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Title: The Protocols and World Revolution - Including a Translation and Analysis of the "Protocols of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom"
Author: Nilus, Sergei Aleksandrovich
Language: English
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                            THE PROTOCOLS AND
                            WORLD REVOLUTION

                               INCLUDING A
                        TRANSLATION AND ANALYSIS
                                 OF THE
                       “PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS
                           OF THE ZIONIST MEN
                               OF WISDOM”


                        SMALL, MAYNARD & COMPANY

                             COPYRIGHT, 1920
                       BY SMALL, MAYNARD & COMPANY

                          _All rights reserved_




    MATT. XXIV, 33
    MARK XIII, 29
    LUKE XXI, 31
    REV. I, 3. XXII, 10
    DAN. XII, 4




_Dedicated to the small herd of Christ_

“Ye, brethren, do not remain in the dark so that the day (of the Lord)
shall not catch ye as thieves.” (I Sol. 5, 4.)

“He who suffers to the end shall be saved.” (Matt. 24, 13.)


Part One


The world is in the midst of a crisis not less serious than that of the
great war. While it was inevitable that the period following the war
should be fraught with grave problems for civilization, these problems
have been made much more difficult by the presence of a new danger,
namely, the destructive force of Bolshevism. Russia was the first victim
of what proves to be a movement of an international character, Russia
being used as the base of operations. While powerful Bolshevist armies
are overrunning Asia and menacing the European countries to the West, an
equally dangerous force of Red propagandists, directed from Moscow, is
operating on several continents, spreading its social poison throughout
the world and threatening the destruction of the social and industrial
morale of civilized nations.

With the triumph of the Bolshevist revolution in Russia, a group of
internationalists, most of whom were members of the Jewish race, seized
the machinery of government and have held it ever since.

The complete destruction of Russian civilization, which for centuries had
been essentially a Christian civilization, and the reduction of the great
majority of the Russian people to a state of abject misery and ruin, are
accomplished facts. The Bolshevist leaders, however, not content with
this destruction and the establishment of a cruel despotism in Russia,
are making every effort to extend their revolution and their control to
other countries.

The Communist revolution in Hungary, under Bela Cohen (alias Kuhn), a
confessed ally and agent of Trotzky, was not terminated until it had
wrought great havoc in that country. The same is true of the Spartacan
revolt in Germany, where recently the struggle broke out anew and assumed
the character of a formidable civil war. Holland and Italy are to-day
seriously threatened with uprisings inspired by the Bolsheviki, while in
France the government has been compelled to expel the Bolshevist agents
in large numbers. In the United States revolutionary agitation directly
guided and fomented by agents of Lenin and Trotzky and subsidized
with ample funds, recently reached such proportions that the Federal
Government was forced to take strong measures, including hundreds of
arrests and deportations. The enemy is in our midst. In this country,
as elsewhere, alien agitators who are either Bolshevists themselves or
emissaries of the Bolsheviki have wormed their way into some of the loyal
labor organizations or put themselves at the head of the Socialist or
other radical political parties artificially stimulating social unrest
and seeking to turn industrial strikes into political upheavals, leading
to revolution and anarchy.

Shall America be as slow to realize the real danger of international
Bolshevism as she was to recognize the menace of German imperialism?
Shall America again be unprepared?

We must be ready to meet the danger at our doors and, if necessary, to
suppress it in our midst with physical force, just as was necessary in
the struggle with Prussian militarism. It has been said, however, and
perhaps truly, that Bolshevism cannot be met by force alone. Certainly
to meet it effectively its nature must be understood. To this end it
is necessary to analyze the movement carefully and to discover its
underlying causes—if possible the predominating cause.

From the very beginning there was an element of mystery in the Bolshevist
revolution in Russia. Was it, essentially, an attempt to put into effect
the principles of international socialism as promulgated by Karl Marx?
Was it a disguised form of proletarian imperialism? Did it aim at the
complete destruction of Christian civilization? Or, finally, was it a
long planned, gigantic revolt of the Jewish race against Christendom and
its institutions?

From the very start there was a terrible method in the madness of Trotzky
and those in league with him. Many of their moves which at the time
seemed inexplicable afterwards appeared logical enough when their objects
became apparent.

The world was puzzled by Trotzky’s famous remark at Brest-Litovsk, “No
peace, no war.” Later, however, the real meaning became known: “No war
on Germany, no peace for Russia or the rest of the world.”

That the Bolshevist revolution was from the beginning almost entirely led
and controlled by Jews is a fact which has gradually thrust itself upon
the attention of the world. The Jews in many instances have admitted the
dominating rôle which members of their race have played in international
Bolshevism and have sought to defend it. Some of their recognized leaders
have proclaimed their pride in Trotzky.

The fact that the Jewish race has taken such an active part in the
Russian Bolshevist movement, with its international ramifications, has
been attributed in some quarters to the motive of revenge on the part of
the Jews for what they regard as a long era of persecution. If this be
so, is it impossible that Jews in various parts of the world imagine that
now is their chance not only for revenge but for world domination?

The air of confidence with which Trotzky and other Jewish leaders
are proceeding with their drastic program in Russia is significant.
Significant, also, is the enthusiastic support which is being given to
the Soviet rule by various Jewish elements and groups outside of Russia.
Whether this co-related movement of the Jews in support of Bolshevism is
not being carried out on some concerted plan is a question of importance
which warrants careful study and investigation. No facts which can
possibly throw light upon this question should be disregarded. For this
reason it is timely to consider the contents and origin of a document of
extraordinary interest which, though made public in Russia some fifteen
years ago, is generally unknown elsewhere.

The document referred to is entitled, “Protocols of the Meetings of the
Zionist Men of Wisdom,” and was published for the first time in 1905 at
Tsarskoje Selo in a Russian book entitled “The Great in the Little,”
written by Serge Nilus, a well-known Russian author. The Protocols set
forth a comprehensive program for the substantial destruction of all
Christian states, and propose certain practical methods for achieving
world domination by the Jewish nation. So far as is known, the Protocols
have never been repudiated publicly by recognized Jewish authorities.
Quite recently the well-known firm of Eyre & Spottiswoode, Ltd., printers
for the British Government, published a pamphlet under the title, “The
Jewish Peril, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” In the preface
of this pamphlet it is explained that the Protocols referred to were
translated from the Russian into English from Serge Nilus’s book _which
appeared in Russia in 1905_. While the editors do not give the title of
Nilus’s book, they say:

    “A copy of the original may be seen at the British Museum
    Library, under No. 3926-d-17, stamped British Museum, _10th
    August, 1906_.”

They state also that the publication of the English pamphlet at present
is justified by the growing menace of Bolshevism throughout the world.
The pamphlet concludes with the warning:


It seems obvious that the publishers, Eyre & Spottiswoode, Ltd., have
used Nilus’s book “The Great in the Little,” published in Russia in 1905.

A specific reference to the Protocols is to be found also in the
French weekly magazine _La Vieille-France_, No. 160, published in
February, 1920. In the editorial article entitled “The Jews Have Created
Bolshevism” (pages 10-13) the following extract from the Zionist
Protocols, as published by Nilus, is given in French:

    “A nous, son Peuple d’élection, Dieu a donné le pouvoir
    d’expansion, et ce qui semble être notre faiblesse a été notre
    force. _Nous sommes au seuil de la domination universelle._ Il
    reste peu à construire sur ces bases,” etc. etc.

The article asserts that Bolshevism is nothing but a phase of Judaism,
and also states that the Jewish Bolshevist leaders in Russia were
subsidized by Jewish banking houses in the United States and Germany.

In January, 1917, Mr. Nilus published another book under the title “It is
Near, At the Door,” and in this book the Protocols were again published
in full. A reproduction of the title page of this book is inserted at the
beginning of this volume.

While the Protocols are generally unknown here, it is worthy of note that
on October 27-28, 1919, the Philadelphia _Public Ledger_ printed long
excerpts from them in an article calling the attention of the American
people to the document and to the terrible program which it presents. The
article in the _Ledger_ was somewhat misleading, however, since it was
published under the captions “Red Bible” and “Bolshevist Propaganda.” All
words in the text itself indicating that the Protocols were of Jewish
origin were omitted. The Hebrew word “Goys,” signifying “Gentiles,” used
in the Protocols, nowhere appears in the _Ledger_ article. Furthermore,
wherever in the Protocols the expressions “our people” or “we”—meaning
the “Jewish people” or the “Jews”—are used, the author of the article
makes it appear that the people thus referred to are the “Bolshevists,”
and speaks of the Protocols as a “Russian document,” which clearly it is
not. Mr. Nilus shows that the Protocols came into his hands in 1901. In
1901 the Bolshevist Party did not exist, for it was founded only in 1903
and was not really organized for work until several years later. Nowhere
in the Protocols does the word “Bolshevist” appear, while the word “Jews”
is used many times, although the writer more frequently uses the word
“we” when speaking of the Jews. There is only one hypothesis upon which
the Protocols could possibly be considered “Bolshevist,” namely, that the
Bolshevist movement was of Jewish origin, in which case the plan outlined
in the Protocols might have become “Bolshevist” by adoption.

The very fact that a document purporting to be written by a Jew for Jews
could be so easily described as “Bolshevist Propaganda” is of interest.

Now, for the first time, the document entitled by Mr. Nilus “Protocols of
the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom” is published in full in the
United States, correctly translated from the Russian. For this purpose
we have used the Russian text as it appears in Mr. Nilus’s book, “It
is Near, At the Door,” 1917, published in the printing office of the
Sviato-Troitzky Monastery.

Before proceeding to examine the contents of the Protocols, let us
briefly give Mr. Nilus’s account of the way in which they came into his
possession and of his views in regard to their origin.

Mr. Nilus, at pages 86 to 92 of his book, “It is Near, At the Door,”
states that he received the manuscript containing the Protocols of
the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom in 1901 from Mr. Alexis
Nikolajevich Souchotin, at one time Marshal of Nobility in the District
of Chern, Central Russia, and later Vice Governor of the Government
of Stavropol, South Russia, and that when giving the manuscript to Mr.
Nilus, Mr. Souchotin said:

    “Take it into your full possession. Read it. Become inspired
    and make out of it something useful to the Christian soul.
    Otherwise it might remain with me unused. From a political
    standpoint it is useless, for it is too late to act on it. From
    a spiritual standpoint, however, it might be otherwise. In your
    hands, with God’s help, it will bear fruit.”

Mr. Nilus states that Mr. Souchotin told him that the manuscript was
originally obtained by a lady whose name is not given and who, he said,
obtained it in a mysterious way. Mr. Nilus showed it to several Russians
of high standing, one of whom said:

    “Slavdom has not yet spoken its last word and, therefore, no
    matter how cunning and strong the Zionist Men of Wisdom may be,
    their efforts are doomed to failure, and for this reason there
    is no need to despair.”

Mr. Nilus states that prior to 1905 he submitted the Protocols to Grand
Duke Serge Alexandrovitch, who, having examined them, sent him a message
of two words only: “Too late.”

Subsequently, Mr. Nilus made several attempts to call the attention
of the proper officials to the contents of this document but without
result. In 1905 he published the second edition of his book, “The Great
in the Little.” In this edition the Protocols were for the first time

In his last book Mr. Nilus writes:

    “These Protocols produced a scarcely noticeable impression
    upon the world outside of the Christian church. The periodical
    press, which in the main is in Jewish hands, or under the
    guidance and influence of the Jews, sought to conceal their
    publication, scarcely mentioning them or referring to them as a
    fallacious invention or a fairy tale. Among loyal Christians,
    however, the Protocols bore fruit and created a success for
    my book far greater than could have been anticipated, for
    they spread the knowledge of the hidden mysteries of our time
    in a wide circle of those belonging to the Christian family.
    Since then my book, with all the Protocols, has appeared in
    its fourth edition; _but only now I learn authoritatively from
    Jewish sources that these Protocols are nothing else than
    a strategic plan for the conquest of the world, putting it
    under the yoke of Israel_, the struggler-against-God, a plan
    worked out by the leaders of the Jewish people during the many
    centuries of their dispersion, and finally presented to the
    Council of Elders by “The Prince of Exile,” Theodor Hertzl,
    at the time of the first Zionist Congress, summoned by him at
    Basle in August, 1897.”

Again he writes:

    “In what way these documents, constituting the Holy of Holies
    of the hopes of Israel, the century-old mystery of its leaders,
    reached the general mass of the uninitiated has not been
    ascertained. As already mentioned, they were given to me in
    1901. In that year, in circular No. 18, as well as in others
    dispatched to the Zionists on behalf of the Zionist ‘Actions
    Committee,’[1] Theodor Hertzl stated that certain confidential
    information, notwithstanding the admonition, has not been kept
    secret, and has been given undesirable publicity.”

Finally Mr. Nilus declares:

    “The Protocols are signed by the Zionist Representatives of
    the 33rd (highest) Degree of Initiation. These Protocols were
    secretly removed from the complete file of Protocols which,
    as we now know, pertained to the first Zionist Congress, held
    in Basle in August, 1897. All this was taken from the secret
    vaults at the main Zionist office which, at present, is located
    in French territory.”

In 1918 the “Protocols” were again published in Russian by a book
publishing firm, “The Sentinel” at Novocherkassk, South Russia. The
pamphlet referred to bears the title “Zionist Protocols. The plans for
the Conquest of the Universe by the Judo-Masons.” In the introduction
to the pamphlet it is stated: “The ‘Protocols’ are a program carefully
worked out in all its details for the conquest of the universe by the
Jews. The greater part of this program has already been realized, and
if we will not come back to our senses, we are inevitably doomed.”
In the concluding part of this introduction the publishers state as
follows: “The ‘Protocols,’ indeed, are not only the key to our first
unsuccessful revolution, but they are also the key to the second, in
which Jewry played such a sinister rôle for Russia.... For us, who are
witnesses of the self-destruction of Russia, for us who hope for her
regeneration, this document is all the more significant as it discloses
the means of the enemies of Christendom for our enslavement. Only after
having obtained the knowledge of the means it may become possible to
successfully combat the enemies of Christ and of Christian culture.”

There is not, and in the nature of the case there hardly can be, any
direct evidence as to the authenticity of the Protocols. There is,
however, a considerable body of facts having a bearing upon this question
which the publishers of this book put before the reader, leaving him to
draw his own conclusions.

The facts to which we refer may be roughly grouped under three heads:

(_a_) There is a remarkable similarity between the policies of
destruction outlined in the Protocols and the actual measures of
destruction put into effect by the Bolshevist régime in Russia, and there
is evidence that this régime is under the control of Jewish leaders.

(_b_) There is also a striking parallelism between certain passages in
the Protocols and the statements of recognized Jewish leaders, both
religious and political, appearing in their published writings and

(_c_) Finally, certain Jewish activities outside of Russia coincide in a
remarkable degree with certain parts of the Protocols.

In Part Two of this volume evidence under these various heads is set
forth. This evidence, however, can be intelligently considered only after
a careful study of the _Protocols themselves_, a translation of which
appears in the following pages, preceded by a short summary prepared for
the convenience of the reader.


The title under which the Protocols are presented in Mr. Nilus’s text,
according to the literal translation from the Russian, is:


The word “Protocols” can be used in several senses, but in the present
case the context would indicate that the word means simply the written
minutes of certain meetings—_i.e._ meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom.
The arrangement is in twenty-four separate Protocols, each Protocol
apparently recording the contents of an address to the meeting by one
of its members. The context would also indicate that all the addresses
were delivered by the same person, and it should also be noted that each
Protocol deals with a more or less distinct part of one complete subject,
like the chapter of a book.

In the first Protocol it is stated that the speaker undertakes to
formulate “our system both from our point of view and from that of the
Goys.” The word “Goys” or “Goyims” is an old Hebrew word signifying
Gentiles, or persons who are not Jews. All of the following Protocols,
whether they are the utterances of the same person who speaks in the
first Protocol or not, are a continuation of the same general subject.

Taking the set of documents as a whole, they clearly purport to formulate
a strategic plan for united action of the Jews as a nation, or a people,
to obtain certain ends. These ends are nothing less than complete
political and religious domination of the world. The means by which this
universal domination is to be achieved are set forth with great clearness
and considerable elaboration.

The document as a whole is of the most extraordinary character, and
while to some readers it may seem fanatical or visionary, others will be
more impressed with its profound cleverness, with the cold logic of the
reasoning, and with the general orderliness of statement and argument,
indicating that the work, whatever the underlying motive may be, is the
result of careful thought and mature deliberation.

The strategic plan of action is Machiavellian and ruthless in the
extreme, and is expressly founded on the propositions that “might is
right” and that “politics have nothing in common with morals.” It is also
explicitly stated that the end in view is to “subjugate all government
to our super-government,” and the Jewish super-government is to be an
autocracy with a Jewish Sovereign at its head.

Briefly summarized, the means by which this world domination is to be
achieved are as follows:

1. The national power of non-Jewish states is to be broken down by the
fomenting of internal revolutions through appeals to class hatred,
and by pretended efforts to obtain greater freedom and privileges for
certain classes of the people, using the words “liberty, equality, and
fraternity” merely as catchwords to gain recruits for the Jewish cause.
Autocratic governments, which alone are strong, must be weakened in the
first instance by the introduction of liberalism, which will pave the way
to anarchy.

2. All wars must be “shifted to an economic basis,” allowing no
territorial advantages to result from war, and thus tending to make the
Jewish control of wealth the determining factor in war.

3. The Jewish international rights are to be strengthened at the expense
of the national rights of the several Gentile nations.

4. The non-Jewish states are to be further weakened by promoting false
and conflicting political policies; by obtaining secret control over the
actions of public officials; by manipulation of the press, and by the
gradual elimination of free speech.

5. The authority of governments where liberalism prevails is to be
weakened by the destruction of religion (other than the Jewish religion),
since it is the conservative and moral force which makes liberal
governments possible.

6. In order to overcome the resistance of those states which are
unwilling to make submission to the new Jewish power, there must be no
hesitation in resorting to violence, cunning, hypocrisy, bribery, fraud,
and treason, or to the seizure of the property of others.

7. The destruction of the social and economic structure of Christian
states will also be brought about by the destruction of industrial
prosperity, through speculation and constant strikes, “throwing masses of
workmen out of employment,” artificially raising wages, thus increasing
the cost of the necessaries of life, and finally by bringing about a
general economic crisis and the disorganization of financial systems.
The financial strength of the various non-Jewish states will also be
undermined by causing them to overburden themselves with foreign and
national loans on an ever increasing scale, which will ultimately lead to

8. Upon the social and political chaos created by these various means
a Jewish dictatorship is to be gradually built up, principally through
the “terrible” Jewish power of the purse and through the other great
Jewish powers of control over the press and over the revolutionary labor

9. During the period of transition from Gentile to Jewish political
control in every state there will be a secret government by the Jews,
brought about through the manipulation of the press, misleading public
opinion, mass terror, weakening the initiative of the Gentiles,
misdirecting their education, and sowing discord among them.

Protocols of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom


Let us put aside phraseology and discuss the inner meaning of every
thought; by comparisons and deductions let us illuminate the situation.
In this way I will describe our system, both from our own point of view
and from that of the GOYS.[2]

It must be remembered that people with base instincts are more numerous
than those with noble ones; therefore, the best results in governing
are achieved through violence and intimidation and not through academic
discussion. Every man seeks power; every one would like to become a
dictator if he possibly could; and rare indeed are those who would not
sacrifice the common good in order to attain personal advantage.

What has restrained the wild beasts we call men?

What has influenced them heretofore?

In the early stages of social life they submitted to brute and blind
force; afterwards—to the Law, which is the same force but disguised. I
deduce from this that according to the laws of nature, right lies in

Political freedom is not a fact but an idea. One must know how to employ
this idea when it becomes necessary to attract popular forces to one’s
party by mental allurement if it plans to crush the party in power. The
task is made easier if the opponent himself has contradicted the idea of
freedom, the so-called liberalism, and for the sake of the idea yields
his power. It is precisely here that the triumph of our theory becomes
apparent: the relinquished reins of power are, according to the laws of
nature, immediately seized by a new hand because the blind force of the
people cannot remain without a leader even for one day, and the new power
merely replaces the old, weakened by liberalism.

In our day the _power of gold_ has replaced liberal rulers. There
was a time when faith ruled. The idea of freedom cannot be realized
because no one knows how to make reasonable use of it. Give the people
self-government for a short time and it will become corrupted. From that
very moment strife begins and soon develops into social struggles, as a
result of which states are set aflame and their authority is reduced to

Whether the state is exhausted by internal convulsions, or whether civil
wars deliver it into the hands of external enemies, in either case it
can be regarded as hopelessly lost: it is in our power. The despotism of
capital, which is entirely in our hands, holds out to it a straw which
the state must grasp, although against its will, or otherwise fall into
the abyss.

To him who, because of his liberal inclinations, would contend that
arguments of this kind are immoral, I would propound the question: If a
state has two enemies, and if against the external enemy it is permitted
and it is not considered immoral to use all methods of warfare, and as a
protective measure not to acquaint the enemy with the plans of attack,
such as night attacks or attacks with superior forces, then why should
the same methods be regarded as immoral when applied to a worse foe, a
transgressor against social order and prosperity?

How can a sound and logical mind hope successfully to guide the masses by
means of reasonable persuasion or by arguments if there is a possibility
of contradiction, even though unreasonable, but which may appear more
attractive to the superficially thinking masses? Guided entirely by
shallow passions, superstitions, customs, traditions, and sentimental
theories, the people in and of the mob become embroiled in party
dissensions which prevent all possibility of an agreement, even though
it be on a basis of perfectly sound reasoning. Every decision of the mob
depends upon the accidental or prearranged majority, which, owing to
its ignorance of political secrets, pronounces absurd decisions, thus
introducing the seeds of anarchy into the government.

Politics have nothing in common with morals. The ruler guided by morality
is not a skilled politician, and consequently he is not firm on his
throne. He who desires to rule must resort to cunning and hypocrisy. The
great popular qualities—honesty and frankness—become vices in politics,
as they dethrone more surely and more certainly than the most powerful
enemy. These qualities must be the attributes of GOY countries; but we by
no means should be guided by them.

Our right lies in might. The word “right” is an abstract idea,
unsusceptible of proof. This word means nothing more than: Give me what I
desire so that I may have evidence that I am stronger than you.

Where does right begin? Where does it end?

In a state with a poorly organized government and where the laws are
insignificant, and the ruler has lost his dignity as the result of the
accumulation of liberal rights, I find a new right, namely, the right of
might to destroy all existing order and institutions, to lay hands on the
law, to alter all institutions, and to become the ruler of those who have
voluntarily, liberally renounced for our benefit the rights to their own

With the present instability of all authority our power will be more
unassailable than any other, because it will be invisible until it is so
well rooted that no cunning can undermine it.

From temporary evil to which we are now obliged to have recourse will
emerge the good of an unshakable government, which will reinstate the
orderly functioning of the mechanism of popular existence now interrupted
by liberalism. The end justifies the means. In laying our plans we must
turn our attention not so much to the good and moral as to the necessary
and useful. Before us lies a plan in which a strategic line is shown,
from which we must not deviate on pain of risking the collapse of many
centuries of work.

In working out an expedient plan of action it is necessary to take into
consideration the meanness, vacillation, changeability of the mob, its
inability to appreciate and respect the conditions of its own existence
and of its own well-being. It is necessary to realize that the power of
the masses is blind, unreasoning, and void of discrimination, prone to
listen to right and left. The blind man cannot guide the blind without
bringing them to the abyss; consequently, members of the crowd, upstarts
from the people, even were they men of genius but incompetent in
politics, cannot step forward as leaders of the mob without ruining the
entire nation.

Only the person prepared from childhood to autocracy can understand the
words which are formed by political letters.

The people left to themselves, that is to upstarts from among them, are
ruined by party dissensions created by greed for power and honors, and
by the disorders resulting therefrom. Is it possible for the masses
of the people to direct the affairs of the state without rivalry, and
without interjecting personal interests? Are they capable of protecting
themselves against external enemies?—This is impossible, since a plan
divided into as many parts as there are minds in a mob loses its unity,
and consequently, becomes incomprehensible and unworkable.

Only an autocrat can outline great and clear plans which allocate in
an orderly manner all the parts of the mechanism of the government
machinery. From this it is concluded that the government which is the
most efficient for the benefit of a country must be concentrated in
the hands of one responsible person. Civilization cannot exist without
absolute despotism, for government is carried on not by the masses, but
by their leader, whoever he may be. A barbarous crowd shows its barbarism
on every occasion. The moment the mob grasps liberty in its hands it is
speedily changed to anarchy, which is in itself the height of barbarism.

Look at those beasts, steeped in alcohol, stupefied by wine, the
unlimited use of which is granted by liberty.

Surely you cannot allow our own people to come to this. The people of the
GOYS are stupefied by spirituous liquors; their youth is driven insane
through excessive study of the classics, and vice to which they have been
instigated by our agents—tutors, valets, governesses—in rich houses, by
clerks, and so forth, and by our women in the pleasure places of the
GOYS. Among the latter I include the so-called “society women,” their
volunteer followers in vice and luxury.

Our motto is Power and Hypocrisy. Only power can conquer in politics,
especially if it is concealed in talents which are necessary to
statesmen. Violence must be the principle; hypocrisy and cunning the
rule of those governments which do not wish to lay down their crowns at
the feet of the agents of some new power. This evil is the sole means
of attaining the goal of good. For this reason we must not hesitate at
bribery, fraud, and treason when these can help us to reach our end.
In politics it is necessary to seize the property of others without
hesitation if in so doing we attain submission and power.

Our government, following the line of peaceful conquest, has the right
to substitute for the horrors of war less noticeable and more efficient
executions, these being necessary to keep up terror, which induces blind
submission. A just but inexorable strictness is the greatest factor of
governmental power. We must follow a program of violence and hypocrisy,
not only for the sake of profit, but also as a duty and for the sake of

A doctrine based on calculation is as potent as the means employed by
it. That is why not only by these very means, but by the severity of our
doctrines, we shall triumph and shall enslave all governments under our

Even in olden times we shouted among the people the words “Liberty,
Equality, and Fraternity.” These words have been repeated so many times
since by unconscious parrots, which, flocking from all sides to the bait,
have ruined the prosperity of the world and true individual freedom,
formerly so well protected from the pressure of the mob. The would-be
clever and intelligent GOYS did not discern the symbolism of the uttered
words; did not notice the contradiction in the meaning and the connection
between them; did not notice that there is no equality in nature; that
there can be no liberty, since nature herself has established inequality
of mind, character, and ability, as well as subjection to her laws. They
did not reason that the power of the mob is blind; that the upstarts
selected for government are just as blind in politics as is the mob
itself, whereas the initiated man, even though a fool, is capable of
ruling, while the uninitiated, although a genius, will understand nothing
of politics. All this has been overlooked by the GOYS.

Meanwhile dynastic government has been based upon this, that the father
passed to his son the knowledge of the course of political evolution,
so that nobody except the members of the dynasty could possess this
knowledge, and no one could disclose the secrets to the governed people.
In the course of time the meaning of the dynastic transmission of the
true understanding of politics has been lost, thus contributing to the
success of our cause.

In all parts of the world the words “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity”
have brought whole legions into our ranks through our blind agents,
carrying our banners with delight. Meanwhile these words were worms which
ruined the prosperity of the GOYS, everywhere destroying peace, quiet,
and solidarity, undermining all the foundations of their states. You will
see subsequently that this aided our triumph, _for it also gave us, among
other things, the opportunity to grasp the trump card, the abolition of
privileges; in other words, the very essence of the aristocracy of the
GOYS, which was the only protection of peoples and countries against us_.

On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an
aristocracy of our intellectual class—the money aristocracy. We have
established this new aristocracy on the qualification of wealth, which is
dependent upon us, and also upon science, which is promoted by our wise

Our triumph was also made easier because, through our connections with
people who were indispensable to us, we always played upon the most
sensitive chords of the human mind, namely, greed, and the insatiable
selfish desires of man. Each of these human weaknesses taken separately
is capable of killing initiative and of placing the will of the people at
the disposal of the buyer of their activities.

Abstract liberty offered the opportunity for convincing the masses that
government is nothing but the manager representing the owner of the
country, namely, the people, and that this manager can be discarded like
a pair of worn-out gloves.

The fact that the representatives of the nation can be deposed, delivers
them into our power and practically places their appointment in our hands.


It is necessary for us that wars, whenever possible, should bring
no territorial advantages; this will shift war to an economic basis
and force nations to realize the strength of our predominance; such
a situation will put both sides at the mercy of our million-eyed
international agency, which will be unhampered by any frontiers. Then
our international rights will do away with national rights, in a limited
sense, and will rule the peoples in the same way as the civil power of
each state regulates the relation of its subjects among themselves.

The administrators chosen by us from among the people in accordance
with their capacity for servility will not be experienced in the art of
government, and consequently they will easily become pawns in our game,
in the hands of our scientists and wise counselors, specialists trained
from early childhood for governing the world. As you are aware, these
specialists have obtained the knowledge necessary for government from our
political plans, from the study of history, and from the observation of
every passing event. The GOYS are not guided by the practice of impartial
historical observation, but by theoretical routine without any critical
regard for its results. Therefore, we need give them no consideration.
Until the time comes let them amuse themselves, or live in the hope of
new amusements or in the memories of those past. Let that play the most
important part for them which we have induced them to regard as the
laws of science (theory). For this purpose, by means of our press, we
increase their blind faith in these laws. Intelligent GOYS will boast of
their knowledge, and verifying it logically they will put into practice
all scientific information compiled by our agents for the purpose of
educating their minds in the direction which we require.

Do not think that our assertions are without foundation: note the
successes of Darwinism, Marxism, and Nietzscheism, engineered by us. The
demoralizing effects of these doctrines upon the minds of the GOYS should
be already obvious to us.

It is essential that we take into consideration the modern ideas,
temperaments, and tendencies of peoples in order that no mistakes in
politics and in guiding administrative affairs may be made. The triumph
of our system, parts of whose mechanism must be adapted in accordance
with the temperament of the peoples with whom we come in contact, cannot
be realized unless its practical application is based upon a résumé of
the past as related to the present.

_There is one great force in the hands of modern states which arouses
thought movements among the people. That is the press._ The rôle of the
press is to indicate necessary demands, to register complaints of the
people, and to express and foment dissatisfaction. The triumph of free
babbling is incarnated in the press; but governments were unable to
profit by this power _and it has fallen into our hands_. Through it we
have attained influence, while remaining in the background. Thanks to the
press, we have gathered gold in our hands, although we had to take it
from rivers of blood and tears.

But it cost us the sacrifice of many of our own people. Every sacrifice
on our part is worth a thousand GOYS before God.


To-day I can tell you that our goal is close at hand. Only a small
distance remains, and the cycle of the _Symbolic Serpent_—the symbol of
our people—will be complete. When this circle is completed, then all the
European states will be enclosed in it as in strong claws.

The modern constitutional scales will soon tip over, for we have
set them inaccurately, thus insuring an unsteady balance for the
purpose of wearing out their holder. The GOYS thought it had been
sufficiently strongly made and hoped that the scales would regain their
equilibrium, but the holder—the ruler—is screened from the people by
his representatives, who fritter away their time, carried away by their
uncontrolled and irresponsible authority. Their power, moreover, has
been built up on terrorism spread through the palaces. Unable to reach
the hearts of their people, the rulers cannot unite with them to gain
strength against the usurpers of power. The visible power of royalty
and the blind power of the masses, _separated by us_, have both lost
significance, for separated, they are as helpless as the blind man
without a stick.

To induce the lovers of authority to abuse their power, we have placed
all the forces in opposition to each other, having developed their
liberal tendencies towards independence. We have excited different forms
of initiative in that direction; we have armed all the parties; we have
made authority the target of all ambitions. We have opened the arenas in
different states, where revolts are now occurring, _and disorders and
bankruptcy will shortly appear everywhere_.

Unrestrained babblers have converted parliamentary sessions and
administrative meetings into oratorical contests. Daring journalists,
impudent pamphleteers, make daily attacks on the administrative
personnel. The abuse of power is definitely preparing the downfall of
all institutions and everything will be overturned by the blows of the
infuriated mobs.

The people are shackled by poverty to heavy labor more surely than they
were by slavery and serfdom. They could liberate themselves from those in
one way or another, whereas they cannot free themselves from misery. We
have included in constitutions rights which for the people are fictitious
and are not actual rights. All the so-called “rights of the people” can
exist only in the abstract and can never be realized in practice. What
difference does it make to the toiling proletarian, bent double by heavy
toil, oppressed by his fate, that the babblers receive the right to talk,
journalists the right to mix nonsense with reason in their writings,
if the proletariat has no other gain from the constitution than the
miserable crumbs which we throw from our table in return for his vote to
elect our agents. Republican rights are bitter irony to the poor man, for
the necessity of almost daily labor prevents him from using them, and at
the same time deprives him of his guarantee of a permanent and certain
livelihood by making him dependent upon strikes, organized either by his
masters or by his comrades.

Under our guidance the people have exterminated aristocracy, which
was their natural protector and guardian, for its own interests are
inseparably connected with the well-being of the people. Now, however,
with the destruction of this aristocracy the masses have fallen under the
power of the profiteers and cunning upstarts, who have settled on the
workers as a merciless burden.

We will present ourselves in the guise of saviors of the workers from
this oppression when we suggest that they enter our army of Socialists,
Anarchists, Communists, to whom we always extend our help, under the
guise of the rule of brotherhood demanded by the human solidarity of
our _social masonry_. The aristocracy which benefited by the labor of
the people by right was interested that the workers should be well fed,
healthy, and strong.

We, on the contrary, are concerned in the opposite—in the degeneration
of the GOYS. Our power lies in the chronic malnutrition and in the
weakness of the worker, because through this he falls under our power and
is unable to find either strength or energy to combat it.

Hunger gives to capital greater power over the worker than the legal
authority of the sovereign ever gave to the aristocracy. Through misery
and the resulting jealous hatred we manipulate the mob and crush those
who stand in our way.

_When the time comes for our universal ruler to be crowned, the same
hands will sweep away everything which may be an obstacle in our way._

The GOYS are no longer accustomed to think without our scientific advice.
Consequently, they do not see the imperative need of upholding that which
we will sustain by all means when our kingdom is established, namely,
the teaching in the schools of _the only true science, the first of
all sciences—the science of the construction of human life, of social
existence, which requires the division of labor and, consequently, the
separation of people into classes and castes_. It is necessary that all
should know that _equality cannot exist, owing to the different nature
of various kinds of work_; that there cannot be the same responsibility
before the law in the case of an individual who by his actions
compromises an entire caste and another who does not affect anything but
his own honor.

The correct science of the social structure, to the secrets of which
we do not admit the GOYS, would demonstrate to all that occupation and
labor must be differentiated so as not to cause human suffering by the
discrepancy between education and work. The study of this science will
lead the masses to a voluntary submission to the authorities and to the
governmental system organized by them. Whereas, under the present state
of science, and due to the direction of our guidance therein, the people,
in their ignorance, blindly believing the printed word, and owing to the
misconceptions which have been fostered by us, feel a hatred towards all
classes whom they consider superior to themselves, since they do not
understand the importance of each caste.

This hatred will be still more accentuated by the _economic crisis_,
which will stop financial transactions and all industrial life. Having
organized a general economic crisis by all possible underhand means, and
with the help of gold which is all in our hands, we will throw great
crowds of workmen into the street, simultaneously, in all countries of
Europe. These crowds will gladly shed the blood of those of whom they, in
the simplicity of their ignorance, have been jealous since childhood and
whose property they will then be able to loot.

_They will not harm our people because we will know of the time of the
attack and we will take measures to protect them._

We have persuaded others that progress will lead the GOYS into a realm
of reason. Our despotism will be of such a nature that it will be in a
position to pacify all revolts by wise restrictions and to eliminate
liberalism from all institutions.

When the people saw that they obtained concessions and license in the
name of liberty, they imagined that they were the masters, and rushed
into power; but like every blind person, they encountered innumerable
obstacles; _they rushed to seek a leader, with no thought of returning to
the old one_, and laid power at our feet. Remember the French Revolution,
which we have called “great”; the secrets of its preparation are well
known to us, for it was the work of our hands.

Since then we have carried the masses from one disappointment to another,
so that they will renounce even us in favor of _a despot sovereign of
Zionist blood, whom we are preparing for the world_.

At present, as an international force, we are invulnerable, because if we
are attacked by one state we are supported by other states. The unlimited
baseness of the GOY peoples, who grovel before force, who are pitiless
towards weakness, who are merciless to misdemeanors and lenient to
crimes, who are unwilling to tolerate the contradictions of a free social
structure; patient unto martyrdom in bearing with the violence of daring
despotism—this is what helps our independence. They tolerate and permit
such abuses from their modern premiers—dictators—for the least of which
they would behead twenty kings.

How can such a phenomenon be explained, such an illogical conception on
the part of the mass of the people towards events of seemingly the same
nature? This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that these dictators
through their agents whisper to their people that by these abuses they
injure the states for a supreme purpose, namely, for the attainment of
the happiness of the people, their universal fraternity, solidarity,
and equality. Of course, they are not told that this unification will
be achieved only under our rule. Thus, the people condemn the just and
acquit the unjust, more and more convinced that they can do what they
please. Owing to this, the people destroy all stability and create
disorder on every occasion.

The word “Liberty” brings all society into conflict with all authority,
be it that of God or Nature. This is why, at the moment of our
enthronement, we shall strike this word from the dictionary as being the
symbol of brute power, which turns the masses into bloodthirsty beasts.
It is true, however, that these beasts go to sleep as soon as they have
drunk blood, and then it is easy to shackle them; but if the blood is not
given to them they will not sleep and will struggle.


Every republic passes through several stages. The first stage is like
the early period of insane ravings of a blind man throwing himself
right and left. The second is the demagogy which breeds anarchy, which
inevitably leads to despotism, not of a legal and open character and,
consequently, responsible, but an unseen and unknown despotism, no less
effective because exercised by some secret organization, acting even less
ceremoniously because it is hidden under the cover and behind the backs
of different agents. The change of these agents will even help the secret
organizations, as it will thus be able to rid itself of the necessity of
spending money to reward employees of long terms of service.

Who and what can overthrow an unseen power? For such is the character of
our power. _External Masonry[3] acts as a screen for it and its aims, but
the plan of action of this power, and its very headquarters, will always
remain unknown to the people._

Liberty could also be harmless and remain on the state program without
detriment to the well-being of the people if it were to retain the ideas
of the belief in God and human fraternity, free from the conception of
equality for such a conception is in contradiction to the laws of nature
which establish subordination. With such a faith the people would be
governed by the guardians of the parish and would thrive quietly and
obediently under the guidance of their spiritual leader, accepting God’s
dispensation on earth. It is for this reason that we must undermine
faith, tearing from the minds of the GOYS the very principal of God and
Soul, and substituting mathematical formulas and material needs.

In order that the minds of the GOYS may have no time to think and notice
things, it is necessary to divert them in the direction of industry
and commerce. Thus all nations will seek their own profit, and while
engaged in the struggle they will not notice their common enemy. But in
order that liberty should finally undermine and ruin the GOY’S society,
it is necessary to put industry on a basis of speculation. The result
of this will be that everything, absorbed by industry from the land,
will not remain in the hands of the GOYS, but will be directed towards
speculation; that is, it will come into our coffers.

The intense struggle for supremacy, the shocks to economic life, will
create, moreover have already created, disappointed, cold, and heartless
societies. These societies will have complete disgust for high politics
and religion. Their only guide will be calculation, _i.e._, gold, for
which they will have a real cult because of the material delights which
it can supply. It will be at that stage that the lower classes of the
GOYS, not for the sake of doing good, nor even for the sake of wealth,
but solely because of their hatred towards the privileged, will follow us
against our competitors for power, the intelligent GOYS.


What form of government can be given to societies in which bribery has
penetrated everywhere, where riches are obtained only by clever tricks
and semi-fraudulent means, where corruption reigns, where morality is
sustained by punitive measures and strict laws and not by voluntary
acceptance of moral principles, where cosmopolitan convictions have
eliminated patriotic feelings and religion? What form of government
can be given to such societies other than a despotism such as I shall

We will create a strong centralized government, so as to gather the
social forces into our power. We will mechanically regulate all the
functions of political life of our subjects by new laws. These laws will
gradually eliminate all the concessions and liberties permitted by the
GOYS. Our kingdom will be crowned by such a majestic despotism that it
will be able, at all times and in all places, to crush both antagonistic
and discontented GOYS.

We may be told that the despotism outlined by me is inconsistent with
modern progress, but I will prove to you that the contrary is the case.

At the time when people considered rulers as an incarnation of the will
of God, they subjected themselves without murmur to the autocracy of the
sovereigns; but as soon as we inspired them with the thought of their
personal rights, they began to regard the rulers as ordinary mortals. The
holy anointment fell from the heads of sovereigns in the opinion of the
people; and when we deprived them of their belief in God, then authority
was thrown into the street, where it became public property and was
seized by us. Moreover, the art of governing the masses and individuals
by means of cunningly constructed theories and phraseology, by rulers
of social life, and other devices not understood by the GOYS, belongs,
among other faculties, to our administrative mind, which is educated in
analysis and observation, and is also based upon skillful reasoning in
which we have no competitors, just as we have none in the preparation
of plans for political action and solidarity. Only the Jesuits could be
compared to us in this; but we were able to discredit them in the mind of
the senseless mob as a visible organization, whereas we, with our secret
organization, remained in the dark. After all, is it not the same to the
world who will be its master—whether it be the head of Catholicism or our
despot of Zionist blood? To us, however, the Chosen People, it is by no
means a matter of indifference.

Temporarily, a world coalition of the GOYS would be able to hold us in
check, but we are insured against this by roots of dissension so deep
among them that they cannot now be extracted. We have set at variance
the personal and national interests of the GOYS; we have incited
religious and race hatred, nurtured by us in their hearts for twenty
centuries. Owing to all this, no state will obtain the help it asks for
from any side because each of them will think that a coalition against
us will be disadvantageous to it. We are too powerful—_we must be taken
into consideration. No country can reach even an insignificant private
understanding without our being secret parties to it._

_Per me reges regnant_—“Through me the sovereigns reign.” The prophets
have told us that we were chosen by God himself to reign over the world.
God endowed us with genius to enable us to cope with the problem. Were
there a genius in the opposing camp, he would struggle against us, but
a newcomer is not equal to an old inhabitant. The struggle between us
would be of such a merciless nature as the world has never seen before;
moreover their genius would be too late.

All the wheels of government mechanism move by the action of the motor
which is in our hands, and _that motor is gold_. The science of political
economy, invented by our wise men, has long ago demonstrated the royal
prestige of capital.

To attain freedom of action, capital must obtain freedom to monopolize
industry and trade; this is already being done by an unseen hand in all
parts of the world. Such liberty will give political power to traders,
and will aid in subjugating the people. At present it is more important
to disarm peoples than to lead them to war; it is more important to
utilize flaming passions for our purposes than to extinguish them; more
important to grasp and interpret the thoughts of others in our own way
than to discard them.

_The most important problem of our government is to weaken the popular
mind by criticism; to disaccustom it to thought, which creates
opposition; to deflect the power of thought into mere empty eloquence._

At all times both peoples and individuals have mistaken words for deeds,
as they are satisfied with the visible, rarely noticing whether the
promise is performed in the fields of social life.

Therefore, we will organize ostensible institutions which will prove
eloquently their good work in the direction of “progress.”

We will appropriate to ourselves the liberal aspect of all parties, of
all shades of opinion, and we will provide our _orators with the same
aspect, and they will talk so much that they will exhaust the people by
their speeches and cause them to turn away from orators in disgust_.

_To control public opinion it is necessary to perplex it by the
expression of numerous contradictory opinions until the GOYS get lost in
the labyrinth, and come to understand that it is best to have no opinion
on political questions._

Such questions are not intended to be understood by the people, since
only he who rules knows them. This is the first secret.

The second secret necessary for the success of governing consists in
so multiplying popular failings, habits, passions, and conventional
laws that no one will be able to disentangle himself in the chaos, and
consequently, people will cease to understand each other. This measure
would help us to sow dissension within all parties, to disintegrate all
those collective forces which still do not wish to subjugate themselves
to us; to discourage all individual initiative which might in any degree
hamper our work.

_There is nothing more dangerous than individual initiative_; if it has
a touch of genius it can accomplish more than a million people among
whom we have sown dissensions. We must direct the education of the GOY
societies so that their arms will drop hopelessly when they face every
task where initiative is required. The intensity of action resulting from
individual freedom of action dissipates its force when it encounters
another person’s freedom. This results in heavy blows at morale,
disappointments and failures.

_We will so tire the GOYS by all this that we will force them to offer us
an international power, which by its position will enable us conveniently
to absorb, without destroying, all governmental forces of the world and
thus to form a super-government._ In lieu of modern rulers, we will place
a monster which will be called the Super-Governmental Administration. Its
hands will be stretched out like pincers in every direction so that this
colossal organization cannot fail to conquer all the peoples.


We will soon begin to establish great monopolies—reservoirs of huge
wealth, upon which even the large fortunes of the GOYS will depend to
such an extent that they will be drowned, together with the governmental
credits, on the day following the political catastrophe.

You economists, here present, will please carefully weigh the
significance of this scheme!...

We must develop, by all means, the importance of our super-government
by representing it as the protector and reward-giver of all those who
willingly submit to us.

_The aristocracy of the GOYS as a political force is dead. We do not need
to take it into consideration; but as land-owners they are harmful to
us because they can be independent in their resources of life. For this
reason we must deprive them of their land at any cost._

To attain this object, the best method is to increase land taxes—the
indebtedness of the land. These measures will keep land ownership in

The aristocracy of the GOYS, which as a matter of heredity is unable to
be satisfied with small things, will soon be ruined.

At the same time it is necessary to patronize trade and industry
vigorously, and more important, to encourage speculation, whose function
is to act as a counterbalance to industry. Without speculation, industry
will increase private capital and tend to the amelioration of land
ownership by freeing it from indebtedness created by the loans granted
by agricultural banks. It is necessary that industry should suck out of
the land both labor and capital and through speculation deliver into our
hands all the money of the world, thus throwing all the GOYS into the
ranks of the proletarians. Then the GOYS will bow before us in order to
obtain the mere right of existence.

To destroy GOY industry we will create among the GOYS as an aid to
speculation the strong demand for boundless luxury which we have already

_Let us raise wages, which, however, will be of no benefit to the
workers, for we will simultaneously cause the rise in prices of objects
of first necessity under the pretext that this is due to the decadence of
agriculture, and of the cattle industry._

_We will also artfully and deeply undermine the sources of production by
teaching the workmen anarchy and the use of alcohol, at the same time
taking measures to expel all the intelligent GOYS from the land._

_That the true situation should not be noticed by the GOYS until the
proper time, we will mask it by a pretended desire to help the working
classes and great economic principles, an active propaganda of which
principles is being carried on through the dissemination of our economic


The intensification of armament and the increase of the police force
are essential to the realization of the above-mentioned plans. It is
necessary that there should be besides ourselves in all countries only
the mass of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to us, policemen,
and soldiers.

We must create unrest, dissensions, and hatred throughout Europe and
through European affiliations, also on other continents. In this there
is a twofold advantage: First, we will hold all countries under our
influence, since they will realize that we have the power to create
disorders or to restore order whenever we wish. All countries have come
to regard us as a necessary burden. Second, we will entangle by intrigues
all the threads stretched by us into all the governmental bodies by means
of politics, economic treaties, or financial obligations. To attain these
ends we will worm our way into parleys and negotiations, armed with
cunning, but in so-called “official language” we will assume the opposite
tactics of seeming honest and reasonable. In this way the peoples and
the governments of the GOYS, taught by us to regard only the surface of
that which we show them, will look upon us as benefactors and saviors of

_We must be able to overcome all opposition by provoking_ a war by the
neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us. Should, however,
those neighbors, in their turn, decide to unite against us we must
respond by a world war.

Chief success in politics lies in the secrecy of its undertakings. There
must be inconsistency between the words and actions of diplomats.

We must influence the GOY governments to action beneficial to our
broadly conceived plan, now approaching its triumphant goal, creating
the impression that such action is demanded by public opinion which in
reality is secretly organized by us with the help of the so-called “great
power,” namely, the press; the latter, however, with few exceptions that
need not be considered, is already entirely in our hands.

In short, to sum up our system of shackling the GOY governments of
Europe, we will show our power to one of them by assassination and
terrorism, and should there be a possibility of all of them rising
against us, we will answer them with American, Chinese, or Japanese guns.


We must provide ourselves with the same arms our enemies can employ
against us. We must seek the most subtle expressions and evasions of
the legal dictionary to justify those cases in which we will be forced
to announce decisions which may seem unnecessarily bold and unjust, for
it is important that these decisions should be expressed in terms so
forcible that they will appear as the highest moral rules of a legal

Our government must be surrounded by all the forces of civilization, in
the midst of which it will have to function. It will surround itself with
publicists, experienced lawyers, administrators, diplomats, and, finally,
people educated along special lines in our special advanced schools.

These people will know all the secrets of social existence; they will
know all languages composed of political letters and words; they
will be familiar with the reverse side of human nature, with all its
sensitive chords, upon which they must know how to play. These chords
are the structure of the intellects of the GOYS, their tendencies, their
failings, their vices, and their virtues, the peculiarities of classes
and castes. It is evident that the highly talented members of our
government, to which I refer, will be recruited not from the ranks of
the GOYS, accustomed to performing their administrative duties without
questioning their aim, and without thinking why they are necessary. The
GOY administrators sign papers without reading them and work for profit
or for pride.

We will surround our government by a whole world of economists. It is for
this reason that economics is the chief science taught to the Jews. We
will be surrounded by a crowd of bankers, traders, capitalists, _and most
important of all, by millionaires, because in essence everything will be
decided by a question of figures_.

Meanwhile, as it is not yet safe to give the responsible government
posts to our brother Jews, we will give them to people whose record and
whose character are such that there is an abyss between them and the
people; also to people for whom, in case of disobedience to our orders,
there will remain nothing but condemnation or exile—thus forcing them to
protect our interests to their last breath.


In applying our principles, turn your attention to the character of the
people in whose countries you will be resident and among whom you will
act, for a general similar application of them before the reëducation of
a people according to our plan cannot be successful. But by advancing
carefully in their application you will see that before ten years have
passed the most obstinate character will have changed, and we can then
count another people among those who already have submitted to us.

When we are enthroned we will substitute for the liberal words of our
Masonic catchword, “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity,” another group of
words expressing simply ideas, namely, “the right of Liberty, the duty of
Equality, the ideal of Fraternity.” Thus we will speak and ... we shall
have the goat by the horns.... _De facto_, we have already destroyed all
governments except our own, although _de jure_ there are still many left.
At present, if any of the governments raises a protest against us, it
is done only as a matter of form, and at our desire, and by our order,
because _their anti-Semitism is necessary to enable us to control our
smaller brothers_. I will not further explain this, as it has already
been the object of numerous discussions.

In reality there are no obstacles before us. Our super-government exists
under such extra-legal conditions that it is common to designate it by an
energetic and strong word—a Dictatorship.

I can honestly state that at the present time we are law-makers; we are
the judges and inflict punishment; we execute and pardon; we, as the
chief of all our armies, ride the leader’s horse. We rule by indomitable
will because we hold in our hands the fragments of a once strong party
now subject to us. We possess boundless ambition, burning greed for
merciless revenge, and bitter hatred.

_From us emanates an all-embracing terror. People of all opinions and
of all doctrines are in our service; people who desire to restore
monarchies, demagogues, socialists, communists, and other utopians._ We
have had to put all of them to work; every one of them is undermining the
last remnant of authority, is trying to overthrow all existing order.
All the governments have been tortured by this procedure; they beg for
peace, and for the sake of peace are prepared to make any sacrifice,
but we will not give them peace until they recognize our international
super-government openly and with submission.

The masses have begun to demand the solution of the social problem by
means of an international agreement. _The division into parties has
delivered all of them to us, because in order to conduct a party struggle
money is required, and we have it all._

We might fear the union of the intelligent power of the GOYS’ rulers with
the blind power of the masses, but we have taken all measures against
such a possibility. Between the two powers we have raised a wall in the
form of mutual terror; thus the blind power of the people continues to be
our support, and we alone will act as its leader and, naturally, we will
direct it towards our goal.

To prevent the hand of the blind from freeing itself from our guidance,
we must from time to time keep in close touch with the masses, if not
through personal contact then through our most devoted brethren. When we
become a recognized power we will personally address the masses in open
places, and we will expound political problems in the desired direction.

How verify what is taught in village schools? But whatever the
representative of the government or the ruler himself states will be
immediately known to the entire nation, for it will rapidly spread by the
voice of the people.

In order not prematurely to destroy _Goy_ institutions, we have touched
them with our efficient hands and grasped the ends of the springs of
their mechanism. Formerly these springs were in rigid but just order; we
have changed it to liberal, disorderly, and arbitrary lawlessness.

We have affected legal procedure, electoral law, the press, personal
freedom, and, most important, education, the corner-stone of free

_We have misled, corrupted, fooled, and demoralised the youth of the GOYS
by education along principles and theories known by us to be false but
which we ourselves have inspired._

Without changing substantially the existing law we have created
stupendous results by distorting the laws through contradictory
interpretations. These results first manifested themselves by the
fact that interpretation has concealed the law itself, and thereafter
has completely hidden it from the eyes of the governments by the
impossibility of understanding such complicated jurisprudence.

Hence the theory of the court of conscience.[4]

You may say that there will be an armed rising against us if our plans
are discovered prematurely; but in anticipation of this we have such a
terrorizing manoeuver in the West that even the bravest soul will shudder.

Underground passages will be established by that time in all capitals,
from where they can be exploded, together with all their institutions and
national documents.


To-day I will begin by reiterating what has already been stated. _I beg
you to remember that the government and the masses are satisfied with
visible results in politics._ How can they examine the inner meaning
of things when their representatives consider that pleasure is above
everything? It is important to know one detail in our policy. It will
help us in discussing division of authority, freedom of speech, of the
press, of religion (faith), the right of assembly, equality before the
law, inviolability of property and of the home, indirect taxes and the
retrospective force of law. All such questions should never be directly
and openly discussed before the masses. When it becomes necessary for
us to discuss them, they should not be elaborated but merely mentioned,
without going into details, pointing out that modern legal principles are
being accepted by us. The significance of this reticence lies in the fact
that a principle which has not been openly declared gives us freedom of
action to exclude unnoticed one point or another, whereas if elaborated
the principle becomes as good as established.

The people feel an especial love and admiration towards the political
genius, and they always react to their acts of violence as follows:

    “Yes, of course it is villainy, but how clever!—It is a trick
    but cleverly done! So majestically! so impudently!...”

We count upon attracting all nations to the construction of the
foundations of the new edifice which has been planned by us. It is for
this reason that it is necessary for us first of all to acquire that
spirit of daring, enterprise, and force which, through our agents, will
enable us to overcome all obstacles in our path.

_When we accomplish our coup d’état, we will say to the peoples:
“Everything went badly; all of you have suffered. We will abolish the
cause of your sufferings, that is to say, nationalities, frontiers, and
national currencies. Of course you are free to condemn us, but would your
judgment be just if you were to pronounce it before giving a trial to
what we will give you?” Thereafter they will exalt us with a sentiment
of unanimous delight and hope. The voting system which we have used as
a tool for our enthronement, and to which we have accustomed even the
most humble members of humanity by organizing meetings and prearranged
agreements, will have performed its last service and will make its last
appearance in the expression of a unanimous desire to become more
closely acquainted with us before having pronounced a judgment._

To attain this we must force all to vote, without class discrimination,
to establish the autocracy of the majority, which cannot be obtained
from the intellectual classes alone. Through this method of accustoming
every one to the idea of self-determination, we will shatter the GOY
family and its educational importance. We will not allow the formation of
individual minds, because the mob, under our guidance, will prevent them
from distinguishing themselves or even expressing themselves. The mob
has become accustomed to listen only to us who pay it for obedience and
attention. We will thus create such a blind power that it will be unable
to move without the guidance of our agents, sent by us to replace their

The masses will submit to this régime because they will know that their
earnings, perquisites, and other benefits depend upon these leaders.

The plan of government must emanate already formed from one head, as it
would be impossible to put it together if disintegration by many minds
into small pieces is allowed. That is why we only are allowed to know the
plan of action; but we must not discuss it in order not to affect its
ingenuity, the correlation between its component parts, the practical
force of the secret meaning of its every clause. Were such a plan to be
submitted to and altered by frequent voting, it would reflect the stamp
of the misconceptions of every one who has not penetrated its depth and
the correlation of its aims. For this reason our plans must be strongly
and clearly conceived. Consequently, the inspired work of our leader must
not be thrown to the mercy of the mob or even of a limited group.

These plans will not immediately upset contemporary institutions.
They will only alter their organization, and consequently the entire
combination of their development, which will thus be directed according
to the plans laid down by us.

More or less the same institutions exist in different countries under
different names, such as representative bodies, ministries, senate, state
council, legislative and executive bodies. It is not necessary for me to
explain to you the connecting mechanism of these different institutions,
as it is well known to you. I only call to your attention that every
one of the aforesaid institutions fulfills some important governmental
function, and, moreover, I beg you to notice that the word “important”
refers not to the institution but to the function. Consequently,
it is not the institutions that are important but their functions.
Such institutions have divided among themselves all the functions of
government, namely, administrative, legislative, and executive powers;
therefore, their functions in the state organism have become similar
to those in a human body. If one part of the governmental machine is
injured, the state itself falls ill, in the same way as the human body,
and then it dies.

When we injected the poison of liberalism into the state organism, its
entire political complexion changed; the states became infected with
a mortal disease, namely, the decomposition of the blood. It is only
necessary to await the end of their agony.

Constitutional governments were born of liberalism, which replaced the
autocracy that was the salvation of the GOYS, for the constitution, as
you well know, is nothing more than a school for dispute, discussion,
disagreement, fruitless party agitation, dissension, party tendencies—in
other words, a school for everything which weakens the efficiency of
government. The platform no less than the press condemned the authorities
to inaction and impotency and thereby rendered them useless and
superfluous, for which reason they were overthrown in many countries. The
rise of the republican era then became possible, and then we substituted
for the ruler a caricature of government—a president chosen from the mob,
from among our creatures, our slaves. This was the kind of mine we laid
under the GOYS, or, more correctly, under the GOY nations.

In the near future we will make the president a responsible officer,
whereupon we will no longer stand on ceremony in carrying out the things
for which our dummy will be responsible. What difference does it make
to us that the ranks of those aiming at authority will thin out, that
confusion will result from inability to find presidents, confusion which
will definitely disorganize the country?

To accomplish our plan, we will engineer the election of presidents
whose past record contains some hidden scandal, some “Panama”—then
they will be faithful executors of our orders from fear of exposure,
and from the natural desire of every man who has reached authority
to retain the privileges, advantages, and dignity connected with the
position of president. The Chamber of Deputies will elect, protect, and
screen presidents, but we will deprive it of the right of initiating
laws or of amending them, for this right will be granted by us to the
responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Of course then the power
of the president will become the target of numerous attacks, but we
will give him the means of self-protection by giving him the right of
directly applying to the people, for their decision, over the heads of
their representatives. In other words, he will turn to the same blind
slave—to the majority of the mob. Moreover, we will empower the president
to proclaim martial law. We will justify this prerogative under the
pretext that the president, as chief of the national army, must control
it in order to protect the new republican constitution, which he, as a
responsible representative of this constitution, is bound to defend.

It is obvious that under such conditions the keys to the shrine will
be in our hands, and nobody except ourselves will be able to guide the
legislative power.

We will also take away from the Chamber, with the introduction of the
new republican constitution, the right of interpellation in regard to
governmental measures, under the pretext that political secrets must
be preserved. With the aid of this new constitution we will reduce the
number of representatives to the minimum, thus also reducing to the same
extent political passions and passion for politics. If, in spite of this,
those remaining are recalcitrant, we will abolish them completely by
appealing to the majority of the people.

The appointment of the president and vice presidents of the Chamber and
Senate will be the prerogative of the president. Instead of continuous
parliamentary sessions, we will shorten them to a few months. Moreover,
the president, as chief executive, will have the right to convene
or dissolve parliament, and in the case of dissolution, defer the
appointment of a new parliament. But to prevent the president from
being held responsible before our plans are matured for the results of
all these essentially illegal actions inaugurated by us, we will give
the ministers and other high administrative officials surrounding the
president the idea of circumventing his orders by issuing instructions
of their own. Consequently, they will be made responsible instead of
him. We recommend that the execution of this plan be given especially
to the Senate, State Council, or Council of Ministers, and not to
individuals. Under our guidance the president will interpret in ambiguous
ways such existing laws as it is possible so to interpret. Moreover, he
will annul them when the need is pointed out to him by us: he will also
have the right to propose temporary laws and even modifications in the
constitutional work of government, alleging as the motive for so doing
the exigencies of the welfare of the country.

By such measures we will be able to destroy gradually, step by step,
everything that, upon entering into our rights, we were obliged
to introduce into government constitutions as a transition to the
imperceptible abolition of all constitutions, when the time comes to
convert all government into _our autocracy_.

The recognition of our autocrat may come even before the abolition of the
constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the people,
tormented by dissension and the incompetency of their rulers, incited by
us, will exclaim: Depose them, and give us one universal sovereign who
will unite us and abolish the causes of dissension—national frontiers,
religion, state indebtedness—and who will give us the peace and quiet
which we cannot find with our rulers and representatives.

But you know well that to render such a universal expression of desire
possible, it is necessary continuously to disturb the relationship
between the people and the government in all countries, and so to exhaust
everybody by the dissension, hostility, struggle, hatred, and even
martyrdom, hunger, inoculation of diseases, and misery, as to make the
GOYS see no other solution than an appeal to our money and complete rule.

Should we give the people a rest, however, the longed for moment will
probably never arrive.


The Council of State will tend to accentuate the power of the ruler;
in the capacity of an ostensible legislative body, it will act as a
committee for the drawing up of laws and statutes on behalf of the ruler.

The following is the program of the new constitution which we are
preparing. We will make laws and control the courts in the following

    1. By suggestions to the legislative body.

    2. By means of orders issued by the president as general
    statutes, decrees of the Senate, and decisions of the Council
    of State, as regulations passed by the ministries.

    3. And when the opportune moment arrives—in the form of a _coup

Having thus roughly outlined the _modus agendi_, we will now take up
in detail those measures by which we will complete the development of
the governmental mechanism in the above direction. By these measures, I
mean the freedom of the press, the right of assembly, religious freedom,
electoral rights, and many other things which must disappear from the
human repertoire, or must be fundamentally altered on the day following
the declaration of the new constitution. It is only at this moment that
it will become possible for us to announce all our decrees, for at any
time in the future every perceptible change would be dangerous, and
this for the following reasons: If these changes should be introduced
and rigidly enforced, it might cause despair by creating the fear of
further changes in a similar direction; if, however, they are made
with a tendency to subsequent leniency, then it might be said that we
have recognized our mistakes, which would undermine the faith in the
infallibility of the new authority; it might also be said that we were
frightened, and that we were forced to make concessions for which nobody
would be thankful since they would be considered as legitimately due.

Any of these impressions would be detrimental to the prestige of the new
constitution. It is necessary for us that, from the first moment of its
proclamation, when the people are still dumbfounded by the accomplished
revolution and are in a state of terror and surprise, they should realize
we are so strong, so invulnerable, and so mighty that we shall in no
case pay attention to them, and not only will we ignore their opinions
and desires, but be ready to and capable of suppressing at any moment or
place any sign of opposition with indisputable authority. We shall want
the people to realize that we have taken at once everything we wanted,
and that we shall under no circumstances share our power with them. Then
they will close their eyes to everything out of fear and will await
further developments.

The GOYS are like a flock of sheep—we are wolves.

Do you know what happens to sheep when wolves get into the fold?

They will also close their eyes to everything because we will promise to
return to them all their liberties after the enemies of peace have been
subjugated and all the parties pacified.

Is it necessary to say how long they would have to wait for the return of
their liberties?

Why have we conceived and inspired this policy for the GOYS without
giving them an opportunity to examine its inner meaning if not for the
purpose of attaining by a circuitous method what is unattainable for our
scattered race by a direct road?

This constituted a base for our organization of _secret masonry which
is not known to and whose aims are not even suspected by these cattle,
the GOYS. They have been decoyed by us into our numerous ostensible
organisations, which appear to be Masonic lodges, so as to divert the
attention of their co-religionists._

God has given us, his chosen people, the power to scatter, and what to
all appears to be our weakness, has proved to be our strength, and has
now brought us to the threshold of universal rule.

Little remains to be built on these foundations.


The word “Liberty” can be differently interpreted. We will define it as

Liberty is the right to do that which is permitted by law. Such a
definition of this word will eventually serve us, because liberty will be
in our power; and also because the laws will either destroy or construct
only what we desire in accordance with the above mentioned program.

We will deal with the press in the following manner: What is the present
rôle of the press? It serves to arouse furious passions or egotistic
party dissensions which may be necessary for our purpose. It is empty,
unjust, inaccurate, and most people do not understand what end it serves.
We will shackle it and keep a tight rein on it. We will also do the
same with other printed matter, for what use would it be for us to rid
ourselves of attacks on the part of the periodical press if we remain
open to criticism through pamphlets and books? We will convert the
products of publicity, now so expensive, owing to the need of censorship,
into a source of income for our state. We will impose a special stamp
tax. When a newspaper printing shop is started, bonds will have to be
deposited, which will guarantee our government from all attacks on the
part of the press. In case of an attack, we will mercilessly impose
fines. Such measures as stamps, bonds, and fines, the payment of which
is guaranteed by the bonds, will bring a huge income to the government.
It is true that party papers might not fear the loss of money, so we
will suppress these after the second attack on us. No one shall touch
the prestige of our political infallibility and remain unpunished. The
pretext for stopping a publication will be that the publication in
question excites public opinion without cause or reason. _I ask you to
bear in mind that among those who attack us there will be also organs
established by us, but they will attack exclusively those points which we
plan to change._

_Not one notice will be made public without our control._ This is already
being done by us, since the news from all parts of the world is received
through several agencies in which it is centralized.

These agencies will then be completely in our power and they will publish
only such news as we will permit.

If we have already managed to subjugate the minds of the GOYS to such an
extent that almost all of them see world events through colored glasses
which we put over their eyes; if, even at present, there is not one state
which bars our access to state secrets, so termed by the stupid GOYS,
then what will it be when we, in the person of our universal sovereign,
are the recognized rulers of the world?

Let us return to the future of the press. Anybody who wishes to become an
editor, a librarian, or a printer, will be obliged to obtain a diploma,
which in case of disobedience will be immediately revoked.

With such measures, _thought will become an educational instrument in
the hands of our government, which will not allow the people to be led
astray into realms of fancy and dreams about beneficent progress_. Who of
us does not know that these fantastic blessings are the direct road to
baseless hopes which lead to anarchistic relations between the people and
the government? Progress, or better still the idea of progress, has led
to the creation of different modes of emancipation without setting any
limit to it. All so-called liberals are essentially anarchists in thought
if not in action. Each one of them pursues the phantom of liberty,
becoming self-willed, that is to say, falling into a state of anarchy by
protesting for the mere sake of protesting.

We will now again refer to the question of the press. We will place stamp
taxes secured by bonds on each page of all printed matter, while on
books containing less than four hundred and eighty pages we will place
a double tax. We will classify them as pamphlets, so as to lessen the
number of magazines, which represent the worst printed poison—and on the
other hand, to force writers to prepare such long works that they will be
little read, especially as they will be expensive. Our own publications,
guiding public opinion in the direction we desire, will be cheap and
rapidly bought. The tax will discourage the writing of mere leisure
literature, whereas punishment will make the writers dependent upon us.
Even if there were writers who would like to attack us, they would find
no publishers for their works. Before printing any work, the editor or
printer will have to apply to the authorities for permission. We will
then know beforehand of the attacks that are being prepared against us,
and we will destroy them by coming out with advance statements on the

Literature and journalism are the two most important educational
forces; for this reason our government will become the owner of most of
the periodicals. This will neutralize the injurious influence of the
private press and have great influence on the people. If we permit ten
periodicals, we ourselves will print thirty, and so forth. This, however,
must not be suspected by the public. All the periodicals published by us
will seem to be of contradictory views and opinions, inviting trust in
us, thus attracting to us unsuspecting enemies, and in this way they will
be caught in our trap and made harmless.

The predominant place will be held by periodicals of an official
character. They will always stand guard over our interests and
consequently their influence will be comparatively limited.

In the second category we will place semi-official organs, whose aim will
be to attract the indifferent and little interested.

The third category will be our ostensible opposition, which at least in
one of its publications will represent the opposition to us. Our real
enemies will mistake this seeming opposition as belonging to their own
group and will thus show us their cards.

All our newspapers will represent different tendencies, namely,
aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchistic, so long of
course as the constitution lasts. Like the Indian God VISHNU, these
periodicals will have one hundred arms, each of which will reach the
pulse of every group of public opinion. When the pulse beats faster,
these arms will guide opinion toward our aims, since the excited person
loses the power of reasoning and is easily led. Those fools who believe
that they repeat the opinions expressed by the newspapers of their party
will be repeating our opinions or those which we desire them to have.
Imagining that they are following the press of their party, they will
follow the flag which we will fly for them.

In order that our newspaper militia may carry out our program, we must
organize the press with great care. Under the title of the Central
Department of the press, we will organize literary meetings at which our
agents unnoticed will give the passwords and countersigns. Discussing
and contradicting our policies, although always superficially, without
touching their essence, our press will conduct an empty fire against
official newspapers so as to give us only an opportunity to express
ourselves in greater detail than we were able to in our preliminary
declarations. This, of course, will be done when it is useful to us.

_These attacks against us will also seem to convince the people that
complete liberty of the press still exists, and it will give our
agents the opportunity to declare that the papers opposing us are mere
wind-bags_, since they are unable to find any real ground to refute our

Such measures, which will escape the notice of public attention, will
be the most successful means of guiding the public mind and of inspiring
confidence in our government. Thanks to them, we will as the need arises
excite or pacify the public mind on political questions. We will be able
to persuade or confuse them, sometimes printing the truth, sometimes
lies, referring to facts or contradicting them according to the way they
are received by the public, always carefully sounding the ground before
stepping on it. _We will surely conquer our enemies, because they will
not have the press at their disposal in which to express themselves in
full._ Moreover, with the above mentioned plans against the press, we
will not even need to refute them seriously.

The trial balloons thrown out by us in the third category of our press,
we will deny energetically, in case of need, in our semi-official organs.

In French journalism there already exists the Masonic solidarity of a
password; all organs of the press are bound by professional secrecy; like
the ancient augurs, not one member will disclose his secret if he is not
ordered to do so. Not one journalist will dare to disclose this secret,
for not one of them is admitted to literary headquarters unless he has
a disgraceful action in his past record. The fact would immediately be
made public. While these disgraceful actions are known only to a few, the
prestige of the journalist attracts opinion throughout the country—he is

Our plans must extend chiefly to the provincial districts. There we must
excite hopes and ambitions opposed to those of the capitals, by means
of which we may always attack them, presenting such ambitions to the
capitals as the inspired views and aims of provincial districts. It is
obvious that their source will be ours. It is necessary for us that while
we are not yet in full power, the capital should be under the influence
of provincial public opinion; that is under the influence of the majority
prearranged by our agents. It is necessary for us that at the critical
psychological moment the capitals should not discuss an accomplished
fact, for the mere reason that it had been accepted by the provincial

_When we reach the phase of the new régime, which is transitory to
our accession to power, we must not allow the press to expose social
corruption. It must be thought that the new régime has satisfied
everybody to such an extent that even criminality has stopped._ Cases of
criminal activity must only be known to their victims or their accidental
witnesses, and to these alone.


The need of daily bread forces the GOYS to silence and compels them to
remain our obedient servants. The agents taken from among them for our
press will discuss the facts they are ordered to publish, when it is
inconvenient for us to publish statements openly in official documents.
While discussion and dispute are taking place, we will simply pass the
measures we desire and present them to the public as an accomplished
fact. Nobody will dare to demand the rejection of measures thus passed,
and the more so as they will be interpreted as an improvement. At this
point the press will divert the thoughts of the people to new problems
(we having accustomed the people always to seek new emotions). Those
brainless creators of destiny, who heretofore have been unable to
understand and do not now understand that they are ignorant of matters
which they undertake to discuss, will also hasten to discuss these new
problems. Political questions are meant to be understood only by those
who have created them and have been directing them for many centuries.

From all this you will realize that by aiming to control the opinion of
the mob we will only facilitate the functioning of our mechanism, and you
will also notice that we seek approbation, not for actions but for words
uttered by us on various occasions. We always declare that we are guided
in all our policies by the hope and certainty of serving the general good.

To divert the over-restless people from discussing political problems,
we now make it appear that we provide them with new problems, namely,
those pertaining to industry. Let them become excited over this subject
as much as they like. The masses will consent to remain inactive, to
rest from so-called political activity (to which we ourselves accustomed
them for the purpose of helping us in our struggle against the GOY
government), only on condition of a new occupation in which we can show
them supposedly the same political background.

To prevent them from reaching any independent decisions, _we will divert
their minds by amusements, games, pastimes, passions, and cultural
centers for the people_. We will soon begin to offer prize contests,
through the press, in the field of art, and sports of all kinds. Such
attractions will definitely deflect the mind from problems over which we
would otherwise have to fight with the people. By losing more and more
the custom of independent thought, they will begin to talk in unison with
us, because we alone will provide new lines of thought through persons
with whom of course we will presumably have no connection.

The rôle of liberal Utopians will be definitely terminated when our
government is recognized. Until that time, they will do us good service.
For this reason we will still direct thought towards different fantastic
theories which will appear to be progressive. For it was by the word
“progress” that we have successfully turned the brains of the stupid
GOYS. There are no brains among the GOYS to realize that this word is
but a cover for digression from the truth, unless it is applied to
material inventions, _since there is but one truth and there is no room
for progress_. Progress, being a false conception, serves to conceal the
truth so that nobody may know it except ourselves, God’s elect, who are
its guardians.

When our kingdom is established, our orators will discuss the great
problems which have stirred humanity for the purpose of bringing it
finally under our blessed rule.

Who will then suspect that all _these problems were instigated by us,
according to a political plan which has not been disclosed by any one
during so many centuries_.


When we become rulers we will not tolerate the existence of any other
religion except our own, which proclaims one God, with whom our
fate is bound up because we are the Chosen People, and our fate has
determined the fate of the world. For this reason we must destroy all
other religions. If the result of this produces modern atheists, as a
transitory step, this will not interfere with our plans but will act as
an example to those generations which will listen to our teaching of the
religion of Moses, which, owing to its solid and thoughtful system, will
eventually lead to the domination of all nations by us. We will also lay
stress on the mystical truth of Masonic teaching which, we will assert,
is the foundation of its whole educative power.

On every possible occasion we will then publish articles in which we will
compare our beneficial rule with that of the past. The benefits of peace,
although attained through centuries of unrest, will serve to demonstrate
the beneficial character of our rule. The mistakes made by the GOYS
during their administration will be pictured by us in the most vivid
colors. We will cause such disgust towards the administration of the GOYS
that the masses will prefer the peace of serfdom to the rights of the
much lauded liberty which has so cruelly tortured them and drained from
them the very source of human existence, and by which they were exploited
by a mass of adventurers, ignorant of what they were doing. _The useless
changes of government, to which we ourselves prompted the GOYS, when
we were undermining their governmental apparatus, will become such a
nuisance to the people by that time, that they will prefer to endure
anything from us rather than risk a repetition of former unrest and
hardships._ We will, moreover, lay particular stress on the historical
mistakes made by the GOY governments, which caused humanity to suffer for
many centuries for lack of understanding of all matters pertaining to its
true welfare, and because of their search for fantastic schemes of social
welfare. The GOYS did not notice that such schemes instead of improving
mutual relationship, which is the basis of human existence, have only
made it worse.

The whole force of our principles and measures will lie in the fact that
they are put forward and interpreted by us as being in sharp contrast to
the decayed social order of former times.

Our philosophers will discuss all the shortcomings of the GOY religion,
but nobody will ever discuss our religion in the light of its true
aspect, and nobody will ever thoroughly understand it, except our own
people, who will never dare to disclose its secrets.

_In countries so-called advanced we have created insane, dirty, and
disgusting literature._ For a short time after our entrance into power
we will encourage its publication in order that the contrast between
it and the speeches and programs which will be heard from our heights
should be more pointedly marked. Our wise men, trained as guides to the
GOYS, will prepare speeches, plans, memoranda, and articles, by which we
will influence the minds and direct them towards the conceptions and the
knowledge which we wish them to have.


When we finally become rulers by means of revolutions, which will be
arranged so that they shall take place simultaneously in all countries
and immediately after all existing governments shall have been officially
pronounced as incapable (which may not happen soon, perhaps not before a
whole century), we will see to it that no plots are hatched against us.
To effect this, we will kill heartlessly all who take up arms against the
establishment of our rule.

The establishment of any new secret society will be met by the death
penalty, and those societies which now exist and are known to us and
either work or have worked for us, will be disbanded and their members
exiled to continents far removed from Europe.

_We will deal in the same manner with those Masons among the GOYS who
know too much._ The Masons whom we may pardon for any reason will be kept
under continual fear of exile. We will pass a law whereby all members of
secret organizations will be exiled from Europe, that being the center of
our government. The decisions of our government will be final and there
will be no right of appeal.

In the GOY society, where we have planted such deep roots of dissension
and protest, order can only be restored by merciless measures which
will serve as evidence that our power cannot be infringed. There is
no necessity for regard towards the victims sacrificed for the future
good. To attain good, even though by the sacrifice of life, is the duty
of every government which realizes that its existence depends not upon
privileges alone, but upon the exercise of its duties as well.

The most important means for erecting a stable government is to
strengthen the prestige of authority. This is only obtained by its
majestic and unshakable power, which will convey the impression that it
is inviolable because of its mystical nature, namely, because chosen
by God. _Such until recently has been the Russian Autocracy—our only
dangerous enemy throughout the world, with the exception of the Pope._
Remember Italy drowning in blood; she did not touch a hair on the head
of Sulla who had shed that blood. Sulla had become powerful in the eyes
of the people, although they were tortured by him; his manly return to
Italy placed him beyond persecution. The people do not touch those who
hypnotize them by bravery and steadfastness of spirit.

Meanwhile, until our rule is established, we, on the contrary, will
organize and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the
world. We will attract to them all those who are and who may become
public-spirited, because in these lodges will be the chief source of
information and from them will emanate our influence.

All these lodges will be centralized under one management, known only
to us and unknown to all others; these lodges will be administered by
our wise men. The lodges will have their own representative in this
management in order to screen the above mentioned Masonic government; he
will give the password and elaborate the program. We will tie the knot
of all revolutionary liberal elements in these lodges. Their membership
will consist of all strata of society. The most secret political plans
will be known to us and will fall under our leadership on the very day
of their origination. _Among the members of these lodges will be almost
all the agents of the international and national police_, whose work is
indispensable for us, inasmuch as the police not only are able to take
independent measures against the rebellious, but may also serve to mask
our actions, provoke discontent, and so forth.

Most people who become members of secret societies are adventurers,
career makers, and irresponsible persons in general, with whom we will
have no difficulty in dealing and who will help us to set in motion the
mechanism of the machine planned by us. If this world becomes perturbed,
it will only prove that it was necessary for us to disorganize it so
as to destroy its too great solidarity. _If a plot is laid, it must be
headed by one of our most trustworthy servants._ It is only natural that
we want nobody but ourselves to guide the work of the Masons,[5] for we
know where we are trending, we know the final aim of every action. The
GOYS, however, understand nothing, not even the immediate results. They
are usually concerned about the momentary satisfaction of their ambitions
in achieving their intentions. They do not notice, however, that the
intention itself was not initiated by them, but that it was we who gave
them the idea.

The GOYS become members of the lodges out of pure curiosity, or hoping to
receive their share in the public funds. There are others who come for
the purpose of seizing the opportunity of putting before the public their
impossible and baseless hopes. They long for the emotion of success and
for the applause which we grant them lavishly. We create their success
in order to utilize the self-deception that is born with it and by
which people, without noticing, begin to follow our suggestions without
suspecting them, and being fully convinced that their infallibility
originates its own ideas and, therefore, does not need those of others.
You have no idea how easy it is to bring even the most intelligent GOYS
to a state of unconscious credulity, and, on the other hand, how easy it
is to discourage them by the smallest failure, or merely by ceasing to
applaud them, thus bringing them into servitude for the sake of achieving
new success. _To the same extent as our people ignore success for the
sake of carrying out their plans, so are the GOYS ready to sacrifice all
their plans for the sake of success._ Their psychology makes the problem
of direction easier for us. Those tigers in appearance have the souls of
sheep and nonsense filters through their heads. As a hobby we have given
them the dream of submerging human individualism through the symbolic
idea of _collectivism_.

They have not yet discovered and will not discover that this hobby is
a clear infringement on the principal law of nature, which, from the
beginning of the world, created a being unlike all others, precisely for
the sake of expressing his individuality.

If we were able to lead them to such insane and blind beliefs, does
it not obviously prove the low level of development of the GOY mind as
compared to our mind? It is precisely the thing which guarantees our

How far sighted were our wise men of old when they said that to attain
a serious object one must not stop at the means, nor should one count
the victims sacrificed to the cause. We have not counted the victims
from among the GOYS, those seeds of cattle. Although we have sacrificed
many of our own peoples, we have already given them in return a formerly
undreamed-of position on earth. The comparatively few victims from among
our own people have saved our race from destruction.

Death is the unavoidable end of all. It would be better to accelerate
this end for those who interfere with our cause than for our people or
for us, ourselves, the creators of this cause to die. _We kill Masons in
such a way that none but the brothers suspect, not even the victims; they
all die when it is necessary, apparently from a natural death._ Knowing
this, even the brethren, in their turn, dare not protest. It is through
such measures that we have uprooted the heart of protest against our
orders from among the Masons. Preaching liberalism to the GOYS, at the
same time we hold our people and our agents under iron discipline.

Through our influence the enforcement of the GOY laws has been reduced
to a minimum. The prestige of the law has been undermined by the liberal
interpretations introduced by us. The courts decide as we dictate
the most important principles, both political and moral, viewing the
cases in the light presented by us for the GOY administration. This we
accomplished naturally through agents, with whom we have ostensibly no
connection, namely, through the press or otherwise. Even senators and
high officials blindly follow our advice. The purely animal mind of
the GOYS is incapable of analysis and observation, and even less so of
foreseeing to what results the development of the principle involved in a
case may lead.

It is through this difference in the process of reasoning between us and
the GOYS that it becomes possible clearly to demonstrate the stamp of
God’s elect as compared to the instinctive and bestial mentality of the
GOYS. They see, but they cannot foresee, and they cannot invent anything
except material things. It is clear, therefore, that nature herself
intended us to rule and guide the world.

When the time comes for our open rule, then will be the time to show its
benefits, and we will change all the laws. Our laws will be short, clear,
irrevocable, and requiring no interpretation, so that everybody will be
able to know them thoroughly. The chief point emphasized in them will
be a highly developed obedience to authority, which will eliminate all
abuses, for all without exception will be responsible before the supreme
power vested in the highest authority.

Abuse of power by minor officials will then disappear, because it will be
punished so mercilessly that they will lose the desire to experiment with
their power. We will closely watch every action of the administration,
upon which depends the action of the government machinery, for corruption
there creates corruption everywhere; not a single violation of law or act
of corruption will remain unpunished. Acts of concealment and willful
neglect on the part of governmental officials will disappear after they
have seen the first example of severe punishment. The prestige of power
necessitates that appropriate, that is to say severe, punishments should
be inflicted even for the smallest violations of the sanctity of the
supreme authority, committed for the sake of personal gain. The guilty,
if punished severely, will be like a soldier who falls on the battlefield
of administration for the sake of Authority, Principle, and Law; these
principles do not allow any digression from their social function for a
personal motive, even on the part of those who rule. For instance: _Our
judges will know that by attempting to show stupid mercy, they overstep
the law of justice, which was created solely for exemplary punishment of
crimes and not for the manifestation of moral qualities on the part of
the judge._ Such qualities are commendable in private, but not in public
life, which constitutes the educational forum of human life.

The personnel of our judges will not remain in office after the age
of fifty-five. First, because old people adhere more persistently to
prejudiced opinions and are less capable of submitting to new commands;
and secondly, because that enables us to achieve a certain flexibility of
change in the personnel, which will bend more easily under our pressure.
He who wishes to retain his position will have to obey blindly.

In general, our judges will be selected only from among those who will
clearly understand that they must punish people and enforce the laws, and
not indulge in dreams of liberalism at the expense of the educational
plan of the government, as is now imagined by the GOYS. The method of
changing the personnel will also serve to undermine the collective
solidarity of the governmental officials and will attach them to the
cause of the government, which decides their fate. The younger generation
of judges will be so educated as to prevent any criminal activity which
might interfere with the inter-relationship which we have established for
our subjects.

At present the GOY judges, lacking a clear conception of the nature
of their duties, make exceptions to all kinds of crimes. This occurs
because the present rulers, when appointing judges, do not take the
trouble to encourage the sense of duty and conscientiousness in the work
to be performed by them. As the animal sends out its young in search of
prey, so the GOYS are giving their subjects responsible offices without
taking the time to explain their functions. Owing to this, their rule
is undermined by their own efforts and through the actions of their own
administration. Let us use the result of such actions as one more example
of the advantage of our own rule.

We will eliminate liberalism from all the important strategic positions
in our administration upon which depend the training of our subjects for
our social order. These positions will be given only to those who have
been trained by us for governmental work.

In answer to a possible remark, that the putting of old officials on the
retired list may prove expensive for the treasury, I can state first,
that, prior to their dismissal, some private work will be found for them
to replace what they are losing, and secondly, I may also remark, that
all the world’s money will be concentrated in our hands; consequently,
our government need not fear expense.

Our autocracy will be consistent in every respect, and consequently every
manifestation of our great power will be respected and unconditionally
obeyed. We will ignore grumbling and discontent, and all active
manifestations of either will be suppressed by punishment, which will
serve as an example to the rest of the people.

We will abolish the right of appellate courts to annul judicial
decisions, which will become the exclusive prerogative of the sovereign,
for we cannot permit the people to think that an incorrect decision may
possibly be rendered by the judges appointed by us. Should, however, such
an error happen, we ourselves will annul the decision; but the punishment
which we will impose upon the judge for misconception of his duties and
of his responsibility will be so severe that it will eliminate the very
possibility of a recurrence. I repeat that we will watch every step taken
by our administration in order to enable us to satisfy the people, for
they have a right to demand a good appointee from a good administration.

In the person of our sovereign, our government will bear the appearance
of a patriarchal or fatherly tutelage. The people, our subjects, will see
in him a father who takes care of every need, every action, and who is
concerned with every relationship, both among the subjects themselves and
between them and the sovereign.

Thus, they will become imbued with the idea that it is impossible for
them to do without this guardian and guide if they wish to live in a
world of peace and quiet. _They will recognize the autocracy of our
sovereign, whom they will respect and almost deify_, especially when they
realize that our agents do not usurp his power, but merely execute his
orders blindly. They will be glad that everything is regulated in their
lives, as is done by wise parents who wish to educate their children to a
sense of duty and obedience. With regard to the secrets of our political
plans, both the masses and their administration are like little children.

As you can see for yourselves, I base our despotism upon right and duty;
the right of forcing the performance of duty is the direct function
of government, acting as the father to its subjects. It is the right
of the strong to utilize his power in order to lead humanity towards
a social order established by the law of nature, namely, obedience.
Everything in the world is subject, if not to some other persons, then
to circumstances, or to its own nature; but in any case, to something
stronger than itself. Consequently, let us be the strongest for the
common good.

We must sacrifice without hesitation those individuals who violate the
existing order, for in exemplary punishment of evil there lies a great
educational problem.

When the King of Israel places the crown offered to him by Europe on his
sacred head, he will become the Patriarch of the World. The necessary
sacrifices made by him will never equal the number of victims sacrificed
to the mania of greatness during the centuries of rivalry between the GOY

Our sovereign will be in constant communication with the people,
delivering from tribunes addresses which will be spread to all parts of
the world.


For the purpose of destroying all collective forces except our own,
we will nullify the universities, the first stage of collectivism, by
reconstructing them along new lines. _Their directors and professors will
be trained for their work through detailed secret programs of action,
from which they will not be able to deviate in the least with impunity.
They will be appointed with special care and will be so placed as to be
completely dependent upon the government._

We will exclude from the curriculum civic law, as well as all that
touches upon political questions. These subjects will be taught only to a
few dozen selected for their striking ability from among the initiated.
_The universities must not allow the callow youths to graduate who
concoct plans of constitutions as they do comedies or tragedies, or who
meddle with political matters which even their fathers do not understand._

Poorly directed study of political questions by a great number of people
creates Utopians and poor citizens, as you can judge by the universal
education as conducted by the GOYS along those lines. It was necessary
for us to infiltrate into their educational system such principles as
have successfully broken down their social order. When we are in power,
we will eliminate all disturbing subjects from educational systems and
will make young people obedient children of their superiors, loving the
sovereign as their assurance of hope, peace, and quiet.

For the study of the classics and ancient history, which contain more
bad than good examples, we will substitute a program dealing with the
future. We will obliterate from the memory of the people all those facts
pertaining to former centuries which are not to our advantage, leaving
only those which emphasize the mistakes of the GOY governments. The study
of practical life, of obligatory social order, of the inter-relationship
of human beings, the avoidance of evil, egotistical examples that plant
the seed of evil, and other questions of a pedagogical nature, will head
the educational program. This program will differ for each caste, never
allowing education to be of a uniform character. Such a system is of
special importance.

Each caste must be educated with strict limitations, according to its
particular occupation and the nature of the work. Accidental genius has
always been able and always will be able to rise to a higher caste; but,
for the sake of this rare exception, to open the door to the inefficient,
and to admit them to higher castes or ranks, enabling them to occupy
positions of others born and trained to fill them—is absolute insanity.
You, yourself, know what happened to the GOYS when they yielded to this

In order to implant the sovereign firmly in the minds and hearts of his
subjects, it is necessary to acquaint the people, during his term of
office, both in schools and in public places, with the importance of his
activity and the benevolence of his enterprises.

We will abolish all unlicensed teaching. Students will have the right
to gather, with their relatives, in their colleges as if in clubs.
During these gatherings, on holidays, the teachers will read supposedly
unbiased lectures on problems of human relationship, on the law of
imitation, on the cruelty of unrestricted competition, and finally, on
new philosophical theories which have not yet been disclosed to the world.

We will promote these theories into dogmatic beliefs, using them as
stepping-stones to our faith. After having presented our program of
action for the present and for the future, I will read to you the
principles of these theories.

In short, knowing from the experience of many centuries that men live
and are guided by ideas, that these ideas are imbued only by means of
education given to persons of all ages, of course by different methods
but meeting with equal success, we will absorb and appropriate to our own
advantage the last traces of independent thought, which for a long time
have been directed to the goal and to the ideas necessary to us. The
system of enslaving thought is already in action through so-called visual

This system tends to turn the GOYS into thoughtless, obedient animals,
expecting to see in order to understand. In France one of our best
agents, Bourgeois, has already announced a new program of visual


The lawyer’s profession makes people grow cold, cruel, stubborn and
unprincipled, and compels them to take an abstract or purely legal
viewpoint in all matters. They have learned to consider solely the
personal gain derived from every case they handle and not the possibility
of the social benefit of its results. They rarely refuse to take a
case and always strive for acquittal at all cost, clinging to minor
technical points of a legal nature. In this way they demoralize the
courts. Therefore we will limit this profession, converting it into
an executive public office. Lawyers will be deprived of the right of
contact with their clients on the same basis as are the judges. They will
receive their cases only from the court, preparing them on the strength
of written reports and documents and defending their clients after they
have been examined in court on the basis of the facts obtained during the
trial. They will receive a salary, regardless of whether the defense has
been successful or not. They will act as simple exponents of the case on
behalf of the defense in counterbalance to the public prosecutor, who
will act as exponent on behalf of the prosecution. This will shorten
legal procedure and establish an honest and impartial defense, conducted
not for the sake of personal gain, but based on the personal conviction
of the lawyer. This will also eliminate the existing bribery among fellow
lawyers and prevent their allowing the side to win which pays.

We have already taken care to discredit the clergy of the GOYS and thus
to undermine their function, which at the present time could have been
very much in our way. Their influence over the people diminishes daily.

To-day freedom of religion has been proclaimed everywhere; consequently,
it is only a _question of a few years before the complete collapse of
Christendom_. It will be still easier to deal with other religions, but
it is too early to discuss this problem. We will confine clericalism and
clericals within such a narrow field that their influence will have an
effect opposite to what it used to have.

When the moment comes to annihilate the Vatican completely, an invisible
hand, pointing towards this court, will guide the masses in their
assault. When, however, the masses attack, we will come forward as
defenders to prevent too much bloodshed. By this method we will penetrate
its very heart and will not leave it until we have undermined its power.

The King of Israel will become the real Pope of the Universe, the
Patriarch of the International Church.

But until we have accomplished the re-education of the youth to new
transitional religions and finally to our own, _we will not openly attack
the existing churches, but will fight them by means of criticism, thus
creating dissension_.

In general, our press will denounce governmental activities and religion,
and will expose the inefficiency of the GOYS in the most unscrupulous
terms, so as to humiliate them to such an extent as only our ingenious
race is capable of doing. Our rule will simulate the God Vishnu, who
resembles us physically; each of our hundred hands will hold one of the
springs of the social machine. We will see everything without the aid of
the official police; in its present organization, however, which we have
worked out for the GOYS, the police prevent the government from seeing
anything. According to our program, one-third of our subjects will watch
the others from a pure sense of duty, as volunteers for the government.
Then it will not be considered disgraceful to be a spy and an informer;
on the contrary, it will be regarded as praiseworthy. Unfounded reports,
however, will be severely punished to prevent abuse of this privilege.

Our agents will be recruited both from among the highest and the lowest
ranks of society; they will be selected from among the pleasure-loving
governmental officials, editors, printers, booksellers, salesmen,
workmen, drivers, butlers, etc. This police force will have no official
rights or credentials, which give opportunity for the abuse of power,
and consequently it will be powerless; it will merely act as observer
and will make reports. The verification of such reports and the issue
of warrants for arrests will rest with a responsible group of police
controllers. The actual arrests, however, will be made by a gendarme
corps or the municipal police. In case of failure to report any political
matter which has been observed or rumored, the person who should have
reported it may be brought to trial for concealment of crime, if it is
proven that he is guilty.

_In the same way that our brethren are now under obligation to report
on their own initiative on all apostates_, or on any person marked as
being opposed to the Kehillah, so in our Universal Kingdom it will be
obligatory for all subjects to serve the state in that direction.

Such an organization will eliminate all abuse of power and various
kinds of coercion and corruption, in fact, the very things which have
been introduced into the customs of the GOYS by our councils and by the
theories of the rights of supermen. But how otherwise could we foment the
increasing causes for disorder in the midst of their administration? What
other means could we use? Among these means, one of the most important is
the employment of such agents for the preservation of order as are in a
position to manifest their own evil inclinations in the course of their
destructive work, namely, their self-will, abuse of authority, and, most
important of all, bribery.


When the time comes for us to strengthen the measures of police
protection (the most terrible poison for the prestige of authority),
we will artificially organize disorder or simulate the expression of
discontent with the aid of experienced orators. These orators will be
joined by sympathizers. This will give us the pretext for searches and
special restrictions which will be put in force by our servants among the
GOY police.

As most conspirators work as amateurs for the sake of chattering, we
will not disturb them until we see that they are about to take action;
but we will introduce in their midst secret service agents. It must be
remembered that the prestige of authority diminishes if conspiracies
against it are often discovered, for that leads to the presumption of the
weakness of the authority, or, what is worse, to the admission of its
own mistakes. You are aware that we have destroyed the prestige of the
ruling GOYS by frequent attempts made on their lives through our agents,
who were but blind sheep of our flock, easily moved, by a few liberal
phrases, to crimes, so long as they were of a political nature. _We have
forced the rulers to admit their own weakness by adopting open measures
of police protection, and thereby we have ruined the prestige of their

Our sovereign will be protected only by the most invisible guard, because
we will never allow any one to think that conspiracy might exist against
him which he is unable to combat and from which he has to hide himself.
If we were to allow this thought to prevail, as it prevails among the
GOYS, we would thereby sign the death warrant, if not of the sovereign
himself, then of his dynasty in the near future.

Observing strict decorum, our sovereign will use his power only for the
benefit of the people, but never for his own good or for that of his
dynasty. By strictly adhering to this decorum, his authority will be
respected and protected by his subjects; moreover, he will be worshiped,
because it will be known that upon his authority depends the well-being
of every citizen of the kingdom, and the stability of the social order

_To guard the sovereign openly is equivalent to an admission of the
weakness of his governmental organization._

Our sovereign, when amidst his people, will always appear to be
surrounded by a crowd of curious men and women, who will stand beside
him as though accidentally and will hold back the other people as
though through respect for order. This example will implant an idea of
self-restraint in others. If there be a person in the crowd trying to
present a petition, and working his way through the ranks, the person
nearest to him must take the petition and present it to the sovereign in
sight of the petitioner himself, so that all may know that the petition
presented has reached its destination and consequently that there exists
a control of affairs on the part of the sovereign himself. The prestige
of authority demands that the people should be able to say, “If only the
king could know it,” or, “The king will know about this.”

With the establishment of an official police guard the mystical prestige
of authority vanishes at once; with a certain amount of audacity, every
one considers himself superior to authority; the assassin realizes his
strength and only has to watch his opportunity to make an attempt against
an official. We preached differently for the GOYS, but we can see the
results to which open methods of protection have led them.

We will arrest criminals upon the first more or less well-founded
suspicion. Because of the fear of a possible mistake political criminals
should not be given the opportunity to escape; indeed towards political
crime we will show no mercy. If, in exceptional cases, it may seem
possible to allow the investigation of motives which have led to ordinary
criminal offences, there is no excuse for those who attempt to deal with
matters which no one can understand except the government. Moreover, not
even all governments are capable of understanding the right policy.


Though we will not allow individuals to become involved in politics, we
will, on the other hand, encourage the submission for the approval of
the government of all petitions and reports containing suggestions and
plans for bettering the condition of the people. This will bring to our
knowledge the shortcomings or merely the fantastic aspirations of our
subjects. These suggestions we will answer either by favorable action or
by refusals proving the lack of intelligence and the errors of those who
have submitted such suggestions.

Sedition is nothing but the barking of a lap dog at an elephant. From
the point of view of a government which is well organized, not from the
police standpoint but with regard to its social basis, the lap dog barks
at the elephant because he does not realize his strength. It is only
necessary for the elephant to show his strength once and the dog barks no
more; he begins to wag his tail the moment he sees the elephant.

In order to eliminate the prestige of martyrdom from political crime,
we will seat the political criminal on the same bench with thieves,
murderers, and other disgusting and dirty criminals. Then public opinion
will regard that class of criminals as quite as disgraceful as any other,
and will brand them with equal contempt.

We have endeavored to prevent, and I hope have succeeded in preventing,
the GOYS from using such methods of dealing with seditious activities.
In order to attain this end, we have made use of the press and public
speeches; indirectly, through cleverly compiled historical textbooks, we
have given publicity to martyrdom as though revolutionists had undergone
it for the sake of human welfare. Such an advertisement has increased the
contingent of liberals and forced thousands of GOYS into the herds of our


To-day we shall deal with the financial program, the discussion of which
I have postponed until the end of my report because it is the most
difficult, conclusive, and decisive point in our plans. In approaching
it, I will remind you that I have already intimated that the result of
our actions is measured in figures.

When we become rulers, our autocratic government, for the sake of
self-defense, will avoid burdening the people with heavy taxes, and it
will not forget the rôle it has to play, namely, that of Father and
Protector. But as government organization is costly, it is necessary to
raise the means for its maintenance. Consequently, we must carefully work
out the plan of a fair distribution of taxation.

In our government the sovereign will have the legal fiction of owning
everything in his kingdom (which is easily put into practice), and can
resort to legal confiscation of all money in order to regulate its
circulation throughout the country. Consequently, the best method of
taxation is the levying of a progressive tax on property. Taxes will thus
be paid without difficulty or ruin in respective proportion to the amount
of property owned. The rich must realize that it is their duty to give a
part of their surplus wealth for the benefit of the country as a whole,
because the government guarantees inviolability of the remaining part of
their property and the right of honest gain. I say _honest_ because the
control of property will prevent legal theft.

This social reform must come from above, for the time is ripe and it is
becoming necessary as a guarantee of peace.

The tax on the poor is the seed of revolution, and it acts detrimentally
to the government, which loses the great in its pursuit of the little.
Moreover, the taxation of capital will lessen the increase of wealth
in private hands, in which at present we have concentrated it as a
counterweight to the governmental power of the GOYS, namely, to the state

Progressive taxation, assessed according to the amount of capital, will
produce a much greater revenue than the present system of taxing every
one at an equal rate, which is useful to us now only as a means of
exciting revolt and discontent among the GOYS. The power of our sovereign
will rest mainly in equilibrium and in guarantees of peace. For these,
the capitalists must cede a part of their income so as to protect the
action of the government machine. Public needs must be met by those who
can best afford to do so and by those from whom there is something to

Such a measure will eliminate the hatred of the poor towards the rich, as
they will be regarded as the financial supporters of the state and the
upholders of peace and prosperity. The poor will also see that the rich
are providing the necessary means to insure this end.

To prevent intelligent taxpayers from being too discontented with the new
system of taxation, they will be furnished with detailed reports of the
disbursement of public funds, exclusive of such as are appropriated for
the needs of the throne and administrative institutions.

The sovereign will not own property, since everything in the state will
seem to belong to him and these two conceptions would contradict each
other. Private means would eliminate his right to own everything.

The relatives of the sovereign, aside from his descendants who will also
be supported by the state, must join the ranks of government officials,
or otherwise work for the right of holding property. The privilege of
being of royal blood must not entitle them to rob the state treasury.

Sales, profits, or inheritances will be taxed by a progressive stamp
tax. The transfer of property, whether in cash or otherwise, without the
required stamp, will place the payment of the tax on the original owner,
dating from the time of the transfer until the time of the reported
failure to record the transaction. Transfer vouchers must be shown weekly
at the local branch of the state treasury, together with a statement of
the names, surnames, and the permanent addresses both of the original and
of the new owner. The recording of the names of those participating in a
transaction will be necessary in all transactions involving more than a
certain amount for ordinary expenditure. The sale of prime necessities
will be taxed only by a stamp tax, which will represent a certain small
per cent of the cost of the particular article.

Just calculate how many times the amount received from such taxes will
exceed the income of the GOY governments.

The state bank must keep a definite reserve fund, and all sums in excess
must be put back into circulation. The cost of public works will be met
out of this surplus fund. The initiative of such works emanating from
the government will also tie the working class to the interests of the
government and the rulers. Some of this money will be allotted to prizes
for inventions and for the purposes of production.

Even small sums in excess of a certain definite and broadly calculated
fund, should not be allowed to be kept in the state treasury, because
money is intended to circulate, and every impediment to circulation is
detrimental to the governmental mechanism, which the money lubricates;
the congestion of lubricating substances can stop the proper functioning
of the mechanism.

The substitution of bonds for a part of the currency has created just
such an impediment. The result of this has already become sufficiently

We will also establish an auditing office, so as to enable the sovereign
to find at all times a full account of state revenues and expenses,
except for the current month not yet made up, and that of the previous
month not yet presented.

The only person who will not be interested in robbing the state treasury
will be the sovereign, its owner. This is the reason why his control will
prevent the possibility of loss or misappropriation.

Receptions for the purpose of etiquette, which waste the valuable time
of the sovereign, will be abolished, because the ruler needs time for
control and thought. Then his power will not be frittered away on the
people surrounding the throne for the sake of appearance and brilliance,
and who have only their own and not the public interest in mind.

The economic crises were created by us for the GOYS only by the
withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge amounts of capital were kept
idle and were taken away from the nations, which were thus compelled
to apply to us for loans. Payment of interest on these loans burdened
the state finances and made the states subservient to capital. The
concentration of industry having taken production out of the hands of the
artisan and put it into the hands of capitalists, sucked all the power
out of the people and also out of the state.

The present issue of money generally does not coincide with the need
per capita, and consequently it cannot satisfy all the needs of the
working classes. The issue of currency must correspond with the increase
in population, and children must be reckoned as consumers from the day
of their birth. The revision of the issue of currency is an essential
problem for the whole world.

You know that gold currency was detrimental to the governments that
accepted it, for it could not satisfy the requirements for money, since
we took as much gold as possible out of circulation.

We must issue a currency based on the value of the working power, whether
it be of paper or wood. We will issue money in proportion to the normal
demands of every subject, adding a certain amount at every birth and
decreasing it with every death.

Every department (the French administrative divisions),[6] every
district, will be in charge of its own accounts.

To avoid any delay in paying government expenses, the terms of such
payments will be decreed by order of the sovereign; this will eliminate
any favoritism of the ministry (of finance)[7] over any other department
to the detriment of the others.

The budget of revenues and the budget of expenditure will be placed side
by side, in order that they may always be compared with each other.

We will present plans for the reform of the GOY financial institutions
and of their principles, as planned by us, in such a manner that nobody
will be frightened. We will demonstrate the need of reform by the
disorderly twaddle produced by the financial disorganization of the
GOYS. We will show that the first reason for this confusion lies in
the drafting of rough estimates for the budget, which increases from
year to year. This annual budget is with great difficulty made to last
during the first half of the year; then a revised budget is demanded
and the funds thus allotted are spent in the next three months, after
which a supplementary budget is called for and all this is wound up by a
liquidation budget. As the budget of the following year is based on the
total expenditure of the preceding year, the divergence from the normal
reaches fifty per cent annually, so that the annual budget trebles every
ten years. Owing to such a procedure, resulting from the carelessness of
the GOY governments, their treasuries became empty. The period of loans
followed and used up the remainder and brought all the GOY states to

You can well understand that such a management of financial affairs as we
induced the GOYS to pursue cannot be adopted by us.

Every loan proves the impotency of the government and its failure to
understand its own rights. Loans, like the sword of Damocles, hang
above the heads of the rulers, who instead of placing temporary taxes
on their subjects, stretch forth their hands and beg the charity of our
bankers. Foreign loans are leeches, which can never be removed from the
governmental body until they either fall off themselves or the government
itself manages to get rid of them. But the GOY governments instead of
throwing them off increase their number, so that these governments must
inevitably perish through self-inflicted loss of blood.

Indeed, what is a loan, especially a foreign loan, if not a leech? A loan
is the issuance of government obligations which involve the liability to
pay interest in proportion to the sum borrowed. If the loan pays five
per cent, then in twenty years the government has unnecessarily paid in
interest an amount equal to the principal sum borrowed. In forty years
it has paid twice; in sixty years it has trebled the sum, while the loan
still remains an unpaid debt.

From this calculation it is evident that under the system of universal
taxation the government takes the last penny from the poor taxpayers in
the form of taxes in order to pay interest to foreign capitalists, from
whom the money was borrowed, instead of collecting these same pennies for
its needs free from all interest.

So long as the loans were domestic, the GOYS only shifted the money from
the pockets of the poor into those of the rich; but when we bribed the
proper persons to make the loans foreign, then national riches poured
into our hands and all the GOYS began to pay us the tribute of subjects.

The carelessness of the reigning GOYS in statemanship, the corruption of
their ministers, the ignorance of other officials of financial problems,
has forced their countries into debt to our banks to such an extent that
they can never pay off their debts. It should be realized, however, that
we have gone to great pains in order to bring about such a state of

Impediments to the circulation of money will not be allowed by us, and
therefore there will be no government bonds, except one per cent bonds,
so that the payment of interest should not deliver the power of the state
to the sucking of leeches. The right of issuing bonds will be exclusively
granted to industrial corporations, which will easily pay the interest
out of their profits. The government, however, does not derive profit on
borrowed money as these corporations do, since the state borrows money
for expenditure and not for production.

Industrial bonds will also be bought by the government, which instead of
being, as at present, the payer of tribute on loans, will become a sound
creditor. Such a measure will prevent stagnation in the circulation of
money, as well as indolence and laziness, which were useful to us so
long as the GOYS remained independent, but are not wanted by us in our

How apparent is the shortsightedness of the purely bestial brains of the
GOYS! It manifested itself when they borrowed money for at interest.
It did not occur to the GOYS that, at any rate, this money, with the
additional interest on it, would have to be taken from the resources of
the country and paid to us. Would it not have been more simple to take
the needed money from their own people?

This proves the genius of our distinguished mind, for we were able to
present the question of loans to them in such a light that they saw in
loans an advantage for themselves.

Our estimates, which we will produce when the time comes, will be based
on the experience of centuries, on all those experiments which were
conducted by us at the expense of the GOY governments; our estimates
will prove to be clear and definite, and will obviously demonstrate the
advantage of our new system. They will end all those abuses which made it
possible for us to master the GOYS, but which cannot be permitted in our

We will so organize the accounting system that neither the sovereign
himself nor the most humble clerk will be able to deflect the smallest
sum from its destination or direct it into a different channel from that
indicated in our original financial plan.

It is impossible to govern without a definite plan. Traveling along a
definite road with an indefinite supply of provisions destroys heroes and

The GOY rulers, to whom we once gave advice to neglect governmental
duties for grandiose receptions, etiquette, and pleasures, only concealed
our rule. The accounts of the powerful favorites who replaced the
sovereign were drawn up by our agents, and they always satisfied the
shallow minds by promises that in the future there would be savings and
improvements. Savings from what? From new taxes? This might have been
asked but was not asked by those who read our reports and plans. You know
to what their carelessness has led them, what financial disorganization
they have reached in spite of the wonderful diligence of their people.


I will add one more detail regarding domestic loans in addition to the
report which I made at the last meeting. I will not speak any more of
foreign loans, for they filled our coffers with the national money of the
GOYS. There will be no foreigners in our government, nobody outside.

We profited by the corruption of the administrators and by the negligence
of the rulers in receiving sums that were doubled, trebled, and even
more, loaning the GOY governments money which in reality was not needed
by the states at all. Who could do the same with regard to us? Therefore,
I will only set forth details in regard to domestic loans.

In announcing such a loan, the governments open a subscription to their
bonds. To make them accessible to all, they vary the denomination from
one hundred to thousands, and the first subscribers are allowed to buy
below face value. The following day the price is artificially raised
on the pretext that everybody hurried to buy the bonds. In a few more
days there is a pretense that the treasury is filled and that it is not
known what to do with the money, which has been oversubscribed. (What
was the use of taking it?) The subscription is evidently considerably in
excess of the amount asked for. Therein lies the effect, for it is thus
demonstrated that the public has confidence in the government obligations.

But after the comedy has been played the fact of the debt appears, and it
is usually a heavy one. In order to pay the interest, new loans have to
be issued, which do not liquidate but increase the original debt. Then
when the borrowing capacity of the government has been exhausted, it
becomes necessary to meet the interest on the loan—not the loan itself—by
new taxes. These taxes are nothing but a debit used to cover a debit.

Then comes the period of conversions, but these only decrease the
payment of interest while they do not annul the debts. Moreover, they
cannot be made without the consent of the bondholders. When a conversion
is advertised, an offer is made to return the money to those who are
not willing to convert their bonds. If everybody were to demand his
money, the government would be caught in its own net and would be
unable to return all the money. Fortunately, the GOY subjects, ignorant
of financial affairs, always preferred to suffer a fall in the value
of their securities and a reduction of interest to the risk of new
investments; thus, they have given these governments more than one
opportunity of throwing off a deficit of several millions. At present,
with the existence of foreign loans, the GOYS cannot play such tricks,
for they know that we would demand all the money back.

Thus, an avowed bankruptcy will be the best proof of the lack of common
interest between the people and their government.

I direct your express attention to the above circumstance, as also to the
following: At present all domestic loans are consolidated into so-called
floating debts; in other words, into those whose terms of payment are
more or less close at hand. Such debts consist of money placed in savings
banks. Being at the disposal of the government, for a considerable length
of time, these funds vanish in the payment of interest on foreign loans,
and they are replaced by an equal amount of government securities. _The
latter cover all the deficits in the government treasuries of the GOYS._

When we mount the throne of the universe, such financial expedients,
being detrimental to our interests, will vanish. We will also destroy
all stock exchanges, for we will not allow the prestige of our authority
to be shaken by the shifting of the prices of our securities. We will
fix the full price of their value legally without any possibility of its
fluctuation. (A rise leads to a fall, and this was precisely what we did
to the GOY stocks and bonds at the beginning.)

We will replace the stock exchanges by great government credit
institutions, whose functions will be to tax commercial values according
to governmental plans. These institutions will be in a position to throw
daily on the market 500,000,000 shares of industrial stocks, or to buy up
a like amount. Thus all industrial enterprises will become dependent upon
us. You can well imagine what power that will give us.


In all that I have hitherto reported to you I have carefully tried to
show you a true picture of the mystery of present events, as also of
those of the past, which all flow into the stream of great events, the
results of which will be seen in the near future. I have exposed our
secret plans which govern our relations with the GOYS, as well as our
financial policy. There remains but little to add.

We hold in our hands the greatest modern power—gold. In the course of two
days we can get it from our treasuries in any desired quantity.

Is there any more need for us to prove that our rule is decreed by
God? Do we not prove by such wealth that all the evil which we were
forced to do during so many centuries has served in the end to true
happiness—to the restoration of order? Although by means of violence,
order will nevertheless be established. We will be able to prove that we
are benefactors, who have brought true welfare and individual freedom to
the tortured world, insuring at the same time the possibility of enjoying
peace, quiet, and dignity of relationships, upon the sole condition, of
course, that obedience to the laws established by us is practiced. We
will also make it clear that freedom does not mean license and in doing
whatever people please, no more than dignity and power imply the right
to propound destructive doctrines, like freedom of conscience, equality,
and similar things. Individual freedom by no means imports the right of
disturbing oneself and others, disgracing oneself by making ridiculous
speeches in disorderly gatherings, and implies that true liberty means
individual inviolability through an honest and strict obedience to social
laws; that moreover, human dignity implies the conception of one’s rights
as well as the idea of legal inhibitions which prohibit fantastic dreams
about the _Ego_.

Our power will be glorious because it will be mighty; it will rule and
guide, and not helplessly crawl after leaders and orators, shouting
insane words which they call great principles, and which in reality are
simply Utopian. Our power will lead to order, which, in turn, brings
happiness to the people. The prestige of this power will excite mystical
adoration, and the peoples will bow before it. True power does not yield
to any right, even be it that of God. None will dare approach it in order
to deprive it even of an atom of its might.


To teach the people obedience they must be taught modesty, and to
accomplish this the production of luxuries must be limited. We will thus
improve customs, demoralized by rivalry, resulting from luxury.

We will restore handicraft, which will undermine the private capital
of manufacturers. This is necessary, because big manufacturers often
influence, although not always consciously, the thoughts of the people
against the government.

A people, practicing handicraft, does not know what unemployment means,
and this makes them cling to existing conditions and consequently to the
power of authority. Unemployment is most dangerous for a government. It
will have finished its work for us as soon as authority falls into our

Drunkenness will also be forbidden by law and will be punishable as a
crime against human decency, for man becomes bestial under the influence
of alcohol.

Once more I state, that people obey blindly only the hand that is
strong and entirely independent of them, in which they see a sword of
defense and a stronghold against the blows of social misfortune. Why
should the sovereign have an angel’s heart? They want to see in him the
personification of might and power.

The sovereign who will replace the present existing governments, dragging
along their existence in the midst of a society demoralized by us,
which denies even the power of God and from whose midst rises on all
sides the flames of anarchy, must primarily undertake to extinguish
this all-consuming fire. Therefore, he must destroy such a society,
if necessary drown it in its own blood, in order to resurrect it as a
well-organized army, which consciously struggles against the infection of
any anarchy affecting the state organism.

He, God’s elect, is chosen from above for the purpose of crushing the
insane forces that are moved by instinct and not by intellect, by
bestiality and not by humanitarianism. These forces are now triumphant,
and assume the form of robberies and all kinds of violence exercised in
the name of liberty and of right. They have destroyed all social order,
so as to establish the throne of the King of Israel; but their rôle will
be ended with his coming into power. Then it will be necessary to sweep
them from his path, on which not a twig or an impediment shall remain.

Then we will say to the peoples: Pray to God and bow before him who bears
the mark of predestination, to whom God Himself showed His Star, so that
none but He Himself should free you from all sinful forces and from evil.


Now I shall refer to the manner in which we will strengthen the dynastic
roots of King David so as to cause this dynasty to endure until the
last day. This method will consist chiefly of the same principles which
enabled our Wise Men to conserve their power to cope with universal
problems and to guide the education of the thoughts of humanity at large.

A few members of the seed of David will train the sovereigns and their
successors, who will be selected not by right of inheritance, but
according to their personal ability. To them the deep political mysteries
and the plan of our rule will be confided, but in such a wise manner that
nobody will know these secrets. The aim of this method is to prove to
all that power will not be given to the uninitiated in the mysteries of
political art.

Only such people will be taught how to apply the above mentioned plans
in practice, by comparing them with the experiences of many centuries,
and only they will be initiated in the conclusions drawn from all the
observations of political, economic, and social movements and sciences;
in short, only they will know the true spirit of the laws, irrevocably
established by nature for the purpose of regulating human relationship.

Direct descendants of the sovereign will often be prevented from
inheriting the throne if, during the period of their study, they show
signs of frivolity, lenience, or other tendencies detrimental to
authority, which would make them incapable of government and dangerous to
the prestige of the Crown.

Only those of an undoubtedly able and firm, even cruel character, will
receive the reins of government from our Wise Men.

In case of illness, loss of will-power, or any other form of
inefficiency, the sovereigns will be compelled to hand over the reins of
government to new and able hands.

The sovereign’s immediate plan of action and its application in the
future will be unknown even to the so-called closest advisers.

Only the sovereign and his three sponsors will know the future.

In the person of the sovereign, with his immovable will over himself
and humanity, all will recognize Fate itself with her mysterious paths.
Nobody will know the aims of the sovereign when he issues his orders, and
thus nobody will dare oppose him.

Naturally the mental capacity of the sovereign must be equal to the plan
of rule herein contained. For this reason he will not mount the throne
before a test of his mind is made by the above mentioned Wise Men.

To make people know and love their sovereign, it is necessary that he
should address the people in public places, thus establishing harmony
between the two forces, now separated from each other by mutual terror.
This terror was necessary for us until the time came to make both forces
fall under our influence.

The King of Israel must not be influenced by his passions, especially
by sensuality. No particular element of his nature must have the upper
hand and rule over his mind. Sensuality, more than anything else, upsets
mental ability and clearness of vision by deflecting thought to the worst
and most bestial side of human nature.

The Pillar of the Universe in the person of the World Ruler, sprung from
the sacred seed of David, must sacrifice all personal desires for the
benefit of his people.

Our sovereign must be irreproachable.

Part Two



The most striking fact in connection with the Protocols is the close
resemblance which their ruthless program bears in many respects to the
policies actually put into effect by the Bolsheviki in Russia. Indeed,
without this fact before us, the necessity for a serious consideration
of the Protocols would be much less apparent. If the evidence shows that
the Bolshevist movement is a movement conducted under Jewish leadership
and principally controlled by Jews, and, furthermore, that it closely
corresponds with the political program outlined in the Protocols, then,
indeed, we have facts of grave significance supporting the authenticity
of the Protocols.


With regard to the question as to how far the Bolshevist movement is
a Jewish movement in the sense that it is under Jewish control, there
is some disagreement. Certain prominent Jews in this country, while
admitting that most of the Bolshevist leaders in Russia are Jews, claim
that this is a mere coincidence, and claim further that the Bolshevist
leaders are only _apostate_ Jews who do not adhere to the Jewish
religion.[8] The evidence, however, is not very convincing on either
point, for on the one hand the proportion of Jews among the Bolshevist
leaders in Russia is so large that it strongly tends to show that it is
not accidental but must be otherwise explained, while on the other hand,
as to the allegation of apostasy, this seems to be principally based upon
evidence that the Jewish leaders in Russia are denouncing religion _in
general_ on the ground that it is the bulwark of the capitalistic system
and the enemy of the Socialistic State, in accordance with the teachings
of Karl Marx and his followers. Such evidence, however, does not prove
very much if in practice only the Christian church is actually attacked.

It is important to note in this connection that Karl Marx himself was a
Jew, as are also practically all of the best known leaders of radical
socialism, such as Bebel, Bernstein, Lassalle, Hillquit, the brothers
Adler (in Austria), etc. The legend now prominently displayed by the
Bolsheviki in Russia, that “religion is the opium of the people,” was the
saying of Karl Marx himself, while it was Bebel who said: “Christianity
and Socialism stand towards each other as fire and water.”

Moreover, there is evidence that there has been a marked persecution
of _Christian_ priests and their congregations by the Bolsheviki, and
that the Jewish rabbis have not been molested. Generally speaking, we
believe that the preponderance of evidence strongly tends to show that
Bolshevism is Jewish in character in the sense that it is under the
control principally of Jews who occupy, either openly or secretly, almost
all of the positions of importance in the Soviet government in Russia.
This was equally true in regard to the recent Spartacan and Bolshevist
revolutions in Germany and Hungary. The one important exception is Lenin
himself, Trotzky and almost all the other important Bolshevist leaders
to-day being members of the Jewish race.

Evidence that the Bolsheviki in Russia have conducted a campaign of
persecution against the Christian religion, while protecting the Jewish
religion, will be considered below under the heading, “The Destruction of
Religion and Christianity.” For the present we shall confine ourselves to
other evidence which tends to show that the Bolshevik movement in Russia
is under Jewish leadership and may be regarded as primarily a Jewish

(_a_) _Testimony before the Overman Committee_

The testimony of a number of reliable witnesses before the Overman
Committee is to the effect that from the very beginning the leadership of
the Bolshevist revolution in Russia has been principally Jewish and that
the movement had powerful support from Jews returning to Russia in the
spring of 1917.

This testimony was taken early in the year 1919 and is contained in
the printed Senate Report (a public document) entitled, “Bolshevik
Propaganda—Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on the
Judiciary, United States Senate, Sixty-fifth Congress, pursuant to S.
Res. 439 and 469.”

Among the witnesses who testified as to the Jewish character of the
Bolshevist movement before the Senate Committee was Dr. George A. Simons,
a Methodist clergyman who had been for many years in charge of a church
and other property belonging to the American Methodists in Petrograd. He
was there during the Kerensky régime and during the Bolshevist régime
until October 6, 1918.

Dr. Simons testified that “at the beginning of the so-called new régime
[Kerensky’s] there was a disposition to glorify the Allies and to make a
great deal of what the French Revolution had stood for; within from six
to eight weeks there was an undercurrent just the opposite, and things
began to loom up in a pro-German way.”[9]

He then told of the arrival of Lenin from Switzerland _via_ Germany, and
of Bronstein (_alias_ Trotzky) from New York, and how they conducted a
vigorous agitation in Russia while Kerensky was “running up and down the
front.” He then goes on to testify as follows:

    MR. SIMONS. “Kerensky was spending a good deal of his time
    running up and down the front, trying to hearten the Russian
    soldiers in their warfare, and he was generally accredited
    with being a fine orator and doing splendid work, and I do
    not doubt but what he did manage to keep the men longer than
    they otherwise would have stayed in, but we were told there
    were hundreds of agitators who had followed in the trail of
    Trotzky-Bronstein, these men having come over from the lower
    East Side of New York. I was surprised to find scores of such
    men walking up and down Nevsky. Some of them, when they learned
    that I was the American pastor in Petrograd, stepped up to me
    and seemed very much pleased that there was somebody who could
    speak English, and their broken English showed that they had
    not qualified as being real Americans; and a number of these
    men called on me, and a number of us were impressed with the
    strange Yiddish element in this thing right from the start, and
    it soon became evident that more than half of the agitators in
    the so-called Bolshevik movement were Yiddish.”

    SENATOR NELSON. “Hebrews?”

    MR. SIMONS. “They were Hebrews, apostate Jews. I do not want to
    say anything against the Jews, as such. I am not in sympathy
    with the anti-Semitic movement, never have been, and do not
    ever expect to be. I am against it. I abhor all pogroms of
    whatever kind. But I have a firm conviction that this thing is
    Yiddish, and that one of its bases is found in the East Side of
    New York.”

    SENATOR NELSON. “Trotzky came over from New York during that
    summer, did he not?”

    MR. SIMONS. “He did.”

    SENATOR OVERMAN. “You think he brought these people with him?”

    MR. SIMONS. “I am not able to say that he brought them with
    him. I think that most of them came after him, but that he was
    responsible for their coming.”

MR. SIMONS further states (Senate Report, p. 114):

    “The latest startling information, given me by some one who
    says that there is good authority for it—and I am to be given
    the exact figures later on and have them checked up properly by
    the proper authorities—is this, that in December, 1918, in the
    northern community of Petrograd, so-called—that is what they
    call that section of the Soviet régime under the presidency
    of the man known as Mr. Apfelbaum—out of 388 members, only 16
    happened to be real Russians, and all the rest Jews, with the
    exception possibly of one man, who is a negro from America,
    who calls himself Prof. Gordon, and 265 of the members of this
    northern commune government, that is sitting in the old Smolny
    Institute, came from the lower East Side of New York—265 of
    them.... In fact, I am very much impressed with this, that
    moving around here I find that certain Bolsheviki propagandists
    are nearly all Jews—apostate Jews. I have been in the so-called
    People’s House, at 7 East Fifteenth Street, New York, which
    calls itself also the Rand School of Social Science, and I have
    visited that at least six times during the last eleven weeks or
    so, buying their literature, and some of the most seditious
    stuff I have ever found against our own Government, and 19 out
    of every 20 people I have seen there have been Jews.”

On the same page, referring to a pamphlet written by one Albert Rhys
Williams, Dr. Simons states:

    “I have analyzed certain questions and answers, especially with
    regard to this paragraph on religion, and I have no doubt in my
    mind that the predominant element in this Bolsheviki movement
    in America is, you may call it, the Yiddish of the East Side.”

On page 116 the witness further states:

    “I was impressed with this, Senator, that shortly after the
    great revolution of the winter of 1917 there were scores of
    Jews standing on the benches and soap boxes, and what not,
    talking until their mouths frothed, and I often remarked to my
    sister, ‘Well, what are we coming to, anyway? This all looks so
    Yiddish.’ Up to that time we had very few Jews, because there
    was, as you may know, a restriction against having Jews in
    Petrograd; but after the revolution they swarmed in there, and
    most of the agitators happened to be Jews. I do not want to be
    unfair to them, but I usually know a Jew when I see one.”

In a subsequent part of his testimony, he says:

    “I had occasion to speak with people who were working and
    people who were not bourgeois, I interviewed hundreds, and I
    asked them, ‘Well, what do you think of this thing?’ ‘Well, we
    know that it is first of all German, and second, we know that
    it is Jewish. It is not a Russian proposition at all.’ That
    became so popular that as you moved through the streets in
    Petrograd in July and August and September and the beginning
    of October, openly they would tell you this, ‘This is not a
    Russian Government; this a German and Hebrew Government.’ And
    then others would come out and say, ‘And very soon there is
    going to be a big pogrom.’ As a result of that, _hundreds of
    Bolshevik officials who happened to be Jews_ were sending their
    wives and their children out of Petrograd and Moscow, afraid
    that the pogrom would really come.” (p. 132).

On page 142 of his testimony Dr. Simons introduced a list of names, which
he said was widely circulated in Petrograd in August, 1917, giving the
real names and the Jewish names of the most important Bolshevist leaders.
This list is as follows:

                          _Real name_

    “1. Chernoff           Von Gutmann
     2. Trotzky            Bronstein
     3. Martoff            Zederbaum
     4. Kamkoff            Katz
     5. Meshkoff           Goldenberg
     6. Zagorsky           Krochmal
     7. Suchanoff          Gimmer
     8. Dan                Gurvitch
     9. Parvuss            Geldfand
    10. Kradek             Sabelson
    11. Zinovyeff          Apfelbaum
    12. Stekloff           Nachamkes
    13. Larin              Lurye
    14. Ryazanoff          Goldenbach
    15. Bogdanoff          Josse
    16. Goryeff            Goldmann
    17. Zwezdin            Wanstein
    18. Lieber             Goldman
    19. Ganezky            Fürstenberg
    20. Roshal             Solomon”

Dr. Simons also testified that when the Bolsheviki came into power the
Yiddish language at once became predominant in official proclamations and
posters. He says:

    “I might mention this, that when the Bolsheviki came into
    power, all over Petrograd we at once had a predominance of
    Yiddish proclamations, big posters, and everything in Yiddish.
    It became very evident that now that was to be one of the great
    languages of Russia; and the real Russians, of course, did not
    take very kindly to it.”

On page 135 Dr. Simons states:

    “Trotzky is a Jew. His real name is Leon Bronstein.”[10]

_Testimony of Mr. William Chapin Huntington_

Mr. Huntington was Commercial Attaché of the United States Embassy at
Petrograd from June, 1916, until September, 1918. He was in Petrograd
at the outbreak of the Bolshevist _coup d’état_ in November, 1917, and
remained there until February, 1918, when he was sent on a mission to
Siberia by Ambassador Francis. When he returned to Russia he remained in
Moscow from May, 1918, until August 26, 1918. He states on page 47:

    “The Bolsheviks are internationalists, and they were not
    interested in the particular national ideals of Russia.”

On page 69 he testified:

    “The leaders of the movement, I should say, are about
    two-thirds Russian Jews and perhaps one-sixth or more of some
    of the other nationalities, like the Letts, or the Armenians.”

_Testimony of Mr. William W. Welsh_

Mr. Welsh was employed by the National City Bank and was in Russia from
October, 1916, until September, 1918. He states on page 269:

    “_In Russia it is well known that three-fourths of the
    Bolshevik leaders are Jewish._”

In regard to the men who went to Russia from the East Side of New York,
at the outbreak of the revolution, he stated:

    “There were some—not many, but there were some—real Russians;
    and what I mean by real Russians is Russian-born, and not
    Russian Jews.”

The witness also stated that he knew “several cases” in which well-to-do
Jews had been persecuted in the same way as other Russian bourgeois. On
page 270 he states:

    “Bolshevism cannot be explained along racial lines alone. The
    Bolsheviks are made up of the very worst elements of many
    races. It is important, however, that Jews in this country
    should not favor Bolshevism because of any liberties or
    privileges which they may think are being accorded to the
    Jews in Russia by the Bolsheviks. They should study the facts
    carefully and not be prejudiced by any racial feeling, or they
    are sure to bring the odium of Bolshevism unjustly to the door
    of the Jew. The best Jews in this country would do well to
    brand the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia as anti-Jews, which they
    really are, for they bring nothing but discredit to the Jewish

_Testimony of Roger E. Simmons_

Mr. Simmons was Trade Commissioner, connected with the United States
Department of Commerce, who was in Siberia and Russia from July, 1917,
until November, 1918. He was in Vologda in July, 1918, and gives a
graphic account of his imprisonment there by the assistant of the
commissar of that community, a man named Iduke. He says:

    “Iduke is a Lettish Jew, a man of a very irascible nature, and,
    on account of his experience in the uprising in Yaroslav, where
    the protest against the Bolshevik régime had become formidable,
    he had the reputation of being the cruelest and the most
    bloodthirsty Bolshevik leader of the revolution.”

Mr. Simmons then narrates how he himself escaped execution only because
he succeeded in bribing a Lettish soldier who had been in America to
deliver a letter to the Swedish Consul General. An English subject who
was imprisoned with him in the same cell was actually executed. Shortly
before his death this Englishman said to Simmons:

    “I do not like the situation. I don’t understand these people.
    They are not Russians. I don’t know why they accuse me, nor
    what they are going to do with me.”[11]

_Testimony of an Anonymous Witness_

Another witness, who was allowed to withhold his name, testified before
the Senate Committee that he left Petrograd November 6, 1917, the night
the Bolshevist uprising took place. His testimony on page 321 of the
Senate Report is as follows:

    “With regard to the industrial conditions before the Bolsheviki
    rising started, with the revolution of March, 1917, we found
    that there were quite a number of so-called Americans who had
    returned to Russia almost immediately after the revolution,
    commencing, probably, to arrive in April of 1917.”

    SENATOR NELSON. “What sort of people were they? They were
    people who had been here, were they not?”

    MR. ⸺. “People who had been in this country.”

    SENATOR NELSON. “Were they Hebrews?”

    MR. ⸺. “A large number of them were—that is Hebrew by race,
    non-Slavs—and we were continually meeting these men on all
    sorts of labor conditions, (committees?) to regulate the hours
    of labor and the rates of remuneration, and quite a number of
    them spoke English.”

_Testimony of Theodor Kryshtofovich_

This witness testified that he left Petrograd on December 15, 1918, and
that he had been there continuously for the three years previous to that
date; that he belonged to no political party in Russia, but had lived
among the peasants and workmen, teaching them agriculture. He at one time
had been employed by the Russian Department of Agriculture, as an agent,
in the United States.

On page 424 he testified in regard to the Jewish aspect of the movement
as follows:

    “And, besides these refugees, most of the people that are
    governing Russia now are Jews. I am not against Jews in
    general. They are a very capable and energetic people, but,
    as you Americans say, the right man must be in the right
    place. Their place is in the commission houses, in banks, in
    the offices, but not in the government of a fine agricultural
    country. They do not understand anything about agriculture,
    about production, about keeping materials, and about
    distribution. They do not know anything about those things at

    SENATOR WOLCOTT. “You mean those that are in charge of the
    Bolsheviki, do you not?”

    MR. KRYSHTOFOVICH. “I am talking about the Bolsheviki; because
    if you take out Bolshevik government, Lenine is a Russian and
    all these constellations that are turning around this sun are
    Jews. They have changed their names. For instance, Trotzky is
    not Trotzky, but Bronstein. We have Apfelbaum, and so on, and
    so on.”

(_b_) _Other Evidence_

It is important that other official documents pertaining to the
Bolshevist activities in Russia also refer to the question which we are
now discussing, namely, the Jewish character of the Bolshevist régime.
In this connection we quote from the British White Book, Russia No.
1 (1919), entitled “A Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia,
presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty. April, 1919.”

This document was published in London at the government printing
office in 1919. In exhibit No. 33, a cablegram dispatched by Mr.
Alston to Earl Curzon, from Vladivostok to London, February 8, 1919
(“telegraphic—following from consul at Ekaterinburg, 6th February”), the
following is stated:

    “From examination of several labourer and peasant witnesses,
    I have evidence to the effect that very smallest percentage
    of this district were pro-Bolshevik, majority of labourers
    sympathising with summoning of Constituent Assembly. Witnesses
    further stated that Bolshevik leaders did not represent Russian
    working classes, most of them being Jews” (page 33).

In a cable dispatch from General Knox to the British War Office on
February 5, 1919, from Omsk, Siberia, details are given as to the murder
of the Imperial Russian family. This cable reads in part as follows:

    “With regard to the murder of the Imperial family at
    Ekaterinburg, there is further evidence to show that there were
    two parties in the local Soviet, one which was anxious to save
    Imperial family, and the latter, headed by five Jews, two of
    whom were determined to have them murdered. These two Jews,
    by name Vainen and Safarof, went with Lenine when he made a
    journey across Germany” (page 41).

Again, in a report made by Rev. B. S. Lombard to Earl Curzon on March 23,
1919, referring to the results of the Bolshevist régime in Russia, among
other things, the following is stated:

    “All business became paralyzed, shops were closed, Jews became
    possessors of most of the business houses, and horrible scenes
    of starvation became common in the country districts. The
    peasants put their children to death rather than see them
    starve. In a village on the Dvina, not far from Schlusselburg,
    a mother hanged three of her children” (page 57).

Mr. Henry C. Emery, formerly Chairman of the United States Tariff Board,
recently wrote a treatise on Bolshevism, of which Lord Bryce has said:

    “It seems to me the sanest and clearest exposition of
    Bolshevist theory and practice that I have seen and confirms my
    view that between them and us there can be no peace.”

Mr. Emery comes to the conclusion that Bolshevism is the promotion of a
relentless and universal class war, and that “a Bolshevik is a man who
believes in the overthrow of the institution of private property by
force of arms.” While this is the definition which he gives of Bolshevism
as a movement, and his argument in support of it is certainly a very
able one, it is interesting to note what he says in regard to the Jewish
support of the movement:

    “In the minds of some people, especially in Russia, Bolshevism
    takes on the color of a revolt of the Jews against the
    Russians, who have so long kept them in subjection. Lenin is of
    course a pure Russian, and it is a mistake to say that all the
    other leaders of importance are Jews. On the other hand, the
    Jews have been active in the movement out of all proportion to
    their relative numbers. No one who ever made a visit to Smolny
    Institute, when that was the headquarters of the Bolshevik
    government at Petrograd, could fail to understand how easy it
    was to get the impression that the Jews had at last seized the

Mr. Robert Wilton, a well-known Englishman, who was the Petrograd
correspondent of the London _Times_, and a Knight of St. George, in his
book entitled “Russia’s Agony,” refers to the part which the Jews played
in undermining the Kerensky government and establishing the Bolshevist

    “Subversion had been carried out by a handful of pseudo-Jew
    Extremists in the Soviet, but the Soviet was a party to
    the traitorous business. Most of the leaders—especially
    the pseudo-Jews—were a truculent pack, cowering behind the
    soldiery, intent upon realizing their revolutionary ‘ideals,’
    but terrified by a possibility of failure and eventual

The author also states:

    “Afterwards their numbers [referring to the Jew Extremists in
    the Soviet] increased largely, and although they studiously
    concealed their identity under assumed Russian or Polish names,
    it became known that the principal ones were: Nahamkez—Steklov,
    Apfelbaum—Zinoviev, Rosenfeldt—Kamenev, Goldmann—Gorev,
    Goldberg—Mekowski, Zederbaum—Martov, Himmer—Sukhanov,
    Krachman—Zagorski, Hollander—Mieshkowski, Lourier—Larim,
    Seffer—Bogdanov. Among the leaders of this gang—under
    Lenin—were: Trotzky, whose real name was Bronstein, and
    Feldmann, alias Chernov.”[12]

In the well-known French periodical _L’Illustration_, issued September
14, 1918, an article appeared under the title “Petrograd under the
Commune,” from which we reproduce the following extract:

    “The Masters of the Hour.

    “_The Bolshevist Movement and the Jews of Russia_

    “When one lives in contact with the functionaries who are
    serving the Bolshevist government, one feature strikes the
    attention, which is that almost all of them are Jews.

    “I am not at all anti-Semitic but I must state what strikes
    the eyes: everywhere in Petrograd, in Moscow, in Provincial
    Districts, in all commissariats, in district offices, in
    Smolny, in the former ministries, in the Soviets, I have met
    nothing but Jews and again Jews.

    “A Jew is this District Commissary, former stock broker, with
    a double bourgeois chin. A Jew is this commissary of the
    bank, very elegant, with a cravat of the latest style, and a
    fancy waistcoat. Again a Jew, this inspector of taxes, with
    his hooked nose: he understands perfectly how to squeeze the
    bourgeois in order to cover the deficit in the Bolshevist
    budget which amounts for the first half year, 1918, to
    14,000,000,000 rubles! Jewish are these little stenographers,
    these secretaries: the same hooked noses, the same jet black

    “The more one studies the second revolution the more one is
    convinced that Bolshevism is a Jewish movement which can be
    explained by the special conditions in which the Jewish people
    were placed in Russia.”

In the London _Times_ of March 29, 1919, the following article appeared,
entitled “Bolshevist Portraits III. Some Commissaries”:

    “One of the most curious features of the Bolshevist movement
    is the high percentage of non-Russian elements amongst its
    leaders. Of the twenty or thirty commissaries or leaders who
    provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement not
    less than 75% are Jews....

    “If Lenin is the brains of the movement, the Jews provide the
    executive officers. Of the leading commissaries, Trotzky,
    Zinoviev, Kameneff, Stekloff, Sverdloff, Uritsky, Joffe,
    Rakovsky, Radek, Menjinsky, Larin, Bronski, Zaalkind,
    Volodarsky, Petroff, Litvinoff, Smirdovitch, and Vovrovsky
    are all of the Jewish race, while amongst the minor Soviet
    officials the number is legion. Of all the Bolshevist leaders
    Petrovsky, the Commissary for the Interior, and a former member
    of the Duma, is practically the only one who in any way could
    be described as a working man. The rest are all intellectuals
    of bourgeois or paid bourgeois origin.”

In the issue of “ASIA” February-March, 1920, there is an article entitled
“Inside Soviet Russia.” The author of the said article, Mr. V. Anichkoff,
is a well-known Russian scientist. Among other things, he states as

    “In all the Bolshevist institutions the heads are Jews. The
    Assistant Commissar for Elementary Education, Grunberg, can
    hardly speak Russian. The Jews are successful in everything and
    obtain their ends. They know how to command and get complete
    submission. But they are proud and contemptuous to everyone,
    which strongly excites the people against them. Anti-Semitism
    in a strong degree has spread in all grades of the people.
    The people are inclined to see in the Jews the culprits of
    all their woes. They look on Bolshevism as a Jewish affair,
    and Anti-Semitism is widely spread in the Red army. The Red
    soldiers openly and strongly express their hatred of the Jews.
    One Red soldier related before me that he was discharged, and
    that at all the hospitals and halting stages the doctors and
    their assistants and nurses were Jews; that a Jewish doctor
    snatched the cross from one of his comrades and said: ‘That
    is not wanted now, it has been done away with,’ but that he
    did not let the doctor do the same to him. At the present time
    there is a great national religious fervor among the Jews. They
    believe that the promised time of the rule of God’s elect on
    earth is coming. They have connected Judaism with a universal
    revolution. They see in the spread of revolution the fulfilling
    of the Scriptures: ‘Though I make an end of all the nations,
    whether I have scattered thee, yet will I not make an end of
    thee.’ Bound up with the overwhelming part taken by Jews in the
    Revolution, an interest in masonry, Zionism and the mission of
    the Jews have spread among educated Russians.”

                            (“ASIA,” February-March, 1920, p. 223).

We also refer the reader to the testimony of a well-known Jewish
periodical published in London, _The Jewish Chronicle_, as to the
identity of Bolshevism and Judaism. In part the article states as follows:

    “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact
    that so many Jews are Bolsheviks, in the fact that the ideals
    of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest
    ideals of Judaism.” (See _Jewish Chronicle_, No. 2609, April 4,
    1919, p. 7, article entitled “Peace, War, and Bolshevism.”)

It is significant that one of the well-known Jewish leaders, Israel
Zangwill, addressing a recent conference of the Poale Zion Congregation
in London, glorified “_the race_ which has produced a Beaconsfield, a
Reading, a Montagu, a Klotz, a Kurt Eisner, a Trotzky” (quoted from _The
Jewish Chronicle_, February 27, 1920, No. 2656, p. 28). Referring to this
statement, _La Vieille-France_ says, “Thus, Trotzky is, in fact, the hero
of Judaism” (No. 164, March 18-24, 1920).

It is important to note that the Jewish character of the Bolshevist
movement which is so accentuated in Soviet Russia was equally apparent
in Soviet Hungary when that country was under the Red rule of Bela Cohen
(Kuhn). Mr. Edward Dillon in his book “The Inside Story of the Peace
Conference,” devotes much attention to this subject. Referring to the
situation in Hungary, Mr. Dillon states as follows, at page 224.

    “By the first of August the lawless band that was ruling the
    country relinquished the reins of power which were taken over
    at first by a Socialist Cabinet of which an influential French
    press organ wrote: ‘The names of the new ... commissaries of
    the people tell us nothing, because their bearers are unknown.
    But the endings of their names tell us that most of them are,
    like those of the preceding government, of Jewish origin. Never
    since the inauguration of official Communism did Budapest
    better deserve the appellation of Judapest, which was assigned
    to it by the late M. Lueger, chief of the Christian Socialists
    of Vienna. That is an additional trait in common with the
    Russian Soviets.’”

In this same connection the weekly magazine _The New Witness_, published
in London, in its issue of April 11, 1919, remarked as follows:

    “It is not only among the Allies that the Jewish influence is
    making itself felt. We know what a tight grip they have on the
    governments at Petrograd and Berlin. It now appears that the
    new government of Hungary is dominated by Jews. Ninety-five
    per cent of Hungarians are Christians and eighty per cent
    of the ministers are Hebrew. This fact becomes the more
    remarkable when we are told that the ministers are nearly all

The Jewish character of the Bolshevist movement in Russia has been
explicitly referred to in the Bolshevist press itself. In substantiation
of this we present the following evidence:

    In No. 1 of the Russian weekly newspaper, _On to Moscow_,
    published on September 23, 1919, in Rostov on the Don, an
    article was published, entitled “Not one Drop of Innocent
    Blood.” The article reads as follows:

    “In the newspaper ‘Communist,’ issued on April 12, 1919, No.
    72, which paper was published in the City of Kharkoff, 13 Karl
    Liebnecht Street, telephone No. 8-40, Mr. M. Cohan, in his
    article ‘Services of the Jewry to the working class,’ wrote as

    “‘Various kinds of reactionary regimental organizations and
    radas are working out agrarian “laws,” are giving away the
    land to the workmen, are establishing an eight-hour day, and
    throwing out other crumbs to the working masses with the sole
    object to remain in power. But let us unmask them and let
    us see what there is behind this servile mask. Let us, for
    instance, analyze their attitude towards the Jews. On all the
    territory which is occupied by the Don, Kuban and Voluntary
    gangs, the Jews are being annihilated and oppressed. One is
    unable to trace a Jew holding any office, be it important or
    unimportant, and this is called “equality and fraternity.” The
    Voluntary executioners scream about their humanitarianism and
    at the same time they oppress a whole nation which always had
    the esteem of the whole world. It should not be forgotten that
    the Jewish people, who for centuries were oppressed by kings
    and czars, are the real proletariat, the real internationale,
    which has no country.

    “‘Without exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian
    social revolution was indeed accomplished by the hands of the
    Jews. Would the dark oppressed masses of the Russian workmen
    and peasants have been able to throw off the yoke of the
    bourgeoisie by themselves? No, it was precisely the Jews who
    led the Russian proletariat to the dawn of the Internationale,
    and not only have led, but are also now leading the Soviet
    cause which remains in their safe hands. We may be quiet as
    long as the chief command of the Red Army is in the hands of
    comrade Leon Trotzky. It is true that there are no Jews in the
    ranks of the Red Army as far as privates are concerned, but
    in the committees and in Soviet organizations, as commissars,
    the Jews are gallantly leading the masses of the Russian
    proletariat to victory. It is not without reason that during
    the elections to all Soviet institutions the Jews are winning
    by an overwhelming majority. It is not without reason, let us
    repeat, that the Russian proletariat has elected as its head
    and leader the Jew comrade Bronstein-Trotzky. The symbol of
    Jewry, which for centuries has struggled against capitalism,
    has become also the symbol of the Russian proletariat, which
    can be seen even in the fact of the adoption of the Red
    five-pointed star, which in former times, as it is well-known,
    was the symbol of Zionism and Jewry. With this sign comes
    victory, with this sign comes the death of the parasites of
    the bourgeoisie, and let the supporters of Denikine, Krasnov
    and Kolchak tremble, these oppressors and executioners of the
    advance guard of Socialism—of the gallant Jewish people. Their
    servility before the working masses will not help them, and
    Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood.’”

The publishers of the newspaper “On to Moscow” print a footnote to the
article of Mr. Cohan which reads:

    “The issue of the newspaper ‘Communist’ is kept at the office
    and everybody is invited to ascertain its authenticity.”


(_a_) _The Policy of Terror_

It will be recalled that the Protocols advocate a mass terror, a “program
of violence.” In this connection also the actual Bolshevist policies are
in complete harmony with the program of the Protocols. With reference
to this point it becomes important to quote the _Krasnaya Gazeta_ (_Red
Gazette_), the official organ of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers’, Red
Army, and Peasants’ Deputies, which body is presided over by Zinovieff,
alias Apfelbaum, a Jew. On August 31, 1918, in an editorial article, the
following is stated:

    “The interests of the revolution require the physical
    annihilation of the bourgeois class. It is time for us to

More explicitly the program of violence is defined by the same paper on
September 1, 1918, in an article entitled “Blood for Blood.” Therein it
is stated:

    “We will turn our hearts into steel, which we will temper in
    the fire of suffering and the blood of fighters for freedom.
    We will make our hearts cruel, hard, and immovable, so that no
    mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the
    sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates
    of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our
    enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them
    drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and
    Uritzki, Zinovieff and Volodarski, let there be floods of blood
    of the bourgeois—more blood, as much as possible.”

Mr. Zinovieff—Apfelbaum went into further details as to the number of
Russians whom he proposed to kill for the sake of Mr. Trotzky’s régime.
In a speech of Zinovieff’s, reported in the _Northern Commune_, published
in Petrograd on September 19, 1918, No. 109, the following plain
statement is quoted:

    “To overcome our enemies we must have our own socialist
    militarism. We must win over to our side 90,000,000 of the
    100,000,000 of population of Russia under the Soviets. _As
    for the rest, we have nothing to say to them; they must be

To be sure that the Jewish Bolsheviks were not boasting, the following
report of the American Consul General at Moscow, dated September 3, 1918,
is of the utmost significance. This report, which was published in the
“Memorandum on Certain Aspects of the Bolshevist Movement in Russia,”
Washington, Government Printing Office, 1919, reads in part as follows:

    “Since May the so-called Extraordinary Commission to Combat
    Counter-revolution has conducted an openly avowed campaign of
    terror. Thousands of persons have been summarily shot without
    even the form of trial. Many of them have no doubt been
    innocent of even the political views which were supposed to
    supply the motive of their execution.”

The American Consul General concludes his report by stating:

    “The situation cries aloud to all who will act for the sake of

Trotzky made an attempt to justify “mass terror” in an article signed
by him in the official daily newspaper _Izvestia_ on January 10, 1919,
under the title “Military Specialists and the Red Army.” In this article
Trotzky states among other things as follows:

    “Terror as the demonstration of the will and strength of the
    working class, is historically justified, precisely because
    the proletariat was able thereby to break the political will
    of the Intelligentsia, pacify the professional men of various
    categories and work, and gradually subordinate them to its own
    aims within the fields of their specialties.”[14]

The London _Times_ of November 14, 1919, printed a letter “sent by a
British Officer in South Russia to his wife” stating that “the letter is
published exactly as sent, except that names and dates have been altered
so that the writer and his wife will not be embarrassed.” The officer
appeals to his wife to do all she can to put before the British public
the information which he gives her as to the atrocities committed by the
Bolsheviki which he had himself witnessed while fighting with the army of
General Denikin.

    “The Bolshevists are devils.... I hope to send you copies of
    64 official photos taken by British officers at Odessa when
    the town was retaken from the Bolshevists.... As no paper will
    print them I suggest that you should have copies done. If we’re
    too hard up you could pay for them by sending me no parcels, or
    selling my Caucasian dagger, or Persian book, or something. And
    I suggest that you should then do with them as you think fit,
    to make them most widely known. Their horror may make people
    realize. They must realize. By God, they shall realize! They
    show men who’ve been crucified with the torture of the ‘human
    glove.’ The victim gets crucified, nails through his elbows.
    The hands are treated with a solution which shrivels the skin.
    The skin is cut out with a razor, round the wrist, and peeled
    off, till it hangs by the finger nails—the ‘human glove.’ I’m
    not sparing you. I hope you’ll show and send them to everybody
    we know. People at home, apathetic fools they are, do not
    deserve to be spared. They must be woken up. John and Katie
    ought to see them. Most of the photos are of women. Women with
    their breasts cut off to the bone.... Two little bits, ref.
    Bolshevist atrocities, you might type in as many copies as you
    can. If you and several others left them in different tea-shops
    every afternoon, it might touch quite a lot of people. I shall
    send you chapter and verse if I can. If I haven’t sent chapter
    and verse in a month, do your best without. Papers are no good,
    because papers would put it more delicately. We have here at H.
    Q. passes issued to Bolshevists by commissaries on occupying
    Ekaterinodar. These passes authorize their holders to arrest
    any girl they fancy for the use of the soldiery. Sixty-two
    girls of all classes were arrested like this and thrown to
    the Bolshevist troops. Those who struggled were killed quite
    early on. The rest, when used and finished, were mutilated
    and thrown, dead and dying, into the two small rivers flowing
    through Ekaterinodar. In all towns occupied by Bolshevists
    and reoccupied by us ‘slaughter-houses’ are found choked with
    corpses. Hundreds of ‘suspects,’ men, women, and children, were
    herded in these—doors and windows manned and the struggling
    mass fired into until most of them were dead or dying. The
    doors were then locked and they were left. The stench in these
    places, I am told, is hair-raising. These ‘slaughter-houses’
    are veritable plague spots and have caused widespread
    epidemics. I want you to proselytize Robinson and galvanize the
    Colonel and everybody else you can get hold of. I’d like James
    to see this and No. 47 and Dorothy. Above all the Mater. For I
    feel sure, that whatever happens, she and you will be glad that
    I’ve come out.”

    (_“The Horrors of Bolshevism,” reprinted from The Times,
    November 14, 1919, pp. 5 and 6._)

In the same letter the writer refers to the Bolshevist plans of extending
their power to Asia and Africa, and discusses the part played by the Jews
in the Bolshevist régime in Russia.

    “... Bolshevist Russia is a channel of communication to
    the Committee of Union and Progress, to Egypt, India, and
    Afghanistan. Unless beaten by us, the Bolshies will beat us.
    It’s a side issue for the present, but the danger of their
    rousing and letting loose the Chinese is not so very remote.
    They have declared war on Christianity. The Bible to them is
    a ‘counter-revolutionary’ book, and to be stamped out. They
    are aiming at raising all non-Christian races against the
    Christian countries. The Bolshevists form about 5 per cent.
    of the population of Russia—_JEWS_ (80 to 90 per cent. of the
    commissaries are Jews), Chinese, Letts, Germans, and certain
    of the ‘skilled labor’ artisans. The conscribed peasantry,
    originally captured by the catchwords mentioned in the
    pamphlets, now often goaded beyond endurance, is rising against
    them over wide districts. Still conscribed and put up to fight,
    under severe penalties, they form most of the ‘cannon fodder’
    used by the Bolshies. They desert, often _en masse_, and many a
    peasant who marched for the Bolshevists last week is fighting
    for Denikin in the Volunteer Army to-day. Ref. Jews—In towns
    captured by Bolshevists the only unviolated sacred buildings
    are the synagogues, while churches are used for anything,
    from movie-shows to ‘slaughter-houses.’ The Poles, Galicians,
    and Petlura have committed ‘pogroms’ (massacres of Jews). Not
    the Russian Volunteer Armies under Denikin. Denikin has, in
    fact, been so strict in protecting the Jews that he has been
    accused by his sympathizers of favoring them. If, however, a
    Commissary, steeped in murder, with torture and rape, with
    mutilation, happens to be a Jew, as most of them are, should he
    receive exceptional treatment?”

    (_“The Horrors of Bolshevism,” p. 5._)

The London _Times_ of December 3, 1919, published the statement of an eye
witness of the “reign of torture” under the Bolsheviki at the time of the
first capture of Odessa. The witness is the Rev. R. Courtier-Forster,
late British Chaplain at Odessa and the Russian Ports of the Black Sea.
Space permits the reprint here of only the following passages from this
important testimony as to one chapter of the Bolshevist terror:

    “While I was still British chaplain of Odessa the city was
    deluged with blood. When the Bolshevist elements, grafting
    on to their main support the 4,000 criminals released from
    the city gaols, attempted to seize the town, people of
    education, regardless of social position, offered what armed
    resistance was in their power. Workmen, shop assistants,
    soldiers, professional men, and a handful of officers fought
    for freedom and liberty through the streets of the great port
    for three days and nights against the bloody despotism of the
    Bolshevists. Tramcars were overturned to make barricades,
    trenches dug in the streets, machine-guns placed in the upper
    windows of houses to move the thoroughfare with fire. The
    place became an inferno. The Bolshevists were victorious. On
    capturing Odessa Railway Station, which had been defended by
    a few officers and a number of anti-Bolshevist soldiers, the
    Bolshevists bayoneted to death the 19 wounded and helpless men
    laid on the waiting-room floor to await Red Cross succour.

    “Scores of other men who fell wounded in the streets also
    became victims to the triumphant Bolshevist criminals. The
    majority of these wretched and unhappy sufferers completely
    disappeared. Inquiries at the hospitals and prisons revealed
    the fact that they were not there, and no trace of them was
    to be found. A fortnight later there was a terrible storm on
    the Black Sea, and the bodies of the missing men were washed
    up on the rocks of Odessa breakwater and along the shore;
    they had been taken out to sea in small boats, stones tied to
    their feet, and then been dropped over alive into deep water.
    Hundreds of others were captured and taken on board the Almaz
    and the Sinope, the largest cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet.
    Here they became victims of unthinkable tortures.

    “On the Sinope General Chormichoff and some other personal
    friends of my own were fastened one by one with iron chains to
    planks of wood and pushed slowly, inch by inch, into the ship’s
    furnaces and roasted alive. Others were tied to winches, the
    winches turned until the men were torn in two alive. Others
    were taken to the boilers and scalded with boiling steam; they
    were then moved to another part of the ship and ventilating
    fans set revolving that currents of cold air might blow on the
    scalds and increase the agony of the torture. The full names of
    17 of the Sinope victims were given me in writing by members
    of their families or their personal friends. These were lost
    later when my rooms were raided, my papers seized, and I myself
    arrested and thrown into prison.

    “The house in the Catherine Square in which I was first in
    captivity afterwards became the Bolshevists’ House of Torture
    in which hundreds of victims were done to death. The shrieks
    of the people being tortured to death or having splinters of
    wood driven under the quick of their nails were so agonizing
    and appalling that personal friends of my own living more
    than a hundred yards away in the Vorontsoffsky Pereulok were
    obliged to fasten their double windows to prevent the cries of
    anguish penetrating into the house. The horror and fear of the
    surviving citizens was so great that the Bolshevists kept motor
    lorries thundering up and down the street to drown the awful
    screams of agony wrung from their dying victims.

    “This House of Torture remains as much as possible in the
    condition in which the Bolshevists left it and is now shown to
    those who care to inspect its gruesome and blood-bespattered

    “Week by week the newspapers published articles for and against
    the nationalization of women. In South Russia the proposal did
    not become a legal measure, but in Odessa bands of Bolshevists
    seized women and girls and carried them off to the Port,
    the timber yards, and the Alexandrovsky Park for their own
    purposes. Women used in this way were found in the mornings
    either dead or mad or in a dying condition. Those found still
    alive were shot. One of the most awful of my own personal
    experiences of the New Civilization was hearing at night from
    my bedroom windows the frantic shrieks of women being raped
    to death in the park opposite. Screams of shrill terror and
    despair repeated at intervals until they became nothing but
    hoarse cries of agony like the death calls of a dying animal.
    This happened not once, or twice, but many times. Never to the
    day of my death shall I forget the horror of those dreadful
    shrieks of tortured women, and one’s own utter powerlessness
    to aid the victims or punish the Bolshevist devils in their
    bestial orgies.”

    (_“Bolshevism, Reign of Torture at Odessa,” by the Rev. R.
    Courtier-Forster, late British Chaplain at Odessa and the
    Russian Ports of the Black Sea. Reprinted from The Times,
    December 3, 1919, pp. 2, 3 and 4._)

The Protocols speak of _concealed_ executions as well as of open
violence when making use of the weapon of terrorism to secure political
domination. The Bolsheviki closely paralleled the Protocols in this

While it is true that the number of victims of outright execution by
shooting, drowning, etc., have run into very large figures, they are
undoubtedly few in comparison with the number who have been deliberately
starved by the Bolsheviki. In pursuance of their avowed policy of
exterminating the bourgeois class the Soviet government divided the
people into four categories with respect to the receipt of food, the
bourgeoisie being placed in the last two categories as to which the
allowance of food was insufficient to support life. A report by “Mr. E.”
found in the British White Book, “Russia No. 1” (1919), relating to the
conditions in February, 1919, shows that the last two categories have
been done away with altogether. The report states that the Bolsheviki
have published statistics “showing that the fourth category was not
necessary, as there were so few members.” “This proves,” he says,
“that the 4th category people have either been exterminated or have
been forced to work under the Bolsheviks in order to live.” The same
witness states that the amount of food given to the first category was
constantly varying according to the supplies. The rations allowed the
four categories in October, 1918, are shown by the Bolshevist paper
_Vooruzheny Narod_ (_The Armed People_):

    “The Commissary of Food of the Petrograd Labor Commune states
    that on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, for four days, the
    following products will be given on the presentation of the
    bread cards, according to category:

    1st category—1 lb. (Russian) of bread and 3 lb. of potatoes
    2nd category—½ lb. of bread and 2 lb. of potatoes
    3rd category—¼ lb. of bread and 1 lb. of potatoes
    4th category—½ lb. of potatoes.”[15]

Many witnesses, have referred to the cruelty of this category system.
Of course, these rations for the 3rd and 4th categories are quite
insufficient to support life, and as the bourgeois classes were not only
placed in these categories, but were also persecuted and prevented from
getting employment in many cases, it is not surprising that hundreds of
thousands of them were exterminated by these measures.

As to the question of how the Jewish element in the population came out
on the question of food as compared with the Christian element there
is little evidence at hand, but we may refer to one statement in a
memorandum of a Mr. B. contained in the British White Book, “Russia No. 1
(1919),” as follows:

    “At the Putilof Works anti-Semitism is growing, probably
    because the food supply committees are entirely in the hands
    of Jews—and voices can be heard sometimes calling for a

Wholesale starvation in Russian cities is one of the most striking
features of Russia’s tragedy. The bourgeoisie, and especially the
intellectual classes of the Russian people, are systematically underfed
by the treacherous rationing system of the Jewish Soviet officials.
Manual labor as well as the intellectual workers are subjected to a most
villainous tyranny, namely, to the tyranny of starvation. It is proper to
propound the question: Is this policy carried out in accordance with the
stipulation of the Protocols which reads as follows:

    “Our power lies in the chronic malnutrition and in the weakness
    of the worker, because through this he falls under our power
    and is unable to find either strength or energy to counteract
    it.” (Protocol No. III.)

(_b_) _The Program of Hypocrisy_

As already seen, the Protocols call for a program of hypocrisy as well
as terror. The nature of the Bolshevist régime viewed from this angle is
graphically described by Mr. Roger E. Simmons in his testimony before the
Overman Committee. On pages 298 and 299 of the Senate Report he states:

    “Along the trans-Siberian line, proceeding slowly, I had a
    chance of reading the literature that the Bolsheviki were
    distributing in connection with their active propaganda; also
    the decrees, proclamations, and the public formal announcements
    of all kinds of the local and national authorities. Many of
    these sounded plausible, aimed to be constructive, ostensibly,
    and in their idealism and promises were golden. I could
    see how people would be attracted, and for the first 8 to
    10 weeks understood their sanguine hopes. But after this
    time disintegration was rapid and I saw the awful results.
    The _modus operandi_ was not in line with theories. They
    talked ideals but did not act ideals. Practices showed there
    was decided immorality; decidedly, the game was not being
    played squarely, the people being deceived by the leaders.
    I suspected it from the very beginning from what I saw in
    Siberia. If you will let me, I will read to you a significant
    admission in that connection.

    “This statement was written to me, at my request, by an
    American that it could be given to the American Consul General.
    It reads as follows:

    “‘Bonch Bruevitch, the executor of the acts of all the People’s
    Commissars, not a strong man, but a close friend of Lenine’s,
    who, working in the same office, is able to influence Lenine
    strongly. A power in the government as long as Lenine lives.
    He states that the Bolsheviki have not worked out a code of
    morals yet, and until they do, the end justifies the means. Any
    lies or dictatorial methods are worth using as long as they
    are in the interests of the working classes. A close friend of
    his says he has no compunctions, lying whenever there is an
    advantage to be gained from it for the Soviets.’

    “The movement is immoral, absolutely.”

In this connection it is of the utmost importance to call the attention
of the reader to the statement of one of the best known Jewish Soviet
officials, Zinovieff—Apfelbaum, President of the Petrograd Soviet,
regarding the means of spreading world-wide propaganda. The passage as
quoted before proves how closely the policies advocated in the Protocols
resemble the Jewish policies as carried out by the Soviet officials in
Russia. This is what Zinovieff stated on February 2, 1919:

    “We are willing to sign an unfavorable peace with the
    allies.... It would only mean that we should put no trust
    whatever in the bit of paper we would sign. We should use the
    breathing space so obtained in order to gather our strength in
    order that the mere continued existence of our government would
    keep up the world-wide propaganda which Soviet Russia has been
    carrying on for more than a year.”[17]

(_c_) _The Destruction of Religion and Christianity_

Here again the actual policies of the Bolsheviki fully coincide with the

The most important passage in the Protocols as to the policy advocated in
regard to religion is the following:

    “Liberty could also be harmless and remain on the state program
    without detriment to the well-being of the people if it were to
    retain the ideas of the belief in God and human fraternity,
    free from the conception of equality which is in contradiction
    to the laws of nature which establish subordination. With
    such a faith the people would be governed by the guardians
    of the parish and would thrive quietly and obediently under
    the guidance of their spiritual leader, accepting God’s
    dispensation on earth. It is for this reason that we must
    undermine faith, tearing from the minds of the GOYS the very
    principle of God and Soul, and substituting mathematical
    formulas and material needs.”

It appears from the above excerpt that the Protocols advocate the
destruction of religion and the religious spirit among the Gentiles on
the ground that they are the political as well as the moral bulwarks of
the Gentile states. In another place the Protocols state that the most
formidable antagonist of the Jews in the past has been Rome, _i.e._, the
Roman Catholic Church.

The Bolsheviki, whatever their real motives may be, have from the
moment they came into power in Russia conducted a campaign of violence
and persecution against the Christian religion, in the guise of a
campaign against religion in general. While they have not attacked the
Jewish religion or the Jewish rabbis, they have murdered and persecuted
Christian priests and harassed their congregations in the churches. While
professing to be merely following the Socialist teachings of Karl Marx
(himself a Jew), who attacked religion in general as the creature of
capitalism, the Bolshevist campaign against religion is in fact directed
against Christianity.

Evidence of the above is found in the sworn testimony of several
witnesses before the Overman Committee and in official reports of the
British government and elsewhere.

An English clergyman, the Rev. B. S. Lombard, in a report to Earl Curzon,
dated March 23, 1919, referring to the conditions in Soviet Russia,
stated as follows:

    “The treatment of the priests was brutal beyond everything.
    Eight of them were incarcerated in a cell in our corridor.
    Some of us saw an aged man knocked down twice one morning
    for apparently no reason whatever, and they were employed to
    perform the most degrading work and made to clean out the
    filthy prison hospital.”[18]

Mr. George A. Simons testified before the Overman Committee, in answer to
a question of Senator King, as follows:

    SENATOR KING. “Did you find, then, that atheism permeates the
    ranks of the Bolsheviki?”

    MR. SIMONS. “Yes, sir. And the anti-Christ spirit as well.”

The testimony of Mr. Simons on this subject was as follows:

    SENATOR KING. “What I am trying to get at is, for my
    information, why Bolshevism is bitterly opposed to all sorts of
    religion or sacraments of the church—Christianity; because I
    suppose that they recognize that Christianity is the basis of
    law and order and of orderly government. I was wondering if you
    had discovered why they were so bitter against Christianity,
    and if you found that all the Bolsheviks were atheistic or
    rationalistic or anti-Christian?”

    MR. SIMONS. “My experience over there under the Bolsheviki
    régime has led me to come to the conclusion that the Bolsheviki
    religion is not only absolutely anti-religious, atheistic,
    but has it in mind to make all real religious work impossible
    as soon as they can achieve that end which they are pressing.
    There was a meeting—I cannot give you the date offhand; it
    must have been in August, 1918—held in a large hall that
    had once been used by the Young Men’s Christian Association
    in Petrograd for their work among the Russian soldiers. The
    Bolsheviki confiscated it; put out the Y. M. C. A. In that
    large hall there was a meeting held which was to be a sort of
    religious dispute. Lunacharsky, the Commissar of the People’s
    Enlightenment, as he was called, and Mr. Spitzberg, who was
    the Commissar of Propaganda for Bolshevism, were the two
    main speakers. Both of those men spoke in very much the same
    way as Emma Goldman has been speaking. I have been getting
    some of her literature, and recently I have been very much
    amazed at the same line of argumentation with regard to the
    attack on religion and Christianity and so-called religious

    SENATOR KING. “She is the Bolshevik who has been in jail in
    this country and who will be deported as soon as her sentence
    is over?”

    MR. SIMONS. “I do not know as she will be deported.”

    SENATOR KING. “I think she will be.”

    MR. SIMONS. “She ought to be put somewhere where she cannot
    issue any more of that literature. Lunacharsky and Spitzberg
    came out with pretty much the same things that she has been
    saying and printing. This is one of these theses: ‘All that is
    bad in the world, misery and suffering that we have had, is
    largely due to the superstition that there is a God.’”

    SENATOR KING. “I noticed in yesterday’s paper that in their
    schools the children are being taught, wherever they have
    schools at all, positive atheism. Did you verify that?”

    MR. SIMONS. “Lunacharsky, as the official head of the
    department of education, Commissar of the People’s
    Enlightenment, said: ‘We now propose to enlighten our boys and
    our girls and we are using as a textbook a catechism of atheism
    which will be used in our public schools.’ Yet he had the
    audacity to say: ‘We are going to give all churches the same
    chance.’ And a priest replied to him, saying: ‘Then you ought
    not to put your catechism of atheism into the schools.’”[19]

Referring further to the meeting at the Y. M. C. A., Mr. Simons said a
little later in his testimony:

    “Lunacharsky and Spitzberg said in that meeting, and they sent
    it out in their proclamations: ‘The greatest enemy to our
    proletarian cause is religion. The so-called church is simply a
    camouflage of capitalistic control and they are hiding behind
    it, and in order to have success in our movement we must get
    rid of the church.’ Now a frank statement like that seems to me
    to indicate their anti-religious and anti-Christian animus.”[20]

Mr. Simons further testified as follows:

    SENATOR KING. “Has there been a confiscation of church property
    and buildings?”

    MR. SIMONS. “Yes, sir; and in quite a number of instances
    monasteries, with their wealth, have been taken, and all
    kinds of indecent things have been done by certain Bolshevik

    “I have some data showing that they have turned certain
    churches and monasteries into dancing halls, and one instance
    has been reported to me where a certain Bolshevik official
    went into a church while the people were there waiting for the
    sacrament, and threw the priest out, so I am told, and himself
    put on the clerical garb, and then went on the altar and made a
    comedy of the ritual, which stirred up the religious sense of
    the people to that extent that they threatened—of course, among
    themselves—that they would yet kill that man. _He happened to
    be an apostate Jew._”

Mr. Roger E. Simmons testified as follows in regard to the Russian priest
who was put in the same prison with him by the Bolsheviki:

    “A high priest of the church was there. He had been preaching
    sermons publicly denouncing the immorality of the Bolsheviki.
    They imprisoned him and shot him. This priest told me that he
    was a great admirer of Dr. Mott of America.”

    SENATOR NELSON. “Do you not think that the church in the end
    will prove the rallying center for the anti-Bolshevik forces?”

    MR. SIMMONS. “I think it certainly will be one of the principal
    factors; no doubt of it. That priest took the occasion,
    knowing that I was an official of the American Government,
    thinking that it was the last duty he could perhaps perform for
    Russia, to beg me to go back and _tell the American people_,
    ‘_For God’s sake, send us help_.’ He was speaking, gentlemen,
    not for himself, but for the large class of people that he


    “As you know, gentlemen, the Russians are a very religious
    people. Like here in the United States, there are very many
    denominations there, but most of the people belong to the
    Greek Church. Of course, the priests and religious people are
    not very pleasant to the Bolsheviki, because the Bolsheviki
    deny any religion or any religious sentiment. They oppose the
    Russian clergy and the Russian clergy oppose the Bolsheviki,
    and the Russian priests are treated very badly. For instance,
    they are set to do streetwork, cleaning the streets, paving
    streets, digging ditches, and so on. The workmen told me
    several times, ‘The Bolsheviki are sending out priests to work
    in the streets. Why do they not send their rabbis?’ And that is
    true. _The Jewish Rabbis are not sent to work on the streets._
    The Bolsheviki are opposing religion to such an extent that
    lately when I was going to Petrograd they raised a question
    of teaching atheism in the schools. They boast that they have
    opened so many schools, but they do not say that they closed
    as many schools as they opened. We had schools in connection
    with the churches, in connection with every church there was a
    school, and all these schools are closed now.”[22]

Further evidence that the Bolsheviki, although attacking Christianity,
protect the Jewish religion, is found in the following article, which
appeared on the 5th of July, 1919, in the weekly publication _Soviet
Russia_, page 15. The article is entitled “Soviet Tolerance.” It reads as

    “The New York Jewish Daily, ‘_The Day_,’ in its issue of
    June 24th has the following cablegram from its European
    correspondent, N. Shiffrin: ‘Glad Tidings from Russia.’ ‘The
    Zionists have organized throughout Russia Food Co-operative
    Societies which are united in every city into Central
    Co-operative Associations united in the All-Russian Federation
    of Jewish Food Co-operative Associations. The Federation is in
    part subsidized by the Moscow Soviet Government. All schools of
    the Zionists in which the language of instruction is ancient
    Hebrew, as well as the Hebrew High School in Minsk, have been
    taken over by the government. They have been incorporated
    in the Public School System which is maintained by the
    Commissariat of Public Education.’”

The significant part of this article consists in the fact that the old
Hebrew is a religious language in which the Talmud is written. The old
Hebrew can serve only for the study of the Talmud as well as of other
Jewish religious writings. Thus, while combating the Christian religion,
the Bolsheviki are extending protection to the Jewish religion and to the

In a pamphlet entitled “The Russian Church under the Bolsheviks,”
recently published in England, is printed the appeal of Father Serge
Orlov, “who played an important part in the Reform movement in the
Russian church,” and who is now in Switzerland, where the National
Consistory has expressed its sympathy for the Russian people by composing
a special prayer for the liberation of Russia from the Bolsheviks. We
quote the following passages from this appeal of Father Orlov:

    “Owing to Bolshevism the Orthodox Russian Church is passing
    through so acute a crisis that there is serious danger to the
    fundamental idea of the whole of Christianity.

    “Bolshevism is essentially hostile to Christ, and manifests
    even greater hatred towards Christianity than did the pagan
    power of the first centuries....

    “Bolshevism and the Christian Church cannot exist side by side.

    “The persecution of the Church began in January, 1918, and has
    been increasing since then. The Bolsheviks issued a decree
    on the disestablishment of the Church, although never had
    the Russian Church been so firmly in the grip of the secular
    authorities as in Soviet Russia. The Church has not only been
    robbed but treated with contumely. Every commissary has the
    right of prohibiting a service if he suspects the priest or his
    congregation of counter-revolutionary tendencies. Practically
    whenever he chooses he can close a church, turn it into a
    cinema, mock at the ancient sacred relics, and in general
    insult people’s religious feelings.

    “But it is strange that the greater the persecution of the
    Russian Church the nearer and dearer does it become to the
    tortured Russian people. Indeed, the priests of the Russian
    Church boldly denounce the Bolsheviks. _Not one of the secular
    rulers has accused them so openly as Tikhon, the All-Russian
    Patriarch, over whom the Damocles sword of the Bolsheviks is
    always hanging. But the sword can only kill the body, and not
    the spirit._

    “As early as last February, Patriarch Tikhon excommunicated the
    Bolsheviks, the excommunication being read in the churches. At
    that time the persecution of the clergy had already commenced,
    but the Patriarch had not been arrested. It was only later,
    in the autumn of 1918, during the universal Terror, that he
    was placed under domiciliary arrest in his apartments in the
    Kremlin, with a guard of Chinese, Letts and Red Army men, and
    deprived of his rations. But even as a prisoner the Patriarch
    issued declarations against the Bolsheviks, in which he
    severely denounced them.

    “_It is not enough,” writes the Patriarch, “that you have
    stained the hands of the Russian people with the blood of their
    brethren. You have instigated the people to open, shameless
    robbery. You have befogged their consciences and stifled their
    conviction of sin, but under whatever name you disguise an evil
    deed, murder, violence and robbery will always remain crimes
    and deeds of evil that clamor to Heaven for vengeance. Yes, we
    are going through a dreadful time under your dominion, and it
    will be long before it fades from the hearts of the nation,
    where it has dimmed the image of God and impressed that of the

    “But as yet the Bolsheviks have not dared to raise their hand
    against the aged Patriarch. Apparently he is alive.”

A faint idea of what the Bolsheviks are doing to the Russian Church may
be gathered from the following:

    “According to information received from A. Kartashov, former
    Minister of Cults, by December, 1918, the Bolsheviks had killed
    ten archbishops and bishops; it is difficult to ascertain
    the number of priests killed. It reaches several hundreds.
    The Patriarch is a prisoner in his own house. According to
    the (later) message from the Archbishop of Omsk, President
    of the Supreme Administration of the Orthodox Church, to the
    Archbishop of Canterbury, the Metropolitan of Kiev, twenty
    bishops and hundreds of priests have been assassinated. Some
    were buried alive. ‘Wherever the Bolsheviks are in power,’ says
    the Archbishop of Omsk, ‘the Christian Church is persecuted
    with even greater ferocity than in the first three centuries of
    the Christian era.’

    “When, in January, 1919, the town of Yuriev (Dorpat) was taken
    by the Bolsheviks, Bishop Platon was arrested. The Reval papers
    thus describe the Bishop’s last moments. The Bolsheviks burst
    into his house at night, dragged him from his bed. Barefoot
    and clad only in his under-linen, the Bishop, with 17 other
    persons, was dragged down to the cellars of the house they had
    been arrested in. Here the Red executioners rushed at them with
    their axes and killed them.

    “Near Kotlas, all the ten monks of the monastery, with the
    prior at their head, were shot for agitation against the Soviet

Information has come from Omsk that as a result of a judicial
investigation of the Bolshevik terror in Perm, the following has been

    “Archbishop Andronik was buried alive; Vassili, Archbishop
    of Chernigov, who had come to Moscow to inquire about the
    fate of Archbishop Andronik, was cut down and killed with
    his two companions. Bishop Feofan was first tortured, then
    dipped several times into the river through a hole in the ice,
    and finally drowned in the River Kama. Besides this, it was
    discovered that 50 priests had been executed. Before being
    killed they were horribly tortured.

    “At the evacuation of Cherdyn the Bolsheviks took with them
    among other hostages a highly respected priest, Nicolas
    Koniurov, whom they subjected to atrocious torments.

    “During a severe frost they stripped the old man naked and
    poured water over him until he was transformed into a statue of

    (“_The Russian Church under the Bolsheviks,” pages 1, 2, 3._)

The statement of the Rev. R. Courtier-Forster, British Chaplain at
Odessa, already cited under the head of “Terror,” contains the following
passage as to the martyrdom of Christians under the Bolsheviki:

    “It was the martyrdom of the two Metropolitans and the
    assassination of so many Bishops and the killing of hundreds
    of various Christian ministers of religion, regardless of
    denomination or school of thought, that proved the undoing of
    the _Scourge_. Russian Orthodox clergy, Protestant Lutheran
    pastors, Roman Catholic priests, were tortured and done to
    death with the same light-hearted indiscrimination in the name
    of Toleration and Freedom. Then it was that the _Scourge_,
    seeing the last remnants of Liberty ground under the heel of
    a tyranny more brutal in its methods than a mediaeval torture
    chamber, published another full-page cartoon representing Moses
    descending from the Burning Mount, bringing in his arms the
    Tables of Ten Commandments to Humanity, and being stoned to
    death by a mob of workmen’s and soldiers’ delegates.

    “The following Sunday afternoon I was passing through the Town
    Gardens, when I saw a group of Bolshevist soldiers insulting
    an Ikon of the Thorn-crowned Face of Christ. The owner of
    the Ikon was spitting in the pictured Face, while the others
    were standing around watching with loud guffaws of laughter.
    Presently they tore the sacred picture into fragments, danced
    on it, and trampled and stamped the pieces into the mud.”

    (_“Bolshevism, Reign of Torture at Odessa,” by Rev. R.
    Courtier-Forster, reprinted from The Times, Dec. 3, 1919, page

(_d_) _Inciting Class Hatred_

It will be recalled that the Protocols specifically refer to the
incitement of class hatred as one of the most effective means of bringing
about the destruction of Christian, that is, “GOY” states. The concluding
sentence of Protocol No. IV reads as follows:

    “It will be at that stage that the lower classes of the
    GOYS, not for the sake of doing good, nor even for the sake
    of wealth, but solely because of their hatred towards the
    privileged, will follow us against the intelligent GOYS, our
    competitors for power.”

This remarkable stipulation of the Protocols is literally followed by
the Jewish Soviet officials in Russia. This is how Mr. Roger E. Simmons,
in his testimony before the Overman Committee, describes the policy of
inciting class hatred by the Bolsheviki in Russia:

    MR. SIMMONS. “Being a social revolution, of course the worst
    parts about it are the results of the awful class hatred the
    Bolsheviki leaders are inciting. They are inciting it in every
    part of the country by their publications and in all their
    efficient propaganda. It has not been any more disastrous
    in any parts of Russia, I believe, than it has been in many
    villages among the peasantry.

    “Their policy has as an underlying motive the arousing of
    class antagonism, the proletariat hating the bourgeoisie. In
    practice it means that the less fortunate in every industry and
    institution bear animus against those qualified to hold better
    positions. This has been indirectly the cause of most of the
    incidents of terrorism witnesses have spoken of, more of which
    I will tell you about later.

    “When it was seen that the peasantry did not rally to the
    support of the Bolshevik cause and that they refused to sell
    grain for rubles without value, the Bolsheviki took the class
    issue to the villages. Lenine calls this movement awakening
    class consciousness of the peasantry. He organized for this
    work ‘poor committees,’ as they are called in translation.
    These committees of soldiers go out to the villages to inflame
    the dissatisfied elements and to extract by force food from the
    peasants.... But Lenine sends the poor committees, agitators,
    to incite peasants who have no land to conspire against those
    who have, and to take the guns he gives them for fighting,
    robbing, and plundering neighbors in their own and neighboring
    villages who have land. When you come later to read, gentlemen,
    the history of the Russian revolution, some of the bloodiest
    fights, you will find, and worst horrors, have occurred in
    villages. Those simple, peace-loving people have been living
    among themselves for centuries in more or less harmony under
    their communistic system. But all of a sudden Lenine, by his
    nefarious policies, sets the passions of the demoralized class
    aflame and turns them against the other two classes. Instead
    of promoting brotherly love and helping to make the sentiment
    of the nation one for the good of all, as we are striving to
    do in America, the Bolsheviki are trying by _jealousy and
    animosity to disintegrate the population of various localities_
    into classes with a view of the honest toiler being overcome
    and subjected. Now this is a serious matter. The peasantry
    represent 85 per cent of the 160,000,000 Russians.

    “In Russia class hatred is seen manifested everywhere. I
    will mention one illustration which I saw in Petrograd—the
    undressing of a woman. I had heard about it before. It was
    about 6:30, growing dark, as I was walking down the Nevsky
    Prospect on my way home. I heard a yell of distress from a
    woman up a street running perpendicularly to the Nevsky. There
    two soldiers were removing the cloak—a very good substantial
    cloth coat—from a woman. And when protests were made by the
    standers-by, the answer was, ‘We have blacked your boots and
    washed your clothes for many years. Now you bourgeoisie have
    got to bow to us and wash our clothes and black our boots.’
    Undressing to steal clothes went on to a considerable extent
    in Moscow, Petrograd and Kiev, according to reports. It went
    as far as taking off besides cloaks the very dresses of women,
    and where they could handle it, taking also the clothes and
    overcoats off men....

    “Now, you can see that all their practices aimed to invite
    people to do acts of that kind showing intense hatred—I
    wish I could think of another word, it is more than
    hatred—detestation—against people that they thought were a
    little higher up. Now, remember, as I pointed out in the first
    place this hatred is against a good many of these people in
    the cities, and people like the peasants who had land, who
    belonged to the proletariat. But because they did not agree,
    they call them bourgeoisie. You can see that they are fighting
    parts of the very class for whom they say they are trying
    to establish a dictatorship. They are not trying to put the
    proletariat in power, but the most demoralized elements of that
    class, which represents, gentlemen, a very small per cent.

    “Now, this class hatred is a matter we have got to consider,
    I think, with a great deal of interest and a great deal of
    seriousness, because it is the basis of their international

(_e_) _Autocracy in Government_

The Protocols call for a world autocracy and state that liberalism in
government is a source of weakness which should be encouraged by the Jews
only for the temporary object of destroying Christian states with the
ultimate purpose of establishing a Jewish despotism over the whole world.

    “Only an autocrat can outline great and clear plans which
    allocate in an orderly manner all the parts of the mechanism of
    the government machinery.”

On the other hand, the Protocols state as follows:

    “In all parts of the world the words ‘Liberty, Equality, and
    Fraternity’ have brought whole legions into our ranks through
    our blind agents, carrying our banners with delight. Meanwhile
    these words were worms which ruined the prosperity of the GOYS,
    everywhere destroying peace, quiet, and solidarity, undermining
    all the foundations of their states.”

Ambassador Francis, when asked by Senator King whether Lenin and Trotzky
and those who are in control of the Bolshevik government were there as
the result of a general election, testified:[24]

    MR. FRANCIS. “No, no. They are there as usurpers.”

    SENATOR KING. “By force and terror?”

    MR. FRANCIS. “I do not think they represent more than ten per
    cent of the Russians.”

    SENATOR OVERMAN. “Of the whole 180,000,000?”

    MR. FRANCIS. “Of the whole 180,000,000.”

Mr. Roger E. Simmons also describes the Bolshevik government as it
existed when he left Russia in November, 1918, as follows:

    “The Soviet government, composed solely of Bolsheviks, of a
    portion only of the ‘manual proletariat’ is a government in
    name only. Rightly stated, it is a well-organized institution
    functioning to further the social revolution, the overthrow of
    all recognized standards of morality and civilization.”[25]

That gradual despotism shown by the testimony of these witnesses to
exist in 1918 has tended to become more and more complete is shown by
evidence of a recent date. The British White Book, “Russia No. 1 (1919),
Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia,” contains a report of a
Mr. C. who was formerly connected with a commercial company which had a
branch in Moscow. This document bears the date of January 21, 1919. Among
other information therein contained is the following:

    “All factories nationalized; only about half of them working.
    Men all anti-Bolshevik. Very discontented with conditions of
    life, and with the working of the factories. Conditions getting
    worse and worse every day. A great many of the men have gone
    to the country, as it is practically impossible to live in the
    towns.... In Petrograd more attempts to strike than in Moscow;
    this is because in Moscow the workmen are more under the power
    of the government, and _they do not dare to strike_. Even if
    they did there is nothing to gain by it, for the government
    would simply stop their wages, discharge a good many, and
    probably cancel their bread cards.”

As recently as in the fall of 1919 conditions in the factories were
reported to be intolerable. The Soviet officials have gone far beyond
that part of the program of Karl Marx in his “Communist Manifesto,” which
prescribes “Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial
armies, especially for agriculture.” The Soviet government’s Code of
Labor Laws, translated into English and published in New York in _Soviet
Russia_, the organ of the Russian Soviet Bureau, in its issue of February
21, 1920, imposes compulsory labor upon every one, male or female,
between the ages of sixteen and sixty, unless physically disqualified,
and enforces iron discipline of the most tyrannical nature.

Moreover, the New York _World_ of Friday, April 9, 1920, published an
article entitled “Mobilize Russian Labor,” in which it was stated that
Trotzky, addressing the ninth convention of the Communist Party at Moscow
on March 27, 1920, directed his address chiefly to defining the relation
between the mobilization of industry to the industrial rehabilitation of
Russia, and stated:

    “Mobilization is more necessary now than it was formerly,
    because we have to deal with the peasant population and masses
    of unskilled labor which cannot be utilized to the fullest
    extent by any other means than military discipline. Trades
    unions are capable of organizing great masses of qualified
    workers, but 30 per cent of the people cannot be reached by
    this means.”

    An elaborate system among the workmen had been gradually
    established and at present the communist spy reporting directly
    to the Soviets has almost mediaeval powers of executing a man
    merely for the reason that he is opposed to the tyranny of the
    Soviets. Moreover, by the weapon of starvation, the workman is
    compelled to work more hours than under any preceding form of
    government. The very right to strike is entirely denied the
    workmen. Every strike is called sabotage against the Soviets
    and every act of sabotage is forbidden under pain of capital
    punishment. Supplementary Decree No. 27 deals specifically
    with incitements to strike. Persons violating such decree
    are brought before the Extraordinary Committees to Combat

This situation strikingly recalls a passage in the Protocols where it is

    “Civilization cannot exist without _absolute despotism_, for
    government is carried on not by the masses, but by their leader
    whoever he may be.”

Is Trotzky this leader?

Immediately before his departure from the United States for Russia in
order to join his brethren who were engaged in the destruction of the
Russian state, Trotzky made the following boast:

    “_I stand forth the world’s greatest internationalist. I shall
    rule Russia._”

Then he made this appeal to the audience:

    “On with our world civil war! On with the world revolution!
    Down with the governments!”

Unfortunately, the wise step taken by the British Government in arresting
Trotzky at Halifax while on his way to Russia was countermanded, and
Lieut.-Colonel J. B. Maclean, proprietor of _Maclean’s Magazine_,
published at Toronto, in an article entitled “Why Did We Let Trotzky
Go?”, printed in the issue of June, 1919 (Vol. XXXII, No. 6), referring
to various explanations for his release, says, “Finally it is said it was
done at the request of the British Embassy at Washington over the head of
the British and American Intelligence Department; and that the Embassy
acted on the request of the U. S. State Department, who were acting for
some one else.”


There are many passages in the writings and speeches of well-known
Jewish leaders at various times during the last hundred years which show
a remarkable parallelism with some of the important ideas set forth
in the Protocols. The following instances may be cited as a result
of a search which is by no means exhaustive. In each case we cite a
passage taken verbatim from the Protocols, followed under the title of
“Substantiations” by parallel quotations from well-known Jews.


=(a) “The prophets have told us that we were chosen by God himself to
reign over the world. God endowed us with genius to enable us to cope
with the problem.” (Protocol No. V.)=

=(b) “God has given us, his chosen people, the power to scatter, and what
to all appears to be our weakness has proved to be our strength, and has
now brought us to the threshold of universal rule.” (Protocol No. XI.)=

=(c) “When the King of Israel places the crown on his sacred head,
offered him by Europe, he will be the Patriarch of the World.” (Protocol
No. XV.)=


(_a_) “The men of all nations shall be subject to Israel, but those who
have ruled over you shall be destroyed with the sword.”

(_Apocalypse of Baruch (LXXII), a well-known Jewish work of the first
century A.D._)

(_b_) “Our task is great and holy and its success is guaranteed.
Catholicism, our greatest foe, lay wounded in its brains. The net which
is being spread by Israel all over the surface of the earth will spread
day by day, and the glorious prophecies of our holy rights will be
finally realized. The time is approaching when Jerusalem will become the
home of worship of all peoples and the banner of the Jewish monotheism
will be flying on the most distant coast. Our strength is enormous, we
must learn how to apply it in practice. What have we to be afraid of?
The day is approaching when all the wealth of the world will become the
property of the Sons of Israel.”

(_Isaac-Adolphe Crémieux, founder of the Alliance Israélite Universelle,
quoted by Serge Nilus, in a footnote which appears on page 172 in 1917
edition of his book, “It is near! At the door!” A reference to the same
document of the Alliance Israélite Universelle can be found in issue No.
24, December 15, 1909, of the Arabic paper “Al Kalemat” (“The World”),
which was published in New York. See article entitled, “A Chapter
Concerning Moral Discussions. Concerning the Destroyers of the Foundation
of the Christian Faith,” pp. 461-464._)

(_c_) “It has always been a unique feature of Judaism that its traits of
particularism—essential to its self-preservation—have been blended with
the highest aspirations of _universalism_.”

(_Paul Goodman, “Zionism and Liberal Judaism,” Zionist Review, Nov.

(_d_) “When we read in the Book of Isaiah that the prophet of the exile
declared that the Jews were God’s witnesses, chosen for a religious
purpose and charged with a religious mission, we believe that he was
speaking words which were inspired by God.”

(_Cl. G. Montefiore, “Outlines of Liberal Judaism,” p. 166. London:
Macmillan and Co., Limited. 1912._)

(_e_) “The Jews energetically reject the idea of fusion with the other
nationalities and cling firmly to their historical hope, _i.e._, of world

(_From speech of Dr. Mandelstam, Professor in the University of Kiev,
Russia, delivered at the Basel Zionist Congress of 1898. See H. S.
Chamberlain’s “The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century,” Vol. I, p.
335. London: John Lane. 1913._)

(_f_) “The Jew will never be able to assimilate himself; he will never
adopt the customs and ways of other peoples. The Jew remains a Jew under
all circumstances. Every assimilation is purely exterior.”

(_From speech of Rabbi Dr. Leopold Kahn on Zionism, delivered in July,
1901, in the orthodox Jewish school in Pressburg, Idem._)

(_g_) “The governments of all countries, scourged by anti-Semitism, will
serve their own interests in assisting us to obtain the sovereignty we

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 11. Published by the Federation of
American Zionists, New York, 1917._)

(_h_) “Christianity itself seems to Jews only a stage in the preparation
of the world for a purified, developed and universalized Judaism.”

(_Cl. G. Montefiore, “Outlines of Liberal Judaism,” p. 163. London.

(_i_) “Liberal Judaism has higher ambitions for the Jewish people. Above
all, it seeks to preserve the _Jewish religion_ in full beauty and power,
and _to extend its workings to a sphere co-extensive with the universe of

(_Rabbi Mattuck, quoted by Paul Goodman in his article on “Zionism and
Liberal Judaism,” in the Zionist Review, November, 1911. Reprinted by
Petty & Sons, Ltd., Whitehall Printeries, Leeds, pp. 2 and 3._)

(_j_) “It is not given to every one to _understand_ that which is not yet
finished.... Yes! The likelihood of realizing our demands and proposals
grows with our numbers and with the increase in our strength. For the
present we have reason to be satisfied with the spirit in which our
aspirations were regarded by the mighty ones of the earth. _Do not demand
more than this intimation from your Action Committee. In this respect you
must have implicit confidence in it. You may freely question it regarding
all other matters._”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “Congress Addresses,” delivered at London, August 13,
1900, at the Zionist Congress. Published by the Federation of American
Zionists, New York, 1917._)

(_k_) “Let the sovereignty be granted us over a portion of the globe
large enough to satisfy the reasonable requirements of the nation: _the
rest we shall manage for ourselves_.”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 11._)


=(a) “We must follow a program of violence and hypocrisy, not only for
the sake of profit, but also as a duty and for the sake of victory.”
(Protocol No. I.)=

=(b) “When we finally become rulers ... we will see to it that no plots
are hatched against us. To effect this we will kill heartlessly all who
take up arms against the establishment of our rule.” (Protocol No. XV.)=


(_a_) “Our people who are receiving the new country from the Society will
also thankfully accept the new constitution it offers them. Should they,
however, show signs of rebellion, they will be promptly crushed.” (_Theo.
Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 38._)

(_b_) “The interests of the revolution require the physical annihilation
of the bourgeois class. It is time for us to start.” (_Red Gazette_, Aug.
31, 1918, No. 159. Published by the Petrograd Soviet of the Workmens’ &
Soldiers’ Deputies, presided over by the Jew, Apfelbaum—Zinoviev.)

(_c_) “Blood and mercilessness must be our slogans.” (Leon Trotzky,
International Communist Congress, Moscow, March, 1919. Quoted, _New York
Evening Sun_, March 18, 1919.)


=(a) “We will also artfully and deeply undermine the sources of
production by teaching the workmen Anarchy and the use of alcohol, at
the same time taking measures to expel all the intelligent Goys from the

=“That the true situation should not be noticed by the Goys until the
proper time, we will mask it by a pretended desire to help the working
classes and great economic principles, an active propaganda of which
principles is being carried on through the dissemination of our economic
theories.” (Protocol VI.)=

=(b) “We will present ourselves in the guise of saviors of the workers
from this oppression, when we suggest that they enter our army of
Socialists, Anarchists, Communists, to whom we always extend our help
under the guise of the rule of brotherhood demanded by the human
solidarity of our social masonry.” (Protocol III.)=


(_a_) “When the Jew gives his thought, his devotion, to the cause of
the workers and of the dispossessed, of the disinherited of the world,
the radical quality within him there, too, goes to the roots of things,
and in Germany he becomes a Marx and a Lassalle, a Haas and an Edward
Bernstein; in Austria he becomes a Victor Adler and a Friedrich Adler; in
Russia, a Trotzky. Just take for a moment the present situation in Russia
and in Germany. The revolution set creative forces free, and see what
a large company of Jews was available for immediate service. Socialist
Revolutionaries and Mensheviki, and Bolsheviki, Majority and Minority
Socialists—whatever they be called ... _Jews are to be found among the
trusted leaders and the routine workers of all those revolutionary

(_Rabbi J. L. Magnes in his address delivered at the opening session of
the first Jewish Labor Congress, January 16, 1919, New York City. See the
Jewish Forum, February, 1919, P. 722._)

(_b_) “The Jew, therefore, does take an active part in revolutions; and
he participates in them in so far as he is a Jew, or more correctly in
_so far as he remains Jewish_.”

(_Bernard Lazare, “Anti-Semitism: Its History and Causes,” p. 312.
Published by International Library Publishing Co., New York, 1903._)

(_c_) “We must not, however, leave these problems (social) and this
reform (social) outside of our Jewish thought, our Jewish activities.
We must not let them be taken by active Christians and stamped as
specifically Christian.”

(_Rabbi Montefiore, “Outlines of Liberal Judaism,” pp. 266 and 267.
London, 1912._)

(_d_) “_Das Volk_, a Jewish periodical published in America, writes in

“‘One cannot blame us that people with different mentalities and views
as _Social Democrats_, _Anarchists_, and so on, are filled with our
socialist territorial ideas, and enter in our ranks in order to struggle
for a better future of the Jewish people. On the contrary, it shows that
life itself has raised our ideal and drives all under our banner.’”

(_The Jewish Life, March, 1906, p. 173. Jewish newspaper published in
Russian, found in New York Public Library._)

(_e_) The following quotation is an estimate by Bernard Lazare,
Jewish writer, of the part which was and is played by the Jews in the
revolutionary movement throughout the world:

“Their [_i.e._, the Jews’] contribution to present-day Socialism was,
as is well known, and still is, very great. The Jews, it may be said,
are situated at the poles of contemporary society. They are found among
the representatives of industrial and financial capitalism, and among
those who have vehemently protested against capital. Rothschild is
the antithesis of Marx and Lassalle; the struggle for money finds its
counterpart in the struggle against money, and the world-wide outlook of
the stock-speculator finds its answer in the international proletarian
and revolutionary movement. It was Marx who gave the first impulse to
the founding of the Internationale through the manifesto of 1847, drawn
up by himself and Engels. Not that it can be said that he ‘founded’
the Internationale, as is maintained by those who persist in regarding
the Internationale as a secret society controlled by the Jews. Many
causes led to the organization of the Internationale, but from Marx
proceeded the idea of a Labor Congress, which was held at London in
1864, and resulted in the founding of that society. The Jews constituted
a very large proportion of its members, and in the General Council of
the society, we find Karl Marx, Secretary for Germany and Russia, and
James Cohen, Secretary for Denmark. Many of the Jewish members of the
Internationale took part subsequently in the Commune, where they found
others of their faith. In the organization of the socialist party, the
Jews participated to the greatest extent. Marx and Lassalle in Germany,
Aaron Libermann and Adler in Austria, Dobrojan Gherea in Roumania, are,
or were at one time, its creators and its leaders. The Jews of Russia
deserve special notice in this brief résumé. Young Jewish students,
scarcely escaped from the Ghetto, have played an important part in the
Nihilistic propaganda; some, among them women, have given up their lives
for the cause of Liberation, and to these young Jewish physicians and
lawyers, we must add the large number of exiled workingmen who have
founded in London and New York important labor societies, which serve as
centers of socialistic and even of anarchistic propaganda.”

(_Bernard Lazare, “Anti-Semitism,” pp. 312, 313, and 314._)

(_f_) “When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the
subordinate officers of the revolutionary party; when we rise, there
rises also our terrible power of the purse.”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 10._)

(_g_) “Thus it would seem as if the grievance of the anti-Semite were
well founded; the Jewish spirit is essentially a revolutionary spirit,
and _consciously or otherwise, the Jew is_ a revolutionist.”

(_Bernard Lazare, “Anti-Semitism,” p. 298._)


=“At present as an international force we are invulnerable.” (Protocol


(_a_) “Nothing effectual can really be done to our injury.”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 9._)

(_b_) “The very impossibility of getting at the Jews nourishes and
embitters hatred of them.”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 10._)

(_c_) “It is of course possible to get at shares and debentures in
railways, banks and industrial concerns of all descriptions, by taxation,
and where the progressive income tax is in force, all our realized
property can eventually be laid hold of. But all these efforts cannot
be directed against Jews alone, and where they have nevertheless been
made, severe economic crises with far-reaching effects have been their
immediate consequences.”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 10._)

(_d_) “A distracted and divided people have been so well instructed
in thought that the unity of Israel is greater than all the differing
religions, social, economic and political views of the individuals who
make up a nation, that the Rabbis of Eastern Europe have entered in full
force into the vanguard of the movement.”

(_Jacob de Haas. See his preface to Hertzl’s “The Jewish State,” p. 8._)

(_e_) “... _There is such a thing as a Kol_ (All) _Israel policy to
be pursued by all Jews together, regardless of their political, their
economic, their spiritual outlook._”

(_Rabbi Judas L. Magnes, Speech delivered at the Jewish Labor Congress,
Jan. 16, 1919, at Yorkville Casino, New York City; quoted in the Jewish
Forum, February, 1919, p. 720._)

(_f_) “The Jewish people, traditionally and through its experience,
knows the meaning of internationalism, and it must apply the method of
internationalism to its own national life as well, sharing the destiny of
every people, free and oppressed, in freeing the world in order that it
itself may be freed.”

(_Rabbi Judas L. Magnes, Ibid., p. 721._)

(_g_) “But, in order that the Jewish people may do its work in the world,
it must be organized—_organized for its specific purposes_ as well as for
participation in all of the cultural and spiritual movements of humanity.”

(_Rabbi Judas L. Magnes, Ibid., p. 724._)

(_h_) “_Here we are, just Jews and nothing else, a nation among nations.
Take it or leave it._”

(_From speech of Dr. Weizman, delivered in Manchester, England, Dec. 9,
1917, partially quoted in a pamphlet entitled “Great Britain, Palestine
and the Jews,” p. 73. Published by Geo. H. Doran Co., New York._)

(_i_) “Our union is not a French one, nor English, nor Swiss, nor German.
Nay, our union is Jewish and it is universal. The other peoples are
split into nationalities. We, however, are the only ones who have no
co-citizens, but exclusively co-religionists. The Jew will not sooner
become the friend of a Christian or a Mohammedan than at the time when
the light of the Jewish faith—the only religion of reason—will spread
throughout the world. Scattered among peoples who are hostile to our
rights, to our interests, we wish above all to be and always to remain
Jews. Our nationality is the religion of our fathers and we do not
recognize any other. Living in lands of dispersion we cannot be concerned
about the changing aims of those lands which are strange to us until
the time when our own aims both moral and material are in danger. The
Jewish teachings must spread all over the world. Sons of Israel! however
much the faith would disperse you all over the earth, always consider
yourselves as members of a chosen people. If you realize and if you
understand that the faith of our ancestors is our sole patriotism, _if
you realize that in spite of your cover nationalities you form only one
and the same people_, if you believe that only Judaism constitutes the
religious and political truth, if you are convinced in the above, you
universal sons of Israel, you will come to us, you will listen to our
appeal and you will prove that you accept it.”

(In 1860, Isaac Adolphe Crémieux, the well-known Jewish leader in France,
founded the Universal Jewish Alliance (Alliance Israélite Universelle).
On this occasion he issued a circular appeal to the Jewish organizations
throughout the world. The above quotation is from this circular appeal.
Quoted by A. Shmakoff, “Jewish Speeches,” p. 131.)

(_j_) “It is our opinion that the Jewish question can be solved only by
the _Jews themselves.... We no longer want to wear the mask of any other

(_Theo. Hertzl, in Congress Addresses delivered at Basle, December 26,
1901, p. 28. Published by the Federation of American Zionists, 1917, New

(_k_) “Furthermore, it is well understood in Germany and in Austria
that the Jews of Russia have never had real citizenship in Russia, and
although a Jew may have been born in Russia, that does not necessarily
imply that he has been a citizen of Russia. Realizing that, and for
other apparent reasons, the German and Austrian Governments are making
every effort to secure the coöperation and good-will of the large Jewish
population, now under their control.”

(_Rabbi Judas L. Magnes. See his letter to Mr. Byrlavski, June, 1916.
Published in the Report of the Commission of the American Jewish Relief
Fund. New York City, March, 1917._)

(_l_) “Let us forget whence we spring. No more talk of ‘German’ or of
‘Portuguese’ Jews. Though scattered over the earth we are nevertheless a
single people.”

(_Rabbi Salomon Lipmann-Cerfberr in his opening speech delivered on July
26, 1806, at the meeting preparatory to the Synedrion. Quoted by H. S.
Chamberlain in his “Foundations of the Nineteenth Century” Vol. I, p.

(_m_) “_Israel is a nationality._ We are born Jews, ‘_natu_’ because
we are born Jews. A child born from Jewish parents is Jewish. The very
birth casts on him all the duties of an Israelite. It is not through
circumcision that we obtain our Israelan quality. Nay, circumcision is in
no way analogous to Christian baptism. We are not Israelites because we
are circumcised, but, on the contrary, we circumcise our children because
we are Israelites. We acquire the Jewish character through our birth,
and we can never lose it nor get rid of it. _Even if a Jew denies his
religion, even if he is baptized, he does not cease to be an Israelite._
All Israelite duties continue to remain with him.”

(_Archives Israélites, 1864. Quotation from Ed. Drumont, “La France
Juive,” Vol. I, p. 14, 12th ed. Paris: C. Marpont E. Flammarion._)


=(a) “The economic crises were created by us for the Goys only by the
withdrawal of money from circulation.” (Protocol XX.)=

=(b) “We hold in our hands the greatest modern power—Gold.” (Protocol


(_a_) “The first official violation of Jewish liberties invariably brings
about an economic crisis. Therefore, no weapons can be effectually used
against us, because these cut the hands that wield them.”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 43._)

(_b_) “When we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse,”

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 10._)

(_c_) “The day is approaching when all the wealth of the world will
become the property of the Sons of Israel.”

(_Isaac Adolphe Crémieux, quoted by A. Shmakoff, “Jewish Speeches,” p.

(_d_) “The Government of Palestine (in the hands of Jews), composed of
_men of wisdom_ and of intellectuals _will guide_ the economic movement
not only of the Orient and of Anatolia, but probably also of the _whole

(_The Inkilab, a Jewish paper published in Constantinople. Quoted in La
Vieille France, No. 108, February 13, 1919, p. 21._)


=“At present, if any of the governments raises a protest against us, it
is done only as a matter of form and at our desire and by our order,
because their anti-Semitism is necessary to us to govern our smaller
brothers.” (Protocol IX.)=


(_a_) “The governments of all countries, scourged by anti-Semitism, will
serve their own interests in assisting us to obtain the sovereignty we

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 11._)

(_b_) “Disaster binds us together, and, thus united, we suddenly discover
our strength. Yes, we are strong enough to form a State, and a model

(_Theo. Hertzl, “The Jewish State,” p. 10._)


There are a number of important policies in the Protocols which find
a striking parallel in certain activities and movements among Jews in
various parts of the world outside of Russia. Among these policies of the
Protocols are: the control of the press for political purposes, securing
international or so-called “minority” rights for the Jews, the stirring
up of class hatred and social disorder, and the promotion of revolutions
and internationalism.


1. The boast is made in the Protocols that in Europe the press, with
unimportant exceptions, is under Jewish control. It is indeed true that
the Jewish influence in the press in many parts of the world is very
powerful. Just how powerful it is in America it is difficult to state.
It is certainly a great and growing power in New York City. A Jewish
magazine, _The American Jewish News_, recently pointed with pride to the
great number of newspapers in New York which are either controlled by
the Jews or in which Jews occupy important strategic positions. In the
article referred to, which was published in the issue of March 28, 1919,
under the title “Men Who Make Our Newspapers,” the following statement is

    “While it is an accepted fact that certain of our industries
    to-day are almost entirely directed and supported by Jewish
    minds and labor, there are nevertheless just as many which are
    not generally conceded to come within the same classification
    which have at their head men of Jewish descent. Most
    important among these latter is the greatest of all public
    institutions—the press.

    “Hardly a newspaper of importance thrives in this city but it
    has at its head or in some position of paramount influence
    a man in whose fibre there is Jewish energy. And with one
    exception the achievements of these men who mould and interpret
    American public opinion could provide material for books of
    incalculable inspiration.”

The article proceeds to refer to several large dailies in New York which
are owned or controlled by Jews, with biographical sketches of these men
and their subordinates. At the end of the article it is stated that the
men mentioned are “but a few of a great number.”

That there is nothing new in the Jewish policy of controlling the press
is shown by the following statement of Isaac-Adolphe Crémieux, who in
1860 founded the Alliance Israélite Universelle.

    “Consider the governmental and public offices as nothing. Look
    upon all honors as upon nonsense. Do not pay any attention
    for the time being to money itself.... _Capture the press!_
    Through it everything will come to you in the natural course of

The complete dictatorship over the press exercised by the Jewish
Bolshevist leaders in Soviet Russia is such a generally accepted fact
that it needs no extended comment. All newspapers that have attempted
in any way to criticize the Bolshevist government have been ruthlessly
suppressed, and many writers who have dared to criticize Trotzky have
been executed.

The policy of the Bolsheviks is well expressed by one of the Soviet
officials, N. Bukharin, in “The Communist Program,” published by the
Soviet printing office, called “The Communist,” Moscow, 1918, Chapter
VII, pp. 20-23:

    “The Communist (Bolshevist) party receives from all sides
    accusations and even threats like the following: ‘You close
    newspapers, you arrest people, you forbid meetings, you trample
    under foot freedom of speech and of the press, you reconstruct
    autocracy, you are oppressors and murderers.’ It is necessary
    to discuss in detail this question of the ‘liberties’ in a
    Soviet Republic....

    “At present the following is clear for the workingmen and the
    peasants. The Communist party not only does not demand any
    liberty of the press, of speech, meetings, unions, etc., for
    the bourgeois enemies of the people, but, on the contrary, it
    demands that the government should be always in readiness to
    close the bourgeois press; to disperse the meetings of the
    enemies of the people, to forbid them to lie, slander, and
    spread panic; to crush ruthlessly all attempts at a restoration
    of the bourgeois régime. This is precisely the meaning of the
    dictatorship of the proletariat.”


2. From a practical point of view it is of the utmost importance to
Christian countries to ascertain whether the Jews are to be treated as
citizens who enjoy equal rights and equal duties with the rest of the
community, or whether they are to have, in addition, special privileges
uniform in every country because they are Jews.

The American Constitution grants equal rights to all citizens of the
United States, without distinction as to race or religion. The same
conception of citizenship prevails in a majority of the western European
countries (Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland,
Norway, and Sweden).

During the last two years, however, the Jews in various countries have
adopted a peculiar policy, threatening the fundamental principles of
equal citizenship, by demanding special national or minority rights
in central and eastern European states. During the Peace Conference
the Jews maintained an influential delegation at Paris which insisted
that such rights be granted to the Jews in Poland, Austria, Roumania,
Jugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Ukrainia. A special Bill of Jewish Rights
was presented by the Jewish delegation to the Peace Conference. This bill
contained the following stipulations:

    “_First_—New guarantees of citizenship for those born in the
    territories affected, or resident therein since August, 1909.

    “_Second_—All citizens to enjoy equal civil, religious,
    national and political rights, without distinction of birth,
    race, nationality or religion.

    “_Third_—The right to use the language of any national minority
    in business, private intercourse, public meetings or the press
    shall be guaranteed; nor shall there be any restriction of such
    language in the schools or other institutions, nor shall the
    validity of any transaction or document be affected by the use
    of any language whatsoever.

    “_Fourth_—The state shall recognize the several national
    minorities as constituting distinct autonomous organizations,
    having the right to establish, manage and control schools and
    religious, educational, charitable and social institutions.

    “_Fifth_—Each national minority shall be allotted its
    proportion of state, departmental and municipal funds, based on
    the ratio of its numbers in the respective areas, as well as in
    the entire population.

    “_Sixth_—Proportional representation of national minorities in
    elected bodies.

    “_Seventh_—Those observing any other day except Sunday as
    Sabbath shall not be required to perform on such days acts
    they regard as desecrations, and shall be permitted to conduct
    business on Sunday if they so desire.

    “_Eighth_—The signatories to the treaty, or any minority which
    may be affected by failure to observe its provisions, shall be
    entitled to submit complaints for adjudication to the League of
    Nations, which will assume jurisdiction.” (New York _Tribune_,
    June 12, 1919.)

This Bill of Rights was strongly endorsed by the American Jewish Congress
held in Philadelphia in December, 1918. We quote an article in the New
York _Tribune_ of May 14, 1919, on this subject:



    “According to a cable received by the Zionist Organization of
    America from its president, Judge Julian W. Mack, who is now
    in Paris, heading the American Jewish Congress delegation to
    the peace conference, and chairman of the Jewish delegations
    from every part of Europe, the treaty offered to Germany
    requires Poland and other nations to accept separate provisions
    guaranteeing rights to racial, religious and linguistic
    minorities within their boundaries.

    “Judge Mack says the word ‘national’ is not included in the
    treaty as now formulated, but that a decision on this point is
    expected in a few days.

    “He expresses himself as sanguine that the substance of the
    demands adopted by the American Jewish Congress, held in
    Philadelphia last December, will be obtained.”

Moreover, the Bill of Rights was endorsed by most of the recognized
Jewish organizations throughout the world.

under which the universal support of Hebrew national rights within the
boundaries of other nations was recorded by the New York _Tribune_ on
June 12, 1919.

Mr. Edward Dillon, in his book “The Inside Story of the Peace
Conference,” referring to these national rights and to the support which
was extended to the Jewish demands, stated that the Allied policy was
“looked upon as anything but disinterested.” Mr. Dillon further said:

    “Unhappily this conviction was subsequently strengthened by
    certain of the measures decreed by the Supreme Council between
    April and the close of the Conference. The misgivings of other
    delegates turned upon a matter which at first sight may appear
    so far removed from any of the pressing issues of the twentieth
    century as to seem wholly imaginary. They feared that a
    religious—some would call it racial—bias lay at the root of Mr.
    Wilson’s policy. It may seem amazing to some readers, but it is
    none the less a fact, that a considerable number of delegates
    believed that the real influences behind the Anglo-Saxon
    peoples were Semitic.

    “They confronted the President’s proposal on the subject of
    religious inequality, and, in particular, the odd motive
    alleged for it, with the measures for the protection of
    minorities which he subsequently imposed on the lesser states,
    and which had for their keynote to satisfy the Jewish elements
    in eastern Europe. And they concluded that the sequence of
    expedients framed and enforced in this direction were inspired
    by the Jews, assembled in Paris for the purpose of realizing
    their carefully thought-out program, which they succeeded in
    having substantially executed. However right or wrong these
    delegates may have been, it would be a dangerous mistake to
    ignore their views, seeing that they have since become one
    of the permanent elements of the situation. The formula into
    which this policy was thrown by the members of the Conference,
    whose countries it affected, and who regarded it as fatal to
    the peace of eastern Europe, was this: ‘Henceforth the world
    will be governed by the Anglo-Saxon peoples, who, in turn, are
    swayed by their Jewish elements.’” (Pages 496, 497.)

Mr. Dillon emphasizes that the Jewish demands for special national
privileges were largely fomented by western Jews, including those of the
United States. He even states that among the many Jews who were present
at the Paris Peace Conference “the largest and most brilliant contingent
was sent by the United States.” (Page 12.) According to this author,
“Their principal mission, with which every fair-minded man sympathized
heartily, was to secure for their kindred in Eastern Europe rights equal
to those of the populations in whose midst they reside. And to the credit
of the Poles, Rumanians, and Russians, who were to be constrained to
remove all the existing disabilities, they enfranchised the Hebrew
elements spontaneously. But the western Jews who championed their eastern
brothers, proceeded to demand a further concession which many of their
own co-religionists hastened to disclaim as dangerous—a kind of autonomy
which Roumanian, Polish and Russian statesmen, as well as many of their
Jewish fellow-subjects, regarded as tantamount to the creation of a state
within a state.” (Page 13.)

The treaties imposed by the Allies upon Poland, Rumania, Czecho-Slovakia,
Jugo-Slavia and Greece granted all, or nearly all the demands of the Jews
contained in the above “Bill of Rights,” while Austria and Hungary gave
pledges in their treaties with the Allied and Associated Powers, that
they would protect “minority rights” in the same general way defined in
the treaties with the other five powers.

These treaties, as Mr. Dillon correctly points out, go much further
than to guarantee to the Jews residing in these several countries full
political equality with other citizens, and freedom from persecution or
discrimination on account of race or religion. Not only did the treaties
contain such guarantees,—which, Mr. Dillon states, the small powers in
question were quite willing to give,—but they contained a principle new
to international law, viz. that a racial minority should be treated in
various relations as a separate entity within the State, with separate
rights of its own, which it is permitted to enforce against the national
government. An illustration of this new principle is found in certain
articles of the treaty with Poland relating to educational matters. By
these articles the Polish State is actually compelled to permit the Jews,
in towns and districts where they constitute “a considerable proportion”
of the population, to administer primary education in their own language
in the Jewish schools, supported by an allocated part of the state funds.
The articles of the treaty which create this extraordinary “minority
right” are quoted _verbatim_ below. The two articles must be read
together and compared with each other to bring out their full meaning.


“Poland will provide in the public educational system in towns and
districts in which a considerable proportion of Polish nationals of other
than Polish speech are residents adequate facilities for ensuring that
in the primary schools the instruction shall be given to the children of
such nationals through the medium of their own language. This provision
shall not prevent the Polish Government from making the teaching of the
Polish language obligatory in the said schools.

“In towns and districts where there is a considerable proportion of
Polish nationals belonging to racial, religious or linguistic minorities,
these minorities shall be assured an equitable share in the enjoyment and
application of the sums which may be provided out of the public funds
under the State, municipal or other budget, for educational, religious or
charitable purposes.

“The provision of this article shall apply to Polish citizens of German
speech only in that part of Poland which was German territory on August
1, 1914.


“Educational Committees appointed locally by the Jewish Committees of
Poland will, subject to the general control of the State, provide for the
distribution of the proportional share of the public funds allocated to
the Jewish schools in accordance with Article 9, and for the organization
and management of these schools.

“The provisions of Article 9 concerning the use of languages in schools
shall apply to these schools.”

In some central European countries the Jews took prompt advantage of
the favorable feeling created in Paris by the Jewish leaders towards
the Jewish national demands. Thus, for instance, in Ukrainia a special
ministry for Jewish affairs was established, headed by Krasny Pinhoos,
a Jew. According to information contained in an editorial article in
the _New Witness_ of April 11, 1919, the new minister of the Jews “told
a press representative that the Jews take part in the spiritual and
social life of the Ukraine under conditions of equality with those of the
rest of the population, but that in affairs appertaining to the Jewish
community they would govern themselves.”

The _New Witness_ made a rather peculiar deduction from the above
statement of Mr. Pinhoos:

    “But it is anyhow a good thing that in one country at least
    the Jewish race should be regarded and should consent to be
    regarded as something different and separate. We presume that
    as soon as the Jewish State in Palestine is established, Mr.
    Pinhoos will change his title to that of Jewish Ambassador. Mr.
    Pinhoos hopes that before long there will be many other such
    ministries established, but while Isaacs and Mond can govern
    England and dictate to the Peace Conference, there is not much
    hope that they will desire to rule the affairs of Whitechapel.”

Mr. Israel Zangwill, in a recent address at the Poale Zion Conference in
London, went a step further when he stated that the race which produced
“a Beaconsfield, a Reading, a Montagu, a Klotz, a Kurt Eisner, a Trotzky”
should be represented as an independent member of the League of Nations.
(See Mr. Zangwill’s statement in _The Jewish Chronicle_, February 27,
1920, No. 2656, p. 28.)

In view of the adoption of this policy by the Jews in Paris, Americans
are justified in ascertaining just what is the position of the American
Jewry with respect to enforcing such a program here. Our Constitution
knows no such thing as foreign national rights enjoyed by persons who at
the same time enjoy the privileges of American citizens. A subject of a
foreign nationality when he becomes an American citizen renounces his
former allegiance, and it is upon this condition only that he becomes a
member of our body politic.

Nevertheless in the United States itself, where the Jews enjoy an
absolute equality of rights with all other citizens, they have recently
endeavored to build up an institution which is entirely opposed to the
spirit of the American Constitution, namely, a special Jewish court
which tries cases pertaining only to the Jews. This institution is known
as “The Jewish Court of Arbitration” and holds its sessions in one
of the Municipal Court rooms in New York City. This fact was briefly
recorded by the New York _Times_ in its issue of February 19, 1920, in an
article under the title, “Jews Here Start Modern Sanhedrin.” While this
significant fact may have passed almost unnoticed by the American public,
nevertheless it has already attracted attention in France.

It is unthinkable to any American brought up under a system of government
which has provided a check against the oppression of minorities by the
majority, that special rights should be granted to any of the ethnic
elements of our population, such as the Jews, the Chinese, the Negroes,
or any other racial group, or that any of these groups should by virtue
of such special rights diminish our sovereignty by a treaty provision
similar to Article XII of the special treaty with Poland. By this article
Poland agreed that any member of the Council of the League of Nations
should have the right to bring to the attention of the Council any
infraction _or any danger of infraction_ of any of these obligations (the
national rights of the Jews), and that the Council may thereupon take
such action and give such directions as it may deem proper and effective
in the circumstances.[28]

The whole question of Jewish double national rights is of the utmost
importance, since the recognized Zionist leaders and the international
Zionist organizations have on various occasions strongly urged the
adoption of such double rights. Such rights and privileges for the
Jews indeed are more than “national rights”; they are in one sense
international rights common to Jews living in different countries.
In other words, under such a system they would enjoy both the rights
of citizenship of the particular country in which they live, and in
addition, special privileges granted to them alone. The granting of such
privileges to the Jews would constitute a series of international rights
conferred exclusively upon the Jewish race. The Protocols of the Zionist
Men of Wisdom contemplate this very thing in the following language:

    “Then our international rights will sweep away the national
    rights in a limited sense and will rule countries in the
    same manner as the civil power of each state regulates the
    relationship of its subjects among themselves.” (Protocol No.

It is a question to what extent the demands for Jewish minority rights in
eastern European states may be a part of the general Zionist movement.
To this movement little attention can be given in this volume. It is
sufficient to quote a portion of an article published in the New York
_Globe_ on January 25, 1919, under the title “Want Brandeis to Govern
Judea.” The staff correspondent of the New York _Globe_ and Chicago
_Daily News_ in London, under date of December 31, 1918, refers to the
Zionist movement and the exposition of its objects and purposes by one of
its leaders, Ittimar Ben Avi:

    “If the plans and ambitions of the recently proclaimed nation
    of Judea are fulfilled, Louis Brandeis, now Justice of the
    United States Supreme Court, will be the first of the new
    rulers of Israel. The dream of the renationalization of
    Palestine which has lived for 2,000 years in the hearts of the
    Jews is fast entering the realm of reality. Judea is sending
    its delegates to the peace conference. Its existence as a
    nation has been recognized by the allies, its declaration of
    independence has been signed and its diplomats and politicians
    are already busy moulding the future of its institutions.

    “Ittimar Ben Avi is the first of its peace delegates to reach
    London. An impassioned idealist who already visions Judea
    enrolled among the great powers of the world, is Ben Avi. But
    his idealism and his oratorical agitations on behalf of Judea
    have not impaired his worth as a diplomat.


    “‘Israel cannot leap to its feet, full grown and capable,’ he
    explained. ‘It has been scattered and dormant too long. As
    delegate to the peace conference, I am to outline the demands
    of the new Judea. The first and most important of these is the
    political desire of the new Hebrew nation. We desire a British
    trusteeship for a period of twenty-five years. We do not want
    to establish a parliament or congress in Judea for at least
    twenty-five years. The British have emancipated us from the
    Turk. Great Britain is more capable of governing or overseeing
    Palestine as a colony than any one other country.

    “‘If the English will agree to this our plan then includes
    the appointment by England of a Zionist as governor-general
    of Judea. It is more or less known among Zionists that Mr.
    Justice Brandeis is the most logical man now living for the
    position of governor-general. Under him there should be two
    sub-governors—one a Christian and the other a Moslem. Both
    should be appointed by England. We also intend to have attorney
    generals for the various provinces and mayors for the various
    communities in Palestine. These are to be elected by the people.

    “‘After twenty-five years Judea may be in position to govern
    herself. As a totally independent nation and part of an entente
    including Armenia and Arabia, Judea would be a powerful asset
    to the western world not only as a producer of culture and a
    contributor to the world’s markets, but as a military barrier
    against any power seeking to control the Suez Canal.’


    “Ben Avi’s desire for a British over-lordship is inspired
    by the fact that were Palestine to proclaim a complete
    independence to-day and seek by popular vote to elect its
    own ruler, the Moslem and Christian peoples living there
    would outnumber and outvote the Hebrew population. The result
    would be a nation in which the Jews were in the minority. By
    England’s recognition of Judea as a Jewish nation and giving
    its Moslems and Christians representation through sub-governor
    generals, the Zionists are confident that their dreams will be
    most practically fulfilled.

    “The history of Palestine’s struggle towards renationalizing of
    the Jewish race is comparatively recent. Beginning some forty
    years ago with the agitation of a handful of idealists, the
    movement expanded slowly. Great effort to repopulate Palestine
    with Jews drawn from Russia for the most part met with
    indifferent success. In the face of ridicule and protest from
    their own race, the Jews of England, the United States, France,
    Russia and Germany, acting as an intensive minority, pursued
    their dream.”


3. The strategy of stirring up class hatred in Christian nations, and
the encouragement of revolutionary radicalism to that end, which has
such a prominent place in the Protocols, finds corroboration in the very
prominent part which, in recent times, the Jews have been taking in the
radical and revolutionary movement in many parts of the world, including
Hungary, Germany, Holland, Poland, the United States, and certain South
American states.

The predominant influence of the Jews in the Bolshevist movement
throughout the world is a question which is publicly discussed in the
European press. The Budapest correspondent of the _London Times_ some
time ago stated:

    “Hungary is being terrorized by Jewish agitators.” (_American
    Jewish News_, May 2, 1919.)

Charges of this kind have appeared in the press in many European
countries. In this connection we call the attention of the reader to an
article of the _Morning Post_, entitled “An Insult to Poland,” August 30,
1919. In this article, among other things, the following is stated:

    “It is unfortunately true that Bolshevism is very largely a
    Jewish movement. In Russia the Jewish Bolsheviks have taken a
    terrible revenge upon all whom they regarded as enemies, and
    also upon all who protected the Russian peasantry against the
    exactions of the Jewish usurers.”

This article closes with the following sentence:

    “And we warn Jews also, not for the first time. They are
    showing themselves not Englishmen of the Jewish faith, as we
    used to consider them, but a nation with a foreign policy of
    their own—and that policy hostile to the friends of England.
    And that is what in the end Englishmen will not stand.”

The three following documents are also of importance:

(_a_) An editorial article which appeared in the London _Morning Post_ on
April 8, 1919, entitled “Bolstering the Bolshevik.”

(_b_) A letter signed by Lionel Rothschild and nine other well-known
British Jews to the editor of the London _Morning Post_, which
practically justifies the stand that was taken by that paper.

(_c_) Comment on the two above-mentioned documents published in the
_American Jewish News_ on May 2, 1919.

We set forth in full these three documents.

(_a_) “_Bolstering the Bolshevik_

    “The news from Russia fluctuates from day to day. It is
    now reported that the situation on the Murmansk Coast has
    somewhat improved; but the situation in Archangel is obviously
    critical. Our soldiers have driven off formidable attacks;
    but the fighting is close and desperate. From South Russia
    the Bolsheviks reported that Odessa had been captured, and
    although we may hope that if this is true the Allied forces
    were safely evacuated, there remains a terrible anxiety as to
    the fate which may have overtaken our devoted friends in South
    Russia. For these critical situations we do not blame the War
    Office; but we do blame Allied policy which has trifled with
    the whole situation and has alternated between large promises
    to our Allies and obsequious approaches to our enemies. We are
    informed that although the anti-Bolshevist Armies in Russia
    have been promised arms and supplies in abundance, what they
    have actually received has been contemptible. The result is
    that they are fighting almost naked and in many cases without
    arms. We may be certain both our soldiers and our allies in
    Russia are putting up a brave and desperate fight for their
    lives and their cause, but in these circumstances they must
    feel that they have been forgotten, if not betrayed, by those
    upon whom they looked for support. And so it is in Poland. We
    hear from trustworthy sources that the spirit of the Poles
    is magnificent. They are ready to become a strong and trusty
    support of the Allies upon the eastern borders of Germany; but
    they ask in vain for munitions, supplies and raw materials, and
    they see their vital communications with the Baltic left in the
    hands of their enemy and ours.

    “Poland and Russia are one problem in this sense. We must
    support our friends if we are to defeat the Bolsheviks, and
    their secret abettors the Germans. For it is certain in that
    while Germany consistently suppresses Bolshevism in Germany
    she encourages it in Poland and Russia. But we are not
    supporting our friends. We promised them supplies which did
    not arrive, and political support which breaks down before
    German opposition. What is the reason of it? We notice that the
    _Daily Herald_ and the _Daily News_ are persistently telling
    the people of this country that we are fighting Bolshevism in
    obedience to the pressure of the capitalists. Now that is a
    lie. We are fighting Bolshevism in opposition to a very strong
    group of German-Jewish and Russian-Jewish capitalists, who are
    secretly working for the Bolshevist cause. Mr. Lansing may or
    may not be aware of the fact, but he is helping as corrupt a
    group of international financiers as ever lived. And the object
    of that group is to support Bolshevism in Russia in order to
    make a deal with the Bolsheviks. We have mentioned several
    times the disagreeable fact that the Russian Bolsheviks were
    Russian Jews. These Jews are at the present moment in control
    of the Russian Government and they have powerful friends in all
    the Allied countries who are helping them. We have appealed to
    the British Jews, but appealed so far in vain, to dissociate
    themselves formally from a cause which is doing the Jewish
    people terrible harm in all parts of the world. In reply the
    Jewish press shower upon us not only abuse but threats. Thus,
    for example, the _Jewish World_ threatens us with the fate of
    Mordecai: ‘ ... we wish it no harm, but we would beg it to
    recollect,’ so it says, ‘_while yet it has its feet upon the
    earth_, the fate of its anti-Jewish forbear in that narrative,
    in the hope that it may mend its ways betimes.’

    “We are aware of the significance of that threat. We fully
    understand what it means, and the secret Allies upon whom the
    _Jewish World_ reckons when it makes it. We saw them at work
    in Glasgow and Belfast. We see them at work now in Budapest,
    where, it is reported, out of thirty members of the Bolshevik
    Soviet, twenty-six are Jews. We understand the threat, but we
    do not propose to be deterred in our duty to the British public
    by the terrorist methods of the Bolsheviks. And we suggest to
    the British Jewish community—most of whom, we believe, are by
    no means in sympathy with this crusade—that they are being
    served very badly in their newspapers, which openly threaten
    Bolshevik methods and scoff at advice which is tendered in a
    friendly spirit. In secret, we feel certain, the majority of
    the British, Jews distrust and dislike the fanatics who are
    now leading Jewry astray in the cause of a spurious Jewish
    Imperialism. But they are afraid to dissociate themselves
    publicly from the dervishes of Judaism. In the meantime these
    powerful influences are at work in every country, and chiefly
    in Paris, where they are working powerfully against the cause
    of Poland. An unseen hand is at this present time stifling the
    infant Poland in its cradle, and this is being done in the
    interests of German-Jewish Capitalism. It is a conspiracy which
    is assisted by so-called Liberal newspapers like the _Daily
    News_, and so-called Labor newspapers like the _Daily World_;
    but it is a conspiracy, nevertheless, which is directed against
    the cause of liberty in Poland and in the interests of alien
    Capitalism. For it remains true that our labor agitators, while
    they are the enemies of British Capital, contrive to be the
    friends of the Capitalism of the enemies of England. Mr. Lloyd
    George and President Wilson—those champions of liberty—also
    appear to be more susceptible to the influence of an alien
    capitalism than to the cry for freedom of long enchained
    Poland. We ask our readers, who remember the traditional
    friendship of England with the Polish cause, to mark the note
    of anguish in Mr. Paderewski’s statement which we publish this
    morning. He speaks—and he speaks truly—of ‘the bitterness of
    the disappointment of the Polish population,’ but it is not
    only the Polish population that is disappointed by the great
    Danzig betrayal. Every student of Allied interests must see
    that, whereas a strong Poland might be a bulwark against
    both German militarism and Russian Bolshevism, a weak Poland
    must be the vassal of one and the victim of the other. As to
    the economic side of the question, British commerce may bid
    farewell to all hope of a connection in Poland if it leaves
    Poland in such a situation as to be the enforced dependent of

(_b_) “_Bolshevism and Jewry—a Repudiation_

                                               LONDON MORNING POST,
                                                  April 23rd, 1919.


    We have read with deepest concern and with sincere regret
    certain articles which have recently appeared in two closely
    associated Jewish newspapers in this country on the topic of
    Bolshevism and its ideals. In our opinion, the publication of
    these articles can have no other effect than to encourage the
    adoption of the theoretic principles of Russian Bolsheviks
    among foreign Jews who have sought and found refuge in England.
    We welcome, accordingly, your suggestion that British Jews
    should ‘dissociate themselves from a cause which is doing
    the Jewish people harm in all parts of the world.’ This is
    profoundly true, and we, on our behalf and on behalf of
    numbers of British Jews with whom we have conferred, desire
    to dissociate ourselves absolutely and unreservedly from the
    mischievous and misleading doctrines which those articles are
    calculated to disseminate. We repudiate them as dangerous in
    themselves and as false to the tenets and teachings of Judaism.

    Partly in order to counteract the mistaken policy of the
    newspapers referred to, the League of British Jews was founded
    in November, 1917. The proceedings and views of the League are
    published in a monthly bulletin, entitled _Jewish Opinion_,
    which can be obtained at the office of the League, 708-709
    Salisbury House, E.C. 2, and which may eventually be merged
    in a larger journal appearing at more frequent intervals. For
    we thoroughly concur with your criticism that ‘the British
    Jewish community, most of whom,’ as you rightly say, ‘are by no
    means in sympathy with this (Nationalist) crusade, are being
    served very badly by their newspapers.’ Meantime we take this
    opportunity of repudiating in public the particular statements
    in those newspapers to which you have felt it your duty to call

                                            Yours, etc.,

                                            LIONEL DE ROTHSCHILD
                                            PHILIP MAGNUS
                                            MARCUS SAMUEL
                                            HARRY S. SAMUEL
                                            LEONARD L. COHEN
                                            I. GOLLANCZ
                                            JOHN MONASH
                                            CLAUDE G. MONTEFIORE
                                            ISIDORE SPIELMANN.”

(_c_) “_Prominent London Jews justify anti-Semitic Attack_

    “General Monash, Rothschild, and Montefiore Figure in

    “In reply to a recent article in the London _Morning Post_,
    in which the editor accused the Jews as being Bolsheviks, a
    letter justifying the stand of the _Post_ in the matter was
    sent to that paper and signed by Baron Lionel Rothschild, Lord
    Swaythling, Sir Magnus, Sir Marcus Samuel, Sir Harry Samuel,
    General Monash, Sir Isidore Spielmann, Claude Montefiore,
    Leonard Cohen and Professor Galantz.

    “As a result of this letter, a self-sanctifying leading
    editorial appeared in the _Post_, which cried out in virtuous
    indignation against all those who had previously questioned
    that the majority of the Jews are Bolsheviks. The letter,
    coming as it has, at a time when the anti-Semitic pot is
    boiling in London, has a peculiarly unfortunate effect. The
    opinion of London Jewry towards these ten men they consider
    have betrayed them, may best be left to the imagination.”

It is significant that the feeling that the Jews are largely instrumental
in promoting Bolshevism and radicalism in general is by no means confined
to England. The New York _World_ published on January 26, 1919, a
cable, from Buenos Aires entitled “Argentina Deports Fourteen Hundred
Bolshevists.” The cable reads as follows:

    “_Buenos Aires, January 25._—Fourteen hundred prisoners,
    charged with Bolshevist activities, are on board a cruiser here
    awaiting deportation, according to Secret Service Men. _The
    majority of them are Russian Jews._ Some Spaniards are among
    the number.”

In the same connection the New York _Tribune_, on January 24, 1919,
reported that in Buenos Aires posters were put up in which the Russian
Jews were blamed “for the recent outbreaks, as well as the anarchistic
outbreak in 1910,” and it was demanded that “the government rid the
nation of this Jewish pest.”

In the issue of _The Review_ of March 13, 1920, an article was published
entitled “Bolshevism in Holland.” The article gives a brief description
of the Bolshevist movement in Holland. It also gives the names of the
most prominent leaders of the Bolshevist movement in that country. In
part the article reads as follows:

    “First among these is Mr. David Wijnkoop, _an Amsterdam Jew_,
    of a fiery, impetuous temperament, a great orator with a
    strong hold on the masses. He is the Dutch counterpart of his
    Russian comrade Trotzky, whom he resembles even in outward
    appearance, and a faithful henchman of his Moscow _alter ego_
    in the spreading of the latter’s international propaganda.”

It is a well-known fact that in Hungary, during the Bolshevist revolution
of 1919, Bela Kun, whose real name is Cohen, a Jew, became the dictator.
It was often reported in various papers that out of the thirty-one Soviet
officials in Hungary twenty-six were Jews.

In Austria revolutionary attempts were made to set up a Bolshevist
government, and the two brothers Alder, as well as Friedrich Adler,
all of whom are Jews, were the leading spirits of the Bolshevist
revolutionary propaganda in that country.

In Germany the first Spartacan revolt was almost exclusively under the
control of Jews. Among others were: Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin, Radek
(whose real name is Sobelsohn), Eugene Levine, Muscham.

In the recent attempt to overthrow the Ebert Government and set up a
Bolshevist Republic, almost all of the leaders in Berlin were Jews. The
New York _Sun_, under date of March 18, 1920, gives the names of the
Communist leaders who attempted to overthrow the government as follows:
Cohn, Daumig, Newmann, Dr. von Kahn, Kurt Bever, Levy.

As to the United States the following should be stated:

While it is a generally recognized fact that the Socialist, Communist,
Radical, I. W. W., and Bolshevist movements are largely recruited from
the foreign-born population of various nationalities, nevertheless
it can scarcely be denied that the moving spirit of the destructive
revolutionary propaganda is largely Jewish and fomented by Jews. Thus,
for instance, the notorious “Russian” Soviet Bureau, headed by Ludwig C.
A. K. Martens, a German, was almost exclusively composed of Jews. Those
who were in charge of responsible departments in the Bureau were as

    Abraham Heller          Manager of the Commercial Department
    Nuorteva                Whose real name is said to be Neuberger,
                              Manager of the Propaganda Department
    Gregory Weinstein       General Office Manager
    Morris Hillquit }       Counselors at law for the Soviet Bureau
    Charles Recht   }

All of the five Socialists who were recently ousted from the Assembly
of the state of New York by an overwhelming vote were Jews. Their names
are: Louis Waldman, August Classens, Samuel A. de Witt, Samuel Orr,
and Charles Solomon. During the trial of these men one of the most
sensational pieces of evidence introduced by the state to show that the
Socialist Party advocated the overthrow of the government by violence
and revolution, was a book published in Yiddish by the Jewish Socialist
Federation of America. This federation is a part of the Socialist Party.
The official report of the Judiciary Committee of the Assembly of the
State of New York remarks that in the book published in Yiddish, the
principles of Socialism, “were not camouflaged, as they frequently are
in English” (page 31). The book in question typifies the extreme of
revolutionary Socialism in the United States. We quote some of the more
striking passages:

    “Workingmen cannot depend on ‘_peaceful_ evolution’; they must
    prepare for a revolution, and class-dictatorship” (page 207).

    “The Socialist movement rouses the workingmen to revolution;
    it preaches to them class-struggle, awakens within them
    class-consciousness, makes all necessary preparations for a
    Socialistic order. When society is ready for the overturn, when
    the Socialist organization feels that the moment has come, it
    will make the revolution. To predict when and how this should
    be done is impossible. This is a thing which must be determined
    separately in every country, because the circumstances in every
    country are different. No sooner than the revolution is made,
    however, the first aim of the Socialists must be to seize the
    government, the state, by whatever means they can succeed
    in doing this with and then their rule must establish the
    dictatorship of the Proletariat.

    “This dictatorship will be employed for one thing, _to
    eliminate capitalism by force, take away by force the capital
    from private owners_ and transfer it to the ownership of the

    “Socialists seek to be elected into the government principally
    for the sake of propaganda.”

    “To the Socialist at present, the meaning of class struggle,
    _Internationale, and dictatorship of the Proletariat must be
    clear. He must understand that Socialism is not a reform
    movement. He must know that Socialism is a Revolutionary
    world-perspective, and that the Socialist movement is a
    Revolutionary movement._”

The radical periodicals published in this country in Russian are almost
entirely managed and completely controlled by Jews. For instance, the
_Russki Golos_ has an editorial staff composed of four men, all of
whom are Jews, namely, Weinbaum, Zvesdichiy, Sokolov, Gisenkin. The
official organ of the Russian Communist Branch of the American Communist
Party, the _Novy Mir_, is edited by two Jews, namely, N. Hourwitch, and
Stoklitzky. The Bolshevist weekly, _Pravda_, is edited by two Jews,
namely, Finkelstein and Weinstein. The Ukrainian Bolshevist tri-weekly
publication, _Robitnik_, is published by a Jew, K. Pitlar. At the same
time, even leaving out the well-known Yiddish publication _The Jewish
Daily Forward_, with pronounced pro-Bolshevist tendencies, the new
Anarchistic periodical, _The Communist World_, published in English, has
the following men on its editorial staff, all of whom are Jews:

    Maximilian Cohen               Editor
    B. D. Wolfe                    Associate Editor
    George Ashkenouzi              Business Manager
    H. Winitsky                    Executive Secretary

Winitsky was recently convicted of criminal anarchy in the New York

Again, with the recently founded Communist Party of America, the rôle
of the Jew is very important, inasmuch as its founder is Louis Fraina,
an Italian Jew. Examples of this kind could be multiplied almost
indefinitely. For this reason we must content ourselves with a reference
to an article published in the New York _Call_. This is the official
organ of the Socialist Party of America, which is issued under the motto:

    “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your
    chains, and a world to gain.”

The president of this publication is S. Block, a Jew. The article in
question, entitled “Chicago Workers Plan Big May Day Demonstrations,”
deals with the arrangements for the May Day Parade of the Chicago radical
labor organizations in 1919. It enumerates some of the organizations
which were represented in the conference which planned the demonstrations:

    “Joint Board, Cloak Makers’ Union
    11 branches of the Workmen’s Circle
    Millinery Workers, Local Union, 47
    Northwest Side Jewish Socialist Branch
    The Hebrew Trades
    The Brushmakers’ Union
    The 13th Ward Jewish Socialist Branch
    The Karl Marx Jewish Socialist Branch
    Yipsel Jewish Socialist Branches 1 and 4
    Carpenters’ Union, Local 504
    West Side Jewish Socialist Campaign Conference
    The Northwest Side Jewish Socialist Campaign Conference
    The 15th Ward Campaign Committee
    West Side Jewish Socialist Branch
    Amalgamated Local Union, 39
    Waist Makers’ Union, 100
    International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
    Bakers’ Union, 237
    Capmakers’ Union, Local 5
    Young People’s Progressive Dramatic Club
    City Central Committee, Jewish Socialist Branches
    City Central Committee, Workmen’s Circle
    Douglas Park Jewish Socialist Branch”

Indeed, it can scarcely be denied that the Jewish labor organizations as
enumerated by this Socialist publication itself were in complete control
of the whole May Day parade in one of the biggest cities in the United

One more fact of importance which should be mentioned is that four
Anarchists, who were convicted and sentenced to terms of twenty years
by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New
York, were Jews. Their names are: Jacob Abrams, Samuel Lippman, Hyman
Lachowsky, Mollie Stimer.

Finally, we refer to the well-known activities of Emma Goldman and
Alexander Berkman, both of whom are Jews, and who were deported on the
Soviet Ark “Buford.”

Of course, it is significant that the radical labor movement is largely
controlled by Jewish internationalists, but still more significant
appears the fact that recently several rabbis have taken a definite stand
in support of the Red movement. We shall refer here to two instances.
On October 25, 1919, the New York _Tribune_ stated that Rabbi Judah
L. Magnes had publicly announced that “he was a Bolshevik and in full
sympathy with their doctrines and ideals.” The article referred to is
entitled “Bolshevik Talk Forces Magnes Out.” Therein it is revealed that
on account of his public announcement that he was in full sympathy with
Trotzky, Rabbi Magnes was forced to resign from the American Jewish
Committee. It is important to bear in mind that at that time Rabbi Magnes
was one of the most honored members of the Jewish community. Rabbi Magnes
was deputed in 1916 to represent in Europe the American Jewish Relief
organization, The Joint Distribution Committee, which, among other
activities, solicited and distributed money and supplies to the Jews in
territories occupied by the Central Powers. Whenever there is a great
mass meeting Rabbi Magnes appears as the chief spokesman on behalf of the
Jews in New York City, as has happened several times since his expulsion
from the American Jewish Committee. Rabbi Magnes was one of the founders
of the People’s Council, which was dissolved by the United States
Government during the war. Here is a tentative enumeration of Rabbi
Magnes’s activities as stated in the _Tribune_ article above referred to:

    “Dr. Magnes was one of the organizers of the American-Jewish
    Committee which has been engaged in philanthropic work among
    the Jews for the last fifteen years. Most of the work of the
    committee was confined to countries where the people were
    oppressed. Dr. Magnes has held many important posts and at one
    time was Rabbi of the Temple Emanu-El. Shortly after we entered
    the war he became a strong pacifist and was active in the
    People’s Council.

    “There was a movement started on the East Side early in the
    summer to make Dr. Magnes the Socialist candidate for Congress.
    The persons who attempted this move are now supporting
    Congressman London for reëlection. Dr. Magnes is chairman of
    the American Jewish Kehillah.”

The other instance is that of Rabbi Maxwell Silver of Temple Shaari
Zedek, Brooklyn, who, on January 8, 1920, was ousted by his congregation
early in January, 1920, because of alleged radical utterances. “It was
charged that he drew class lines and spoke of the rich as oppressors.”
(See New York _Times_, January 8, 1920.) This fact alone might not be of
great importance, but the action of the New York Association of Reformed
Rabbis, as reported in the New York daily press, is significant:

    “After the dismissal of Rabbi Maxwell Silver, of Congregation
    Shaari Zedek, of Brooklyn, the New York Association of
    Reformed Rabbis undertook the mediation of the trouble between
    the congregation and the Rabbi, and as a result pointed
    out that the whole difficulty was due to an _unfortunate
    misunderstanding_. Thereupon the trustees decided to recommend
    the reinstatement of Rabbi Silver, and we are happy to state
    that such reinstatement was ratified by the congregation after
    a special meeting last night. By a special resolution the New
    York Association of Reformed Rabbis expresses its confidence in
    the worthiness of Rabbi Silver and also in the good intentions
    of the Congregation Shaari Zedek to serve the cause of Israel.”

It is also a peculiar fact to consider that certain powerful Jewish
bankers were instrumental and active in spreading Bolshevism, which now
threatens the whole world. In this connection we refer the reader to one
of the “Sisson Documents,” published by the United States Government in
1917 under the title “German Bolshevist Conspiracy”:

    On September 21, 1917, one of the leading German Spartacan
    leaders, a Jew, by name of Furstenberg, wrote a letter to a
    Bolshevist by the name of Raphael Scholan, who became later one
    of the Bolshevist commissaries in Soviet Russia, as follows:

                                         STOCKHOLM, Sept. 21, 1917.

    “TO MR. RAPHAEL SCHOLAN, Haparanda.


    The banking house, M. Warburg, opened an account for the
    enterprise of Comrade Trotzky, upon receipt of a telegram from
    the Chairman of the ‘Rhein-Westphalian Syndicate.’ A lawyer,
    probably Mr. Kestroff, obtained ammunition and organized the
    transportation of same, together with that of the money, to
    Lulea and Vardo, the firm of Essen & Son, Lulea, as to the
    consignee and the confidential persons to whom the sum demanded
    by Comrade Trotzky is to be handed. Fraternal greetings!

                                                (sgd) FURSTENBERG.”

Rumors that international Jewish financiers have been supporting the
Bolsheviki in Russia are persistent.

Who are the international financiers? Perhaps the answer is to be found
in the following cable dispatch of the Wolff Agency on the German
situation in 1919, published by _La Vieille France_ in the issue of
February 13, 1919:

    “The deputy Hyemann has revealed the curious fact: The
    Bolshevist movement is supported by financiers. The banker,
    Bleichroeder, has contributed two millions to the _Extremist

It is of course known that Bleichroeder is one of the most powerful
Jewish financiers in Germany.

It will be remembered that the Protocols bring out very distinctly two
ideas, namely, economic and social dissensions of all kinds, including
anarchism and communism and also a _world war_.

In a recently published book which has created much interest, entitled
“The Inside Story of Austro-German Intrigue,” by Joseph Goriĉar and
Lyman Beecher Stowe, the authors advanced the theory that Jewish bankers
have during the last century played an important rôle in European war
conspiracies. Mr. Goriĉar was, during the early part of the late war,
Austro-Hungarian Consul in Berlin. We refer to one of the most important
passages in the book bearing upon the subject:

    “The pro-war bankers of 1854 as well as those of
    1914 originated in the Semitic banking center of
    Frankfort-on-the-Main in Germany, the birthplace of the
    Bethmann-Hollwegs, the Goldschmidts, the Seligmans, Jacob
    Schiff,[29] and the Rothschilds.

    “All the vast wealth of the banking house of the Rothschilds,
    amounting at the beginning of the war to some twenty billion
    francs, was made chiefly in war operations, war financing.
    The Rothschild brothers of the Central Empires have in fact
    sometimes financed simultaneously rival groups of belligerents.

    “Frankfort-on-the-Main is, and has been for more than a
    hundred years, the chief source of financial backing for
    wars. Kings, emperors, and war ministers have had to await
    the pleasure of these bankers before issuing their ultimata.
    To that centre have been added Vienna, Berlin, and Budapest,
    the other important centres of Jewish world finance. In Vienna
    the Rothschilds’ word is law; in Berlin, the Hahnemans,
    Bleichroeders, Mendelssohns, especially the last named, who of
    late years have controlled Russia’s finances. To these same
    sources may be traced the origin of the World War.” (Pages 56
    and 57.)

The “Protocols” have already attracted public attention in various
countries. The attitude which the Jewish leaders will take in regard
to them is a matter of great interest and deep concern. Until now they
have kept silent. Only on rare occasions have the Jews referred, though
very indirectly, to the question of the existence of a Jewish world
conspiracy. The most explicit utterance on the subject in the United
States is that of Rabbi Stephen Wise, in his address to the Congregation
of Free Synagogues in Carnegie Hall, on March 1, 1920. The reports of the
address in the daily press are rather meager. We set forth in full the
report which appeared in the New York _Tribune_ on the following day:



    “Speaking to the congregation of the Free Synagogue in Carnegie
    Hall yesterday on the subject of ‘The Jewish Conspiracy,’ which
    has had its most recent revival in a story published in the
    London _Morning Post_, charging that Jews were in a plot to
    seize control of the world, Dr. Stephen S. Wise said that the
    only serious ‘conspiracy’ among the Jews to-day emanated from
    the young men who foreswore their ancient faith.

    “Saying that oppression and injustice have attended the
    followers of the Jewish faith for centuries, Dr. Wise added
    that they had a right to be vindictive, but that it was not in
    their nature to be so.

    “‘It is the Jew who has been reduced to such a state of
    degradation by oppression that he lies when he swears
    allegiance to another faith which has not even touched his
    heart, who becomes a dangerous element in the life of the
    world,’ said Dr. Wise.

    “‘The conspiracy,’ if there is one, is among those of Jewish
    birth who are or seem ashamed of their origin. They follow
    false gods or none at all, and among them will be those who may
    seize power for their own ends.”


In conclusion it must be stated that the motives which have actuated
the publication of this book are not anti-Semitic. The object—already
indicated in the introduction—is to call the attention of the American
people to a document which may throw important light upon the
international Bolshevist movement which menaces directly the vital
interests of the United States.

That this attention is amply justified appears from a review of the
recent publication of the Protocols in England, which appeared in the
London _Times_ on May 8, 1920. The article is so significant that it is
reprinted in its entirety.



    _Call for Inquiry_

    (From a correspondent)

    The _Times_ has not as yet noticed this singular little book.
    Its diffusion is, however, increasing, and its reading is
    likely to perturb the thinking public. Never before have a
    race and a creed been accused of a more sinister conspiracy.
    We in this country, who live in good fellowship with numerous
    representatives of Jewry, may well ask that some authoritative
    criticism should deal with it, and either destroy the ugly
    “Semitic” bogy or assign their proper place to the insidious
    allegations of this kind of literature.

    In spite of the urgency of impartial and exhaustive criticism,
    the pamphlet has been allowed, so far, to pass almost
    unchallenged. The Jewish Press announced, it is true, that
    the anti-Semitism of the “Jewish Peril” was going to be
    exposed. But save for an unsatisfactory article in the March
    5 issue of the _Jewish Guardian_, and for an almost equally
    unsatisfactory contribution to the _Nation_ of March 27, this
    exposure is yet to come. The article of the _Jewish Guardian_
    is unsatisfactory, because it deals mainly with the personality
    of the author of the book in which the pamphlet is embodied,
    with Russian reactionary propaganda, and the Russian secret
    police. It does not touch the substance of the “Protocols of
    the Learned Elders of Zion.” The purely Russian side of the
    book and its fervid “Orthodoxy” is not its most interesting
    feature. Its author, Professor S. Nilus, who was a minor
    official in the Department of Foreign Religions at Moscow, had,
    in all likelihood, opportunities of access to many archives and
    unpublished documents. On the other hand, the world-wide issue
    raised by the “Protocols” which he incorporated in his book and
    are now translated into English as “The Jewish Peril,” cannot
    fail not only to interest, but to preoccupy. What are the
    theses of the “Protocols” with which, in the absence of public
    criticism, British readers have to grapple alone and unaided?
    They are, roughly:—

    (1) There is, and has been for centuries, a secret
    international political organization of the Jews.

    (2) The spirit of this organization appears to be an undying
    traditional hatred of the Christian world, and a titanic
    ambition for world domination.

    (3) The goal relentlessly pursued through centuries is
    the destruction of the Christian national States, and the
    substitution for them of an international Jewish dominion.

    (4) The method adopted for first weakening and then destroying
    existing bodies politic is the infusion of disintegrating
    political ideas of carefully measured progressive disruptive
    force, from liberalism to radicalism, and socialism to
    communism, culminating in anarchy as a _reductio ad absurdum_
    of egalitarian principles. Meanwhile Jewry remains immune
    from these corrosive doctrines. “We preach Liberalism to
    the Gentiles, but on the other hand we keep our own nation
    in entire subjection” (page 55). Out of the welter of world
    anarchy, in response to the desperate clamour of distraught
    humanity, the stern, logical, wise, pitiless rule of “the King
    of the Seed of David” is to arise.

    (5) Political dogmas evolved by Christian Europe, democratic
    statesmanship and politics, are all equally contemptible to
    the Elders of Zion. To them statesmanship is an exalted secret
    art, acquired only by traditional training, and imparted to a
    select few in the secrecy of some occult sanctuary. “Political
    problems are not meant to be understood by ordinary people;
    they can only be comprehended, as I have said before, by rulers
    who have been directing affairs for many centuries.”

    (6) To this conception of statesmanship the masses are
    contemptible cattle, and the political leaders of the Gentiles,
    “upstarts from its midst as rulers, are likewise blind in
    politics.” They are puppets, pulled by the hidden hand of
    the “Elders,” puppets mostly corrupt, always inefficient;
    easily coaxed, or bullied, or blackmailed into submission,
    unconsciously furthering the advent of Jewish dominion.

    (7) The Press, the theatre, stock exchange speculations,
    science, law itself, are, in the hands that hold all the
    gold, so many means of procuring a deliberate confusion and
    bewilderment of public opinion, demoralization of the young,
    and encouragement of the vices of the adult, eventually
    substituting, in the minds of the Gentiles, for the idealistic
    aspiration of Christian culture the “cash basis” and a
    neutrality of materialistic scepticism, or cynical lust for

    Such are the main theses of the “Protocols.” They are not
    altogether new, and can be found scattered throughout
    anti-Semitic literature. The condensed form in which they are
    now presented lends them a new and weird force.

    Incidentally, some of the features of the would-be Jewish
    programme bear an uncanny resemblance to situations and events
    now developing under our eyes. Professor Nilus’s book was,
    undoubtedly, published in Russia in 1905. The copy of the
    original at the British Museum bears the stamp of August 10,
    1906. This being so, some of the passages assume the aspect
    of fulfilled prophecies, unless one is inclined to attribute
    the prescience of the “Elders of Zion” to the fact that they
    really are the hidden instigators of these events. When one
    reads (page 8) that “it is indispensable for our plans that
    wars should not produce any territorial alterations,” one is
    most forcibly reminded of the cry, “peace without annexations”
    raised by all the radical parties of the world, and especially
    in revolutionary Russia. And again:—

    We will create a universal economic crisis, by all possible
    underhand means and with the help of gold, which is all in
    our hands. Simultaneously we will throw on to the streets
    huge crowds of workmen throughout Europe. We will increase the
    wages, which will not help the workmen as, at the same time, we
    will raise the price of prime necessities ... it is essential
    for us at all costs to deprive the aristocracy of their lands.
    To attain this purpose, the best method is to force up rates
    and taxes. These methods will keep the landed interests at
    their lowest possible ebb.

    Nor can one fail to recognize Soviet Russia in the following:—

    “... in governing the world the best results are obtained by
    means of violence and intimidation.... In politics, we must
    know how to confiscate property without any hesitation, if
    by so doing we can obtain subjection and power. Our State,
    following the way of peaceful conquest, has the right of
    substituting for the terrors of war, executions less apparent
    and more expedient, which are necessary to uphold terror,
    producing blind submission.... By new laws we will regulate
    the political life of our subjects as though they were so
    many parts of a machine. Such laws will gradually restrict
    all freedom and liberties allowed by the Gentiles.... It is
    essential for us to arrange that, besides ourselves, there
    should be in all countries nothing but a huge proletariat,
    so many soldiers and police loyal to our cause; ... in order
    to demonstrate our enslavement of the Gentile Governments of
    Europe, we will show our power to one of them by means of
    crime and violence, that is to say, a reign of terror; ... our
    programme will induce a third part of the populace to watch the
    remainder from a pure sense of duty or from the principle of
    voluntary service.”

    Bearing in mind when this was published, we see, fifteen
    years later, a government established in Russia of which
    a high percentage of the leaders are Jews, whose _modus
    operandi_ follows the principles quoted, and whose mainstay
    is a Communist Party, which answers to the last quotation.
    We see this, and it seems uncanny. The trouble is that all
    this fosters indiscriminate anti-Semitism. That the latter is
    rampant in Eastern Europe is a fact. That its propaganda in
    France, England, and America is growing is a fact also. Do
    we want, and can we afford to add exacerbated race-hatred to
    all our political, social, and economic troubles? If not, the
    question of the “Jewish Peril” should be taken up and dealt
    with. It is far too interesting, the hypothesis it presents is
    far too ingenious, attractive, and sensational not to attract
    the attention of our none too happy and none too contented
    public. The average man thinks that there is something very
    fundamentally wrong with the world he lives in. He will eagerly
    grasp at a plausible “working hypothesis.”

    What are these “Protocols”? Are they authentic? If so, what
    malevolent assembly concocted these plans, and gloated over
    their exposition? Are they forgery? If so, whence comes the
    uncanny note of prophecy, prophecy in parts fulfilled, in parts
    far gone in the way of fulfilment? Have we been struggling
    these tragic years to blow up and extirpate the secret
    organization of German world dominion only to find beneath
    it another more dangerous because more secret? Have we, by
    straining every fibre of our national body, escaped a “Pax
    Germanica” only to fall into a “Pax Judaeica”? The “Elders of
    Zion,” as represented in their “Protocols,” are by no means
    kinder taskmasters than William II and his henchmen would have

    All these questions, which are likely to obtrude themselves
    on the reader of the “Jewish Peril,” cannot be dismissed by
    a shrug of the shoulders unless one wants to strengthen the
    hand of the typical anti-Semite and call forth his favourite
    accusation of the “conspiracy of silence.” An impartial
    investigation of these would-be documents and of their history
    is most desirable. That history is by no means clear from the
    English translation. They would appear, from internal evidence,
    to have been written by Jews for Jews, or to be cast in the
    form of lectures, and notes for lectures, by Jews to Jews. If
    so, in what circumstances were they produced and to cope with
    what inter-Jewish emergency? Or are we to dismiss the whole
    matter without inquiry and to let the influence of such a book
    as this work unchecked?

The publishers believe that the vast majority of the Jews in this country
have never heard of the Protocols, and would denounce the plan which
they set forth. The Jews here, constituting about three per cent of the
population, enjoy the same rights and privileges as other citizens. All
are equal before the law and all are free from persecution on religious
grounds. American Jews are regarded by their fellow citizens, and for
the most part doubtless regard themselves, as Americans of Jewish faith.
They have indeed a special ground for gratitude to the country of their
adoption, for they have found here opportunities which they did not enjoy
in many other countries. They have shared in all the activities leading
to prosperity and they have prospered. That they do, in fact, recognize
their favorable situation is shown by the statements two of them are
reported by the New York _Times_, in its issue of May 4, 1920, to have
made at a mass meeting held on the preceding evening at Cooper Union
under the auspices of the Independent Order of Brith Abraham, to express
the gratitude of the Jewish people to Great Britain for taking the
mandate for Palestine. Judge Gustave Hartman, Grand Master of the order,
is reported to have said in part:

“We didn’t know what a home was until we reached this greatest of all
republics, the United States of America. Here we are given free and equal
opportunity under the free institutions of this country. In this country
the Jews have lived and prospered, and in all this country there are no
better citizens than the Jewish people.”

Judge Otto A. Rosalsky said “that it became the duty of the Jewish
citizens of America to cherish the ideals of this country and keep them
intact, so that they might be handed down to their children’s children.”

Doubtless American Jews will recognize the menace to American
institutions and American prosperity of any such political conspiracy as
is outlined in the Protocols. But the situation demands more than tacit
disapproval on their part. Bearing in mind the close parallelism shown
to exist between the “Protocols” and the actual policies of Bolshevism
as practiced in Russia, the dominant position occupied by the Jews in
the Soviet Government, and the open sympathy and approval given to
international Bolshevism by prominent Jews outside of Russia, it is
vitally necessary that the American Jews should by word and deed express
their condemnation not only of Bolshevism, but of any plan or program for
world domination similar to that contained in the Protocols. Aside from
their position on these matters, there is no likelihood of any change
in the favorable situation of the Jews in this country unless by their
own conduct they convince the American people that they are hostile to
our institutions or to our system of government, or that they desire
to constitute within the borders of the United States a race apart,—to
be treated as members of a foreign nation, enjoying special rights,
privileges, or immunities.


[1] “Actions Committee” has the same meaning as Executive Committee.

[2] The GOYS—the Gentiles.

[3] The reference is probably to those Masonic Lodges in Continental
Europe which, contrary to the fundamental principles of Anglo-Saxon
Lodges, have been converted into _quasi_ political and anti-Christian
organizations. See Encyclopedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, Article
“Freemasonry,” Vol. XI, p. 84.

[4] This probably means the practice which arose of not adhering to the
letter of the law but of judging by conscience. In European countries
jurors are not compelled to render their verdict pursuant to the
technical provisions of law.

[5] It is important to point out that _some of the Jews themselves_ in
their writings have claimed that Masonry is largely controlled by Jewish
influence. In this connection the statement of Dr. Isaac M. Wise may be

“Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, decrees, charges,
passwords and explanations are Jewish, from the beginning to the
end, with the exception of only one by-decree and a few words in the
obligation.” (Dr. Isaac M. Wise, _The Israelite_, August 3rd and 17th,
1855; quoted by Samuel Oppenheim in his pamphlet “Jews and Masonry in the
United States before 1810,” American Jewish Historical Society, New York,
1910, No. 19, pp. 1, 2.)

[6] The words in parentheses would seem to be a comment of Nilus’s.

[7] The words in parentheses are inserted by the editors.

[8] The Jewish sayings cited in this volume show that some of the great
Jewish leaders maintain that the apostasy of a Jew in the matter of
religion does not prevent him from remaining for all other purposes a
Jew, or release him from his obligations as such.

[9] “Bolshevik Propaganda. Hearings before a Subcommittee on the
Judiciary, United States Senate, Sixty-fifth Congress,” p. 111.

[10] Ambassador Francis, in his testimony before the Overman Committee,
stated that Dr. George A. Simons is an absolutely reliable and
trustworthy man (p. 977), and that the same is true of Mr. Roger E.
Simmons, whose testimony is cited below.

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[26] All italics in Part Two of this book are our own unless otherwise

[27] Quoted from A. Shmakoff. Address in defense of T. Vekshin and
others, p. 36. Moscow: University Printing Office. 1907.

[28] The full text of Article 12 of the Treaty between the Allied and
Associated Powers and Poland is the following:

    “Poland agrees that the stipulations in the foregoing Articles,
    so far as they affect persons belonging to racial, religious or
    linguistic minorities, constitute obligations of international
    concern and shall be placed under the guarantee of the League
    of Nations. They shall not be modified without the assent of
    the majority of the Council of the League of Nations. The
    United States, the British Empire, France, Italy and Japan
    hereby agree not to withhold their assent from any modification
    in these Articles which is in due form assented to by a
    majority of the Council of the League of Nations.

    “Poland agrees that any member of the Council of the League
    of Nations shall have the right to bring to the attention of
    the Council any infraction of the Council, or any danger of
    infraction of any of these obligations, and that the Council
    may thereupon take such action as it may deem effective in the

    “Poland further agrees that any difference of opinion as to
    questions of law or fact arising out of these Articles between
    the Polish Government and any one of the Principal Allied and
    Associated Powers, or any other power, a member of the Council
    of the League of Nations, shall be held to be a dispute of an
    international character under Article 14 of the Covenant of the
    League of Nations. The Polish Government hereby consents that
    any such dispute shall, if the other party thereto demands, be
    referred to the Permanent Court of International Justice. The
    decision of the Permanent Court shall be final and shall have
    the same force and effect as an award under Article 13 of the

[29] It has been stated by one of the leaders of Zionism, namely, Israel
Zangwill, author of “The Children of the Ghetto,” that Mr. Jacob Schiff
financed “the Japanese war against Russia.” This statement is made in a
pamphlet entitled “The Problems of the Jewish Race,” p. 14, published by
the Judean Publishing Company, New York City.

In its report of a Socialist meeting held in Carnegie Hall on March 23,
1917, to celebrate the revolution in Russia, the New York _Times_ on
March 24, 1917, says:

“An authority on Russian affairs, George Kennan, told of how a movement
by the Society of the Friends of Russian Freedom, financed by Jacob
Schiff, had at the time of the Russo-Japanese war spread among 50,000
Russian officers and men in Japanese prison camps the gospel of the
Russian revolutionists.”

The Jewish character of the first Russian revolution was strongly
emphasized in a report presented to the Emperor of Russia, Nicholas II,
by the Russian Foreign Minister, Count Lamsdorf, on January 3, 1906,
published in full in English translation in “The American Hebrew and
Jewish Messenger,” in its issue of July 13, 1918. Therein it is stated
that a very considerable part in the revolutionary activities was played
by the Jews, “who individually, as ringleaders in other organizations,
as well as through their own (the Jewish Bund in the Western
Provinces), have always come forward as the most bellicose element of
the revolution.” Count Lamsdorf further stated: “We may feel entitled
to assume that the above mentioned foreign support of the Russian
revolutionary movement comes from Jewish capitalist circles.... In June,
1905, a special Anglo-Jewish committee was openly established in England
for the purpose of collecting money for arming fighting groups of Russian
Jews: The well-known anti-Russian publicist, Lucien Wolf, was the leading
member of this committee.... The Jews in America ... collect money for
helping the pogrom sufferers and for arming the Jewish youth.”

[30] The Jewish Peril. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. London:
Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1920.

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