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Title: George Washington Carver National Monument Junior Ranger Activity Book
Author: Anonymous
Language: English
As this book started as an ASCII text book there are no pictures available.
Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

*** Start of this Doctrine Publishing Corporation Digital Book "George Washington Carver National Monument Junior Ranger Activity Book" ***

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               George Washington Carver National Monument

                      Junior Ranger Activity Book
                             The Scientist

                       A Junior Ranger’s Job....

Welcome to George Washington Carver National Monument’s Junior Ranger

George Washington Carver National Monument is a special place that needs
people like you to take care of it. By becoming a Junior Ranger you can
help preserve national parks so that future generations may also enjoy

Explore the park and have fun while you complete the steps to become a
Junior Ranger. When you are finished, take this booklet to the Visitor
Center and have a Park Ranger or other staff member sign your
certificate and issue your badge.

Thank you for helping to preserve national parks. Remember to have fun!

    [Illustration: Junior rangers]

                        A Park Ranger’s Job....

Park Rangers help protect and take care of America’s national parks.
Park Rangers work at national parks all across the United States. Here
at George Washington Carver National Monument, Park Rangers have many
important jobs, such as:

    [Illustration: Park Ranger]

  • Teaching people about George Washington Carver
  • Protecting the plants and animals
  • Taking care of the trails, museum, and historic structures
  • Giving park tours
  • Leading nature walks
  • Providing assistance to visitors
  • Much more!

Are you ready to begin your journey through George Washington Carver
National Monument and discover many things about Dr. Carver? Turn to the
next page!

                      Becoming a Junior Ranger....

Earn your Junior Ranger badge and certificate by following these two

                                                          {Young George}

  1. Complete at least one of the activity pages with a sketch of young

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

  2. Complete at least five of the activity pages with a sketch of
  George Washington Carver in his laboratory.

Once you have completed both steps, take your activity book to the
visitor center for a Park Ranger to sign your certificate and to issue
your Junior Ranger badge!

                       A Park Ranger Program....

                                                          {Young George}

There are many Park Ranger programs offered at the park. Check at the
visitor center to see when the next program will start.

Make sure you participate in the program and ask lots of questions! When
the program is over ask the Park Ranger to sign below.

  Program Title


  Park Ranger

    [Illustration: Junior rangers]

                              Park Map....

This park map will help you find your way while visiting George
Washington Carver National Monument.

    [Illustration: {map}]

                           A Carver Video....

                                                          {Young George}

Watch the Boyhood Carver video at the visitor center and answer the
questions below.

1. The Moses Carver farm was located near what Missouri town?


2. What happened to George’s mother?


3. Did George do the easier chores or the harder chores on the Carver


4. What are two things that George taught himself to do while on the
Carver farm?



5. What did George use to teach himself how to read?



                                                          {Young George}

Hike the Carver trail where young George used his curiosity to find out
about the world around him. Write about or draw three things you see
while hiking the trail!

    [Illustration: The Carver trail leads to the 1881 Moses Carver
    House, Williams Pond, and Carver Family Cemetery.]


                                                         {Carver in Lab}

Find the bust of Dr. Carver and listen to the poem he is reading called
_Equipment_, by Edgar A. Guest.

  The equipment listed in the poem symbolizes our attitudes in life.
  _What do you think?_ Check the best answer.

  “Two arms” means:
    I can work with all of my      OR     I should cross my arms and
             strength                                quit
               [_]                                   [_]
  “Two hands” means:
     I can do helpful things       OR     I cannot do helpful things
               [_]                                   [_]
  “Two legs” means:
    I can go wherever I choose     OR   I cannot accomplish very much
               [_]                                   [_]
  “Two eyes” means:
    I can learn by reading and     OR     I should watch a lot of TV
               [_]                                   [_]
  “A brain” means:
    I can keep learning for my     OR   I do not have to keep learning
            whole life
               [_]                                   [_]
  “Start for the top and say ...”
              I Can!               OR              I Can’t!
               [_]                                   [_]

                            The Mission....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

The Organic Act Aug. 25, 1916 gives the mission of the National Park

  “... to conserve[_] the scenery[_] and the natural[_] and historic[_]
  objects and the wildlife[_] therein, and to provide[_] for the
  enjoyment[_] of the same[_] in such a manner[_] and by such means[_]
  as will leave[_] them unimpaired[_] for the enjoyment of future

Find the mission of the National Park Service by circling each
underlined word. They may be diagonal or backward.

          T  Z  L  C  E  E  F  J  E  E  O  S  C  O  W
          T  H  Z  G  T  R  A  J  Z  I  A  C  U  L  A
          A  L  Q  P  N  P  O  E  T  L  T  M  E  W  E
          G  M  G  Z  R  Y  X  T  L  D  E  A  Y  Q  M
          R  E  U  R  M  O  F  U  S  L  F  N  B  J  A
          S  Z  N  E  I  U  V  N  D  I  Q  N  M  U  S
          B  O  N  E  T  G  Y  I  W  W  H  E  U  R  E
          Q  T  Y  U  R  R  B  M  D  W  D  R  A  J  P
          I  R  R  A  E  A  D  P  R  E  A  W  V  Y  M
          G  E  Z  N  C  M  T  A  S  N  A  E  M  W  H
          T  Y  E  L  W  M  P  I  N  A  T  U  R  A  L
          D  C  D  U  Q  P  H  R  O  X  T  A  U  G  J
          S  O  H  U  E  V  R  E  S  N  O  C  A  Z  M
          A  Z  N  V  R  M  A  D  R  F  S  P  J  L  J

                          Dr. Carver Says....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

Read the Carver Quotes page and write your favorite quote here....

Draw a picture about the quote.

                           Carver Quotes....

  “_Day after day I spent in the woods alone in order to collect my
  floral beauties, and put them in my little garden I had hidden in
  brush not far from the house...._”
                                                          _G. W. Carver_

  “_I never saw anybody do anything with his hands that I couldn’t do
  with mine._”
                                                          _G. W. Carver_

  “_Equipment is not in the laboratory, but in the head of the man
  running it._”
                                                          _G. W. Carver_

  “_From a child, I had an inordinate desire for knowledge, and
  especially music, painting, and the science of Algebra being all of my
  favorite studies._”
                                                          _G. W. Carver_

                            Museum Bingo....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

Explore the museum to find out about George’s life.

    The map     The list of   The letter     George’s    The model of
  showing all     peanut        called      report card  the log cabin
  the places    by-products     “Brief       that show        [_]
 George lived       [_]        History”     his grades
      [_]                         [_]           [_]

 The model of    The trunk    The marbles   The bill of    The lace
 the sod house like the one    from the      sale for     collar Dr.
      [_]       George kept   birthplace     George’s     Carver made
                    [_]          cabin     mother, Mary       [_]
                                  [_]           [_]

 A microscope   The picture   FREE SPACE   A picture of     A Bible
      [_]          of a           [_]       Henry Ford        [_]
                 submarine                   with Dr.
                 named for                    Carver
                Dr. Carver                      [_]

     Your       One of Dr.   A picture of   The violin        The
   favorite      Carver’s    Moses Carver   that George    Roosevelt
  quote that     bulletins        [_]       knew how to      Medal
  Dr. Carver    that is not                    play           [_]
     said       written in                      [_]
      [_]         English

    Use the     A painting    A photo of    The map of   A picture of
  headphones     by George    Dr. Carver     Missouri      George’s
 to listen to   Washington      shaking     during the   brother, Jim
  friends of      Carver     hands with a    Civil War        [_]
  Dr. Carver        [_]          U.S.           [_]
      [_]                      President

                           Rock Discovery....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

Find the Rock Classification drawer in the Discovery Center and give a
definition and example of each of the following types of rock.

  Sedimentary Definition               Sedimentary Example
  ______________________________       ______________________________

  Igneous Definition                   Igneous Example
  ______________________________       ______________________________

  Metamorphic Definition               Metamorphic Example
  ______________________________       ______________________________

    [Illustration: {uncaptioned}]

                        Overcoming Obstacles....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

George Washington Carver overcame many obstacles that could have stopped
him from becoming a successful, happy man. Read the vocabulary words
below and explain how George overcome each of these obstacles.

  Racism             the belief that people of one race are superior to
                     people of other races
  Segregation        separation of people based upon differences
  Prejudice          predetermined judgement about someone
  Illness            George had whooping cough and the croup as a child
  Becoming Orphaned  George lost both his parents when he was little


                                                         {Carver in Lab}

George loved to paint and discovered new ways to make colors from soil
and different plants. Draw a picture of your favorite place at the park.

    [Illustration: {Palette}]

                         Carver Discoveries....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

George called his laboratory “God’s little workshop.” Each time George
worked in his lab he enjoyed finding new uses for plants. He came up
with over 300 different products from the peanut plant. See if you can
find out what George is teaching by solving the peanut code below.

       1           4           3           5           1
     + 2         + 3         + 2         + 1         + 1
     ___  =S     ___  =E     ___  =T     ___  =L     ___  =G

       2           3           4           5           1
     + 2         + 5         + 5         + 5         + 0
     ___  =H     ___  =R     ___  =W     ___  =O     ___  =U

Fill in the letters below to learn fun peanut facts!

  1. The peanut __ __ __ __ __  is like a pea pod.
                 3  4  7  6  6

  2. Peanuts have protein to make you __ __ __ __
                                       2  8 10 9.

  3. Peanuts came from  __ __ __ __ __  America.
                         3 10  1  5  4

                         Carver Creativity....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

Dr. Carver worked in his laboratory with many different plants, such as
peanuts, soybeans, and sweet potatoes. In the space below, write a story
telling about a new product that you would like to make from your
favorite plant. Explain how you would make your product and tell its

                           Soil Discovery....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

George Washington Carver found over 300 peanut by-products. Use the
charts in the Discovery Center to label the parts of the peanut plant.

    [Illustration: Peanut plant]

  ___ flower · ___ peg · ___ stem · ___ leaf · ___ roots · ___ peanut

Why are peanuts good for the soil?

                    Carver’s Quest for Education....

                                                         {Carver in Lab}

George Washington Carver was a lifetime learner. Check the correct

  1. Young George was allowed to attend school at the Locust Grove
  School near the Carver farm.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

2. George and his brother went to school in Neosho, Missouri at the
Lincoln School, a school just for black children.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

3. George attended school in Ft. Scott, Kansas.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

4. George traveled throughout the state of Kansas to finish his high
school education.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

5. George was disappointed when he was not allowed to attend Highland
College because of his skin color.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

6. George attended Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

7. George was the only black student at Iowa State College.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

8. George earned his college degree in art at Iowa State College.

                         [_] TRUE    [_] FALSE

    [Illustration: Certificate of Achievement]

               George Washington Carver National Monument
                       Certificate of Achievement

    [Illustration: National Park Service]

            _This certificate of achievement certifies that_


   _has successfully completed all of the requirements of the George
Washington Carver Junior Ranger Program and as such is duly awarded the
                      position of Junior Ranger._

  Park Ranger
  George Washington Carver National Monument
                                                     Official Park Stamp

                           Junior Ranger Code

As a Junior Ranger, I will do my best to:

  1. Explore other National Parks.
  2. Obey all safety rules.
  3. Leave plants, animals, and historic objects in the park as I found
  4. Learn more about African American history.
  5. Help keep our National Parks clean, safe, and beautiful for

This booklet belongs to: ____________________________

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