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Title: A List of English & American Sequel Stories
Author: - To be updated
Language: English
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                                A LIST


                          ENGLISH & AMERICAN

                            SEQUEL STORIES

                              Compiled by

                             THOMAS ALDRED




                       TRUSLOVE AND BRAY. LTD.,


                        WEST NORWOOD, S.E. 27.


Many years ago I compiled a comparatively short list of sequel
stories for staff reference purposes, and the list was subsequently
published in _The Library World_ (1900-1).

Several librarians who found the old list useful have asked
me at various times to bring it up-to-date, and I have at last found
leisure to accede to the request and to add a large number of stories
not listed in the original list.

In order to serve useful purposes I have included

  (_a_) Stories in which the same character appears in more
        than one book;
  (_b_) Series forming a continuous narrative of events;
  (_c_) Trilogies and the like;
  (_d_) A few other notes.

The material has been drawn from very many sources, some
being of doubtful reliability, and in the absence of other data has
had to be used without confirmation. It is probable that there are
some errors of commission and, on account of the difficulty of
obtaining information of sequence-stories, many more of omission.
I should therefore be glad if corrections and notes of additions were
sent to me direct.

To keep down the cost of printing, initials only are given of
fore-names; dates of publication and names of publishers are
omitted for the same season. The missing particulars are easily
obtainable from the usual reference works.

Contrary to code rule, compound-names are entered under the
latter part of the names. Writers using pen-names are entered
under the pseudonyms with no cross reference from the real name
to the pseudonym.

The whole of the profits arising from the sale of this reference
list will be applied to the Benevolent and Orphan Fund of the
Library Assistants’ Association.




_July, 1922._


While this work was in the press, the name of the
publishing Association was altered to that of the Association
of Assistant Librarians.

Through a clerical error, E. Everett-Green’s _Cheveley
stories_ are entered under _Anonymous stories_, as well as under
the name of the author.



=Anonymous stories.=
  _Cheveley stories_:--
    1. Dulcie’s little brother.
    2. Dulcie and Tottie.
    3. Dulcie’s love story.
  _Commuter’s series_:--
    1. People of the whirlpool.
    2. Woman errant.
  _Daphne series_:--
    1. Daphne in the Fatherland.
    2. Daphne in Paris.
  _Diary series_:--
    1. The diary of a honeymoon.
    2. The indiscretion of Lady Usher.
  _Faustus series_:--
    1. Faustus.
    2. The second report of Dr. Faustus.
  _Indiana series_:--
    1. Black Beauty.
    2. Strike at Shane’s.
  _Saul Weir series_:--
    1. Saul Weir.
    2. A modern minister.

=A.L.O.E.= Refer to Tucker, C.

=Abbott, E.=
  _Long Look books_:--
    1. Long Look House.
    2. Out of doors at Long Look.
    3. A trip eastward.

=Abbott, J.=
  _The August stories_:--
    1. August and Elire.
    2. Hunter and Tom.
    3. Schooner Mary Ann.
    4. Granville Valley.
  _Florence stories_:--
    1. Florence and John.
    2. Grimkie.
    3. Orkney Island.
    4. The English Channel.
    5. The Isle of Wight.
    6. Florence’s return.
  _Franconia series_:--
    1. Malleville.
    2. Wallace.

=Abbott, J.=
  _Franconia series (continued)_:--
    3. Mary Erskine.
    4. Mary Bell.
    5. Beechnut.
    6. Rodolphus.
    7. Ellen Linn.
    8. Stuveysant.
    9. Caroline.
    10. Agnes.
  _Jonas series_:--
    1. Jonas’s stories.
    2. Jonas a judge.
    3. Jonas on a farm in the winter.
    4. Jonas on a farm in the summer.
    5. Caleb in town.
    6. Caleb in the country.
  _Marco Paul series_:--
    1. Marco Paul in New York.
    2. Marco Paul on the canal.
    3. Marco Paul in Maine.
    4. Marco Paul in Vermont.
    5. Marco Paul in Boston.
    6. Marco Paul at the Springfield Armory.
  _Rainbow and Lucky stories_:--
    1. Handie.
    2. Rainbow’s journey.
    3. Three Pines.
    4. Selling Lucky.
    5. Up the river.
  _Rollo series_:--
    1. Rollo learning to talk.
    2. Rollo learning to read.
    3. Rollo at work.
    4. Rollo at play.
    5. Rollo at school.
    6. Rollo’s vacation.
    7. Rollo’s experiments.
    8. Rollo’s museum.
    9. Rollo’s travels.
    10. Rollo’s correspondence.
    11. Rollo’s philosophy: water.
    12. Rollo’s philosophy: air.
    13. Rollo’s philosophy: fire.
    14. Rollo’s philosophy: sky.
  _Rollo’s tour in Europe_:--
    1. Rollo on the Atlantic.
    2. Rollo in Paris.
    3. Rollo in Switzerland.
    4. Rollo in London.
    5. Rollo on the Rhine.
    6. Rollo in Scotland.
    7. Rollo in Geneva.
    8. Rollo in Holland.
    9. Rollo in Naples.
    10. Rollo in Rome.
  _Young Christian series_:--
    1. Young Christian.
    2. Corner Stone.
    3. Way to do good.
    4. Hoaryhead and McDonner.

    1. March winds and April showers.
    2. May flowers.

=Ackworth, J. [Rev. F. R. Smith.]=
  _Clogshop chronicles._
    1. Clogshop chronicles.
    2. Doxie Dent.
    3. Beckside lights.

=Adam, P.=
    1. Force.
    2. The child of the Austerlitz.
    3. The sun of July.

=Adams, H.=
    1. The pioneer boys of the Ohio.
    2. The pioneer boys on the Great Lakes.
    3. The pioneer boys of the Mississippi.
    4. The pioneer boys of the Missouri.
    5. The pioneer boys of the Yellowstone.
    6. The pioneer boys of the Columbia.

=Adams, H. C.=
  _Tales of Charlton School_:--
    1. The cherry-stones.
    2. The first of June.
  _Tales of Nethercourt_:--
    1. The lost rifle.
    2. The chief of the school.
  _Tales of Walter’s schooldays_:--
    1. The doctor’s birthday.
    2. Walter’s friend.

=Adams, Q.=
  _Outdoor chums series_:--
    1. The outdoor chums.
    2. The outdoor chums in the forest.
    3. The outdoor chums after big game.
    4. The outdoor chums in the big woods.

=Adams, Q.=
  _Outdoor chums series (continued)_:--
    5. The outdoor chums on the Lake.
    6. The outdoor chums on the Gulf.
    7. The outdoor chums on a houseboat.
    8. The outdoor chums at Cabin Point.

=Agnew, E. C.=
    1. Geraldine.
    2. Rome and the Abbey.

=Agnus, Orme. [J. C. Higginbotham.]=
  _Sarah Tuldon series_:--
    1. Sarah Tuldon.
    2. Sarah Tuldon’s lovers.

=Aguilar, Grace.=
    1. Home influence.
    2. The mother’s recompense.

=Aicard, J.=
    1. Adventures of Maurin.
    2. Maurin, the illustrious.

=Aimard, G.=
  _Tales of Indian life._ Two arrangements.
    1. The adventurers.
    2. The Pearl of the Andes.
    3. The tiger-slayer.
    4. The gold seekers.
    5. The Indian chief.

    1. The Prairie Flower.
    2. The Indian scout.

    1. The trail hunter.
    2. The pirates of the Prairies.
    3. The trapper’s daughter.

    1. The Border Rifles.
    2. The freebooters.

  (b) A suggested order of reading:--
    1. The trappers of the Arkansas.
    2. The Border Rifles.
    3. The freebooters.
    4. The white scalpers.
    5. Guide to the Desert; or, Life on the Pampas.
    6. The insurgent chief.
    7. The flying chief.
    8. The last of the Incas.
    9. The Missouri outlaws.
    10. The Prairie Flower.
    11. The Indian scout.
    12. Stronghand.
    13. The bee hunters.
    14. Stoneheart.
    15. The Queen of the Savannah.
    16. The buccaneer chief.

=Aimard, G.=
  _Tales of Indian life (continued)_:--
    17. The smuggler chief.
    18. The adventurers.
    19. The Pearl of the Andes.
    20. The trail hunter.
    21. The pirates of the Prairies.
    22. The trapper’s daughter.
    23. The tiger-slayer.
    24. The gold seekers.
    25. The Indian chief.
    26. The Red Track.

=Ainwell, W. [W. Simonds.]=
    1. Oscar.
    2. Clinton.
    3. Ella.
    4. Whistler.
    5. Marcus.
    6. Jessie.
    7. Jerrie.

=Ainsworth, E.=
    1. Second-lieut. Billie Impett and his orderly.
    2. Billie Impett and Doris.

=Akers, F.=
    1. The boy fortune hunters in Alaska.
    2. The boy fortune hunters in Panama.
    3. The boy fortune hunters in Egypt.

=Aksakoff, S.=
    1. Years of childhood.
    2. A Russian schoolboy.
    3. A Russian gentleman.

=Alcott, L. M.=
  _Aunt Jo’s scrap-bag series_:--
    1. My boys, etc.
    2. Shawl straps.
    3. Cupid and Chow-chow, etc.
    4. My girls.
    5. Jimmy’s cruise in the Pinafore, etc.
    6. An old fashioned thanksgiving, etc.
  _The cousins series_:--
    1. Eight cousins.
    2. Rose in bloom.
  _Little men and women series_:--
      Different publishers issue the books
        with varying titles, but mostly as--
    1. Little women.
    2. Good wives.
    3. Little men.
    4. Jo’s boys.

=Alden, W. L.=
    1. Adventures of Jimmy Brown.
    2. Jimmy Brown in Europe. _Same as_ Jimmy Brown trying to find Europe.

    1. Moral pirates.
    2. Cruise of “The Ghost.”
    3. Cruise of the Canoe club.

=Aldrich, T. B.=
    1. Marjorie Daw and other people.
    2. The Queen of Sheba.

=Aldridge, J.=
    1. The Meadow-Brook girls under canvas.
    2. The Meadow-Brook girls across country.
    3. The Meadow-Brook girls afloat.
    4. The Meadow-Brook girls in the hills.
    5. The Meadow-Brook girls by the sea.
    6. The Meadow-Brook girls on the tennis courts.

=Alger, H., Junior.=
  _Atlantic series_:--
    1. The young circus rider.
    2. Do and dare.
    3. Hector’s inheritance.
    4. Helping himself.
  _Brave and bold series_:--
    1. Brave and bold.
    2. Jack’s ward.
    3. Shifting for himself.
    4. Wait and hope.
  _Campaign series_:--
    1. Frank’s campaign.
    2. Paul Prescott’s charge.
    3. Charlie Codman’s cruise.
  _Frank and fearless series_:--
    1. Frank Hunter’s peril.
    2. Frank and fearless.
    3. The young salesman.
  _Good fortune series_:--
    1. Walter Sherwood’s probation.
    2. The young bank messenger.
    3. A boy’s fortune.
  _How to rise series_:--
    1. Jed, the poorhouse boy.
    2. Rupert’s ambition.
    3. Lester’s luck.
  _Luck and pluck series_:--
    1. Luck and pluck.
    2. Sink and swim.
    3. Steady and strong.
    4. Strive and succeed.
    5. Try and trust.

=Alger, H., Junior.=
  _Luck and pluck series (continued)_:--
    6. Bound to rise.
    7. Risen from the ranks.
    8. Herbert Carter’s legacy.
  _New World series_:--
    1. Digging for gold.
    2. Facing the world.
    3. In a new world.
  _Pacific series_:--
    1. The young adventurer.
    2. The young miner.
    3. The young explorers.
    4. Ben’s nugget.
  _Ragged Dick series_:--
    1. Ragged Dick.
    2. Fame and fortune.
    3. Mark, the match boy.
    4. Rough and ready.
    5. Ben, the luggage boy.
    6. Rufus and Rose.
  _Tattered Tom series_:--
    1. Tattered Tom.
    2. Paul, the peddler.
    3. Phil, the fiddler.
    4. Slow and sure.
    5. Julius.
    6. The young outlaw.
    7. Sam’s chance.
    8. The telegraph boy.
  _Victory series_:--
    1. Only an Irish boy.
    2. Victor Vane.
    3. Adrift in the city.

=Allan, L.=
    1. Blue Peter: half breed.
    2. The lone trail.

=Allen, A. E.=
    1. Joe, the circus boy.
    2. The Martie twins.
    3. Marjory, the circus girl.
    4. Marjory at the Willows.

=Allen, J. L.=
  _Christmas season series_:--
    1. The bride of the mistletoe.
    2. The doctor’s Christmas Eve.
  _Kentucky series_:--
    1. A Kentucky cardinal.
    2. Aftermath.

=Allen, W. B.=
  _Camp and tramp series_:--
    1. Lost in Umbagog.
    2. The mammoth hunters.
  _Pine cone series_:--
    1. Pine cones.
    2. Silver rags.

=Allen, W. B.=
  _Pine cone series (continued)_:--
    3. Northern Cross.
    4. Kelp.
    5. Cloud and cliff.
    6. Gulf and glacier.
  _Siege of Boston series_:--
    1. A son of liberty.
    2. Called to the front.

=A.L.O.E.= Refer to Tucker, C.

=Altsheler, J. A=
  _Civil War series_:--
    1. The guns of Bull Run.
    2. The guns of Shiloh.
    3. The sword of Antietam.
    4. The scouts of Stonewall.
    5. The star of Gettysburg.
    6. The rock of Chickamauga.
    7. The shades of the wilderness.
    8. The tree of Appomattox.
  _French and Indian War series_:--
    1. The hunters of the hills.
    2. The shadow of the North.
    3. The rulers of the Lakes.
    4. The masters of the Peaks.
    5. The lords of the wild.
    6. The Sun of Quebec.
  _Great West series_:--
    1. The great Sioux trail.
    2. The lost hunters.
  _Texan series_:--
    1. The Texan star.
    2. The Texan scouts.
    3. The Texan triumph.
  _Trailers series_:--
    1. The young trailers.
    2. The forest runners.
    3. The keepers of the trail.
    4. The eyes of the woods.
    5. The free rangers.
    6. The riflemen of the Ohio.
    7. The scouts of the valley.
    8. The border watch.
  _World War series_:--
    1. The guns of Europe.
    2. The forest of swords.
    3. The hosts of the air.

=Ames, F. T.=
    1. Between the lines in Belgium.
    2. Between the lines in France.
    3. Between the lines on the American front.

=Ames, J. B.=
    1. Curly of the Circle-bar in Texas.
    2. Curly and the Aztec gold.

=Andom, R. [A. W. Barrett.]=
  _Troddles series_:--
    1. We three and Troddles.
    2. Troddles and us and others.
    3. Cruise of the Mock Turtle.
    4. Lighter days with Troddles.
    5. Four men with a van.
    6. The runaways. _Same as_ At school with Troddles.
    7. On tour with Troddles.
    8. Our flat.
    9. Troddles’ farm.
    10. Adrift with Troddles.
    11. Just Troddles.
    12. Three men and Troddles.
    13. With Troddles in the trenches.
    14. Same old Troddles.
    15. Out and about with Troddles.

=Andrews, J.=
    1. Seven little sisters.
    2. Each and all.
    3. The seven little sisters who live on the round ball.
    4. The seven little sisters prose their sisterhood.

=Anethan, Baroness Albert d’.=
    1. The twin soul of O’Také-San.
    2. Her mother’s blood.

=Annunzio, G. d’.=
  _Romances of the lily trilogy_:--
    1. The virgin of the rocks. _Same as_ The maidens of the rocks.
    2. The prodigy.
    3. The annunciation.
  _Romances of the pomegranate trilogy_:--
    1. The flame of fire. _Same as_ The flame of life.
    2. The dictator.
    3. The triumph of life.
  _Romances of the rose trilogy_:--
    1. The child of pleasure.
    2. The victim. _Same as_ The intruder.
    3. The triumph of death.

=Anstey, F. [T. A. Guthrie.]=
  Voces populi. _Two series._

=Appleton, V.=
    1. Tom Swift and his motorcycle.
    2. Tom Swift and his motorboat.
    3. Tom Swift and his airship.
    4. Tom Swift and his submarine boat.
    5. Tom Swift and his electric roundabout.
    6. Tom Swift and his wireless message.
    7. Tom Swift among the diamond makers.
    8. Tom Swift in the caves of ice.
    9. Tom Swift and his sky racer.
    10. Tom Swift and his electric rifles.
    11. Tom Swift in the city of gold.
    12. Tom Swift and his air glider.
    13. Tom Swift in captivity.
    14. Tom Swift and his wizard camera.
    15. Tom Swift and his great searchlight.
    16. Tom Swift and his giant cannon.
    17. Tom Swift and his photo-telephone.
    18. Tom Swift and his aerial warship.
    19. Tom Swift and his tunnel.
    20. Tom Swift in the land of wonders.
    21. Tom Swift and his war tank.
    22. Tom Swift and his air scout.
    23. Tom Swift and his undersea search.

=Archibald, Mrs. G.=
    1. Lady Gay.
    2. A dozen good times.

    1. Laura’s holidays.
    2. Laura in the mountains.

=Armitage, T.=
  _Uncle Sam’s service series_:--
    1. Bob Spencer, the life saver.

=Arnim, Mary A. Grafin von.=
  _Elizabeth series_:--
    1. Elizabeth and her German garden.
    2. The solitary summer.
    3. The benefactress.
    4. Adventures of Elizabeth in Rügen.

=Arthur, T. S.=
  _Home stories_:--
    1. Hidden wings.
    2. Sowing the wind.
    3. Sunshine at home.
    4. Peacemaker.
    5. Not anything for peace.
    6. After a shadow.
  _Household library_:--
    1. Married life.
    2. Seed time and harvest.
    3. Stories for young housekeepers.
    4. Two wives.
    5. Woman’s trials.
    6. Words for the wise.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Nothing but money.
    2. What came afterwards.

=Arundel, L.=
  _Motorboat boys series._ 6 vols.

=Ashmun, M. E.=
    1. Isabel Carleton’s year.
    2. The heart of Isabel Carleton.
    3. Isabel Carleton’s friends.

=Askew, A. and C.=
    1. The Shulamite.
    2. The woman Deborah.

=Atkinson, J. C.=
    1. Walks and talks of two school boys.
    2. Play-hours and half-holidays.

=Audoux, M.=
    1. Marie Claire.
    2. Marie Claire’s workshop.

=Austin, J. G.=
    1. A nameless nobleman.
    2. Dr. Le Baron and his daughters.

    1. Standish of Standish.
    2. Betty Alden.
    3. David Alden’s daughter, etc.

=Ayres, Ruby M. [Now Mrs. R. W. Pocock.]=
    1. Richard Chatterton, V.C.
    2. The road that bends.
    3. The long lane to happiness.

=Bacheller, I.=
    1. Eben Holden.
    2. Eben Holden’s last day a fishing.

=Bagot, R.=
    1. The passport.
    2. Darneley Place.

=Bain, F. W.=
  _Indian mystic love stories_:--
    1. A digit of the Moon.
    2. The descent of the Sun.
    3. A heifer of the dawn.
    4. The Great God’s heir.
    5. A draught of the blue.
    6. An essence of the dusk.
    7. An incarnation of the snow.
    8. A mine of faults.
    9. The ashes of a god.
    10. Bubbles of the foam.
    11. A syrup of the bees.
    12. The livery of eve.
    13. The substance of a dream.

=Baird, J. K.=
    1. The coming of Hester.
    2. Hester’s counterpart.
    3. Hester’s wage-earning.

=Baker, Mrs. E. I. A.=
    1. Girls of Fairmount.
    2. Fairmount girls in school and camp.
    3. Fairmount’s quartette.
    4. Frolics at Fairmount.

=Baldwin, M.=
    1. Follies of Fifi.
    2. Golden Square High School.

    1. A popular girl.
    2. Sibyl.

=Balgrave, R.=
    1. The wreck of the Spa.
    2. The burning of the Spa saloon.

=Ballantyne, R. M.=
    1. The Coral Island.
    2. The gorilla hunters.

    1. Sunk at sea.
    2. Lost in the forest.
    3. Over the Rocky Mountains.

  Tales of adventure. _Four series._

=Balzac, H. de=
  Balzac frequently altered the titles of his
        works and changed them from one division
        to another. Hereunder is the arrangement
        of works _actually written_ as classified
        by the author in 1845.
  _Scenes of private life_:--
    1. At the sign of the Cat and Racket.
    2. The dance at Sceaux.
    3. Recollections of two young brides.
    4. The purse.
    5. Modeste Mignon.
    6. A start in life.
    7. Albert Savarus.
    8. The vendetta.
    9. A double family.
    10. The peace of the household.
    11. Madame Firmiani.
    12. A study of woman.
    13. The pretended mistress.
    14. A daughter of Eve.
    15. Colonel Chabert.
    16. The message.
    17. La Grenadière.
    18. The forsaken woman.
    19. Honorine.
    20. Béatrix.
    21. Gobseck.
    22. A woman of thirty.
    23. Old Goriot.
    24. Pierre Grasassou.
    25. The atheist’s mass.
    26. The interdiction.
    27. The marriage contract.
    28. Another study of woman.
  _Scenes of provincial life_:--
    1. The Lily of the Valley.
    2. Ursule Mirouet.
    3. Eugénie Grandet.

=Balzac, H. de.=
  _Scenes of provincial life (continued)_:
    4. The celibates. Part 1. Pierrette.
       The celibates. Part 2. The Vicar of Tours.
       The celibates. Part 3. A bachelor’s establishment.
    5. The Parisians in provincial France.
        Part 1. Gaudissart the Great.
        Part 2. Wrinkled people.
        Part 3. The muse of the department.
        Part 4. An actress abroad.
    6. The superior woman.
    7. The rivalries.
        Part 3. The old maid. (parts 1 and 2 not written).
    8. The provincials in Paris.
        Part 1. The cabinet of antiques. (part 2 not written).
    9. Lost illusions.
        Part 1. The two poets.
        Part 2. A provincial great man in Paris.
        Part 3. An inventor’s sufferings.
  _Scenes of Parisian life_:-
    1. History of the Thirteen.
        Part 1. Ferragus.
        Part 2. The Duchess of Langeais.
        Part 3. The girl with the golden eyes.
    2. The employees.
    3. Sarrasine.
    4. Grandeur and downfall of César Birotteau.
    5. The house of Nucingen.
    6. Facino Cane.
    7. The secrets of the Princess of Cadignan.
    8. Splendours and miseries of courtesans.
        Part 1. How harlots love.
        Part 2. How much love costs old men.
        Part 3. The end of bad roads.
        Part 4. The last incarnation of Vautrin.
    9. A prince of Bohemia.
    10. The involuntary comedians.
    11. A sample of French familiar conversation.
    12. The petty bourgeois.
    13. The brothers of consolation: the seamy side of contemporary history.
  _Scenes of political life_:--
    1. An episode under the Terror.
    2. A dark affair.
    3. The Deputy of Arcis.
    4. Z. Marcas.
  _Scenes of military life_:--
    1. The Chouans.
    2. A passion in the Desert.-
  _Scenes of country life_:--
    1. The peasants.
    2. The country doctor.
    3. The village curé.
  _Philosophic studies_:-
    1. The wild ass’s skin.
    2. Jesus Christ in Flanders.
    3. Melmoth reconciled.
    4. Massimilla Doni.
    5. The unknown masterpiece.
    6. Gambara.
    7. The quest of the absolute.
    8. A child accursed.
    9. Adieu.
    10. The Maranas.
    11. The conscript.
    12. The executioner.
    13. A seashore drama.
    14. Master Cornelius.
    15. The Red Inn.
    16. About Catherine de Medici.
        Part 1. The Calvinist martyr.
        Part 2. The confession of the Ruggieri.
        Part 3. The two dreams.
    17. The elixir of long life.
    18. The exiles.
    19. Louis Lambert.
    20. Séraphita.
  _Analytic studies_:--
    1. The physiology of marriage.
  _Poor parents series_:--
    1. Cousin Pons.
    2. Cousin Betty.

=Bamford, M. E.=
    1. The Look-out Club.
    2. The second year of the Look-out Club.

=Bancroft, E.=
    1. Jane Allen of the sub team.
    2. Jane Allen, right guard.
    3. Jane Allen, center.

=Bancroft, F.=
  _Germans in South Africa series_:--
    1. An armed protest.
    2. Great possessions.
  _South Africa trilogy_:--
    1. The Veldt dwellers.
    2. Thane Brandon.
    3. Dalliance and strife.

=Bancroft, L.=
    1. Prince Mud-Turtle.
    2. Mr. Woodchuck.
    3. Bandit Jim Crow.
    4. Twinkle’s enchantment.
    5. Sugar-Loaf Mountain.
    6. Prairie Dog Town.

=Banfield, E. J.=
    1. Confessions of a beechcomber.
    2. My tropic isle.

=Bangs, J. K. [A. W. Witherup.]=
  _Houseboat series._
    1. A houseboat on the Styx.
    2. The pursuit of the houseboat.
  _Mollie series_:--
    1. Mollie and the unwisemen.
    2. Mollie and the unwisemen abroad.

=Barbellion, W. N. P. [E. A. Bruce Cummings.]=
    1. Diary of a disappointed man.
    2. Enjoying life.
    3. A last diary.

=Barber, Mrs. H.=
    1. Drafted in.
    2. The bread winners.

=Barbour, R. H.=
  _Big Four series_:--
    1. Four in camp.
    2. Four afoot.
    3. Four afloat.
  _Erskine series_:--
    1. Behind the lines.
    2. Weatherby’s innings.
    3. On your mark.
  _Grafton School series_:--
    1. Rivals for the team.
    2. Winning his game.
    3. Hitting the line.
  _Hilton School series_:--
    1. The half-back.
    2. For the honour of the school.
    3. Captain of the crew.
  _Hudson River series_:--
    1. The crimson sweater.
    2. Tom, Dick, and Harriet.
    3. Harry’s Island.
  _Purple pennant (high school) series_:--
    1. The lucky seventh.
    2. The secret play.
    3. The purple pennant.
  _Yardley Hall series_:--
    1. Forward pass.
    2. Double play.
    3. Winning his “Y.”
    4. For Yardley.
    5. Change signals!
    6. Around the end.
    7. Guarding his goal.
    8. Fourth down.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Full back Foster.
    2. Center rush Rowland.
    3. Left tackle Gilbert.
    4. Left end Edwards.

=Barcynska, Countess.=
    1. The honey pot.
    2. Love Maggy.
    3. Pretty dear.

=Barlow, J.=
    1. Irish idylls.
    2. Strangers at Lisconnel.
    3. From the East unto the West.

=Barnard, C.=
    1. The soprano.
    2. Money and music.

=Barnum, P. T.=
    1. Lion Jack.
    2. Jack in the jungle.

=Barnum, V.=
    1. Joe Strong, the boy wizard.
    2. Joe Strong on the trapeze.
    3. Joe Strong, the boy fish.
    4. Joe Strong on the high wire.
    5. Joe Strong and his wings of steel.
    6. Joe Strong and his box of mystery.
    7. Joe Strong, the boy fire eater.

=Barr, A. E.=
  _New York in 1756 series_:--
    1. The bow of orange ribbon.
    2. The maid of Maiden Lane.
    3. Song of a single note.
  _Shetland series_:--
    1. Jan Vedder’s wife.
    2. Sheila Vedder.

=Barr, R.=
  _The Rhine and the Moselle (14th century) series_:--
    The Archbishop of Cologne appears in
      The Countess Tekla.
      The strong arm.
      The sword maker.
  _Stranleigh series_:--
    1. Young Lord Stranleigh.
    2. Stranleigh’s millions.
    3. Lord Stranleigh, philanthropist.
    4. Lord Stranleigh abroad.

=Barrie, Sir J. M.=
  _Peter Pan series_:--
    1. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.
    2. Peter and Wendy.
  _Thrums (Forfarshire) books_:--
    1. Auld licht idylls.
    2. A window in Thrums.
    3. The little minister.
    4. Sentimental Tommy.
    5. Tommy and Grizel (sequel to Sentimental Tommy).

=Barton, G.=
    1. The strange adventures of Bromley Barnes.
    2. The Pembroke Mason affair.
    3. The ambassador’s trunk.

=Bates, A.=
    1. The Pagans.
    2. The Philistines.

=Bates, G.=
    1. The khaki boys at Camp Sterling.
    2. The khaki boys on the way.
    3. The khaki boys at the front.
    4. The khaki boys fighting to win.
    5. The khaki boys along the Rhine.

=Baum, L. F.=
    1. The land of Oz.
    2. Osma of Oz.
    3. Dorothy and the wizard of Oz.
    4. The road to Oz.
    5. The emerald city of Oz.
    6. The patchwork girl of Oz.
    7. Tik-Tok of Oz.
    8. The scarecrow of Oz.
    9. Rinkitink of Oz.
    10. The lost princess of Oz.
    11. The tin woodman of Oz.
    12. The magic of Oz.
    13. The sea fairies.
    14. Sky Island.
    15. John Dough and the cherub.
    16. Glinda of Oz.
    17. The wizard of Oz.

=Bayley, E. B.=
    1. Zachary Brough’s venture.
    2. Forestwyk.

=Bayliss, Miss C. K.=
    1. Lolami, the little cliff dweller.
    2. Lolami in Tusayan.

=Bazán, Madame E. P.=
    1. The son of a bondwoman.
    2. La Madre Naturaleza.

=Bazin, R.=
    1. The nun (L’isolée).
    2. The coming harvest.
    3. Redemption (De toute son âme).

=Beach, E. L.=
  _Annapolis series_:--
    1. An Annapolis plebe.
    2. An Annapolis youngster.
    3. An Annapolis second classman.
    4. An Annapolis first classman.
  _Roger Paulding series_:--
    1. Roger Paulding, apprentice seaman.
    2. Roger Paulding, gunner’s mate.
    3. Roger Paulding, gunner.
    4. Roger Paulding, ensign.
  _United States naval series_:--
    1. Ralph Osborn, midshipman at Annapolis.
    2. Midshipman Ralph Osborn at sea.
    3. Ensign Ralph Osborn.
    4. Lieutenant Ralph Osborn.

=Bearne, D.=
    1. A Ridingale year.
    2. Lance and his friends.

=Beecham, J. C.=
    1. The Argus pheasant.
    2. The Argus spider.

=Begbie, H.=
    1. Bundy in the greenwood.
    2. Bundy on the sea.

=Bell, C. D.=
    1. Cousin Kate.
    2. Autumn at Carnford.

=Bell, J. J.=
    1. Wee Macgreegor.
    2. Wee Macgreegor again. _Same as_ Later adventures of Macgreegor.
    3. Wee Macgreegor enlists.

    1. Oh, Christina!
    2. Courtin’ Christina.

=Bell, R. S. W.=
    1. Tales of Greyhouse.
    2. Green at Greyhouse.
    3. The secret seven.
    4. Greyhouse days.
    5. Polson of Greyhouse.
    6. J. O. Jones.
    7. Smith’s week.
  Note.--Numbers 6 and 7 relate to Greyhouse
        boys who went to other schools as masters.

=Bellamy, E.=
    1. Looking backward.
    2. Equality.
  Note.--Several rejoinders have been written on this series.

=Belloc, H.=
    1. The bad child’s book of beasts.
    2. More beasts (for worse children).

=Belot, A.=
    1. The stranglers of Paris.
    2. Grande Florine.

=Benham, W.=
    1. Ben Lightboy, special.
    2. Ben Lightboy’s biggest puzzle.

=Bennet, R. A.=
    1. Into the primitive.
    2. Out of the primitive.

=Bennett, A.=

  _Five Towns series._ Difference of
        opinion exists as to the reading
        order of this series.
        Hereunder is the author’s own arrangement.
    1. A man from the North.
    2. Anna of the Five Towns.
    3. Leonora.
    4. A great man.
    5. Whom God hath joined.
    6. Sacred and profane love.
    7. The old wives’ tale.
    8. Helen with the high hand.
    9. Clayhanger.
    10. The Card.
    11. Hilda Lessways.
    12. The Regent.
    13. The price of love.
    14. These twain.
    15. The roll call. (This story ends as
        if there were another to follow.--_T. A._)
    1. Clayhanger.
    2. Hilda Lessways.
    3. These twain.
    4. The roll call.
    (_a_). The Card.
    (_b_). The Regent.
    1. Tales of the Five Towns.
    2. The grim smile of the Five Towns.
    3. The matador of the Five Towns.

=Benson, B. K.=
  _American Civil War series_:--
    1. Who goes there?
    2. A friend with the countersign.

=Benson, E. F.=
  _Dodo series_:--
    1. Dodo.
    2. Dodo the Second. _Same as_ Dodo’s daughter.
    3. Dodo wonders.
  _Greek War of Independence series_:--
    1. The vintage.
    2. Capsina.
  _School life series_:--
    1. David Blaize.
    2. David Blaize and the blue door.

=Beresford, J. D.=
  _Jacob Stahl trilogy_:--
    1. Early history of Jacob Stahl.
    2. A candidate for truth.
    3. The invisible event.

=Berrey, Mrs. M. E.=
    1. Crooked and straight.
    2. The crook straightened.

=Bevan, T.=
    1. The beggars of the sea.
    2. The Grey Fox of Holland.

=Binstead, A. M.=
    1. Gal’s gossip.
    2. More gal’s gossip.

=Birmingham, G. A. [Canon J. O’Hannay.]=
  _J. J. Meldon series_:--
    1. Spanish gold.
    2. The Simpkin’s plot.
    3. The major’s niece.

=Blackmore, R. D.=
    1. Lorna Doone.
    2. Tales from the telling-house. _Containing_
      (a) Slain by the Doones.
      (b) Frida.
      (c) George Bowring.
      (d) Crocker’s Hole.

=Blackwood, A.=
    1. The education of Uncle Paul.
    2. A prisoner in Fairyland.

    1. Julius Le Vallon.
    2. The bright messenger.

=Blair, T.=
    1. Belinda.
    2. Belinda engaged.

=Blake, N. M.=
    1. The siege of Norwich Castle.
    2. The sorrow and the glory of Norwich.

=Blanchard, A. E.=
  _Carita series_:--
    1. Carita.
    2. Carita’s new world.
  _The Corners series_:--
    1. The four Corners in camp.
    2. The four Corners at college.
    3. The four Corners in Egypt.
    4. The four Corners abroad.
  _Girl scout series_:--
    1. A girl scout of the Red Rose Troop.
    2. Lucky Penny of Thistle Troop.
  _The pioneers series_:--
    1. A gentle pioneer.
    2. Bonny Leslie of the Border.
    3. A frontier knight.
  _Revolutionary series for girls_:--
    1. A girl of ’76.
    2. A revolutionary maid.
    3. A daughter of freedom.
  _War of 1812 series_:--
    1. A heroine of 1812.
    2. A loyal lass.

=Bleakley, H.=
    1. Tales of the stumps.
    2. More tales of the stumps.

=Blyth, J.=
    1. Thrift.
    2. Respectability.

=Boardman, Mrs. M. M.=
    1. Haps and mishaps of the Brown family.
    2. Sister’s triumph.

=Bodkin, M. M.=
  _Paul Beck series_:--
    1. Paul Beck.
    2. The quests of Paul Beck.
    3. The capture of Paul Beck.
    4. Young Beck.
       Query if others.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Lord Edward Fitzgerald.
    2. The rebels.

=Boevey, S. M. Crawley-.=
    Dene Forest sketches. _Two series._

=Bonehill, R.=
  _Boy hunter series_:--
    1. Four boy hunters.
    2. Guns and snowshoes.
    3. Young hunters of the Lake.
  _Frontier series_:--
    1. Pioneer boys of the goldfields.
    2. Pioneer boys of the Great Northwest.
    3. With Boone on the frontier.
  _Young hunters series_:--
    1. Gun and sled.
    2. The young hunters in Porto Rico.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The island camp.
    2. The winning run.

=Bonner, R.=
  _Boy inventors series_:--
    1. The boy inventors’ wireless triumph.
    2. The boy inventors and the vanishing gun.
    3. The boy inventors’ diving torpedo boat.
    4. The boy inventors’ flying ship.
    5. The boy inventors’ electric hydro-aeroplane.
    6. The boy inventors’ radio telephone.

=Boothby, G.=
  _Dr. Nikola series_:--
    1. A bid for fortune.
    2. Dr. Nikola.
    3. The lust of hate.
    4. Dr. Nikola’s experiment.
    5. Farewell Nikola.

=Borrow, G.=
    1. Lavengro.
    2. The Romany Rye.

=Bosher, Mrs. K. L.=
    1. Mary Carey.
    2. Miss Gibbie Gault.

=Boussenard, L.=
    1. The crusoes of Guiana.
    2. The gold seekers.

=Bowen, M. [Mrs. G. M. Long.]=
  _William of Orange series_:--
    1. Prince and heretic.
    2. William, by the Grace of God.
  _William III. of England series_:--
    1. I will maintain.
    2. Defender of the Faith.
    3. God and the King.

=Bower, B. M. [Mrs. B. M. Sinclair.]=
  _The Flying U series_:--
    1. Chip of the Flying U.
    2. Flying U Ranch.
    3. Flying U’s last stand.
  _Johnny Jewell series_:--
    1. Skyrider.
    2. The thunder bird.
  _Lonesome series_:--
    1. The Lonesome trail.
    2. Lonesome land.

=Bowes, J.=
    1. The young Anzacs.
    2. The Anzac war trail.
    3. The Aussie crusaders.

=Braddon, M. E. [Mrs. John Maxwell.]=
    1. Birds of prey.
    2. Charlotte’s inheritance.

=Bradley, E.=
    1. The adventures of Mr. Verdant Green.
    2. Little Mr. Bouncer and his friend, Mr. Verdant Green.

=Bradley, Mrs. M. E. N.=
  _Proverb series_:--
    1. Birds of a feather.
    2. Handsome is that handsome does.
    3. A wrong confessed.

=Bradley, S.=
    1. The adventures of an A.D.C.
    2. More adventures of an A.D.C.

=Brady, C. T.=
  _Bob Dashaway series_:--
    1. Bob Dashaway, privateersman.
    2. Bob Dashaway, treasure hunter. _Same as_
        The young American treasure hunters.
    3. Bob Dashaway in the frozen seas.
  _Boys of the service series_:--
    1. In the wasp’s nest.
    2. In the War with Mexico.
    3. A midshipman in the Pacific.
    4. On the old “Kearsarge.”
  _Another series_:--
    1. The blue ocean’s daughter.
    2. The adventures of Lady Susan.

=Brainerd, E. C.=
    1. Concerning Belinda.
    2. The personal conduct of Belinda.

    1. The misdemeanors of Nancy.
    2. Nance’s country Christmas.

=Bramston, M.=
    1. Snowball society.
    2. Home and school.

=Brand, M.=
    1. The untamed.
    2. The night horseman.
    3. The seventh man.

=Bray, E. O.=
    1. Willie and May.
    2. A month at the seaside.

=Breitenbach, L. M.=
    1. Alma at Hadley Hall.
    2. Alma’s sophomore year.
    3. Alma’s junior year.
    4. Alma’s senior year.

=Brenda. [Mrs. Castle Smith.]=
    1. Froggy’s little brother.
    2. More about Froggy.

=Brereton, F. S.=
  _Great War of 1914-8 series_:--
    1. With French at the front.
    2. Under French’s command.
    3. With Joffre at Verdun.
    4. At grips with the Turk.
    5. On the road to Baghdad.
    6. Under Haig in Flanders.
    7. Under Foch’s command.
    8. With the allies to the Rhine.
    9. With Allenby in Palestine.
    10. From the Nile to the Tigris.
    11. The armoured car scouts.

=Brooks, A.=
  _Dainty Dorothy series_:--
    1. Dorothy Dainty.
    2. Dorothy’s playmates.
    3. Dorothy Dainty at school.
    4. Dorothy Dainty at the shore.
    5. Dorothy Dainty in the city.
    6. Dorothy Dainty at home.
    7. Dorothy Dainty’s gay times.
    8. Dorothy Dainty in the country.
    9. Dorothy Dainty’s winter.
    10. Dorothy Dainty at the mountains.
    11. Dorothy Dainty’s holidays.
    12. Dorothy Dainty at Gem Island.
    13. Dorothy Dainty’s vacation.
    14. Dorothy Dainty’s visit.
    15. Dorothy Dainty at Crestville.
  _Prue books_:--
    1. Little Sister Prue.
    2. Prue at school.
    3. Prue’s playmates.
    4. Prue’s merry times.
    5. Prue’s little friends.
    6. Prue’s jolly winter.
  _Randy books_:--
    1. Randy’s summer.
    2. Randy’s winter.
    3. Randy and her friends.
    4. Randy and Prue.
    5. Randy’s good times.
    6. Randy’s luck.
    7. Randy’s loyalty.
    8. Randy’s prince.

=Brooks, E.=
    1. The Khaki girls of the Motor Corps.
    2. Khaki girls behind the lines.
    3. Khaki girls, Windsor Barracks.
    4. Khaki girls in victory.

=Brooks, E. S.=
  _Young defender series_:--
    1. With Lawson and Roberts.
    2. In defense of the flag.
    3. Under the allied flag.

=Brown, C.=
  _The Bunyan’s talks_:--
    1. The wonderful journey.
    2. Children on the King’s highway.
    3. The oldest city in the World.

=Brown, C. Rae-.=
    1. Kissing-Cup’s race.
    2. Kissing-Cup the Second.

=Brown, H. D.=
    1. Little Miss Phœbe Gay.
    2. Her sixteenth year.

=Browne, B.=
    1. The quest of the Golden Valley.
    2. The white blanket.

=Browne, G. W.=
    1. The woodranger.
    2. The young gun-bearer.
    3. The hero of the hills.

=Bruce, M. G.=
    1. Mates at Billabong.
    2. Norah at Billabong.
    3. From Billabong to London.
    4. Jim and Wally.

=Brunner, E.=
    1. Celia and her friends.
    2. The elopement.
    3. Celia once again.

=Bryant, M.=
    1. Christopher Hibbault, roadmaker.
    2. Anne Kempburn, truthseeker.
    3. The shadow on the stone.

=Bryher, Miss W.=
    1. Development.
    2. Adventure.

=Bryson, C. L.=
    1. Tan and Teckle.
    2. Woodsy neighbours of Tan and Teckle.

=Buchan, J.=
  _Richard Hannay series_:--
    1. The thirty-nine steps.
    2. Greenmantle.
    3. Mr. Standfast.

=Buchholtz, J.=
    1. Egholm and his God.
    2. The miracles of Clara van Haag.

=Bunner, H. C.=
    1. Short sixes.
    2. More short sixes.

=Burgess, F. G.=
    1. Goops and how to do them.
    2. More goops.
    3. Goop tales.
    4. Blue goops and red.
    5. The goop encyclopædia.

=Burgess, T. W.=
  _Animal stories series._ 20 vols.
  _Bed-time story books._ 20 vols.
  _Boy scouts series._ 4 vols.
  _Green meadow series._ 4 vols.
  _Mother West Wind series._ 8 vols.

=Burgin, G. B.=
  _Four Corners series_ (no particular order of reading):--
    1. The dance at Four Corners.
    2. Old Man’s marriage.
    3. The marble city.
    4. The King of Four Corners.
    5. A puller of strings.
    6. Dickie Silver.
    7. The judge of Four Corners.
    8. The land of silence.
    9. The Devil’s due.
    10. The hut by the river.
    11. The Duke’s twins.
    12. A game of hearts.
    13. The herb of healing.
  _Monastery of Mahota series_:--
    1. The shutters of silence.
    2. Within the gates.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The slaves of Allah.
    2. Diana of dreams.

=Burleigh, C. B.=
  _Norman Carver series_:--
    1. All among the loggers.
    2. With pickpole and peavey.
    3. The young guide.
  _Raymond Benson series_:--
    1. The camp on Letter K.
    2. Raymond Benson at Krampton.
    3. The Kenton pines.

=Burnand, Sir F. C.=
    1. Happy thoughts.
    2. More happy thoughts.
    3. Happy Thought Hall.

=Burnett, F. H.=
    1. Good Wolf.
    2. Barty Crusoe and his man Saturday.

    1. A lady of quality. _Same as_ The making of a marchioness.
    2. His Grace of Osmonde. _Same as_ The methods of Lady Walderhurst.
  _Note._--The little princess is an extended edition of Sara Crewe.

=Burnham, Mrs. C. L.=
    1. Jewel: a chapter of her life.
    2. Jewel’s story book.

=Burrett, E. C.=
    1. Boy Scout Crusoes.
    2. Cameron Island.

=Burroughs, E. R.=
  _The Martian novels_:--
    1. A princess of Mars.

=Burroughs, E. R.=
  _The Martian novels (continued)_:--
    2. The gods of Mars.
    3. The warlord of Mars.
    4. Thuvia, maid of Mars.
  _Tarzan, the ape-man, series_:--
    1. Tarzan of the apes.
    2. The return of Tarzan.
    3. The beasts of Tarzan.
    4. The son of Tarzan.
    5. Tarzan and the jewels of Opar.
    6. Tarzan, the untamed.
    7. Jungle tales of Tarzan.
    8. Tarzan the terrible.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The mucker.
    2. The man without a soul.

=Burton, C. P.=
    1. The boys of Bob’s Hill.
    2. The Bob’s Cave boys.
    3. The Bob’s Hill braves.
    4. The boy scouts of Bob’s Hill.
    5. Camp Bob’s Hill.
    6. Raven patrol of Bob’s Hill.
    7. The trail makers.

=Butler, M. M.=
    1. Waiting and serving.
    2. Daffodil.

=Butler, S.=
    1. Erewhon.
    2. Erewhon revisited twenty years later.

=Butterworth, H.=
    1. Zig-zag journeys across the World.
    2. Zig-zag journeys in the White City.
    3. Zig-zag journeys on the Mediterranean.
    4. Zig-zag journeys on the Mississippi.
    5. Zig-zag journeys in Australia.
    6. Zig-zag journeys in the Great North-west.
    7. Zig-zag journeys in the British Isles.
    8. Zig-zag journeys in the Antipodes.
    9. Zig-zag journeys in India.
    10. Zig-zag journeys in the sunny South.
    11. Zig-zag journeys in the Levant.
    12. Zig-zag journeys in Acadia and New France.
    13. Zig-zag journeys in northern lands.
    14. Zig-zag journeys in the Occident.
    15. Zig-zag journeys in the Orient.
    16. Zig-zag journeys in classic lands.
    17. Zig-zag journeys in Europe.
    18. Zig-zag stories of history, travel and adventure.

=Cabel, J. B.=
    1. Jurgen.
    2. The cream of the jest.
    3. Domnei.

=Caine, O. V.=
    1. Face to face with Napoleon.
    2. In the year of Waterloo.

=Camp, W. C.=
    1. Danny Fists.
    2. Captain Danny.

=Campbell, D. R.=
    1. The fiddling lady.
    2. The proving of Virginia.
    3. The violin lady.

=Campbell, R. W.=
    1. Private Spud-Tamson.
    2. Sergeant Spud-Tamson, V.C.

=Carey, W.=
    1. Monsieur Martin.
    2. For the White Rose.

=Carr, A. R.=
    1. Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp.
    2. Nan Sherwood at Lake View Hall.
    3. Nan Sherwood’s winter holidays.
    4. Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch.
    5. Nan Sherwood at Palm Beach.

=Carr, Mrs. S. P.=
  _Billy To-morrow series._ 4 vols.

=Carroll, Lewis. [C. L. Dodgson.]=
  _Alice series_:--
    1. Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. Originally
        published under the title, “Alice’s adventures underground.”
    2. Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there.
    (3. Davy and the Goblin, or what
        followed reading Alice in Wonderland; by C. E. Carryl.)
  _Sylvie series_:--
    1. Sylvie and Bruno.
    2. Sylvie and Bruno, concluded.

=Case, C. M.=
    1. Wolf the Saxon boy.
    2. The banner of the White Horse.

=Casserly, G.=
    1. The Elephant God.
    2. The jungle girl.
    3. Ghost tiger.

=Castle, A. and E.=
  _Beau Nash régime romances_:--
    1. The Bath comedy.
    2. The incomparable Bellairs.
    3. French Nan.

=Castlemon, H. [C. A. Fosdick.]=
  _Afloat and ashore series_:--
    1. Rebellion in Dixie.
    2. The ten ton cutter.
    3. A sailor in spite of himself.
  _Boy trapper series_:--
    1. The buried treasure.
    2. The boy trapper.
    3. The mail carrier.
  _Forest and stream series_:--
    1. Joe Wayring at home.
    2. Snagged and sunk.
    3. Steel horse.
  _Frank Nelson series_:--
    1. Snowed up.
    2. Frank in the forecastle.
    3. The boy traders.
  _Go-ahead series_:--
    1. Tom Newcomb.
    2. Go-ahead.
    3. No moss.
  _Gunboat series_:--
    1. Frank, the young naturalist.
    2. Frank on a gunboat.
    3. Frank in the woods.
    4. Frank before Vicksburg.
    5. Frank on the Lower Mississippi.
    6. Frank on the Prairie.
  _Houseboat series_:--
    1. The houseboat boys.
    2. The young game warden.
    3. The mystery of Lost River Canyon.
  _Lucky Tom series_:--
    1. Our fellows.
    2. Elam Storm, the wolfer.
    3. The missing pocket book.
  _Pony Express series_:--
    1. The pony express rider.
    2. The white beaver.
    3. Carl, the trailer.
  _Rocky Mountain series_:--
    1. Frank among the rancheros.
    2. Frank on Don Carlos’ rancho.
    3. Frank in the mountains.
  _Rod and gun series_:--
    1. Don Gordon’s shooting box.
    2. Rod and Gun Club.
    3. The young wild-fowlers.
  _Roughing it series_:--
    1. George in camp.
    2. George at the wheel.
    3. George at the fort.

=Castlemon, H. [C. A. Fosdick]= (_contd._).
  _Sportsman’s Club series_:--
    1. The Sportsman’s Club in the saddle.
    2. The Sportsman’s Club afloat.
    3. The Sportsman’s Club among the trappers.
  _War series_:--
    1. True to his colours.
    2. Rodney, the partisan.
    3. Marcy, the blockade runner.
    4. Marcy, the refugee.
    5. Rodney, the overseer.
    6. Sailor Jack, the trader.

=Chambers, R. W.=
  _American Revolution series_:--
    1. Cardigan.
    2. The Maid-at-arms.
    3. The reckoning.
  _Franco-Prussian War series_:--
    1. Lorraine.
    2. Ashes of empire.
    3. Maids of Paradise.

=Champney, Mrs. E. W.=
  _Great-grandmother’s girls series_:--
    1. Great-grandmother’s girls in New France.
    2. Great-grandmother’s girls in New Mexico.
  _Three Vassar girls series_:--
    1. Three Vassar girls in the Holy Land.
    2. Three Vassar girls in the Tyrol.
    3. Three Vassar girls in Switzerland.
    4. Three Vassar girls in Russia and Turkey.
    5. Three Vassar girls in France.
    6. Three Vassar girls at home.
    7. Three Vassar girls on the Rhine.
    8. Three Vassar girls in Italy.
    9. Three Vassar girls in South America.
    10. Three Vassar girls in England.
    11. Three Vassar girls abroad.
  _Witch Winnie series_:--
    1. Witch Winnie.
    2. Witch Winnie at Shinnecock.
    3. Witch Winnie at Versailles.
    4. Witch Winnie in Holland.
    5. Witch Winnie in Paris.
    6. Witch Winnie in Spain.
    7. Witch Winnie in Venice.
    8. Witch Winnie’s mystery.
    9. Witch Winnie’s studio.

=Channon, F. E.=
    1. An American boy at Henley.
    2. Jackson and his Henley friends.
    3. Henley’s American captain.
    4. Henley on the battle line.

=Chapman, A.=
  _Darewell chums series_:--
    1. The Darewell chums in the city.
    2. The Darewell chums in the woods.
  _Fred Fenton athletic series_:--
    1. Fred Fenton, the pitcher.
    2. Fred Fenton in the line.
    3. Fred Fenton on the crew.
    4. Fred Fenton on the track.
    5. Fred Fenton, the marathon runner.
  _Railroad series_:--
    1. Ralph in the roundhouse.
    2. Ralph on the switch tower.
  _Tom Fairfield series_:--
    1. Tom Fairfield’s schooldays.
    2. Tom Fairfield’s pluck and luck.
    3. Tom Fairfield at sea.
    4. Tom Fairfield in camp.
    5. Tom Fairfield’s hunting trip.

=Chapman, G.=
    1. The gentleman usher.
    2. Monsieur d’Olive.

=Chapple, J. M.=
    1. Heart throbs.
    2. More heart throbs.

=Charles, Mrs. E.=
    1. The Draytons and the Davenants.
    2. On both sides of the shield.

    1. Winifred Bertram.
    2. The Bertram family.

=Charlesworth, M. L.=
  1. Ministering children.
  2. Ministering children, _continued_.

    1. The old looking glass.
    2. The broken looking glass.

=Chase, M. E.=
    1. The girl from the Big Horn Country.
    2. Virginia of Elk Creek Valley.

=Chateaubriand, Vicomte de.=
  _Episode in the “Les Natches” poem_ (same author):--
    1. Atala.
    2. René.

=Cheesman L.=
    1. Peter.
    2. Big Peter’s Little Peter.
    3. That curly headed rogue.

=Cheney, Mrs E. D.=
    1. Nora’s return is a sequel to Ibsen’s The Doll’s House.

=Chester, G. R.=
    1. Get-rich-quick Wallingford.
    2. Young Wallingford.
    3. Wallingford in his prime.
    4. Wallingford and Blackie Daw.

=Chesterton, G. K.=
    1. The innocence of Father Brown.
    2. The wisdom of Father Brown.

=Chesterton, R.=
    1. The Phantom battleship.
    2. The captain of the Phantom.

=Chisholm, L.=
    1. In Fairyland.
    2. The enchanted land.

=Cholmondeley, M.=
    1. The Danvers jewels.
    2. Sir Charles Danvers.

=Churchill, W.=
    1. Richard Carvel.
    2. The crossing.
    3. The crisis.
    4. Coniston.
    5. Mr. Crewe’s career.

=Clark, S. R.=
    1. Yensie Walton.
    2. Yensie Walton’s womanhood.

=Clarke, A.=
    1. Smilers.
    2. More smilers.
    3. Extra smilers.
    4. French smilers.

=Claudy, C. H.=
  _Tell me why series._ 4 vols.

=Cleaver, H.=
    1. Brother of mine.
    2. Captains of Harley.
    3. The Harley First XI.
    4. Roscoe makes good.

=Cleeve, L. [Mrs. H. Kingscote.]=
    1. The Cardinal and Lady Susan.
    2. Lady Susan and not the Cardinal.

=Clifford, Sir H.=
    1. Sally.
    2. Saleh.

=Clive, Mrs. Archer.=
    1. Paul Ferroll.
    2. Why Paul Ferroll killed his wife.

=Clouston, J. S.=
  _Mr. Mandell-Essington series_:--
    1. The lunatic at large.
    2. Count Bunker.
    3. The lunatic at large again.

=Cobb, B. F.=
    1. Jack Henderson down East.
    2. Jack Henderson out West.
    3. Jack Henderson down South.
    4. Jack Henderson on matrimony.
    5. Jack Henderson on tipping.
    6. Jack Henderson on experience.

=Cobb, I. S.=
    1. Back home.
    2. Old Judge Priest.

=Cobban, J. M.=
    1. The White Kaid of the Atlas.
    2. The tyrants of Kool-Sim.

=Coffin, C. C.=
    1. Winning his way.
    2. My days and nights on the battlefield.
    3. Following the flag.

=Cohen, O. R.=
    1. Polished ebony.
    2. Come seven.

=Coleridge, C. R.=
    1. Green girls of Greythorpe.
    2. Fifty pounds.

=Connor, R. [Rev. C. W. Gordon.]=
  _Crow’s Nest series_:--
    1. The prospector.
    2. The Doctor of Crow’s Nest.
  _Glengarry series_:--
    1. Glengarry days. _Same as_ Glengarry school days.
    2. The man from Glengarry.
  _North West Mounted Police series_:--
    1. Corporal Sam of the North West Mounted Police.
    2. The Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail.

=Conquest, J.=
    1. Desert love.
    2. The hawk of Egypt.

=Conrad, J. [J. C. Korzeniowski.]=
  _Malay series_:--
    1. Almayer’s folly.
    2. An outcast of the islands.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Lord Jim.
    2. Victory.

=Conrad, S. [S. C. Stuntz.]=
    1. Second Mrs. Jim.
    2. Mrs. Jim and Mrs. Jimmie.

=Conyers, D.=
    1. Strayings of Sandy.
    2. Further strayings of Sandy.
    3. Sandy married.

=Cooke, J. E.=
  _Effingham series_:--
    1. The Virginia comedians.
    2. Henry St. John, gentleman.
  _Southern Army Campaign series_:--
    1. Hilt to hilt.
    2. Mohun.

=Coolidge, S. [S. C. Woolsey.]=
    1. What Katy did.
    2. What Katy did at school.
    3. What Katy did next.
    4. What Katy did at home.
    5. Clover.
    6. In the high valley.

=Cooper, E. H.=
    1. Wymarke and the sea fairies.
    2. Wymarke and the mountain fairies.
    3. Wymarke’s mother.
    4. Sent to the rescue.

=Cooper, J. F.=
  _Leather-stocking tales_:--
    1. The deerslayer.
    2. The last of the Mohicans.
    3. The pathfinder.
    4. The pioneers.
    5. The Prairie.
  _Littlepage manuscripts._
    1. Satanstoe.
    2. The chain bearer.
    3. The Redskins.

    1. Afloat and ashore.
    2. Miles Wallingford. _Same as_ Lucy Hardinge.

    1. Homeward bound.
    2. Home as found.
  Cooper’s novels may be classified as follows:--
  _Historical novels_:--
    Mercedes of Castile.
    The Heidenmauer.
    The bravo.
    The headsman.
    The Monikins.
    Oak openings.
    Ways of the hour.
  _Sea tales_:--
    The pilot.
    The red rover.
    The water-witch.
    The two admirals.
    Wing-and-Wing. _Same as_ Jack o’Lantern.
    Afloat and ashore.
    Miles Wallingford.
    The crater. _Same as_ Mark’s Reef.

=Cooper, J. F.=
  _Sea tales (continued)_:--
    Jack Tier.
    The sea lions.
    Homeward bound.
    Home as found.
  _Tales of the Indian wars and of the Revolution_:--
    Wept of Wish-ton-Wish. _Same as_ The Borderers.
    The spy.
    Lionel Lincoln.
  _Note:_ A. Dumas’ Le Capitaine Paul [Jones] is a sequel to The Pilot.

=Copping, A. E.=
    1. Gotty and the Guv’n’r.
    2. Gotty in furrin parts.

=Copplestone, B.=
    1. The lost naval papers.
    2. Madam Gilbert’s cannibal.

=Copus, J. E.=
    1. Saint Cuthbert’s.
    2. Shadows lifted.

=Corcoran, B.=
    1. The boy scouts of Kendallville.
    2. The boy scouts of the Wolf Patrol.

=Cory, D.=
  _Puss in Boots, junior series._ 6 vols.

=Cotes, Mrs. E.=
    1. An American girl in London.
    2. A voyage of consolation.

=Couperus, L.=
  _The book of small souls_:--
    1. Small souls.
    2. The later life.
    3. The twilight of the souls.
    4. Dr. Adrian.

=Courlander, A.=
    1. Henry in search of a father.
    2. Henry in search of a wife.

=Cournos, J.=
  _John Gombarov series_:--
    1. The mask.
    2. The wall.
    3. The babel.

=Cox, Sir E. C.=
    1. John Carruthers, Indian policeman.
    2. The achievement of John Carruthers.
    3. The exploits of Kesho Nait, Dacoit.

=Cox, P.=
  _Brownie series._ 11 vols.

=Cox, S. A.=
    1. Dare boys of 1776.
    2. Dare boys on the Hudson.
    3. Dare boys in Trenton.
    4. Dare boys on Brandywine.
    5. Dare boys in Red City.
    6. Dare boys after Benedict Arnold.
    7. Dare boys in Virginia.
    8. Dare boys with General Greene.
    9. Dare boys with Lafayette.
    10. Dare boys and the “Swamp Fox.”
    11. Dare boys at Vincennes.
    12. Dare boys in Northwest.

=Cozzens, S. W.=
    1. The young trail hunters.
    2. Crossing the quicksands.
    3. The young Silver seekers.

=Cradock, Mrs. H. C.=
    1. Josephine, John and the puppy.
    2. Josephine’s birthday.
    3. Josephine and her dolls.
    4. Josephine is busy.
    5. Josephine’s happy family.

=Craik, D. M.=
  _Avillon and other tales_:--
    1. Domestic stories.
    2. Romantic tales.

=Crake, A. D.=
    1. Edwy the Fair.
    2. Alfgar the Dane.
    3. The rival heirs.

=Crane, L. D.=
    1. The automobile girls at Newport.
    2. The automobile girls in the Berkshires.
    3. The automobile girls along the Hudson.
    4. The automobile girls at Chicago.
    5. The automobile girls at Palm Beach.
    6. The automobile girls at Washington.

=Crawford, F. M.=
  _New York series_:--
    1. Katherine Lauderdale.
    2 The Ralstons.
  _Paris opera life series_:--
    1. Soprano.
    2. The prima-donna.
    3. The diva’s ruby.
  _Roman society series_:--
    1. Saracinesca.
    2. Sant’ Ilario.
    3. Don Orsino.
    4. Corleone.
    5. Tarquisara.
    6. The white sister.
  _Note._--The character Paul Griggs
        appears in Paul Patoff, The
        prima-donna, Casa Braccio, and Katherine Lauderdale.

=Creed, Mrs. J. P. [Louise Mack.]=
    1. Teens.
    2. Girls together.

=Creswell, H. B.=
    1. Thomas.
    2. Thomas settles down.

=Creswick, P.=
    1. In Ælfred’s days.
    2. Under the Black Raven.
    3. Hasting, the pirate.

=Crockett, S.=
    1. Two American boys with the allied armies.
    2. Two American boys in the French war trenches.
    3. Two American boys with the Dardanelles battle fleet.
    4. Two American boys aboard a submersible.
    5. Two American boys with Pershing in France.

=Crockett, S. R.=
    1. The Black Douglas.
    2. Maid Margaret of Galloway.

    1. Kit Kennedy.
    2. Bog-myrtle and peat.

    1. The raiders.
    2. The dark o’ the Moon.

    1. The red axe.
    2. Joan of the Sword-hand.

    1. Red Cap tales.
    2. Red Cap adventures.

    1. The Stickit Minister and some common men.
    2. The Stickit Minister’s wooing, etc.

    1. Sweetheart travellers.
    2. Sweethearts at home.
  Information wanted as to the works which form the Galloway series.

=Curling, H.=
    1. Frank Beresford.
    2. The miser lord.

=Currey, E. H.=
    1. Ian Hardy, naval cadet.
    2. Ian Hardy, midshipman.
    3. Ian Hardy, senior midshipman.
    4. Ian Hardy fighting the Moors.

=Curtain, M. Troby.=
    1. Phrynette and London.
    2. Phrynette married.

=Curtis, Mrs. A. T.=
    1. Grandpa’s little girls.
    2. Grandpa’s little girls at school.
    3. Grandpa’s little girls and their friends.
    4. Grandpa’s little girls’ houseboat party.
    5. Grandpa’s little girls and Miss Abitha.
    6. Grandpa’s little girls grown up.
  _Little maids’ historical series_:--
    1. A little maid of Provence Town.
    2. A little maid of Massachusetts Colony.
    3. A little maid at Narragansett Bay.
  _Marjorie series_:--
    1. Marjorie’s way.
    2. Marjorie’s school days,
    3. Marjorie in the sunny South.
    4. Marjorie on Beacon Hill.

=Curwood, J. O.=
    1. Kazan, the wolf-dog.
    2. The son of Kazan.

=Cutting, M. S.=
    1. Little stories of courtship.
    2. Little stories of married life.
    3. More stories of married life.
    4. The suburban girls and other stories of married life.

=Dall, Mrs. C. W. H.=
  _Patty Gray’s journey_:--
    1. From Boston to Baltimore.
    2. From Baltimore to Washington.
    3. On the way: Patty at Mount Vernon.

=Darling, M. G.=
    1. Battles at home.
    2. In the world.

    1. We four girls.
    2. A girl of this century.

=Darlington, E. B. P.=
    1. The circus boys on the flying rings.
    2. The circus boys across the Continent.
    3. The circus boys in Dixie Land.
    4. The circus boys on the Mississippi.

=Dasent, Sir G. W.=
    1. Popular tales from the Norse.
    2. Tales from the fjeld.

=Daudet, A.=
  _Modern Don Quixote series_:--
    1. Tartarin of Tarascon.
    2. Tartarin on the Alps.
    3. Port Tarascon.

=Davies, A. C. Fox-.=
    1. The average man.
    2. The ultimate conclusion.

    1. The Mauleverer millions.
    2. The Dangerville inheritance.

=Davis, A. H.=
    1. On our selection.
    2. Our new selection.

=Davis, R. H.=
    1. Gallegher and other stories.
    2. Van Bibber and others.

=Dawson, A. J.=
    1. Finn, the wolfhound.
    2. Jan, the son of Finn.

    1. Joseph Khassan, half-caste.
    2. Hidden manna.

=Dehan, R. [Miss C. I. N. Graves.]=
    1. The dop doctor. _Same as_ One braver thing.
    2. That which hath wings.

=Deland, M.=
    1. Old Chester tales.
    2. Dr. Lavendar’s people.
    3. Around old Chester.
    4. An old Chester secret.

    1. The awakening of Helena Ritchie.
    2. The iron woman.

=Dell, E. M.=
    1. The way of an eagle.
    2. The keeper of the door.

=Dell, F.=
    1. Mooncalf.
    2. The briary bush.

=De Mille, J.=
  _B[rethren] O[f] [the] W[hite] C[ross] series_:--
    1. The B.O.W.C.
    2. Boys of Grand Pré School.
    3. Lost in the fog.
    4. Fire in the woods.
    5. Picked up adrift.
    6. Treasure of the seas.
  _Young Dodge series_:--
    1. Among the brigands: Italy.
    2. The seven hills: Rome.
    3. The winged lion: Venice.

=De Selincourt, H.=
  _Constance Howard series_:--
    1. A daughter of the morning.
    2. Realms of day.

=Dickens, C.=
    1. Pickwick papers.
    (2. Pickwick abroad; by G. W. M. Reynolds).

_Notes._--The mystery of Edwin Drood. This unfinished story
        has been “completed” by several authors. There is
        quite a literature on Edwin Drood.
    The Gay-Dombeys, and The Veneerings by Sir H.
        Johnston, are sequels to Dombey
        and Son, and Our mutual friend, respectively.

=Dimock, A. W.=
    1. Dick among the lumberjacks.
    2. Dick among the Seminoles.

=Dirks, R.=
    1. The cruise of the Katzemjammer kids.
    2. The Komical Katzemjammers.
    3. The tricks of the Katzemjammer kids.

=Diver, M.=
  _Derek Blount series_:--
    1. Strange roads.
    2. The strong hours.
  _Desmond series_:--
    1. Captain Desmond, V.C.
    2. The great amulet.
    3. Candles in the wind.
    4. Desmond’s daughter.
  _Eldred Pottinger series_:--
    1. The hero of Herat.
    2. The judgment of the sword.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Lilamani.
    2. Far to seek.

=Dixon, T.=
  _American reconstruction (1865-70) series_:--
    1. The leopard’s spots.
    2. The clansman.
    3. The traitor.

=Dodge, H. I.=
    1. Skinner’s dress suit.
    2. Skinner’s baby.
    3. Skinner’s idea.
    4. Skinner makes it fashionable.

=Doke, J. J.=
    1. The Secret City.
    2. The Queen of the Secret City.

=Donovan, Dick. [J. E. P. Muddock.]=
  The detective Dick Donovan appears in most
        of the stories written by Dick Donovan.

=Douglas, A. M.=
  _Helen Grant series_:--
    1. Helen Grant’s schooldays.
    2. Helen Grant’s friends.
    3. Helen Grant at Aldred House.
    4. Helen Grant in college.
    5. Helen Grant, senior.
    6. Helen Grant, graduate.
    7. Helen Grant, teacher.
    8. Helen Grant’s decision.
    9. Helen Grant’s harvest year.
  _Kathie stories_:--
    1. Kathie’s three wishes.
    2. Kathie’s Aunt Ruth.
    3. Kathie’s summer in Cedarwood.
    4. Kathie’s soldiers.
    5. In the ranks.
    6. Kathie’s harvest days.
    7. Whom Kathie married.
  _Little girl series_:--
    1. A little girl in old New York.
    2. A little girl in old Boston.
    3. A little girl in old Philadelphia.
    4. A little girl in old Washington.
    5. A little girl in old New Orleans.
    6. A little girl in old Detroit.
    7. A little girl in old St. Louis.
    8. A little girl in old Quebec.
    9. A little girl in old Chicago.
    10. A little girl in old San Francisco.
    11. A little girl in old Baltimore.
    12. A little girl in old Salem.
    13. A little girl in old Pittsburgh.
    14. A little girl of long ago.
  _Little Red House series_:--
    1. The children in the Little Old Red House.
    2. The Red House children at Grafton.
    3. The Red House children’s vacation.
    4. The Red House children’s year.
    5. The Red House children growing up.
  _Sherburne House series_:--
    1. Sherburne House.
    2. Lyndell Sherburne.
    3. The Sherburne cousins.
    4. A Sherburne romance.
    5. The Mistress of Sherburne.
    6. Children at Sherburne House.
    7. Sherburne girls.
    8. The heir of Sherburne.
    9. A Sherburne inheritance.
    10. A Sherburne quest.
    11. Honor Sherburne.
    12. In the Sherburne line.

=Douglas, G. A. H.=
    1. Rab Hewison’s adventures.
    2. Further adventures of Rab Hewison.

=Dowd, E. C.=
    1. Polly of the Lady Gay Cottage.
    2. Polly of the hospital staff.
    3. Polly and the princess.

=Doyle, Sir A. C.=
  _English bowmen series_:--
    1. Sir Nigel.
    2. The White Company.
  _Peninsular War series_:--
    1. The exploits of Brigadier Gerard.
    2. Adventures of Gerard.
    3. The crime of the Brigadier. (A story in The green flag, etc.)
  _Professor Challenger series_:--
    1. The lost world.
    2. The poison belt.
  _Sherlock Holmes series_:--
    1. A study in scarlet.
    2. The sign of four.
    3. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
    4. The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.
        _Same as_ Last adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
    5. The hound of the Baskervilles.
    6. The return of Sherlock Holmes.
    7. The valley of fear.
    8. His last bow.
  _Note._--Gully of Bluemansdyke. _Same as_ Mysteries and adventures.

=Dreiser, T.=
    1. The genius.
    2. The Titan.
    3. The financier.

=Drummond, H.=
  _Emperor Frederick II. series_:--
    1. Greater than the greatest.
  _Religious wars in France series_:--
    1. For the religion.
    2. A man of his age.
    3. A king’s pawn.

=Drysdale, W.=
    1. The young reporter.
    2. The fast mail.
    3. The beach patrol.
    4. The young supercargo.

=Du Bois, M. C.=
    1. The lass of the silver sword.
    2. The League of the Signet-ring.

=Du Boisgobey, F.=
  The old age of Lecoq the Detective is a sequel to Gaboriau’s Lecoq series.

=Dudley, A. T.=
  _Phillips Exeter series_:--
    1. Following the ball.
    2. Making the nine.
    3. In the line.
    4. With mask and mitt.
    5. The great year.
    6. The Yale cup.
    7. A full-back afloat.
    8. The Pecks in camp.
  _Stories of the Triangular League_:--
    1. The school four.
    2. At the home plate.

=Duffield, E. M.=
    1. Lucille, the torch bearer.
    2. Lucille, bringer of joy.
    3. Lucille triumphant.
    4. Lucille on the heights.

=Dugmore, A. R.=
    1. Adventures in Beaver Stream Camp.
    2. Two boys in Beaver Land.

=Dumas, A.=
  _Romances of the reign of Henry II. (1547-60)_:--
    1. The two Dianas.
    2. Page of the Duke of Savoy.
        _Same as_ The Duke’s page.
        Published also in three parts as--
        (_a_) Leone-Leona.
        (_b_) St. Quentin.
        (_c_) Tourney, or the Rue St. Antoine.
    3. The horoscope. The brigand.
  _Valois romances (1560-89)_:--
    1. Marguerite de Valois.
    2. Chicot, the jester.
        _Same as_ Le Dame de Monsoreau.
        _Same as_ Diana of Meridor.
    3. The forty-five guardsmen. _Same as_ The forty-five.
  _d’Artagnan romances (1626-71)_:--
    1. The three musketeers. _Same as_ The three guardsmen.
    2. Twenty years after.
    3. The Vicomte de Bragelonne. _Same as_ Ten years later.

    _Notes._--Bragelonne, son of Athos, The iron mask, and
        Louise de la Vallière are reprints of portions of
        The Vicomte de Bragelonne.

      In 1853 the publication was announced of Le Maréchal
        Ferrant, in 4 vols., a sequel to the d’Artagnan cycle.
        The work was not written.

  _Regency romances (1717-29)_:--
    1. The conspirators. _Same as_ Chevalier d’Harmental.
    2. The Regent’s daughter.
    3. Olympe de Clèves.
  _Marie Antoinette romances (1770-93)_:
    1. Memoirs of a physician. _Same as_ Joseph Balsamo.
    2. The Queen’s necklace.
    3. Taking the Bastile. _Same as_ Ange Pitou. _Same as_ Six years later.
    4. Countess de Charny.
    5. Chevalier de Maison Rouge. _Same as_ The chevalier.
    6. Monsieur de Chauvelin’s will.
        The velvet necklace.
  _Napoleon romances (1793-1844)_:--
    1. The Whites and the Blues. _Two series._ _Same as_ The First Republic.
    2. The companions of Jehu. _Same_ as Roland Montrevel.
    3. La Vendée. _Same as_ She wolves of Machecoul. _Same as_ Last Vendée.
    4. The Corsican brothers.
  _Other historical romances_:--
    Agénor de Mauleon (1361).
    Ascanio (1540). _Same as_ Francis I.
    Black, the story of a dog (1814).
    The black tulip (1672-75).
    The Count of Monte Cristo (1814).
      At least two sequels have been written to this work.
    Sylvandire (1708-16).
    Tales of the Caucasus.
    The war of women (1650).
_Note._--A number of Dumas’ stories have not been translated into English.
        Hereunder a list of the sequel
        stories available only in the French text.
    1. La dame de Volupté.
    2. Les deux reines.

    1. Le San Felice.
    2. Emma Lyonna.
    3. Souvenirs d’un favorite.

    1. Les mohicans de Paris.
    2. Salvator.

    1. Le trou de l’enfer.
    2. Dieu dispose.

    1. Le docteur Mystérieux.
    2. La fille du marquis.

  _Note._--Le Capitaine Paul [Jones] is a sequel to J. F. Cooper’s The Pilot.

=Dunboyne, Lady.=
    1. Elsie’s summer at Malvern.
    2. A sunbeam’s influence.

=Duncan, N.=
    1. Adventures of Billy Topsail.
    2. Billy Topsail and Co.
    3. Doctor Luke of the Labrador.
    4. Billy Topsail, M.D.

=Dunn, B. A.=
  _Young Kentuckians series_:--
    1. General Nelson’s scout.
    2. On General Thomas’ staff.
    3. Battling for Atlanta.
    4. From Atlanta to the sea.
    5. Raiding with Morgan.
  _Young Missourians series_:--
    1. Storming Vicksburg.
    2. With Lyon in Missouri.
    3. The scout of Pea Ridge.
    4. The courier of the Ozarks.
    5. The last raid.

=Dunne, F. P.=
    1. Mr. Dooley in peace and war.
    2. Mr. Dooley in the hearts of his countrymen.
    3. Mr. Dooley’s philosophy.
    4. Mr. Dooley’s opinions.
    5. Observations by Mr. Dooley.
    6. Dissertations by Mr. Dooley.
    7. Mr. Dooley says.
    8. Mr. Dooley on making a will.

=Dunton, T. Watts-.=
    1. Aylwin.
    2. The coming of love (poetry).

=Dupuy, E. A.=
    1. The dethroned heiress.
    2. Hidden sin.

=Durham, V. C.=
    1. The submarine boys on duty.
    2. The submarine boys’ trial trip.
    3. The submarine boys and the middies.
    4. The submarine boys and the spies.
    5. The submarine boys’ lightning cruise.
    6. The submarine boys for the flag.
    7. The submarine boys and the smugglers.
    8. The submarine boys’ secret mission.

=Earl, J. P.=
    1. On the school team.
    2. The school team in camp.
    3. The captain of the school team.
    4. The school team on the diamond.

=Eaton, S.=
  _Bears series_. 7 vols.

=Eaton, W. P.=
    1. Boy scouts on the Dismal Swamp.
    2. Boy scouts on the White Mountains.
    3. Boy scouts of the Wildcat Patrol.
    4. Boy scouts of the Berkshires.
    5. Peanut Club reporter.

=Eddy, D. C.=
    1. Walter in Jerusalem.
    2. Walter in the North country.
    3. Walter in Damascus.
    4. Walter in Constantinople.
    5. Walter in Athens.
    6. Walter in Egypt.

=Eden, C. H.=
    1. At sea with Drake.
    2. Queer chums.

=Egan, P.=
    1. Life in London.
    2. Finish to the adventures of Tom, Jerry and Logic.

=Eggleston, G. C.=
  _Indian War of 1812 series_:--
    1. The big brother.
    2. Captain Sam.
    3. The signal boys.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Dorothy South.
    2. Master of Warlock.
    3. Evelyn Byrd.

=Eiloart, Mrs. E.=
    1. Ernie Elton, the lazy boy.
    2. Ernie Elton at school.
    3. Ernie Elton at home and school.

=Eldred, W. L.=
    1. The crimson ramblers.
    2. Classroom and campus.
    3. St. Dunstan boy scouts.
    4. Camp St. Dunstan.

=Elias, F.=
    1. Cricket on the brain.
    2. Cricket at the breakfast table.

=Eliot, George. [Marion Evans, afterwards Mrs. Cross.]=
  Gwendolen (anonymous author) was written as a sequel to Daniel Deronda.

=Eliot, H E.=
    1. Laura’s holidays.
    2. Laura in the mountains.

=Ellis, E. S. [H. R. Gordon.]=
  _Arizona series_:--
    1. Off the Reservation.
    2. Trailing Geronimo.
    3. The round up.
  _Automobile series_:--
    1. From low to high gear.
    2. The lost dragon.
  _Boone and Kenton series_:--
    1. Shod with silence.
    2. Phantom of the river.
    3. In the days of the pioneers.
  _Bound to win series_:--
    1. Brave Billy.
    2. Plucky Dick.
    3. Tam.
  _Boy pioneer series_:--
    1. Ned in the block house.
    2. Ned in the woods.
    3. Ned on the river.
  _Brave and honest series_:--
    1. Brave Tom.
    2. Honest Ned.
    3. Righting the wrong.
  _Colonial series_:--
    1. An American King. _Same as_ Uncrowning a King.
    2. The Cromwell of Virginia.
    3. The last emperor of the old dominion.
  _Deerfoot series_:--
    1. Hunters of the Ozark.
    2. Camp in the mountains.
    3. The last war trail.
  _Foreign adventure series_:--
    1. Lost in the forbidden land.
    2. River and jungle.
    3. The hunt of the white elephant.
  _Forest and prairie series_:--
    1. The great cattle trail.
    2. The path in the ravine.
    3. The young ranchers.
  _Great river series_:--
    1. Down the Mississippi.
    2. Up the Tapajos.
    3. Lost in the wilds.
  _Log cabin series_:--
    1. Lost trail.
    2. Camp-fire and wigwam.
    3. Footprints in the forest.
  _New Deerfoot series_:--
    1. Deerfoot in the forest.
    2. Deerfoot in the mountains.
    3. Deerfoot on the prairie.
  _Northwest series_:--
    1. A strange craft and its wonderful voyage.
    2. Cowmen and rustlers.
    3. Two boys in Wyoming.
  _Paddle your own canoe series_:--
    1. The forest messengers.
    2. The mountain star.
    3. Quest of the clouds.
  _River and wilderness series_:--
    1. The river fugitives.
    2. The wilderness fugitives.
    3. Lena Wingo, the Mohawk.
  _Strange adventure series_:--
    1. Teddy and Towser.
    2. Up the forked river.
  _Through on time series_:--
    1. Jack Midwood.
    2. The young conductor.
  _True grit series_:--
    1. Jim and Joe.
    2. Darsey, the young inventor.
    3. Secret of Coffin Island.
  _War chief series_:--
    1. Iron Hand, chief of the Iroquois.
    2. Blazing Arrow.
    3. Red Eagle.
  _Wild adventure series_:--
    1. On the trail of Geronimo.
    2. The white mustang.
  _Wild woods series_:--
    1. Through forest and fire.
    2. On the trail of the moose.
    3. Across Texas.
  _Wyoming Valley series_:--
    1. Wyoming.
    2. Storm Mountain.
    3. The cabin in the clearing.

=Ellis, E. S., and Chipman, W. P.=
  _Up and doing series_:--
    1. A hunt on snow shoes.
    2. The cruise of the Firefly.

=Ellis, K. R.=
    1. The wide awake girls.
    2. The wide awake girls in Winsted.
    3. The wide awake girls at college.

=Emerson, A. B.=
  _Betty Gordon series_:--
    1. Betty Gordon at Bramble Farm.
    2. Betty Gordon in Washington.
    3. Betty Gordon in Land of Oil.
  _Ruth Fielding series_:--
    1. Ruth Fielding at the Red Mill.
    2. Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall
    3. Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp.
    4. Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point.
    5. Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch.
    6. Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island.

=Emerson, A. B.=
  _Ruth Fielding series (continued)_:--
    7. Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm.
    8. Ruth Fielding and the gypsies.
    9. Ruth Fielding in moving pictures.
    10. Ruth Fielding down in Dixie.
    11. Ruth Fielding at college.
    12. Ruth Fielding in the saddle.
    13. Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross.
    14. Ruth Fielding at the war front.
    15. Ruth Fielding homeward bound.
    16. Ruth Fielding down East.

=Endicott, R. B.=
    1. Carolyn of the Corners.
    2. Carolyn of the sunny heart.

=Erckmann, E., and Chatrian, A.=
  _French campaigns series_:--
    1. The conscript.
    2. Waterloo.
  _Story of a peasant series_:--
    1. The States General.
    2. The country in danger.
    3. Year one of the republic.
    4. Citizen Bonaparte.

    1. Wreck.
    2. Lufness.

=Farnol, J.=
    1. Black Bartlemy’s treasure.
    2. Martin Conisby’s vengeance.

=Farrar, C. A. J.=
    1. Eastward ho!
    2. Wild woods life.
    3. Down the West Branch.
    4. Up the North Branch.

=Farrow, G. E.=
  _Panjandrum series_:--
    1. The little Panjandrum’s dods.
    2. The new Panjandrum.
  _Wallypug series_:--
    1. The Wallypug book.
    2. The Wallypug in the Moon.
    3. The Wallypug birthday book.
    4. The Wallypug in fog-land.
    5. The Wallypug in London.
    6. Adventures in Wallypug-land.
    7. The Wallypug of Why.
    8. All about Wallypug.
    9. Wallypug tales.
    10. Wallypug at play.
    11. In search of the Wallypug.

=Ferber, E.=
    1. Roast beef, medium.
    2. Personality plus.
    3. Emma McChesney and Co.

=Fetterless, A.=
    1. Gog.
    2. Battle days.

=Finley, M.=
  _Elsie books_:--
    1. Elsie Dinsmore.
    2. Elsie’s holidays at Roselands.
    3. Elsie’s girlhood.
    4. Elsie’s womanhood.
    5. Elsie’s motherhood.
    6. Elsie’s children.
    7. Elsie’s widowhood.
    8. Elsie’s new relations.
    9. Elsie at Nantucket.
    10. The two Elsies.
    11. Elsie’s kith and kin.
    12. Elsie’s friends at Woodburn.
    13. Christmas with Grandma Elsie.
    14. Elsie and the Raymonds.
    15. Elsie yachting.
    16. Elsie’s vacation.
    17. Elsie at Viamede.
    18. Elsie at Ion.
    19. Elsie at the World’s Fair.
    20. Elsie’s journey on inland waters.
    21. Elsie at home.
    22. Elsie on the Hudson.
    23. Elsie in the South.
    24. Elsie’s young folks.
    25. Elsie’s winter trip.
    26. Elsie and her loved ones.
    27. Elsie and her namesakes.
  _Mildred series_:--
    1. Mildred Keith.
    2. Mildred at Roselands.
    3. Mildred and Elsie.
    4. Mildred’s married life.
    5. Mildred at home.
    6. Mildred’s boys and girls.
    7. Mildred’s new daughters.
  _Another series_:--
    1. An old-fashioned boy.
    2. Our Fred.

=Finn, Mrs. E. A. M.=
    1. Home in the Holy Land.
    2. A third year in Jerusalem.

=Finnemore, J.=
    1. His first term.
    2. Teddy Lester’s chums.
    3. Teddy Lester’s schooldays.
    4. Teddy Lester, captain of cricket.

=Fish, A. H.=
    1. The Eve book.
    2. The new Eve.
    3. The third Eve book.

=Fitch, G. H.=
    1. At good old Siwash.
    2. Patey Simmons at Siwash.

=Fitzgerald, P.=
    1. Bella Donna.
    2. Jenny Bell.
    3. Seventy-five Brooke Street.

=Fitzhugh, P. K.=
  _Boy scout series_:--
    1. Along the Mohawk trail.
    2. For Uncle Sam, boss.
    3. In the path of La Salle.
  _Boy Blakely series_:--
    1. Roy Blakely: his book.
    2. Roy Blakely’s adventures in camp.
    3. Roy Blakely’s pathfinder.
    4. Roy Blakely at winter camp.
    5. Roy Blakely’s Silver Fox patrol.
  _Tom Slade series_:--
    1. Tom Slade, boy scout of the moving pictures.
    2. Tom Slade at Temple Camp.
    3. Tom Slade on the river.
    4. Tom Slade with the colors.
    5. Tom Slade on a transport.
    6. Tom Slade with the boys over there.
    7. Tom Slade, motorcycle dispatch bearer.
    8. Tom Slade with the Flying Corps.
    9. Tom Slade at Back Lake.

=Fletcher, J. S.=
    1. Owd Poskitt.
    2. Mr. Poskitt.
    3. Mr. Poskitt’s nightcaps.

=Fogazzaro, A.=
  _Trilogy of Rome_:--
    1. The patriot.
    2. The sinner. _Same as_ The man of the world.
    3. The saint.
  _Note._--Leila is a companion volume to The Saint.

=Ford, S.=
  _Shorty McCabe series_:--
    1. Shorty McCabe.
    2. Shorty McCabe on the job.
    3. Odd numbers.
    4. Meet ’em with Shorty McCabe.
  _Torchy series_:--
    1. Torchy.
    2. Trying out Torchy.
    3. On with Torchy.
    4. Torchy, private sec.
    5. Wilt thou, Torchy.
    6. The house of Torchy.

=Ford, S.=
  _Torchy series (continued)_:--
    7. Torchy as a pa.
    8. Torchy and Vee.

=Forester, D. J.=
    1. The bungalow boys.
    2. The bungalow boys marooned in the Tropics.
    3. The bungalow boys in the Great Northwest.
    4. The bungalow boys on the Great Lakes.
    5. The bungalow boys along the Yukon.
    6. The bungalow boys north of 53.

=Forrester, I. L.=
    1. The Polly Page Yacht Club.
    2. The Polly Page Ranch Club.
    3. The Polly Page Motor Club.
    4. The Polly Page Camping Club.

=Foster, E. A.=
    1. Hortense.
    2. Cordelia’s pathway out.

=Foster, E. F.=
    1. Mary’n’ Mary.
    2. Marigold.
    3. Marigold’s winter.

=Foster, W. B.=
    1. Swept out to sea.
    2. The frozen ship.
    3. From sea to sea.
    4. The sea express.

=Fowler, E. T. [Mrs. A. L. Felkin.]=
    1. Concerning Isabel Carnaby.
    2. In subjection.
    3. Ten degrees backward.

=Fowler, J. G.=
  _High School girls series_:--
    1. Grace Harlowe’s plebe year at High School.
    2. Grace Harlowe’s sophomore year at High School.
    3. Grace Harlowe’s junior year at High School.
    4. Grace Harlowe’s senior year at High School.
  _College girls series_:--
    1. Grace Harlowe’s first year at Overton College.
    2. Grace Harlowe’s second year at Overton College.
    3. Grace Harlowe’s third year at Overton College.
    4. Grace Harlowe’s fourth year at Overton College.

=Fowler, J. G.=
  _College girls series (continued)_:--
    5. Grace Harlowe’s return to Overton College.
    6. Grace Harlowe’s problem.
    7. Grace Harlowe’s golden summer.
  _Grace Harlowe’s travel series_:--
    1. Grace Harlowe overseas.
    2. Grace Harlowe with the Red Cross in France.
    3. Grace Harlowe with the marines at Chateau Thierry.
    4. Grace Harlowe with the U.S. troops in the Argonne.
    5. Grace Harlowe with the Yankee shock boys at St. Quentin.
    6. Grace Harlowe with the American Army on the Rhine.
    7. Grace Harlowe’s overland riders on the old Apache Trail.
    8. Grace Harlowe’s overland riders on the Great American Desert.
    9. Grace Harlowe’s overland riders among the Kentucky Mountains.

=Fox, F. M.=
  _Cosy corner series_:--
    1. The country Christmas.
    2. How Christmas came to the Mulvaneys.
  _Little Bear series_:--
    1. The adventures of Sonny Bear.
    2. The doings of Little Bear.
    3. Little Bear at work and play.

=France, A. [J. A. Thibault.]=
  _Abbé Coignard series_:--
    1. At the sign of the Reine Pédauque.
    2. The opinions of Jerome Coignard.
    3. The merrie tales of Jacques Tournebroche.
  _Contemporary history series_:--
    1. The wicker-work woman.
    2. The elm tree on the Mall.
    3. The amethyst ring.
    4. M. Bergeret in Paris.
  _Pierre Nozière series_:--
    1. My friend’s book.
    2. Pierre Nozière.
    3. Little Pierre.

=Franklin, G.=
    1. A naval digression.
    2. Another naval digression.

=Frederic, H.=
    1. Seth’s brother’s wife.
    2. The Lawton girl.

=Freehoff, W. A.=
    1. The young farmer.
    2. The young farmer at college.

=Freeman, R. A.=
    1. The red thumb mark.
    2. John Thorndyke’s cases.
    3. The eye of Osiris.
    4. The singing bone.
    5. The mystery of 31 New Inn.
    6. A silent witness.
    7. The great portrait mystery.
    8. Helen Vardon’s confession.

=Frees, H. W.=
    1. The Sandman: his puppy stories.
    2. The Sandman: his animal stories.
    3. The Sandman: his bunny stories.
    4. The Sandman: his kittycat stories.

=French, Mrs. Anne.=
    1. Susan Clegg and her friend Mrs. Lathrop.
    2. Susan Clegg and her neighbours’ affairs.

=Frith, H.=
    1. Captains of cadets.
    2. The log of the Bombastes.

=Fuller, A.=
    1. Pratt portraits.
    2. Later Pratt portraits.

=“G.G.” [H. G. Harper.]=
    1. Sporting stories and sketches.
    2. New sporting stories.

=Gaboriau, E.=
  _Lecoq series_:--
    1. Monsieur Lecoq. _Same as_ Lecoq, the detective.
    2. The honour of the name.
    (3. The old age of Lecoq, the detective; by F. du Boisgobey).
  _Another series_:--
    1. The Count’s millions.
    2. Baron Trigault’s vengeance.

=Gale, Z.=
    1. Friendship village.
    2. Friendship village love stories.
    3. Mothers to men.

=Gall, A. C.=
  _Mother McGrew books_ (small in size) 10 vols.

=Galsworthy, J.=
  _The Forsyte saga_:--
    1. The man of property.
    2. Indian summer of a Forsyte. In the volume entitled Five tales.

=Galsworthy, J.=
  _The Forsyte saga (continued)_:--
    3. In chancery.
    4. Awakening.
    5. To let.
    6. The salvation of a Forsyte.
        In the volume entitled Villa
        Rubein and other stories.

=Garis, H. R.=
  _Bed time stories._ 24 vols.
  _Daddy series._ 10 vols.
  _Newspaper series_:--
    1. From office boy to reporter.
    2. Larry Dexter, reporter.
  _Young reporter series_:--
    1. The young reporter at the Big Flood.
    2. The young reporter and the land swindler.
    3. The young reporter and the missing millionaire.
    4. The young reporter and the bank mystery.
    5. The young reporter and the stolen boy.
    6. The young reporter at the battlefront.

=Garrison, F.=
    1. Off for West Point.
    2. A cadet’s honour.
    3. On guard.
    4. The West Point treasure.
    5. The West Point rivals.

=Garstin, C.=
    1. The mud larks.
    2. The mud larks again.

=Gates, J. S.=
  _The live dolls series._ 11 vols.

=Gaunt, M., and J. R. Essex.=
  _Dr. Craven series_:--
    1. The arm of the leopard.
    2. The silent ones.

=Gibbons, M. S.=
    1. “We donkeys” in Devon.
    2. “We donkeys” on Dartmoor.

=Gilbert, E. L.=
    1. The frolicsome four.
    2. The making of Meenie.

=Gilchrist, B. B.=
    1. Helen over-the-wall.
    2. Helen and the uninvited guests.
    3. Helen and the Find-out Club.
    4. Helen and the fifth cousins.

=Gilliat, E.=
    1. In Lincoln green.
    2. Wolf’s Head.

=Gillmore, I. H. [I. H. G. Irwin.]=
    1. Phœbe and Ernest.
    2. Phœbe, Ernest and Cupid.
    3. The happy years.

=Gilson, C.=
    1. Submarine U93.
    2. The mystery of Ah Jim.
    3. The fire gods.
    4. In the power of the Pygmies.

=Ginther, P.=
  _Beth Anne series_:--
    1. Beth Anne.
    2. Beth Anne herself.
    3. Beth Anne’s new cousin.
  _Miss Pat series_:--
    1. Miss Pat and her sisters.
    2. Miss Pat at school.
    3. Miss Pat in the old World.
    4. Miss Pat and Company, Limited.
    5. Miss Pat’s holidays at Greycroft.
    6. Miss Pat at Artemis Lodge.
    7. Miss Pat’s problem.
    8. Miss Pat in Buenos Ayres.
    9. Miss Pat’s career.
    10. Miss Pat’s great idea.

=Glass, M.=
    1. Potash and Perlmutter.
    2. Abe and Mawruss.

=Glyn, E. [Mrs. Clayton Glyn.]=
  _Elizabeth series_:--
    1. The visits of Elizabeth.
    2. Elizabeth visits America.

=Godfrey, H.=
    1. Jack Collerton’s engine.
    2. Dave Morrell’s battery.

=Goethe, J. W. von.=
    1. Wilhelm Meister’s apprenticeship.
    2. Wilhelm Meister’s travels.

=Gordon, E.=
  _Dolly and Molly series_:--
    1. Dolly and Molly and the farmer man.
    2. Dolly and Molly at the circus.
    3. Dolly and Molly at the seashore.
    4. Dolly and Molly on Christmas Day.
  _Loraine series_:--
    1. Loraine and the little people.
    2. Loraine and the little people of Spring.
    3. Loraine and the little people of Summer.

=Gore, Mrs. C. G.=
    1. Cecil, or the adventures of a coxcomb.
    2. Cecil, a peer.

=Gould, E. L.=
  _Admiral stories_:--
    1. The Admiral’s granddaughter.
    2. The Admiral’s little housekeeper.
    3. The Admiral’s little secretary.
    4. The Admiral’s little companion.
  _Felicia series_:--
    1. Felicia.
    2. Felicia’s friends.
    3. Felicia’s visits.
    4. Felicia’s folks.
  _Polly Prentiss series_:--
    1. Little Polly Prentiss.
    2. Polly Prentiss goes to school.
    3. Polly Prentiss goes visiting.
    4. Polly Prentiss keeps a promise.

=Goulding, F. R.=
  _Marooners series_:--
    1. The young marooners.
    2. Marooners Island.
  _Woodruff stories_:--
    1. Sapelo.
    2. Nacoochee.
    3. Sal-o-quah.

=Grahame, K.=
    1. The golden age.
    2. Dream days.

=Grand, S. [Mrs. F. (Clarke) MacFall.]=
  _Adnam Pratt series_:--
    1. Adnam’s orchard.
    2. The winged victory.
  _Heavenly twins series_:--
    1. Ideala.
    2. The heavenly twins.

=Grant, R.=
    1. Jack Hall.
    2. Jack in the bush.

=Gras, F.=
  _French Revolution series_:--
    1. The Reds of the Midi.
    2. The Terror.
    3. The White Terror.

=Gray, V. G.=
    1. Margery Morris.
    2. Margery Morris and Plain Jane.

=Gray, W. T.=
    1. The bad boy’s diary.
    2. The bad boy abroad.

=Grayson, D. [Rev. S. Baker.]=
    1. Great possessions.
    2. Hempfield.
    3. Adventures in friendship.

=Green, E. Everett-.=
    1. The Castle of the White Flag.
    2. Ringed by fire.

=Green, E. Everett-= (_continued_).
    1. Dickie and Dorrie.
    2. Dickie and Dorrie at school.

    1. Dulcie’s little brother.
    2. Dulcie and Tottie.
    3. Dulcie’s love story.

    1. Maud Kingslake’s collect.
    2. Cuthbert Coningsby.

    1. Tom Tufton’s travels.
    2. Tom Tufton’s toll.

=Greenwell, D.=
    1. Two friends.
    2. Colloquia Crucis.

=Gregor, E. R.=
    1. Camping in the winter woods.
    2. Camping on western trails.

=Grenfell, W. T.=
    1. Down North on the Labrador.
    2. Tales of the Labrador.
    3. Labrador days.

=Grey, Z.=
  _Border series_:--
    1. The last trail.
    2. The spirit of the border.
  _Ken Ward series_:--
    1. The young forester.
    2. The young pitcher.
    3. The young line hunter.
    4. Ken Ward in the jungle.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Riders of the purple sage.
    2. The Rainbow Trail.

=Grier, S. C. [Miss Hilda Gregg.]=
  _Balkan books. First series_:--
    1. An uncrowned king.
    2. A crowned queen.
    3. The kings of the East.
    4. The prince of the captivity.
  _Balkan books. Second series_:--
    1. The heir.
    2. The heritage.
    3. The prize.
  _Century series_:--
    1. A young man married.
    2. The path to honour.
    3. The keepers of the gate.
    4. Writ in water.
    5. England hath need of thee.
    6. The power of the keys.
  _Indian historical series_:--
    1. In Furthest Ind.
    2. Like another Helen.
    3. The great proconsul.
  _Island series_:--
    1. The rearguard.
    2. The kingdom of waste lands.

=Grier, S. C. [Miss Hilda Gregg.]= (_contd._).
  _Modern East series_:--
    1. The advanced-guard.
    2. His Excellency’s English governess.
    3. Peace with honour.
    4. The Warden of the Marches.
  _Princess series_:--
    1. A royal tragedy.
    2. The Princess’s tragedy.

=Griffith, G.=
    1. The angel of the revolution.
    2. Olga Romanoff.

=Grinnell, G. B.=
    1. Jack, the young ranchman.
    2. Jack, the young explorer.
    3. Jack, the young trapper.
    4. Jack, the young canoeman.
    5. Jack among the Indians.
    6. Jack in the Rockies.
    7. Jack, the young cowboy.

=Griswold, L.=
    1. Deering of Deal.
    2. The winds of Deal.
    3. Deal Woods.
    4. Deering at Princeton.

=Gunter, A. C.=
    1. Dr. Burton.
    2. Dr. Burton’s success.

    1. Mr. Barnes of New York.
    2. Mr. Barnes, American. _Same as_ The shadow of a vendetta.

    1. A princess of Paris.
    2. The King’s stockbroker.

    1. Susan Turnbull.
    2. Ballyho Bey.

=Habberton, J.=
    1. Helen’s babies.
    2. Other people’s children.

=Haggard, Sir H. R.=
    _Nada the Lily group_:--
      1. Nada the Lily.
      2. Marie.
      3. Child of Storm.
      4. Finished.
    _Holy Flower group_:--
      1. The Holy Flower.
      2. The Ivory Child.
      3. The Ancient Allan.
    _King Solomon’s Mines group_:--
      1. King Solomon’s mines.
      2. Allan Quatermain.
      3. Allan’s wife; and other tales.
      4. Maiwa’s revenge.
    _She group_:--
      1. She and Allan.
      2. She.
      3. Ayesha.
  The following is the chronological order:--
    1. Nada the Lily.
    2. Marie.
    3. Allan’s wife.
    4. Maiwa’s revenge.
    5. Child of Storm.
    6. The Holy Flower.
    7. She and Allan.
    8. The Ivory Child.
    9. Finished.
    10. King Solomon’s mines.
    11. The Ancient Allan.
    12. Allan Quatermain.
    13. She.
    14. Ayesha.

=Haines, A. C.=
  According to grandma. Also published in two parts as:--
    1. When grandma was little.
    2. What grandma says.

    1. Luck of the Dudley Grahams.
    2. Cock-a-doodle hill.

=Hale, E. E., and S.=
    1. A family flight around home.
    2. A family flight over Egypt and Syria.
    3. A family flight through France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland.
    4. A family flight through Mexico.
    5. A family flight through Spain.

=Hale, H.=
    1. Jack Race at boarding school.
    2. Jack Race’s baseball nine.
    3. Jack Race, speed king.
    4. Jack Race, air scout.
    5. Jack Race on the ranch.

=Hale, L. P.=
    1. Peterkin papers.
    2. Adventures of the Peterkin family.
    3. Last of the Peterkins with others of their kin.

=Hales, A. G.=
    1. McGlusky.
    2. McGlusky, the reformer.
    3. The career of McGlusky.
    4. McGlusky, the goldseeker.
    5. Ginger and McGlusky.
    6. McGlusky’s great adventure.
    7. President McGlusky.
    8. The adventures of Signor McGlusky.

=Haliburton, T. C.=
    1. Sam Slick, the clockmaker.
    2. Sam Slick’s wise saws.

=Hall, E. C. [Mrs. E. C. Obenchain.]=
    1. Aunt Jane of Kentucky.
    2. The land of long ago.
    3. Clover and blue grass.

=Hamilton, C.=
    1. Brummell.
    2. Brummell again.

=Hamilton, Lord F.=
    1. The holiday adventures of Mr. P. J. Davenant.
    2. Some further adventures of Mr. P. J. Davenant.
    3. The education of Mr. P. J. Davenant.
    4. The beginnings of Mr. P. J. Davenant.

=Hamlin, Mrs. M. S.=
    1. Nan at Camp Chicopee.
    2. Nan in the city.
    3. Nan’s Chicopee children.

=Hammond, H.=
    1. Pinkey Perkins: just a boy.
    2. Further adventures of Pinkey Perkins.
    3. The Lakerim cruise.

=Hammond, W. A.=
    1. Lal.
    2. A strong-minded woman.

=Hancock, H. I.=
  _Annapolis series_:--
    1. Dave Darring’s first year at Annapolis.
    2. Dave Darring’s second year at Annapolis.
    3. Dave Darring’s third year at Annapolis.
    4. Dave Darring’s fourth year at Annapolis.
  _Boys of the army series_:--
    1. Uncle Sam’s boys in the ranks.
    2. Uncle Sam’s boys on field duty.
    3. Uncle Sam’s boys as sergeants.
    4. Uncle Sam’s boys in the Philippines.
    5. Uncle Sam’s boys on their mettle.
    6. Uncle Sam’s boys as lieutenants.

=Hancock, H. I.=
  _Boys of the army series (continued)_:--
    7. Uncle Sam’s boys with Pershing.
    8. Uncle Sam’s boys in the great Spring drive.
  _Grammar School boys series_:--
    1. The Grammar School boys of Gridley.
    2. The Grammar School boys snowbound.
    3. The Grammar School boys in the woods.
    4. The Grammar School boys in summer athletics.
  _High School boys series_:--
    1. The High School freshmen.
    2. The High School pitcher.
    3. The High School left end.
    4. The High School captain of the team.
  _High School vacation series_:--
    1. The High School boys’ Canoe Club.
    2. The High School boys in summer camp.
    3. The High School boys’ fishing trip.
    4. The High School boys’ training hike.
  _Motor Boat Club series_:--
    1. The Motor Boat Club of the Kennebec.
    2. The Motor Boat Club at Nantucket.
    3. The Motor Boat Club off Long Island.
    4. The Motor Boat Club and the wireless.
    5. The Motor Boat Club in Florida.
    6. The Motor Boat Club at the Golden Gate.
    7. The Motor Boat Club on the Great Lakes.
  _Square dollar boys series_:--
    1. The square dollar boys wake up.
    2. The square dollar boys smash the ring.
  _West Point series_:--
    1. Dick Prescott’s first year at West Point.
    2. Dick Prescott’s second year at West Point.
    3. Dick Prescott’s third year at West Point.
    4. Dick Prescott’s fourth year at West Point.
  _Young engineer series_:--
    1. The young engineers in Colorado.
    2. The young engineers in Arizona.
    3. The young engineers in Nevada.
    4. The young engineers in Mexico.

=Hanshew, T.=
    1. Cleek, the man of forty faces.
    2. Cleek of Scotland Yard.
    3. Cleek, the master detective.
    4. Cleek’s greatest riddles. _Same as_ Cleek’s government cases.
    5. The riddle of the night.
    6. The riddle of the Purple Emperor; by T. and M. E. Hanshew.
    7. The frozen flames; by T. and M. E. Hanshew.
    8. The mysterious light. _Same as_ The riddle
        of the mysterious light; by T. and M. E. Hanshew.

=Harben, W. N.=
    1. Abner Daniel.
    2. Gilbert Neal.
    3. The Georgians.

=Hardy, T.=
  The Wessex novels may be classified as follows:--
  _Novels of character and environment_:
    1. Tess of the D’Urbervilles.
    2. Far from the madding crowd.
    3. Jude, the obscure.
    4. The return of the native.
    5. The Mayor of Casterbridge.
    6. The Woodlanders.
    7. Under the greenwood tree.
    8. Life’s little ironies.
    9. Wessex tales.
  _Romances and fantasies_:--
    1. A pair of blue eyes.
    2. The trumpet-major.
    3. Two on a tower.
    4. The well beloved.
    5. A group of noble dames.
  _Novels of ingenuity_:--
    1. Desperate remedies.
    2. The hand of Ethelberta.
    3. A Laodicean.
  _Mixed novels_:--
    A changed man. The waiting supper; and other tales.

=Hare, T. T.=
    1. Making the freshman team.
    2. A sophomore half-back.
    3. A senior quarter-back.
    4. A junior in the line.
    5. A graduate coach.

=Harker, Mrs. L. A.=
  _Mr. Wycherley series_:--
    1. Miss Esperance and Mr. Wycherley.
    2. Mr. Wycherley’s wards.
    3. Montagu Wycherley. _Same as_ His first leave.
    4. Allegra.
  _Another series_:--
    1. A romance of the nursery.
    2. Concerning Paul and Fiammetta.

=Harriman, K, E.=
    1. The girl out there.
    2. The girl and the deal.

=Harris, C.=
    1. A circus rider’s wife.
    2. My son.

=Harris, J. C.=
  _Aaron series_:--
    1. The story of Aaron.
    2. Aaron in the woods.
  _Uncle Remus stories_:--
    1. Uncle Remus.
    2. Nights with Uncle Remus.
    3. Uncle Remus and his friends.
    4. Daddy Jake.
    5. Uncle Remus: his songs and sayings.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Little Mr. Thimblefinger.
    2. Mr. Rabbit at home.

=Harry, M.=
    1. The conquest of Jerusalem.
    2. The little daughter of Jerusalem.

=Harte, B.=
  _Jack Hamlin series_ (order uncertain):
    1. Barker’s luck.
    2. Clarence.
    3. Mr. Jack Hamlin’s mediation.
    4. A protégée of Jack Hamlin’s, etc.
    5. Susy.
    6. Three partners.
    7. Trent’s trust.
    8. A waif of the Plains.

=Haverfield, E. L.=
    1. Our vow.
    2. Blind loyalty.

=Hawkins, C. J.=
    1. Ned Brewster’s year in the big woods.
    2. Ned Brewster’s bear hunt.

=Hawley, M. C.=
  _Four little blossoms series._ 3 vols.

=Hawthorne, N.=
    1. A wonder book for boys and girls.
    2. Tanglewood tales.

=Hawthorne, N.= (_continued_).
    1. Twice-told tales.
    2. Mosses from an old manse.
    3. The snow image and other twice-told tales.

=Hayes, F. W.=
    1. A Kent squire.
    2. Gwynett of Thornhaugh.
    3. The shadow of a throne.

=Heilgers, L.=
    1. Tabloid tales.
    2. More tabloid tales.

=Hendryx, J. B.=
    1. Connie Morgan in Alaska.
    2. Connie Morgan with the Mounted.
    3. Connie Morgan in the lumber camps.
    4. Connie Morgan in the fur country.

=Henry, O. [S. Porter.]=
  In _Waifs and strays_ is a complete index
        to the author’s stories giving the
        volumes in which they are to be found.

=Henty, G. A.=
  _Dutch Republic series_:--
    1. By pike and dyke.
    2. By England’s aid.
  _Peninsular War series_:--
    1. With Moore at Corunna.
    2. Under Wellington’s command.
  _Thirty Years’ War series_:--
    1. The Lion of the North.
    2. Won by the sword.

=Hentz, Mrs. C. L. W.=
    1. Linda.
    2. Robert Graham.

=Hepworth, G. H.=
    1. Hiram Golf’s religion.
    2. They met in Heaven.

=Hewlett, M.=
  _Sagas retold series_:--
    1. A lover’s tale.
    2. Frey and his wife.
    3. Thorgils of Treadholt.
    4. Gudrid the Fair.
    5. The outlaw.
    6. The light heart.
  _Sanchia and Senhouse series_:--
    1. Open country.
    2. Halfway House.
    3. Best harrow.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Mrs. Lancelot.
    2. Bendish.

=Heyliger, W.=
  _Don Strong series_:--
    1. Don Strong of the Wolf Patrol.
    2. Don Strong, patrol leader.
    3. Don Strong, American.
  _High Benton series_:--
    1. High Benton.
    2. High Benton, worker.
  _School team series_:--
    1. Bartley, freshman pitcher.
    2. Bucking the line.
    3. The captain of the nine.
    4. Strike three!

=Hichens, R. S.=
    1. The call of the blood.
    2. A spirit in prison.

=Hickson, Mrs. M.=
    1. Concerning Teddy.
    2. Chronicles of Teddy’s village.

=Higgins, A. C.=
  _Little princess stories._ 4 vols.

=Hill, G. B.=
    1. The Corner House girls.
    2. The Corner House girls at school.
    3. The Corner House girls under canvas.
    4. The Corner House girls in a play.
    5. The Corner House girls’ odd find.

=Hillyard, M. D.=
    1. Peggy’s Giant.
    2. Peggy and the Giant’s aunt.

=Hine, M. [Mrs. Coxon.]=
    1. Half in earnest.
    2. April Panhassard.

=Hinkle, T.=
    1. Doctor Rabbit and Ki-Yi Coyote.
    2. Doctor Rabbit and Tom Wildcat.
    3. Doctor Rabbit and Bushtail the Fox.
    4. Doctor Rabbit and Grumpy Bear.
    5. Doctor Rabbit and Old Bill Horned Owl.
    6. Doctor Rabbit and Slinky the Black Wolf.

=Hobbes, J. O. [Mrs. P. M. T. Craigie.]=
    1. The school for saints.
    2. Robert Orange.

=Hocking, J.=
  _The Great War (French Front) series_:
    1. All for a scrap of paper.
    2. Dearer than life.
    3. The curtain of fire.
  _The Great War (Greek Front) series_: [:--for continuity?]
    1. Tommy.
    2. Tommy and the Maid of Athens.
    3. The price of a throne.
  _Historical novels on religious movements_:--
    1. The sword of the Lord.
    2. A flame of fire.
    3. Lest we forget.
    4. Follow the gleam.
    5. The coming of the King.
    6. The chariots of the Lord.
  _Religious questions series_:--
    1. The scarlet woman.
    2. The purple robe.
    3. The woman of Babylon.
    4. The soul of Dominic Wildthorne.

=Hodgson, W. H.=
    1. The boats of the Glen Carrig.
    2. The house on the borderland.
    3. The ghost pirates.

=Hogue, O.=
    1. Love letters of an Anzac.
    2. Trooper Bluegum at the Dardanelles.
    3. The Cameliers.

=Holland, C.=
    1. My Japanese wife.
    2. Mousmé.

=Holland, R. S.=
    1. Boy scouts of Birch Bark Island.
    2. Boy scouts of Snow Shoe Lodge.

=Holly, M.=
    1. Samantha among the brethren.
    2. Samantha among the coloured folk.
    3. Samantha at Saratoga.
    4. Samantha at the World’s Fair.
    5. Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition.
    6. Samantha in Europe.
    7. Samantha at Coney Island.
    8. Samantha on the woman question.
    9. Josiah Allen’s wife as a P.A.
        and P.I. _Same as_ Samantha at the Centennial.
    10. Josiah’s alarm and Abel Perry’s funeral.
    11. Josiah Allen’s wife.
    12. Around the World with Josiah Allen’s Wife.

=Holmes, M. J.=
    1. Mildred.
    2. Mildred’s ambition.

=Holmes, O. W.=
    1. Elsie Venner.
    2. The guardian angel.

=Holmes, R.=
    1. Walter Greenway, spy.
    2. Walter Greenway, spy and hero.

=Holt, E. S., afterwards Mrs. Avery.=
  _Margery series_:--
    1. Mistress Margery.
    2. Margery’s son.
  _Another series_:--
    1. In all times of our tribulation.
    2. In convent walls.

=Hook, T.=
    1. Gilbert Gurney.
    2. Gurney married.

=Hoover, B. R.=
    1. Pa Flickinger’s folks.
    2. Opal.

=Hope, A. [Sir A. H. Hawkins.]=
    1. The prisoner of Zenda.
    2. Rupert of Hentzau.
    3. Sophy of Kravonia.

=Hope, A. J. B.=
    1. Strictly tied up.
    2. The Brandreths.

=Hope, L. L.=
  _Bobbsey twins series._ 13 vols.
  _Bunny Brown series._ 10 vols.
  _Make believe stories._ 7 vols.
  _Moving picture girls series._ 7 vols.
  _Outdoor girls series._ 10 vols.
  _Six little Bunkers series._ 6 vols.

=Hopkins, W. J.=
  _Sandman stories_:--
    1. The sandman: his farm stories.
    2. The sandman: more farm stories
    3. The sandman: his ship stories.
    4. The sandman: his sea stories.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The clammer.
    2. The meddlings of Eve.
    3. The clammer and the submarine.

=Hornibrook, I.=
  1. Drake of Troop One.
  2. Scout Drake in war time.
  3. Coxwain Drake of the seascouts.

=Hornung, E. W.=
  1. Raffles, the amateur cracksman. Originally
        published separately as
        “The amateur cracksman,”
        and “The black mask.”
  2. A thief in the night.
  3. Mr. Justice Raffles.

=Horrabin, J. F.=
    1. Some adventures of the Noah family.
    2. The Noahs on holiday--with Japhet.

=Hough, E.=
    1. The young Alaskans.
    2. The young Alaskans in the far North.
    3. The young Alaskans on the trail.
    4. The young Alaskans in the Rockies.

=Housman, L.=
    1. John of Jingalo.
    2. The royal runaway and Jingalo in revolution.

=Houston, E. J.=
    1. Five months on a derelict.
    2. Wrecked on a coral island.
    3. In captivity in the Pacific.
    4. At school in the Cannibal Islands.

=Howard, F. M.=
    1. Happy rascals.
    2. The little shop in Fore Street.

=Howard, K. [J. K. Bell.]=
    1. The Smiths of Surbiton.
    2. The Smiths of Valley View.
    3. The Smiths in war-time.

=Howells, W. D.=
    1. Annie Kilburn.
    2. The quality of mercy.

    1. Their wedding journey.
    2. Their silver wedding journey.

    1. A traveller from Alturial.
    2. Through the eye of the needle.

=Hubbard, K.=
    1. Abe Martin.
    2. The Abe Martin almanac.

=Hueffer, F. M.=
    1. The fifth queen.
    2. Privy Seal.
    3. The fifth queen crowned.

=Hueston, E.=
    1. Prudence of the Parsonage.
    2. Prudence says so.

=Hughes, R.=
    1. The dozen from Lakerim.
    2. The Lakerim Athletic Club.

    1. Miss 318.
    2. Miss 318 and Mr. 37.

=Hughes, T.=
    1. Tom Brown’s schooldays.
    2. Tom Brown at Oxford.

=Hugo, V.=
  Les misérables. Also published separately as:--
    1. Fantine.
    2. Cosette and Marius.
    3. Rue Plumet.
    4. Jean Valjean.
  _Note._--Les misérables, Toilers of the sea,
        and Notre Dame are said to form a trilogy.

=Hume, F.=
    1. Madam Midas.
    2. Miss Mephistopheles.

=Hunt, V.=
    1. Their lives.
    2. Their hearts.

=Hunting, G.=
    1. Sandsy’s pal.
    2. Sandsy himself.

=Hutten, Baroness von.=
    1. Pam.
    2. What became of Pam. _Same as_ Pam decides.

    1. The halo.
    2. Kingsmead.

=Huysmans, J. K.=
    1. Là Bas.
    2. En route.
    3. The cathedral.
    4. L’oblat.

=Hyne, C. J. C.=
    1. The marriage of Kettle.
    2. The little red captain. _Same as_ Honour of thieves.
    3. The Paradise coal-boat.
    4. Adventures of Captain Kettle.
    5. Further adventures of Captain Kettle.
    6. Mr. Horrocks, purser.
    7. Captain Kettle, K.C.B.
    8. McTodd.
    9. Kate Meredith.
    10. The escape agents.
    11. Red herrings.
    12. Firemen hot.
    13. Captain Kettle on the war-path.
    14. Captain Kettle’s bit.

=Ibsen, H.=
  Mrs. E. D. Cheney’s Nora’s return is a sequel to Ibsen’s The doll’s house.

=Inglelow, J.=
    1. Off the Skelligs.
    2. Fated to be free.

=Irvine, A.=
    1. My lady of the chimney corner.
    2. The souls of poor folk.

=Jacberns, R.=
    1. Becky Compton, ex dux.
    2. An uncomfortable term.
    3. Schoolgirls battlefield.

=Jackson, F. G.=
    1. Wee Winkles and Wideawake.
    2. Wee Winkles and Snowball.
    3. Wee Winkles and her friends.

=Jackson, Mrs. G. E. S.=
    1. Little Miss Cricket.
    2. Little Miss Cricket’s new home.
    3. Little Miss Cricket at school.

    1. Peggy Stewart at home.
    2. Peggy Stewart at school.

    1. Three Graces.
    2. Three Graces at college.

    1. Three little women.
    2. Three little women at work.
    3. Three little women’s success.
    4. Three little women as wives.

=Jacobs, C. E.=
  _Blue Bonnet series_:--
    1. A Texas Blue Bonnet.
    2. Blue Bonnet’s ranch party.
    3. Blue Bonnet in Boston.
    4. Blue Bonnet keeps house.
    5. Blue Bonnet, debutante.
    6. Blue Bonnet of the Seven Stars.
  _Joan series_:--
    1. Joan of Juniper Inn.
    2. Joan’s jolly vacation.

=Jacobs, J.=
    1. Celtic fairy tales.
    2. More Celtic fairy tales.

    1. English fairy tales.
    2. More English fairy tales.

=James, C. T. C.=
    1. Holy wedlock.
    2. Mrs. Grundy at home.

=James, G. P. R.=
    1. Henry Masterton.
    2. John Marston Hall.

=James, H.=
    1. Roderick Hudson.
    2. The Princess Casamassima.

=James, M. [Mrs. M. C. M. Doyle.]=
    1. Jimmie Suter.
    2. The boys of Pigeon Camp.
    3. The hero of Pigeon Camp.

=James, M. R.=
    1. Ghost stories of an antiquary.
    2. More ghost stories of an antiquary.
    3. A thin ghost and others.

=Jameson, E. M.=
    1. The Pendletons.
    2. The Pendleton twins.
    3. Peggy Pendleton’s plan.

=Jayne, R. H.=
  _War whoop series_:--
    1. Lost in the wilderness.
    2. Through Apache land.
    3. In the Pecos country.
    4. The cave in the mountain.
  _Wild adventure series_:--
    1. On the trail of Geronimo.
    2. The white mustang.
    3. The land of mystery.

=Jenkins, H.=
  _Bindle series_:--
    1. Bindle.
    2. The Night Club.
    3. The adventures of Bindle.
    4. Mrs. Bindle.
  _John Dene and Malcolm Sage series_:
    1. John Dene of Toronto.
    2. Malcolm Sage, detective.

=Jepson, E.=
  _Lady Noggs series_:--
    1. The Lady Noggs, peeress.
    2. Lady Noggs intervenes.
  _Pollyooly series_:--
    1. Pollyooly.
    2. The second Pollyooly book.
    3. Pollyooly dances.
  _Tinker series_:--
    1. The admirable Tinker.
    2. The triumph of Tinker.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The passion for romance.
    2. The keepers of the people.
  Also refer to Leblanc, M.

=Jerome, J. K.=
    1. Three men in a boat.
    2. Three men on the Bummel.

=Jewett, J. H.=
    1. Bunny stories.
    2. More bunny stories.

=Jewitt, S. O.=
    1. Betty Leicester.
    2. Betty Leicester’s Christmas.

=Johnson, C.=
  _Bedtime wonder tales. 15 vols._

=Johnson, O. M.=
    1. The prodigious Hickey. _Same as_ The eternal boy.
    2. The varmint.
    3. The Tennessee shad.

=Johnson, Samuel.=
  _Note._--E. C. Knight’s Dinarbas is a continuation of Johnson’s Rasselas.

=Johnson, W. H.=
    1. The King’s henchman.
    2. Under the spell of the fleur-de-lys. _Same as_ King or knave.

=Johnston, A. Fellows-.=
  _Georgina series_:--
    1. Georgina of the Rainbows.
    2. Georgina’s service stars.
  _The Little Colonel series_:--
    1. The Little Colonel stories.
    2. The Little Colonel’s house party.
    3. The Little Colonel’s holidays.
    4. The Little Colonel’s hero.
    5. The Little Colonel at boarding-school.
    6. The Little Colonel in Arizona.
    7. The Little Colonel’s Christmas vacation.
    8. The Little Colonel, maid of honour.
    9. The Little Colonel’s knight comes riding.
    10. The Little Colonel’s chum: Mary Ware.
    11. Mary Ware in Texas.
    12. Mary Ware’s promised land.
    13. The Little Colonel’s good times book.
    14. Little Colonel doll book. Two series.
  _The Little Colonel story hour books. 12 vols._

=Johnston, Sir H.=
  The Gay-Dombeys is a sequel to C. Dickens’ Dombey and Son.
  Mrs. Warren’s daughter is a sequel to G. B. Shaw’s
        Mrs. Warren’s profession.
  The Veneerings is a sequel to C. Dickens’ Our mutual friend.

=Johnston, Mrs. H. K.=
    1. Roddy’s ideal.
    2. Roddy’s reality.
    3. Roddy’s romance.

=Johnston, M.=
    1. The long roll.
    2. Cease firing!

=Jokai, M.=
    1. ’Midst the wild Carpathians.
    2. Slaves of the Padishah.

=Jordan, E. G.=
    1. Mary Iverson: her book.
    2. Mary Iverson tackles life.
    3. Mary Iverson’s career.

=Judson, C. I.=
    1. Mary Jane: her book.
    2. Mary Jane: her visit.
    3. Mary Jane kindergarten.
    4. Mary Jane down South.
    5. Mary Jane’s city home.

=Kay, B.=
    1. Elizabeth: her folks.
    2. Elizabeth: her friends.

=Kay, R.=
  _Big War series_:--
    1. The search for the spy.
    2. The air scout.
    3. Dodging the North Sea mines.
    4. With Joffre on the battle line.
    5. Fighting in France.
    6. Battling on the Somme.
    7. With Pershing at the front.
    8. Smashing the Hindenburg line.
    9. The underground spy.
  _Go-ahead boys series_:--
    1. The go-ahead boys on Smugglers Island.
    2. The go-ahead boys and the treasure cave.
    3. The go-ahead boys and the mysterious old house.
    4. The go-ahead boys in the island camp.
    5. The go-ahead boys and the racing motor boat.
    6. The go-ahead boys and Simon’s Mine.

=Kelland, C. B.=
    1. Mark Tidd: his adventures and strategies.
    2. Mark Tidd in the backwoods.
    3. Mark Tidd in business.
    4. Mark Tidd, the editor.
    5. Mark Tidd, manufacturer.
    6. Mark Tidd’s citadel.

=Kellogg, E.=
  _Elm Island stories_:--
    1. Lion Ben of Elm Island.
    2. Charlie Bell.
    3. The ark of Elm Island.
    4. The boy farmers of Elm Island.
    5. The young shipbuilders of Elm Island.
    6. The Hardscrabble of Elm Island.
  _Forest Glen series_:--
    1. Sowed by the wind.
    2. Wolf Run.
    3. Brought to the front.
    4. The mission of Back Rifle.
    5. Forest Glen.
    6. Burying the hatchet.
  _Good old times series_:--
    1. Good old times.
    2. A strong arm and a mother’s blessing.
    3. The unseen hand.
    4. The Live Oak boys.
  _Pleasant Cove series_:--
    1. Arthur Brown.
    2. The young deliverers of Pleasant Cove.
    3. The cruise of the Casco.
    4. The child of the island glen.
    5. John Godsoe’s legacy.
    6. The fisher boys of Pleasant Cove.
  _Whispering pine series_:--
    1. A stout heart.
    2. A spark of genius.
    3. The sophomores of Radcliffe.
    4. The whispering pine.
    5. The turning of the tide.
    6. Winning his spurs.

=Kelly, M.=
    1. Little citizens.
    2. Little aliens.

=Kernahan, Mrs. C.=
    1. Devastation.
    2. The fate of Felix.

=Kielland, A. L.=
    1. Garman and Worse.
    2. Skipper Worse.

=Kilbourne, C. E.=
    1. An army boy in Pekin.
    2. An army boy in the Philippines.
    3. An army boy in Mexico.
    4. An army boy in Alaska.

=Kilroy, M.=
    1. Little Torment.
    2. Study number eleven.

=King, C.=
  _Colonel’s daughter series_:--
    1. The Colonel’s daughter.
    2. Marion’s faith.
    3. Captain Blake.
    4. The Colonel’s Christmas dinner.
  _Ray series_:--
    1. Ray’s recruit.
    2. Ray’s daughter.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Cadet days.
    2. To the front.

=Kingsley, Mrs. F. M.=
    1. The transfiguration of Miss Philura.
    2. Miss Philura’s wedding gown.
    3. The heart of Miss Philura.

=Kingston, W. H. G.=
    1. Three midshipmen.
    2. Three lieutenants.
    3. Three commanders.
    4. Three admirals.

=Kipling, R.=
  1. The jungle book.
  2. The second jungle book.

  1. Puck of Pook’s Hill.
  2. Rewards and fairies.
  _Note._--Mulvaney appears in a number
        of stories in several of Kipling’s books.

=Kirk, E. O.=
    1. Dorothy Deane.
    2. Dorothy Deane and her friends.

=Kirkland, J.=
    1. Zury.
    2. The McVeys.

=Kirkman, M. M.=
    1. The romance of Alexander the Prince.
    2. The romance of Alexander the King.
    3. The romance of Alexander and Roxana.

=Knight, A. L.=
    1. Royal of Monkey Island.
    2. The cruise of the Cormorant.

=Knight, E. C.=
  Dinarbas. Is a sequel to S. Johnson’s Rasselas.

=Knipe, Mrs. E. B., and A. A.=
  _Denewood series_:--
    1. The lucky sixpence.
    2. Beatrice of Denewood.
    3. Peg o’ the Ring.
  _Little Miss Fales series_:--
    1. Little Miss Fales.
    2. The missing pearls.

=Knox, T. W.=
    1. The boy travellers in China and Japan.
    2. The boy travellers in Siam and Java.
    3. The boy travellers in Ceylon and India.
    4. The boy travellers in Egypt and the Holy Land.
    5. The boy travellers in Russia.
    6. The boy travellers in Africa.
    7. The boy travellers in South America.
    8. The boy travellers on the Congo.
    9. The boy travellers in Australasia.
    10. The boy travellers in Mexico.
    11. The boy travellers in Great Britain and Ireland.
    12. The boy travellers in Northern Europe.
    13. The boy travellers in Central Europe.
    14. The boy travellers in the Levant.
    15. The boy travellers in Southern Europe.

=Lagerlof, S.=
    1. Jerusalem.
    2. The Holy City.

    1. Wonderful adventures of Nils.
    2. Further adventures of Nils.

=Lancaster, F. B.=
    1. Buffey-boy.
    2. Buffey-boy’s treasure.

=Lane, Mrs. J.=
    1. According to Maria.
    2. Maria again.
    3. War phases according to Maria.

=Langworthy, J. L.=
  _The bird boys series._ 5 vols.

=Lardner, R. W.=
    1. Treat ’em rough.
    2. The real dope.

=Latham, Mrs. A. G.=
    1. Christabel.
    2. Christabel in France.

=Lawton, W.=
  _Boy aviator series_:--
    1. The boy aviator in Nicaragua.
    2. The boy aviator in secret service.
    3. The boy aviator in Africa.
    4. The boy aviators’ treasure quest.
    5. The boy aviators in record flight.
    6. The boy aviators’ Polar dash.
    7. The boy aviators’ flight for a fortune.
    8. The boy aviators with the air raiders.
  _Dreadnought boys series_:--
    1. The dreadnought boys on battle practice.
    2. The dreadnought boys aboard a destroyer.
    3. The dreadnought boys on a submarine.
    4. The dreadnought boys on aero service.
    5. The dreadnought boys on a cruise.
    6. The dreadnought boys in home waters.
  _Ocean wireless series_:--
    1. The ocean wireless boys on the Atlantic.

=Lawton, W.=
  _Ocean wireless series (continued)_:--
    2. The ocean wireless boys on the lost liner.
    3. The ocean wireless boys on the iceberg patrol.
    4. The ocean wireless boys and the naval code.
    5. The ocean wireless boys on the Pacific.
    6. The ocean wireless boys on war-swept seas.

=Le Baron, G.=
    1. Little Miss Faith.
    2. Little daughter.
    3. The Rosebud Club.

    1. Queer Janet.
    2. Jessica’s triumph.
    3. The children of Bedford Court.

=Leblanc, M.=
    1. Arsène Lupin (by M. Leblanc and E. Jepson).
    2. Arsène Lupin versus Sherlock Holmes.
    3. The exploits of Arsène Lupin.
    4. The Hollow Needle.
    5. 813.
    6. The confessions of Arsène Lupin.
    7. The crystal stopper.
    8. The teeth of the tiger.
    9. Bomb-shell.
    10. Coffin Island.
    11. The Golden Triangle.
  And others (particulars wanted).

=Lee, A. L.=
    1. A freshman Co-ed.
    2. A junior Co-ed.
    3. A sophomore Co-ed.
    4. A senior Co-ed.

=Lee, Mrs. J. B. P.=
    1. Uncle William.
    2. Happy Island.

=Le Feuvre, A.=
    1. Odd.
    2. Odd made even.

    1. Us, and our charge.
    2. Us, and our donkey.
    3. Us, and our empire.

=Leighton, R.=
    1. Gildersley’s tenderfoot.
    2. The Red Patrol.

    1. Kiddie of the camp.
    2. Kiddie the scout.

=Leith, Mrs. D.=
    1. A black Martinmus.
    2. Lachlan’s widow.

=Leonard, M. F.=
    1. Everyday Susan.
    2. Christmas Tree House.
    3. Susan grows up.

=Leonard, N. M.=
  _Graymouse series._ 5 vols.

=Leroux, G.=
    1. The mystery of the yellow room.
    2. The perfume of the lady in black.
    3. The secret of the night.
  And others (particulars wanted).

=Leslie, E.=
    1. Leofwine.
    2. Elfrida.

=Leslie, Mrs. M. [Mrs. H. N. W. Blake.]=
  _Little Agnes series_:--
    1. Little Agnes.
    2. Trying to be useful.
    3. I’ll try.
    4. Art and artlessness.
  _Play and study series_:--
    1. Howard and his teacher.
    2. Jack, the chimney sweeper.
    3. Motherless children.
    4. Play and study.
  _Woodbine series_:--
    1. Live and learn.
    2. The governor’s pardon.
    3. Paul Barton.
    4. Walter and Frank.

=Lester, P.=
  1. Marjorie Dean, high school freshman.
  2. Marjorie Dean, high school sophomore.
  3. Marjorie Dean, high school junior.
  4. Marjorie Dean, high school senior.

=Lever, C.=
  No sequels. The stories might be arranged
        as consisting of 7 military novels,
        5 novels of adventure, 9 novels of
        Irish life, and 11 novels of foreign life.

=Lewis, C.=
    1. Clara in Blunderland.
    2. Lost in Blunderland.

=Lillie, Mrs. L. C. W.=
    1. The squire’s daughter.
    2. For honor’s sake.

=Lincoln, A. C.=
  _Motorcycle chums series._ 6 vols.

=Lincoln, J. C.=
    1. Mr. Pratt.
    2. Mr. Pratt’s patients.

    1. Capt’n Eri.
    2. The old home house.

=Lincoln, Mrs J. T. G.=
    1. Marjorie’s quest.
    2. A genuine girl.

    1. An unwilling maid.
    2. The luck of Rathcoole.

=Lindsay, H.=
    1. Methodist idylls.
    2. More methodist idylls.

=Lindsay, M.=
    1. Mother stories.
    2. More mother stories.

=Lippmann, J. M.=
    1. Martha by-the-day.
    2. Making over Martha.
    3. Martha and Cupid.

=Lisle, D.=
  _Isola Dering series_:--
    1. Painter of souls.
    2. What is love?

=[Little, Frances.]=
    1. The lady of the decoration.
    2. The lady married. _Same as_ The lady and Sada San.

=London, J.=
    1. Jerry.
    2. Michael, brother of Jerry.

    1. Smoke Bellew.
    2. Smoke and Shorty.

=Long, W. J.=
    1. Ways of wood folk.
    2. Wilderness ways.
    3. Secrets of the woods.
    4. Wood folk at school.
  And others.

=Lorimer, G. H.=
    1. Letters from a self-made merchant to his son.
    2. Old Gorgon Graham.

=Loti, P. [M. J. Viaud.]=
    1. Aziyadé.
    2. A phantom from the East.

=Lounsberry, L.=
    1. Cadet Kit Carey.
    2. Lieut. Carey’s luck.
    3. Captain Carey.
    4. Kit Carey’s protegé.

    1. Tom Truxton’s schooldays.
    2. Tom Truxton’s ocean trips.

=Lucas, E. V.=
    1. Listener’s lure.
    2. Over Bemerton’s.
    3. Mr. Ingleside.
    4. London lavender.
    5. Landmarks.

    1. The vermilion box.
    2. Verena in the midst.

=Lucas, St. John.=
    1. The first round.
    2. April folly.

=Lyall, E. [Ada E. Bayley.]=
    1. Donovan.
    2. We two.

=Lynn, E.=
    1. In khaki for the King.
    2. Oliver Hastings, V.C.
    3. Knights of the air.
    4. Tommy of the Tanks.
    5. Lads of the Lothians.

=Lytton, Lord.=
  _Ernest Maltravers series_:--
    1. Ernest Maltravers.
    2. Alice.
  _Real and the ideal trilogy_:--
    1. The Caxtons.
    2. My novel.
    3. What will he do with it?
  _Note._--Zanoni is Zicci completed.

=McCarthy, J. H.=
    1. If I were King.
    2. Needles and pins.
    3. Pretty maids all in a row.

=McCulloch, D.=
    1. Doodle McClink.
    2. Doodle McClink in cloudland.

=McCutcheon, G. B.=
    1. The daughter of Anderson Crow.
    2. Anderson Crow, detective.
    Query others.

    1. Graustark.
    2. Beverly of Graustark.
    3. Truxton King.
    4. The Prince of Graustark.

=MacDonald, G.=
    1. Annals of a quiet neighbourhood.
    2. The seaboard parish.
    3. The vicar’s daughter.

    1. Malcolm.
    2. The Marquis of Lossie.

    1. Princess and the goblin.
    2. Princess and Curdie.

    1. Sir Gibbie.
    2. Donal Grant.

    1. Thomas Wingfold, curate.
    2. Paul Faber, surgeon.

=Macdonald, U.=
    1. Alys-all-alone.
    2. Alys in Happyland.

=MacGill, P.=
    1. The children of the dead end.
    2. The rat-pit.

=McGovan, J.=
    1. Hunted down.
    2. Brought to bay.
    3. Strange clues.
    4. Traced and tracked.
    5. Solved mysteries.
    6. Criminals caught.

=McGrath, H.=
    1. Hearts and masks.
    2. Deuces wild.

=McIntyre, J. T.=
  _Ashton-Kirk series_:--
    1. Ashton-Kirk, investigator.
    2. Ashton-Kirk, secret agent.
    3. Ashton-Kirk, special detective.
    4. Ashton-Kirk, criminologist.
  =Buckskin books=:--
    1. In Kentucky with Daniel Boone.
    2. In the Rockies with Kit Carson.
    3. In Texas with Davy Crockett.
    4. On the borders with Andrew Jackson.
  _Young continental series_:--
    1. The young continentals at Lexington.
    2. The young continentals at Bunker Hill.
    3. The young continentals at Trenton.
    4. The young continentals at Monmouth.

=MacKenna, S.=
  _The sensationalists series_:--
    1. Lady Lilith.
    2. The education of Eric Lane.
    3. The secret victory.
  _World before the War and the future series_:--
    1. Sonia.
    2. Sonia married.
    3. Midas and Son.

=Mackenzie, C. [M. Compton.]=
    1. Sinister Street, 2 vols.
    2. Sylvia Scarlett.
    3. Sylvia and Michael.

    1. Poor relations.
    2. Rich relatives.

=Maclaren, I. [Rev. J. Watson.]=
    1. Beside the bonnie brier bush.
    2. Days of auld lang syne.
    3. Kate Carnegie.

=Macnamara, R. S.=
    1. The awakening.
    2. A marriage has been arranged.

=Madden, M. S.=
    1. Sir Guyon, the interloper.
    2. Sir Guyon in snowland.

=Madison, Mrs. L. F.=
    1. Peggy Owen.
    2. Peggy Owen, patriot.
    3. Peggy Owen at Yorktown.
    4. Peggy Owen and liberty.

=Maeterlinck, M.=
  _The blue bird series_:--
    1. The blue bird.
    2. The betrothal.

  _Notes._--The children’s Blue bird
        is the play re-written for children.
        The story of Tyltyl is
        The betrothal re-written for children.

=Malet, L. [Mrs. M. St. L. Harrison.]=
    1. Damaris.
    2. Deadham Hard.

=Malone, P. B.=
    1. Winning his way to West Point.
    2. A plebe at West Point.
    3. A West Point yearling.
    4. A West Point cadet.

=Malot, H.=
    1. No relations.
    2. Her own folk.

=Maniates, B. K.=
    1. Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley.
    2. Amarilly in love.

=Mann, M. E.=
    1. The memories of Ronald Love.
    2. Avenging children.

=Mannering, M. [Mrs. H. P. H. Nowell.]=
    1. Climbing the rope.
    2. Billy Grimes’ favorite.
    3. Cruise of the Dashaway.
    4. Little Spaniard.
    5. Salt-water Dick.
    6. Little maid of Oxbow.

=Manning, A., afterwards Mrs. Rathbone.=
    1. Mary Powell.
    2. Deborah’s diary.

=Manson, T.=
  Humours of a peat commission. 2 series.

=Marguerite, P.=
    1. The disaster.
    2. Les tronçons du Glaive.
    3. Les braves gens.
    4. The Commune.

=Marlitt, E. [Henriette E. John.]=
    1. The Princess of the Moor.
    2. The little Princess.

  =Marryat, Capt. F.=
  _Note._--The Little savage,
        concluded; by R. F. Williams,
        is a sequel to Capt. Marryat’s Little savage.

=Marsh, R.=
    1. Judith Lee.
    2. The adventures of Judith Lee.

    1. Sam Briggs: his book.
    2. Sam Briggs, V.C.

=Marshall, A.=
  _The Clintons series_:--
    1. Peter Binney, undergraduate.
    2. Richard Baldock.
    3. Exton Manor.
    4. Many Junes.
    5. The eldest son.
    6. The honour of the Clintons.
    7. The Clintons and others.

=Marston, J.=
    1. Antonio and Mellida.
    2. Antonio’s revenge.

=Martin, E. Le Breton-.=
    1. The boys of the Otter Patrol.
    2. Otters to the rescue.

=Martin, G. M.=
    1. Emmy Lou.
    2. Emmy Lou’s road to grace.

=Martindale, C. C.=
    1. Jock, Jack, and the corporal.
    2. Mr. Francis Newnes.

=Masefield, J.=
    1. The Campden wonder.
    2. Mrs. Harrison.

=Mason, A. B.=
    1. Tom Strong, Washington’s scout.
    2. Tom Strong, boy-captain.
    3. Tom Strong, junior.
    4. Tom Strong, third.
    5. Tom Strong, Lincoln scout.

=[Mason, A. T.]=
  _Book of Artemas series._ 3 vols.

=Mather, J. M.=
  _Lancashire idylls_:--
    1. Lancashire idylls.
    2. By roaring loom.

=Mathers, H. [Mrs. Henry Reeves.]=
    1. The story of a sin.
    2. Eyre’s acquittal.

=Mathews, J. H.=
  _Bessie series._ 7 vols.
  _Kitty and Lulu books_:--
    1. Troutou and Pussy.
    2. Kitty’s scrap books.
    3. The white rabbit.

=Mathews, J. H.=
  _Kitty and Lulu books (continued)_:--
    4. Kitty’s robins.
    5. Rudie’s goat.
    6. Kitty’s visit.
  _Uncle Rutherford series._ 2 vols.

=Maud, E. C.=
    1. An English girl in Paris.
    2. A daughter of France.

=May, Mrs. C. L.=
    1. Nellie Milton’s housekeeping.
    2. Brownie Sanford.
    3. Sylvia’s burden.
    4. Ruth Lovell.

=May, S. [R. S. Clarke.]=
  _Dotty Dimple series._ 6 vols.
  _Flaxie Frizzle series_:--
    1. Flaxie Frizzle.
    2. Doctor Papa.
    3. Little pitchers.
    4. Twin cousins.
    5. Flaxie’s Kityleen.
    6. Flaxie growing up.
  _Little Prudy flyaway series._ 6 vols.
  _Little Prudy stories._ 6 vols.
  _Little Prudy’s children series._ 6 vols.
  _Quinnebasset series_:--
    1. Our Helen.
    2. In old Quinnebasset.
    3. Janet.
    4. Quinnebasset girls.
    5. The Asbury twins.
    6. The Doctor’s daughter.

=Mayhew, R., and B. Johnson.=
  _Bubble books._ 12 vols.

=Meade, L. T., and C. Halifax.= (L. T. Meade=Mrs. Smith).
  Stories from the diary of a doctor. _Two series._

=Means, E. K.=
    1. E. K. Means.
    2. Further E. K. Means.
    3. More E. K. Means.

=Mears, J. R.=
    1. The iron boys in the mines.
    2. The iron boys as foremen.
    3. The iron boys on the ore boats.
    4. The iron boys in the steel mills.

_Melville, H._
    1. Typee.
    2. Omoo.

=Meredith, G.=
    1. Sandra Belloni. _Same as_ Emilia in England.
    2. Vittoria.

=Merejkowski, D.=
    1. The death of the gods.
    2. The forerunner. _Same as_ The resurrection of the gods.
    3. Peter and Alexis.

=Merriam, L. F.=
    1. Jenny’s bird house.
    2. Jenny and Tito.

=Merriman, Mrs. E. J.=
    1. The little Millers.
    2. Mollie Miller.

=Merwin, S.=
    1. Temperamental Henry.
    2. Henry is twenty.
    3. The passionate pilgrim.

=Michaelis, K.=
    1. The dangerous age.
    2. Elsie Lindtner.

=Middleton, J. A.=
    1. The grey ghost book.
    2. Another grey ghost book.
    3. The white ghost book.

=Miller, H. R.=
    1. The man higher up.
    2. His rise to power.

=Miller, O. T.=
    1. Kristy’s rainy day picnic.
    2. Kristy’s surprise party.
    3. Kristy’s queer Christmas.

=Milne, A. A.=
    1. The day’s play.
    2. The holiday round.
    3. Once a week.

=Mitchell, S. H.=
  _War of Independence series_:--
    1. Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker.
    2. The Red City.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Characteristics.
    2. Dr. North and his friends.

=Mitford, B.=
    1. The King’s assegai.
    2. The white shield.

=Mitton, G. E., now Lady Scott.=
    1. Two stringed fiddle.
    2. The green moth (with Sir J. G. Scott).

=Molesworth, Mrs.=
    1. Grandmother dear.
    2. A Christmas posy.

=Montgomery, F. T.=
  _Billy Whiskers (stories about goats) series._ 22 vols.

=Montgomery, L. M.=
    1. Anne of Green Gables.
    2. Anne of Avonlea.
    3. Chronicles of Avonlea.
    4. Anne of the Island.
    5. Anne’s house of dreams.
    6. Rainbow Valley.
    7. Rilla of Ingleside.

=Moore, D.=
    1. A plucky schoolgirl.
    2. Terry, the girl guide.

=Moore, F. F.=
  _Cromwellian Ireland series_:--
    1. Castle Omeragh.
    2. Captain Latymer.
  _Raymond Monk series_:--
    1. The rise of Raymond.
    2. The fall of Raymond.

=Moore, G.=
  _Hail and farewell series_:--
    1. Ave.
    2. Salve.
    3. Vale.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Evelyn Innes.
    2. Sister Teresa.

=Moorman, F. W.=
    1. Tales of the Ridings.
    2. More tales of the Ridings.

=Morecamp, A.=
    1. Live boys.
    2. Live boys in the Black Hills.

=Morgan de Groot, J.=
    1. A lotus flower.
    2. Even if.

=Morier, J.=
    1. The adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan.
    2. Hajji Baba in England.

=Morrison, A.=
    1. Martin Hewitt, investigator.
    2. Chronicles of Martin Hewitt.
    3. Adventures of Martin Hewitt.
    4. The Red Triangle.

=Morrison, G. W.=
    1. Girls of Central.
    2. Girls of Central High on Lake Luna.
    3. Girls of Central at basketball.
    4. Girls of Central on the stage.
    5. Girls of Central on track and field.
    6. Girls of Central in camp.
    7. Girls of Central aiding the Red Cross.

=Morrison, S. E.=
    1. Chilhowee boys.
    2. Chilhowee boys in war time.

=Morton, J. B.=
    1. Enchanter’s nightshade.
    2. Penny Royal.

=Moulton, Mrs. L.=
  Bed time stories. _Three series._

=Mowbray, J. P. [A. C. Wheeler.]=
    1. A journey to nature.
    2. Tangled up in Beulah land.

=Muhlback, L. [C. M. Mundt.]=
  _Frederick the Great series_:--
    1. Frederick the Great and his court
    2. Berlin and Sans-Souci.
    3. Frederick the Great and his family.
  _Louisa of Prussia series_:--
    1. Louisa of Prussia and her times.
    2. Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The youth of the Great Elector.
    2. The reign of the Great Elector.
  _Note_.--The other works are stories of Prussian history.

=Mulford, C. E.=
    1. Bar--20.
    2. Bar--20 days.
    3. Hop-along Cassidy.
    4. Buck Peters, ranchman; by C. E. Mulford and J. W. Clay.
    5. The coming of Cassidy--and the others.
    6. The man from Bar--20.
    7. Johnny Nelson.
    8. Bar--20 three.

=Mullins, I. M.=
    1. The Blossom Shop.
    2. Anne of the Blossom Shop.
    3. Anne’s wedding.
    4. The Mt. Blossom girls.

=Mundy, T.=
    1. The ivory trail.
    2. The Eye of Zeitoon.

    1. Winds of the world.
    2. King, of the Khyber Rifles.
    3. Hirah Singh’s tale.

=Munn, C. C.=
    1. Uncle Terry.
    2. The heart of Uncle Terry.

=Munro, H. H., “Saki.”=
    1. Reginald.
    2. Reginald in Russia.

=Munro, K.=
  _Mates series_:--
    1. Campmates.
    2. Dorymates.
    3. Canoemates.
    4. Raftmates.
  _Pacific coast series_:--
    1. The fur-seal’s tooth.
    2. Snow-shoes and sledges.
    3. Rick Dale.
    4. The painted desert.
  _Rail and water series_:--
    1. Under orders.
    2. Prince Dusty.
    3. Cab and caboose.
    4. The coral ship.
  _White conqueror series_:--
    1. With Crockett and Bowie.
    2. Through swamp and glade.
    3. At war with Pontiac.
    4. The white conquerors.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Two about Crockett.
    2. Lost Treasure Cave.

=Neill, A. S.=
    1. A dominie’s log.
    2. A dominie dismissed.
    3. A dominie in doubt.
    4. The booming of Bunkie.

=Nelson, L.=
    1. The physician’s daughter.
    2. Wandering heroines.

=Nesbit, E., now Mrs. Bland.=
  _Treasure seekers series_:--
    1. The story of the treasure seekers.
    2. The would-be-goods.
    3. The new treasure seekers.
    4. Oswald Bastable and others.

    1. Five children and it.
    2. The Phœnix and the carpet.
    3. The amulet.

    1. The house of Arden.
    2. Harding’s luck.

=Neuman, B. P.=
  _Paths of the blind series_:--
    1. The greatness of Josiah Porlick.
    2. The spoils of victory.
    3. Dominy’s dollars.

=Newte, H. W. C.=
    1. Calico Jack.
    2. The gentle bigamist.

=Newton, W. D. B.=
    1. Phillip in particular.
    2. Phillip and the flappers.

=Nexo, M. A.=
  _Pelle, the conqueror series_:--
    1. Boyhood.
    2. Apprenticeship.
    3. The great struggle.
    4. Daybreak.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Ditte: Girl alive!
    2. Ditte: Daughter of man.

=Nicholson, M.=
    1. The house of a thousand candles.
    2. Rosalind at Red Gate.

=Niven, F.=
    1. The Lost Cabin Mine.
    2. Hands up!

=Norris, F.=
    1. The octopus.
    2. The pit.
  _Note._--The above series was
        planned as a trilogy, but
        the author died before writing
        the third part, to which he
        intended to give the title The Wolf.

=Norris, S.=
    1. Phil, the showman.
    2. The young showman’s rivals.
    3. The young showman’s pluck.
    4. The young showman’s triumph.

=Norton, C. L.=
    1. Jack Benson’s log.
    2. A medal of honor man.

=Ober, F. A.=
    1. The Knockabout Club in search of treasure.
    2. The Knockabout Club on the Spanish Main.
    3. The Knockabout Club in North Africa.
    4. The Knockabout Club in Spain.
    5. The Knockabout Club in the Antilles.
    6. The Knockabout Club in the Everglades.
    7. The Knockabout Club in the Tropics.
    8. The Knockabout Club along shore.
    9. The Knockabout Club in the woods.

=Odell, S. W.=
    1. Samson.
    2. Delilah.

=Ogden, R.=
    1. Courage.
    2. Little Homespun.

=O’Grady, S.=
    1. The Coming Cuculain.
    2. The gates of the North.

=Oldmeadow, E.=
    1. Coggin.
    2. The hare.
    3. Wild fang.

=Oliphant, Mrs. M. O. W.=
  _Chronicles of Carlingford_:--
    1. The Rector.
    2. The doctor’s family.
    3. Salem chapel.
    4. The perpetual curate.
    5. Miss Marjoribanks.
    6. Phœbe, junior.
  _Stories of the seen and the unseen_:--
    1. The land of darkness.
    2. A little pilgrim in the unseen.
    3. Stories of the seen and unseen.
    4. On the dark mountains.
    5. A beleagured city.

    1. For love and life.
    2. Squire Arden.

    1. The greatest heiress in England.
    2. Sir Tom.

    1. The Ladies Lindores.
    2. Lady Car.

    1. Passages in the life of Mistress Margaret Maitland.
    2. Lilliesleaf.

=Ollivant, A.=
    1. Two men.
    2. One woman.

=Onions, O.=
  _The Taskers series_:--
    1. The two kisses.
    2. A crooked mile.
  _Another series_:--
    1. In accordance with the evidence.
    2. The debit account.
    3. The story of Louie.

=Oppenheim, E. P.=
    1. The yellow crayon.
    2. Mysterious Mr. Sabin.

    1. Peter Ruff.
    2. The double four.

=Optic, O. [W. T. Adams.]=
  _All-over-the-world series_:--
    1. A missing million.
    2. A millionaire at sixteen.
    3. A young knight errant.
    4. Strange sights abroad.
    5. American boys afloat.
    6. The young navigators.
    7. Up and down the Nile.
    8. Asiatic breezes.
    9. Across India.
    10. Half round the World.
    11. Four young explorers.
    12. Pacific shores.
  _Army and navy stories_:--
    1. The soldier boy.
    2. The young lieutenant.
    3. Fighting Joe.
    4. The sailor boy.
    5. The Yankee middy.
    6. Brave old salt.
  _Blue and the gray (afloat) series_:--
    1. Taken by the enemy.
    2. Within the enemy’s lines.
    3. On the blockade.
    4. Stand by the Union.
    5. Fighting for the right.
    6. A victorious union.
  _Blue and the gray (on land) series_:--
    1. Brother against brother.
    2. In the saddle.
    3. On the staff.
    4. A lieutenant at eighteen.
    5. At the front.
    6. An undivided union.
  _Boat builders series_:--
    1. All adrift.
    2. Snug harbor.
    3. Square and compasses.
    4. Stem to stern.
    5. All taut.
    6. Ready about.
  _Famous Boat Club series_:--
    1. The Boat Club.
    2. All aboard.
    3. Now or never.
    4. Try again.
    5. Poor and proud.
    6. Little by little.
  _Flora Lee series_:--
    1. The picnic party.
    2. The gold thimble.
    3. The do-somethings.
    4. Christmas gift.
    5. Uncle Ben.
    6. Birthday party.
  _Great Western series_:--
    1. Going West.
    2. Out West.
    3. Lake breezes.
    4. Going South.

=Optic, O. [W. T. Adams.]=
  _Great Western series (continued)_:--
    5. Down South.
    6. Up the river.
  _Household library_:--
    1. In doors and out.
    2. Three millions.
    3. Living too fast.
  _Lake shore series_:--
    1. Through by daylight.
    2. Lightning express.
    3. On time.
    4. Switch off.
    5. Brake up.
    6. Bear and forbear.
  _Onward and upward series_:--
    1. Field and forest.
    2. Plane and plank.
    3. Desk and debit.
    4. Cringle and cross-tree.
    5. Bivouac and battle.
    6. Sea and shore.
  _Riverdale series_:--
    1. Little merchant.
    2. Proud and lazy.
    3. Young voyagers.
    4. Careless Kate.
    5. Dolly and I.
    6. Robinson Crusoe, junior.
  _Starry flag series_:--
    1. The starry flag.
    2. Breaking away.
    3. Seek and find.
    4. Freaks of fortune.
    5. Make or break.
    6. Down the river.
  _Woodville series_:--
    1. Rich and humble.
    2. In school and out.
    3. Watch and wait.
    4. Work and win.
    5. Hope and have.
    6. Haste and waste.
  _Yacht Club series_:--
    1. Little Bobtail.
    2. The Yacht Club.
    3. Money-maker.
    4. The coming wave.
    5. The Dorcas Club.
    6. Ocean born.
  _Young America abroad series_:--
    1. Outward bound.
    2. Shamrock and thistle.
    3. Red Cross.
    4. Dikes and ditches.
    5. Palace and cottage.

=Optic, O. [W. T. Adams.]=
  _Young America abroad series_:--
    6. Down the Rhine.
    7. Up the Baltic.
    8. Northern lands.
    9. Cross and Crescent.
    10. Sunny shores.
    11. Vine and olive.
    12. Isles of the sea.

=Orczy, Baroness.=
  _Romances of the French Revolution_:--
    1. The Scarlet Pimpernel.
    2. I will repay.
    3. The elusive Pimpernel.
    4. The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel.
    5. Eldorado.
    6. Lord Tony’s wife.
    7. The Scarlet Company.
  _Dutch War of Independence series_:--
    1. Leatherface.
    2. Flower o’ the Lily.
    3. The laughing cavalier.
    4. The first Sir Percy.

=O’Riordan, C.=
    1. Adam of Dublin.
    2. Adam and Caroline.

=Osgood, M. A.=
    1. Little Canary’s daisy.
    2. Little Canary.
    3. Little Canary’s Cousin Eugene.
    4. Little Canary’s black cats.

=Ostrander, I.=
  _McCarty series_:--
    1. The clue in the air.
    2. The twenty-six cases.
    3. How many cards?

=Otis, J. [J. O. Kaler.]=
  _Boy scout series_:--
    1. Boy scouts in the Maine woods.
    2. Boy scouts in a lumber camp.
  _Boys venture series_:--
    1. The Sarah Jane: Dicky Dalton, captain.
    2. The cruise of the Phœbe.
  _Navy boys series_:--
    1. With Grant at Vicksburgh.
    2. With Sherman to the sea.
  _Pioneer series_:--
    1. Peter of New Amsterdam.
    2. Calvert of Maryland.
    3. Stephen of Philadelphia.
    4. Hannah of Kentucky.
    5. Benjamin of Ohio.
    6. Martha of California.

=Otis, J. [J. O. Kaler.]=
  _Pioneer series (continued)_:--
    7. Seth of Colorado.
    8. Antoine of Oregon.
    9. Philip of Texas.
  _Silver Fox Farm series_:--
    1. The wireless station at Silver Fox Farm.
    2. The aeroplane at Silver Fox Farm.
    3. Building an airship at Silver Fox Farm.
    4. Airship cruising from Silver Fox Farm.
  _Stories of American history_:--
    1. Defending the island.
    2. How we destroyed the Gaspee.
    3. Boston boys of 1775.
    4. When Dewey came to Manila.
    5. Off Santiago with Sampson.
    6. When Israel Putnam served the king.
    7. The signal boys of ’75.
    8. Under the liberty tree.
    9. The boys of 1745 at the capture of Louisberg.
    10. An island refuge: Casco Bay in 1676.
    11. Neal, the miller.
    12. Ezra Jordan’s escape.
  _Stories of newsboy life_:--
    1. Jenny Wren’s boarding-house.
    2. The boys’ revolt.
    3. Jerry’s family.
    4. Teddy and Carrots.
    5. The princess and Joe Potter.
    6. Larry Hudson’s ambition.
  _Toby Tyler series_:--
    1. Toby Tyler.
    2. Mr. Stubbs’s brother.

=Otis, J., and E. Stratemeyer.=
  _The minute boys series_:--
    1. The minute boys of Yorktown.
    2. The minute boys of Philadelphia.
    3. The minute boys of Boston.
    4. The minute boys of New York City.
    5. The minute boys of South Carolina.
    6. The minute boys of the Wyoming Valley.
    7. The minute boys of the Mohawk Valley.
    8. The minute boys of the Green Mountains.
    9. The minute boys of Bunker Hill.
    10. The minute boys of Lexington.

=Ouida. [L. de la Ramee.]=
    1. Princess Napraxine.
    2. Othmar.

=Outcault, R. F.=
  _Buster Brown series._ Many vols.

=Packard, F. L.=
    1. The adventures of Jimmy Dale.
    2. The further adventures of Jimmy Dale.

=Page, G. [Mrs. R. A. Dobbin.]=
    1. Where the strange roads go down.
    2. Follow after.
  _Jill series_:--
    1. Jill’s Rhodesian philosophy.
    2. Jill on a ranch.

=Page, T. N.=
  _Santa Claus series._ 4 vols.

=Pain, B.=
    1. Eliza.
    2. Eliza’s husband.
    3. Eliza getting on.
    4. Exit Eliza.
    5. Eliza’s son.

=Paine, A. B.=
  _Hollow tree stories._ 9 vols.

=Palacio Valdes, A.=
    1. Riverita.
    2. Maxima.

=Palmer, L. [M. L. Peebles.]=
  _Honour series_:--
    1. A question of honour.
    2. Where honour leads.
  _Margaret stories_:--
    1. Drifting and steering.
    2. One day’s weaving.
    3. Archie’s shadow.
    4. John Jack.

=Pansy. [Mrs. G. M. Alden.]=
  _Note_.--This author has written about
        200 stories. Hereunder are some of the sequels.
  _Chautauqua series_:--
    1. Four girls at Chautauqua.
    2. Chautauqua girls at home.
  _Esther Ried series_:--
    1. Esther Ried.
    2. Esther Ried asleep and awake.
    3. Esther Ried’s yet speaking.
    4. Esther Ried’s namesake.
    5. Julia Ried.
    6. The King’s daughter.
    7. Wise and otherwise.

=Pansy. [Mrs. G. M. Alden.]= (_continued._)
  _Ruth Erskine series_:--
    1. Ruth Erskine’s crosses.
    2. Ruth Erskine’s son.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Getting ahead.
    2. Two boys.

=Parker, Sir G.=
    1. Pierre and his people.
    2. An adventurer of the North. _Same as_ A Romany of the Snows.

=Parry, E. A.=
    1. Katawampus.
    2. The first book of Krab.
    3. Butterscotia.

=Parry, L.=
    1. Fullback.
    2. The big game.

=Pasture, Mrs. Henry de la, afterwards Lady Clifford.=
    1. Catherine of Calais.
    2. Catherine’s child.

    1. Master Christopher.
    2. Erica. _Same as_ The Honourable Mrs. Garry.

=Patchin, F. G.=
  _Battleship boys series_:--
    1. The battleship boys at sea.
    2. The battleship boys first step upward.
    3. The battleship boys in foreign service.
    4. The battleship boys in the Tropics.
    5. The battleship boys under fire.
    6. The battleship boys in the wardroom.
    7. The battleship boys with the Adriatic chasers.
    8. The battleship boys on sky patrol.
  _Pony rider boys series_:--
    1. The pony rider boys in the Rockies.
    2. The pony rider boys in Texas.
    3. The pony rider boys in Montana.
    4. The pony rider boys in the Ozarks.
    5. The pony rider boys in the Alkali.
    6. The pony rider boys in New Mexico.
    7. The pony rider boys in the Grand Canyon.
    8. The pony rider boys with the Texas rangers.
  _Range and Grange series_:--
    1. The Range and Grange hustlers on the ranch.
    2. The Range and Grange hustlers’ greatest round up.
    3. The Range and Grange hustlers on the Plains.
    4. The Range and Grange hustlers at Chicago.

=Paternoster, G. S.=
    1. The motor pirate.
    2. The cruise of the Conquistador.

=Patten, G.=
    1. Cliff Stirling, captain of the nine.
    2. Cliff Stirling behind the line.
    3. Cliff Stirling, stroke of the crew.

    1. The Rockspur nine.
    2. The Rockspur eleven.
    3. The Rockspur rivals.

=Paull, Mrs. G. A.=
    1. Prince Dimple and his everyday doings.
    2. Prince Dimple’s further doings.
    3. Prince Dimple on his travels.

=Paull, M. A.=
    1. Marjorie Darling.
    2. Marjorie’s doings.
    3. Marjorie’s play days.

=Paull, M. E. K.=
    1. Ruby and Ruthie.
    2. Ruby’s ups and downs.
    3. Ruby at school.
    4. Ruby’s vacation.

=Pearce, C. E.=
    1. Love besieged.
    2. Red revenge.
    3. A star of the East.

=Pearse, M. G.=
    Daniel Quorm. _Two series._

=Pease, H.=
    1. Magnus Sinclair.
    2. Of Mistress Eve.
    3. The burning crescent.

=Peattie, Mrs. E. W.=
    1. Azalea.
    2. Annie Laurie and Azalea.
    3. Azalea at Sunset Gap.
    4. Lotta Embury’s career.

=Peck, G. W.=
  _Peck’s bad boy series._ At least 13 vols.

=Peeress, A.=
    1. The shadow on the purple.
    2. The searchlight on the throne.

=Pemberton, M.=
    1. The iron pirate.
    2. Captain Black.

=Pendexter, H.=
  _Along the coast series_:--
    1. The young fishermen.
    2. The young sea-merchants.
  _Camp and trail series_:--
    1. The young timber-cruisers.
    2. The young gem-hunters.
    3. The young woodman.
    4. The young trappers.
    5. The young loggers.

=Penrose, M.=
  _Dorothy Dale series_:--
    1. Dorothy Dale, a girl of to-day.
    2. Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School.
    3. Dorothy Dale’s great secret.
    4. Dorothy Dale and her chum.
    5. Dorothy Dale’s queer holiday.
    6. Dorothy Dale’s camping days.
    7. Dorothy Dale’s school rivals.
    8. Dorothy Dale in the city.
    9. Dorothy Dale’s promise.
    10. Dorothy Dale in the West.
    11. Dorothy Dale’s discovery.
    12. Dorothy Dale’s engagement.
  _Motor girls series_:--
    1. The motor girls.
    2. The motor girls on tour.
    3. The motor girls on Lookout Beach.
    4. The motor girls through New England.
    5. The motor girls on Cedar Lake.
    6. The motor girls on the coast.
    7. The motor girls on Crystal Bay.
    8. The motor girls on waters blue.
    9. The motor girls at Camp Sunrise.
    10. The motor girls in the mountains.

=Pepys, S., Junior.=
    1. Diary of the Great Warr.
    2. Second diary of the Great Warr.
    3. Last diary of the Great Warr.

=Perkins, L. F.=
  _Twins series._ 8 vols.

=Perry, N.=
    1. A flock of boys and girls.
    2. Another flock of girls.
    3. A flock of girls and their friends.

=Phillips, H. W.=
    1. Mr. Scraggs introduced by Red Saunders.
    2. Red Saunders: his adventures West and East.
    3. Red Saunders’ pets and other critters.
    4. Plain Mary Smith.

=Phillpotts, E.=
    1. The human boy.
    2. The human boy again.
    3. From the angle of seventeen.
    4. The human boy and the War.

=Pidgin, C. F.=
    1. Quincey Adams Sawyer and Mason’s Corner folks.
    2. The further adventures of Quincey Adams
        Sawyer and Mason’s Corner folks.
    3. The chronicles of Quincey Adams Sawyer,
        detective; by C. F. Pidgin and J. M. Taylor.

=Pier, A. S.=
    1. Boys of St. Timothy.
    2. Dormitory days.
    3. The jester of St. Timothy’s.
    4. Harding of St. Timothy’s.

    1. His father’s son.
    2. Grannis of the Fifth.

=Pierson, C. D.=
    1. Three little Millers.
    2. The Millers at Pencroft.
    3. The Millers and their playmates.
    4. The Millers and their new home.

=Piper, M. R.=
    1. Sylvia’s experiment.
    2. Sylvia of the Hilltop.
    3. Sylvia Arden decides.

=Platts, W. C.=
    1. The Tuttlebury tales.
    2. Tuttlebury troubles.
    3. The whims of Erasmus.
    4. More Tuttlebury tales.

=Plummer, M. W.=
    1. Roy and Ray in Mexico.
    2. Roy and Ray in Canada.

=Plympton, A. G.=
    1. Dear daughter Dorothy.
    2. Dorothy and Anton.

=Pontoppidan, H.=
    1. Emmanuel.
    2. The promised land.
    3. Dommens Day (not translated).

=Pool, M. L.=
    1. Roweny in Boston.
    2. Mrs. Keats Bradford.

    1. The two Salomes.
    2. Out of step.

=Porter, B. C.=
    1. Trudy and Timothy.
    2. Trudy and Timothy and the trees.

=Porter, E. H.=
    1. Miss Billy.
    2. Miss Billy’s decision.
    3. Miss Billy--married.

=Porter, E. H.= (_continued_).
    1. Pollyanna.
    2. Pollyanna grows up.

=Porter, R.=
    1. Summer driftwood.
    2. Winter fire.

=Portman, L.=
    1. Hugh Rendal.
    2. The progress of Hugh Rendal.

=Portor, L. S.=
  _Little school mate series_:--
    1. Genevieve.

=Potter, B.=
    _Peter Rabbit series._ 15 vols.

=Pratt, L.=
    1. Ezekiel.
    2. Ezekiel expands.

=Prentiss, E.=
    1. Little Susy’s little servants.
    2. Little Susy’s six birthdays.
    3. Little Susy’s six teachers.
    4. Little Susy’s six servants.

    1. Stepping forward.
    2. Stepping heavenward.

=Prevost, M.=
    1. Frédérique.
    2. Léa.

=Pritchard, K., and H.=
    1. The chronicles of Don Q.
    2. New chronicles of Don Q.
    3. Don Q.’s love story.

=Q. [Sir A. T. Quiller-Couch.]=
    1. The astonishing history of Troy Town.
    2. Noughts and crosses.
    3. The delectable Duchy.
    4. Wandering Heath.
    5. The White Wolf; and other fireside tales.
    6. The Mayor of Troy.
    7. Corporal Sam and other stories.
    8. Brother Copas.
    9. Hocken and Hunken.

=Quin, D. [A. H. Lewis.]=
    1. Wolfville.
    2. Wolfville days.
    3. Wolfville nights.
    4. Black Lion Inn.
    5. Sandburrs.

=Quirk, L. W.=
    1. The fourth down.
    2. The freshman eight.
    3. The third stroke.

=Quirk, L. W.= (_continued_).
    1. The boy scouts of the Black Eagle Patrol.
    2. The boy scouts on crusade.
    3. The boy scouts of Lakeville High.

=Ralphson, G. H.=
    1. Over there with the Marines at Chateau Thierry.
    2. Over there with the Canadians at Vimy Ridge.
    3. Over there with the Pershing’s heroes at Cantigny.
    4. Over there with the doughboys at St. Mihiel.
    5. Over there with the engineers at Cambrai.
    6. Over there with the Yanks in the Argonne Forest.

=Rand, E. A.=
  _Look ahead series_:--
    1. Making the best of it.
    2. Up North in a whaler.
    3. Too late for the tide mill.
  _Up the ladder series_:--
    1. The Knights of the White Shield.
    2. The school in the light-house.
    3. Yard-stick and scissors.
    4. The camp at Surf Bluff.
    5. Out of the breakers.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Her Christmas and her Easter.
    2. Margie at Harbor Light.

=Rankin, Mrs. C.=
    1. Dandelion Cottage.
    2. Adopting of Rosa Marie.
    3. The castaways of Pete’s patch.

=Ray, A. C.=
  _Buddie books_:--
    1. Buddie, the story of a boy.
    2. Buddie at Gray Buttes Camp.
  _Sidney books_:--
    1. Sidney.
    2. Janet.
    3. Day.
    4. Sidney at college.
  _Teddy books_:--
    1. Teddy: her book.
    2. Phebe: her profession.
    3. Teddy: her daughter.
    4. Nathalie’s chum.
    5. Ursula’s freshman.
    6. Nathalie’s sister.

=Raymond, E.=
  _Dorothy books_:--
    1. Dorothy.
    2. Dorothy at Skyrie.
    3. Dorothy’s schooling.
    4. Dorothy’s travels.
    5. Dorothy’s house party.
    6. Dorothy in California.
    7. Dorothy on a ranch.
    8. Dorothy’s house boat.
    9. Dorothy at Oak Knowe.
    10. Dorothy’s triumph.
    11. Dorothy’s tour.
  _Jessica books_:--
    1. Jessica Trent.
    2. Jessica, the heiress.
    3. Jessica Trent’s inheritance.

=Raymond, W.=
    1. Two men o’ Mendip.
    2. No soul above money.

=Reade, C.=
    1. It is never too late to mend.
    2. The autobiography of a thief.

    1. Love me little love me long.
    2. Hard cash.

=Reed, H. L.=
    1. Brenda: her school and her club.
    2. Brenda’s summer at Rockley.
    3. Brenda’s cousin at Radcliff.
    4. Brenda’s bargain.
    5. Amy in Acadia.
    6. Brenda’s ward.

    1. Irma and Nap.
    2. Irma in Italy.

=Reeve, A. B.=
  _Craig Kennedy series_:--
    1. Craig Kennedy, detective.
    2. The poisoned pen.
    3. The silent bullet.
    4. The gold of the gods.
    5. The dream doctor.
    6. The adventuress.
    7. The treasure train.
    8. The Black Hand.
    9. The Panama plot.

=Reid, M.=
    1. The boy hunters.
    2. The young voyageurs.

    1. The bush boys.
    2. The young yägers.
    3. The giraffe hunters.

    1. The plant hunters.
    2. The cliff climbers.

    1. Ran away to sea.
    2. The ocean waifs.

=Remick, G. M.=
    1. Glenlock girls.
    2. Glenlock girls abroad.
    3. Glenlock Girls’ Club.
    4. Glenlock at Camp West.

    1. Jane Stuart, twin.
    2. Jane Stuart’s chum.
    3. Jane Stuart at Rivercroft.
    4. Jane Stuart, comrade.

    1. The Sheldon six--Anne.
    Others in preparation.

=Reynolds, S.=
    1. A poor man’s house.
    2. Alongshore.
    3. How ’twas.
    4. Seems so.

=Rhoades, N.=
    1. The little girl next door.
    2. Little Miss Rosamund.

    1. Winifred’s neighbors.
    2. The children on the top floor.

=Rice, A. H.=
    1. Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.
    2. Lovey Mary.

=Richards, L. E.=
  _Calvin Parks series_:--
    1. The wooing of Calvin Parks.
    2. “Up to Calvin’s.”
    3. On board the Mary Sands.
  _Captain January series_:--
    1. Captain January.
    2. Melody.
    3. Marie.
    4. Rosin, the beau.
  _Mrs. Tree series_:--
    1. Mrs. Tree.
    2. Mrs. Tree’s will.
  _Queen Hildegarde._
    1. Queen Hildegarde.
    2. Hildegarde’s holiday.
    3. Hildegarde’s home.
    4. Hildegarde’s neighbours.
    5. Hildegarde’s harvest.
  _Three Margarets series_:--
    1. Three Margarets.
    2. Margaret Montfort.
    3. Peggy.
    4. Rita.
    5. Fernley House.
    6. The Merryweathers.

=Richardson, D. M.=
  _Miriam Henderson series_:--
    1. Pointed roofs.
    2. Backwater.
    3. Honeycomb.
    4. The tunnel.
    5. Interim.
    6. Deadlock.
    7. Revolving lights.

=Richmond, Mrs. G. S.=
  _Juliet series_:--
    1. The indifference of Juliet.
    2. With Juliet in England.
  _Red Pepper Burns series_:--
    1. Red Pepper Burns.
    2. Mrs. Red Pepper.
    3. Red Pepper’s patients.
    4. Red and black.

=Rinehart, M. R.=
    1. Tish.
    2. More Tish.

=Rita. [Mrs. Desmond Humphreys.]=
    1. Sheba.
    2. Countess Pharamond.

=Rives, A., now Princess Troubetzkoy.=
    1. The quick and the dead.
    2. Barbara Dering.

=Robbins, Mrs. S. S.=
    1. Mabel Hazard’s thoroughfare.
    2. Mabel’s stepmother.

=Robins, Elizabeth. [Mrs. G. R. Parks] C. E. Raimond=, _pseud._
    1. The new moon.
    2. Milly’s story.

=Robinson, E.=
    1. A little puritan bound girl.
    2. A little puritan rebel.
    3. A little puritan’s first Christmas.

=Robinson, E. H.=
    1. Smiles, a rose of the Cumberlands.
    2. (In preparation).

=Robinson, P.=
  _Indian garden series_:--
    1. Chasing a fortune.
    2. Tigers at large.
    3. Under the punkah.
    4. Valley of the Teetotum Trees.

=Robinson, R. E.=
    1. Uncle Lisha’s shop.
    2. Uncle Lisha’s camps.
    3. Uncle Lisha’s outing.

=Rockwood, R.=
  1. Dave Fearless after a sunken treasure.
  2. Dave Fearless on a floating island.
  3. Dave Fearless and the cave of mystery.

=Rohmer, S. [J. S. Ward.]=
  _Oriental mystery stories_ (not sequels):
    1. Tales of secret Egypt.
    2. Brood of the Witch Queen.
  _Stories of Chinatown in London_:--
    1. The mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu.
    2. The devil doctor.
    3. The Si-Fan mysteries.
    4. The Golden Scorpion.
    5. The yellow claw.
    6. Dope.
    7. Tales of Chinatown.

=Rolland, R.=
  _John Christopher series_:--
    1. Dawn and morning.
    2. Storm and stress.
    3. John Christopher in Paris.
    4. Journey’s end.
  _Note._--The French text is in 10 vols.

=Rover, W.=
    1. The Neptune outward bound.
    2. The Neptune afloat.

=Roy, L. E.=
  _Five little Starrs series._ 8 vols.

=Royle, E. M.=
    1. The squaw man.
    2. The silent call.

=Russan, A., and F. Boyle.=
    1. The orchid seekers.
    2. The Riders.

=Rutherford, M. [W. H. White.]=
    1. Autobiography of Mark Rutherford.
    2. Mark Rutherford’s deliverance.

=Rutzebeck, H.=
    1. Alaska man’s luck.
    2. My Alaskan idyll.

=Rynd, E. E.=
    1. Mrs. Green.
    2. Mrs. Green again.

=Sabatini, R.=
  _Cesare Borgia series_:--
    1. Shame of motley.
    2. Justice of the Duke.
    3. Banner of the Bull.

=Sabin, E. L.=
  _Bar B boys series_:--
    1. Bar B boys.
    2. Range and trail.

=Sabin, E. L.=
  _Bar B boys series (continued)_:--
    3. Circle K.
    4. Old Four-toes.
    5. Treasure Mountain.
    6. Scarface Ranch.
  _Great West series_:--
    1. The boy settler.
    2. “The Great Pike’s rush.”
    3. On the overland stage.
    4. Opening the iron trail.
  _Trail blazers series_:--
    1. Gold seekers of ’49.
    2. Buffalo Bill and the Overland trail.
    3. On the Plains with Custer.
    4. With Carson and Frémont.
    5. With Houston in Texas.
    6. In Mexico with General Scott.

=Saki. Refer to Munro, H. H.=

=Sampson, E. S., and Calhoun, F. B.=
    1. Miss Minerva and William Green Hill.
    2. Billy and the Major.
    3. Miss Minerva’s baby.

=Samuels, A. F.=
  _Dick and Daisy series_:--
    1. Adrift in the world.
    2. Fighting life’s battles.
    3. Saved from the street.
    4. Grandfather Millys’ luck.
  _Dick Travers abroad series_:--
    1. Little Cricket.
    2. Palm Land.
    3. The lost tar.
    4. On the wave.

=Sanborn, K. A.=
    1. Adopting an abandoned farm.
    2. Abandoning an adopted farm.

=Sand, George. [Madame Dudevant.]=
  _Berrichon idylls_:--
    1. Little Fadette.
    2. The devil’s pool.
    3. Francis, the waif.
  _Socialist novels_:--
    1. The master mosaic workers.
    2. The journeyman joiner.
    3. The miller of Angibault.
  _A woman singer series_:--
    1. Consuelo.
    2. The Countess of Rudolstadt.

=Sanderson, M. L.=
    1. The camp fire girls at Hillside.
    2. The camp fire girls at Pine Tree Camp.
    3. The camp fire girls at Top o’ the World.
    4. The camp fire girls at Look Out Pass.
    5. The camp fire girls at Driftwood Heights.
    6. The camp fire girls in Old Kentucky.
    7. The camp fire girls on a yacht.

=Sapper [Major C. H. McNeile.]=
    1. Bull-dog Drummond.
    2. Further adventures of Bull-dog Drummond.

=Saunders, M.=
    1. Beautiful Joe.
    2. Beautiful Joe’s paradise.

    1. True Tilda.
    2. Tilda Jane’s orphans.

=Sawyer, E. A.=
    1. The Christmas Makers’ Club.
    2. Elsa’s gift home.

=Saxby, J. M. E.=
  _Shetland series_:--
    1. The lads of Lunda.
    2. The Yarl’s yacht.
    3. The Viking boys.
    4. The saga-book of Lunda.

=Scannell, F.=
    1. Cinderella’s sisters.
    2. Peter’s predicament.

=Scapel, Æsculapius. [E. Berdoe.]=
    1. St. Bernard’s.
    2. Dying scientifically: key to St. Bernard’s.

=Schultz, J. W.=
    1. Sinopah, the Indian boy.
    2. With the Indians in the Rockies.
    3. The quest of the fish-dog skin.
    4. On the warpath.

=Schumacher, H.=
    1. The fair enchantress.
    2. Nelson’s last love.

=Scott, Mrs. C. A. Dawson-.=
  _Some women studies_:--
    1. The maiden (The story of Anne Bearnes).
    2. The mother (The burden).
    3. The matron (Treasure trove).

=Scott, G. F.=
    1. Jean Cabot at Ashton.
    2. Jean Cabot in the British Isles.
    3. Jean Cabot in cap and gown.
    4. Jean Cabot at the house with the blue shutters.

=Scott, J. R.=
    1. The Colonel of the Red Hussars.
    2. The Princess Dehra.

=Scott, Sir W.=
    1. The monastery.
    2. The abbot.
  _Chronicles of the Canongate_ include:--
    Chrystabel Croftangry.
    The Fair Maid of Perth.
    The Highland widow.
    My Aunt Margaret’s mirror.
    The surgeon’s daughter.
    The tapestried chamber.
    The two drovers.
  _Tales of my landlord_ include:--
    The Black Dwarf.
    The bride of Lammermoor.
    Castle Dangerous.
    Count Robert of Paris.
    The heart of Mid-Lothian.
    The legend of Montrose.
    Old Mortality.
  _Tales of the Crusaders_ include:--
    1. The betrothed.
    2. The talisman.

=Scudder, H. E.=
    1. Doings of the Bodley family in town and country.
    2. The Bodley telling stories.
    3. The Bodleys on wheels.
    4. The Bodleys afoot.
    5. Mr. Bodley abroad.
    6. The Bodley grandchildren and their journey in Holland.
    7. The English Bodley family.
    8. The Viking Bodleys.

=Setoun, G. [T. N. Hepburn]=
    1. Barncraig.
    2. Sunshine and Haar.

=Sewell, E. M.=
    1. The journal of a home life.
    2. After life.

=Shafer, Mrs. S. A.=
    1. The day before yesterday.
    2. Beyond chance of change.

=Sharber, K. T.=
    1. The annals of Ann.
    2. At the age of Eve.

=Shaw, G. B.=
  _Note._--Sir H. Johnston’s Mrs. Warren’s
        daughter is a sequel to Shaw’s
        Mrs. Warren’s profession.

=Sheehan, P. A.=
    1. Geoffrey Austin, student.
    2. The triumph of failure.

=Sheldon, C. M.=
    1. In His steps.
    2. “Jesus is here.”

=Sheppard, A. T.=
    1. The rise of Ledgar Dunstan.
    2. The quest of Ledgar Dunstan.

=Sherman, C. L.=
  _Dot series._ 4 vols.

=Sherman, V. T.=
    1. Boy scouts with Joffre.
    2. Boy scouts in the war zone.
    3. Scouting the Balkans in a motor boat.
    4. Capturing a spy.
    5. The runaway balloon.
    6. A lost patrol.
    7. The boy scout signal.
    8. An interrupted wig-wag.
    9. The call of the Beaver patrol.
    10. The perils of an air ship.

=Sherwood, E.=
  _Boys and girls friend series_:--
    1. Buffalo Bill, the boys’ friend.
    2. Lucky, the young navyman.
    3. Lucky, the young soldier.
    4. Lucky, the boy scout.
    5. Mary Lee’s friend.
    6. Mary Lee at Washington.
    7. Mary Lee, the Red Cross girl.
    8. Mary Lee, the camp fire girl.

=Shillaber, B. P.=
    1. Ike Partington.
    2. Cruises with Captain Bob.
    3. Double-runner Club.
    4. The Partington patchwork.
    5. Ike Partington and his friends.

=Shirley, P. [S. J. Clarke.]=
  _Boy Donald series_:--
    1. Boy Donald.
    2. Boy Donald and his chum.
    3. Boy Donald and his hero.
  _Little Miss Weezy series_:--
    1. Little Miss Weezy.
    2. Little Miss Weezy’s brother.
    3. Little Miss Weezy’s sister.
  _Silver Gate series_:--
    1. Young Master Kirke.
    2. The merry five.
    3. The happy six.

=Shute, H. A.=
  _Real diary of a real boy_:--
    v. 1. Sequil.
    v. 2. Real boys.
    v. 3. Plupy, the real boy.
    v. 4. The youth Plupy.
    v. 5. Brite and fair.

=Sidgwick, E.=
  _Ashwin series_:--
    1. A lady of leisure.
    2. Duke Jones.
    3. The accolade.
  _Tony Edgell series_:--
    1. Promise.
    2. Succession.
  _Wickford (or Iveagh) series_:--
    1. Hatchways.
    2. Jamesie.

=Sidney, M. [H. M. Lothrop.]=
    1. Five little Peppers and how they grew.
    2. Five little Peppers midway.
    3. Five little Peppers grown up.
    4. Phronsie Pepper.
    5. The stories Polly Pepper told.
    6. The adventures of Joel Pepper.
    7. Five little Peppers abroad.
    8. Five little Peppers at school.
    9. Five little Peppers and their friends.
    10. Ben Pepper.
    11. Five little Peppers in the little Brown House.
    12. Our Davie Pepper.

=Sidney, Sir P.=
  _Note._--Mrs. Deames’ Arcadia, written by a
        young gentleman, is a continuation
        of Sir P. Sidney’s Arcadia.

=Sienkiewicz, H.=
    1. With fire and sword (Poland and Russia).
    2. The deluge (Poland, Sweden and Russia).
    3. Pan Michael (Poland, Russia and the Ukraine).

=Silberrad, U. L.=
    1. The wedding of the Lady of Lovell.
    2. The second book of Tobiah.
    3. Green pastures.

=Silvers, E. R.=
    1. Dick Arnold of Raritan College.
    2. Dick Arnold plays the game.

=Simms, W. G.=
  _American Revolution stories_:--
    1. The partisan.
    2. Mellicampe.
    3. Katherine Walton.
    4. The Forayers.
    5. Eutaw.
  _Kentucky series_:--
    1. Charlemonte.
    2. Beauchampe.

=Sims, G. R.=
  _Dorcas Dene, detective. Two series._
  _Mary Jane series_:--
    1. Mary Jane’s memoirs.
    2. Mary Jane married.

=Sinclair, U.=
  _New York trilogy_:--
    1. The metropolis.
    2. The money-changers.
    3. The machine.
  _Sylvia series_:--
    1. Sylvia.
    2. Sylvia’s marriage.

=Singmaster, E.=
    1. When Sarah saved the dog.
    2. When Sarah went to school.

=Sladen, D.=
    1. A Japanese marriage.
    2. Playing the game.

=Slater, Mrs. C. P.=
    1. Margaret Pow in furrin parts.
    2. Margaret Pow comes home.
    3. Margaret Pow looks back.

=Smith, A.=
    1. Alfred Hagart’s household.
    2. Miss Oona McQuarrie.

=Smith, C. C.=
    1. Bob Knight’s diary at Poplar High School.
    2. Bob Knight’s diary camping out.
    3. Bob Knight’s diary with the circus.

=Smith, F. H.=
    1. Colonel Carter of Cartersville.
    2. Colonel Carter’s Christmas.

=Smith, H. L.=
    1. The girls of Friendly Terrace.
    2. Peggy Raymond’s vacation.
    3. Peggy Raymond’s school days.
    4. The Friendly Terrace quartette.

=Smith, J. P.=
    1. Widow Goldsmith’s daughter.
    2. Chris and Otho.

=Smith, R. P.=
    1. The rival campers.
    2. The rival campers afloat.
    3. The rival campers ashore.
    4. The rival campers among the oyster pirates.

=Snaith, J. C.=
    1. Love Lane.
    2. The Council of Seven.

=Somerville, E. Œ., and M. Ross. [Violet Martin.]=
    1. Some experiences of an Irish R.M.
    2. Further experiences of an Irish R.M.
    (Other books, although not sequels, are similar Irish sketches).

=Southworth, Mrs. E. D. E. N.=
    1. A beautiful friend.
    2. Victor’s triumph.

    1. The bride’s fate.
    2. The changed brides.

    1. Cruel as the grave.
    2. Tried for her life.

    1. Fair play.
    2. How he won her.

    1. The family doom.
    2. The maiden widow.

    1. The hidden hand.
    2. Capitola’s peril.

    1. Ishmael.
    2. Self-raised.

    1. The lost heir of Linlithgow.
    2. A noble lord.

    1. Only a girl’s heart.
    2. The rejected bride.
    3. Gertrude Haddon.

    1. Unknown.
    2. The mystery of Raven Rocks.
    3. The phantom wedding.
    4. A perfect love.

=Souvestre, P., and M. Allain.=
    1. Fantômas.
    2. The exploits of Juve.
    3. Messengers of evil.
    4. A nest of spies.
    5. A royal prisoner.
    6. Slippery as sin.
    7. A limb of Satan.
    8. The yellow document.

=Sparhawk, F. C.=
    1. Dorothy Brooke’s schooldays.
    2. Dorothy Brooke’s vacation.
    3. Dorothy Brooke’s experiments.
    4. Dorothy Brooke at Ridgemore.
    5. Dorothy Brooke across the sea.

=Spearman, F. H.=
    1. Held for orders.
    2. Nerve of Foley, &c.

=Speed, N.=
    1. Molly Brown’s freshman days.
    2. Molly Brown’s sophomore days.
    3. Molly Brown’s junior days.
    4. Molly Brown’s senior days.
    5. Molly Brown’s post graduate days.
    6. Molly Brown’s orchard home.
    7. Molly Brown of Kentucky.

=Spielhagen, F.=
    1. Problematic characters.
    2. Through night to light.

=Spyri, J.=
    1. Heida’s early experiences.
    2. Heida’s further experiences.

=Stables, G.=
    1. Cruise of The Snowbird.
    2. Wild adventures round the Pole.

=Stacpoole, H. de V.=
    1. The blue horizon.
    2. In blue waters.

=Standish, B. L.=
  _Big League series_:--
    1. Lefty o’ the Bush.
    2. Lefty o’ the Big League.
    3. Lefty o’ the Blue Stockings.
    4. Lefty o’ the training camp.
    5. Brick King, backstop.
    6. The making of a Big Leaguer.
    7. Courtney of the center garden.
    8. Covering of the lock-in-corner.
    9. Lefty Locke, pitcher-manager.
    10. Guarding the keystone sack.
    11. The man on first.
  _Frank Merriwell series_:--
    1. Frank Merriwell’s school days.
    2. Frank Merriwell’s chums.
    3. Frank Merriwell’s foes.
    4. Frank Merriwell’s trip West.
    5. Frank Merriwell down South.
    6. Frank Merriwell’s bravery.
    7. Frank Merriwell’s hunting tour.
    8. Frank Merriwell’s races.
    9. Frank Merriwell’s sports afield.
    10. Frank Merriwell at Yale.

=Standish, B. L.=
  _Frank Merriwell series (continued)_:--
    11. Frank Merriwell’s courage.
    12. Frank Merriwell’s daring.
    13. Frank Merriwell’s skill.
    14. Frank Merriwell’s champions.

=Standish, W. [W. L. Sawyer.]=
    1. Captain Jack Lorimer.
    2. Jack Lorimer’s champions.
    3. Jack Lorimer’s holidays.

=Stephens, C. A.=
  _Camping out series_:--
    1. Camping out.
    2. Left on Labrador.
    3. Off to the geysers.
    4. Lynx-hunting.
    5. Fox-hunting.
    6. On the Amazons.
  _Knockabout Club series_:--
    1. Knockabout Club alongshore.
    2. Knockabout Club in the Tropics, Mexico and S. America.
    3. Knockabout Club in the woods: Maine and Canada.
    4. Knockabout Club in search of treasure.
    5. Knockabout Club on the Spanish Main.
    6. Knockabout Club in North Africa.
    7. Knockabout Club in Spain.
    8. Knockabout Club in the Antilles.
    9. Knockabout Club in the Everglades.

=Stevens, W. O.=
    1. “Pewee” Clinton, plebe.
    2. Messmates.

=Stevenson, B. E.=
    1. The young section-hand.
    2. The young train dispatcher.
    3. The young train master.
    4. The young apprentice.

    1. The Holladay case.
    2. The Marathon mystery.

=Stevenson, R. L.=
    1. Kidnapped.
    2. Catriona. _Same as_ David Balfour.

=Stewart, A. M.=
    1. Gerald.
    2. Eustace.

=Stewart, J. L.=
    1. Campfire girls in the woods.
    2. Campfire girls on the farm.
    3. Campfire girls on Long Lake.
    4. Campfire girls in the mountains.
    5. Campfire girls on march.
    6. Campfire girls at the sea shore.

=Stinde, J.=
    1. The Buchholz family.
    2. The Buchholzes in Italy.
    3. Frau Wilhelmine.

=Stirling, Y.=
    1. A United States midshipman afloat.
    2. A United States midshipman in China.
    3. A United States midshipman in Japan.
    4. A United States midshipman in the South Seas.

=Stockton, F. R.=
    1. The adventures of Captain Horn.
    2. Mrs. Cliff’s yacht.

    1. Captain Chap.
    2. The young master of Hyson Hall.

    1. The casting away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine.
    2. The Dusantes.

    1. Rudder Grange.
    2. Rudder Grangers abroad.
    3. Pomona’s travels.

=Stoddard, W. O.=
  _Cowboy and college life series_:--
    1. Dab Kinzer.
    2. The quartet.
  _Revolutionary series_:--
    1. Dan Munroe.
    2. Two cadets with Washington.

=Stoker, B.=
    1. Dracula.
    2. Dracula’s guest; and other stories.

=Stokes, K.=
    1. The motor maids’ school days.
    2. The motor maids’ palm and pine.
    3. The motor maids across the Continent.
    4. The motor maids by rose, shamrock and heather.
    5. The motor maids in fair Japan.
    6. The motor maids at Sunrise Camp.

=Stone, G.=
    1. Jane and the owl.
    2. The adventures of Jane.

=Stowe, Mrs. H. B.=
  _Harry Henderson series_:--
    1. My wife and I.
    2. We and our neighbours.

=Stowe, Mrs. H. B.= (_continued_).
    1. Uncle Tom’s cabin.
    2. Key to Uncle Tom’s cabin.

=Strang, H.=
  _Russo-Japanese War series_:--
    1. Kobo.
    2. Brown of Mukden.
  _Stories of the Great War_:--
    1. Burton of the Flying Corps.
    2. Fighting with French.
    3. A hero of Liège.
    4. With Haig on the Somme.
    5. Tom Willoughby’s scouts.
    6. The blue raider.

=Stratemeyer, E.=
  _Bound to succeed series_:--
    1. Richard Dare’s adventure.
    2. Oliver Bright’s search.
  _Colonial series_:--
    1. With Washington in the West.
    2. Marching on Niagara.
    3. At the fall of Montreal.
    4. On the trail of Pontiac.
    5. The fort in the wilderness.
    6. Trail and trading post.
  _Dave Porter series_:--
    1. Dave Porter at Oak Hall.
    2. Dave Porter in the South Seas.
    3. Dave Porter’s return to school.
    4. Dave Porter in the far North.
    5. Dave Porter and his classmates.
    6. Dave Porter at Star Ranch.
    7. Dave Porter and his rivals.
    8. Dave Porter on Cave Island.
    9. Dave Porter and the runaways.
    10. Dave Porter in the gold fields.
    11. Dave Porter at Bear Camp.
  _Lakeport series_:--
    1. The Gun Club boys of Lakeport.
    2. The baseball boys of Lakeport.
    3. The Boat Club boys of Lakeport.
    4. The football boys of Lakeport.
    5. The automobile boys of Lakeport.
    6. The aircraft boys of Lakeport.
  _Old Glory series_:--
    1. Under Dewey at Manila.
    2. A young volunteer in Cuba.
    3. Fighting in Cuban waters.
    4. Under Otis in the Philippines.
    5. The campaign of the jungle.
    6. Under MacArthur in Luzon.
  _Pan-American series_:--
    1. Lost on the Orinoco.
    2. The young volcano explorers.

=Stratemeyer, E.=
  _Pan-American series (continued)_:--
    3. The young explorers on the Isthmus.
    4. The young explorers on the Amazon.
    5. The treasure seekers of the Andes.
    6. Chased across the Pampas.
  _Rover boys series_:--
    1. The rover boys in the air.
    2. The rover boys in New York; by A. M. Winfield.
  _Ship and shore series_:--
    1. The last cruise of The Spitfire.
    2. Reuben Stone’s discovery.
  _Soldiers of fortune series_:--
    1. On to Pekin.
    2. Under the Mikado’s flag.
    3. At the fall of Port Arthur.
    4. Under Togo for Japan.
    See also Otis, J.

=Strathesk, J. [J. Todd.]=
    1. Bits from Blinkbonny.
    2. More bits from Blinkbonny.

=Streeter, E.=
    1. Dere Mable.
    2. That’s me all over.
    3. Same old Bill, eh Mable!

=Stretton, H. [S. Smith.]=
    1. Jessica’s first prayer.
    2. Jessica’s mother.

=Stringer, A.=
    1. The prairie wife.
    2. The prairie mother.

=Stuart, E. [A. C. Leroy.]=
    1. Harum Scarum.
    2. Harum Scarum’s fortune.
    3. Harum Scarum married.

=Stuart, G.=
    1. The boy scouts of the air at Eagle Camp.
    2. The boy scouts of the air at Greenwood School.
    3. The boy scouts of the air in Indian land.
    4. The boy scouts of the air in northern wilds.
    5. The boy scouts of the air on Flathead Mountains.
    6. The boys scouts of the air on the Great Lakes.
    7. The boy scouts of the air in Belgium.
    8. The boy scouts of the air in the Lone Star patrol.
    9. The boy scouts of the air on Lost Island.
    10. The boy scouts of the air on the French front.
    11. The boy scouts of the air with Pershing.
    12. The boy scouts of the air in the dismal swamp.

=Stuart, Mrs. R. M.=
    1. Sonny: a Christmas guest.
    2. Sonny’s father.

=Sullivan, J. F.=
    1. Here they are.
    2. There they are!
    3. Here they are again!

=Sullivan, T. F.=
    Day and night stories. _Two series._

=Surtees, R. S.=
    1. Jorrocks’s jaunts and jollities.
    2. Handley Cross.

=Sutcliffe, H.=
    1. A bachelor in Arcady.
    2. A benedick in Arcady.

    1. A man of the moors.
    2. Through sorrow’s gates.

    1. Shameless Wayne.
    2. Red o’ the feud.

=Swan, A. S. [Mrs. B. Smith]=
    1. Elizabeth Glen.
    2. Mrs. Keith Hamilton, M.B.

    1. A son of Erin.
    2. An American woman.

=Sweet, S.=
    1. The six little Pennypackers.
    2. How the Pennypackers kept the light.

=Syrett, N.=
    1. The Victorians.
    2. Rose Cottingham married.

=Taffrail. [Commander T. Dorling.]=
    1. Pincher Martin, O.D.
    2. “Oh, Joshua!”

=Taggart, M. A.=
  _Beth series_:--
    1. Beth’s wonder winter.
    2. Beth’s old home.
  _Doctor’s little girl series_:--
    1. The Doctor’s little girl.
    2. Sweet Nancy.
    3. Nancy, the Doctor’s little partner.
    4. Nancy Porter’s opportunity.
    5. Nancy and the Coggs twins.
  _Six little girls series_:--
    1. Six girls and Bob.
    2. Six girls and the tea room.
    3. Betty Gaston, the seventh girl.
    4. Six girls and Betty.
    5. Six girls grown up.
    6. Her daughter Jean.

=Tannenforst, U.=
    1. The thistles of Mount Cedar.
    2. Heroines of a schoolroom.

=Tarkington, B.=
    1. Penrod.
    2. Penrod and Sam.

=Thackeray, W. M.=
    1. The history of Henry Esmond.
    2. The Virginians.

=Thorn, I.=
    1. Quite unexpected.
    2. A flock of four.
    3. Geoff and Jim.
    4. Captain Geoff.
    5. Jim.
    6. The Harringtons at home.

=Thorne, P. [Mrs. M. P. W. Smith.]=
  _Jolly good times stories_:--
    1. Jolly good times.
    2. Jolly good times at school.
    3. Jolly good times at Hackmatack.
    4. More jolly good times at Hackmatack.
    5. Jolly good times to-day.
    6. A jolly good summer.
    7. The Browns.
    8. Their canoe trip.
  _Old Deerfield series_:--
    1. The boy captive of Old Deerfield.
    2. The boy captive in Canada.
    3. Boys of the border.
  _Young puritans series_:--
    1. The young puritans of Old Hadley.
    2. The young puritans in King Philip’s War.
    3. The young puritans in captivity.
    4. The young puritans and the old puritans at Hatfield.

=Thurston, E. T.=
  The achievement of Richard Furlong, formerly published separately, as--
    1. The antagonists.
    2. Richard Furlong.
    3. The achievement.
  _Bellwattle and Cruikshank series_:--
    1. The garden of resurrection.
    2. Tares.
    3. The patchwork papers.
    4. Sheepskins and grey russet.
  _John Grey series_:--
    1. The city of beautiful nonsense.
    2. The world of wonderful reality.

=Thurston, Mrs. I. T.=
    1. The bishop’s shadow.
    2. The big brother of Sabin Street.

    1. The scoutmaster of Troop 5.
    2. Billy Burns of Troop 5.

=Thurston, L. M.=
    1. How Charley Roberts became a man.
    2. How Eva Roberts gained her education.
    3. Charley and Eva’s home in the West.
    4. The children of Amity Court.

=Timlow, E. W.=
    1. Cricket.
    2. Cricket at the seashore.
    3. Eunice and Cricket.

=Tolstoi, Count L. N.=
    1. Before Tilsit (1805-7).
    2. The invasion (1807-12).
    3. The French at Moscow.
    4. Epilogue (1812-20).

=Tomlinson, E. T.=
  _Colonial series_:--
    1. With flintlock and fife.
    2. The fort in the forest.
    3. A soldier in the wilderness.
    4. The young rangers.
  _Flag and country series_:--
    1. Bob Cook and the German spy.
    2. Bob Cook and the German air fleet.
    3. Bob Cook’s brother in the trenches.
    4. Bob Cook and the winged messenger
    5. Bob Cook and the bomb plot.
  _Four boys series_:--
    1. Four boys in the Yellowstone.
    2. Four boys in the land of cotton.
    3. Four boys on the Mississippi.
    4. Four boys and a fortune.
    5. Four boys in the Yosemite.
    6. Four boys on Pike’s Peak.
  _Revolutionary stories_:--
    1. Boys of old Monmouth.
    2. A Jersey boy in the Revolution.
    3. In the hands of the redcoats.
    4. Under colonial colors.
    5. A lieutenant under Washington.
  _St. Lawrence series_:--
    1. Camping on the St. Lawrence.
    2. The house boat on the St. Lawrence.
    3. Cruising on the St. Lawrence.
  _War of 1812 series_:--
    1. The search for Andrew Field.
    2. Boy soldiers of 1812.
    3. Boy officers of 1812.
    4. Tecumseh’s young braves.
    5. Guarding the border.
    6. Boys with Old Hickory.
    7. The boy sailors of 1812.
    8. The young minute-man of 1812.
  _War of the Revolution series_:--
    1. Three colonial boys.
    2. Three young continentals.
    3. Washington’s young aids.
    4. Two young patriots.
  _Ward Hill series_:--
    1. Ward Hill, the senior.
    2. Ward Hill at college.
  _Winning series_:--
    1. The winner.
    2. Winning his “W.”
    3. Winning his degree.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The pennant.
    2. Carl Hall of Tait.
    3. Captain Dan Richards.

=Tomlinson, P. G.=
  _Four classmates series_:--
    1. To the land of the Caribou.
    2. In camp on Bass Island.

=Topelius, Z.=
    1. Times of Gustaf Adolf.
    2. Times of battle and of rest.
    3. Times of Charles XII.
    4. Times of Frederick I.
    5. Times of Linnæus.
    6. Times of alchemy.

=Tourgee, A. W.=
    1. A fool’s errand.
    2. The invisible empire.

=Townsend, E. W.=
    1. Chimmie Fadden explains, Major Max expounds.
    2. Chimmie Fadden, Major Max, and other stories.

=Townsend, V. F.=
    1. Sirs, only seventeen!
    2. Dorothy Draycott’s to-morrow.
    3. Dorothy Draycott’s to-days.

=Tracy, L.=
    1. An American emperor.
    2. The lost provinces.

=Trevena, J. [E. G. Henham.]=
  _Dartmoor trilogy_:--
    1. Furze the cruel.
    2. Granite.
    3. Heather.

=Trick, E. H.=
    1. Adventures of Tommy Tad and Polly Wog.
    2. More adventures of Tommy Tad and Polly Wog.

=Trollope, A.=
  _Chronicles of Barsetshire_:--
    1. The Warden.
    2. Barchester Towers.
    3. Dr. Thorne.
    4. Framley Parsonage.
    5. The small house at Allington.
    6. Last chronicle of Barset.
  _Manor House novels_:--
    1. Orley Farm.
    2. The Vicar of Bullhampton.
    3. Is he Popenjoy?
    4. John Caldigate.
    5. The Belton estate.
  _Parliamentary novels_:--
    1. The Eustace diamonds.
    2. Can you forgive her?
    3. Phineas Finn.
    4. Phineas Redux.
    5. The Prime Minister.
    6. The Duke’s children.

=Trollope, Mrs. F.=
    1. Widow Barnaby.
    2. Adventures of the Barnabys in America.

=Trowbridge, J. T.=
  _Bright hope series_:--
    1. Old battle ground.
    2. Father Brighthopes.

=Trowbridge, J. T.=
  _Bright hope series (continued)_:--
    3. Hearts and faces.
    4. Ironthorpe, the pioneer preacher.
    5. Burcliff.
  _Jack Hazard series_:--
    1. Jack Hazard and his fortunes.
    2. A chance for himself.
    3. Doing his best.
    4. Fast friends.
    5. The young surveyor.
    6. Lawrence’s adventures.
  _Silver medal stories_:--
    1. His own master.
    2. Bound in honor.
    3. Young Joe.
    4. The silver medal.
    5. The pocket rifle.
    6. The jolly rover.
  _Start in life series_:--
    1. The start in life.
    2. Biding his time.
    3. The kelp gatherers.
    4. The scarlet tanager and other bipeds.
    5. The lottery ticket.
    6. The adventures of David Vane and David Crane.
  _Tide Mill stories_:--
    1. Phil and his friends.
    2. The Tinkham Brothers’ Tide Mill.
    3. The satin-wood box.
    4. The little master.
    5. His one fault.
    6. Peter Budstone.
  _Toby Trafford series_:--
    1. The fortunes of Toby Trafford.
    2. Woodie Thorpe’s pilgrimage; and other stories.
  _Another series_:--
    1. Cudjo’s Cave.
    2. Three scouts.

=True, J. P.=
    1. Scouting for Washington.
    2. Morgan’s men.
    3. On guard against Tory and Tarleton.
    4. Scouting for Light Horse Harry.

=Tucker, Charlotte. [A.L.O.E.]=
    1. The giant killer.
    2. Battling with the world.

=Turgenev, I. S.=
    1. Dimitri Roudine. _Same as_ Rudin.
    2. A house of gentlefolk. _Same as_ A nobleman’s retreat.

=Turgenev, I. S.= (_continued_).
    1. Fathers and children. _Same as_ Fathers and sons.
    2. Virgin soil.

=Turley, C. [C. T. Smith.]=
    1. Godfrey Marten, schoolboy.
    2. Godfrey Marten, undergraduate.

=Turner, E. [Mrs. H. R. Curlewis.]=
    1. Seven little Australasians.
    2. The family at Misrule.
    3. The Cub.
    4. Captain Cub.
    5. Brigid and the Cub.

=Turner, E. T.=
    1. Legal T leaves.
    2. More T leaves.

=Turner, L. [Mrs. F. L. Thompson.]=
    1. Paradise and the Perrys.
    2. The Perry girls.

=Twain, Mark. [S. L. Clemens.]=
    1. Adam’s diary.
    2. Eve’s diary.

    1. Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
    2. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
    3. Tom Sawyer abroad.
    4. Tom Sawyer, detective.

    1. The American claimant.
    2. The gilded age; by Twain and Warner.

    1. A tramp abroad.
    2. More tramps abroad.

=Tytler, A. F.=
    1. Leila.
    2. Leila in England.
    3. Leila at home.
    4. Mary and Florence.
    5. Mary and Florence at sixteen.

=Ulbach, L.=
    1. The steel hammer.
    2. For fifteen years.

=Upton, B.=
  _Golliwogg picture series._ Several vols.

=Vachell. H. A.=
  _English country life series_:--
    1. Fishpingle.
    2. The soul of Susan Yellam.
  _Harrow School series_:--
    1. The Hill.
    2. John Verney.
  _Quinney’s series_:--
    1. Quinney’s.
    2. The Barbens of Barben-Lacy (a story in _The Strand_ of April, 1921).

=Vaile, C. M.=
    1. The Orcutt girls.
    2. Sue Orcutt.

=Vaizey, Mrs. G. de H.=
    1. About Peggy Saville.
    2. More about Peggy.

    1. Pixie O’Shaughnessy.
    2. More about Pixie.
    3. The love affairs of Pixie.

=Valentine, D.=
    1. The man with the club foot.
    2. The secret hand.

=Vance, L. J.=
    1. Lone Wolf.
    2. The false faces.
    3. Lone Wolf’s daughter. _Same as_ Red masquerade.
    4. Alias the Lone Wolf.

    1. The adventures of Terence O’Rourke.
    2. The pool of flame.

=Vandercook, M.=
  _Ranch girls series._ 7 vols.
  _Red Cross girls series._ 10 vols.

=Vandercook, M., and H. C. Frey.=
  _Camp fire girls series._ 22 vols.

=Van Dyne, E.=
  _Aunt Jane’s nieces series._ 10 vols.
  _Mary Louise series._ 6 vols.

=Verne, J.=
  _Captain Hatteras series_:--
    1. The English at the North Pole. _Same as_ At the North Pole.
    2. The ice desert. _Same as_ The field
        of ice. _Same as_ The desert of ice.
  _Captain Nemo series_:--
    1. 20,000 leagues under the sea.
    2. Dropped from the clouds.
    3. Abandoned.
    4. The secret of the island.
  _The cryptogram series_:--
    1. The conspirators of Trieste.
    2. The captives of Antekirtta.
  _Giant raft series_:--
    1. 800 leagues on the Amazon.
    2. The cryptogram.
  _J. R. Kasallon series_:--
    1. The survivors of the Chancellor.
    2. Martin Paz.
  _Kéreban the Inflexible series_:--
    1. Captain of the Guidara.
    2. Scarpante, the spy.
  _The Moon series_:--
    1. From the Earth to the Moon.
    2. Round the Moon.
  _North against South series_:--
    1. Burbank the Northerner.
    2. Texar the Southerner.
  _Steam House series_:--
    1. The demon of Cawnpore.
    2. Tigers and traitors.

=Verrill, A. H.=
    1. The cruise of The Cormorant.
    2. In Morgan’s wake.

    1. The trail of the Cloven Foot.
    2. The trail of the White Indians.

=Victor, R.=
    1. The boy scouts’ patrol.
    2. The boy scouts’ motor-cycles.
    3. The boy scouts’ canoe trip.
    4. The boy scouts in the Canadian Rockies.
    5. The boy scouts’ air craft.
    6. The boy scouts on the Yukon.
    7. The boy scouts in the North Woods.
    8. The boy scouts in the Black Hills.

    1. Comrades in camp.
    2. Comrades in New York.
    3. Comrades on ranch.
    4. Comrades in New Mexico.
    5. Comrades on Great Divide.
    6. Comrades at school.
    7. Comrades at Winton Hall.
    8. Comrades on Winton Oval.
    9. Comrades on river and lake.
    10. Comrades with Winton cadets.

=Voynich, E. L.=
    1. The gadfly.
    2. An interrupted friendship.

=Waldy, F. H.=
    1. Bonnie Editha Copplestone.
    2. Frolic.

=Walker, A. P.=
    1. Told by the Sandman.
    2. The Sandman’s tales.
    3. The Sandman’s hour.
    4. The Sandman’s twilight stories.
    5. The Sandman’s Christmas stories.
    6. The Sandman’s rainy day stories.
    7. The Sandman’s stories of Drusilla Doll.

=Wallace, D.=
    1. Ungava Bob.
    2. The gaunt gray wolf.

=Wallace, E.=
  _Bones series_:--
    1. Sanders of the River.
    2. People of the River.
    3. Bosambo of the River.
    4. Bones.
    5. Keepers of the King’s peace.
    6. Lieut. Bones.
    7. Bones in London.
    8. Sandi, the King maker.
  _Four just men series_:--
    1. Four just men.
    2. The council of justice.
    3. The four just men of Cordova.
    4. Some adventures of the four just men.
    5. The law of the four just men.

=Walpole, H.=
  _Maradick series_:--
    1. The captives.
    2. Maradick at forty.
    3. The young enchanted.
  _The Rising City series_:--
    1. The Duchess of Wrexe.
    2. The green mirror.
  _Russia series_:--
    1. The dark forest.
    2. The secret city.

=Walsh, G. E.=
  _Twilight animal stories._ 14 vols.

=Walter, W. W.=
    1. The pastor’s son.
    2. The doctor’s daughter.
    3. The arbiter of your fate.

=Walton, Mrs. O. F.=
    1. Christie’s old organ.
    2. Christie, the King’s servant.

=Ward, Mrs. H.=
    1. Marcella.
    2. Sir Richard Tressady.

    1. Robert Elsmere.
    2. The case of Richard Meynell.

=Warde, M. [E. K. Dunton.]=
  _Betty Wales series_:--
    1. Betty Wales, freshman.
    2. Betty Wales, sophomore.
    3. Betty Wales, junior.
    4. Betty Wales, senior.
    5. Betty Wales, B.A.
    6. Betty Wales and Co.
    7. Betty Wales on the campus.
    8. Betty Wales decides.
  _Nancy Lee series_:--
    1. Nancy Lee.
    2. Nancy Lee’s spring term.
    3. Nancy Lee’s lookout.
    4. Nancy Lee’s namesake.

=Ware, W.=
    1. Zenobia.
    2. Aurelian.

=Warfield, C. A.=
    1. Ferne Fleming.
    2. Cardinal’s daughter.

    1. Monford Hall.
    2. Miriam’s memoirs.
    3. Sea and shore.

=Warner, A.=
    1. Susan Clegg and her friend Mrs. Lathrop.
    2. Susan Clegg and her neighbours’ affairs.
    3. Susan Clegg and a man in the house.

    1. Seeing England with Uncle John.
    2. Seeing France with Uncle John.

=Warner, A. B.=
  _Stories of Vinegar Hill_:--
    1. The old church door.
    2. Golden thorns, etc.
    3. An hundredfold, etc.

=Warner, C. D.=
    1. A little journey in the world.
    2. The golden house.
    3. That fortune.

=Warner, F. A.=
    1. Bobby Blake at Rockledge School.
    2. Bobby Blake at Bass Cove.
    3. Bobby Blake on a cruise.
    4. Bobby Blake and his school chums.
    5. Bobby Blake at Snowtop Camp.

=Warner, S. “Elizabeth Wetherell.”=
  _Giving honour series_:--
    1. Little Camp.
    2. Willow Brook.
  _Giving service series_:--
    1. Sceptres and crowns.
    2. Flag of truce.
  _Giving trust series_:--
    1. Bread and oranges.
    2. The rapids of Niagara.
  _Wide wide world series_:--
    1. The wide wide world.
    2. Ellen Montgomery’s bookshelf.
  _Another series_:--
    1. What she could.
    2. Opportunities.
    3. House in town.
    4. Trading.

=Warner, S., and A. B.=
    1. Wych Hazel.
    2. The gold of Chickaree.

=Watson, E. H. L.=
    1. An attic in Bohemia.
    2. Benedictine.

=Watson, H. B. M.=
  _Dick Ryder, highwayman, series_:--
    1. Galloping Dick.
    2. The High Toby.
    3. The King’s highway.
    4. As it chanced.
  _Lord de Lys series_:--
    2. Romance at random.

=Watson, H. H.=
    1. Peggy, D. O.
    2. Peggy, S. G.

=Watson, S.=
    1. In the twinkling of an eye.
    2. The mark of the beast.

=Waugh, J. L.=
    1. Robbie Doo.
    2. Cracks wi’ Robbie Doo.

=Wawn, F. T.=
    1. The masterdillo.
    2. The road to the stars.

=Weale, P. [B. L. Simpson.]=
    1. The Eternal Princess.
    2. The altar fire.
    3. The Temple bells.

=Webster J.=
    1. Daddy-Long-Legs.
    2. Dear enemy.

    1. Just Patty.
    2. When Patty went to school.
    3. Patty and Priscilla.
    4. When Patty went to college.

=Wells, C.=
  _Betty series_:--
    1. Betty’s happy year.
    2. Story of Betty.
  _Dick and Dolly series_:--
    1. Dick and Dolly.
    2. Dick and Dolly’s adventures.
  _Dorrance series_:--
    1. The Dorrance domain.
    2. Dorrance doings.
  _Fleming Stone series_:--
    1. The diamond pin.
    2. Raspberry jam.
    3. Vicky Van.
    4. The mystery of the sycamore.
  _Marjorie series_:--
    1. Marjorie’s vacation.
    2. Marjorie’s busy days,
    3. Marjorie’s new friend.
    4. Marjorie in command.
    5. Marjorie’s maytime.
    6. Marjorie at Seacote.
  _Patty series_:--
    1. Patty Fairfield.
    2. Patty at home.
    3. Patty in the city.
    4. Patty’s summer days.
    5. Patty in Paris.
    6. Patty’s friends.
    7. Patty’s pleasure trip.
    8. Patty’s motor car.
    9. Patty’s butterfly days.
    10. Patty’s social season.
    11. Patty’s suitors.
    12. Patty’s romance.
    13. Patty’s fortune.
    14. Patty Blossom.
    15. Patty Bride.
    16. Patty and Azalea.
  _Two little women series_:--
    1. Two little women.
    2. Two little women and Treasure House.
    3. Two little women on a holiday.

=Wells, D. D.=
    1. Her Ladyship’s elephant.
    2. His Lordship’s leopard.

=Wentworth, W.=
    1. Kibbo Ganey.
    2. Drifting Island.

=West, M.=
    1. Motor rangers’ lost mine.
    2. Motor rangers through the Sierras.
    3. Motor rangers on blue water.
    4. Motor rangers’ cloud cruiser.
    5. Motor rangers’ wireless station.
    6. Motor rangers touring for the trophy.

=Westall, W.=
    1. With the Red Eagle.
    2. A red bridal.

=Westerman, P. F.=
    1. Sea scouts all.
    2. Sea scouts abroad.

=Westrup, M.=
    1. Elizabeth’s children.
    2. Elizabeth in retreat.

=Wevill, L. F.=
    1. Betty’s first term.
    2. Betty’s next term.

=Wheeler, F. W. Rolt.=
    1. The boys with the U.S. fisheries.
    2. The boys with the U.S. census.
    3. The boys with the U.S. foresters.
    4. The boys with the U.S. Survey.
    5. The boys with the U.S. Indians.
    6. The boys with the U.S. explorers.
    7. The boys with the U.S. life savers.
    8. The boys with the U.S. mail.
    9. The boys with the U.S. weather man.
    10. Wonder of war in the air.
    11. Wonder of war on land.
    12. The boys with the U.S. naturalists.
    13. The boys with the U.S. trappers.
    14. Wonder of war at sea.
    15. Wonder of war in the Holy Land.
    16. The boys with the U.S. inventors.

=Wheeler, J. C.=
    1. Billy Bradley and his inheritance.
    2. Billy Bradley at the Three Towers Hall.
    3. Billy Bradley on Lighthouse Island.

    1. Captain Pete of Puget Sound.
    2. Captain Pete of Cortesana.
    3. Captain Pete of Alaska.

=Whitby, M. [Mrs. Philip Hicks.]=
    1. Awakening of Mary Fenwick.
    2. Mary Fenwick’s daughter.

=White, E.=
    1. The path.
    2. The pilgrimage to Premnath.

=White, G. M.=
    1. Tess of the Storm Country.
    2. Secret of the Storm Country.

=White, P.=
    1. The infatuation of the Countess.
    2. The Countess and the King’s diary.

=White, S. E.=
  _Californian trilogy_:--
    1. Gold.
    2. The gray dawn.
    3. The rose dawn.

    1. The riverman.
    2. The rules of the game.

    1. The leopard woman.
    2. Simba.

    1. The Blazed Trail.
    2. Blazed Trail stories.

=White, W. P.=
    1. Paradise Bend.
    2. Lynch lawyers.
    3. The heart of the Range.

=Whitehill, D.=
  _Polly Pendleton series_:--
    1. Polly’s first year at boarding school.
    2. Polly’s summer vacation.
    3. Polly’s senior year at boarding school.
    4. Polly sees the world at war.
  _Twins series_:--
    1. Janet, a twin.
    2. Phillips, a twin.
    3. The twins in the West.
    4. The twins in the South.

=Whiteing, R.=
    1. The Island.
    2. No. 5 John Street.

=Whitney, Mrs. A. D. T.=
    1. A summer in Leslie Goldthwaite’s life.
    2. We girls.
    3. Real folks.
    4. The other girls.

=Widdemer, M.=
    1. Winona of Camp Karonya.
    2. Winona of the camp fire.
    3. Winona’s way.

=Wiggin, K. D. [Mrs. Riggs.]=
  _Penelope series_:--
    1. Penelope’s English experiences.
    2. Penelope’s experiences in Scotland.

=Wiggin, K. D. [Mrs. Riggs.]=
  _Penelope series (continued)_:--
    3. Penelope’s Irish experiences.
    4. Penelope’s postscript.
  _Rebecca series_:--
    1. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
    2. New chronicles of Rebecca.
  _Another series_:--
    1. A summer in a cañon.
    2. Polly Oliver’s problem.

=Williams, H.=
    1. The merrymakers in New York.
    2. The merrymakers in Chicago.

=Williams, J. L.=
    1. The adventures of a freshman.
    2. Princeton stories.

    1. The stolen story, etc.
    2. The day dreamer.

=Williamson, C. N., and A. M.=
    1. The lightning conductor.
    2. The Princess passes.
    3. My friend the chauffeur.

    1. Lord Loveland discovers America.
    2. Lady Betty across the water.

=Williamson, M.=
    1. John and Betty’s English history visit.
    2. John and Betty’s Scotch history visit.
    3. John and Betty’s Irish history visit.

=Wilson, H. L.=
    1. Ruggles of Red Gap.
    2. Somewhere in Red Gap.
    3. Ma Pettengill.

=Wilson, J. F.=
    1. Tad Shelton, boy scout.
    2. Tad Shelton’s Fourth of July.

=Winfield, A.=
  _Putnam Hall series_:--
    1. The Putnam Hall cadets.
    2. The Putnam Hall rivals.
  _Rover boys series_:--
    1. The rover boys at school,
    2. The rover boys on the ocean.
    3. The rover boys in the jungle.
    4. The rover boys out West.
    5. The rover boys on the Great Lakes.
    6. The rover boys in the mountains.
    7. The rover boys on land and sea.
    8. The rover boys in camp.
    9. The rover boys on the river.

=Winfield, A.=
  _Rover boys series (continued)_:--
    10. The rover boys on the Plains.
    11. The rover boys in southern waters.
    12. The rover boys on the farm.
    13. The rover boys on Treasure Island.
    14. The rover boys at college.
    15. The rover boys down East.
    16. The rover boys in the air.
    17. The rover boys in New York.
    18. The rover boys in Alaska.
    19. The rover boys in business.
    20. The rover boys on a tour.
    21. The rover boys at Colby Hall.
    22. The rover boys on Snowshoe Island.
    23. The rover boys under canvas.
    24. The rover boys on a hunt.

=Winter, J. S. [Mrs. H. E. V. Stannard.]=
  _Binks series_:--
    1. The Binks family.
    2. The married Miss Binks.
  _Blankhampton series_:--
    The only two available sources for
        the order of this series do not
        agree as to order. I therefore
        give both arrangements.
    1. Army society.
    2. Beautiful Jim.
    3. Garrison gossip.
    4. In quarters.
    5. On the march.
    6. The other man’s wife.
    7. The soul of the bishop.
    8. Little Joan.
    9. The love of Philip Hampden.
    10. A simple gentleman.

    1. In quarters.
    2. On the march.
    3. Army society.
    4. Garrison gossip.
    5. Beautiful Jim.
    6. The other man’s wife.
    7. The soul of the bishop.
  _Bootles series_:--

    I have come across only two fairly long lists of the stories in
    this series, and as the order varies I give both arrangements
    in the hope that some person will be able to state which is the
    correct, or the more correct, and rectify the errors in both.

=Winter, J. S. [Mrs. H. E. V. Stannard.]=
  _Bootles series (continued)_:--
    1. A blameless woman.
    2. Bootles’ baby.
    3. Bootles’ children.
    4. A born soldier, etc.
    5. Cavalry life.
    6. Ferrers Court.
    7. Heart and sword.
    8. Houp-la!
    9. The Major’s favourite.
    10. Mignon’s husband.
    11. Mignon’s secret.
    12. Pluck.
    13. Regimental legends.

    1. Cavalry life.
    2. Regimental legends.
    3. Bootles’ baby.
    4. Houp-la!
    5. Pluck.
    6. Mignon’s secret.
    7. Mignon’s husband.
    8. Bootles’ children.
    9. Ferrers Court.
    10. The Major’s favourite.
    11. A born soldier, etc.
    12. A blameless woman.
    13. Heart and sword.

=Winthrop, T.=
    1. John Brent.
    2. Love and skates.

=Wise, D., “F. Forrester” and “L. Lancewood.”=
  _Glen Morris stories_:--
    1. Guy Carlton.
    2. Dick Duncan.
    3. Jessie Carlton.
    4. Walter Sherwood.
    5. Kate Carlton.
  _Hollywood series_:--
    1. Stephen and his tempter.
    2. Florence Baldwin’s picnic.
    3. Lionel’s courage.
    4. Florence rewarded.
    5. Nat and his chum.
    6. Elbert’s return.
  _Lindendale stories_:--
    1. Sidney De Grey.
    2. Nellie Warren.
    3. Louis Sinclair.
    4. Cousin Clara.
    5. Peter Clinton.

=Wister, O.=
    1. The Virginian.
    2. Members of the family.

=Witwer, H. C.=
    1. From baseball to Boches.
    2. “A smile a minute.”

=Wodehouse, P. G.=
  _Piccadilly Jim series_:--
    1. Something fresh.
    2. Piccadilly Jim.
  _Psmith series_:--
    1. The new fold.
    2. The lost lambs.
    3. Mike.
    4. Psmith in the city.
    5. Psmith, journalist.
  _Another series_:--
    1. The gold bat.
    2. The white feather.

=Wood, Mrs. H.=
    1. The Channings.
    2. Roland Yorke.

    1. The house of Halliwell.
    2. Red Court Farm.

    1. Mildred Arkell.
    2. St. Martin’s Eve.

    Johnny Ludlow. _Six series._

=Woodroofe, Mrs. A. T.=
    1. Michael Kemp.
    2. Michael, the married man.

=Woolf, B. S.=
    1. The twins in Ceylon.
    2. More about the twins in Ceylon.

=Woolley, L. T.=
    1. Faith Palmer at the Oaks.
    2. Faith Palmer at Fordyce Hall.
    3. Faith Palmer in New York.
    4. Faith Palmer in Washington.

=Worboise, E. J., afterwards Mrs. Guyton.=
    1. Grace Hamilton’s schooldays.
    2. Kingsdown Lodge.

    1. Mr. Montmorency’s money.
    2. Emilia’s inheritance.

=Wren, P. C.=
    1. Dew and mildew.
    2. The young stagers.

=Wright, J. M.=
    1. Making of a man.
    2. A made man.

=Wright, M. O.=
    1. Tommy-Anne and the three hearts.
    2. Wabeno, the magician.

=Wyss, J. D.=
    1. Swiss Family Robinson.
    2. Willis the pilot.

=Yates, D.=
    1. Brother of Daphne.
    2. Courts of idleness.
    3. Berry and Co.

=Yonge, C. M.=
    1. Bye-words.
    2. More bye-words.

    1. The chaplet of pearls.
    2. Stray pearls.
    3. Release.

    1. The daisy chain.
    2. The trial.

=Young, C.=
  _Jack Ranger series_:--
    1. Jack Ranger’s schooldays.
    2. Jack Ranger’s western trip.
    3. Jack Ranger’s school victories.
  _Motor boys series_:--
    1. The motor boys.
    2. The motor boys overland.
    3. The motor boys in Mexico.
    4. The motor boys across the Plains.
    5. The motor boys afloat.
    6. The motor boys on the Atlantic.
    7. The motor boys in strange waters.
    8. The motor boys on the Pacific.
    9. The motor boys in the clouds.
    10. The motor boys over the Rockies.
    11. The motor boys over the ocean.
    12. The motor boys on the wing.
    13. The motor boys after a fortune.
    14. The motor boys on the border.
    15. The motor boys under the sea.
    16. The motor boys on road and river.
    17. Ned and Jerry at Boxwood Hall.
    18. Ned, Bob and Jerry on a ranch.
    19. Ned, Bob and Jerry at college.
    20. Ned, Bob and Jerry on firing line.
    21. Ned, Bob and Jerry bound for home.

=Zangwill, I.=
  _Celibates Club series_:--
    1. The Bachelors’ Club.
    2. The Old-maids’ Club.
  _Ghetto series_:--
    1. Children of the Ghetto.
    2. Dreamers of the Ghetto.
    3. Ghetto comedies.
    4. Ghetto tragedies.
    5. They that walk in darkness.

=Zola, E.=
  _Four gospels series_:--
    1. Fruitfulness.
    2. Work.
    3. Truth.
    (4. Intended to be entitled Justice--author died before writing it.)
  _Rougon Macquart series_:--
    1. The fortunes of the Rougons.
    2. In the swim. Same as Rush for the spoil.
    3. The fat and the thin.
    4. Abbé Mouret’s transgression.
    5. His Excellency.
    6. The dram shop.
    7. A love episode.
    8. Nana.
    9. Piping hot.
    10. Ladies’ paradise.
    11. How jolly life is!
    12. Germinal.
    13. The masterpiece.
    14. The soil.
    15. The dream.
    16. The human beast.
    17. Money.
    18. The downfall.
    19. Dr. Pascal.
  _Three cities trilogy_:--
    1. Lourdes.
    2. Rome.
    3. Paris.

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