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13 new books added on September 25, 2018:
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LanguageBook Title
EnglishThe Hurricane Hunters
EnglishHarper's Young People, May 30, 1882 - An Illustrated Weekly
EnglishAcid Rain and Our Nation's Capital - A Guide to Effects on Buildings and Monuments
EnglishTwo Tracts on Civil Liberty, the War with America, and the Debts and Finances of the Kingdom - With a General Introduction and Supplement
EnglishIndex of The Project Gutenberg Works of Thackeray
EnglishHarper's Round Table, June 2, 1896
FinnishKun me olimme tyttöjä
EnglishSeeking Fortune in America
FrenchAventures surprenantes de Robinson Crusoé
EnglishThe Boston School Atlas - Embracing a compenium of geography
EnglishThe American Missionary — Volume 36, No. 6, June, 1882

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