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Title: Some One Like You
Author: Foley, James W. (James William)
Language: English
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Copyright Status: Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. See comments about copyright issues at end of book.

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      Published by P.F. VOLLAND COMPANY.
      & CO.

     Some one like you makes the heart seem the lighter,
     Some one like you makes the day’s work worth while,
     Some one like you makes the sun shine the brighter,
     Some one like you makes a sigh half a smile.
     Life’s an odd pattern of briers and roses,
     Clouds sometimes darken, nor sun shining through,
     Then the cloud lifts and the sun light discloses
     Near to me, dear to me—Some one like you.

     Some one like you who stands steadfastly near me,
     Knows me and likes me for just what I am,
     Some one like you who knows just how to cheer me,
     Some one who’s real without pretense or sham.
     Some one whose fellowship isn’t a fetter
     Binding my freedom—who’s loyal all through,
     Some one whose life in this world makes it better,
     Blest to me, best to me—Some one like you.

     Some one like you who’s the same Day and Morrow,
     Firm as a rock and square as a die,
     Some one who’s steadfast in joy or in sorrow,
     Some one who’s dearer each day that goes by.
     Fortune is fickle and hope is deceiving,
     Comradeship ends and life changes all through,
     There’s only one thread that runs all through the weaving,
     Fair to me, square to me—Some one like you.

     Never a trouble but you help me bear it,
     Just by the fellowship you have with me,
     Never a joy but I want you to share it,
     How far you fare or wherever you be.
     Never a burden but you make it lighter
     Just by your smile that I see creeping through,
     Never a glad hour but you make it brighter,
     Heart of me, part of me—Some one like you.

     How come the thoughts of you joyously welling
     Up like the water of springs bubbling clear,
     What a new joy everytime in the telling
     Some thing that always I want you to hear.
     Roses of June or the snows of December
     Gray be the skies or like azure the blue,
     Far be the day that I may not remember,
     Near to me, dear to me—Some one like you.

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