOLAS’ CHURCH, High street—Rev. William Sandford, incumbent

ST. ANDREW’S CHURCH, Church Aston—Rev. John Dryden Pigott, incumbent;
Rev. T. R. Musselwhite, curate

ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH, Lilleshall—Rev. Henry H. Bunsen, rector

ST. PETER’S CHURCH, Edgmond—Rev. John Dryden Pigott, Incumbent; Rev. John
Jeffrey Lambert, curate

ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH, Forton—Rev. Francis C. Twemlow, rector

CHETWYND RECTORY CHURCH, Chetwynd—Rev. Thomas Whateley, rector; Rev. W.
Jellicorse, curate


METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, High st

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPELS, Stafford road and Edgmond

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL, Salters lane Rev. Michael Trovell, priest

WORKHOUSE, Workhouse-lane.

_Master_—Samuel Binnell

_Matron_—Emma Welling

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—Henry Heane

_Relieving Officer_—Benjamin Rees


_Superintendent_—Henry Heane

_Registrar of Marriages_—John Stokes

_Registrar of Births & Deaths_—Benj. Rees


_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_High Bailiff_—George Hill Townsend

_Clerk_—William Liddle

_Assistant Clerk_—F. T. Adams

DISPENSARY, High st—Henry Chalmers; dispenser

GAS WORKS, the Marsh—John Stokes, manager

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, High st—William Gott, supervisor

MECHANICS’ INSTITUTION, High street—William Fieldhouse, secretary

POLICE OFFICE, Stafford road—William Harris, keeper


STAMP OFFICE, Post Office, High st—Maria J. Sillitoe, distributer

TOWN HALL, High street


An _Omnibus_, from the Royal Victoria Hotel, awaits the arrival and
departure of each train


To LONDON, BIRMINGHAM & WOLVERHAMPTON, and forward to all parts of
England, the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Compy. from their wharf,
daily—Pickford & Co. agents

Union Railway and Canal Co. from their wharf, Water lane, three times a

To THE POTTERIES, the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Co. three times
a week—Pickford & Co. agents

To SHREWSBURY, the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Co. three times &


OSWESTRY is a borough corporate, market town and parish, having separate
jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of its name; 171 miles N.W. from
London, 18 N.W. from Shrewsbury. 16 N. from Welchpool, 15 S. from
Wrexham, and 12 S.E. from Llangollen.  It lies on the main road from
London to Holyhead, upon higher ground than any other town in Shropshire:
the country around is delightfully varied with hill, dale, wood, and
water—exhibiting some remarkable rich and picturesque scenery.  Oswestry
is of great antiquity, and its present appellation, which is a corruption
of _Oswaldstree_, was derived from the name of St. Oswald, King of
Northumberland, who was defeated and slain here by Penda, King of Mercia,
A.D. 642.  Subsequently, when the great Offa constructed the barrier
still known by his name, Oswestry stood between it and Watt’s dyke, which
ran parallel to the former, at the distance of two miles: it was thus
rendered a border town, and hence became frequently the scene of contest,
first between the Saxons and the Britons, and afterwards between the
latter and the Normans.  In 1212, under its Lord Fitz-Alan, it was taken
and burnt by King John, also by the Welch prince, Llewellyn, in 1233.
During this period it was encircled by a strong wall, which had four
gates, fronting the four cardinal points: some traces of the former may
still be seen, but the gates were entirely demolished about the year
1783.  Of the castle, which stood on a lofty artificial mount at the west
side of the town, only a few fragments now remain; these, however, are
sufficient to indicate its primitive strength, and consequent importance,
as a station of defence.  It may be said of Oswestry that it ranks as the
birth-place of the Stuart race of Kings.  Walter Fitz-Alan, founder of
Paisley monastery, whose descendants took the name of Stewart, from their
office of high ‘Stewards,’ of Scotland, was born here and flourished in
the reigns of Stephen, and Henry II.  A great part of the town was
destroyed by casual fires which occurred in 1542, 1544 and 1567.
Oswestry has been much improved since the year 1810, when an act was
obtained for widening, paving and lighting the streets, which gave an
impulse to the spirit of building.  In 1825 gas was introduced; and the
ancient structures of timber and brick have given place to respectable
modern edifices.  Additional improvements have since taken place, and
large and commodious market-places have been erected for the sale of
butter, cheese, poultry and butchers meat, for which the locality is well
adapted, possessing railway communication to all parts, by means of a
branch to the town from the Shrewsbury and Chester line, and having an
extensive Welsh agricultural district at its back.  The corn market is
situate in Bailey-square, and is a plain building, with a high clock
turret, and the roof is partly covered with glass.  A beautiful field of
two and a half acres, situated near the very centre of the town, is
appropriated as a ‘Smithfield’ for the cattle fairs.  A neat theatre is
generally opened in the autumn.  The races have been discontinued for the
last three years.

The first charter of incorporation was granted to the inhabitants by
William Fitz-Alan, in the reign of Henry II; the first royal charter was
conferred by Richard II, and a subsequent one by Charles II—under the
last mentioned the town was governed until the operation of the Municipal
Reform Act (passed in 1835), since when, the corporate body has consisted
of a mayor, six aldermen and eighteen councillors, with two
serjeant-at-mace, and the other usual assistant officers: the borough
under the same act, was divided into two wards, and provided with a
commission of the peace.  Petty sessions for the hundred are held, on the
last Thursday in every month, before the magistrates; and a county court,
under the new acts is held monthly, for the recovery of debts not
exceeding £50.  The Earl of Powis is lord of the manor.  Oswestry is a
polling station at the election of members to represent the northern
division of the county.  The sale of Welch flannel, and of cotton goods,
which was formerly carried on here to a great extent, has entirely
disappeared: at present the chief business of the place is malting.
There are many corn mills in the vicinity, where is also coal; and upon
the Morda stream is a manufactory for paper.  Two iron and brass
foundries give employment to a large number of persons.  There are four
excellent inns in the town—they are admirably conducted commercial and
family houses.

The parish church of Saint Oswald (or St. Mary), originally the
conventual church of the ancient monastery, was greatly damaged during
the commotions of 1616 and 1664; at which latter period the tower was
taken down by the royalists, this structure was enlarged and beautified
in 1807, and since that period it has undergone great improvements.  The
church contains many very handsome tablets and monumental inscriptions.
On the north side of the church yard is a pleasant walk, overshadowed
with a double row of lime trees, and terminated by an alcove.  The living
of Oswestry is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Earl Powis;
the present incumbent is the Rev. Thomas Salwey.  The other places of
worship under the establishment are Saint Martin’s, and Trinity chapels,
with one at Trefonen and another at Hengoed.  There are several chapels
for dissenters, of which a list is appended.  The free grammar school
here, was founded about the time of Henry IV, by Davy Holbeck, who
endowed it; and it has been further enriched by subsequent subscriptions:
the school is free to all the sons of parishioners, for instruction in
English and classical literature.  A letter is still in existence, in the
hand-writing of Oliver Cromwell, resting the appointment of master of
this school in the corporation of Oswestry—how such appointment has
lapsed from the corporation is not ascertained.  The other principal
charities comprise a school, conducted upon the national plan, one on
that of the British and Foreign School Society, a house of industry, and
a valuable dispensary, carried on partly by the self-supporting system,
and partly by contributions.  There is an association for the prevention
of crime and the prosecution of felons.  It is remarked in ‘Tymm’s
Topography,’ that, in 1797, died John Lloyd, attorney, at Oswestry, the
original institutor of societies for the prosecution of felons—of which
that at Oswestry was the _first_.  This neighbourhood is remarkable for
its great respectability; and to the number of genteel and opulent
families that have residences in it, may in a great measure, be ascribed
the prosperity of the town itself.  The ‘Oswestry Advertiser’ newspaper,
is published every Wednesday, and is worthy of support for the local
information which it contains.  The News Room is at the Court House,
Bailey square.  The markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday; the
former is a good one for grain and other produce; the latter is for
butcher’s meat, as well as other commodities of domestic consumption.
Cattle fairs are held on the first Wednesday of every month.  The parish
(which comprises several townships) contained in 1841, 8,843 inhabitants,
and by the returns for 1851, 8,796.  The population of the township is

WHITTINGTON is a parish, in the hundred of Oswestry—the village, two
miles and a half north-east from the town of that name, is chiefly to be
noticed for the remains of a castle, anciently belonging to the
Fitz-Warrens.  The ruins consist of one large tower, with traces of four
others, and the exterior gateway, now occupied by a farmer.  A station
belonging to the Shrewsbury and Chester Railway Company is in this
parish.  A church belonging to the establishment, a chapel for
Independents, and a national school are in the village.  The parish
contained in 1841, 1,953 inhabitants, and in 1851, 1,927,

POST OFFICE, Willow Street, OSWESTRY, Sarah Babington, _Post
Mistress_.—Letters from LONDON and all other parts of ENGLAND, NORTH AND
SOUTH WALES, SCOTLAND AND IRELAND arrive every morning at six and
half-past four in the afternoon, and are despatched at half-past six and
nine in the evening, and on Sundays at half-past six and half-past seven
KINNERLEY arrive every evening at seven, and are despatched at seven in
the morning.

    _Money Order Office open from nine in the morning until six in the

POST OFFICE, WHITTINGTON, John Spencer, _Post Master_.—Letters from all
parts arrive (from OSWESTRY) every morning at nine, and are despatched
thereto at ten minutes past six in the evening.

POST OFFICE, MORDA, Jane Haines, _Post Mistress_.—Letters from all parts
arrive (from OSWESTRY) every morning at half-past seven, and are
despatched at half-past seven in the evening.


Aubrey Mrs. —, Broom Hall

Barnes Thos. Esq. M.P. the Quinta

Bassett Mr. Joseph, Plasfynnon

Beaver Hugh, Esq. Sweeney Hall

Biddulph Robert Myddelton, Esq. Chirk Castle

Bill Mrs. Mary, Bailey st

Broughall Mrs. Elizabeth, Whittington Lodge

Broughall Mrs. Sarah, Brynville

Broughall Mr. Thomas, Castle, Whittington

Bull Mrs. Elizabeth, Kent place

Burlinson Capt. Nathan, Bellevue

Cashell Rev. Frederick, Victoria pl

Crompton Rev. David, Beatrice st

Croxon Mrs Frances, Church st

Croxon John, Esq. Llanforda Issa

Croxon John, Esq. Traforeclwd

Cuthbert Rev. George, Upr. Brook st

Davies Rev. Thos. Z. Greenfield Hse

Davies Mr. Thomas, Willow st

Donne Rev. Stephen, Upper Brook st

Dovaston John, Esq. West Felton

Dungannon the Right Honble. Lord Viscount, Brynkinalt

Edmunds Mrs. Jane, Willow st

Edwards Mr. James, Upper Brook st

Edwards Mr. Thomas, Church st

Evans Mrs. Selina Clementina, Willow street

Evans Mr. Thomas, Willow st

Faulder Mr. Wm. Prassgwene House

Franks Edward, Esq. the Dairy

Gore William Ormsby, Esq. M.P. Porkington

Hawley Mr. Thomas, Blackgates

Hill Col. Richd. Fredrck, Pentrepant

How Rev. William W. Whittington

Howell Mrs. —, Travonan Cottage

Humphreys Mrs. Eleanor, Salop rd

Hurst Rev. Wm. M.A. St. Martin’s

Husband Rev. John, Selattyn Recty

Johnson Rev. Frederick P. Whittingtn

Jones Edward, Esq. Llwynymapsis

Jones Mr. John, Willow st

Jones John, Esq. Shelbrook Hall

Jones Rev. Llewelyn Wynne, Church street

Jones Mr. Thomas, Beatrice st

Jones Thos. Esq. Lower Brook st

Kenyon Lady Charlotte, Pradhoe

Kinchart Richard, Esq. Park Hall

Lees John, Esq. Woodhill

Leigh Mrs. Mary, Willow st

Lewis Mr. Richard, Pentrewern

Lloyd Rev. Albany Rossendale, B.A. Hengoed

Lloyd Mrs. Hannah S. Whittington

Lloyd Mrs. Louisa, Aston Hall

Lloyd Mrs. —, Nant Selattyn

Longueville Mrs. —, Penyllan House

Longueville Mr. Thomas, the Mount

Lovett Joseph Venables, Esq. Bellemont

Lovett Thomas, Esq. (magistrate), Fernhill Hall

Maude Rev. Joseph, Chirk

Menlove Miss Ellen, Beatrice st

Menlove Mrs. —, Salop road

Owen Mrs. Jane Emma, Church st

Owen William, Esq. Wood House

Parr Rev. Thomas, Castlefield

Peate Miss Isabella, Willow st

Phillips Rev. John Croxon, Tynyrhoes

Phillips Miss Mary, Stone Cottage

Povey John, Esq. the Derwen

Powell John Richard, Esq. Preesgwene House

Prue Mr. William, Maesbury House

Roberts Mr. John, Cross st

Roberts Mrs. Maria, Bellam House

Roberts Miss Mary, Lower Brook st

Robley Mr. Isaac, Salop road

Salter Mr. Thomas, Salop road

Salwey Rev. Thomas, Upr. Brook st

Smith Rev. Wm. Henry, Salop rd

Thomas Rev. Robert, Canning green

Venables Mrs. Elizabeth, Whittingtn

Venables Rowland, Esq. Oakhurst

Wade Mrs. —, Kent place

Wildblood Mrs. —, Maesbury

Wildblood Mr. Hugh, Victoria place

Williams Mrs. Jane, Willow st

Wright Edmund, Esq. Halston Hall

Wynne the Honble. Sir Henry W. W. Llanforda Hall


                 Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
                       Thus * are Boarding and Day.

* Asterley Catherine, Willow st

Bentley John, Church st

BRITISH SCHOOL, Arthur st—John Farmer, master; Mary Jones, mistress

Cullis William (writing), Lower Brook street

* Edmunds Maria, Upper Brook st

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, School House—Rev. Stephen Donne, master

Grosvenor Jane, Hengoed

* Holbrooke Rebecca, Blackgates

* Jackson Mary Ann, Willow st

* Jones John Price, Willow st

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Whittington—Thomas Chandler, master; Laura Jones,

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Maesbury—Sophia Throwssell, mistress

NATIONAL AND INFANTS SCHOOL, Welsh walls—Samuel Shepley Lees, master;
Fanny Whitfield, mistress; Ann Pierce, mistress of infants’ school

* Roberts Mary Ann & Fanny, Castlefield

Spencer John, Whittington

Wynne Edward, Blackgate


Davies Thomas, Bailey Head

Shaw Edward, Bailey st

Windsor John (& agent for Milner’s fire-resisting safe & boxes), Beatrice


Penson Richard Kyrke, Willow st

Penson Thomas (and county surveyor for Denbigh & Montgomeryshire), Willow

Porter Isaac, Salop road


Bull William Isaac, Church st

Croxon Richard Jones (and town-clerk), Church st

Hayward & Davies, Arthur st

Longueville, Williams & Jones, Upper Brook street

Minshall Thomas & Charles (Thos. Minshall commissioner for taking
chancery affidavits, and superintendent registrar), Castle view

Oswell Edward, Church st

Roberts William, Cross st

Sabine Charles, Salop road

Thomas Jeremiah Jones, Cross st


Evans Edward, Legh st

Hilditch George, Salop road

Hill Thomas & Son, Upper Brook st


Corney William (& dealer in British wines), Cross st

Davies Edward, Cross st

Davies Ellen (& dealer in British wines), Bailey st

Jones Andrew, Cross st

Jones Charles, Church st

Pope Ann, Church st


Croxon, Longueville, Jones & Co. Willow st (draw on Masterman & Co.

NORTH & SOUTH WALES BANKING COMPANY, Bailey st—(draw on the London &
Westminster Bank)—Francis Roberts, manager

SAVINGS’ BANK, Bailey head (open every Wednesday from 12 to 2)—John
Hughes, secretary


Briscoe John, Whittington

Briscoe Thomas, Aston Lodge

Evans Francis, Whip lane

Jones John, Whittington

Jones William, Beatrice st

Jones, William, Maesbury

Lloyd John, Ball

Lloyd William, Llwynymapsis

Owens Thomas, Sweeney

Parry John, Whittington


Bayley Charles George, the Cross

Lewis George (stamp office and dealer in patent medicine), Leg st

Morgan John, Cross st

Roberts John Askew (and publisher of the Oswestry Advertiser), Bailey

Salter Jackson, Church st


Bickley Joseph, Whittington

Capper David, Cross st

Coombs Samuel Howard, Cross st

Daniels Edward, Whittington

Davies Edward, Maesbury

Edwards George, Cross st

Fardoe William, Maesbury

Griffiths & Elleker, Willow st

Grindley Joseph, Whittington

Jones David, Church st

Phillips Eleanor, Leg st

Pugh Thomas, Willow st

Roberts Edward, Beatrice st

Speakeman William, Maesbury

Taylor John, Cross st

Thomas Edward, Quadrant

Thomas John, Upper Church st

Williams David, Willow st


Batterbee John, Bailey head and Beatrice st

Bickerton George Morrell, Willow st

Davies David Christopher, Leg st

Minshall & Dale, Bailey st

Pryce Thomas, Cross st

Shaw Edward, Bailey st


                 Marked thus * are also Fire Brick Makers

* Gore Wm. Ormsby, Whittington rd

Holland Isaac, Beatrice st

Howell (the representatives of the late John,—and tile), Trefawaclawdd

Lloyd Joseph, Maesbury

Morris Wm. & John, Salop road

Rogers Thos. (& tile), Stone house

* Vaughan John B. Beatrice st

Wynne Sir Watkin Williams (and tile), Llanforda


Edwards Thomas, Willow st

Davies John, Maesbury

Jones George, Lower Brook st

Powell Richard, Brook st

Powell Thomas, Upper Church st

Thomas David, Leg st

Williams John, Lower Brook st


Edwards Edward, Willow st

Edwards John, Bailey st

Evans Evan, Upper Church st

Jackson Thomas, Willow st

Johnson Joseph, Leg st

Jones Edward, Willow st

Jones Henry, Willow st

Jones John, Bailey st

Jones John, Cross st

Lewis Margt. & Elizabeth, the Cross

Llewellyn Charles, Whittington

Lloyd Charles, Maesbury

Moreton William, the Cross

Morris John, Bailey st

Morris Thomas, Maesbury

Owen Arthur, Bailey st

Parry Frederick, Church st

Poole Richard, the Cross

Pratt Charles, Upper Brook st

Rees John, Beatrice st

Roberts Edward, Bailey st

Vaughan Samuel, Bailey st

Williams Thomas, Willow st


Holland Isaac, Beatrice st

Jones Edward (and upholsterer), Cross street

Marshall John, Upper Church st

Vaughan John B. Beatrice st


Evans Richard, the Cross

Saunders George James, Cross st

Smale William & Son, Cross st

Weaver James & Sons, Bailey st


Bayley Charles George, the Cross

Jones Owen, Cross st


Davies Edward, jun. Beatrice st

Evans Thomas, Beatrice st

Jones Edward, Beatrice st

Jones Thomas, Beatrice st

Lloyd Richard, Redwith

Roberts Edward, Beatrice st

Williams John, Maesbury



Griffiths William & Hugh, Praasgwene Colliery

Jones’ & Co. Coed-y-go Colliery


Bowyer Thomas, Beatrice st

Morris John, Leg st

Oliver John, Leg st

Paine John, Willow st


Edwards Edward, Beatrice st

Evans Robert (& tanner), Leg st

Hughes William, Willow st

Thomas Richard, Cross st

Tomkies Charles, Bailey st


BIRMINGHAM (fire) and CROWN (life), Thomas Hill & Son, Upper Brook street

BRITISH EMPIRE, William Cullis, Lower Brook st

EUROPEAN (life), Edward Williams, Upper Brook st

FEMALE PROVIDENT (life), Wm. Griffith, Bailey st

HOPE MUTUAL (life), William Griffith, Bailey st

LAW UNION, Thomas and Charles Minshall, Castle view

LEGAL AND COMMERCIAL (life), Richard J. Croxon, Church st

LONDON, Chas. E. Sabine, Salop rd

MEDICAL, INVALID AND GENERAL, Isaac Porter, Salop road

NORWICH UNION, William Roberts, Cross street

PALLIADUM (life), Jackson Salter, Church street

RAILWAY PASSENGERS (life), Edwin Jones, Beatrice st

SALOP (fire), George Lewis, Leg st

SCOTTISH EQUITABLE, John Minshall, Bailey st

SCOTTISH UNION, Wm. Isaac Bull, Church st




Jones John, the Cross

Pierce Eleanor, Bailey st

Price Mary, Willow st

Roberts John, Willow st

Southall John, Quadrant


                     (_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._)

Arthur Evan, Cross st

Davies Richard & Wm., Willow st

Evans John, Upper Brook st

Jones Andrew, Cross st

Jones Frances, Leg st

Jones George & William, the Cross

Jones Mary W. Cross st

Lacon John, Leg st

Lloyd David Edward, Cross st

Michael Eliza, Willow st

Morris & Savin, Leg st

Phillips John & Edward, the Cross

Roberts Maurice, Leg st

Thomas Edward Wynne, the Cross

Williams Evan, Bailey st

Williams Robert, Cross st


Higham Samuel, Bailey st

Stanton Robert & Son, Bailey st


Jones John, Cross st

Jones Richard, Bailey st


                   (_See also Seedsmen & Hop Dealers_)

Hodges William, Bailey st

Jones George & William, the Cross

Minshall, Jones & Co. Bailey st


                   (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_)

Commercial, Edward Edwards, Bailey st & Leg st

Cross Keys (and family), John Edward King, Leg st

Queen’s Head, William Edwards, Leg street

Wynnstay Arms (& family), David Lloyd, Church st


Pryce Thomas, Cross st

Wyatt William, Bailey st


Lacon John, Leg st

Minshall & Dale (and nail manufacturers), Bailey st

Pryce Thomas, Cross st

Shaw Edward, Bailey st


Beard Joseph B. Willow st

Evans Edward, Church st

Holland Isaac, Beatrice st

Morris William & John, Salop rd

Sperring Robert, Welch walls

Thomas John, Leg st

Vaughan John B. Beatrice st


Davies John W. Cross st

Davies Richard & Wm. the Cross

Davies William Morris, Cross st

Jones Frances, Leg st

Moreton John, Bailey st

Morris & Savin, Leg st

Phillips John & Edward, the Cross

Roberts Maurice, Leg st

Rogers Laura Jones, Cross st

Thomas Edward Wynne, the Cross

Williams Robert, Cross st


Edwards Edward, Bailey head

Furmston John, Maesbury

Griffiths William, Maesbury

Hughes John, Salop road

Jones John, Bailey head

Morris Edward, Willow st

Pierce Robert, Beatrice st

Poole Richard, the Cross

Roberts Robert, Salop road

Rodenhurst Charles, Whittington

Rogers Thomas, Stone house

Thomas John, Beatrice st

Thomas William, Whittington

Tylley Thomas, Lower Brook st


Duckett Mary, New Mills

Griffiths, Jones & Co. Morda Mill

Hughes Sarah, Escob Mill

Jones Thomas, Sandford Mill

Lea Job, Ball Mill

Peate Andrew, Western Mills

Peate John, Maesbury Hall Mill

Pugh Thomas, Penylan Mill

Roberts Godfrey, Llanforda Mill

Williams Thomas, Weston Mill


Davies William Morris, Cross st

Evans Hannah, Upper Brook st

Hopkins Ann, Leg st

Hughes Elizabeth, Beatrice st

Jarvis Ann, the Cross

Mytton Sarah, Church st

Powell Richard, Church st

Swane Elizabeth, Maesbury

Taylor Mary, Upper Church st


Bowen John, Leg st

Eyeley Edward, Upper Church st

Ford & Boyer, Whittington

Lewis William, Beatrice st

Vaughan John B. Beatrice st


Hughes John Gittins, Weston Rhynn Mills

Jones Thomas, Morda Mill


Berry Henry, Church st

Edwards George, Upper Church st

Jones John, Leg st

Lewis John, Bailey head

Morgan John, Leg st


Adams Thomas, Knockin

Batterbee John, Bailey head and Beatrice st

Davies Thomas, Beatrice st

Davies Thomas, jun. Beatrice st

Gough John (glazier), Beatrice st

Morris Elizabeth, Willow st

Roberts Robert, Lower Brook st

Thomas Henry, Salop road


Davies John, Bailey st

Davies John, Whittington

Evans Francis, the Cross

Richards James, Bailey st


                        (_See also Hop Dealers_.)

Hodges William, Bailey st

Minshall, Jones & Co. Bailey st

Roberts John, Willow st

Salter Richard, Bailey st

Saunders George James, Cross st

Weaver James & Sons, Bailey st


Arthur Evan, Cross st

Batchelor Joseph, Beatrice st

Davies Catherine, Willow st

Davies Emma, Beatrice st

Davies Evan, Salop road

Davies Francis, Morda

Davies Susannah, Willow st

Davies Thomas, Beatrice st

Doughty William, Willow st

Edwards Richard, Willow st

Evans Thomas, Upper Church st

Foulks Ann, Beatrice st

Fox Ralph, Upper Brook st

Hughes Hannah J. Willow st

Hughes John, Beatrice st

Hughes Mary, Salop road

James Thomas, Willow st

Jones David, Willow st

Jones Edward, Beatrice st

Jones Hugh, Willow st

Jones John (& licensed to let post horses), Willow st

Jones John, Upper Brook st

Jones Thomas, Upper Church st

Jones William, Willow st

Lea Margaret, Beatrice st

Lewis Ann, Upper Brook st

Llewelyn Elizabeth, Whittington

Lloyd Robert, Willow st

Muckleston Jane, Maesbury

Owen John, Whittington

Parry Elizabeth, Whittington

Peirce Susanna, Beatrice st

Roberts Ann, Beatrice st

Roberts David, Leg st

Roberts Elizabeth, Beatrice st

Roberts John, Willow st

Rowlands Thomas, Bailey st

Sides John, Upper Church st

Smout Jane, Morda

Thomas Edward, Upper Church st

Thomas John, Willow st

Thomas Samuel, Upper Church st

Titley Charles, Willow st

Tunley John, Salop road

Walker Charles, Church st

Williams Margaret, Upper Brook st

Williams Maurice, Beatrice st

Worton Richard, Upper Brook st


Jones Richard, Willow st

Parry Thomas P. (and roller leather manufacturer), Willow st


Davies Edward, Beatrice st

Porter Isaac, Salop road


Cash Thomas, Beatrice st

Jones John, Canning Green Cottgs

Redrobe James, Church st

Thomas David, Upper Brook st

Vaughan Samuel, Bailey st

Williams Isaac, Upper Church st


Lloyd Sarah Ann, Bailey st

Worton Elizabeth, Upper Brook st

Worton Harriet, Willow st


Blackwell Aarabella, Willow st

Davies Sarah, Quadrant

Davies Wm. Morris, Cross st

Poole Jane & Eliza, the Cross

Roberts Mary, Beatrice st

Williams Hannah, Leg st


Bennion Edwd. David, Summer hill

Cartwright & Blaikie, Church st

Cartwright Reploe, Church st

Dicker Philip Henry, Arthur st

Fuller William, M.D. Salop road

Griffith William, Bailey st

Large Joseph, Union place

Meredith John, Upper Brook st

Perkins Richard Steele, Chirk

Roderick William, Leg st

Williams Harvey, M.D. Church st

Wynne John, Willow st


Davies Richard & William (and drapers), Willow st

Davies Thomas, Maesbury

Edmunds Griffith, Bailey head

Evans Hugh, Beatrice st

Hughes Thomas (& draper), Willow st

Jones Edward, Upper Church st

Jones John, Quadrant

Owen Edward, Bailey st

Price Richard, Whittington

Rogers John, Osbaston

Warburton Joseph R. & Co. (and drapers), Church st

Williams Richard, Whittington

Williams Richard, Upper Brook st

Wright Edward, Upper Church st


Evans Robert, Leg st

Hughes William, Willow st

Rogers John, Lower Brook st


Albion, Thomas Nurse, Church st

Affal, John Hughes, Affal

Bear, Edward Hughes, Leg st

Blue Bell, Chas. Roberts, Church st

Boar’s Head, Ann Moreton, Willow st

Boot, George Jervis, Whittington

Britannia, Richd. Kilner, Brothgarny

Coach and Dogs, Richard Boffey, Church street

Crown, Richard Evans, Beatrice st

Drill, Elizabeth Haines, Drill

Duke of York, George M. Bickerton, Willow street

Eagle, Edward Dodd, Bailey head

Feathers, Richard Pierce, Beatrice st

Fighting Cocks, James Beckett, Beatrice street

Five Bells, Edward Edwards, Willow st

Fox, Charles Thomas, Cross st

George, John Edwards, Bailey st

Golden Lion, John Williams, Upper Church street

Grapes, Jos. Jackson, Willow st

Horse Shoe, John Ruscoe, Leg st

King’s Head, Richd. Thomas, Cross st

Navigation, Pryce Morris, Maesbury

Oak, James Redrobe, Church st

Plough, Thomas Jones, Beatrice st

Railway, Mary Lewis, Beatrice st

Red Lion, Thos. Davies, Bailey head

Star, Elizabeth Roberts, Bailey st

Sun, Thomas Tyley, Church st

Swan, Jane Gornall, Beatrice st

Three Tuns, John Davies, Bailey st

Unicorn, Ewd. Edwards, Bailey head

White Horse, John Jones, Cross st

White Lion, Sarah Roberts, Willow st

White Lion, Ann Venables, Whittngtn

Woolpack, Edward Jones, Willow st


Benbow Richard, Arthur st

Davies David (and licensed to let post horses), Whittington

Davies Robert, Upper Brook st

Edwards Maria, Beatrice st

Evans Mary, Whittington

Foulkes Edward, Cross st

Gage George, Ball

Haswell Charles Harmon (and pipe manufacturer), Leg st

Hughes Alexander, Willow st

Hughes John, Salop road

Jones Hugh, Bailey st

Jones Thomas, Willow st

Lea Mary, Whittington

Leek Catherine, Maesbury

Lloyd Mary, Willow st

Lloyd Sarah Ann, Bailey st

Pierce Edward, Cross st

Pryce Charles, Castlefield

Richards John, Salop road

Rogers Mary, Llwynymapsis

Russell Walter, Bailey st

Salmon Richard, Morda

Southall John, Quadrant

Weston Edward, Bailey st

Williams John, Pool road

Williams Sarah, Maesbury

Williamson George, Upper Brook st


Hardman John, Bailey head

James Thomas, Willow st

Reece John, Bailey head


Evans Edward, Church st

Holland Isaac, Beatrice st

Morris William & John, Salop r

Porter Isaac, Salop road

Vaughan John B. Beatrice st


Jones Henry, the Cross

Lyons Aaron, Leg st


Beckett James, Beatrice st

Hales John Miles, Lower Brook st


Giles Henry, Cross st

Matthews James Howell, Bailey st

Owen William, the Cross


Edwards Thomas, Whittington

Griffiths John, Whittington

James Thomas, Beatrice st

Jones Edwin, Whittington

Jones Evan, Upper Church st

Parry Samuel, Whittington

Watkin Edward, Sweeney

Williams Thomas, Maesbury


Hughes Edward, Beatrice st

Phillips Elias, Upper Church st

Vaughan William, Welsh walls


Edwards William, Leg st

Hughes Thomas, Cross st

Jones Joseph (and agent for Guinness’ Dublin porter), Cross st

Owen Jane Emma, Cross st

Rogers Thomas, Cross st


Cadwallader Thos. basket maker, Leg st

Chamberlain James, inspector of taxes, Willow st

Collier Henry, teacher of dancing, Willow st

Cross Thomas, bird stuffer, Quadrant

Davies Edwd. mail contractr. Cunning grn

Edwards Thos. tallow chandler, the Cross

Eyley Chas. portrait painter, Lwr. Brook st

Farr William, coach builder, Salop road

Fox John, accountant, Upper Brook st

Gregory Thomas, jeweller, silversmith, and cutler, Cross st

Jones John, pawnbroker, Bailey st

Lloyd Eleanor, hosier, Leg st

Lowther Wm. furniture broker, Beatrice st

M‘Kiernin Thomas, flax dresser and rope maker, Bailey st

Milnes Richard, stone and marble mason, Pool rd

Nicholas Thomas, post master and parish clerk, Selatynn

Parry Mary, carrier for the Shrewsbury and Chester Railway Co. Beatrice

Peate Edward, spar grinder, Weston

Perkins Saml. hosier and glover, Bailey st

Porter Isaac, surveyor, Salop road

Revett James, inland revenue officer, Cunning green

Rogers Jane, fishing tackle manufacturer, Cross st

Stannett Eliza & Margaret, Berlin wool repository, the Cross

Thompson John, dyer, Leg st

WHITE GRITT LEAD COMPANY, Maesbury—Thomas Bennett, manager

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.



ST. BARNABAS’S, Hengoed—Rev. Albany Rossendale Lloyd, B.A. incumbent and

ST. MARY’S (or ST. OSWALD’S), Church street—Rev. Thomas Salwey, vicar;
Rev. Llewelyn Wynne Jones and Rev. George Cuthbert, curates

ST. MARTIN’S, St. Martin’s—Rev. William Hurst M.A. vicar

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, Whittington—Rev. William W. How, rector; Rev.
Frederick P. Johnson, curate

TREFONEN CHAPEL, Trefonen—Rev. David Lloyd, minister

TRINITY CHAPEL, Rev. Frederick Cashel, minister; Rev. Wm. Henry Smith,


BAPTIST, English walls—Rev. David Crompton

INDEPENDENT, Arthur st—(Vacant)

INDEPENDENT, Whittington

INDEPENDENT (Calvinist), Castlefield—Rev. Robert Thomas

INDEPENDENT (Welsh), Welsh walls

METHODIST (Independent), Beatrice st

METHODIST (Primitive), Castle field

METHODIST (Wesleyan), Salop road

METHODIST (Wesleyan—Welsh), English walls


                            WORKHOUSE, Morda.

_Master_—W. N. Kendillon.

_Matron_—Mrs. — Kendillon.

_Chaplain_—Rev. L. W. Jones.

_Schoolmaster_—Richard Coleman

_Medical Officers_—Peploe Cartwright and John Wynne, Oswestry; Richd.
Steele Perkins, Chirk; and Robt. Broughton, Ruyton

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—John Hughes

_Relieving Officers_—Thomas Davies, for the Upper District; Joseph
Rogers, for the Lower District


                     REGISTRARS’ OFFICE, Castle View.

_Superintendent Registrar_—Thos. Minshall


_For Oswestry District_—John Hughes, Savings’ Bank

_For Knockin District_—Saml. Briscoe, Long Oak

_For St. Martin’s District_—Joseph Rogers, Bringwilla

_For Llansillin District_—William Mather, Llansillin

                                * * * * *

BATHS, Lower Brook street—John Hales, secretary

BOROUGH GAOL, Bailey head—Edward Williams, governor



COUNTY COURT, Bailey head—Edward Lewis Richards, Esq. judge; Lewis
Richard Morgan, high bailiff; Richard Jones Croxon, clerk

DISPENSARY, Lower Brook street—John Miles Hales, dispenser


GAS WORKS, Salop road—Robert Roberts, proprietor

HORSE MARKET, Bailey square

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, at the Cross Keys Hotel, Leg st—Hy. Smith,

POLICE STATION, Bailey head—John Donald, superintendent

POWIS CORN MARKET, Bailey square—John Donald, superintendent

PROPERTY & ASSESSED TAXES OFFICE, Willow st—Jas. Chamberlain, inspector


Healey, wharfinger

Miles Hales, secretary, Lower Brook st

STAMP OFFICE, Leg street—Mr. George Lewis, distributer

TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE, Bailey head—Richard Jones Croxon, town clerk


To ABERYSTWITH, the _Engineer_ coach, from the Railway Station and the
Queen’s Head Hotel, every forenoon at eleven

To ELLESMERE, an Omnibus, from the Railway Station, Whittington, every
afternoon at one and evening at half-past seven.

To NEWTOWN, the _Royal Oak_, from the Wynnstay Arms and Queen’s Head
Hotel, every afternoon at three; goes through Welchpool.


Edwin Jones, station master.

_Station_ at WHITTINGTON, on the same line—John Walker, station master


To DYTHER, D. Morris, from the White Hart, Wednesday

To ELLESMERE, Thomas Pearce, from the George Inn, Wednesday

To FELTON, Thomas Fox and Mary Lloyd, from the Red Cow, Wednesday

To KNOCKIN and KINNERLEY,—Glover, from the Three Tuns, Wednesdy

To LLANDRINIO, — Lewis, from the Fox, John Richards, from the Five Bells,
and Edward Bagley, from the Britannia, Wednesday

To LLANERFEL, Thomas Evans, from the Three Tuns, Wednesday

To LLANFYLLIN, Edward Lloyd, from Macdougall’s Hotel, and David Davies,
from the Bell, Wednesday and Saturday

To LLANGEDWIN, David Davies from the George, Wednesday

To LLANGOLLEN, — Evans, from the Horse Shoe, Wednesday

To LLANRHAIADR, Robert Hughes and Thomas Davies, from the Boar’s Head,
Wednesday and Saturday, and Jacob Evans, from the Three Tuns, Wednesday

To LLANSILLIN, Robert Evans, from the Boar’s Head, and John Jones, from
the Five Bells, Wednesday

To LLANY BLODWEL, John Mason, from the Britannia, Wednesday

To LLANYMYNECH, Hugh Price, from the Coach and Dogs, Wed. and Sat.

To MAESBROOK, — Briggs, from the White Horse, and John Williams, from the
Three Tuns, Wednesday

To MALLWYDD, William Williams, from the Three Tuns, Wednesday

Chester Railway Company, daily

To NESCLIFF, — Benyon, from the White Horse, Wednesday

To PENYBONT-FAWR, Thos. Roberts, from the Three Tuns, Wednesday


To CHESTER, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, &c. the Shropshire Union Railway and
Canal Co. from Maesbury wharf, daily

To WELSHPOOL, NEWTOWN, and all parts of SOUTH WALES, the Shropshire Union
Railway and Canal Co. from Maesbury wharf, daily


SHIFFNALL is a parish, in the hundred of Brimstree—the market town is 136
miles N.W. from London, 18 E. by S. from Shrewsbury (17¼ by rail), and 13
N.W. from Wolverhampton (12¼ by rail); situated on the Shrewsbury and
Birmingham railway, the line of which is carried over the market place by
a lofty and handsome iron bridge—and here is the passenger station.  The
town was anciently called _Idsali_, and is supposed to have been of
greater note and extent previous to its destruction by fire, which
circumstance is recorded in a book printed towards the end of the
fifteenth century, entitled ‘The Burnvnge of the Town of Idsall, _alias_
Shiffnall.’  Petty sessions are held here the first Friday in every
month, and a court leet annually by Lord Stafford, the owner of the
manor.  The County Court Act for the recovery of debts under £50.
includes Shiffnall within the Madeley circuit of towns.  The general
trade of the place is mainly supported by its own inhabitants, and by the
custom of the gentry and farmers residing in the surrounding country.  At
Priors-Lee, about three miles hence, the Lilleshall Company have their
office, and the iron and coal mines belonging to the establishment
approach to within two miles and a half of the town.

The parish church of Saint Andrew, is a large ancient cruciform
structure, with a tower rising from the centre: the prevailing style of
architecture is the later Norman, with many modern alterations.  In 1810,
the church was thoroughly repaired, when the richly carved roof of the
nave was injudiciously covered with a plaster ceiling.  There are some
ancient monuments, and a tablet to the memory of one William Wakely with
an inscription, stating that he died in 1714, having lived in the reigns
of eight kings and queens.  The living of Shiffnall is a vicarage, in the
presentation of the Rev. John Brooke.  There are places of worship for
Baptists, Independents, and Wesleyan Methodists, and at Priors-Lee is a
chapel of ease under Shiffnall.  The free school here was originally
founded by John Aaron, in 1595, since which period it has been benefitted
by subscriptions, and it is now conducted upon the national plan:
attached to this school are three exhibitions to Christ Church College,
Oxford, founded in 1689, by Edward Careswell—but the benefit of them is
enjoyed by a private classical school, the master of which is nominally
classical master of the free school.  Six poor girls are clothed and
instructed in reading and sewing, by a means of a small endowment
bequeathed by Beatrice Jobber, and there are some minor bequests for the
benefit of the poor.  A savings’ bank some time established, is well
supported.  Shiffnall, the centre of an Union, under the new poor law, of
fifteen parishes, and for the purposes of the union the old workhouse has
been considerably enlarged and otherwise improved.  The market is held on
Tuesday, and the fairs on the first Monday in April, August 5th, and
November 22nd, for horses, sheep, and horned cattle.  A market (not
chartered) is held at Oakengale, every Saturday, which is well attended.
The parish of Shiffnall comprises the townships of HATTON and WOODSIDE,
and the chapelry of PRIORS-LEE with OAKENGALE (or _Oakengates_), these,
with the town of Shiffnall, contained together in 1841, 5,244
inhabitants, and in 1851, 5,616—of which last number, 1,957 were returned
for the town.

Four miles from Shiffnall, and the like distance from Wellington, is
PAIN’S LANE (commonly called _Donington Wood_), in the parish of
LILLESHALL, a district abounding with mines of iron and coal, which
furnish employment to a considerable population.  A district church (or
chapel of ease), together with a national school, have been erected here.
The parish church of Lilleshall is dedicated to Saint Michael, the living
is a discharged vicarage in the gift of the Marquess of Stafford.  The
population is returned with the parish.

_POST OFFICE_, SHIFFNALL, Frances Adlam, _Post Mistress_.—Letters from
LONDON and all parts, arrive every morning at five, and are despatched at
eight in the evening.

The _Box closes_ three quarters of an hour previous to the despatch of
the mails.

_POST OFFICE_, OAKENGATES, Edward Tudor, _Post Master_.—Letters from all
parts arrive (from WELLINGTON), every morning at seven, and are
despatched thereto at seven in the evening.


Barnfield Mrs. Ann, the Cottage

Bidlake Mr. Roger, Salop road

Boddington Rev. Thos. F. B. Rectory

Botfield Beriah, Esq. Decker hill

Bradburn Mr. George, High st

Bradford the Right Honourable the Earl of, Weston Hall

Bridgeman Lady Selina, Cotsbrook

Brooke Rev. John, A.M. Haughton Hall

Cheney Robert H. Esq. Badger Hall

Coalbank Rev. Robert, Snedshill

Cole Rev. —, Parsonage, Tonge

Cope William, Esq. (barrister), Park House

Cope William Henry, Esq. Cosford Grange

Corbett Uvedale, Esq. Aston Hall

Cuxson Mrs. Eleanor, New st

Davies Mr. Thomas, the Nab, Snedshill

Durant Rev. Francis Ossian, Church street

Edwards Rev. John, Vicarage, Sherrifhales

Evett Mr. James, Horse fair

Eyton Rev. Robert W. A.M. Ryton Rectory

Fielding Rev. Oswald, Weston Rectory

Goodall Michael, Esq. Evelith

Hinckley Rev. John, A.M. Vicarage, Sherrifhales

Hodgkins Mrs. Esther, High st

Horton Samuel Lewis, Esq. Freezeland House

Horton Thomas E. Esq. Prior’s-Lee Hall

Isaacson Rev. J. Stockton

Jones Mrs. Elizabeth, Aston st

Jones Miss Martha, Innage House

Pidgeon Mr. Robert, Russell place

Roden Miss Charlotte, Church st

Slanes Miss Mary, Hatton Hall

Slaney William, Esq. Hatton Hall

Smith Miss Amelia, High st

Smith Mr. Charles, High st

Speddings Rev. Fras. Drayton Lodge

Sutherland his Grace the Duke of, Lilleshall Hall

Taylor Rev. Thomas, Horse fair

Taylor Mr. William, Haughton

Ward Mr. James, Sherrifhales


Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Beetlestone John (boarding), Salop st

BLUE SCHOOL (girls’), Aston st—Mary Beetlestone, mistress


Higgins William, Church st

Matthews Mrs. —, (boarding) High st

Morris Sarah, Horse fair

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Innage—Geo. Richards, master; Ann Shore mistress

Willmette Elizabeth & Charlotte, High street


Phillips Andrew & George, High st

Taylor William M. Market place


Houlston John, Oakengale

Jones William, the Wyke

Weare William, Market place


Harris John, Horse fair

Phillips David, Back lane

Willcox John (confectioner), High st

SHROPSHIRE BANKING COMPANY, Horse fair—(draw on Union Bank of
London)—Geo. Joseph Smith, manager

SAVINGS’ BANK, New Street—(open every alternate Tuesday)—Peter Osborne,
secretary; Thomas Eaton Lander, treasurer


Clarke Mary, High st

Evans Richard, Church st

Gittings John, Oakengates

Lees William, Priors-Lee

Smout John, Aston st


Barker Frances, Market place

Beddow Barnabas Leman (& news agent and stamp office), New st

Houlston John, Oakengale


Bullock Thomas, High st

Childe William, High st

Fenn William, High st

Jones Joseph, Church st

Jones Samuel, Oakengates

Jones Thomas, Aston st

Norton George, High st

Owen John, Market place

Westbrook John, Horse fair

Williams Thomas High st


Barker & Bullock, High st

Cludde Moses, jun. Oakengates

Tomlinson William, High st


Beetlestone Joseph, High st

Yates Richard, High st

Yates Thomas, High st


Bailey George, Church st

Downing Francis, High st

Hall Robert, High st

Hassell John, Oakengates

Heywood Thomas, Church st

Palin Thomas, Oakengates

Perks Francis, High st

Poyner William, High st


King Charles, High st

Owen Thomas, Market place

Pointon William, High st


Wakelam Joseph, High st

Williams Robert, High st


Cullwick Walter, High st

Lello George, High st

Mansell William, Oakengates


Barker & Bullock, High st

Bate William Stokes (Executors of) Market place

Blackbank Gerrard, Oakengates

Jones Richard, Oakengates

Meyrick Edwin (and chemist), Market place


ATLAS, Peter Osborne, New st

BIRMINGHAM (fire), Charles King, High street

BIRMINGHAM DISTRICT (fire), Rchd. Jones, Oakengates

CROWN (life), Lander Thos. Eaton, Market place

FARMERS’ AND GENERAL, Richard Lander, Market place

GENERAL, John Tarbett, Oakengale

LIVERPOOL and LONDON, Edwin Meyrick, Market place

MINERVA (life), Barnabas Leman Beddow, New st

PELICAN, Andrew & George Phillips, High st

PHŒNIX, Andrew & George Phillips, High st

ROCK, Andrew & George Phillips, High st

SALOP (fire), Barnabas Leman Beddow, New st

SHROPSHIRE and NORTH WALES, Lander & Son, Market place


                     (_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._)

Aston James, Market place

Bailey William, Oakengates

Barker & Bullock (& seed), High st

Barker Samuel, Pains lane

Bate William Stokes (Executors of) (and hop), Market place

Blackbank Gerrard, Oakengates

Broxton Benjamin, Oakengates

Corbett Thomas, Oakengates

Dagleish William, High st

Franks William Henry, Snedshill

Jones Richard (& hop), Oakengates

Parkes Jno (& provision), Oakengates

Ridley John, Market place


Capsey Samuel, Oakengale

Hill James, Oakengale

Morris Eliza (and toy dealer), Market place

Oliver Samuel, Horse fair

Robinson William, Market place


                  (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_.)

Caledonia Hotel (commercial)—Benjamin Marrion, Oakengale

Jerningham Arms, Ann Masefield, Horse fair

Star Hotel, Michael Power, Market pl


                       (_See also Iron Founders_.)

LILLESHALL COMPANY, Priors-Lee—Thomas E. Horton, manager

Onions William & Co. Hollinswood Iron Works


                     (_See also the preceding list_).

LILLESHALL COMPANY, Snedshill—Thomas E. Horton, manager

SNEDSHILL BAR IRON COMPANY, Snedshill—Samuel Lewis Horton, manager


Barker & Bullock, High st

Bate William Stokes (Executors of) Market place

Ridley John, Market place

Robinson James, Oakengates


Blud Thomas, High st

Cheadle John, Pains lane

Marrion Benjamin, Oakengates

Perks Edward, High st

Pointon Samuel (& builder), High st

Pointon William, High st

Yates Thomas (& builder), High st


Bailey William, Oakengates

Barker Samuel, Pains lane

Davies John, Oakengale

Franks William Henry, Snedhill

Grant J. & A. Oakengates

Hayes Henry, Oakengates

Lander Thomas Eaton & Son, Market place

Ollerenshaw J. Oakengates

Reynolds Peter & George, High st

Tarbett John, Oakengates


Booth Edward, Priors-Lee

Fellows Aaron, Aston st

Forrest William, High st

Masefield Thomas, Aston st

Mitchell James, Albrighton

Pedgeon & Lello, Aston st

Roden William & George, High st

Stanley Henry, Upton

Thomason Samuel, High st

Wakelem Samuel, High st


Phillips David, Haughton

Smith Robert, the Hem

Stanley Henry, Upton


Biss Eliza, New st

Davis Sophia, High st

Fenn Elizabeth & Mary, Salop st

Grey Sarah, Aston st

Hitchcock Rebecca, High st

Leese, Mary Ann, Oakengates

Lloyd Sarah & Mary, High st

Peake Jane, New st

Wadlow Harriet, Horse fair

Yale Elizabeth, Aston st


Heywood George, High st

Lawson William, New st

Phillips Samuel, Horse fair

Tudor Charles, Oakengates

Yates James, Horse fair


Hitchcock Thomas, High st

Lowe Thomas, Market place

Mumford John, Pains lane

Smith Moses, Horse fair


Arkinstall George, Oakengates

Booth James, Paines lane

Cartwright Richard, Pains lane

Cullwick Mary, High st

Franks William Henry, Snedshill

Harper James, Oakengates

Haskey John, High st

Hayes Henry, Pains lane

Lewis & Tipton, Pains lane

Llewellyn Mary, Priors-Lee

Matthews Thomas, Snedshill

Mole Allen, High st

Morris John, High st

Oliver Samuel, Horse fair

Pointon Fanny, Church st

Robinson James, Oakengates

Rudge Joseph, Aston st

Rushton George, Pains lane

Teague Sarah, Pains lane


Bennett & Orwin, High st

Davis William, Pains lane

Jones Thomas L. Oakengates

Lander Thos. Eaton, jun. Church st


Alltree Thomas, Oakengates

Amies William, Aston st

Barker Francis, High st

Bott Henry, Pains lane

Clemson John, Church st

Corbett Edward, Priors-Lee

Crawford William, Pains lane

Hitchcock Thomas, High st

Hollinshead Richard, High st

Pointon Thomas, Church st

Pyatt Joseph, Oakengates

Roberts Thomas, Aston st

Yardsley James, Oakengates


Albion, Christr. Bulger, Pains lane

Anvil, Sarah Ward, Aston st

Bell, John Page, Tong

Bell (and inland revenue office), John Podmore, Church st

Black Horse, Richd. Holmes, Oakengates

Bull’s Head, Henry Onions, Oakengates

Bush, Walter Quantrill, Tong

Charlton Arms, John Bourne, Oakengates

Crown, Robert Williams, High st

Dog, Thos. Dunn, High st

Duke of York, Henry Hayes, Oakengates

Eight Bells, Richard Morgan, Market place

Elephant & Castle, John Bourne, Pains lane

Ewe and Lamb, Samson Pitchford, Oakengates

Fighting Cocks, James Wilkinson, Oakengates

Gate, William Cheadle, Pains lane

George, Wm. Shingler, Pains lane

Greyhound, Thos. Marrion, Snedshill

Horns, Peter Rigby, Snedshill

Lion, John Hughes, Priors-Lee

Nag’s Head, — Davies, Horse fair

Pigeon Box, George Hughes, Priors-Lee

Plough, Thomas Williams, High st

Quarry House, John Forgham, Pains lane

Queen’s Head, Charles Leake, High st

Omnibus, Benjamin Broxton, Oakengates

Railway Tavern, Thomas Latham, Aston st

Red Lion, James Williams, Oakengates

Talbot, William Hooper, Oakengates

Unicorn, Edwd. Medlicott, Horse fair

Union, Benjamin Gething, New st

Wheatsheaf, Thos. Bishton, High st

White Hart, Wm. Richards, High st

White Horse, Thos. Lee, Market pl

Wonder, Thomas Lowe, Horse fair


Arkinstall George, Oakengates

Clarke William, Oakengates

Corbett Thomas, Oakengates

Evans Benjamin, Pains lane

Evans Thomas, High st

Fenn Samuel, High st

Ford Thomas, Pains lane

Freeman John, the Nabs, Snedshill

Howells Richard, Oakengates

Peplow Andrew, Oakengates

Perry George, Oakengates

Yates Richard, High st

Yates Thomas, High st


Bind Thomas, High st

Cherrington Edward, Church st


Harris Thomas, Church st

Robinson Sampson, New st


Davis John, Back lane

Peplow William, Market place


Addington Thomas, Aston st

Corbett Thomas, Priors-Lee

Corbett Wm. Coalpit bank, Oakengates

Pointon John, Aston st

Pointon Richard, High st


Ashdown Samuel, land agent, the Hem

Bennett Cornelius, music teacher, High st

Cherringtun Edward, wine and spirit merchant, Church st

Farnell Eliz. straw bonnet mkr, Aston st

Fielding John, registrar of births and deaths, New st

Forrest William, millwright, High st

GAS WORKS, High st—Benj. Bevan mangr

Harper James, gardener and seedsman, Oakengale

Heywood William, rope and twine maker, High st

Hughes Eliz. earthenware dlr. Oakengale

Jones Mary, earthenware dealer, High st

LOCKUPS, High street

MECHANICS’ INSTITUTION, New street—Barnabas Leman Beddow, secretary

Osborne Peter, clerk to the magistrates, commissioners of taxes, &c. New

Peake Jane, straw bonnet maker, New st

Peplow Andrew, brick maker, Oakengates

Peplow John, coal merchant, Aston st

Roberts John, licensed to let horses, Horse fair

Sherrat Thos. road surveyor, Haughton

Smith Charles, overseer, High st

Willmette Alex. teacher of dancing, High st


ST. ANDREW’S CHURCH, Church street—Rev. Henry Cunliffe, vicar

CHURCH, Priors-Lee—Rev. — Angel; minster

BAPTIST CHAPEL, Aston st—Rev. Thos. Taylor


Independent Chapel, Oakengates—Rev. Henry Bilby

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPELS, High street, Ketley, and Pains lane

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPEL, Oakengale


                          WORKHOUSE, Horse fair,

_Governor_—George Bailey

_Matron_—Elizabeth Bailey

_Schoolmistress_—Ann Maria Thomason

_Chaplain_—Rev. Henry Cunliffe

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians and Superintendent Registrar_—Peter

_Relieving Officer_—Henry Thomason


To IRONBRIDGE, an _Omnibus_, from Shiffnall, twice a day (Sun. excepted).


_Station_, Market place; SHIFFNALL.

There are Conveyances from the Station to Ironbridge, Broseley,
Bridgenorth, &c. on the arrival of the trains.


To ALL PARIS OF THE KINGDOM, Crowley, Hicklin & Co. daily—Robert
Williams, agent


SHREWSBURY is a market town and ancient borough, both corporate and
parliamentary, having separate jurisdiction, locally in the liberties to
which it gives name; 153 miles N.W. from London, 40 S. from Chester, the
like distance W. from Lichfield, 44 W.N.W. from Birmingham, 48 N.N.W.
from Worcester, 53 N. from Hereford, 58 S. from Liverpool, 70 S. by W.
from Manchester, 109 N. from Bristol. 76 N.E. from Aberystwith, and 108
S.E. from Holyhead.  The town is pleasantly seated on two eminences,
rising gently from the Severn, which river, by its windings, forms a
peninsula.  Although no doubt can be entertained of the great antiquity
of Shrewsbury, it being frequently mentioned by our earliest historians,
there is no authentic record of its origin.  Conjecture, however, has
assigned that event to the fifth century, when the Britons were forced by
the Saxons to abandon all the country to the eastward of the river
Severn; and this proposition is well supported from its name, which is,
apparently, of Saxon derivation.  In that language it is called
_Scrobbesbyrig_, or _Scrobbesbyri_; and in the ancient British tongue
_Pengwern_; all signifying ‘the head of the alder groves.’  Shrewsbury
being esteemed the most important town and fortress on the marches of
Wales, continued during several centuries to be one of the principal
places of rendezvous for the English armies,—and hence it was often
visited by royalty.  Through the eventful period which marked the
contentions of the houses of York and Lancaster, as well as when the
parliamentary war broke out, this town and neighbourhood were the scenes
of sieges and conflicts.  In Cromwell’s life-time, and also immediately
after his death, two attempts were made to gain possession of Shrewsbury,
in favour of Charles II, but both of them were frustrated.  The last
circumstance which history records, worthy of notice, occurred in August,
1687, when James II held his court here: on this occasion the sentiments
of loyal attachment, for which Shrewsbury has ever been conspicuous,
burst forth enthusiastically.  Shrewsbury, from its lofty and peninsular
situation, presents, at every approach, a pleasing variety of views; and
the noble sweep of the river, at every turn, enhances the charms of the
prospect.  The exterior circle of the town is lined with an unbroken
range of well built houses, most of which command beautiful views over
the adjacent country.  On its western side, a public walk, designated the
‘Quarry,’ occupies about twenty acres of ground, and is adorned with
avenues of trees.  At one extremity of this delightful promenade are the
remains of a rural amphitheatre, where the Augustine friars of the
adjoining convent were probably wont to exhibit those ancient and sacred
dramas called ‘mysteries,’ or ‘Whitsun plays,’ which were acted here in
the reign of Elizabeth.  The neighbourhood of Shrewsbury is highly
respectable, and the country beautifully picturesque, studded with
numerous gentlemen’s seats and for fertility is not surpassed by any
district in England.

There are several public buildings in Shrewsbury elegant and ornamental.
Amongst the most ancient, as well as interesting, is the castle, founded
by Roger de Montgomery.  It stands on a narrow neck of land, and has been
so greatly altered by modern hands, that it is difficult to form any
probable idea of its primitive state.  The portions of it now remaining
consist of the keep, the mount, the walls of the inner court, and the
great arch of the interior gateway.  The castle is at present the
property of the Duke of Cleveland.  The town-hall was finished in 1786;
but, owing to a defect in the foundation, was taken down, and a new one
subsequently erected: in it are held all meetings of the corporation and
grand juries—likewise the courts of justice for the town and county.  The
town and county gaol and bridewell, which now form one building, stands
near the castle; its situation is at once beautiful and salubrious.  The
market-house is one of the largest and most magnificent buildings of its
kind in England; adjoining which, and in other parts of the town, are
conduits, which supply the inhabitants with excellent spring water.  A
cheese and butter market has been erected in Circus-place, near the Welch
bridge; and a new cattle market, on a grand scale, is formed in the
neighbourhood of Raven-road.  The old theatre was part of the palace
formerly belonging to one of the princes of Powis; it was taken down in
1833, and a very handsome one erected in its place, the basement of which
forms a row of good shops: a new circus has also been added to the
buildings for amusement.

There are two bridges over the Severn, one called the Welch bridge and
the other the English bridge, the former was built in 1790, and the
latter in 1774.  The noble column in honour of General Lord Hill was
completed on the 18th of June, 1816, the anniversary of the battle of
Waterloo.  The height of the pedestal is 13 feet 6 inches; the shaft and
capital, 91 feet 6 inches; the pedestal for the figure, 11 feet 6 inches;
the colossal statue of his lordship, 17 feet; the extreme height, 133
feet 6 inches: the total expense, including the cottage, amounted to
£5,973. 13_s._ 2_d._  The new public building in the Corn-market is an
elegant structure; it comprises the post office, stamp office, a billiard
room, and an exceedingly handsome news room.  Public baths, replete with
every convenience for hot and cold bathing, have been erected at
Cotton-hill: near which are the water-works, which supply the town with
water from the river.  Races are held the second week in May, and are
well attended.  The course, situated within a few minutes’ walk from the
centre of the town, may, in most points, compete with any of the
secondary courses in the kingdom; and the grand stand is a commodious and
handsome building.  Three newspapers are issued from the press here,
weekly—their titles, days of publishing, &c. will be found under their
proper head.

The manufactures of Shrewsbury are neither prominent nor extensive.  At
one period, its trade with the Welch, in flannel, was considerable; but,
from causes variously assigned, it has nearly fallen to decay, and is not
likely to be recovered.  There are three iron and brass foundries, at one
of which the Menai bridge, and other similar works were constructed.  The
malting business is carried on here extensively; and there are five
breweries, two tanneries, and the same number of roperies.  The ancient
art of staining glass has been brought to perfection in this town; and it
has long been famous for that delicate article of pastry—Shrewsbury cake:
the brawn, also, made here, is in high repute; but the chief support of
the place is the custom of the country people, who resort to it, for many
miles round, for the purchase of their various domestic necessaries.
Shrewsbury possesses valuable facilities for commerce and travelling: the
communication by rail with London and Liverpool is effected by means of
the Shrewsbury and Birmingham and the Shrewsbury and Chester railways;
there is also direct intercourse opened with Staffordshire and the
Potteries, by the Shrewsbury and Stafford branch of the Shropshire Union
railway.  There is also a line of railway from Shrewsbury to Hereford,
and other lines are in the course of formation, which, with those already
opened, will render Shrewsbury in a few years, important as the focus of
numerous lines of communication in nearly every direction.  The river,
also affords a convenient transit, for goods of every description to
Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol, and other towns; and the Shrewsbury canal
is the grand medium for supplying the town with coal of an excellent
quality.  The principal Inns of Shrewsbury (of which there are eleven)
are establishments of the most respectable grade, and furnish the best
accommodation, whether for families or commercial gentlemen; while others
are efficient posting-houses—and all are conducted under the best

Shrewsbury was a borough by prescription previous to being incorporated
by Charles I—this charter remained in force until superseded by the
Municipal Act passed in 1835, which vested the government in a mayor, ten
aldermen, and thirty councillors, assisted by a recorder and other
officers: the same enactment divided the borough into five wards, and
provided it with a commission of the peace.  General quarter sessions are
regularly held, of which the recorder is chairman; and the mayor, with
some of the aldermen (who are magistrates), hold a court every Tuesday.
Shrewsbury is included in the twenty-seventh circuit of County Court
towns, under the acts for the recovery of debts not exceeding £50—the
court is held in the Shire hall, once a month.  This borough has
exercised the elective franchise since the 23rd year of Edward I, and has
regularly sent two members.  The mayor is the returning officer; and the
representatives returned at the general election in 1852, were Edward
Holmes Baldock, Esq. 31, Grosvenor place, London, and George Tomfine,
Esq. Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and Orwell Park, Ipswich, Suffolk.
From this borough the return is made of members to represent North Salop.

There are no fewer than nine places of worship under the establishment;
they are comprised in the five following parishes, viz. Saint Chad’s and
Saint Alkmund’s, vicarages, in the gift of the Crown; Saint Mary’s, a
royal peculiar; Saint Julian’s, a perpetual curacy, in the presentation
of Lord Tankerville, and Holy Cross and Saint Giles’, a vicarage, in the
patronage of Lord Berwick.  The church of Saint Chad is a very handsome
modern edifice, although on rather a novel pan—the body forming a circle
one hundred feet in diameter.  Saint Mary’s is one of the most
interesting ecclesiastical buildings in the county; it is cruciform in
plan, and exhibits specimens of almost every style of ancient
architecture.  Saint Alkmund’s is a modern gothic erection, with the
exception of the tower and spire, which are of elegant proportions.
Saint Julian’s, rebuilt in 1750, a substantial brick structure, with a
lofty pinnacled tower.  Holy Cross is the church of the abbey, a must
venerable building.  The ancient church of Saint Giles has recently been
restored, by the munificence of the Rev. Richard Scott.  Saint Michael’s,
a chapel of ease to Saint Mary’s parish, is of Grecian design, erected in
1830.  Saint George’s, a chapel of ease to Saint Chad’s, erected in 1832,
is cruciform, in the lancet or early English style.  Trinity chapel
likewise belongs to Saint George’s parish.  The pleasing and appropriate
decorations of the sacred edifices in Shrewsbury excite the attention of
every stranger.  In the abbey garden is a curious stone pulpit, or
oratory.  There are places of worship for various religious
denominations, of which a list is appended to the directory of the town,
as well as of the various institutions, charitable or otherwise.  One of
the principal ornaments of Shrewsbury is the Royal Free School of Edward
VI, erected in 1633, and in which upwards of three hundred pupils, from
all parts of the kingdom, are prepared for the university; the present
head master is the Rev. B. H. Kennedy, D.D.: the annual income of this
establishment is about £3,000.; and belonging to it are numerous
exhibitions to the universities.  The Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry is
visitor, and there are thirteen trustees—the mayor of Shrewsbury, who
presides at the several meetings being one.  There are other endowed
schools of minor importance; a British day school, and another wherein
children are instructed on Dr. Bell’s system and annually clothed.  The
charitable institutions are many—they comprise a small hospital, formerly
dedicated to Saint Giles; another, called Millington’s hospital; several
almshouses, an infirmary, a house of industry. charity schools, and many
private societies for the relief of the sick and poor.  The infirmary is
one of the oldest provincial hospitals in the kingdom; it was first
opened for the admission of patients in 1747.  The original building was
taken down and a handsome new one erected by subscription, in 1830, at an
expense of nearly £20,000.  The building which is of freestone, is of a
plain Grecian character; its entire length is one hundred and seventy
feet, breadth sixty feet, and its height eighty feet: the principal
entrance is by means of a Doric portico in the centre.  It is adapted for
one hundred and fifty beds.  The number of in-patients admitted annually
is about 1020; and of out-patients 3700.  There is an extensive and very
valuable medical library belonging to the infirmary.

The principal market is on Saturday, but there is another on Wednesday;
and every second Wednesday in the month a fair (or large market) is held,
which is numerously attended, when the produce of the rich and fertile
country around is disposed of.  For the purposes of the monthly market,
there is a spacious and convenient hall in Howard-street.  The borough,
town and liberties of Shrewsbury, contained, by the census of 1841,
21,525 inhabitants, and in 1851, the population of the borough and
liberties was 23,104; of which last number 19,681 belonged to the

PONTESBURY, a parish in the hundred of Ford, is divided into the four
quarters of Cruckton, Edge, Longdon and Pontesbury.  In the last named
quarter is the parish church of Saint George, once collegiate and rebuilt
a few years ago: it is situated about 7 miles S.S.W. from Shrewsbury.  In
this parish are lead mines, worked to considerable profit.  The parish
contained, in 1841, 3,311 inhabitants, and in 1851, 3,363.

_Mr. JOHN WILLIAM TOWERS_, _Post Master_.

Arrival of the Mails

the ISLE OF MAN, every morning at twenty minutes before seven.

From CHESTER and WHITCHURCH, by the London Mail, also every evening at
five.—From WEM, PREES and BISHOP’S CASTLE, every evening at five.—From
CHURCH STRETTON, every evening at ten minutes before five.—From
WELCHPOOL, NEWTOWN, and ABERYSTWITH, every evening at five minutes past

Despatch of Mails.

the ISLE OF MAN, every evening at half-past nine.

To CHESTER, and WHITCHURCH, every morning at half-past seven, and by the
London Mail.—To WEM, PREES, and BISHOP’S CASTLE, every morning at
half-past seven.—To WELCHPOOL, NEWTOWN, and ABERYSTWITH, every morning at
a quarter-past seven.

_Receiving Houses_.—Frankwell, Castle-foregate, Abbey-foregate, and
Coleham, for the reception of _stamped letters only_, which must be
posted before half-past four in the afternoon, if intended to go by that
days Mail.


Allan Mr. D. M. Holywell terrace

Armour Mrs. Jane, St. Julian’s friars

Barrow Mrs. Ann, Swanhill court

Bather Mrs. Elizabeth, Meole

Bather T. J. Esq. Great Ness

Bayley Miss Ann, Quarry terrace

Bayley Wm. Esq. Claremont buildings

Beacall the Misses Mary and Eliza, Chester st

Beck Mrs. Hannah, St. John’s hill

Beck Mrs. Susannah, Benlow terrace

Berwick the Right Honourable Lord, Altingham Hall

Birch Mr. Benjamin, Greenfields

Birch Mr. Joseph, Castlegates

Blake Mr. Edward John, Bellevue

Blunt the Misses Ann & My., Meole

Bodenham Mr. Thos. Haddon House

Borrow Mr. John Arthur, Holywell terrace

Bowman Miss Catherine, Belmont bank

Bradbridge Miss M. A. Mount fields

Bremner Mrs. Colonel, 2 Crescent pl

Broughall Mr. William, Cotton hill

Brown Mrs. Catherine, Cotton hill

Brown Captain Valentine, 2 Whitehall terrace

Burton Miss Ann, Abbey foregate

Burton Rev. Henry, Atcham

Burton Robert, Esq. Longnor Hall

Burton Rev. Robert Lingen, Abbey foregate

Cadwallader Mr. Richard, Bellevue gardens

Clarke Mrs. John, Beeches lane

Clayton Mr. Jas. St. Alkmond’s pl

Coates John, Esq. Pitchford hall

Colley Rev. James, Belmont

Cooke Mrs. Elizth. Rowton Cottage

Corbett Miss Josepha, St. Mary’s pl

Cotes the Misses —, Bicton Hall

Craig Mrs. Elizth. Severn Hill House

Crane Mrs. Mary, 9 Whitehall place

Dana Capt. Wm. Holywell terrace

Darwen Miss Susan Elizbth, Mount

Davies Mr. Daniel, 11 Whitehall pl

Davies Mr. John, Castlegates

Davies the Misses Sarah and Eliza, Abbey foregate

Denston the Misses Elizabeth & Ellen & Ann, Belmont

Dickey Miss Ann, 7 Whitehall pl

Dixon Miss Betsy, Abbey foregate

Drury Rev. Charles, Pontesbury

Drury Mrs. Ann, Claremont st

Dugard Mrs. Marianne, Column ter

Durnford Mrs. Ann, College court

Eaton the Misses Susan & Emily, Claremont buildings

Eddowes Mrs. Sarah, St. John’s row

Elsmere Mr. Thos. Oakley Cottage Meole

Evans Mr. Thomas, Abbey foregate

Farmer Mrs. Mary, Mount

Fielding the Lady —, Rossall

Fletcher Rev. Henry, Abbey foregate

Ford Mrs. Mary, Cottage Grove

Forrester the Misses Matilda & Isabella, St. John’s hill

Gough Mr. Thomas, Islington

Groves Mr. Thomas, Holywell terr

Gwynne Thomas G. Esq. the Elms

Hams Mr. William, Abbey foregate

Harding Mrs. Elizabeth, Beeches la

Harding Rev. John, Claremont

Harding Mrs. M. Abbey foregate

Harley Mr. Edwd. Deakin, Bridge pl

Harley Miss Sarah, St. Austin’s priory

Harrington Mrs. Elizabeth, Monkswell terrace

Harrison Rev. Thomas, Pontesbury

Harwood Miss Ann, New st

Harwood Mr. Thos. St. George’s pl

Hazelton Mr. John, Abbey foregate

Heath Mrs. Margaret Lloyd, Bellevue

Heighway Mrs. Ann, Coleham

Hewitt Mrs. Sarah, St. Julian’s friars

Hilditch Miss Mary Ann H. Bellevue

Hiles Mr. James, Abbey foregate

Hill Rev. Edward, Cotton hill

Hill Viscount Rowland, Hawkestone

Hilton Rev. John, Claremont st

Hitchcock Mrs. Frances, Bellevue

Hope Thomas Henry, Esq. Berwick House

Horton Mr. John, Pontesford Hall

Howard Mr. James, the Flash

Howell Thos. Esq. Highfield House

Hughes Mr. John, Dogpole House

Humphreys Mr. George, Cotton hill

Jeffreys Mrs. Elizth. Castle House

Jennings Mr. Thomas, Coleman ter

Jewson Mr. Richard, Coleham

Jones Mrs. Anna, Swan hill

Jones Mr. Evan, Castle foregate

Jones Mr. Pryce, Bellevue

Jones Mr. Thomas, Wyle cop

Kennedy Rev. Benj. Hall, D.D. Schools

Kent Rev. Manoah, Abbey foregate

Lawrence Mrs. Mary, Bellevue

Lawrence Mrs. Mary, St. John’s row

Leake Mrs. Mary, Whitehall st

Lee Mr. Thomas, Bellevue

Leighton Mr. Wm. Allport, Kingsland

Lloyd Mrs. Ann, Monkswell terrace

Lloyd Mrs. Elizth. Harriet, Whitehall

Locke Mr. Edward, Belmont

Lyster H. Esq. Rowton castle

Maddock Mrs. —, Greenfields

Marshall Mrs. Eleanor, Coleham

Mawn Mrs. Mary, Column place

Mayne Capt. Dawson, R.A. Woodfield House

Meabry Mrs. Martha, St. Julian’s friars

Menlove Mrs. H. Abbey foregate

Meredith Miss Martha, St. John’s hill

Minor John B. Esq. Astley House

Moultree Mrs. Harriet, St. John’s row

Muckleston Rev. Edwd. Quarry pl

Muckleston Mr. Jno. St. Alkmund’s pl

Neake Mr. John, Port hill

Needham Mrs. Frances, Meole rd

Newcombe Miss Elizbth, Cotton hill

Newling Mrs. Eleanor, Coleham

Nicholls Mrs. Ann, Coleham

Nicholls Mr. Charles, Ditherington

O’Hanley Mrs. —, Claremont

Oldroyd Mr. Henry, Column place

Owen Mr. Joseph, Bellevue

Palmer Mr. Joseph, Abbey foregate

Palmer Mr. Thos. Column buildings

Parry Mrs. Frances, Cross hill

Peplow Mrs. Sarah, Rose Cottage, Islington

Phillips Mr. Chas. New Hall, Abbey foregate

Phillips Mr. John, 1 Whitehall terr

Powell Mrs. Elizabeth, Cotton hill

Powell Mrs. Ellen, Column place

Powell Mr. John, Cotton hill

Powys Honourable Henry Wentworth, Berwick

Price the Misses Eliza & Mary, Abbey foregate

Price Mrs. Margaret, Cotton terr

Prosser Rev. William, Hanwood

Richards Rev. John, St. John’s row

Richards Miss Sarah, Dogpole

Rogers Miss Elizabeth, Abbey foregate

Rogers Mrs. Eleanor, Abbey foregate

Rogerson Mr. Jas. Jardine, Cotton hill

Rogerson Rev. James Jardine, Glen Severn

Rollings Adjutant Gabriel, School court House

Ryder Mr. Henry, Cotton hill

Ryder Captain William, R.N. Benbow House

Sandford Rev. Humphrey, the Isle

Scarth Mr. Jon. the Fly, Cotton hill

Shuker Mrs. Elizabeth, Monkswell terrace

Simms Mr. William, Belmont

Simpson Rev. Joseph, Abbey foregt

Slaney Robert Aglionby, Esq. Walford Manor

Smith John K. Esq. Radbrook House

Smith Mr. Samuel, Column terrace, Abbey foregate

Smith Miss Sarah, Coleham

Smitheman Miss Caroline, Beaucamp

Stanley Mr. Samuel, Whitehall st

Stant Mrs. Mary, Crescent place

Stanton Mr. Gorge, Cotton hill

Studley Mr. Francis, Mount fields

Sutton Mrs. —, St. Mary’s court

Teece Miss Jane, St. John’s hill

Thornes Mrs. Charlotte, Abbey forgte

Tipton Miss —, Claremont hill

Tudor Miss Elizabeth, Islington

Tudor Mr. Samuel, College hill

Tunstall Miss Anna Maria, Abbey foregate

Vaughan Reverend William, Hinton Hall, Pontesford

Wace Mr. Richard, College hill

Wade Mrs. —, Oakley Collage, Meole

Wallaston Mr. Chas. Claremont hill

Walton Mr. John, Claremont hill

Ward Lieutenant William R., R.N., Castle place

Warter Mr. Thomas, Abbey foregate

Weeks Miss Anne, the Priory

White Miss Mary, 10 Whitehall pl

Whitehurst John Esq. Mount House

Whitwell Mrs. Elizabeth, St. John’s hill

Wightman Rev. Charles Edward, St. Alkmund’s pl

Wilding Miss Elizabeth, College hill

Williams Mrs. Mary, Abbey foregate

Wilson Mrs. Harriet, Quarry place

Wilson Miss Jane, St. Mary’s place

Wingfield Colonel John, Onslow

Wood Miss Diana, St. John’s row

Woodward Mr. Edwd. St. Austin’s Priory

Woodward Mr. Thomas, Greenhill Cottage

Wright Mrs. Ann, Whitehall

Wynne Mr. John, College court

Yardley Mr. Edward, Claremont

Yardley Rev. Jno. Claremont House

Yellowly Miss Mary, Hanwood


                 Not otherwise described are Day Schools

ALLATT’S CHARITY SCHOOLS, St. John’s row—Edward Evan, master; Jane
Nightingale, mistress

Arrowsmith Louisa (boarding), Belmont

Arrowsmith Mary (boarding), College court

Beetlestone George (& boarding), Hill’s lane

Brightwell William (boarding), Belmont bank

BRITISH DAY SCHOOLS, Castle fields—Thomas Harris, master; Martha Harris,

DIOCESAN SCHOOL, Swan hill—Henry Newham, master; Elizabeth Newham,

FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Castle gates—Rev. Benjamin Hall, Kennedy, D.D. first
master; Rev. William Burbury, second master

Hinmers Jane, Cross hill

INFANTS SCHOOL, Castle foregate—Hannah Matheson, mistress

INFANTS SCHOOL, Abbey foregate—Ellen Roberts, mistress

INFANTS SCHOOL, Frankwell—Elizabeth Lawson, mistress

MILLINGTON’S CHARITY SCHOOL, Frankwell—Francis Cullis, master; E.
Sharratt, mistress

Morris Mary, Swan hill

Munday Sarah, Shoplatch

NATIONAL SCHOOLS, Abbey foregate—Jos. B. Molyneux, master; Ellen Eley,

Newton Cath. Ann, Mount fields

Nickson Elizabeth (boarding), Cadogan House

SAINT ALKMUND’S PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS, St. Mary st—William Donnelan, master;
Martha Badger, mistress

SAINT CHAD’S PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Barker st—Samuel Hibbert, master; Maria
Gamble, mistress; Anne Shuker, teacher of infants school

SAINT GEORGES’ SCHOOL, Pontesbury—Thomas Morey, master; Emma Morey,

Mary Crystal mistress

foregate—William Day. master; Mary Anne Phillips mistress

Scammell Euphemia, Crescent

Weaver Mary Ann (ladies’ boarding), Belmont

Wigley Emma and Letitia, Quarry Place

Wilson Maria & Harriet (boarding and day), St. Julian’s friars


Badger Samuel, Talbot chambers

Bevan Henry (and law stationer and commission agent), St. Mary st

Evans Edward, Hills lane

Harries George (& law stationer), Mardol

Harwood Thomas, Abbey foregate

Onions Thomas, Claremont hill


                 (_See also Fire_, _&c. Office Agents_.)

Broxton Thomas (for Salt and Co.), Mardol head

Burd & Son (land), Hatton House, Abbey foregate

Davies John (coal), Castle foregate

Dyson Bernard (wool), Hills lane

Elledge James jun. (to Pickford & Co.), Commercial wharf

Eyton Wm. (land) Talbot chambers

Harwood Thomas (house), Abbey foregate

Haswell James (house), Hills lane

Legh Edward (coal), Canal wharf

Lowe Edward Henry (house), Mardol quay

Newton Henry (ale & porter) Circus yard

Phipps James (coal), Castle foregte

Preece Wm. G. (house), Market sq


                         (_See also Surveyors_.)

Haycock Edwd. (county) The Priory

Haycock Edward, jun. The Priory

Randall J. L. Abbey foregate

Smith Pountney, Castle st


                   (_See also Professors & Teachers_.)

Brown Philip, Castle st

Corbet Philip, Belmont


Bloxam Henry, St. Marys’ place

Burd Lawrence, Dogpole

Charlton Chas. W. Talbot chambers

Cooper & Braughall, Cross hill

Cooper Wm. Henry (and clerk to the borough magistrates, and to the
trustee of Bridgnorth road), St. John’s hill

Craig C. & S. Crescent

Edwards John Hawley, Pride hill

Gordon George, Dogpole

Hicks Christopher, Wyle cop

Hicks Christopher, jun. Wyle cop

Higgins William, Swan hill

How & Son, Swan hill

Hughes Edward, Dogpole

Jeffreys William Egerton, Castle st

Kough Thomas Harley, Swan hill

Loxdale & Peele, Shire hall

Morgan William, Pride hill

Norton Thomas, 4 Talbot chambers

Palin Richard, Dogpole

Parry Scarlett Lloyd, Talbot chambers

Price John, Wyle cop

Rowland John Leche, Abbey foregte

Salt & Son, Belmont

Sandford Folliott, Belmont

Scarth & Jackson, College hill

Teece & Corser, Swan hill

Wace Henry Thomas and George, College hill

Watkis James Bulckley, Belmont


Bevan Henry (appraiser), St. Mary st

Burrey James, Pride hill

Edwards Thomas, Mardol Head

Hall William Harris, St. John’s hill

Hall William, Milk st

Jones Henry Alfred, St. John’s hill

Preece Wm. Goodwin, Market sq


Boycott Thomas, Castle fields

Britton Alfred, Castle st

Coggin Jabez, Chester st

Deakin Edward, Frankwell

Eaves George, Milk st

Edwards Samuel, Simpson’s square, Castle foregate

Elkes Edward, Pride hill

Jenks William, Mardol

Jones Charles Griffiths, Mardol

Kirkham John, Castle foregate

Nicholls Henry, Abbey foregate

Owen Owen, Castle foregate

Palmer Edward, Frankwell

Phillips Ann, Shoplatch

Powell Timothy, Mardol

Tisdale John, Bridge st

Ward Robert, Wyle cop

Watkins John H. Barker st


Beck, Downward, Scarth and Beck (Shrewsbury & Welchpool Bank), High
st—(draw upon Masterman, Peters & Co. London)

Burton, Lloyd, Salt, & How (Salop Bank), Princess st—(draw upon Glyn &
Co. London)

NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND, Bellstone House—(draw upon the
London Joint-Stock Bank)—Robt. Muir, manager

Rocke, Eytons’, Campbell & Bayleys’, Market sq—(draw upon Robarts, Curtis
& Co. London)

SAVINGS’ BANK, (for the County), College hill—(open on Mondays and
Saturdays, from half-past eleven to half-past one)—William Blount,


Allnatt Charles Blake, Crescent

Sandford Humphrey, St. Austin’s Priory


Gwynn William, Pride hill

Williams Richard, Abbey foregate


Alltree John, Henwood

Birch James, Frankwell

Blount John, Circus yard

Breeze James, Abbey foregate

Griffiths Samuel, Cotton hill

Harris Saml. (& white), Hills lane

Howell Thomas, Castle foregate

Hughes Robert, Abbey foregate

Jones Edward, Beeches lane

Jones Richard, Circus place

Littlehales Richard, Henwood

Marsh Charles, Castle foregate

Millward Jno, & Edwd. Coleham head

Powell John, Atcham

Price William, Abbey foregate

Rowland David, Lea cross

Smith & Jones, New st


                    Marked thus * are also Bookbinders

Beacall A. & E. Mardol head

Cadwallader John (and depot of the Society for Promoting Christian
Knowledge), 3 High st

Davies John, Market st

Davies Richard, High st

Deaves George, Pride hill

Drayton George, Shoplatch

* Edwards Edward, (& lithographer), Dogpole

Jones Frederick Ashford, Wyle cop

Leake John H. Market square

Powell John, Mardol

Rutland William B. Princess st

Sandford James O. (& lithographer and depot of the British & Foreign
Bible Society), 25 High st

* Tibnam William, Wyle cop

Wall Benjamin, Mardol

Wardle William, Mardol

Watton John (and news room), St. John’s hill

* Wilde Peter, Pride hill


Badger John, Marine terrace

Bather William, Chester st

Brannon Francis, St. Julian Friars

Butler William, Castle foregate

Calcott John, 4 High st

Chester George, Shoplatch

Clewitt William, Castle st

Cookson Thomas, Frankwell

Cox John, Coleham

Davies Charles (& grindery dealer), St. John’s hill

Davies Joseph, Mardol

Davies Wm. Double Butcher row

Davies William, Wyle cop

Dyas William, Abbey foregate

Edwards John, Market square

Evans George, Abbey foregate

Fenton William, Cross hill

Forgam Thomas, Frankwell

Forgham Richard, Abbey foregate

Goucher George, Market st

Griffiths Thomas, Frankwell

Halbrook Thomas, 3 Hill’s lane

Hanmer Charles James, High st

Harris James, New st

Harvey William, Pride hill

Hayward Thomas, Gullet passage

Higley Thomas, Dolphin row, Castle foregate

Horton Edward, Claremont st

Hughes George, Cross hill

Hughes John, Bridge st

Hughes John, Coleham

Hughes Richard, Shoplatch

Hughes Thomas, Mardol head

Jones Benjamin, Castle foregate

Jones Evan, Barker st

Jones Richard, Church st

Lee George, Abbey foregate

Lister Richard, Castle foregate

Lister Thomas, Castle st

Manning John, Wyle cop

Mansell John, Castle foregate

Massey William, Shoplatch

Mitton George, Castle gates

Oliver Edward, Castle foregate

Oliver George, Abbey foregate

Owen James, Castle foregate

Owen John, Claremont hill

Parker Henry, Wyle cop

Roberts Charles, Pride hill

Roberts John, Abbey foregate

Sayce William, Frankwell

Stephens Richard, (wholesale) Mardol head

Taylor George, Frankwell

Taylor William, Castle st

Thomas John, New st

Thomas Robert, Frankwell

Thomas Wm. Pride hill & Mardol

Woodruff Richard, Belmont


Collier William, Wyle cop

Crumpton Jonathan, 9 Wyle cop

Gittins Wm. (& gas fitter), Mardol

Jenks George, Wyle cop

Jones & Co. Mardol

Owen William, Castle st

Peate John, Chester st

Woodward Charles, Pride hill


Davies John, jun. Chester st

Jones Thomas, Barker st

Mottram George & Co. Hill’s lane

Taylor Richard & Son, Abbey place

Trouncer & Son, Coleham


Chune George & Joseph, Chester st

Evans John (dealer), Severn bank

Grove Thomas & John, St. Austin’s priory

Grove Thomas, St. Michael st

Roden Samuel (dealer), Roushill

Stanley Thomas, Whitehall st

Williams John, Barker st


Hughes Thomas, Frankwell

Pearce William, Chester st

Phillips Thomas, Frankwell


Ball William, Wyle cop

Hudson William, Mardol

Mottram Sarah, Mardol

Tong David, Hill’s lane


                       _See Joiners and Builders_.


Bate Richard, Chester st

Bate T. & C. Shoplatch

Bowers John, Pride hill

Bramer William, Coleham

Bromley Joseph, Castle foregate

Bromley Saml. Double Butcher row

Bull John, Wyle cop

Bull Richard, Pride hill

Clarke George, Claremont st

Davies John, Fish st

Deakin Benjamin, Bridge st

Dibbin James, Doable Butcher row

Dyas Edward, Wyle cop

Evans Fredk. Double Butcher row

Gittins Henry, New st

Gittins Thomas, Abbey foregate

Gittins William, Frankwell

Gough John, Pride hill

Grafton Thomas, Pride hill

Hall Thomas, Castle foregate

Hammonds Henry, Frankwell

Hammonds Thomas Abbey foregte

Hammonds William, Frankwell

Harris Joseph (pork), Mardol

Harrison John, Coleham

Hood Francis, Castle foregate

Jones John, Pride hill

Jones John H. 6 Shoplatch

Jones Richard, Castle foregate

Jones Thomas, Fish st

Legh John, Pride hill

Lloyd Richard, Mardol

Martin James, Fish st

Matthews Sarah, Fish st

Miller John, Double Butcher row

Palmer Edward & Son, Mardol

Parker Thos. Double Butcher row

Pearce Ann, Double Butcher row

Perks James, Fish st

Phillips William, Frankwell

Pinches Sarah, Double Butcher row

Reeves Thomas, Castle foregate

Richards Richard, Castle gates

Rigby Richard, Double Butcher row

Stanway William, Pride hill

Tannett Fanny, Fish st

Turnpenny William, Wyle cop

Walker Edwin, Double Butcher row

Wilding James, Mardol

Wilding Richard, Pride hill

Wilkes Richd. Double Butcher row

Woodward Geo. Double Butcher row


                   Marked thus * are also Upholsterers.

* Bishop John, Castle st

Blanchard Joseph, Frankwell

* Blower John, Pride hill

* Bratton Richard, Wyle cop

* Brereton James, Castle st

* Brown Edward, Mardol

* Burrey James, Pride hill

* Davies Brothers, Wyle cop

* Evans John, New st

* Gabriel James, Mardol

Griffiths Joseph, Abbey foregate

* Hewlett & Son, Milk st

* Hewlett James, Abbey foregate

* Lee George, Castle st

* Pearson John B. (& paper hanger), Shoplatch

* Probert Henry, 9 High st

* Rowley Henry, & Frederk. High st

* Tittensor John & Richard (& paper hanger), Dogpole

* Watkiss Richard, Hill’s lane

White Joshua Pugh, College hill


Brown Edwin, 5 Wyle cop

Davies Evan, Pride hill

Phenix Henry, Milk st


Blower Rebecca, Wyle cop

Caswell James, Mardol

Cooke Thomas, St. Mary’s st

Eccleston John, Frankwell

Healing Robt. Mortimer, Frankwell

Higgins James, Castle st

Jones David & Son, New Market hall, Howard st

Jones John & Co. Castle st

Jones Maurice, Mardol

Jones Robert D. Mardol

Meredith Lewis & Co. Wyle cop

Peplow M. A. & Co. Claremont st

Steward George, Pride hill


Allen & Benson, Wyle cop

Arblaster Charles James, Castle st

Blunt Thomas (& soda water manufacturer), Wyle cop

Broxton Richard, Mardol

Bythell Thomas Poole, Pride hill

Cross William Gowen, Mardol

Gittins John, Wyle cop

Humphreys Mary, Mardol

Marston Thomas, Wyle cop

Meredith Lewis & Co. (druggists), Wyle cop and Howard st

Phillips Thomas, Mardol

Pidgeon Henry, 45 High st

Pritchard Daniel (druggist), Dogpole

Pryce James, Coleham

Pyefinch Elizabeth, Shoplatch

Whitney George & Son, High st


Betton Ann, Frankwell

Downing Enoch, St. Mary st

Gawthorn Wm. (glass), Frankwell

Hackney James, Pride hill

Kelly Edward, Frankwell

Littlehales William, St. Mary st

Manning John, St. Mary st

Marston Richard, Market st

Rose John & Co. Wyle cop

Shaw John, Castle foregate

Shaw Joseph, Mardol

Simons John, Pride hill

Wildig Mary, Pride hill

Williams William, Wyle cop


Butler William, Castle foregate

Griffiths Thomas, Frankwell

Harvey William, Pride hill

Hinton Richard, Mardol

Hudson William, Mardol


Breeze Richard, Princess st

Deaves James, Princess st

Hayward Thomas, Gullet passage

Hughes Roberts, Princess st

Purslow Henry, Pride hill & Princess st

Revell Champ, Princess st

Smith Richard, Princess st

Thomas John, Princess st

Vaughan George, Princess st

Williams John, Princess st

Woodhall John, Mardol head


Clarke & Howell, Cross hill

Cooper Richard (stage coach), Lion yard, Wyle cop

Davies Thomas, Milk st

Merrifield John, Beeches lane

Mountford Thomas, Dogpole

Taylor Isaac (stage coach), Lion yard, Wyle cop


Davies David, St. Julian’s friars

Mountford Thomas, Dogpole

Whitehouse George, St. John’s hill

Worth Frederick Henry, Mardol

Yerbury Charles, College hill


Evans William, New st

Pritchard James, St. Alkmund’s pl


Hazledine & Co. Canal wharf

Heighway Elizabeth, Nags Head Colliery, Pontesbury

Morgan John, Castle foregate


RUABON COAL AND COKE COMPANY, Castle foregate—Jones & Brookes, agents

SHREWSBURY & SHROPSHIRE COAL COMPANY, Canal wharf—Edward Legh, agent

WHITE GRIT MINE COMPANY, Short Hill Colliery, Hanwood

Young & Spence, Canal wharf


                           (_See also Bakers_.)

Blakemore Robert Bough, Mardol

Britton Alfred, Castle st

Brown William, Castle st

Cock John, Coleham

Crump Vincent, Wyle cop

Davies & Son, (& Italian warehouse), Market square

Davies Daniel, Castle gates

Deakin Thomas, Market square and Pride hill

Eaves George, Milk st

Elkes Edward, Pride hill

Evans Benjamin, High st

Evans John, Double Butcher row

Fallows Richard, Frankwell

Griffiths Elizabeth, Castle gates

Harris Thomas, Castle st

Jackson Richard, St. Mary st

Jones Charles Griffiths, Mardol

Molineux Jane, Wyle cop

Owen Mary (& poulterer), 42 High st

Phillips Ann, Shoplatch

Phillips Robert, Mardol

Powell Timothy, Mardol

Swallow Matthew Henry, Abbey foregate

Wade Elizabeth, Castle gates

Ward Robert, Wyle cop

Watkins John, Barker st


Deakin John, Chester st

Evans Edward, Abbey foregate

Hughes Edward, Wyle cop

Jones Thomas, Mardol

Mitton George, Castle gates


Hitchins Joseph, High st

Worthington William, Princess st


Blower Timothy, Wyle cop

Brown John, Castle foregate

Cooke Joseph, Castle foregate

Griffin William, Mardol quay

Hughes John, the Glen, Frankwell

Jobson Joseph, St. John’s hill

Johnson Harriet, Wyle cop

Morgan John, Market st

Newton Henry, Circus place

Peplow M. A. & Co. Claremont st

Stone Samuel (dealer), Mardol

Wilde Richard, Shoplatch

Williams Thomas, Frankwell


Davies William, Bridge st

Gough William, Shoplatch

Mullineux Ann (leather cutter and grindery dealer), Milk st


                     _See Silversmiths and Cutlers_.


Hickman Henry, High st

Jay Thomas Edward, St. Mary st

Jones Henry Nicholls, Mardol head

Jones Horatio, 3 St. John’s hill


Bryan William, Cotton hill

Clarke George, Cross hill

Cooke John, St. Alkmund’s place

Crawys William, Swan hill

Halford Sarah, Barker st

Holland Richard (silk), Wyle cop

Jones Margaret, Claremont st

Mullin John, Frankwell


                     (_See also Refreshment Rooms_.)

Davies —, Pride hill

Griffiths Elizabeth, Castle gates

Jones Thomas, Shoplatch

Pugh Thomas, Castle st


ACCIDENTAL, Henry Bevan, Saint Mary st

ATLAS, John Watton, St. John’s hill

CLERICAL, MEDICAL AND GENERAL (life), Poole & Son, Castle st

CORPORATION OF LONDON, Thomas Tisdale, Mardol head

CROWN (life), Richd. Palin, Dogpole

ENGLISH & FOREIGN, Thos. Bowdler, High st

FEMALE PROVIDENT, Richard Palin, Dogpole

GLOBE, Richard Price, Castle st; & John Watton, St. John’s hill

GUARDIAN, Hy. Pidgeon, 45 High st

LAW (life), How & Son, Swan hill

LEGAL & GENERAL (life), How & Son, Swan hill

MEDICAL INVALID & GENERAL (life), Henry Wace, College hill

NATIONAL PROVIDENT (life) John Edson, Wyle cop

NORTH OF ENGLAND, Hortensius Coates Simpson, Barker st

NORWICH UNION, Thomas Birch, Belmont

PELICAN, Charles B. Teece, Swan hill

PEOPLES PROVIDENT, Mark Icke, Market st

PHŒNIX, Thomas Poole Bythell, Pride hill

ROYAL, Henry Atkin, High st

ROYAL EXCHANGE, William Henry Cooper, St. John’s hill

SALOP (fire), Head office, Corn market, Edwd. B. Tipton, Esq. secrety

SCOTTISH AMICABLE (life), Henry Bevan, St. Mary’s st

SCOTTISH PROVINCIAL, Christopher Hicks, Wyle cop

SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH WALES, (Head office), High st—Mr. Edward Elsmere,
managing director

SUN, Richard Clarke, Swan hill


UNITY, William Harris Hall, Saint John’s hill

YORKSHIRE (life), Henry Bevan, Abbey foregate


Franklin William, Mardol

Shaw Henry, High st

Shaw John, 3 Wyle cop


                 Marked thus * are also dealers in Game.

* Cox John, Mardol

Hammonds Sarah, Castle gates

Lindley James, Castle foregate

* Minshall William, Pride hill

Oakley Mary, High st

* Roberts William, Shoplatch

Smart Mary (& poulterer), 39 High st

Swinnerton William, Wyle cop


Baxter Mary, Gullet passage

Cottam George, Castle foregate

Davies Daniel, Gullet passage

Farlow Samuel, St. John’s hill

Hammonds Sarah, Castle foregate

Minshall William, Pride hill

Molineux Mary, Wyle cop

Owen Martha, Castle foregate

Smart Mary, 39 High st

Smout Edward, Gullet passage

Swinnerton William, Wyle cop

Trail Dewer, Shoplatch


Blower John, Pride hill

Brafton Richard, Wyle cop

Davies Richard, Mardol

Gabriel James, Mardol

Hewlett & Son, Milk st

Home John, Castle foregate

Pescall Thomas, Castle foregate

Price William, Coleham head

Williams John, Princess st


Carden Robert, Pride hill

Jones Thomas, Pride hill

Kettler John, Barker st

Thomas Charles, Mardol


         (_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._, _and also Tea Dealers_.)

Andrew John, Wyle cop

Asterley Samuel, Frankwell

Bagnall & Gittins, High st

Bagnall John, Pride hill

Brown John, Castle foregate

Budgett William, Pride hill

Crane Ann, Castle foregate

Davies John, Wyle cop

Done Robert & Co. Mardol head

Eccleston Mary, Frankwell

Elsmere Peter & Co. 9 Wyle cop

Evans John, Abbey foregate

Heighway Martha & Son, Castle st

Hughes William, Pride hill

Humphreys Mary, Mardol

Icke James (wholesale and retail), Market st, & Pride hill

Johns David, Mardol head

Jones James, Castle gates

Jones Maurice, Mardol

Jones, Robert D. Mardol

Kerrys Charles, High st

Lewis & Ward (wholesale), High st

Lewis Richard, Shoplatch

Maddox Thomas, Wyle cop

Meredith Lewis and Co. (general), Wyle cop & Howard street, Castle
foregate, and at _Dorrington_ and _Church Stretton_

Mills N. & A. Pride hill

Owen Thomas, Pontesbury

Parsons Mary, Market st

Philpott Charts, Pride hill

Pigg Robert, Dogpole

Poole & Son, Castle st

Powell Insley, Castle foregate

Price Joseph Henry, Pride hill

Price Thomas, Abbey foregate

Pritchard Daniel (and druggist), St. Mary’s street

Roberts Edward, Chester st

Scoltock Mary, Princess st

Thomas Henry, Mardol

Thomas John, Pride hill

Tisdale Sarah, Castle foregate

Wilding Robert, Market square

Wilkes & Goucher, 3 Princess st

Williams & Co. Mardol


Beddow Richard, Barker st

Bickley Thomas, Castle foregate

Bewdler Thomas, High st.

Brown William, Castle st

Butler James, Coleham

Evans John, Market st

Franklin William, Mardol

Hughes John, Frankwell

Hulme Samuel, High st

Hulme William, Castle foregate

Lewis Edward, Wyle cop

Nightingale John Thomas, High st

Prinn John, Wyle cop

Purslow Edward, Wyle cop

Stanton James, Shoplatch.

Walker William, Mardol


Brierley Stephen, High st

Craston Edward & Co. Castle st

Donnellan James, Barker st

Osborne Charles, Mardol head

Saunder Joseph G. High st

Smout Edward, Gullet passage

Watson & Royse, 8 Pride hill


                          (_See also Seedsmen_.)

Asterley Samuel, Frankwell

Bickerton Richard, Frankwell

Cooke Joseph, Castle foregate

Griffin William, Mardol quay

Heighway Martha & Son, Castle st

Hughes John, the Glen, Frankwell

Humphreys Mary, Mardol

Jones Maurice, Mardol

Lewis & Ward, High st

Meredith Lewis & Co. Wyle cop and Howard st Castle foregate

Morgan John, Market st

Mottram George & Co. Hill’s lane

Mottram Sarah, Mardol

Newton Henry, Circus yard

Palmer Henry M. Mardol

Peplow M. A. & Co. Claremont st

Poole & Son, Castle st

Scoltock Mary, Princess st

Taylor Richard, Abbey foregate


                     (_See also Smallware Dealers_.)

Andrew Thomas, High st

Barron Anthony A. Pride hill

Butler James, Coleham

Butler Jane, Castle foregate

Butler Samuel, Castle foregate

Butler Thomas, Castle st

Eddowes George, Pride hill

Edwards Edward, Mardol

Goucher Maria, Market st

Green Ann, St. Mary’s st

Hall Thomas, 22 High st

Herbert Thomas, Pride hill

Higgins Joseph, Shoplatch

Hill Elizabeth, Mardol head

Horton Rebecca, 18 High st

Jones Catherine, Shoplatch

Jones Thomas, Mardol head

Kerry Christiana, High st

Maddox Richard, Castle st

Matthews Charles, Shoplatch

Nightingale Richard, Wyle cop

Poole Thomas & Samuel, 9 High st

Reece Mary, Wyle cop

Stead Wm. Willans, 12 Pride hill

Wilkes Clement, Princess st


Marked thus * are Posting Establishments

                   (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_)

Berwick Arms, Ann Hand, Atcham

Birmingham House and Barge Inn, Henry Westwood, Wyle cop

Britannia and Cambrian, John Lloyd, Mardol

Bush, Elizth. Dixon, Abbey Foregte

Crown Commercial Hotel, Michael Power, Pride hill, St. Mary st—(_See

Fox, Benjamin Britton, Princess st

* George, Commercial Inn (& general coach and railway office), George
Fox, Market st

* Lion Hotel, (family and general coach office), Edward Lewis, Wyle cop

* Raven and Bell Hotel, Ann Hayward, Wyle cop

* Raven Commercial Hotel, Dance & Davies, Castle st

Talbot, Wm. Woolrich, Castle st

Unicorn Inn and General Family Hotel, Thomas Philpott, Wyle cop


Cartwright John (and agricultural implement manufacturer), Castle

Stuttle William, Coleham Foundry

Young & Spence, Canal wharf


Alltree J. & H. (and gas fitters and agents for the Gutta Percha Co.
London), Market square

Alltree William, Castle st

Beacall Richard, Mardol

Collier William, Wyle cop

Crumpton Jonathan, 19 Wyle cop

Davies James (general furnishing), Wyle cop

Gittins William, Mardol

Jenks George, Wyle cop

Jones Eliza, Mardol head

Juckes Samuel, Mardol

Lee Edward (furnishing), High st

Lewis Edward, Frankwell

Swain William, Mardol

Woodward George, Pride hill

Young & Spence (and agricultural implement makers), Canal wharf


Bowdler William, Castle gates

Bullock Samuel, Frankwell

Cross John, Rous hill

Ellis John, Crescent

Evans James, Severn bank

Firmston Thomas, Abbey foregate

Goucher William, Princess st

Groves Thomas & John, St. Austin’s Friars

Jarvis Charles, Shoplatch

Jones Thomas, St. Alkmunds place

Morris John, Barker st

Owen Edward, Abbey foregate

Payne & Evans, St. Austin’s priory

Pritchard Thomas, Frankwell

Pugh Thomas, Castle gates

Small John, Double Butcher road

Tanswell John, Shoplatch

Vaughan John, Claremont st

Williams W. & Son, Smithfield

Wycherley George, Claremont st


Burr T. W. & G. (and manufacturers of shot, white and red lead), LEAD
WORKS, Coleham


Jones John & Co. Snail Beach Lead Works, Pontesford


Davies John, High st

Leake J. H. Market square

SUBSCRIPTION LIBRARY, St. John’s hill—Elinor Urwick, librarian


Barron Anthony A. Pride hill

Bazeley John, High st

Carden Robert, Pride hill

Eddowes George, Pride hill

Hall Thomas (and silk mercer), 22 High street

Harris William, Pride hill

Herbert Thomas, Pride hill

Hickson John, High st

Jones Charles, Mardol

Jones John Henry, Mardol

Jones Thomas, Mardol head

Macgeagh & Fielding, High st

Maddox Richard, Castle st

Meara John Augustine, High st

Newell Richard, Pride hill

Nightingale Richard, 4 Wyle cop

Owen Thomas, Pontesbury

Poole Thomas & Samuel (and mercers), 8 High st

Thomas Charles, Mardol


Andrew John, Wyle cop

Andrew Robert, Abbey foregate

Gordon Thomas, Abbey foregate

Smith William, Cross hill

Woodall John, Mardol head


Asterley Samuel, Frankwell

Clark William, the Stew, Frankwell

Cooke Joseph, Castle foregate

Davies John, junr. Chester st

Edwards Richard, Frankwell

Evans Samuel, Severn st

Ford George, Barker st

Hughes John, the Glen, Frankwell

Hughes John, Hill’s lane

Mottram George & Son, Hill’s lane

Oakley Robert, Castle foregate

Powell William, Mardol

Pugh Thomas, Sutton

Ryder Edward, Ditherington

Selley Matthew, Frankwell

Swain John, Mardol

Swain Richard, Mardol

Swain William, Mardol

Taylor Richard, Ditherington

Taylor Richard & Son, Abbey foregt

Trouncer & Son, Coleham

Turner Anne Maria, Frankwell

Upton Edward, Atcham


Marshall & Co. (linen thread), St. Michael st—Edward Parry, mngr

Minn & Co. (linen), New Factory, Castle fields

Wilkes Clement (hosiery), 4 Princess st


            (_See also Coal_, _and Wine and other Merchants_.)

Burr T. W. & G. (& manufacturers of shot, white and red lead), LEAD
WORKS, Coleham

Nicholls Charles Baron (flannel), Chester street

Wilkinson Robert J. (flannel), Claremont hill

Young & Spence (iron), Canal wharf


Blakeway Richard & William, Castle foregate

Cooke Joseph, Castle foregate

Hazledine Charles, Abbey Mills, Abbey foregate

Hiles Timothy, Meole

Hughes Thomas, Brace Meole

Juson R. Hanley

Pugh Thomas, Sutton


Altree Ann, Claremont hill

Badger Ann, Marine terrace

Burnett Anne & Harrier, Quarry terr

Davies & Oldroyd, Pride hill

Davies Ann, St. Julian’s friars

Davies Ann, St. Alkmund’s square

Davies Eliza, Marine terrace

Davies Emma, St. Marys st

Davies Emma & Sisters, Dogpole

Davis Letitia, Barker st

Deaves Hannah, Pride hill

Edwards Mary, Abbey foregate

Fletcher Martha, Dogpole

France Mrs. —, Claremont hill

Goucher Maria, Market st

Horton Rebecca, High st

Hughes Martha, Smithfield

Jackson Rebecca, Abbey foregate

Jenks Sarah, Abbey foregate

Jervis Elizabeth, Bridge st

Jones Ann, Pride hill

Jones Emeline, St. Alkmund’s sqre

Jones Margaret, Wyle cop

Jones Mesdames, Pride hill

Lloyd Kesia, Coleham

Morgan Martha Ann, Hill’s lane

Morris Emily, St. John’s hill

Parry Jane & Catherine, Saint Alkmund’s square

Pescall Mary Ann, Castle foregate

Platt Elizabeth & Ellen, Frankwell

Ryder Jane, Bridge st

Smith Ann, Port hill

Tagg Ann, Claremont hill

Tanswell Elizabeth, Castle fields

Tomlins Elizabeth, Castle fields

Williams Catherine, Claremont hill

Williams Elizabeth, Cross hill

Worrall Sarah, Peacock passage


Davies James, Chester st

Thomas James, Chester st


Bayliss James, New st

Beacall Richard, Mardol

Davies James (and general hardware dealer), Wyle cop

Jones Eliza, Mardol head

Juckes Samuel, Mardol

Swain William, Mardol

Young & Spence, Canal Wharf


Davies David, Mardol

Powell John, Mardol

Wall Benjamin, Mardol


EDDOWES JOURNAL (Wednesday), John Lloyd, Corn market

SHREWSBURY CHRONICLE (Friday), John Watton, St. John’s hill

SHROPSHIRE CONSERVATIVE (Saturday), Thomas John Ousley, Market street


                          (_See also Seedsmen_.)

Instone Henry, Sutton lane

Oldroyd Henry John, High st

Thomas John, Pride hill


                     Marked thus * are also Glaziers.

                   (_See also Plumbers and Glaziers_.)

Birch Thomas, Belmont

Bowen John, St. Mary place

Brace Philip, Coleham

Breeze Henry, Cotton hill

* Cole Thomas, Wyle cop

* Evans & Marston (& glass dealers), High street

* Ford & Bowyer, Barker st

* Hughes Thomas, Dogpole

Humphreys John, Shoplatch

* Leake Charles & George, Wyle cop

Molineux Thomas, Wyle cop

Munday Joseph, Shoplatch

* Pugh William, Abbey foregate

Purslow William, Barker st

* Smith Richard, St. John’s hill

* Stedman George, Castle gates

* Tanswell Thomas, Castle st

* Taylor Richard, Hill’s lane

Worth Frederick H. Mardol


Crawford William Henry, Bicton

Drury Thomas Jones, Quarry place

Johnson Henry, Dogpole


Hughes Thomas, Frankwell

James Richard, St. Mary’s place

Phillips Thomas, Frankwell


                          (See _also Painters_.)

Briggs & Dodwell, Town walls

Edwards Ann, Claremont st

Edwards John, Mardol

Evans David, Wyle cop

Hartshorn Henry, St. John’s hill

Hartshorn Henry, Cross hill

Morris Margaret, Castle st

Stedman George, Castle gates


Lowe Edward Henry, Mardol quay

Newton Henry (and cider and vinegar), Circus yard

Southam Thomas (and ale), Wyle cop


                     (_See also Booksellers_, _&c._)

Drayton George, Shoplatch

France Mary, Mardol

Haswell James (copper-plate), Hill’s lane

Jones Frederick Ashford, Wyle cop

Lewis David, Gullet passage


                   Marked thus * are Teachers of Music.

                          (_See also Artists_.)

* Bourlay William Vestris (dancing and fencing), Castle st

Browne Philip (drawing), Castle st

Deshormes Eugene (French), Crescent Cottage

* Fletcher William, Coleham head

* Hay George, Dogpole

* Lewis David, Gullet passage

Mercerot Emma (dancing), Abbey foregate

* Rawlings J. T. Wyle cop


Harper George, Abbey foregate

Powell Thomas, Meole

Williams Thos. & Robert, Coleham


Smith Andrew, Howard st

Taylor George, Chester st


                       (_See also Eating Houses_.)

Hewletts Mesdames, Pride hill

Morgan Morgan (coffee house), Mardol

Wilkes Jane, Castle st


Cooper William, Castle st

Mottram Sarah, Mardol


Dales Richard Hudson, Wyle cop

Edson John, Wyle cop

Glover Elizabeth, Castle st

Jones William, 5 High st

Morgan Thomas, Mardol

Peach William, Atcham

Tanner John, High st


Davies James (and furnishing ironmonger), Wyle cop


  (_See also Nursery and Seedsmen_, _and also Hop and Seed Merchants_.)

Broxton Richard, Mardol

Smont Edward, Gullet passage

Whitfield Christopher (& gardener), Castle foregate


Allen Martha, Cotton hill

Allen Sarah, Cotton hill

Badger Samuel, Coleham

Biggs Richard, Frankwell

Boycut Richard, Castle foregate

Breeze Charles, Cotton hill

Bridge Joseph, Henwood

Britton Hannah, Princess st

Brown John, Castle foregate

Caswell James, Mardol

Conrey John, Frankwell

Cooper George, Abbey foregate

Crane Ann, Castle foregate

Davies Edward, Coleham

Davies John, Castle foregate

Davies Robert, Spring gardens

Deakin Edward, Frankwell

Drayton Peter W. Frankwell

Edwards Mary, Castle foregate

Evans Elizabeth, Princess st

Evans John, Coleham

Evans Joseph, Frankwell

Evans Richard, Town walls

Evans Richard, Mardol

Evans Thomas, Coleham

Fenna John, Castle gates

Fletcher Francis, Claremont st

Fletcher John, Chester st

Ford George, Barker st

France Henry, Frankwell

Garner Margaret, Coleham

Giles William, St. Alkmund’s place

Gittins Aim, Severn st

Gittins Ann, St. John’s hill

Griffiths Hugh, Barker st

Griffiths Thomas, Castle st

Griffiths William, Frankwell

Groves John, Castle gates

Haisell John, Castle foregate

Hammonds E. Wyle cop

Hand Richard, Coleham

Harris John Kent, Hill’s lane

Healing Robt. Mortimer, Frankwell

Healing William, Frankwell

Hewlett George, Castle foregate

Hitchcock Richard, Mardol

Hough John, Castle foregate

Humphreys William, Mardol

James John, Abbey foregate

Jones Ann, Barker st

Jones Catherine, Shoplatch

Jones Evan, Coleham

Jones Evan, Castle foregate

Jones Hugh, Pontesbury

Jones Jane, Bridge st

Kirkham John, Castle foregate

Light Richd. the Mount, Frankwell

Mansell Ann, Atcham

Mansell Henry, Frankwell

Mansell Sarah, Pontesbury

Marsh John, Castle foregate

Morgan Evan, Castle foregate

Morris Richard, Castle foregate

Nicholls Henry, Abbey foregate

North Elizabeth, Wyle cop

Oliver John, Coleham

Owen John, St. Michaels st

Parry David, New st

Phayre Thomas, Mardol

Powell Thomas, Coleham head

Preece Edward, Smithfield

Price George, Frankwell

Price John, Bridge st

Price Thomas, Abbey foregate

Pritchard Francis, Frankwell

Pritchard John, Coleham

Pugh John, Frankwell

Richards Thomas, Abbey foregate

Roberts Henry, Abbey foregate

Roderick John, Pontesbury

Rogers John, Claremont st

Ryder Richard, Bridge st

Swain Richard, Mardol

Taylor Robert, Castle foregate

Tisdale Elizabeth, New st

Tisdale Sarah, Castle foregate

Vaughan Hannan, Shoplatch

Walton Corbett, Frankwell

Ward Thomas, Coleham

Whitfield Christopher, Bagaley bdge

Wild Thomas, Market square

Wilkes James, Castle fields

Williams Edward H. Cotton hill

Williams Henry, Castle fields

Williams Mary, Mardol

Wright Martha, Frankwell


Baker William, Corn market

Sharp Alexander, Milk st


Beddows John, Frankwell

Hales Richard, Chester st


BLACK PARK, LIME AND SLATE CO. Castle foregate—John Davies, agent

Chune George & Joseph, Chester st

Smith James, Commercial wharf


Butler Thomas, Castle st

France Mary, Mardol

Goucher Maria, Market st

Horton Rebecca, High st

Maddox Richard, Castle st


Driver Ann, St. Alkmund’s square

Ellis Mary, Coleham head

Fenton Elizabeth, Cotton hill

Smith Harriet, Castle st


Birch Alfred, Coleham head

Cross John, Roushill

Dodson Richard (and statuary), ABBEY MARBLE & STONE WORKS, St. Mary’s

Eccleston Thomas, Frankwell

Groves Thos. & Jno. St. Austins friars

Hewitt James, Abbey foregate


Nightingale Richard, 4 Wyle cop

Simpson Jane, Dolphin row, Castle foregate

Stedman Mary, Castle gates

Weatherby Harriet, Frankwell


                         (_See also Physicians_.)

Arrowsmith & Stephens, College hill

Arrowsmith John, Swanhill court

Brattan James, Claremont hill

Burd Edward, Belmont

Clarke Charles Thomas Hughes, Crescent place

Clement William James, Castle st

Crawford David, St. John’s hill

Dickin John, St. John’s hill

Fenton Henry, Belmont

Foulkes William Edwin, Castle st

Glover Samuel, Cotton hill

Griffith William, Claremont hill

Heathcoat John Nigel, Council house court

Humphreys John R. St. Mary’s pl

Hunter John & William, Dogpole

Keate Henry, Swan hill

Oakley Charles, Claremont hill

Onions William, Claremont hill

Whitwell Francis, Princess st

Wood Samuel, the Abbey


                   (_See also Architects & Surveyors_.)

Ashdown S. H. Talbot chambers

Burd & Son, Hatton House, Abbey foregate

Chune George & Joseph, (timber), Chester st

Climie Daniel, (and civil engineer), Coleham

Haycock Edward, the Priory

Haycock Edward, junr. the Priory

Preece Wm. Goodwin, Market square

Tisdale Thomas, Talbot chambers


                     Marked thus * are also Drapers.

Alcock Thomas, Peacock passage, High st

Allart George, Frankwell

Armstrong John, Coleham

* Armstrong William, 11 High st

Blair Charles, Abbey foregate

Blair William H. Circus place

Blount Walter, Princess st

Breeze Edward, Frankwell

* Breeze Richard, Princess st

Bromley William, Abbey foregate

Davies Benjamin, Frankwell

Davies Richard, Hills lane

Evans Arthur, Princess st

Evans James, St. Alkmund’s place

Evans John, Gullet passage

Fenton Richard, Claremont hill

Fleet Charles, Gullet passage

* Heath John, Pride hill

Hewlett George, Castle foregate

Hodges Thomas, Cross hill

* Howell Henry, 24 High st

* Hussey Richard, Wyle cop

James Benjamin, 13 Hill’s lane

Johnson Robt. Church pl. Frankwell

* Jones David, Shoplatch

Jones David, Hill’s lane

Jones Joseph, Frankwell

Jones Richard, New st

* Jones Thomas, Pride hill

Jones Thomas, Frankwell

Jones Thomas, Mount

Landon James, High st

Lloyd John, Abbey foregate

Lloyd Thomas, Bridge st

Manning John, St. Mary’s place

Manning Josiah, St. Mary’s place

Minton Rueben, Coleham

* Parr George, Mardol

Partridge William, New st

Peplow William, Wyle cop

* Phillips James, High st

Powell William, Pontesbury

Pritchard Thomas, Cotton hill

Purslow Henry, Pride hill

Reece Isaac, Cotton hill

Roberts Edward, Shoplatch

Roberts Edward, Abbey place

Roberts Wm. 4 St. Julian’s friars

Rowland William, Roushill

* Saxelby Charles, Castle st

Standfort William, Frankwell

Tomlins William, Pontesbury

Watkins & Son, Barker st

Watkins Matthew, Claremont st

Williams John, Castle foregate

Williams John, St. Mary’s st


Asterley Samuel, Frankwell

Jones Morris, Mardol

Maddox Thomas, Wyle cop

Meredith Lewis & Co. Wyle cop and Howard st, Castle foregate


Brayne John Gregory, St. Austin’s friars

Hales Richard, Chester st


Albert, John Fletcher, Smithfield

Albion, Hy. Urwick, Castle foregate

Anchor, John Meeson, Mardol

Anchor, Saml. Darlington, Frankwell

Angel, Ann Morton, Abbey foregate

Barge Inn, Hy. Westwood, Wyle cop

Bear, James Martin, Fish st

Bell, Hugh Parry, Frankwell

Bell, Jane Evans, Mardol

Bell, Sarah Timms, Princess st

Bird-in-Hand, Allen and Davies, Cotton hill

Black Horse, Geo. H. Gough, Castle foregate

Boar’s Head, Robert Weatherby, Coleham

Boathouse, Jno. Evans, Severn bank

Bowling Green, Jno. Thomas, Meole

Bricklayers’ Arms, John Williams, Barker st

Bricklayers’ Arms, Joseph Watson, Abbey foregate

Bridge House, William Williams, Frankwell

Buck’s Head, James Birch, Frankwell

Bull, Thos. Phillips, Abbey foregate

Bull’s head, Robert Glover, Castle gates

Butchers’ Arms, Jno. Miller, Double Butcher row

Castle, John Warren, Coleham

Castle & Falcon, Richard Edwards, Mardol

Cock Inn, Thomas N. Ellerton, Double Butcher row

Cock Tavern, Thos. Phillips, Henwood

Comet, Mary Morgan, Ditherington

Coopers Arms, Thos. Marsh, New st

Cross Guns, Thos. Brazenor, New st

Cross Keys, Wm. Hughes, High st

Cross Tavern, John Hudson, Lea cross

Crow, William Phillips, Frankwell

Crow Inn, John Lott, Abbey foregate

Crown, My. Ann Woodward, Frankwell

Crown and Anchor, John Symcox, Castle foregate

Crown & Sceptre, Mary Darlington, Frankwell

Dog & Partridge, Richard Bratton, St. Mary’s place

Dolphin, Thomas Howell, Dolphin row

Dun Cow, George Townsend, Abbey foregate

Eagle, Henry Goodby, Castle foregte

Eagle & Tun. John Menlove, Howard st

Elephant & Castle, Jas. Thompson, Mardol

Engine and Tender, George James, Castle foregate

Globe, Samuel Thomas, Roushill

Glove, Thos. Price, St. John’s hill

Golden Ball, James Antlett, Spring Gardens

Golden Cross, Naomi Smith, Steel-yard passage, High st

Golden Heart, Thos. Mapp, Claremont street

Golden Lion, James Haycock, Frankwell

Grapes, Hy. Birchall, Castle foregate

Greyhound Tavern, Ann Cartwright, Pride hill

Gullet, John Jones, Hill’s lane

Hen and Chickens, Anne Edwards, Dogpole

Hero of Moultan, Thomas Ball, Wyle cop

Hill’s Arms, John Lloyd, Mardol

Horse Shoe, Charles Jones, Roushill

King’s Arms, Mary Ann & William Townsend, Claremont st

King’s Head, Chas. Evans, Mardol

Leeters, Wm. Cadwallader, Castle gte

Lion and Pheasant, Harriet Gough, Wyle cop

London Apprentice, Mary Thacker, Cotton hill

Market Tavern, Sarah Pugh, Pride hill

Masons’ Arms, Geo. Wade, Chester st

Maunder’s Arms, John Fletcher, Roushill

Mermaid, Richard Edwards, Shoplatch

Nag’s Head, Jno. Daniel, Wyle cop

Nan’s Head, John Langford, Pontesford

Nag’s Head, Richard Bates, Castle gates

Nelson’s Arms, Jane Stone, Barker st

New Inn, Richd. Jones, Frankwell

Odd Fellows’ Arms, Thomas Evans, Barker street

Old Bell, Jane Evans, Mardol

Old Bell, Thomas Phillips, Abbey foregate

Old Buck’s Head, James Birch, Frankwell

Old Post Office, Alice Rogers, Milk st

Old Talbot, Thomas Plimmer, Swan hill

Old Thrasher, Jas. Richard Pickering, Castle foregate

Old Trumpet, Geo. Jackson, Mardol

Old Wheatsheaf, Thos. Mapp, High st

Old Wherry, Sarah Minshall, Wyle cop

Park Inn, Richard Brumbell, Abbey foregate

Peacock Inn, Wm. Ellis, Islington

Pine Apple, Ann Poulstone, Underdale

Plough, Robert Irwin, Market sq

Plough, Thos. Roberts, Castle foregte

Plough & Harrow, Samuel Evans, Coleham

Queen’s Head, Edward Teckoe, Mardol

Red Lion, Jane Jones, Castle foregte

Red Lion, Thos. Cramp, Pontesbury

Robin Hood, John Batho, Castle foregate

Royal Oak, Richard Jones, Cotton hill

Seven Stars, Edwd. Parker, Coleham

Seven Stars, Elizbth. Morris, Frankwell

Seven Stars, Richard Wall, Pontesbury

Ship, Elizabeth Thomas, Bridge st

Shrewsbury Arms, William Rushton, Church st

Six Bells, Jos. Stant, Ditherington

Speed the Plough, Mary Ann Roberts, Castle foregate

Spread Eagle, James Pugh, Wyle cop

String of Horses, William Holmes, Frankwell

Sun, William Jones, Milk st

San, William Weaver, Mardol

Swan, Henry Watkin, Coleham

Swan, Thomas Smith, Frankwell

Three Tuns, Jos. Davies, Coleham

Victoria, Thos. Kynaston, Roushill

Wagon & Horses, Ann Cadwallader, Pride hill

Wheatsheaf, Geo. Price, Frankwell

Wheatsheaf, Richd. Jones, Wyle cop

White Hart, John Davies, Mardol

White Horse, John Jervis, Frankwell

White Horse, George Dodd, Abbey foregate

White Lion, Edward Mumford, St. John’s hill

Woolpack, Maria Marshall, Coleham

Yorkshire House, Wildish Woodhouse, St. Mary’s place


Allcock Emily, Frankwell

Badger Joseph, Coleham

Badger Samuel, Coleham

Birch Thomas, Town walls

Bromley Jos. Double Butcher row

Broxton Mary, Frankwell

Burton Patience, Union Wharf

Davies Richard, Frankwell

Davies William, Pride hill

Edwards John, Severn st

Edwards William, Barrack passage

Edwards William, Wyle cop

Evans Charles, Mardol

Evans Benjamin, Barker st

Evans Joseph, Frankwell

Evans Thomas, Hill lane

France Robert, Spring Gardens

Gittins Charles, St. Michael st

Griffiths Thomas, Severn st

Griffiths William, Port Hill

Hammond Richard, Castle gates

Haughton Robert, Castle foregate

Holmes William, Smithfield

Howell Thomas, Castle foregate

Johnson George, Town walls

Jones Edward, Bridge place

Jones Richard, Town walls

Keeling Joshua, Castle gates

Lloyd George, Town walls

Mansell William, St. Julian friars

Mathews John, Chester st

Meredith James, Claremont hill

Morris Chas. Double Butcher row

Morris Joseph, Chester st

Muccleston William, Frankwell

Newns John, Cotton hill

Phillips Thomas, Frankwell

Plowden Ann, Bellevue

Roberts John, Abbey foregate

Pushton William, Church st

Shore Thomas, Roushill

Swallow Charles, Castle fields

Swinnerton Geo. St. Michael’s terr

Symcox John, Castle foregate

Taylor George, Castle foregate

Taylor Martha, Castle foregate

Thatcher Abraham, Frankwell

Thomas David, New st

Thomas Richard, Spring Gardens

Thomas Thomas, Pontesbury

Tudor John, Castle foregate

Turner John, Coleham

Vaughan Richard, Hill’s lane

Williams Richard, 11 Hill’s lane

Wyke John, Frankwell

Yates John, Castle foregate


Done Robert & Co. Mardol head and Castle foregate

White Sarah Ann, Wyle cop

Wilding Elizabeth, Market square


Blockley William, Coleham

Chune George & Joseph, Chester st

Drayton John, New st

Kough George, Abbey foregate

Wilson John, Roushill


Harries George, (& manufacturer), Mardol

Shaw John, 3 Wyle cop

Stewart Penelope, Wyle cop

White Sarah Ann, Wyle cop

Whittaker Henry, Castle gates


Brayns Henry, Princess st

Drayton George, Shoplatch

Evans John, Market st

France Mary, Mardol

Longmore Rebecca, High st

Nightingale John Thomas, High st

Walker William, Mardol


Nichols Richard & Thos. Castle st

Stevens William, Bridge st

Wastall Thomas, Fire Office passage


Shaw Elisha, Castle foregate

Walker William, Mardol


Breeze Charles, Cotton hill

Clay Joseph, Wyle cop

Crowe Henry, Castle st

Litt William, Claremont st

Richards Evan, St. Mary’s place


Davis Daniel, Mardol

Evans Mary, Wyle cop

Giles Richard, Shoplatch

Hanny James, Wyle cop

Hay Thomas Wm. Market square

Hill George, Mardol

Walker William, Market square


Crowley & Co. Canal wharf

Lowe Edward Henry, Mardol quay

Rogers William, Frankwell

SHROPSHIRE UNION COMPANY, Commercial wharf—Mr. J. P. Smith, manager


Drayton John, New st

Griffiths Daniel, Frankwell

Jones Thomas, Frankwell

Jones Thomas, Henwood

Jones William, Castle foregate

Owen Thomas, Cotton hill


Alltree Henry, Market square

Alltree William, Castle st

Easthope Wm. Castle st & Wyle cop

Gittins William, Mardol

Holland Richard, Shoplatch

Jenks George, Wyle cop

Jones George, Swan hill


Atkin Henry, High st

Bailey Thomas, Claremont st

Bate Richard, Shoplatch

Beck Peter & William, Claremont st

Bowdler William, Castle gates

Broxton Thomas, Mardol head

Cadwallader William, Castle gates

Drinkwater Elizabeth, High st

Hughes Edward, Corn market

Humphreys John, St. Mary’s st

Leake Thomas, Castle st

Morgan Thomas, Mardol

Morley Henry, Castle st

Niccolls William Owen, Mardol

Simpson Deborah, Mardol

Slaney Robert, 23 High st


Dawson William, Frankwell

Jones & Co, Mardol


Dyson Bernard (agent), Hill’s lane

Jobson Joseph, St. John’s hill

Simpson Hortensius C. Barker st


Bevan Henry, clerk to the Shrewsbury Water Works, St. Mary st

Blent Charles, chair maker, St. John’s hill

Blower Rebecca, hay and straw dealer, Wyle cop

Boucher George, music and musical instrument seller, Castle st

Chapman Charles, manager of the goods department of the Shrewsbury &
Chester railway, Castle foregate

Drayton Peter William, malt mill maker, Frankwell

Easthope William, cooking apparatus maker, Wyle cop

Ebrall Samuel, gun mater, Wyle cop

Elton John, register office for servants, Dogpole

Evans David, stained glass manufacturer, Wyle cop

Evans Richard, eating house, Mardol

Hallam George, cutler, Bridge st

Harries George, paper warehouse, Mardol

Harvey William, last maker, Pride hill

Jones William, trunk maker, Frankwell

Kent John, pawnbroker, Mardol head

Key & Co. bedstead manufrs. Mardol

Lacey John, ink maker, Castle field

Littlehales George, engraver & working jeweller, Dogpole

Loxdale John, clerk of the peace for the county, and clerk to the
lieutenancy of Salop, Shire hall

Mallard Edward, paper hanger, Mardol

Newton Henry, steel mill manufacturer, Mardol quay

Peele Joshua John, town clerk & county treasurer, Shire hall

Peplow Edward, net maker, Chester st

Pidduck Thomas, surgeon accoucheur, Princess st

Pidgeon Henry, treasurer to the corporation, High st

Pugh Thomas, eating house, Castle gates

Rogers William, salt merchant, Frankwll

Taylor Hy. hair sieve maker, Chester st

Taylor Wm. tobacco-pipe maker, Coleham

Tisdale Thos. civil engineer, Mardol head

Wade George, coffin maker and undertaker, Wyle cop

Webb Cornelius, law stationer, Market st

Wigginton James, pavier, Cotton hill

Yeomans Thomas, sedan chair owner, Swan hill



THE ABBEY CHURCH, Abbey foregate—Rev. Robert L. Burton, vicar; Rev. Henry
Fletcher, curate

ATCHAM CHURCH, Atcham—Rev. Henry Burton, vicar; Rev. T. M. Bulkeley Owen,

ST. ALKMUND’S, St. Alkmund’s place—Rev. Charles Edward Wightman, vicar;
Rev. George Dundas, curate

ST. CHAD’S, Quarry terrace—Rev. John Yardley, vicar

ST. GEORGE’S, Frankwell—Rev. John Harding

ST. GEORGE’S, Pontesbury—Rev. W. Harrison, A.M. rector; Rev. C. Drury and
Rev. W. Vaughan, curates

ST. GILES’, Islington, Abby Foregate—Rev. Robert L. Burton, vicar

ST. JULIAN’S, High street—Rev. James Jardine Rogerson, incumbent

ST. MARY’S, St. Mary st—Rev. Thomas Butler Lloyd, incumbent; Rev. Charles
Bridges, curate

ST. MICHAEL’S, Castle foregate—Rev. R. G. Young, curate

TRINITY CHURCH, Coleham—Rev. James Colley, incumbent; Rev. Wm. Thorpe,


BAPTIST, Claremont st—Rev. John Howe

INDEPENDENT, Swan hill—Rev. William Thorpe

INDEPENDENT, Castle gates—Rev. — Hill

INDEPENDENT, Pontesbury—Rev. Thos. Jones

METHODIST (Wesleyan), St. John’s hill, Castle fields, and New
st—(Minsters various)

METHODIST (New Connexion), St. John’s row—Rev. John Flather

METHODIST (Primitive), Castle court—Rev. William Bickerdike


UNITARIAN, High st—Rev. Richd. Astley

WELCH, Hill’s lane—Rev. Ebenezer Williams

WELCH INDEPENDENT, Pride hill—Rev. David J. Thomas

ROMAN CATHOLIC, Beeches lane—Rev. Eugene Egan, priest


_Superintendent_—Charles Bowen Peece, Swan hill

_Registrars of Marriages_—Samuel Lucas Lewin, Swan hill, and Thos.
Edwards, Cotton hill

_Registrars of Births and Deaths_—Richd. Price, Castle st; Thomas Boyce,
Claremont hill, and Rd. Croft, Pontesbury


                           OFFICE, High-street.

_Judge_—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_High Bailiff_—Henry Bloxham

_Clerk_—Joshua John Peele, Esq.

_Bailiffs_—Richard Prinn & William Giles


                            ST. MARY’S-PLACE.

_House Surgeon_—William Newman

_Deputy Treasurer_—Mr. Robert Barton

_Secretary_—Henry Bevan

_Matron_—Maria Bennett


_Governor_—William N. Kendillon

_Matron_—Mary Kendillon

_Schoolmaster_—Edward Jones

_Chaplain_—Rev. William J. James


_Governor_—Captain John Shepherd

_Chaplain_—Rev. James Denning

_Surgeon_—John N. Heathcote


BATHS (Shrewsbury Royal), Cotton hill—William Ebery, proprietor

BILLIARD ROOMS, Public buildings, Corn market—George Careswell,

BOROUGH CLERK OF THE PEACE’S OFFICE, Shire hall—George Gordon, clerk

BOROUGH POLICE OFFICE, Market st—Joseph Shackell, chief constable


COUNTY CLERK OF THE PEACE’S OFFICE, Shire hall—John Loxdale, clerk

COUNTY CONSTABULARY, Market sq—Captain D. Mayne, R.N. chief constable

COUNTY TREASURER’S OFFICE, Shire hall—Joshua John Peele, treasurer

DISPENSARY, Belmont—Henry Fenton, surgeon

FIRE ENGINE STATION, Police court—Thos. Roberts, engineer & superintendt

GAS WORKS, Castle foregate; office Mardol head—W. R. Ward, manager

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, 7 Talbot chambers, Market st—John Mayhew,
collector; William Atkinson & Horatio Nelson Davies, supervisors

LUNATIC ASYLUM, Bicton—Richd. Oliver, M.D. governor; Sophia Oliver,

MAGISTRATES’ CLERK’S OFFICE, Shire hall—William Henry Cooper, clerk

MARKET HALL, Market square

MECHANICS’ INSTITUTION, Market hall—Edward H. Hudson, secretary

NEWS ROOM (Public), New Public buildings, Corn market


SHIRE & GUILD HALL, Market square

SHROPSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, Market sq—Wm. Godwin Preece, secty

College hill—Henry Johnson, M.D. honorary secretary; Miss Hewitt, museum

SICK MAN’S AND LYING-IN CHARITY, Swan hill—Saml. Lucas Lewin, secretry

STAMP OFFICE, Corn market—Edward B. Tipton, distributer

STREET ACT OFFICE, Police court, Corn market

TAX OFFICE, Talbot chambers, Market st—Thomas Withers, surveyor; Thomas
Onions, Cross hill, and Thomas Harwood, Abbey foregate, assessors and

THEATRE, St John’s hill—John Coleman, lessee

TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE, Shire hall—Joshua John Peele, clerk

WEIGHTS’ & MEASURES’ OFFICE, Wyle cop—Timothy White, inspector


To ABERYSTWITH, the _Royal Mail_, from the Lion, every morning at a
quarter past four; goes through Welchpool, Newtown, and Machynlleth.

To MUCH WENLOCK, an _Omnibus_, from the Unicorn, every Wednesday and
Saturday afternoon at three.

To NEWTOWN, the _Alliance_, every afternoon at half-past three.



_Station_, Castle gates—William Patchett, secretary to the Station
Committee and station master.

_Omnibuses_ from the Lion, the Raven, the George, the Raven and Bell, and
the Crown Hotels await the arrival and departure of the trains.


To LONDON, BIRMINGHAM & WOLVERHAMPTON, Crowley, Hicklin Co. (in connexion
with Chaplin & Horne) from their warehouse, Castle foregate, daily (per
rail)—Charles Smith, Blakeway, agent

Pickford & Co. Canal wharf, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (by canal and
railway)—Jas. Elledge, jun. agent

To ABERYSTWITH, Edward Henry Lowes, from his warehouse, Mardol quay, &
Richard Morgan, from Crowley & Co.’s warehouse, Mardol, and from Pickford
& Co.’s, Wed. and Saturday

To ACTON BURNELL, Richard Pascall, from the Lion and Pheasant, Richard
Onions, from the Barge Inn, and John Hutchins, from the Spread Eagle,
Wednesday and Saturday

To BASCHURCH and RUYTON, John Taylor, from the Mermaid, Monday, Wednesday
and Saturday, and Henry Williams, from the Bell, Saturday

To BERRIEW, John Pugh, from the Britannia, Wednesday

To BISHOP’S CASTLE, John Hurdley, from the Old Bell, Wed. and Saturday,
and Thomas Venables, from the Elephant and Castle, Saturday

To BROSELEY & IRONBRIDGE, Wm. Williams, from his house, Wyle cop, Monday,
Wednesday and Friday

To CHIRBURY, — Harris, from the George, Saturday

To CHURCHSTOKE, MONTGOMERY & KERRY, David Jones, from E. H. Lowes’, Wed.
and Saturday

To CONDOVER & FRODESLEY, — Parsons, from the Barge, Wyle cop, Wednesday
and Saturday

To CRESSAGE, John Newns, from the Spread Eagle, Wed. and Saturday

To GARRID, Thomas Williams, from the Queen’s Head, Wed. and Saturday

To HABBERLEY, Edward Horton, from the Queen’s Head, and — Bromley, from
the Mermaid, Saturday

To HAWKESTONE, Edwd. Tudor, from the Bull’s Head, Wednesday & Saturday

To HOPTON, Thomas Benyon, from the Castle and Falcon, Saturday

To KENLEY, Thomas Roberts, from the Spread Eagle, Saturday

To LLANDRINIO, John Williams, from the Mermaid, Mon. Wed. Fri. and Sat.

To LLANIDLOES, Richd. Morgan, firm the Britannia, Saturday

To LLANYMYNECH, — Morris, from the Elephant and Castle, Saturday

To LONGNOR, Richard Wigley, from the Spread Eagle, Saturday

To MACHYNLLETH, Margt. Griffiths, from Pickford & Co.’s and E. H. Lowes’
warehouses, Wednesday

To MADELEY & BROSELEY, William Onions, from the Barge Inn, Wed.

To MARTON, CHURCHSTOKE, and CHIRBURY, John Oliver, from the Queen’s Head,
Wednesday & Saturday

To MINSTERLEY, Thomas Griffiths, from the Old Bell, Wed. and Saturday

To MONTGOMERY, Richard Evans, from Pickford & Co.’s and E. H. Lowes’
warehouses, Wednesday

To MUCH WENLOCK, Richd. Nicklin, from the Spread Eagle, Wed. and Sat

To NESTCLIFFE, William Humphreys, from the Old Bell, Wed. and Saturday

To NEWTOWN, LLANIDLOES, and ABERYSTWITH, Elizabeth Sockett, from Pickford
& Co.’s warehouse, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, and Richd. Morgan, from
the Britannia, Tuesday and Friday

To PICKLESCOTT & STAPLETON, John Preece, from the Barge Inn, Sat.

To PONTESBURY & MINSTERLEY, Thomas Davies, from the Queen’s Head, Mon.
Wed. Thurs. and Sat. and Wm. Maddox, from the White Hart, Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday

To PREES, John Hanley, from the Eagle and Tun, and William Eccleston,
from the Bell Inn, Saturday and Fair days

To PULVERBATCH, Sarah Dobinson, and Philip Morris, from the Spread Eagle,
Wednesday and Saturday

To RUYTON, James Huffar, from the Spread Eagle, Saturday

To WELCHPOOL, Richard Jones, from Pickford & Co.’s and E. H. Lowe’s
warehouses, Tues.  Thurs. and Sat. and Edwd. Harris, from the Queen’s
Head, Wednesday

To WELCHPOOL and NEWTOWN, Elizabeth Sockett, from Crowley and Co.’s
warehouse, Tues. Thurs. & Sat. and John Lewis, from the White Hart,
Wednesday and Saturday

To WEM, Thomas Harris, from Hill’s Arms, and Joseph Owen and Thomas
Harris, from E. H. Lowes, Wed. & Sat.

To WESTBURY, Thomas Humphreys, from the Mermaid, and John Hanley, from
the Bell, Wednesday and Saturday

To WHITCHURCH, by the Carriers to WEM.

To WORTHEN, William Downes, from the Elephant and Castle, Wed. & Sat.

To WYTHEFORD, Thos. Humphreys, from the Bell, Saturday and Fair days


To BRISTOL and all intermediate places Edward Henry Lowe, from his wharf,
Mardol quay, three or four times a week

To CHESTER, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, & all intermediate places, the
Shropshire Union Railway & Canal Co. from Commercial wharf, daily—James
Smith, manager; Pickford and Co. collecting agents

and GLOUCESTER, from E. H. Lowe’s warehouse, Mardol quay, two or three
times a week


WELLINGTON is a market town and parish in the hundred of Bradford, 144
miles N.W. from London, and 11 E. from Shrewsbury.  The town is situated
near the ancient Roman _Watling Street_, about two miles from the Wrekin,
a lofty mountain, which rises from the plain to the height of 1,200 feet
above the bed of the Severn.  The face of the country around here, is
diversified by mountainous tracts of land, and rich valleys; while
another wide portion is an even surface, fertile, and in a perfect state
of agriculture.  During the great civil war, this was the first place of
rendezvous of Charles I.  On the 19th September, 1642, the king mastered
his forces near the town, and having commanded his military orders to be
read, delivered, in person, the remarkable address mentioned by
Clarendon.  Wellington-under-the-Wrekin, as it is sometimes called, to
distinguish it from Wellington in Somersetshire, is neatly built,
contains a number of good houses, is gas-lighted, and has received
considerable improvements; among these may be mentioned the erection of a
new and handsome church, and a neat market-hall.

The government of the town is vested in a mayor and constables, and two
clerks are appointed to regulate the markets: these officers are
nominated at the manorial court, held annually in November by Lord
Forester the lord of the manor.  The magistrates sit in petty sessions
weekly, upon business connected with the hundred; and a County Court is
held monthly in Church-street, for the recovery of debts not exceeding
£50—the town being included in the twenty-seventh circuit of towns.
Wellington is a polling station at the election of members to represent
the northern division of the county.  The trade of this place is of some
consequence—seated at it is, in the centre of a productive coal and lime
district; besides which, the many works are of considerable magnitude;
there are many malting and flour mills, and the trade in hops, seeds and
timber, is somewhat extensive.  The town contains several excellent
inns—the principal are the ‘Bull’s Head,’ in New-street, and the
‘Charlton Arms,’ in Church-street.  We notice the ‘Admaston Hotel’ under
Wrockwardine village.  Wellington is now included in the advantages
derived from the rail—the Shrewsbury and Birmingham line intersects the
town, and the Wellington and Stafford branch of the Shropshire Union
Railways communicates therewith; a station erected in the centre of the
town, is used in common by both lines.

The parish church of All Saints, is a light and modern edifice of
freestone; a portion of it is supported by iron pillars, and the same
material is employed in the window frames, thereby imparting a light
appearance to the whole: the living is a vicarage, with the rectory of
Eyton on the Wild Moors annexed, in the patronage of Thomas Eyton, Esq.;
the present incumbent is the Rev. Benjamin Banning.  There are places of
worship for Baptists, Independents, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists,
and Roman Catholics.  The principal charities are a free school for
teaching poor children of both sexes; another conducted upon the national
plan; an almshouse for six poor women; a dispensary, recently
established, and a new and commodious Union Workhouse—the latter, for the
reception of the poor of eleven parishes, of which Wellington is the
centre.  Amusement and instruction are derived from a concert-hall,
billiard and news-rooms, and a mechanics’ institute; all of which are of
recent establishment.  A mile from the town is Apley Castle, the seat of
St. John S. Charlton, Esq.; and about the like distance westward, is
Orleton Hall, the residence of the Hon. R. C. Herbert.  The market is
held on Thursday; the fairs March 29th, June 22nd, September 29th and
November 17th.  The fairs and markets are well attended; at the September
fair a great weight of butter and cheese is disposed of; the others are
chiefly for horses, cattle, sheep and pigs.  Fairs (or cattle markets)
are likewise held on the last Tuesday in the months of January, February,
April, May, July, August, October, and December.  The parish contained,
in 1841, 10,990, and in 1851, 11,554 inhabitants.

Two miles W. by N. from Wellington, is the village of WROCKWARDINE, the
parish of which embraces a large coal and iron district.  Within the
parish at ADMASTON, about a mile from Wrockwardine, are two valuable
springs—one chalybeate, the other sulphureous.  An admirably conducted
hotel and boarding house, with hot and cold baths, have been erected here
at a considerable expense; and the waters being found beneficial in cases
of rheumatism, it is resorted to by many afflicted with that complaint,
and other visitors.  The Shrewsbury Canal passes through the parish, and
the river Tern washes its northern border.  The parish church of Saint
Peter, is a venerable structure of red stone, substantially built: the
benefice is a discharged vicarage, in the gift of the Crown; the Rev.
George Lavington Yate is the present incumbent.  There has been erected a
handsome district church, or chapel of ease.  The parish contained, by
the returns for 1841, 2,731 inhabitants, and by those for 1851, 3,107.

WOMBRIDGE is a parish, in the same division as Wellington—the village
being about three miles east from that town.  The Shrewsbury, Shropshire
and Marquess of Stafford’s Canals forms a junction in this parish, which
is intersected by the _Watling Street_ of the Romans, and the main road
to Holyhead—also by several tram-roads from the coal and iron works at
Ketley, &c.  The parish church is dedicated to Saint Leonard: the living
is a perpetual curacy, in the presentation of the family of Charlton.
The parish contained, in 1841, 2,057, and in 1851, 2,166 inhabitants.

   POST OFFICE, New-street, WELLINGTON, Benjamin Smith, _Post Master_.

Arrival of the Mails—From LONDON, WOLVERHAMPTON, BIRMINGHAM, and the
North, every morning at half-past six.  From SHREWSBURY and
MONTGOMERYSHIRE, every evening at seven; and from KETLEY, OAKENGALE,
HIGH-ERCALL and UPPINGTON, every evening at half-past five.

Despatch of the Mails—To LONDON, WOLVERHAMPTON, and the North, every
evening at half-past six.  To SHREWSBURY and MONTGOMERYSHIRE, every
morning at half-past five, and to KETLEY, OAKENGALE, HIGH-ERCALL and
UPPINGTON, at seven.

POST OFFICE, KETLEY, Ann Williams, _Post Mistress_—Letters from all parts
arrive (from WELLINGTON), at a quarter past seven in the morning, and are
despatched thereto at five in the evening.


Anslow Mr. William, Eyton

Banning Rev. Benjn. A.M., Vicarage

Beeston Miss Tabitha, Rose hill

Bird Rev. William Taylor, Preston

Burn Rev. Andrew, Kinnersley

Charlton St. John, Esq. Apley Castle

Cludde Miss Anne Maria, Wrockwardine

Dickin Miss —, Vineyard road

Emery Charles, Esq. Burcott House

Eyton Thomas Campbell, Esq. (magistrate), Eyton Hall

Ferriday Mr. Allen, Watling st

Goodall Mr. Peter, Parville

Griffiths Mr. James, Vineyard road

Hague Rev. Wm. Smith, St. Johns st

Hayley Mr. Sedgley, the Crescent

Haynes Mr. John, Admaston

Herbert Honble. R. C. Orleton Hall

Johnson Mr. Thomas, Villa Cottage

Juckes Thomas, Esq. Tern

Keay Rev. Wm. Springfield, King st

Kimberley Mrs. Mary, Vineyard rd

Lampfried Rev. A. Madeley

Lawley William Shakeshaft, jun. Esq. (magistrate), Leigomery Hse

Lewis Mr. Charles, Park Villa

Lunn Mrs. Ellen, Millbank terrace

M‘Knight Mr. George, Mossy bank

Mansell Mrs. Elizabeth, Admaston

Minor Mr. Augustus, Hadley Park

Oliver Mr. James, Spring hill

Parton Mr. William, Jarratt’s lane

Pigott Rev. George, Withington

Pinches Miss Esther, St. John st

Pinches Mr. William, St. John st

Poyner Henry, Esq. Hadley

Roden Miss Eliza, King st

Stanier John, Esq. Leaton

Stonham Rev. Thomas, Ketley Parsonage

Symons Rev. Mark, Fountain place

Taylor Miss Elizabeth, the Mount

Turner Mr. Thomas, Walker st

Turner William, Esq. Field House

Wellings Mr. Harriman, Leaton

Whittingham Mr. Samuel, Haybridge Cottage

Williams Jno. Esq. Ketley hill House

Wyley William, Esq. Dothill Park

Yate Rev. George Lavington, A.M. Wrockwardine


              Marked thus * are Day and Boarding Academies.

Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Beetlestone Ellen & Caroline Mill bnk

Binned Jane, Rose hill

* Cranage Joseph Edward, Old hall

* Cranage Martha, Old hall

Dean Misses —, King st

Hobson Sarah, King st

Hussey John, Church st


Jones George, Hadley

NATIONAL SCHOOL, King street—Edward Price, master

NATIONAL SCHOOL (Duke of Sutherland’s), Red lake—James Allen, master;
Emily Allen, mistress

Picken Elizabeth, Wrockwardine

Smart Joseph William, Admaston

* Weston Emma, Mill bank


                 (_See also Fire_, _&c. Office Agents_.)

Adams John (to the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Co.), Shropshire
Union Railway

Ashdown John (land), Uppington

Barlow Joseph (to his Grace the Duke of Sutherland, and wharfinger),
Wappenshall wharf

Garbett Richard (land and lime, to the Right Honble. Lord Forester),

Jones John (porter), Park st

Rimmer Henry (to Shrewsbury and Birmingham Railway Company), Wappenshall

Slaney John (porter), Market pl

Tew Richard (tea), Admaston

Tipton Mark (to Beriah Botfield Iron Works), Massey green

Wyley William (land), Dothill Park


Marled thus * are Commissioners for taking acknowledgments of Deeds by
Married Women.

Beeston John Daniel William, Church street

Knowles Isaac, Church st

Marcy George (& clerk to the Poor-law Guardians, and to the Trustees of
the Watling street and Ironbridge turnpike roads), Watling street;
office, Walker st

Newill Robert Daniel (and clerk to magistrates and to county court, &
also to the improvement commissioners, and attorney for the Wellington
Coal and Gas-Light Company and Wellington Water Works Company), New st

Smallwood B. H. Church st


Barber John (& surveyor), Church st

Houlston John, Swine market

Jones Thos. William (& accountant), Church st


Bagshaw Sarah, Crown st

Bird Francis, Crown st

Cartwright Edward, New st

Cartwright J. E. New st

Pointon Henry, Crown st


Austin William, New st

Birks Mary Ann, New st

Bizzel Ann, Church st

Cartwright Edward, New st

Fieldhouse John, New st

Lloyd Joseph, New st

Porter John, New st

Taylor William, Jarratt’s lane

Venables John, New st

Webb Henry, New st

Webb Mary Ann, New st

York Mary, New st


SHROPSHIRE BANKING COMPANY (Branch), Church st—(draw on Union Bank of
London, London), John Benson, manager

SAVINGS’ BANK, Walker st—(open every alternate Monday from 10 till
12)—George Marcy, actuary


Corbett Samuel, Park st

Cotton Robert, Walker st

Griffiths John, Dun Cow lane

Houlston Robert, Wrockwardine

Marsh John, Admaston

Owen Richard, Snedshill

Poole Martha, Watling st

Taylor Richard, Hadley


Hobson Robert (and stamp office), Market place

Keay James, Yew st

Leake Thomas (and public library), Crown street

Smith Benjamin, New st


Barnes John, Mill bank

Birks Thomas, New st

Blud Philip, Ketley

Brookes George, New st

Brown John, Park st

Edwards Jane, New st

Edwards William, New st

Fleming William, New st

Forrester Thos. (warehouse), New st

Gough James, Crown st

Griffiths Edward, Ketley

Griffiths George, Mill bank

Harper George, jun. New st

Harris George, New st

Harris George, junr. New st

Houlston Thomas, Wrockwardine

Hughes William, Burcott

Jackson Edwin, New st

Keay Charlotte, Market place

Lawson Charles, Church st

Liggitt John, New st

Lloyd John, Ketley

Lloyd William, New st

Lloyd William, Wrekin road

Moore James, New st

Morgan John, New st

Pinches John, Ketley

Rowley William, Ketley

Smith Benjamin, New st

Thompson Emanuel, Park st

Williams Manual, Ketley

Wood Charles, New st


Baddeley Thomas, Market place

Brookes William, New st

Gill Robert, New st

Shakeshaft Ellen, Crown st

Webb Thomas, Crown st


Currier John, New st

Downes John, Church st

Ellis Thomast, King st

Shaw & Roper, Wrekin road


                       _See Joiners and Builders_.


Bailey John, Market square

Birch Edmund, Market square

Birch Edwin, Admaston

Capsey William, Market square

Clay Thomas, New st

Davies Elizabeth, New st

Dolphin Joseph, Butcher’s lane

Espley George (pork), New st

Galliers John, Marker square

Hodges Benjamin, New st

Lea Thomas, Market square

Liggitt Joseph (pork), New st

Moore John, New st

Padmore William, Market square

Poole William, Dun Cow lane

Richards Richard, Jarratt’s lane

Smith Charles, New st

Titley Joseph, Admaston

Titley Thomas, Market square

Topham George, Market square

Tudor Joseph, Market square

West Thomas, Market place


                      _See under the head Joiners_.


Groom John, New st

Page Francis, New st

Shepperd Robert, New st


Edwards William (and secretary to the news room), Market place

Ison John, New st

Jones Samuel Haden, New st

Turner Thomas, Market place

Whitfield John, Market place


Crump Henry, New st

Downing Henry, Tan bank

Getley William (merchant), Hadley

Jones Mary, New st

Pearce Ann, New st


Bagley John, New st

Campbell Bridget, New st

Carr John, New st

Morris John, New st

Neckles Jane, New st

Pooler William, New st

Winter Samson, New st


                        (_See also Coal Masters_.)

Bennett John, New Hadley

Millington John, Railway wharf

WELLINGTON COAL & GAS COMPY. Shrewsbury & Birmingham wharf

West George (& coke), Long lane


Bennett John, New Hadley

Botfield Beriah, Old Park and Sturchley

COALBROOKDALE CO., Coalbrookdale, Lawley, and Horse hey,—Chas. Crooks,
managing partner

KETLEY COMPANY, Ketley—John Williams, managing partner

MADELEY WOOD CO. Madeley Wood, Wm. Anstice, managing partner

Tipton Isaac, Ketley bank



                     _See Bakers and Confectioners_.


Dickson John & Co. Shropshire Works

Edwards William, Fountain place

M‘Kenzie Colin, Mill bank

Millington John, Ketley


Edwards Thomas, New st

Vickers Richard, New st


Jackson Benjamin, Church st

Kean John, New st

Summers Richard D. New st


AGRICULTURAL (life), John Houlston Swine market

ALBION, Isaac Knowles, Church st

ATLAS, Colin M‘Kenzie, Mill bank

BIRMINGHAM, John Ison, New st

GUARDIAN, John Daniel William Beeston, Church st

KENT MUTUAL, Thomas William Jones, Church st

MANCHESTER (fire), George Marcy, Walker street

MINERVA, John Barber, Church st

PELICAN (life), George Marcy, Walker street

PHŒNIX (fire), John Barber, Church st

ROCK, Robt. Daniel Newill, New st

ROYAL EXCHANGE, William Edwards, Market plate

SCOTTISH AMICABLE, John Ison, New street

SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH WALES, (fire), Richard Lawrence, New st

STAR, John Venables, New st


Bowring Robert, New st

Palmer James, New st


Del Vecchio & Getti, New st

Stones Francis, New st


      (_See also Shopkeepers_, _and also Tea Dealers_—_Travelling_.)

Bagshaw Joseph, Crown st

Bennett Samuel, New st

Day John, Ketley

Edwards William, Market place

Evans Thomas (& tea dlr), New st

Jones Charles, New st

Morgan Francis, New st

Owen Thomas, Crown st

Price Aaron, Ketley

Turner Thomas, Market place

Webb William & Co. Market place

Whitfield John, Market place

Winnall Richard, New st

Wright Moore William, Crown st


            Marked thus * are also Perfumers and Toy Dealers.

Clayton Richard, New st

* Danes John, New st

Heighway Thomas, New st

Lawley Henry, New st

Vaughan James, Market place

* Vaughan Thomas, New st


Butler Joseph, New st

Del Vecchio & Getti, New st


Davies David, Market place

Morris John, New st

Peplow Richard, Church st


                        (_See also Seed Dealers_.)

Ison John, New st

Jones John (& seed), Park st

Turner Thomas, Market place

Webb William & Co. (and seed), Market place

Whitfield John, Market place


Bowring Robert, New st

Hulett John, New st

Padmore Thomas, Swine market


Butler Joseph, New st

Dax John, Crown st

Evans Hannah, New st

Peplow Richard, Church st

Young John George, New st


                  (_See also Taverns_ & _Public Houses_)

Admaston Spa Hotel (and boarding house), John Purcell, Admaston,—(_See

Bull’s Head Hotel (& posting house), John Hulett, New st

Charlton Arms (and inland revenue office), Joseph Skitt, Church st


Botfield Beriah, Old Park and Sturchley

COALBROOKDALE COMPANY, Horse hey, and _Coalbrook Dale_—Chas. Croaks,
managing partner

Corbett Samuel, Park st

Edwards & Son (& brass founders & engineers, and proprietors of the
Wellington Gas Works), Tan bank

Mansell William, Foundry lane

SNEDSHILL IRON & BAR COMPANY, Snedshill—Samuel Lewis Horton, manager

Tipton Mark (chains, gates and hurdles), Mossey green


Botfield Beriah, Old Park and Sturchley

COALBROOKDALE CO., Coalbrookdale, Lawley and Horse hey—Chas. Crooks,
managing partner

KETLEY COMPANY, Ketley—John Williams, managing partner

MADELEY WOOD COMPANY, Madeley Wood—William Anstice, managing partner

SNEDSHILL IRON & BAR COMPANY, Snedshill—Samuel Lewis Horton, manager



Baddeley Thomas, Market place

Shakeshaft Ellen (ironmonger), Crown street

Webb Thomas, Crown st

Whitfield John, Market place


                  Marked thus * are also Cabinet Makers.

* Adams George, Ketley

Downes John, Market place

* Groom John, New st

* Keay William, Dun Cow lane

* Large John, Church st

Large Thomas, Mill bank

* Page Francis, New st

Parton William, New st

Shaw & Roper, Wrekin road

Stones Francis, New st

* Ward James, Hadley


Allwood William, Church st

Brattox Thomas Benj. Market pl

Dax John, Crown st

Lewis Brothers, Market place

Manwaring Thos. Donnington wood

Venables Charles, Church st

Webb James, Market place


Blase John Walker, Walker st

Bradburn John, Muxton

Brown John & Joseph, Hadley

Bullock Thomas, Hadley

Day John, Ketley

Espley John, New st

Jones Charles, Vineyard road

Jones John, Park st

Milner William, Coal moor

Morgan John, New st

Parton Thomas, Church st

Shepard James, Park st

Shepherd John Pike, Hadley

Tew Richard, Admaston

Whittall Richard & Timothy, King st


Butler Enoch, Park st

Butler Joseph, New st

Weston Edward & Co. New st


Cotterill William, Walcot

DONNINGTON WOOD CO., Steam Mill—John Bullock, agent

Hawkins Roger, Allscott

Milner William, Horse hey

Powell Thomas, High Ercall

Stillgoe Mary, Cluddeley

Taylor Richard Smith, Long Mill


Davies Martha, New st

Downes Anna Maria, Church st

Ellis Gertrude, Park st

Evans Hannah, New st

Evans Jane, New st

Jones Maria, New st

Moore Elizabeth, Hadley

Phillips Jane, St. John st

Thompson Mary, New st


Baddeley Thomas, Market place

Luckock Richard, New st

Webb Thomas, Crown st


SHROPSHIRE NEWS, office, Market place—(published on Thursday)—Robert
Hobson, publisher

WELLINGTON JOURNAL, office, Crown st—(published on Saturday)—Thomas
Leake, publisher


Baddeley Thomas, Market place

Webb Thomas, Crown st


Ellis Samuel, New st

Smith Samuel, New st


Baddeley Thomas, Market place

Davies John, Church st

Groom Wm. (& paper hangr), New st

Lewis James Francis (and paper hanger), Dun Cow lane

Lewis John, Watling st

Moore Henry, New st

Pointon Henry, Crown st

Rowsby Thomas, Walker st

York Elizabeth, New st


Harper William, New st

Morris Henry, Market place

Shelton Robert, Watling st

Tanner John, Market place


                        (_See also Hop Dealers_.)

Bagshaw Sarah, Crown st

Dawson Samuel, Park st

Gibson John, New town

Leah Edward, Park st

Shakeshaft Ellen, Crown st


Austin William, New st

Bagshaw Sarah, Crown st

Banks John, Ketley

Bennett Thomas, New st

Bentley Wm. James, New st

Bird Francis, Crown st

Bourne Maria, Ketley

Buttrey John, Park st

Cartwright Ann, New st

Davies Richard, Jarratt’s lane

Fieldhouse John, New st

Griffiths Elizabeth, New st

Hill Richard, Trench

Howles William, Park st

Hughes William, New st

James Mary Ann, New st

Johnston Thomas, Hadley

Jones James, New st

Owen William, Ketley

Phillips John, Park st

Pitchford Joseph, Red lake

Pointon Henry, Crown st

Price Thomas, Mill bank

Robinson James, Watling st

Turner Samuel, Hadley

Williams Ann, Watling st

Winnall Richard, New st


Cruwys William, New st

Halford Sarah, Church st

Sweeney John, New st


Downes John, Foundry lane

Mort —, Foundry lane


Atkins Elizabeth, Church st

Brown Leah, Ketley

Evans Hannah, New st

Wood Mary, New st


Beeston John, King st

Hayes Henry Haden, Vineyard rd

Howlet William, Park st

Jones Samuel, New st

M‘Knight George, Mossey bank

Maxon Rowland, Vineyard road

Rider John, Church st

Steedman John Francis, Park st

Webb Thos. Fryer, Coalbrook bank

Weston Robert, St. John st


Barber John, Church st

Belton William R. Walker st

Hayley William B. Crescent House

M‘Kenzie Colin, Mill bank

Snook George, Admaston


                     Marked thus * are also Drapers.

* Alltree Thomas, Crown st

Bennett Samuel, New st

* Birch John, New st

* Cupit Matthew, New st

Davies Charles, New st

* Downes Edward, New st

Hall Michael, Park st

Jones Richard, Church st

Jones William, Walker st

* Lawrence & Green, New st

Morris John, New st

* Peplow Richard, Church st

* Pooler William, New st


Turner Thomas, Market place

Webb William & Co. Market place


Britannia, Ann Juckes, King st

Buck’s Head, George West, Long la

Buck’s Head, Thomas Peake, Watling sheet

Bush, John Clayton, Hadley

Cock, Samuel Roden, Watling st

Craven Arms, Jno Machin, Horse hey

Cross Keys, Thomas Jones, Hadley

Crown Inn, Saml Nickless, Crown st

Duke of Wellington, Annette Shelton, New st

Duke’s Head, Henry Davies, New st

Dun Cow, Charles Woodward, Dun Cow lane

Fox & Grapes, Ellen Shakeshatt, Crown st

Fox & Hounds, John Jones, Crown st

George, Elizabeth York, New st

Groom & Horses, Elizabeth Sandells, Walker street

Holly Bush, James Stokes, Street la

Horse Shoes, John Morris, Ketley

King’s Arms, Sarah Webb, Trench

King’s Head, Joseph Brown, Hadley

King’s Head, John Espley, New st

Labour-in-Vain, James Maun, Horse hey

Lion, John Hughes, Prior’s Lee

Lion, Richard Wakeley, Trench

Market Tavern, William Houlston, Crown street

Nelson, John Morgan, New st

Odd Fellows’ Arms, William Coulston, New st

Old Bell, Edwd. Hewlett, New st

Pheasant, Richard Tew, Admaston

Plough, William Sambrook, King st

Queen’s Head, Maria Price, Walker st

Queen’s Head, Abraham Shepherd, New street

Raven, Charles Frederick Wheatley, Walker st

Red Lion, Edwd. Granger, Street la

Red Lion, Jos. Rogers, Park st

Seven Stars, William West, Ketley

Shakspearean, Richard Hall, New st

Sunderland Arms, John Tranter, Wappenshall wharf

Swan Inn, John Ison, Watling st

Wheatsheaf, Mark Tipton, Mossey grn

White Lion, Thomas Capsey, Crown st

White Lion, Elizabeth Lewis, Ketley


Birch Catherine, Watling st

Bourne Thomas, Church st

Brickley Emma, Ketley side

Bullock Thomas, Hadley

Cartwright Thomas, New st

Corbett Samuel, Park st

Corbett Thomas, King st

Davies Evan, New st

Dolphin William, Watling st

France Elizabeth, New st

Francis Jane, New st

Galliers Thomas, Ketley

Griffiths John, Mill bank

Heaford Mary, New st

Hill Richard Trench

Hotchkiss John, Ketley

Houlston Edward, Watling st

Humphreys Thomas, Pump st

Jackson William, New st

Jones Richard, Church st

Lawley Thomas, New st

Lloyd Goshon, Park st

Lloyd Sarah, Ketley

Madeley Robert, Park st

Mansell William, New st

Moore William, Ketley brook

Padmore Thomas, Walker st

Parker James, New st

Perry Samuel, King st

Perry William, Ketley

Robinson William, New st

Shakeshaft Ellen, Crown st

Vickers Thomas, Pump st

Warner Robert, New st

West Marshall, New st

Whittall Richard, Newtown

Whittall Timothy, King st


                     Marked thus * are also Drapers.

* Agnew David, St. John st

* Allison John, Watling st

* Chalmers Alexander, Park st

Farries Alexander, Watling st

* Grant Alexander, Mill bank

Grant William, Jarratt’s lane

Johnson Thomas, Hadley

Robison John, Millbank

* Smith William, Mill bank

* Tarbet David Kennedy, Watling st

Wilson William, Watling st


Groom Richard & Thomas, New st

Millington John, Ketley

Paterson Edward (dealer and sawyer), Mill bank


                   _See under the head Hair Dressers_.


Del Vecchio & Getti (dealers, and jewellers), New st

Ellis Samuel, New st

Shaw Joseph, New st

Winter Sam, New st


Bullock Benjamin, Wrockwardine

Bullock John, Admaston

Bullock Richard, Admaston

Corbett Thomas, King st

Dean John, Watling st

Groom Edward, New st

Millman Richard, Lawley

Mullard & Fletcher, Watling st


Baddeley Thomas, Market place

Corbett Samuel, Park st

Griffiths & Son (and locksmiths), Tan bank

Griffiths George, Dun Cow lane


Hall James, Church st

Hulett Edward, New st

Slaney John, Market st

Smith William (spirit), New st


Adney George & Edward, tanners, Park st

Beeston John W. clerk to the Shropshire Canal Company, Church st

Bellingham Wm. smallware dealer, New st

Chapman Martin, basket maker, New st

Corbett Saml. implement maker, Park st

Espley John, nurseryman, New st

Hayward Thomas, teacher of music and music seller, Church st

Heywood Charles, rope and twine maker, New st

Hickman William, New st

Hutchinson John, house agent, Park st

Jones John, umbrella maker, New st

Luckock Richard, net maker, New st

Matthews Edward, veterinary surgeon, Church st

Mawdsley George, clog and patten maker, New st

Newill Robert Daniel, coroner for the Bedford district, New st

Partridge John, second hand bookseller, New st

Poole Richard, cattle doctor, New st

Turner & Parker, clerks to the magistrates, and to the commissioners of
taxes, Walker st


ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH, Church street—Rev. Benjamin Banning, M.A. vicar; Rev.
Thomas Lapp Butler, curate

ST. PETER’S CHURCH, Wrockwardine—Rev. George Lavington Yate, vicar

CHRIST CHURCH, Fountain place—Rev. Thomas Lapp Butler


BAPTIST CHAPEL, King st—Rev. William Kay


METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPELS, New street and Ketley

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPELS, Tan bank and Hadley

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL, Mill bank—Rev. James Olliver, priest

OFFICE, Town Hall.

Judge—Uvedale Corbett, Esq.

_High Bailiff_—Thomas William Jones

_Clerk_—Robert Daniel Newill, Esq.

_Deputy Clerk_—John Brookes

WORKHOUSE, Walker-street.

_Governor_—Edward Lewis

_Matron_—Mrs. Lewis

_Chaplains_—Rev. — Frend

_Surgeon_—Henry Haves

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—George Marcy

_Returning Officer_—Edward Vickers, Ketley

_Assistant Overseers_—Rd. Onions Park st


_Superintendent_—George Marcy, Walker st

_Registrar of Marriages_—John Barber

_Registrar of Births and Deaths_—William Howlet, Park st

                                * * * * *

CONSTABULARY POLICE OFFICE, Church street—John Richardson, superintendt


FIRE ENGINE STATION, Church street—John Large, superintendent

GAS WORKS, Tan bank—Wm. Edwards and Son, proprietors

inspector and surveyor

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, at the Charlton Arms, Church st—John Stamper,

LOCKUPS, Church st

SUBSCRIPTION NEWS ROOM, Market place—William Edwards, secretary

TOWN HALL & PUBLIC ROOMS, Market square—Charles Woodward, proprietor and
collector of market tolls




_Station_, Church street



To CHESTER, LIVERPOOL, and MANCHESTER, the Shropshire Union Railway and
Canal Company, from Wappenshall wharf, daily, and Henshall & Co. from the
same wharf, two or three times a week by Canal.

To WOLVERHAMPTON, BIRMINGHAM, and LONDON, the Shropshire Union Railway
and Canal Co. from Wappenshall wharf, daily by Canal.


WEM is a parish, partly in the Whitchurch division of the hundred of
Bradford, and extending into the hundred of Pimhill—the market town is
164 miles N.W. from London, 10 N. from Shrewsbury, and the like distance
S. from Whitchurch; pleasantly situated on the road leading to the two
last named towns, and near to the source of the Roden.  Wem was the first
town in the county which declared for the parliament in 1643: in that
year a party of the king’s troops attempted to capture it by storm, but
were repulsed by the small garrison, assisted, it is affirmed, by the
zealous exertions of the women; and at a subsequent period, under the
government of Major General Mytton, the garrison plundered the houses and
possessions of the neighbouring royalists—and the booty conveyed by them
into the town was the means of its flourishing more than at any
antecedent period.  Many of the houses are ancient structures, the more
modern ones having been erected after the destructive fire in 1677, which
consumed the church, market house, and whole ranges of buildings,
destroying property to the amount of £23,000.  The unprincipled Judge
Jeffreys became possessed of this place about the year 1685, and was
created Baron Wem, being the first who enjoyed that dignity by patent,
but at the death of his son the title became extinct.  This place is not
distinguished by manufactories or any peculiar branch of trade—there are
two tan-yards, several maltings and two or three corn mills in the
vicinity, that belonging to Thomas Jebb, junr. is a large and powerful
one driven by steam: the business here generally, however, is dependent
on supplying the inhabitants, and those of the immediate neighbourhood
(which is very respectable), with articles of ordinary consumption.  The
streets are well lighted with gas, and there are many good shops and
several respectable private residences in New street.  An act of
parliament has been obtained for a branch from the London and North
Western Railway from Shrewsbury to Crewe, which will pass through this
town.  The principal officers are two bailiffs, appointed annually at a
court leet, held soon after Michaelmas—one by the manorial lord’s
steward, and the other by the borough jury.  Wem is included in the
twenty seventh circuit of County Court towns, under the acts passed for
the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50.—the court is held

The parish church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, is a handsome edifice,
with a lofty tower and fine chancel: nearly three hundred additional
sittings were obtained by building two new galleries in 1840, which are
free from a grant from the Society for building churches; the living is a
rectory, in the gift of Lord Darlington: the present rector is the Rev.
J. W. D. Merist.  There are places of worship for Baptists, Independents,
Methodists, and Irvingites.  The free school, here, was founded and
liberally endowed, in 1653, by Sir Thomas Adams, a native of this town;
it has two exhibitions to the universities, founded by Mr. Careswell.
The British school, in Dark-lane, was established in 1839, partly by a
government grant and partly by subscriptions; it is for children of both
sexes.  The national school is situated in Noble-street, and was erected
at an expense of nearly £1,000.  Situate a mile S.W. from Wem, is a
mineral spring.  The market is held on Thursday; and the fairs on the
first Thursday in March, May 6th, Holy Thursday, first Thursday in June,
June 29th, first Thursday in August, the last Thursday in September, and
November 21st.  The parish of Wem, which comprises ten townships and two
chapelries, contained in 1841, 4,119 inhabitants, and in 1851, 3,747.

PREES is a parish, in the Whitchurch division of the hundred of
Bradford—the village is between four and five miles N.N.E. from Wem.
There are several maltings here, and a traffic in lime, coal and slate,
is carried on by means of the Quinabrook canal, which passes through the
parish—taken altogether, however, the trade of the place is but
inconsiderable.  The parish church of Saint Mary, is an ancient cruciform
structure, with a tower of much later date; in the church are some
specimens of tesselated pavement, and several monuments to the ancestors
of General Lord Hill, who was born herein 1772: the living is a vicarage,
in the peculiar jurisdiction of the prebendary of Prees, in Lichfield
Cathedral; the present incumbent is the Rev. Archdeacon Allen.  Prees had
formerly a market, which has long been discontinued; but two fairs are
still maintained—on the second Mondays in April and October.  The parish
of Prees contained, in 1831, 3,335 inhabitants, in 1841, 3,270, and in
1851, 3,196; of which last number, 630 belonged to the village.

EDSTASTON is a chapelry, in the parish of Wem, about 2 miles N. from that
town, seated on the road to Whitchurch.  A branch of the Ellesmere canal
passes through the village, and terminates at Quinabrook.  It contains a
chapel of ease, a very ancient structure, and about 400 inhabitants.

LOPPINGTON is a parish and village pleasantly situated about 3 miles S.W.
from Wem.  The church of Saint Michael is a plain ancient structure.  The
population of the parish in 1851, was 599.

POST OFFICE.  Chapel-street, WEM, Jane Deakin, _Post Mistress_.—Letters
from all parts arrive (from SHREWSBURY) every morning at six, and are
despatched at a quarter to seven in the evening.—Letters from WHITCHURCH
arrive every evening at a quarter to seven, and are despatched thereto at
a quarter past six in the morning.—_Money Orders granted and paid from
nine in the morning till five in the evening_.

POST OFFICE, PREES, Richard Langford, _Post Master_.—Letters from all
parts arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched at twenty-five
minutes past five in the evening.


Allen the Rev. & Venerable Archdeacon, Vicarage, Prees

Barber Mrs. Martha, Noble st

Barber Henry John, Esq. Mill st

Beetinson Charles A. Esq. Noble st

Blackley Rev. William, Hawkestone

Boote Mr. Daniel, Edstaston Hall

Boughey Mr. Joseph, Prees

Boulton Thomas, Esq. the Grove

Boulton Rev. William, M.A. High st

Bowen Miss —, Coton Hall

Bowen George, Esq. (magistrate), Coton Hall

Briscoe Mr. Elizabeth, Noble st

Broomhall Mr. Edward, Cripple st

Colley Mr. John, Lacon

Cotgrave Miss Jane, Chapel st

Deakin Mr. Henry, Soulton Hall

Dicken Mrs. Jane, Loppington House

Dicken John, Esq. Platt, Prees

Dicken William Frances, Esq. Prees

Dickin Mrs. Jane, High st

Dickin Mr. Richard Parker, High st

Dixon Rev. William, Noble st

Dobell Mrs. —, Low hill

Evans Rev. John, Whixall

Ferrett Mr. Henry, Noble st

Franklin Mr. Robert, High st

Grant Rev. Wm. Islington crescent

Gratrix Rev. Charles B. Loppington

Greenwood Mr. Abrhm. Chapel st

Huff Rev. James, Chapel st

Hill Miss —, Hardwick Grange

Hill Miss Emma, Hardwick Grange

Hill Rev. John, Citadel

Hill Sir Robert Chambre, K.C.B. Prees Hall

Hill Lord Viscount, Hawkestone

James Rev. David, Islington crescent

Johnson Mr. William, Fields, Prees

Jones Mrs. Martha, Chapel lane

Kilvert Mr. Richard, Palm’s hill

Kynaston Mrs. Frances, Noble st

Lane Mrs. Hannah, Noble st

Lee Mrs. Ann, Chapel st

Lee Henry, Esq. Chapel st

Lucas William, Esq. Noble st

Maddocks Mrs. Mary, Woodlands

Matthews Mrs. Charlotte, Cripple street

Menlove Mrs. —, Tilley

Merist Rev. J. W. D. Rectory

Minor John, B. Esq. Ashley House

Minshull Rev. Samuel, Prees

Morris Mrs. Catharine, New st

Munford Mr. Charles, Prees

Nickson Mrs. Mary, Chapel st

Oldham Capt. Charles, Tilley Lodge

Onslow Mrs. Elizabeth, Cripple st

Osburne Rev. William, Ellesmere st

Owen Wm. Esq. Shrubbery, New st

Pattison Rev. Joseph, New st

Prince Lieut. Charles, High st

Sandford Thomas Hugh, Esq. Sandford Hall

Shingler Mr. Peter, Burlton Grange

Shirley John, Esq. Prees

Smith Rev. George, Noble st

Snape Mr. Walter, Creamore grove, New street

Steward Rev. John, Edstaston House

Vaughan Robert C. Esq. Burlton

Walford John Henshaw, Esq. M.P. Roden House, Mill st

Walmsley Mr. George, High st

Wilkinson Mr. George, Prees wood

Wilkinson Mr. Thomas, Sandy lane, Prees

Williams Lady —, the Hall

Wood Thomas, Esq. Woodlands

Wrightson Captain William Ward, Prees


Not otherwise described are Day Schools

BRITISH SCHOOL, Dark lane—Thos. Hickson Taylor, master; Mary Taylor,

Cooke Catherine & Hannah, Noble st

Clorley James, Loppington

Foncier Maria, Noble st

FREE SCHOOL, Lower Heath, Prees—Robert Gothin, master; Hanh. Thomason,

GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Noble st—Rev. William Boulton, master

INFANTS’ SCHOOL, Chapel st—Mary Green, mistress

Meredith Harriet, New st

Minshull Rev. Samuel (boarding), Prees

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Prees—Samuel Rooks, master; Ann Jenkin, mrs

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Noble street—William Hart, master

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Loppington—Mary Ebrey, mistress

Pattison Ann & Mary (boarding & day), New st

Powell Margaret, Prees

Roberts Alfred, Quinabrook

Sandland Elizabeth, Tilley

Strutt Lydia (boarding & day), Noble st


Barker Henry John & Charles Frederick, High st

Browne Thomas Dickin, New st

Burd Jonathan, High st

Lucas William (commissioner in all courts and clerk to the magistrates),
Noble st

Owen William (& commissioner to administer oaths, commissioner for
affidavits, and commissioner in all the courts and superintendent
registrar), Shrubbery, New st


Burd John, High st

Franklin Josiah, High st


Ashley Elizabeth, Noble st

Stockwell John, High st

Vaughan Thomas, High st

Weaver George, High st

Weaver Thomas, High st


NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND, High st—(draws on the London Joint
Stock Bank)—Thomas Steeple, manager


Humphreys John, Prees green

Humphreys William, Noble st

Moore Thomas, Prees

Rogers Robert, Ellesmere st

Smith John, Tilley

Smith Samuel, Tilley

Watkin Thomas, Dark lane

Williams William, Loppington


Cooke Mary, Noble st

Franklin Josiah (& printer), High st


Bannister John, Noble st

Davies Richard, Loppington

Duckers Henry, High st

Hall Richard, Quinabrook

Hewitt Henry, High st

Hewitt Richard, Noble st

Huxley John, High st

Jenkins George, High st

Jenks John, High st

Massey John David, Cripple st

Murray Thomas, Prees

Owen William, Tilley

Reeves John, Prees

Tomlins Charles (dealer), High st

Watkin Richard, Chapel st

Weaver John, High st

Wilkinson Thomas, High st

Woollam Thomas, Prees


Roberts James, Whixall house, New street, Wem


Hughes Daniel, New st

Hughes William, Noble st

Powell William, Prees

Richards William, Noble st

Tommy Jonathan, High st


                   (_See also Joiners & Cabinet Makrs_)

Francis Thomas, Noble st

Everall Thomas, Ellesmere st

Prince Frederick, Mill st

Walton Thomas, Noble st


Davies Benjamin, High st

Deakin Henry, High st

Ebray Robert, Prees

Kynaston Richard, High st

Parks John, High st

Weaver Charles, High st


Bickerton Eliza Horlick, High st

Hares Samuel & Robert (druggists), Prees

Lee Thomas, High st

Micklewright George, High st


Roberts James (and brick and tile maker, at Whixall), Edstaston

Ruscoe George & Abraham (& lime & slate merchants), Quinabrook


Drury William, Prees

Crewe Joseph, High st


                          (_See also Tanners_.)

Everall John, High st

Gough Robert, Noble st

Gough Samuel, High st


BIRMINGHAM (fire), William Lucas, Noble street

CROWN (life), Henry John & Charles Frederick Barker, High st

FAMILY ENDOWMENT SOCIETY, William Owen, Shrubbery, New st

MANCHESTER (fire), William Owen, Shrubbery, New st

PALLIADUM, Thomas Steeple, High st

PELICAN (life), William Owen, Shrubbery, New street

SALOP (fire), George Franklin, High street

SHREWSBURY (fire), Henry John & Charles Frederick Barker, High st


Franklin Josiah, High st

Green Charlotte, High st


            (_See also Shopkeepers_, _and also Tea Dealers_.)

Burton Henry, High st

Hares Samuel & Robert, Prees

Heatley William, High st

Holding Richard, Prees

Ikin William, Prees

Jenkins John, High st

Kynaston Henry, High st

Lee Thomas, High st

Owen Joseph, High st

Poole George Wright, High st

Richards John, High st

Vaughan Thomas, High st

Weaver Thomas, High st

Wilkinson & Puleston, High st


Green Samuel, High st

Jenkins Richard, High st


                   (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_)

Castle, Robert Higley, High st

Lion, Thomas Ray, Prees

White Horse, Thos. Griffiths, High st


Barber John, High st

Burton Henry, High st

Hares Samuel & Robert, Prees

Kynaston Henry, High st


Beddow John, Wembrook lane

Cliff John, Edstaston

Everall Thomas, High st

Foulks Richard, Prees

Francis Thomas, Noble st

Heaton Richard, Loppington

Prince Frederick, Mill st

Walton Thomas, Mill st


Hares Samuel & Robert, Prees

Heatley William, High st

Holding Richard, Prees

Ikin William, Prees

Poole George Wright, High st

Wilkinson & Puleston, High st


Abbott William, Noble st

Cooke Joseph, Noble st

Drury William, Prees

Higley Robert, High st

Ikin William, Prees

Ray Thomas, Prees

Walmsley John, Creamore


Batho John, Cotton Steam and Windmill

Batho Stephen, Prees

Boughey John, Wem mill, Mill st

Jebb Thomas, junr. CREAMORE STEAM MILLS, near Wem

Kynaston Harriet, Loppington


Davies Eleanor, New st

Green Sarah, New st

Morris Ann, New st

Parsonage Mary, Islington row

Phillips Eliza, High st

Wilkinson Elizabeth, New st


Boulton Adam, Cripple st

Lea Thomas, High st

Parsonage Frederick, New st

Shenton William, High st

Snape George, High st


Colley Thomas, Prees

Stockall John, High st

Tomlins Charles, High st


Bickerton Eliza, High st

Newens Jane, Noble st

Richards John, High st


Aston Thomas, Loppington

Cliff John, Edstaston

Green Charlotte, High st

Hales Thomas, High st

Holding Thomas, Quinabrook

Maddox Samuel, Prees green

Saddler Ann, Edstaston

Sherratt William, New st

Simon Stephen, High st

Smith John, Tilley

Watkin Elizabeth, High st


Arthur Thomas Norway, Prees

Darlington Abraham Edward, Prees

Gwynn Edward, Noble st

Gwynn Samuel B. New st

Walmsley Thomas, Cripple st

Wilson Joseph Green, New st


Beckett Thomas, Noble st

Bennett Arthur, Prees

Butter Richard, High st

Cartwright William, Noble st

Challoner Richard, Prees

Cooke Thomas, Loppington

Davies Charles, Prees

Drury John, Noble st

Edwards John, Noble st

Jenkins Samuel, Prees

Maddox Thomas, Prees

Parsonage John, New st

Powell Joseph, New st

Price Joseph, High st


Everall John (and skinner and fellmonger), High st

Gough Robert, Noble street


Bee Hive, John David Massey, Cripple street

Black Lion, David Wilson, High st

Blacksmiths’ Arms, William Williams, Loppington

Buck’s Heart, Rebecca Snape, Mill st

Bull & Dog, Wm. Newbrook, Cotton

Bull’s Head, James Russell, High st

Canal, Thomas Cliff, Quinabrook

Corbet Arms, John Lewis, High st

Crown, Thomas Wilkinson, High st

Dicken Arms, Rebecca Kynaston, Loppington

Harp, Mary Rogers, Quinabrook

Hawkestone, Thomas Booth, Hawkestone

Hawkestone Arms, Wm. Sherratt, Islington row

Marquess of Wellington, Henry Kynaston, Edstaston

Pack Horse, Charles Brown, High st

Plough, William Edwards, High st

Shropshire Arms, Hy. Snape, High st

Talbot, Samuel Davies, High st

Vaults, Hannah Ireland, High st

Vaults, Wm. Edwards, High st

Well House, Mary Dickin, Prees

White Lion (and inland revenue office), Ann Sands, High st


Adams Henry, Loppington

Cartwright John, Noble st

Churton Joseph, Prees

Edwards Nathaniel, Mill st

Jenks John, High st

King Charles, High st

Phillips Samuel, High st

Rogers Robert, Ellesmere st


Everall Thomas, Ellesmere st

Prince Frederick, Mill st

Walton Thomas, Noble st


Burd Benjamin, High st

Jenkins John, High st

Jenkins Richard, High st


Burd Benjamin, High st

Vaughan Samuel, Prees


Butler Henry, High st

Churton Joseph, Prees

Pritchard John, High st


Darlington Abraham, Edstaston

Ruscoe George, Quinabrook


Eaton George, High st

Heaton Richard, Loppington

Hope Richard, Quinabrook

Kynaston William, Tilley

Morgan William, Prees green

Phillips Samuel, Tilley

Sands John, Quinabrook

Spencer James, Prees

Watkin John, High st

Worrall Thomas, Prees

Wycherley Richard, Castle lane


Griffiths Thomas, High st

Ireland Hannah, High st


Everall John & Thomas, High st


Askew Edward, drill sergeant, Noble st

Cooke Joseph, brewer, Noble st

Davies Saml. weighing machine keeper, High st

Edge Samuel, brazier, High st

Green John, rope maker, New st

Higley Robert, porter dealer, New st

Kay Richard, basket maker, Prees

Mason Edwd. furniture broker, Crown st

Muller Charles, musician, Prees

Owen Joseph, stay manufacturer, High st

Parbott Humphrey, cattle dealer, New st

Pollett William, skinner, Noble st

Russell Lucy, Berlin wool repository, Noble st

Salt Wm. Bates, fishmonger and fruiterer, High st

Taylor Saml. inland revenue officer, Prees

Youd Samuel, dyer, High st

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.


ST. PETER’S CHURCH, High st—Rev. J. W. D. Merist, rector; Rev. William
Grant, curate

ST. MARY’S CHURCH, Prees, Rev. Archdeacon Allen, vicar

ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH, Loppington—Rev. Charles B. Greatrex, curate

CHAPEL OF EASE, Edstaston—Rev. John Steward, incumbent

BAPTIST CHAPEL, Cripple street—Rev. William Osborne

INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Prees—Rev. Samuel Minshall

INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Chapel street—Rev. Joseph Pattison

INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Noble street—Rev. George Smith

INDEPENDENT CHAPELS, Hadnall and Clive—Rev. David James

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, Loppington

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPELS, Chapel street, Quinabrook, and Prees


WORKHOUSE, Love-lane.

_Chairman_—Sir Robert Chambre Hill

_Vice-Chairman_—George Bowen, Esq.

_Governor_—Andrew Rowley

_Matron_—Elizabeth Rowley

_Schoolmaster_—John Jeffreys

_Schoolmistress_—Lucy Wheeler

_Chaplain_—Rev. William Boulton

_Surgeon_—Edward Gwynn

_Clerk to the Board of Guardians_—Mr. William Owen

_Relieving Officer_—William Wheeler


_Superintendent_—Mr. William Owen, Shrubbery, New st

_Registrar of Births_, _Deaths & Marriages_, Thomas Vaughan, High st

COUNTY COURT OFFICE, High street—Henry J. Barker, clerk

GAS WORKS, High st—James Roberts, proprietor

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, at the White Lion, High st—Michl. Davidson,

Everall, assessor and collector




STAMP OFFICE, High st—Geo. Wright Poole, distributer


The nearest _Station_ is at BASCHURCH, on the Shrewsbury and Chester
Line, 7½ miles N.W. by N. from Shrewsbury, and about 8 S.W. by W. from

An _Omnibus_, from the While Lion Inn, High st, to the Station, every
morning at eight.


To SHREWSBURY, Joseph Owen and Thomas Harris, from their respective
houses, High st, and John Handley and William Eccleston, from Prees,
Wednesday and Saturday.

To WHITCHURCH, Joseph Owen, from his house, High st, Monday and Friday.


To CHESTER, SHREWSBURY, and forward to all parts, the Shropshire Union
Railway and Canal Company, from Edstaston wharf, daily.


OR MUCH WENLOCK, is an ancient borough, both corporate and parliamentary,
a market town and parish, and the head of a liberty, having separate
jurisdiction; 148 miles N.W. from London, and 12 S.E. from Shrewsbury.
The town, which is situated on the Phobrook, and in a pleasant vale, is
of considerable antiquity.  The British name was _Llan Melien_, or ‘Saint
Milburgh’s Church;’ and in the Monasticon it is denominated _Winnica_, or
‘the windy place.’  Its early importance originated with the
establishment of a convent, about 680, by Melburga, daughter of king
Merwald.  Having been destroyed by the Danes, it was restored by the Earl
of Mercia, after which it fell into decay.  Soon after the Conquest it
was rebuilt by Roger de Montgomery, and converted into a priory for
Cluniac monks.  The ruins are on the south side of the town; they are
extensive, and present the most finished specimens of Norman
architecture, together with the early and decorated English styles.  Of
the church, the south transept is in the most perfect state, three
beautiful Norman arches, and two of the cloisters remain in good
preservation.  This establishment must have been extensive, and its
buildings magnificent.  The town consists principally of two narrow
streets, some of the houses forming which are modern and respectable in
appearance, and others but poorly built.  The guildhall, more remarkable
for its antiquity than its external beauty, is constructed of timber
frame-work, resting on piazzas.  This building underwent in 1849,
restoration with great taste and skill, at the expense of the
corporation.  Two charters have been granted to this ancient borough; the
first in the eighth of Edward IV, at the request of Sir John Wenlock,
Knight, ‘in consideration of laudable and acceptable services performed
by the liege men of the town of Wenlock.’  The second charter was granted
in the reign of Charles I.  Under the Municipal Reform Act, the corporate
body consists of a mayor, two aldermen and six councillors.  The borough
is divided into three wards—namely, Wenlock Ward, Broseley Ward, and
Madeley Ward.  Sessions are held quarterly in the guildhall, before the
recorder, and the magistrates meet here in petty sessions every sixth
Tuesday.  The Madeley circuit of the new County Court, includes Wenlock
in its jurisdiction; the court sits monthly at the former town, and takes
cognizance of debts and claims to any amount not exceeding £50.  Sir
Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., is lord of the manor, and holds, by his
agent, courts leet and baron, in the months of May and October.  The
elective franchise was conferred upon the burgesses by Edward IV, with
the privilege of returning one member—the borough now sends two; those
returned at the general election in 1852, were the Honble. George Cecil
Weld Forester, Willey Park, Salop; and James Milnes Gaskell, Esq. Thornes
House, Wakefield, Yorkshire (both re-elected).  The Boundary Act defines
the limits of the borough to comprise ‘the old borough of Wenlock:’ by
the same act the town is appointed a polling station at the election of
members to represent North Salop.  In the time of Richard II, this place
was noted for copper mines, and lime quarries: the former have ceased to
be wrought, but the latter are still productive, and in the town are two
maltings and a tannery.

The places of worship are the parish church of the Holy Trinity, and a
chapel for Wesleyan Methodists.  The former is a venerable structure,
with a square tower surmounted by a spire; it partakes, in a remote
degree, of the style of the abbey, being partly of the Norman and partly
of the decorated English: the living is a discharged vicarage, with the
perpetual curacies of Burton and Benthall annexed, in the gift of the
lord of the manor; the Rev. William Henry Wayne, is the present
incumbent, and the Rev. Nathaniel Haywood, curate.  The principal
charities consist of a free school, originally endowed in 1778, by the
Rev. Francis Southern; and almshouses for four poor widows.  There is a
reading room in connection with a well-selected library, to which, also
is attached, a museum, formed to illustrate the natural history and
antiquities of Wenlock and its neighbourhood.  The market is held on
Monday; and the fairs, on the second Monday in March, and May 12th, for
horned cattle, horses and sheep, and for hiring servants; July 5th, for
sheep and October 17th, and December 4th, for cattle of all kinds.  The
parish of Much Wenlock contained, by the government returns for 1841,
2,487 inhabitants, and in 1851, 2,398.

POST OFFICE, Wilmore-street, Thomas Lawley, _Post Master_.—Letters from
LONDON and all parts arrive (from WELLINGTON), every morning at
twenty-eight minutes before seven, and are despatched thereto at seven in
the evening.


Acton Sir John Edward Emerich Dalberg, Bart. Aldenham Hall

Adney Miss Elizabeth, Barrow st

Benson Moses Geo. Esq. Lutwych Hall

Burd Rev. Alfred, Harley

Burd Rev. Frederick, Cressage

Burd Rev. Geo. Onions, Shineton

Cooper Mr. John, Barrow st

Foskett Mrs. —, Much Wenlock

Gibbons Rev. John, Harley

Harnage Sir George, Bart. Belserdine Hall

Hinton Mr. Edward, the Abbey

Haywood Rev. Nathaniel, the Grange

Moseley W. W. Esq. Buildwas Park

Mytton Thomas, Esq. Shipton Hall

Patten Mr. Richard, Barrow st

Vaughan Miss Sarah, Shineton st

Wayne Mr. William, High st

Wayne Rev. Wm. Henry, High st


Crowther George (boarding and day), Shineton st

German Jane (brdng & day), Mardol Cottage

Nicholson Elizabeth Owen (ladies’ school), Barrow st

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Abbey court—Thomas Martin, master; Mary Hollis,
mistress; Susannah Simms, mistress of infants’ school


Blakeway & Burd, Bull ring


Boycott Richard, Spittle st

Owen John, Spittle st

Owen Thomas, Barrow st

Trevor Edward, Wilmore st


Cooper & Purton, Barrow st (draw on Williams, Deacon & Co., London)

SAVINGS’ BANK, Bull ring—George Pritchard, treasurer; William Smith,


Haynes Thomas, Spittle st

James James (& farrier), Shineton st

James John (& farrier), Shineton st

Pearce Charles, Barrow st

Roberts Robert, Harley

Yates William, Bank


Beavan John, Wilmore st

Beavan Thomas, Barrow st

Caswell William, Harley

Clayton William, Barrow st

Griffiths Joshua, Shineton st

Mason William, High st

Massey Thomas, High st

Richards Francis, Barrow st

Seabury Richard, Shineton st

Seabury Thomas, Turnpike gate

Smith John, Shineton st


Bailey John, Harley

Barnett Joseph, Spittle st

Cooper Samuel, Wilmore st

Harper William, Spittle st

Madeley Richard, High st


Boycott Richard, Spittle st

Mason Sarah, Barrow st

Poyner William John, Spittle st


Amphlett Joseph, High st

Phillips Henry, Barrow st


Horton Robert (& chemist), Spittle st

Jones Wm. (& fellmonger), Spittle st


Evans Mary, High st

Wooten George, High st


LEGAL & COMMERCIAL (life), William Griffiths, Barrow st

NORWICH UNION (general hailstorm), Robert Edmund Hartland, Barrow st

ROYAL FARMERS’ AND GENERAL (life), Joseph Rhoden, High st

SALOP, William Griffiths, Barrow st



Belcher Charles, Wilmore st

Bryon Ann, High st

Casuall William, Wilmore st

Hopton William, High st

Instone Thomas, Barrow st

Jones William, Spittle st

Palmer Thomas, Shineton st

Pinkstone Henry, Barrow st

Thomas Charles, High st

Trevor Edward, Spittle street and Wilmore st

Trevor Henry, Spittle street

Williams Thomas, Spittle st


Mason Sarah (& hosier), Barrow st

Moreton Francis, Spittle st


Black Lion, Thos. Beavan, Barrow st

Bull’s Head, Jerh. Aston, Spittle st

Crown, Jemima Rowe, Spittle st

Falcon, George Wheeler, High st

Feathers, Humphrey Jones, Harley

Fox, John Cooper, High st

George, Thos. Ainsworth, Spittle st

Harp, Wm. Reynolds, High st

Pheasant, Geo. Moreton, jun. Wilmore st

Plough, Mary Horton, Barrow st

Punch Bowl, Edwd. Mason, Bull ring

Raven (and inland revenue office), Robt. Edmund Hartland, Barrow st

Robin Hood, John Felteaus, the Bank

Royal Oak, Wm. Boak, Barrow st

Talbot, Alice Moreton, Spittle st

Unicorn, Richard Langford, Harley

Wheatsheaf, Benjamin Lightwood, Spittle street

Wynnstay Arms (late _White Hart_, commercial and posting house), Joseph
Rhoden, High st


Haynes Thomas, Spittle st

Mansell Thomas, Spittle st


Christopher James, Barrow st

Fox Wm. (& cabinet makr), Spittle st

Gwynn William, Harley


Cooper Jeremiah, Bank

Edwards Elizabeth, Bank

Harrington Edward, Wenlock’s edge

Harrington Francis, Wenlock’s edge

Harrington Thos. Wenlock’s edge

Jukes Thomas, Wenlock’s edge

Jukes William, the Coates

Mason Edward, Bull ring

Nicklin John, Wenlock’s edge

Onions John, Wenlock’s edge

Sheppard George, Wenlock’s edge


Bowyer M. & E. Wilmore st

Jeffreys Elizabeth, Barrow st

Johnstone Thomas, High st

Summers Thomas, Barrow st


Canlin Wm. (& hop dealer), High st

Moreton George, jun. Spittle st


Jeffrey William, Town’s Mill

Maddox John, Harley


Cooper Lettice, High st

Heaford Hannah, Barrow st

Idens Ann, Spittle st

Wilkinson Ann, St. Mary’s lane


Elmer John, High st

Share Thomas, Barrow st

Woofe John, High st


Minshall Josiah, High st

Reynolds Luke, High st

Woofe William, High st


Brookes Andrew Goode, Cressage

Brookes William P. Wilmore st

James William, High st


Bailey William, St. Mary’s lane

Johnson John, Barrow st

Johnson Thos. (& hosier), Spittle st

Tilley Wm. Sampson, Shineton st


Edwards Thomas, High st

Pearce Charles, Barrow st


Adney Geo. & Edwd. tanners, Shineton st

ALMSHOUSES, Shineton st

Ashton John, beer retailer, the Bank

Burd George, clerk to the magistrates, Bull ring

secretary; Mr. George Burd, treasurer; Mr. Edwin Yardley, librarian

Evans Mary, straw bonnet mkr, Spittle st

GUILD HALL, Wilmore st

Hartland Robert Edmund, collector of assessed taxes, Raven Inn, Barrow st

Hinton Edward, agent to Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, the Abbey

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, at the Raven Inn Barrow st—Charles Barratt,

James John, farrier, Shineton st

James William A. registrar of births and deaths

Lawley Thomas, bookseller & printer, Wilmore st

Nicholson Martha, tea dealer, Barrow st

Onions Thomas, beer retailer, Shineton st

Nicholson Martha, tea dealer, Barrow st

Palmer Thomas, nail maker, Shineton st

STAMP OFFICE, Spittle street—Henry Trevor, sub-distributer

Wheeler John, watch maker, High st

Yardley Edwin, cooper, High st

Yates Thomas, hair dresser, Spittle st


To SHREWSBURY, the _British Queen_, from the Wynnstay Arms, every
Saturday morning at eight.


The nearest _Station_ is at WELLINGTON, on the Birmingham and Shrewsbury
line—about ten miles N.N.E. from Wenlock.


To BRIDGNORTH, John Jones and William Clayton, from their houses, every

To SHREWSBURY, Jeremiah Aston, from the Bull’s Head, Wednesday and
Saturday, and Richard Nicklin, from his house, Mon. Thurs. and Saturday


WHITCHURCH is a parish, chiefly in the hundred of Bradford (North), and
extending into that of Nantwich, in the county of Chester—the town is 161
miles N.W. by N. from London, situated on the main road between
Shrewsbury and Chester, 20 miles from each of the latter places: it is
seated on elevated ground, in a rich and picturesque country; and
contains some neat streets and respectable dwellings.  An intended
railway from Crewe to Shrewsbury will include Whitchurch in its route.
The town was anciently called _Album Monasterium_ and _Blancminster_,
which have the same meaning (Whitechurch) and appear to imply the seat of
a monastery, of which there are no remains; but a hospital was standing
here in the reign of Henry III. and was endowed by the lord of the manor
with the whole town of Wilnecot, for the relief of the poor at its gate.
Of the foundation and history of the ancient castle—fragments of which
were visible in 1760, nothing is known.  At the commencement of the civil
war between Charles and his parliament, the inhabitants of Whitchurch
declared in favour of the monarch, and promptly raised a regiment in
support of his cause.  An iron and brass foundry, a good brewery, and
several roperies, are on a respectable scale, but malting may be
considered the principal, if not the staple branch.  The Ellesmere canal
comes close to the centre of the town, and in its vicinity are several
brooks—one of which, called Red Brook, is the boundary between England
and Wales, and another separates this county from Cheshire.  A high
steward who superintends the affairs of the town, is appointed by the
lord of the manor (Earl of Brownlow), and presides at courts baron and
leet, held in October, in the town hall, which is the depository for the
rolls and archives of the lordship.  Whitchurch is included in the
twenty-seventh circuit of County Court towns under the acts for the
recovery of debts not exceeding £50. and it is a polling station at the
election of members to represent North Salop.

That which principally engages the notice of a traveller, in this town,
is its fine church of Saint Mary (or as some assert Saint Alkmund)—a
noble structure of the Tuscan order, erected in 1722 on the spot where an
old Gothic one formerly stood.  The whole edifice is built of fine
freestone; and at the west end is a stately square tower, in which are
eight good bells.  The entire building is very regular, consisting of a
large nave, with side aisles, and contains several ancient monuments;
among these is one to the memory of the great John Talbot, the first Earl
of Shrewsbury, who was called the English Achilles, and so renowned in
France, that no man in that kingdom dared to encounter him single-handed.
Another effigy represents Christopher Talbot, fourth son of John Talbot,
second Earl of Shrewsbury, who was rector of Whitchurch and archdeacon of
Chester.  The living—one of the richest in the county, is in the
presentation of the lord of the manor.  The present rector is the Rev.
William Henry Egerton, M.A.  The other places of worship are for
Baptists, Independents, and Methodists.  The free grammar school here was
founded in the reign of Edward VI. by Sir John Talbot, rector of this
parish, aided by contributions of the inhabitants.  It has been lately
rebuilt, in the Elizabethan style, and is now a handsome structure.  A
large national school for boys, and another for girls; a British school;
an almshouse for its decayed housekeepers, and the union workhouse,
situated at Derr Moss, are the other principal charities.  The country
round here is fertile, and in an excellent state of agriculture.  The
views, especially towards the Welch and Derby hills, are very fine; and
the nearer prospect is enriched with two lakes, called Blake-mere and
Horse-mere.  The market is held on Friday; and the fairs on the second
Friday in April, Whit-Monday, and the first Friday after the 2nd of
August, October 28th, and December 1st, for sheep, cattle, &c.  The
parish of Whitchurch (not including the township of Wirsall, county of
Chester), contained in 1841, 6,285 inhabitants, and in 1851, 5,977.

The township of DODINGTON adjoins Whitchurch, and its population is
returned therewith.  It has a chapel of ease to Whitchurch and a very
handsome one for Independents.

TILSTOCK, a chapelry to Whitchurch, is between two and three miles from
that town.  It contains a neat chapel of ease, erected in 1834, one for
Wesleyan Methodists, and a national school.  Population returned with the

    POST OFFICE, Bull Ring, WHITCHURCH, John Wycherley, _Post Master_.

&c. every morning at a quarter past four.—From CHESTER and MALPAS at
seven in the evening.—From SHREWSBURY, WEM, &c. at a quarter past eight
in the morning.

Despatches—To LONDON and all parts every evening at eight.—To SHREWSBURY
every afternoon at four.—To CHESTER every morning at six.

  _Money Order Office_, _open from nine in the morning till five in the


Allwood Mr. Joseph, Dodington

Arrowsmith Mrs. —, Dodington

Bailey Frederick, Esq. Ash Hall

Beacall Mrs. Sarah, Dodington

Blantern Mrs. Mary, Pepper st

Brett Miss Margaret, Dodington

Brookes the Misses Fanny & Alice, Green end

Brookes the Misses Mary and Jane, Green end

Brookes Wm. Lee, Esq. Dodington

Clay Mr. Charles senr. Dodington

Combermere the Right Honourable

Lord Viscount, Combermere Abbey

Corser Miss Letitia, St. Marys st

Corser the Misses Margaret, Emma & Eliza, Green end

Corser Miss Selina Maria, St. Marys st

Cotton Captain Francis Vere, Allport Cottage

Dodd John Whitehall, Esq. M.P. Cloverley Hall

Egerton Rev. William Henry, M.A. Rectory

Gaskin Miss Ann. E. Bargate st

Godsal Philip L., Esq. Iscoyd Park

Goodall John, Esq. Belvidere

Hamnett Mrs. Ann, St. John st

Hanmer Mrs. Catherine, Bargate st

Hanmer Sir John, Bart. M.P. Bettisfield Park

Harris Rev. John, Bark Hill

Hassall Mrs. Mary, Claypit st

Hughes Mr. Richard, Beech Cottge

Johnson Mrs. Mary Ann, Bargate st

Joyce Mr. Thomas, Hinton Hall

Justice Rev. John, Ightfield Rectory

Keay Mrs. Elizabeth, Mill st

Kent William C. Esq. Green end

Kirkpatrick Mrs. Elizbth. Dodington

Kirkpatrick Miss Louisa, Dodingtn

Lee Miss Sarah, Dodington

Lee Mr. Thomas Wood, Oak bank

Mainwaring Rev. Edwd. Corra Hall

Mainwaring Sir Harry, Marbury

Morrall Rev. John, M.A. Bark hill

Palmer Rev. Charles E. Dodington

Peake Rev. Jas. Room, M.A. Bargate st

Poole Domville, Esq. Marbury Hall

Poole Wm. Halstead, Esq. Terrick Hall

Price Rev. Henry H. Ash

Reddrop Miss Ann, Claypit st

Renton Rev. Wm. Parsonage, Tilstock

Roe Mr. Robert, Rose Villa

Saxton Mrs. Hannah Maria, Dodingtn

Turnbull Rev. Robert, Allport Cott

Turner the Misses Martha & Mary, St. Marys street

Venables Richard, Esq. St. Marys st

Walford Mrs. Rebecca, St. John st

Wood Mr. John F. Dodington

Worthington Archibald, Esq. the Mount


Billington John, Alkington lane

BRITISH SCHOOL, Steele heath—Sarah Hales, mistress

Cook Ann (& brdng), St. Mary st

Crosse Mary, Claypit st

GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Bargate st—Rev. James Room Peake, M.A. master

Hewitt Ann, St. John st

Keable William C. (and boarding), Bargate street


Bargate st (girls’)—Julia Bell, mistress

New st (boys’)—William George Bryant, master

Tilstock—George Edwards, mstr

Sand and Stephen, Green end


Clay Charles, Dodington

Etches James Goulbourn, St. Marys st

Jones Richd. Parry, St. Marys st

Lee & Brookes, Dodington


Churton Brothers, High st

Jenkin George, Green end

Lakin William, High st


Bate John, Bargate st

Bright William, High st

Gorse James, High st

Griffiths Jane, Green end

Phillips Ann, High st

Ridgway William, Yardington

Venables Samuel (and flour & corn factor), High st


NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND, High st—(draws on the London &
Westminster Bank)—George Corser, manager

of London)—John Lowe, managing director

SAVINGS’ BANK, St. Marys st—(open on the first and third Saturday in the
month)—Samuel Hassell Parker, actuary


Bennet John, Tilstock

Clay John, Prees heath

Cliff Thomas, Grindley brook

Evans Thomas, Welche’s yard

Hudson John, Blue gates

Oliver Stephen, Alkington

Perry George, Ash

Poston John, Watergate st

Sadler John, Bark hill

Savage Joseph, Green end


Jones Robert Barrow, High st

Newling Henry, High st


Allinson William, Claypit st

Cooper Thomas, Venables yard

Edwards John, Tilstock

Goulborn John, Green end

Green Thomas (and toy and leather dealer), High st

Hesketh John, Green end

Hewlitt Richard, Bargate st

James George, Dodington

Jones Daniel, Tilstock

Lewis Edward, High st

Martin John, Green end

Montford John, Pepper st

Newbrook John, Watergate st

Penk Thomas, Pepper st

Pitt Richard, St. John st

Plant Thomas, Claypit st

Shone Edward, Grindley brook

Wood Thomas, High st


Gill Robert, Watergate st

Howell Thos. Capper, High st

Robinson Jonathan, Castle hill


Clarke Thomas, Alkington lane

Edmonds William, Bargate st

Williams Edward, Castle hill


Allen Charles, Watergate st

Batho George (pork), Bargate st

Bradbury John (pork), Claypit st

Cook Joseph, Green end

Day James, Dodington

Hinton Thomas, Tilstock

Jones John, Bark hill

Jones Thomas, High st

Littler William, Newtown

Milnes Joseph, High st

Roberts Edward, Yardington

Thomas George, Mill st


Arrowsmith Thomas, Green end

Boughey William, Castle hill

Burrows Thomas, Scotland st

Churton Wm. Parker, High st

Holland Thomas, Dodington

Lakin William, High st

Morgan Charles, Dodington


Burgess George, Green end

Burgess Ralph (& corn), High st and Newtown

Elliott Thomas, Clapgate

Lythgoe Thomas (& corn), High gate

Phillips George, Watergate st


Beck Edward, Watergate st

Huxley John, High st

Morris John Harper, High st

Robinson Richard B. High st


Johnston Robert, High st

Marshall John, High st


Arden Edwin, Dodington

Johnson John, Green end


Jones Edward, Marbury

Lowe Thomas (and bone dust and guano), Bone wharf

Roberts Edwin (& lime burner and dealer in fire-bricks tiles, & flags,
slates, draining pipes, cisterns, salt, guano, &c.) VICTORIA LIMEKILN,

Thelwell Thomas, High st

Wright George, Coal wharf


Cook George, High st

Dawson Thomas, High st


Brereton Margaret, Watergate st

Evans William, Green end

Wycherley John, Bull ring



ATLAS, Robert Barrow Jones, High st

BIRMINGHAM, Thomas Wood Lee, Oak bank

BRITISH, George Jenkin, Green end

CLERICAL, MEDICAL AND GENERAL (life), Henry Morris, High st

INDUSTRIAL AND GENERAL (life), Charles Foulkes, St. Marys st

LAW, William Parker Churton, High street

MANCHESTER (fire), Samuel Hassell Parker, St. Marys st

NEW EQUITABLE (life), Samuel Hassell Parker, St. Marys st

PHŒNIX (fire), Wm. Lakin, High st

PROVIDENT AND GENERAL, Thomas Joyce, High st

PROVINCIAL (Welsh), Thomas Whittingham, Dodington

ROYAL EXCHANGE, Henry Morris, High st

SALOP, Richard Matthews Angior, St. John’s lane

SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH WALES, John Harper Morris, High st

SUN, Walmsley & Pearson, High st


Connor John, Pepper st

Hogan John, St. Marys st


                   Marked thus * are also Ironmongers.

                     (_See also Shopkeepers_, _&c._)

Bright William, High st

* Corser Henry, High st

Fenner William, Tilstock

Gorse James, High st

* Hassall John, High st

Huxley John, High st

Jarvis Thomas, High st

Morris John Harper, High st

Mullock Thomas, Green end

Price Robert, High st

* Robinson Richard B. High st

Thompson James, High st


Bottwood William, Watergate st

Foulkes William, Watergate st

Kempster Benjamin, Watergate st


Barber William, Watergate st

Harper Robert, Watergate st

Hinton Catherine & Sisters, Watergate street


                  (_See also Taverns & Public Houses_.)

Lord Hill (& inland revenue office), John Price, Watergate st

Swan, Geo. Bradshaw, Watergate st

Victoria, Thomas Platt, High st

White Lion, Honor Jones, Watergate street


Allen Benjamin, Newtown

Elliott Joseph, Red brook

Jenkin George (and architect and surveyor), Green end

Oulton Samuel, Bargate

Rowlands Edward, Dodington

Smith William (& licensed valuer), Dodington


Lee & Co. Red brook, near Whitchurch


Allen Joseph, High st

Bass Charles, High st

Fenner William, Tilstock

Howell Edward James, High st

Moyle Richard, High st

Price Robert, High st

Ravenshaw Arthur, High st

Shone John, High st

Walmsley & Pearson, High st


Brown William, Clay pit street and Newtown

Burgess Ralph, Newtown

Hassell John, High st

Jones Edward, St. Marys st

Joyce Thomas, High st

Lea Edward, Dodington

Roberts John, Tilstock


Jebb Thomas, New Mill

Roberts John, Steam Mill


Allen Ann, Newtown

Bolas Susannah, St. Mary’s st

Boughey Elizabeth, Castle hill

Butler Mary, Alkington lane

Catharall Eliza, Claypit st

Hinton Elizabeth, Green end

Oulton Elizabeth, Bargate st

Phillips Elizabeth, High st

Sumner Ellen, Bark hill


Evanson William, Watergate st

Hamer William, Castle hill

Hassall John, High st


Briscoe John, Dodington

Crosse Thomas, Bargate st

Jarvis John, Dodington

Rodgers William, Watergate st

Skidmore James Stephen, High st

Slaney Thomas, Dodington

Wragg Isaac, Bark hill


Griffiths William, Yardington

Lee John, High st

Ruscoe John, Watergate st

Ruscoe William, Pepper alley


Cork Thomas, Dodington

Dodd George, High st

Kent John, High st

Maddocks John, Green end

Slaney Thomas, Dodington


Batho Richard (and flax dresser), Tilstock

Burrows John, Dodington

Shone Joseph, Green end


Baker Thomas, High st

Cocksey Richard, Pepper st

Porter George, Green end

Wycherley John (& saddlers’ ironmonger), Bull ring


Bailey William (& nursery), Dodingtn

Caldacott Thomas, High st

Corser Henry, High st

Grisdale William, Bargate

Hassall John, High st

Lythgoe Thomas, Highgate

Robinson Richard B. High st

Williams William C. Bargate


Ackers Hannah, Watergate st

Barber William, Watergate st

Barlow Ann, High st

Batho George, Bargate st

Batho Richard, Tilstock

Bebbington John, Newtown

Bradshaw John, High st

Briscoe Elizabeth, Pepper st

Broster John, Green end

Caldacott Thomas, High st

Clutton Thomas, Green end

Cooper Edward, High st

Fallows Thomas, High st

Furber Sarah, Watergate st

Gorse James, High st

Hamer William, Green end

Hort Edward, Claypit st

Kempster Mary, Claypit st

Newbrook John, Watergate st

Newton Margaret, Green end

Poole Mary, Bark hill

Porter Richard, Green end

Povey Joseph, Bargate st

Powdrell Thomas, High st

Rodgers Ann, Watergate st

Roycroft Edward, Grindley brook

Ruscoe Eliza, Pepper st

Taylor Charles, Claypit st

Williams Henry, Green end

Wright George, Mill st


Peters John (& marble), Canal whrf



Baker Ellen, High st

Crosse Harriet, Bargate st

Hewlitt Rebecca, Margate st

Hinton Elizabeth, Green end

Pink Ann, Chester lane

Wood Eliza, High st


Bromfield John, Bargate st

Brown John, Claypit st

Groom Thomas, St. Marys st


Lee & Co. (land agents), Red brook near Whitchurch

New Thomas B. Alkington lane


Catherall William, Tilstock

Crosse Thomas, Claypit st

Elliott John (& draper), High st

Lee Robert, Dodington

Morray William, New st

Morris John, Ash

Nokes Thomas (& clothier), High st

Oulton James, Bargate st

Purcell John, Bargate st

Read Thomas, St. Marys st

Smith William, New st

Taylor Charles, Claypit st


Lewis John, Watergate st

Robinson Richard B. High st


Anchor, Robert Barlow Jones, Pepper st

Black Bear, Elizabeth Large, High st

Black Lion, Isaac Wragg, Tilstock

Bull’s Head, Thomas Harris, Watergate street

Coach & Horses, Thomas Smith, High st

Crown, Daniel Witney, High st

Eight Bells, Hannah Brown, High st

Feathers, Isaac Wragg, Bark hill

Fox & Goose, John Burgess, Green end

George, John Ruscoe, Watergate st

George & Dragon, Elizabeth Jarvis, Ring end

Golden Ball, Margaret Jones, Pepper st

Highgate, Richd. Bradshaw, Highgte

Horse & Jockey, Henry Barrow Jones, Church lane

Horse Shoe, Joseph Allmark

New Inn, Robert Boys, Bark hill

Red Cow, Martha Kent, Pepper st

Red Lion, Thomas Hinton, Tilstock

Royal Oak, Elizth. Wright, Dodingtn

Star, John Jones, Watergate st

Vaults, Robert Barrow Jones, St. Marys street

Vaults, Edward Tudman, High st

Wellington Arms, Thomas Fowler, Newtown

White Bear, John Lee, High st


Cook Henry, Watergate st

Edge Ann, Newtown

George Joseph, Green end

Griffith William, Yardington st

Griffith William, Greed end

Henshall Robert, Bargate st

Lloyd John, Yardington st

Morgan Elizabeth, Watergate st

Morray William, New st

Roberts Thomas, Bargate st

Smith Joseph, Green end

Welsh Benjamin, Green end

Wycherley Hannah, Green end


Jenkin George, Green end

Whittingham James, Green end

Whittingham Thomas, Dodington


Cartwright William Andrew, Watergate street

Keay Samuel, New st


Bradshaw George, High st

Jarvis John, Green end

Joyce James (and church clock), High street


Humston John, Canal wharf



Wright George, Coal wharf


Allmark Joseph, Tilstock

Cox John, Mill st

Davies William Augustus, Dodington

Groome Joseph, Tilstock

Higgins William, Yardington

Read Samuel (& thrashing machine maker), Grindley brook

Ridgway William, Yardington

Vickers Wm. & Son, Castle hill


Clutton Thomas, Green end

Poston John, Watergate st


Jones Edward, St. Marys st

Jones Barrow, Pepper st

Tudman Edward, High st


Cartwright William Andrew, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages,
Watergate street

Chester Mary, corn dealer, Bark hill

Edge John, clogger, Pepper st

Edge William, chair maker, Green end

Foulds John, accountant, Green end

Foulkes John, clerk to the magistrates, St. Mary’s st

Griffiths Thomas, parish clerk and sexton, Bargate st

Hassall John, tanner, High st

Henshall Joseph, box and trunk maker, Yardington

Hesketh William, clogger, Green end

Johnson James, umbrella mkr, Green end

Jones Edward, brewer, Dodington

Jones John, tanner, High st

Jones Wm. corn inspector, Watergate st

Morris Henry, bank clerk, High st

Parker Samuel Hassall, collector of Government taxes and poor’s rates,
Saint Mary’s street

Parton Jeremiah, agricultural machine maker and wire worker, Green end

Peake Thos. boat builder, Grindlay brook

Smith William & Son, iron and brass founders, Dodington

Thelwell Thos. small ware dealer, High st


ST. ALKMOND’S CHURCH, Whitchurch, and ST. CATHERINE’S, Dodington—Rev.
William Henry Egerton, M.A. rector; Rev. Robert Turnbull and Rev. John
Harris, curates

CHRIST CHURCH, Tilstock—Rev. Wm. Renton, incumbent


INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Dodington—Rev. Charles E. Palmer

METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPELS, Saint Mary st and Tilstock

METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPEL, Castle hill


_Chairman_—Captain W. H. Poole

_Governor_—Thomas Huxley

_Matron_—Emma Huxley

_Clerk_—Robert B. Jones

_Surgeon_—John Bromfield

_Schoolmistress_—Emma Weaver

_Relieving Officer_—Robert Henshaw

                                * * * * *


COUNTY COURT OFFICE, St. Mary st—Richard Parry Jones, clerk

GAS WORKS, Sherriman’s hill—Thomas Jennings, engineer

INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, at the Lord Hill Inn, Watergate st—R. S. Harrison,

MECHANICS’ INSTITUTION, High street, Robert Smith, secretary

NEWS ROOM, Town Hall—Henry Morris, secretary

POLICE OFFICE, Claypit street—John Layton, inspector

STAMP OFFICE, High st—Henry Newling, sub-distributer

TOWN HALL, High street


To CHESTER, the _Royal Mail_, from the White Lion Inn, every morning at
half-past six.

To CREWE RAILWAY STATION, an Omnibus, from the Swan, every Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday morning at eight.


The nearest _Stations_ are BEESTON and CREWE, the former 11 miles, the
latter about 15 N. from Whitchurch, both on the London and North Western

There are Omnibuses to the above Stations three days in the week, as
before stated.


To BURSLEM, Thomas Reece, from the White Bear Inn, High st

To CREWE RAILWAY STATION, Henry Welch, from the Fox & Goose, Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.

To NANTWICH, John Read, from the Black Bear, Monday.

To SHREWSBURY, Joseph Owen, from the Lord Hill, and M. Harris, from the
Swan, Monday and Friday.


To CHESTER, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, and forward to all parts, the
Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Co. from the Canal wharf, daily.

{1}  The text of the directory was gathered and written in 1856.  E.g.
“There is at present (1856) in the course of erection”.  However, no
physical copy bearing a title page with that publication date has been
found, and the text is identical to that contained in Slater’s 1859
directory for Gloucester, Herefordshire, Monmouth, Shropshire, etc.  The
title page has been constructed, not transcribed.—DP.

{18}  There were no advertisements in the copy used for

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